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Weekly Chillicothe crisis. (Chillicothe, Livingston Co., Mo.) 1878-19??, November 01, 1883, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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---1 , . ,. .1 i ' " 11 n" -'.
rri-i.iUHm) fvkisv tih k-imi- m-
in i li. hoi nr., m issoi in.
ToiTliS - .
'1 .r,o a Ye
A citizen of the Quaker City, Mr. F.
Free!, living at uj Vine street, rcrentlj-
.poke us follows: "Being nll'lcled with
a iilstr-s,; c,,ut;'i, le. Hull's (ui-h
I Svrnp ii'rotnuHMiilctl lo nie for re
I Ii f, nut effected a ntinp'eti: euro.1' 1 1
I 'Mr. fctoadiiian Liixon, lieneriil AsH'iit
r for 1 nit' il Sii.li
ami Nintn m 1 1-- nit I
rison, a resilient of Kansas CIO, an J one
of the most prominent dentists In llie
t'nited Sta'es. ivns married ut the Chris
tun Church In tl.ls city at 9 o'clock
1'uestl.i.v morning, October 2 J.I, to Mifs
Lnima Johnson, dinijilnur of Adamantine
.lulmsor., fortr.eriy ut Kiilivitle, now a
hanker at t'unnlni'h.ini. i:i this rimt.tt-.
311 E FA lit MF.KTISG .
Livingston Omnia Will Have a
I tin:
In pursuance nf 0 numerously signed
call, a mass meeting of the citizens of
H.i St. I..
a ; it. 1;
Time In !!.
i clurl", has i:ii;i..i.,l 1,'s Mend rpirtcis t.i j J1'" cenv peifonncd hy Kev. 1'.
f'lnip.Mtiic. r,i. in- t
(No. 1:. M-,11 . EtfH-.
l.irlitwne Ki,ie nil:
(No, isl, Ai-ciiniuinilutiiiii
It r,:
Gi.INu wnsr,
. 1. Mill . E.viir. ftis 7 :M( .m. 7 Jl i
Ne. 7, l.l:;liliiinL' lOvprefls :i-.."i " -;.v-No.
sj, Aee'iiiniioiialioii, 1-10 i 11. l-ini-
Mlietve.ci-iii Cin.t.iy.
-l-'iir flirtlier liilu!iii:ii..iia,,i,iv in
'I r. II ..i rt- r ,v
'll.-i.-i l Am 1.
II. A ST. Jim i:. It. Tnie Tal:lc.
Tifcllls if'Hve Ciiilli'-i llH' ,ls lilln,s?
uui.i, mm.
t'at.ll,! Kunr-i s :t .: ..
hflilstis City it N. V . K'ie- h
A.ei,liillli,itiil,nli 1 : , .
O'llso 11.1.
Ps.-ine Kxje-ess
Nrw voik A Kni as Ciiy l-.,-ie
Aunuiiiiinlnliiu. ... . ' ..
lo em.'!!-'!!
j in llhu niJw -li.Mii.l cill on fci ai his
1 iil!:-.'..' over oM "-.t stand.
--Dm:; Store lor lent, llll.l HorlnlVi
tllli' e ut indu ,1, uiel a 1 ir- s'01 k of in w
llrii:;s lor :i!e. ..;-!v to nr at Sirv-.ner,
''I"- , T. II. II' i.mi in.
j Mi-.s -.', v. 1 Cn-i :,, ni-i-iiin.tLli. )
and wiiiuini; iliiiri-r "I i'r. K. 'I',
lir-en, is li, miii'I .y.' I a' -l-idv In
llie.lil i;-,-i.. eei;-i,:.-l!l -.il !!. Mellit'-r,
and !;::.- Iieril.ie." I'l'.h ::!::--e nml
I V. C'.ll'd. l ; i I' I'.-nii ise.
I h.-.ve a 1 tn.'.ll lot i, i..-l sele.-t.-d
;i:-.-i : i. oil. I ! ill keeji s'unplcs icj'r.'
'l':!i!' -f ln,!i,r, to .,'.-.' t-ii'n. f vl,:
lii ' t-jl ista'-tioii. (':! I in me.
