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;l;fiO PetYiar In An vane.
- Friday;4 November 1, lfiol.'
s .Vo , i . .n. 1.
! the Best Supported mid Beat
Equipped Institution ' of Its
. a
. If , . iviDU . toi or we Mississippi
" : - , ' River. -'.-
!-v ... .
Lineoln Institute, -our .'State
' Normal at JeflVrron City opened
- this year under very unfavorable
circumctances. . ' . A .
At tin" regular meeting of the
''Beard of Urgent in..luae last
Prof. I. E. Page of Laugstou,
Oklahoma. . wan ...eleeteJjo the
- presidency ef the institution, but
tendored hie resignation to - the
Board a few weeks bsfoie the time
for opening of sci.ee).
Prof L-ll&s-liauufl who had
JbeendroppeTT from' the Faculty at
Way the Riacty.Iight Ctot Birgiia U
.. , ' Suck a bacctt. v
'Th'rc is a turiou hit of pvehol
ogy in the liahit merchant.' ImVr of
suiting pjitcv"' -iiid a gcrsilcniinu ho
kwp u ii e on cut rafi,uar.nlin to
the Xcw OrliHtis Tiini-Dt'm.K raL,
-andiU fun inl in i.l... infli'iJti:t.il
cuts in.prict have oti t'heaVr:-i' i":in
or wotnau. Tin- shrcwil vm h 'i;nt
warrpiii k to'i.i-. i n iiui t). i ! . I ut
tin( a h ci-lit- i. IT .!!. tl:.- j.-rit-t i ( A
w-r'.ain iirticU , ui i! now, fi.,i. . " . no
i)f lilt- rotillt.v ,i Iii( dht i ',.yf
window sun ih.r.un w.lih j.lm .r" ! t
tell of iftoi! iliVi:;1vi- in n t ii, rinvVa.
lo the IV'tttft ,oa;,,. ,jBUn.. -ph
effect hat Jim' lHi n itlmut a c'tinous
fid. Tak,' ii article that hn Im-. n
sellinjr m-iTuV.y toton d.illar-i.'tU
niHrkft ntf niBrk-it n t" W-r'vti,
or fray V cent tin-avnuL'. hui..
wife, in a .-pit-.t of ivnii (, uv.ulj
jjinipat-tlif liai.i'.in. Am? (tti-t nif i'
from ttM .naourl Wfld",
Some of Oui Tehrr Are ut l'r-Mt
Plemantlr Mtuit'd
Minonri Wei-Ma fair UommitioD.
Where Born of th Te aohr ara LooaUtl
'Mm Niand May ltaber of the elm 'til
f Wi'trn viilleR la taehlriR at Went
fni : L
' the regular meeting of the boan
' wan made acting preaidant with
the aalaiy ef a teacher. - This
. caused quite a deal of diatiitfae
tlon throughout the State lrif .
B. K. Allen whf had tieea t'h'w-
. j ' preaident of thh Iuntitute for u
number' of yeari, and Mias Kate
Jordan, who, wan drawing teacher
-;--".' in. the' inatitutiwn tendered their.
reaignatioDH. '" A few weeks after
opening of the aehool. l'luf.
; Williaton, . the newly elected
T "ecienec teacher reaigned, lcoiiig
""" . the institution with a crippled Fae
. ulty for th year. (Home of the de
N partnienta 1 er the year, t pome of
' the departments being ingloctcd.
Lincoln Institute should be the
pride ef every negro, in Mi.MUiri.
. J Why should we aend our sons and
daughters. South', Eaat or even
abroad, to giw them an education
when Missouri has made ueh lib
" eral provisions for the. ducmion
of our negro youth. .
The it stitotion is the beat sup
ported and beVt equipped "irf its
kind weat f -the Mississippi river,
. j n,' tb.Vi.cnt attended.
"-' j- But : fine buildings . and line
equipmeat. will not eaurate iiny
mere, than, will line tools alone
build u hoiue.
The standard of no institution
can be raised nor even maintained
so long aa the election of iix-oni
petent arid unqualified teachers is
indulged in. ' ' - ' v
. The salary of the piesid-rt of
. Lincoln Institute is 2,0ot) .r
year with a house in which to live
the heada of departments are paid
from tl,lO to $1,200; while the
assistants receive from $000 t
$850 perjear. With such aa'hi
vies as these the Faculty should b
composed of the most competent
and beat fitted teachers hi -the
country: - .
