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for Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought has borne the signa
ture of Chas. II. Fletcher, and has been made under his
pergonal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
to deceive you in his. Counterfeits, Imitations and
"Just-as-good" are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children Experience against Experiment.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
.bears the Signature of
M saaa-assatasMai a-asBBBWaBBBBBM
Use For Oyer 30 Years.
G. E. Hopper scld hie fine farm
recently near Unntsdale, consisting
of 285 acreB for $47.50 un acre.
He also sold ten head of Galloway
cattle for $1000.
Carter Stewart, of near Steph
ens' Store, sold 59 head of aged
Western corn fed steers last week
to Tom McBride, of this place,
which weighed 1440 pounds, at
$4.40 per hundred. Mr. Stewart
has been feeding them eight
months. He also sold to the same
party 90 head of hogs at 4 cents.
Tom Stewart sold McBride nt the
same figure. The cattle and hogs
were shipped to St. Louis Wednes
day of last week. Centralia Guard.
the tune of 1,015 pounds J. W.
Weldon shipped 300 lbs. of turkeys
to St. Louis to-day Howell and
Keene shipped two car loads of
cattle and one car of hogs Wednes
day Judge W. F. Robinson
shipped 60 head of hogs to St.
Louis and topped the market.
Grocerymen are getting all the
rabbits the trade demands. The
animals are fat, tender and juicy,
making a cheap but toothsome
dish. They sell to the boarding
house at about 10 cents a piece.
Eggs were selling at GO cents a
dozen in Paducah, Kentucky, last
week. They are a scarce article in
most parts of the country.
Turkey item in the Hallsville
Eagle: "Joseph Sublett sold to
Dysart & Brown this week twenty
three turkeys, for which he receiv
ed in coin of the realm fifty dollars.
J. W. Weldon received a lot, which
averaged nineteen pounds, nearly
two dollars and fifty cents each.
How is that for high ! The price
of hogs being four and a quarter
cents a pound and turkeys thirteen
do not correspond. As Prof. Shaw
used to say, in hU quaint way,
"these prices cement apart."
From the Hallsville Eagle:
Bud Owens sold to Sam Peuham
two hogs which kicked the beam to
Columbia's pork packers, Hetzler
Bros., are making some fine hams
and bacon. They use hickory
wood for smoking and ouring.
They are buying hogs for packing
Mrs. F. M. Thomson disposed
of her fine turkey crop last week
at 13 cents, and she had enough
to net her $G0. She was fortunate
enough to get the highest price
paid this season.
Mil. UtiSltY KlUKI.IN.
No man in Columbia stands
higher in the estimation of the peo
ple than docs Mr. Henry Kirklin.
Mr. Kirklin was retired in Colum
bia and began when 14 years of
age leurning the science of grafting,
pruning and budding of fruit trees
and scientific gardening. He has
had thirty j ears of experience and
is master of the profession. Mr.
Kirklin was honored by the State
Horticultural Society which met in
Columbia Dec. 7, by being awarded
a prize for his excellent exhibit.
Mr. Kirklin's garden and hot
houses arc located in west Colum
bia on his own property, lie pro
duces vegetables of all kind and of
the finest variety. Special attention
is given to the growing of ccllery
and strawberries. Products from
Mr. Kirklin's garden have been
prepared by the Horticultural de
partment of the State University
for exhibition at the St. Louis
World's Fair.
The Blind Boone Concert Cot are
traveling in Kansas and Indian
Territory, and report an exoellen
season thus far. Prof. Boone will
spend Christmas day at his home
in Columbia.
Coughing Spell Caused Deatb.
"Harry Duckwell, aged 26 years
choked to death early yesterday
morning at his home in the presence
of his wife and child. He contracted
a slight cold a few days ago and
paid but little attention to it. Yes
terday morning he was seized with a
fit of coughing which continued for
some time. His wife sent for a phy
sician but before he could arrive
another coughing spell came on and
Duckwell died from suffocation. St.
Louis Globe-Democrat, Deo. 1, 1901."
Ballard's Horehound Syrup would
have saved him. 25cts, 50c and $1.00
at the Peck Drug Co.