T. C. IliKj AN'. !
Mi I'll (;:.;-..-n, a iiu,!t)enl fit :
"I Kii tt-t'Mi, inula lunthcr of .','.. d.i-
liese years I
1 . naie, 01 inuepeinience, and was -it- ciation and lil.-lo;; to I.lvinislon county
-s.-'iiny relatives ami u lew Invited ,,-hat It ouijhl lo iiave had all tin
i.'nesis. 1 iic couple lett 011 t'ie train,
l orlly alter, lor ll.e E.ist, where they
wi.l mal.o an eti e.-led lour, previous to
et:lli down for life in Kansas City.
---lie had just returned fioui his fcutii
iner v.ieailon, and deserihin;' the heau-
lleaitti funiinues piuid; thnucli we h. ar a lev:
e'lliiiilalnls of rnliln; lii.imver, lhl.( Is the tin. e of
year fur that kluil of mimia.
Mr. ItoiilCosm-i.ve I1.11I 11 sale last Tur-hy
ter the ir,imi ef iImimisIiii; nf Ills personal irii.
i l'eri. A l.uve umiilier of n''i.c were in at
i 'eii'hiuei' ami pneei "lair to nil, hi I li ik. " Mr.
till, county waslieldalthe court room, , "" """" ";'-v ,"!',r
last oauiruav, 10 take 11110 consiucration 1 .Mr. s. l: lii,i!,s new jt,,,ls,
the qi:est;rn of oriianitPL' a Fair Asso- M"l-','''t 'i'l' ti"U; an.l. wh.-n f.u-
s raji d.y ni a
i-lle.l. U.ll he
re. 11 liii.ri.n-iiiei, to our line.' hin
The Ni.utli ..., , v,-nll I-
eue.t 111 n:ii' t :it ll.e le I . ..f i ...
a good fair. The day was wet and the : patnier, le-n w.iriti!. v.
.Ml .1. II Manhal will . :i liar. i- i 1;,,.
Illli'-I l-i -Hie, iees un . ;l
('-literu:!e si linnl l..;i e 1.
h-il renai:,,
We lirai- Me. I ) . . 1 1 j -. '. . 1 s I i .'..!-.. in will
stall l'"i- hi Iv 1 1 0,.-k t.. son ll.illir.
m 1UJ
Goods Were Never Sold Cheeper Than
w:nU were very b;nl, yet there w;i con
hiilL'r.iMc t a meeting.
11. C. liclaml, of MnorevviHe, va call
ed lo the clnir, and l W. Aer wab
inadi: t-ecri'tiuy, A iiuiuIut ut iIiomt nit's-
7icri c 0. coTrn
in hiii i ini r nm 1 1 mmm -
S. W. Mel)l)Wi:!.I..
I AMlXilTAItVlrill.il-, 1.11: 1;.'.-, Mil.
w'e i.I ai:ei'''..n thru l. (.'.. ii C1I..11-, !'i ,l.s'g'
I llliH.i is-, .out ( Yi: vevi.a. ins. 1 -. - ii i .-
1 U.K llh.Niv V, "
ClMl.l.lCOTIII , 113.
-Hei tmns H'el 1 "
i"li a vre (..
ee "I' .-IliiJi
1 l.
ties ot 11-01:11 lam scenery to a lady fliend, 1 cnt expressed their views on the proposi
! e a-ked: 'Have yon ever seen tlie ti"li. They were enthusiastic tor the
Cats kill mountains," and she answered : . fair and expressed it as their belief that
..0. lint 1 have seen the Uull s couqh-j the pi oject ( annot and should not tail to
'."up.' 11 j succeed It was tiinietliiiii; that would
1 inncus liullclln: In his charge to ' '"-' 11 I'enelit to every person in the cnun
tiie ur.iud jnrvot AJairc-niuly.tude Mlli. i lvi no matter what Ihcir hiiiiie-.
ton told them to look after road over- lnr.S "ie i-peakers was Rev, Mr. Kly,
eers. lie said he knew the amount ot ! '" ''''s ''''' "'-' said he whs a niii.isicr
inonee allowed tlieni was not sullkient ! "' "po'i hut that was no reason
to keep sp'endid roads, hut when a hrok j '''' l,c kl'"'d nut t'ke Interest In fair
en plank or I n'e w.islicd out rendered ! nnJ "fend them. ' Il (i;jd Aliniy In v,"
-t .'.oi.Oi;
i.ll.-l.til .