We trust thai 'the'. 'Board will
properlv adjuM, matters," at its
next regular meeting, by electing
a man for President of broad cal
7 ibre who is in every way fitted t
manage Lincola . Institiitj-. and
" faculty composed of competent
teachers who will give the presi
dent of the institution their nlU
tided support.
he wili l,uy it v.f. ln-i an-r-T,. f, !!
IllSt .111 it-gBlliluL-lJn- l.;L' l l'f! nf
... It I.A,) f.t Ll'ILHSl,.
St. I vlis ()ci. if), I9".'
To tin' I'tiiMfr n nit Friiit t j rover? nf
Uf - on 'i :
Our I.e;Wn.'ure .has provided verv
liberally for a p e ntation cf the re
scutecs'.and' ..prcouds ut our ure:it
Sitc at the coming World's l air, and
it is the intention of this (onimii'n
thai our Agricultural display be eond
to none. I o a':oninsii tni wc itium
have the -o(.e!ation of the larmets
in every toiinty of th; -State individu-
, ., . t . .. .
ai:v atn: toiieciueiy, c. wain .jv.u4Z." 'i
U'.l.. t .,..-tl,i.r tl, ,'tvani .,( : now ifli,rIlV.f Hi .t'l" ir S"ti.'o,
I..,-....:.. 11 .
uni,i:ii. iu;i mj- iivui'i-s 11 tin.--ay
whetliV-rVlii' iiiil, 1 1 j - article ,?r nH.
Her caliMijtliiin a-nn-d mi ,w thtiie
had aiqt'iiiv'd V;ii, d.l!arV worth-, of
property fr.e ht, iiulieKtinca rVt
f-jfjt. of -two., ii n;. While, on the
Jfher ii!r i,f t!.- ninn!rr If .1... I,',l
Lull" ht -tMili t j ii.-r -In--had n, n,- C.r.
lull tlie ittinj two cent the
bot-nf th. Ut-ain, -!tv w.,ti!ij j , n . I
ui tinit :n the lat ami'..;, tl:t.i si.e
had practically 'iiuidi- tin- u-.t-i cl.ni: t a
profit .f ei in.. This is n:err !v ii-
lu.-truiivi , .Tli ii! iat- in r. a'; s
good thing, and iwu x'kts jni.Ld- n
very jitinhaM- of .,ne o'.ii.'nr in
iiiii'iint i. no small thii.gV I vur im re-f-
tliinking of the psvdioliV.v of the
th'ng.' i lie irTchiiiit ho wi-i 'n
is generation has u.-,! thi. HMtiwd
as a -ort ijf livii'..t;z;iiii ; :ii-t 1 . .1 rn!
ha ti.roiij.-ht gomi i suit" j:ike intiie
en -haul nt.d iJie ptntluiMl. Hut nil
tlue tliii.gv have an aii.ti;iie-.!ile.
For fin.tarie. I know om- t'elluw v ho
hoiiffht a pair of .-Ii i. forli!'i..Vi ,n i iie
liarva n er.u'cter. an! h. f..,je !. i .id
'a!k'd ;wn -iinaei - 1-e found i-i-..:ii-r
hue ahoiit-lhi an.: k"ri: irarkid
Jown to ir'i.-l!. mill he aetiiiii'v ii..:iii'
a si'und pun iiaM- vrnh.the lino ,',;, f
tlial he a? a niekri a.iii-r net li e
iratuai -tioii. J; Pinip! pm ,
the tlTi-ct cm prii., li.iw on the at r
ne person, anii it'lVow too, how ,se
th nierehai'.'t of to-ra i."
the pr-nUu ts of the tielir. the or.rutO.
ininTfm', vmeyard-al garden; a i il-
'. j.'!l--V
' , atraoa Ironi 'llie l"li(liiplii-.
One of the.llKt iiiier-Mii-. e.)iitit
wtiieh will he we4i ixt the HuO'iilo ex-
11, sit ion wit hi 11 Mi slmr.t time will lie
thai from-rhe riiil"i'',ru-. It left M.i
liiln 011 the ieiiiiiei- liiithrie for tan
rraneiseo. liv of lliii)j j,iiiv'. I lie
hiliil cihimkIx of a I unit .too rilil't.i"'3'
from Uiffeeeiit ptiri of thy - ioUinilr.
There lire wonii ii anil Keveiul elul-
tlren. Siiiuo jf im in i.i'i' I iij!iil', li
ra are from llii!o. anil some from tl..
Koiir large curaliaos will prove of
ninisnat 1nTerer, n ll also a spin
ninu loom, n haiieo. all Kimts of I'ili-
pino weUioils, M-eriil fairs of linn
for weaving, .ami. na-ee .plant ,i irn oi
pina 41iih. ' 1 . '.