Near Appleton City is a sign on
a tree reading: "No huntering
permissioned not by this farm on.
Keep mit yourselves off der land
or you vill putt me in jail. Fritz
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of catarrh that
can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years and
believe him perfectly honorable in
all business transactions and finan
cially able to carry out any obliga
tions made by their Arm.
West Tkuax,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Waldino, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally acting directly upon the
blood and mucoim surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free.
Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Temp Berry last week unloaded
30 snow white turkeys at L. W.
Berry's store. They were the
White Holland fowl, the prettiest
of the turkey .tribe.
mt r
.. Ik l
a -Vi -ttfc'ii
Last Saturday the bottom drop
ped out of the turkey market in
Chicago and in consequence the
local market went off about 3 cents
a pound, dropping from 13 to 10
cts. C. W. Martin quit buying
till he could clean up what he had
on hand. Many farmers brought
in their fowls this week and were
surprised to find the market off
"They don't seem to understand
that the Christmas market in the
east closes several days before
Christmas," said Mr. Martin, "and
they hold their turkeys too long
It takes some time to get the fowls
into the hands of the retail mer
chants, and then their customers
like to buy or engage their stuff a
few days ahead. You can't buy a
turkey here the day before Christ
and put him even on the local mar
ket, much less ship it east in time
for the trade. It seems people
will never learn this." Turkeys
are selling slow th.s week at 10
and 11 cents.
Don't forget the old man
with the fish on his back.
For nearly thirty years he
has been traveling around the
world, and is still traveling,
bringing health and comfort
wherever he goes.
To the consumptive he
brings the strength and flesh
he so much needs.
To all weak and sickly
children he gives rich and
strengthening food.
To thin and pale persons
he gives new firm flesh and
rich red blood.
Children who first saw the
old man with the fish are now
grown up and have children
ot their own.
He stands for Scott's Emul
sion of pure cod liver oil a
delightful food and a natural
tonic for children, for old folks
and for all who need flesh and
RrdTT At ROWNB. Chamlatf.
-409-4I5 Pearl Street. . New York.
4 ' j
A thief entered a henhouse at
Warrensburg a few nights ago and
stole a dozen chickens, bntdropped
purse containing $140 and it was
found next morning by 'the owner
of the fowls. The thief must now
choose between freedom with the
chickens and his $140 with a peni
tentiary sentence.
Pkof. R. A. West, 13. S. D.
Secretary to President Allen, and Assistant
in KiiKllsli, Lincoln Institute.
Prof. R. A. West was born and
reared in St. Louis and reixived his
public school education in that city
He was graduated from Lincoln
Institute in June 1900, was honored
by the members of his class by be
ing chosen its president. Prof.
West afterwards took a course of
business training at Bryant & Strat
ton's Business College of Chicago
He was elected assistant in English
at Lincoln Institute and secretary to
President B. F. Allen last June
lie is the youngest man ever elect
ed a member of Lincoln Institute
faculty and has a bright future be
fore him.
Good for Children.
The pleasant to take and harmless
One Minute Cough Cure gives imme
diate relief in all cases of Coughs,
Croup and La Grippe because it
does not pass immediately into the
stomach, but takes effect right at
the seat or the trouble. It draws out
the inflammation, heals and soothes
and cures permanently by enabling
the lungs to contribute pure life-
giving and life sustaining oxygen to
the blood and tissues. Dr. Arm-
trong, of Delia, Tex., prescribes it
daily and says there is no better
cough remedy made. Sold by J. E.
He Found a Cure.
R. H. Foster, 818 S 2d Street, Salt
Lake City, writes: "I have been
bothered with dyepepsia or indiges
tion fur 21 years, have tried many
doctors without relief, but I have
found a cure in Herbine. I recom
mend it to all my friends who are af
flicted that way, and it is curing
them too. 5Ucts at the Peck Drug
Negro Boy Will Represent Har
vard in Debate
Boston, Mass., November 29.