-I'ellt I.I -I -V
.1 I till1
ek Wsl!
iif! Mi-s l-::i:i
We are fully prepared to meet any
lint lii'ive lit'cu tillri'i'il to the trail
aiiil vt.' v iil otic
n 1
::i t
I Mi. .1...
IIi'!I-e ::
N, M-e-
eiiiaiiii. .
i:!i ..j
I'll Sn
:- lirnee.-- el t
eiti.'n. ' sumo rare Imrgain-i that rannot bt liad olscwhoro.
Mil the
A' .s
i.Ii.-ii lo hi-,
u-lhl. 0 - is
lll.i. , .-.
i irv
if "1
-aid l
r3"r"ur further inl'i
1:1 .llel: .'l ft l .
I'kov. J, II. Low k. ut Ciiiiiiiii', He, 1-
au mil hoi u.ed im.. nt ,,r.:.e Cri -i-tli's
di'virin tin: p-iper can su
throiifc,'h him.
IMC. 1 1. HITS.
--X. II. Ta 1 Ko , i on -h" !
Tli f.iir li'-tivi'iiu iil l :i . ,
I ti-lo J
pen, r its cue. ,l,e,l at h:s home ill these places were left in this on litioa
Kl.i.:-ton, I-.' week, from ii.j.n'es re. for nvrnihs. w hen Ulteen or !-.,..,,.,. ,!.
fioui a l..,iildie in utes' w-oik woo d entirely rcmeJy -d, and
: the jury should lirlnij him to I'l-tic.'
fnl -enn,r: Novcnl-er will prohahlv
" iv'J, i 11- ,! iv i'. ct nt mi" open an, 11,0 until the iailei
reived in ta! i'i,i
con se o." eie. tion
J. C. I ii:z'e-,
S tu in-, wie in t
l- '!i::er ::i.es j,
i s en-i 01 o 1,
tir.ll r i.l-.rl l-:ii
ill' Wa'et-li hi.-
Ili.it place a trip where the life or limh
of hoth man and beast were In danger and j'1"'!' Iull' 'ect al a j.mip, I h ive a t lyhl '
to . 1 and sec him do It." Mr. Illy fur ' .
tl.er said that he had been an
As "M ,-e" I,
an I Mi . A. il
: roni I 'lump.
('l.i.'M'. M '., 11 :.ih M-re. ls-.i.
,s aiau, ii-.i-l ie-,- tiil.e,i anil ,,.,,
( 'ni' slocli in the ;ibo o line
is l'u!
; A N 1, .OIAKV
l-eeist a I' ll
n an , ,,tl,
I'iJin , n,-.,tf
ii(J.'s i cifi.V,
ll.l.Lluil lli:, mis-shi.iii.
I 'n 1, iic, Sijuare, eve:'
"B" " Wi-rtstiteiif
I'mit Olllee,
1 i" i.r-
n.i.i mane a imr-e that coukl l t'.n-ant
liic i trr.i-uffci m-iniin,: :)-
'li-nl:iv on cn ilitN iim in I'",
Tii. Ill ' Milliltll Will If nil Mr
t'hibitrtr I aliDiu ....mi!. v.st.tf ii.-t... T-,v..
wi'i in-.,' vet an-! -.vin-ry ;?n"J 1 i T-,
Hi- ."-'" Vl M "tli h.M.t fr,..!. I' ,. ,
Jiiiiscl fc iitin.f r n ilc-
in- op. hi
:. it . k.
- M .-
el It !
Kinrt, mm'
Dawn l taking netice
woolen mill.
- ('. (i'osliil: lias s!'.:p!
el I,
' Vl 'H.I-e,
"I ICur
I . el ap; .i's. lltl-i si'a-ei:.
Iti'V. Seeley .1' l,i- :,U
f. .'j Hail, t . I :,4 i. r i vv n!;;,,t.
-Ml--, llr. I-' el'.';i::'l.
her s:ri M.s. r,. ii. Hr,e,n.