Hut earalmoHare soiuru Im' Use Mif-
Ann rieaii osen in ili-position. ami tin
Uaiiro will illiisirattMlie iiieiluni of va
ler transportation. -'
I I I'oiiUlHlrS.
Ari.onn has l,o& 4iihabituuts to tUii
quurei mile. ' "."'...
Tlcforc lsso little waa known in
rii'ina of kerosene. In IMMi more 'nan
I0o.0UO.ooo faijoiis were luiuortca.
C&tc0'i titrset i.xaitna.
Mills Klla II. )loo r of th el of 'W
Ofl-ireoln IntH'nte l tseMs st .tef
I frimn 'ltv.-
f rof. .tohn II. )nv of the elos "trtl
of l.lnc"lt Pictifufe ' l 'lescMnu flt
Soto. -
limn Initls K WlUon of Hie !. of
fit of :W!(rn rfl'ifr l t 'irli C I"
thst seliotl. " .
Mlt It use . It'lff f of Maei.ti Cty
t-ii lilir a' Mi'-miitil.
Mrs .I. Aiiingtoti (Jranl is on
thu sick list.. ; '
(Vliiinhiii 'k oiely in need of
an uperti hniise' . -
Prof. .Mm Pavm- of liruns
wick was in ('obiinbia Saturday.
l'rf .1. II. 'o! iiit-r f lio fl t
Miss irgio .Mtisc-irattemting-H'houl
at tieinfe It. Sinit'i vollege
M:i!it 4Ji'M-gii. Caldwell is
Htb-lnti'ig si It -d at Fisk uaivei --it..
'- . '
Mis hjiir.t l)iTtiiZriis is,w iiieiu.
In r f lie1 ;Seiii v elas. at, Lincoln
ii'ii ersity.'
1, t IC' v, f. ,l, . i tews hi t iveit ltit
wt-i k iih his fai'uilv from Louis-
ysar. Itr ft..- t'lil'llple. s a n litli-r is j .., fa.iiiwi.iiible dress and chak
niukinsr mil .on Miss Kos'iMat-
r-nli i . k of ihf r "Tl-Ky1,:; l t. roh-phTtrrtr--
I'rnf. A i
'US 1 f I ti r'-ln Itntttlitf f ti,rtin.f it
lection which will denionnate 'just
what each counts in the State is rapa
blt ol pioduiing ami iloes produ. e
hen farmed TtellientK. and an es-
liiliit that will enhame the value 't
every faim" in 'the Sate. We want
everv larmei tti he on' the loi'kotit t'r
tine wheat, -fine 1 ornr t;rawes, Wm
and in fact everything pro.lm ed Iroin
the soil.- - If you have raised some
thing which you know will he a Mui e
of pride to you reunty a;d a credit to
yourself, preserve it and .write us !at
ytuhave. II cot'ditions jusiit'y. e
will try and arrni(;e with; you tor it
proper storage until needed, ami for
its display at. the I'air, witl piper
redii'to the'i'iiuntv and pr&'ltucr.
At '.east half a" imshcl of each saio-
pie of wheat, a -bushel of corn. and a
halt hushel of potatoes, beans. tt, a
tfoixl -sized, hiimlle' of . the v.nious
greases, and where practical to pre
serve them, a half bushel ol -app! .
lies.' etc., should he preserved. .
I'hur has-heen a grtMt wheat and
fm'it year for our Sute, and as we
Ita-vif hi, t ihe-crps ot icjoi ami irjoj
to select, frenv, it behoves tis to .pre.
rrve the best truti) the year's ucp t-
mi3id .if;iiir.f'crip taihire next year;
and "we issue this appeal with the assur
ance that every farmer in the State wi'l
icgin at onre 10 keep his eye? pen for
sometMn! whi. h will adiL'o.hi.s Slate's
display ..-and. to this end we earnestly
invite your co-operation.
Col li; W. Walters Institute Organ
izer, of the State Hoard of Agriculture
has been authorized to represent the
Commission at the Insti"utrs in the
matter of bringing - before those inter
sted the neressitv of prompt and vig-
orous action, ami your co-operation
with him nd the Institutes will be of
'We will lie clad to. hear from every
farmer with ariY sunnesiion that may
he of interest. Sincerely.