Ferdinand Morton, a colored boy,
will represent Harvard in her
annual debate with Yale in place
ofT. II. Reed of Allston, Mass.,
whose health has been worn out by
studies and by other activities, in
eluding work to the Anti-Liquor
league. Morton, whose home is in
Washington, D. C, is a graduate
of Phillips Exeter academy and an
exceptional student.
The business man In need of help is
always on the lookout for a competent
assistant, and will give you a place quick
ly enough when you have the ability to
fill one.
"The secret of life Is not to do what
one likes, but to try to like what one has
to do."
Newspaper Support.
The supporting of a newspaper
costs a town scarcely a cent
Thougn papers may be well pat
ronized and the business men may
spend sums of money in advertis
ing, the cash very quickly gets
back to the channel from which it
came. Nearlv every cent a paper
gathers is spent at home and it
goes to the merchants who deiight
in benefitting themselves and the
community by liberal advertising
Boiled down the facts are that a
newspaper returns all the money
it gets to those who give it, and its
work for the town and country is
thrown in as good will.
A poet has said of the saloon that it is
appropriately called a bar:
A bar to heaven a door to hell;
Whoever named it named it well.
A bar to manliness and wealth,
A door to want and broken health.
A bar to honor, pride and fame,
A door to sin and grief and shame.
A bar to hope and a bar to prayer,
A door to darkness and despair.
A bar to honored useful life.
A door to brawling, senseless strife.
A bar to all that's true and brave,
A door to every drunkard's grave.
A bar to joy that home imparts,
A door to tears and aching heats.
A bar to heaven, a door to hell,
Whoever named It named It well.
Wants the ears of every Family
in Columbia and vicinity. He
can interest them every day in
the week, and talk GROCER
IES all the time. He keeps a
nice, clean stock of
and Guarantees his PRICES to
be as low as THE LOWEST.
call and see him, or 'phone him.
Phone No. 115.
Christmas Baking
In Bread, Cakes and Pastry yoij
will need the best flour on th
market, and everyone concede!
that to be our HIGH PATEN1
flour. We prepare this flour froi
the finest wheat that is grown, an
our flour gives your bread an tx
quisite flavor, and bakes
light anq delicioas. Try it.
Boone County Milling and Elevator CoJ
Order of Publication.
Statb of Missouri, I
County op Boons
In the Circuit Court of Boone County, Mis
souri, In vacation before February term. A.
D., 1904.
John E. Gillaspie and FaunieGillaspie his wife.
nainuns, against me udkdowq ncirs ana
devisees of Levi Parks, deceased, and the Un
known heirs and devisees of Bzekiel H. Cave,
deceased, Defendants.
Now. on this loth dav of November A. D.
iqoj. in vacation of Circuit Court of Boone Coun
ty, Missouri, neiore t-ebruary term, a, 1904
of said Circuit Court, come plaintiffs herein by
tueir attoruev at record nerein, Deiore me Clem
in vacation and on behalf of plaintiffs file their
Detition in suit and affidavit ol plaintiffs herein.
And it duly appearing to the clerk of said Cir
cuit Court in vacation, that the plaintiffs allege
in their duly verified petition under oath of
Dlalutiff. that the defendants tne unknown
heirs and devisees ot Levi Parks, deceased, and
the unknown heirs and devisees of Ezekiel H.