Comi! ii) tlm fair lui'i-iiior :,i i'.o
oouit room, Siiinr lay. Nov. H.
Whe i you co'ii. to to-vn, e., t ,
iSwarls for a food S'ju.iri' inei:. ,,'e'I
Mi.-s Minnie ili-o-.-.n letnrne 1 heiiii ,M i. '':!'
fi-iuii :l visit In lelalives at Mi.lieilv atel Si
Steiulinan I)iou, lij , came ' over
troin Kingston, last Friday, on a visit lo
i ehV.lvc-6.
rieeki-nriiU-i' h :-i a :I'.--' il.--. M .; ! -y
nir.M. The ln:il. lin-s ,eel I v. , i ..; .;.....:,
I he 1'ust Olllee.
--Mr. .1. U. Malshaii, of ( ie i ,i l.'h'.je
township, is hu!ldin0' a f.vitoi, dwell
ing on his farm.
Oscar Meiinee, who h 1 1 he, n su
.i'Uiriiinj; In l ake Cilv, .Mi-.m., aniie-l
here, last week.
The Stale, roiintv and tew-e'l,!;, I-vy
ol'Ciiuudy c unity, t'oriii-xt yeir, i- .-si io
ou sldtl vain il io I.
Units -To tlu; w i f i.i ut i'riisei-u.
tin Atlonicy J. Ii. Wynne, I, li-In i
oUlh, ) SMJ, a buy.
Mr. (it-lit I July on .S-i'llnhl'-, : -:-e:i'-cd
a position as Milc-tinn in l!oa. ch.
lio.it and Shoe slore.
-Mr. W V.'. 1'hoio'. :i am! wile, ai. j
had Iccn viM'inj,' relathes in St. I.oui-,
returned home, Sator iiv.
Mrs. Mi t ulioiii., of (ili-. y, I'li
liois, came U, I i-t wi'ek, on ui k le,
her sister, Mrs V. 11. Stevens.
Mr 11 i.'.ul joi.es sfM, last wie'. I J
Mr. Joshua Shaikh , S- acies nt i.i:i,l
near l-'arn:ers ;ile I'li. e . -.i.
We lire -lere,.e,i l-i s, e M
Wood on duly main nt do...'','- .
after a lona Hid m-i-i'o attack of lev
Mr... Item) llei.tl.e. :i.:e,l ..- u-,is. ;,
ilel.t of lleelliii; I..wi ,,i,., .1, '. 'I il-- !.
t 'tjl'l-:H)tll.l,,iie lie- eileei-: ,. ,,, .
lii'iiK'iiiiiri', tluil In or.li'i
inula' I ho liur i-iji'i'l tt siii'i'c:.
must all lake in .io or l,--s si ici; n
Mc. I.ull'.er '1'. I'oliier sold, last wee'
to (ieorye l,ish, Ks j., ot 'iheeliii! o-we
ship, tio acrei, ot land in ;i, S, e: I'r:-.-fi
I ,f-o.
MHi l'!:!-.-1)'! Wite nrrlrnl l:o:u
fr u:i l.'.'iH-ei, .Moii'lij- i.l. I.i, cj!I d !i.-r
hy :h p " i- hiahh of L:.r ul-ter, M... I
V. ?M. I.
M . J ..' !', ,;:-:.!;; . '-:-:;r.l 1: .- ;
lliee l..'l 'Allele !,.- ) Is '.''.' I' f
i 1'' I- '!' 1' '-' I r el M. ,'" I .!, .
. i I.,--;..:. -i'e-Il--!.. I
C' I. 1). lilali! il l' l':;is its lln'
pl-i.pell! tit U 'Ij.-ll C'lS'ilOle's j;, .
Llesm Hiil,'.- lo -vii-Ii if, M tma , lir o'ih' '
t-;sC'-'-di:it !;'' ,! i i ices. ,
Mr. !J( A. ( liaiilaii's co'.s shed was
binned to tie' ground, list Sat lirdey. Ills j
i:ii,li: son set i- on fire while p!u;ii:y wi'.li;
t.iinie nutcii-.s. I , .... 'j.;.
f'tiuo's, who wish to do ns n Jaioi-, :
fan help us by f;eltinj; us a .h-.a ihen. '
now that winter Is ii'-ai" and pe..plc :i!e,
lookinij iiliti their wiutci's n.adoi'jj
I.a.si Thursday iilelit, Snuitier IimI
iiuite a lire,. 8oine business buildings
ivero burned, aiuoii which ve:c li.