II. H. iinsroiiv, M. T. DaMs, '
. Seiietarv. I'rtsiden'
Mi VlilraJ.L..,i.Ul, '''' "
l.leenltl 1 fist t i ti"ll h I'-fl" III S'.'l
Pro'. W, H. .ai.tiit' I n for n
hnndifr of fih.. !jett t9.-'.irff in
'I'eXt hi tl ttl O 1 1- ,ll!!'l It
now teto-li't't; t iltt r.ep Hv. -
Ml .t'i' Muse 1 T I'oln 1 Ii .1 s
traehlnf si I'onii'.nr It'nfl.
rC. r.rix't K.iimtf of t'oimi-liis is
ten cl.it' a s: A'lil.nwt.
Prol. .1. II. Illax oftt er. of VI of
l.tpi-u'ln lntiint. J tn.w t !. 1 1 e in
thst lns-ttti'i-'i. . - .. . . . j
-Mli Vnti l.imtnie ofio'nmMa t-tes'-h'eg
af Me.Riti. .
A Good Site Selected-
-The Mte: Vi-s'oik-v Umil'.'
the Chiistiun chii'ci, ou t hti- lat
-Sietiirdav to'i-onstder t V !oiatiin
an I cfect'n:i ff coll'g;"r
nt-;l.ies t" 1 1'.' sopp ttteil hi . Ill';
Chlist'lMU . lituvlr of ! :i' 'a'r.
Tl.i-y - lei rrd 1 4toio firtiu
addijioti ni"l tnado a r. .- i-ii
tn tl it'y.-lis'ot ( '.iiiirt li'; 1. tha! i'
Ihi-y' would pry br the' gjoutidr
the biildill! WtuiM lie re-tod lit
i H. . . ' .. J..
A -Sidiidrrjrg ' cominiH'.e cm
-I U.cjy nnJNI rsJI 'ay lor
umaBii u wutquitotsi
"Talk about .the oil treatment a
preventive of 1111 s,tiitoi-s." s;i!(l' a tv
Knirlish dweller at lhtCroiic.'i have
uniioin'ted n.yself w ith-oil of jNitry
royal, burned Chinese joss sticks ut
the foot and head of my bed, and have
The experience of Chicago in mu- turayed the room w ith lavetider water.
niciil liiihi ititf oil a !ai:e seaie'is s-t J.Hw good. .Noih.ing txccjt the oil of
will ciiti ttiiiii iIm club next week
at ih-ifsi.l -iuui.i..f the foniMT,
1'r .1. !'... I 'i itv and Anderson
S it i i.-li :IU' lidcl the exposition
ccli In. -I inn iiiM-iing in. St Lou'i8
r fi tith . --.-
Mr. Clris. Cowib-ii and Miss
Satvi'i ll.i,s,r;, Iw'lh of (.ollltllbi'll,
. fi-mi-iii ii-.' lnt Thursday even-,
ing The Pittfc.-siofial Wi rid
tc-i l, i-niijtatjiliitioiis ,
.'.Mi. (t.oiijc. M Habnctt lias
put'rhas. d the Lucietlii Muck
i.np. r . 011 the ci rticr of First"
in.l A" 1. ::.' mid will improve
it oner
1.. i niii of Ib-v. T. .Ichov '
,;. .-.Hitt I- recently irnlll
N'.is. : i '.. . Ti n. 1 . Mis. Marsh is
or:td,.:i'e i-f Mnli'.ra medical
lh oi- an 1 " ill prin t ici' iiirdieine
.. . ' " - "."..'
n- -I -?4 . 4iai.jiiuwiitJ.iaa '
i -i-o fiisr..t'-,-.r -vh- St.- Paul A. M.
K i h:rcli f.it the jirist two years,
s. at mi "
Mas let 11 a- itmi-iI to IV.ll Ksvillc..
U"., he w.i-f s'icci-cdrd here by-
Id . 1', t '. t 'rt-wsi.' i.iiiiisaiina. .
Master ( hi 'Moo if is tit Roger
William" 'unhirsity. '.'tis'is an '
iiiiiistuil v in 1 j it inn havinu' grau-
uiiti'ii flout tin- t ouirirua llign.
si h.'i'l nt the are ' .1 yettif. We
'.wspi iio " ill. 11 ahc a- .".'ond 'ind
j, . ' I-..,'.! I .
u-i-tiii a mini lis ills laiuel. me laic
A?' P. " MfifiTev wlm -v-aa for-a-nuiUi
b r f yi'i r.i primipal of the Col
umbia High school.