Cave, deceased, are unknown to the plaintiffs,
and that the ordinary process ol law can not be
served upon tnem, or eitner 01 tnem, and tnat
thev can not be no more specihcaily designated
defendants herein because unknown, and it
duly appearing that said petition describes the
interest of said defendants in the real estate
here in controversy, and how derived, so far as
plaintiffs' knowledge extends. And said clerk
bci-g lrom said affidavit nerein, and otnerwise,
amy sausneo, ano inereupon ouiy nnain
that process nerein can not be served on san
defendants, or either of them, it is therefore
ordered by said clerk that said defendants be
notined by publication that the piainuns Dy
Detition herein filed of date November igth,
1903, have commenced against said defendants
an action at law and in equity, the immediate
object and general natuie of which Is to perfect
the title of the plaintiffs herein, In and to the
following described real estate, to-wit: Apart
of the North West Quarter of Section Seventeen
ii?), Township FOriy-Eigni (48), Range iweive
(u). Beginning at a point Forty (40) licks
South of the half mile corner on the North side
of said Section, thence South along the Subdl
vision line of said section, to the center ol the
Columbia and Cedar Creek Gravel Road, thence
along the center ol said road to the present
tersection of the St. Charles rond, thence with
the center ol the St. Charles road to tne poll)
of beeinninsr. containing Siitv-Niue (6q) acres
more or less; in uooue county, Missouri, ana 10
have marked, saiisned 01 record a certain mort
gage executed by said Levi Parks to the said
Kzrlclrl H. Cave, dated the oth dav of Febru
ary, 1838, and recorded in Book"!" Page 50 of
the deed records 01 Boone county, Mis
souri: and to remove the cloud cast on
plaintiff's title by reason of said Mortgag'
aooearluff unsatisfied of record. And it 1
lurtner so ordered mat said deienaants oe ana
appear before the Judge ol this Court on the
on the 8th day of February A. D. 1904, and on or
at the city of Columbia, Boone County, Missouri
before the first day of said term to answer or
ed against said defendants,
plead to said petition, or in default therein said
letttion win De taxen and adjudjeeu as con
essed, and judgment by default will be render
ilnst said defendants. It is lurtner so or
dered that a copy hereof be duly published at
least once a week for four consecutive weeks in
The Missouri Statesman, a weekly newsDaper.
duly printed, published and circulated in said
Boone County, Missouri, and duly designated by
plaintiffs' attorney, as most likely to give notice
to defendants: tne last insertion to De at least
thirty days before the said next term of said court.
I Allt UP MiabUUKl, f
County of Boone. I
I, Hugh M. Hall, Clerk of the Circuit Court of
Boone countv. Missouri, hereby certify that the
foregoing writing is a full, true and complete
codv of the original Order of Publication in said
cause, as fully as the same remains and appears
of record In my office.
ibf4Ui, subscribe my name and official slg-X-
nature, and hereto affix the seal of
said court, at my office in the City of Columbia,
in Boon county, Missouri, this 19th day of
November A. O. 1903.
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Boone County,
Missouri. ay jas. a. uoggs, u. v.
Nov, 37, -jw.
Physician & Surgeon,
Residence lata Ash S
Calls answered promptly, d
Office over Oilman & Oorscy'a.
Office 'Phone 37, Residence 'Phone 386
Physician - and - Surgeon.
Office 809 a Broadway;
Kebiuence 411 N. Bin i.
to Aug 16
Office 'Phone u8.i
Kesldeu.ee 'Phone 69.
BONDS for administrators, cura
tors, county or state officials. In
surance of all kinds and of the best.
Also loans on Real Estate, low rate of
Interest, by
Boom 11, Haden Bldg.
.. .
Real Estate,
5 Insurance, Loans.
Dr. J. B. Cole and
Dr. Jennie V. Fleming,
Rooms 4 and 5, Haden Building.
Hours 9 to 12, 1 to 5.
Hikers, Cincinnati.
Ask Tt Deal Write far Booklet.
Easy PI
H Easy to take and easy to act to I
that famous little pill D.Wltrsl
Little Early Risers. This la dua
the fact that they tonlo tha lirer Ij
stead of purging It. They never grl
nor sicken, not even the most dello
lady, and yet they are ao certain
results that no one who use then
disappointed. They cure torpid 1U
constipation, biliousness, Jauncl
headache, malaria and ward off pi
monla and fevers.
U Don't Forjtt tht KamJ
Early Bisi
Money to Loan
Monthly Payments.
The Columbia Building and Loan
Association Is assisting: about forty
families to pay for homes in monthly
small installments, like paying rent,
and would like to aid others. For
particulars see J. A. Hudson, Secy.
lor Infants and Children.
Ca Kind You Have Always Boc)
Bears tb
Or I sell the p.i
and the paper
let you put it
Any way to
you. My wot If
guaranteed. I
ell white lead,
nish, and gold
bronze, enamell
60o. and I.OO all druggists.

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