".sirs. t alios, (iranlisoii und
Mis Annie Hi ks ciiteilained.the
yoiiiig folkV' whist cliib-ttt the
rchidcnciv of the Tutter last even
ing. finite nit enjoyable time was
i.Hil:. Those present, were: Mr.
l!eny, Kieb.udsuii ami .wife, Mr.
Lbiis" (iragilison .-uid wife, Mr..
Webster - Pazar. . Mr, ' William
Tnvlor ami wife. Misses Maggie
Hunts. Kittie. Met. 'lure. Addio
' ,a
f rdei
I grei
f ...a
tn.ed -of - Anderson Sw'iieh
Henry Kitklin and oihci: was
(niiljtrd to snlir'it 'funds Tin '
report mueb sii.-ci-ss ' W. li..pe
lite . tieoplc. of '.-iilumbfa will sub
li'iii-. tiie lifcPssai'V Mtlieiltll wiiii
iVi. tue next nuiei v imv, --nuiunc
allot teal them.- s '- that Hi" llcjre
mav be localed here nNi: "will
lielifu ti, the town m ..r-V.v ways.
Ko Pleatur Is CreaUr tor a Ltrg Clatt
' cl Paopla.
Tin-re is r.o pleasure more pure and
X(iii-ite 1 bun watchinji tlic growth
ot a tr're.or plant in wi.u h one ,in
leresti'il. If vou have planted ityotir
elf eo'iniich.'the .better... You then
have a fri-rrii of proprietorship in
tach opeiiina bud or leaf wh'iefi eao
be irained in no other way. But, at
t,v vatA I'll
I... ik titits artii ri'Psv mil &1111D1V lur i
1 1 1 1 , INUU IB Hxu - ' I ' J -
1 - .... 'A
the llowers and fruit w hicli they lur
Xorth in the upon of Kdvvard H. Kl'i
cott. city ek-ctrjciar or. that city.
Chiciigir-Dwiij a ' inu'nieipal lighting
plant, consisting of three power
housci-, with aciaeity for furnishing
t,,00 lighb?4 U'. iiiijcjjjf conduit aud
cabla 'system, 4.-10O drclaiiipsTTIrid
wo power stations not in u. Dur
ng the year 1900 the city operated
3,ti67 arc lamps at a cost of $05,126,
including $1H,T60 interest charge and
evar 110,000 1 er depraeiaUei, ......
lavender ave me from liaving a
aiokquito bite dado aiouiid my neck
and on each ankle. Last night 1 vis
ited one of your bloomin' roof gar
dens, and the mosquitoes awuitfd my
irrival. I innocently opened my vial
colifaTinng oil of -Inwjnler and - put
sonie of the contents on my fact, heck
and wrists. Afudeattembint ordered
me to leave the roof. He said 1 dis
turbed the performance." N Y,
. McCbire. Addi
dnnie Marie Tut
cish. but for the pleasure of seeing
them grow . Il has been said that any
square-foot of. sod. if" iutelligently
itm'ied, will give oceujiation for
nuN.y hours. The growth - of the
siinpleii plant is a wonderful process,
perhaps you cannot go to Kuropeor
the1 mountains or the sea, but you
have an opportunity for unlimited
recreation and diversion if you havs
a small plot of grass and plants with
which you have not becomeacquaint
& Boston Watchman.
tier and Ktigene I h ew, Mcss a.
Charles Brown,' Frank '-.Bwm,
.1 iimcs, (hay. .lohirmillcr,- Freil
Wilson and .William Mosely.
m - '
uti. 1 ic iksi olnioinar In A mirtia.
riiel.o: i.a:v.?.:h,l' claims to have taj ;
.-o'lepi st (jr-nulmother. In ' America .
She rijirrieit at 12. rnt gave birth t
1 (!'aua-ier a. year later. The child. -'oilowliiB
heiL'mother's example, mar
1 let young and lately when W yeara
sd pive birth to a child, whose graael-
.anther Is bow a little over TO ye
i'.V.s:V--t -
s-VXsX ,
ks. i, '-' . l hnrnt nnt iUu. . fW' lf ' I !...': .... 1 .---i-r-X".i.-r . "T I - -
r' ' j . . . ' !' jv'n Fau vibu irom iurer ot tne association witnout obiT
f .t --l Mhl thtold door aereen with iU bar Jirother, Rev. Edwarda; from I position. Prof. Kvle ia a ao'eeess. trueJ
- .i-.J
' ed.
. e;
' lift,
" a 01
I ii
re I
: j mule to entire hi
aud when every white man can for alu tlle clty f IboluliTblTindl"10 lm to"ke ork 1

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