Kash'a o 111 ue and lloin, Ion's iliu tilore.
1'ou S. 1.K.--35 aerek ot land in Jack j
tun luwii&nip ; plenty ut c,oud tlmnc-r on
il. Will be bold at a ha'ain. Addn ,s,
K .!. M.,
llov 4(9. Cliilliculhc, Mo.
The luial reward for ilie Tnuioii
iueeudlaiy liuiv nuiouiita to $l.u'i:. 'i'hi
clll.ens ull'er jitOil, t lit; county euiir'
$11111 and the lijard of ruleiwritei?,
Ciiot'ec Abel I'.-u , roriucily li sld
' lug tiniili ot U.iwn, In il,i- i i!e,. of car
roll county, has rutin uid fiuin N'i-l,iii-k.i,
well suilsiKd i!ijl Ml.tuutl 13 the bciler
--Next bii in-j Mrs. J. V. Mooio
will 1'1'i'c'l u tluellilor Jlouso no 1 I.i.
lul 011 1'ia.st Jui'Ivhiiii slivi't, which ! .. ...
,. 1 -"
I i -...I. e, 'I. ,.,
-- A e. 1 1 w-
Ci ie 1 I t ; m'
a i'.leo did mil
an-1 iij 1 ple.i.e ;
el. wees.
P.'T t': Ml ef the llillTOii I
to .11 i i
ol l)e-
ci : s'.'er will prohabiy continue culd a-ul
m-v le:',.l mam- to look fjr an 1 ail y set
litis in ot the winter of il.;-S), as i:
ST; hi t ill 0 ill open aj.iin ihnin.; Hie
''' I1 11 ' ! ' -o'-th, and at the close
of I he Mir I -s 1 lit v.irwill ).. out
and lii" new e ir come in with hut , it
He 01 no snnv, even in the r.ui 1I1 ttet
1 'iiiii!ii..ii
ill" li'V
I 'nt 1 I; loi!!.'t,lj'..i.,a,vi
I lie .1-iy Sims ni'iun:'
illiol', III . ie lis u t-:ii, y
lli ' 1 M 1 1 1 ; 1 1 1 ,- will play
Hall. I'vcrv inoht, (.,
his n.i-i c. W:
'' 1 i. 11, line." W'o
e e.'lic'e, but at the
1 k to our ri-.-.
it the Ilspre-, o::i -e, '
h .'-I in 1 bit -k, s'l
.l .ii, .: I'K., ,,
I . e,C. I1ii.1i;: 1, ,'v
? tit-ri, 01 Li e
c.'"!t Sainiiliiy infill. We
' r.'ii.-i'ii li helii'vo that tin-'
tiny is a l.'ooiI tine. They will j
lh" city an e it::-,, new loll ol 1
s a:i-l l"':;i'i Monilay ,,ti with I
! i'l'lill-h i
lime iiiii-l s
- . -aw
d li , ! Ji':-- Spin
to .'.li 11. I.. Tr.
linMi-l.:,-. ,v ,
'il:e l.ii',:lls t':.e
n ", M i. lie N a 1, ue i inhoii
II. M iii-i:-, Il ., , was
.I ll rf- i.i
Veil 'I le
.i.'llll II I-
A. Ail. t o,
I j
I! e pa-id j'.i.
. l"iu! I mver
is 1'i.lic: il.'.;
te.l w
tin t'liiiende
.1 a.; 1 the S:
..it lie km--.-,
the St l.o-:
I I as. T. r.i.-o
I.i n.,
,'1 .
i: -id . i 1
111 l': ' 111 j .l 1, li'ii ! y ;.
, I' ;'is llu' " i .Ulti .11
ill, l-T il'il J I'll..,-,
I, 1 1. is i hoy w ill la.j.j
l fr li' l. i. a.
' Cl K
'' ill ,:
. l
: ot I
a si in, i , i,i ,
l.'uin tr.o.e us r.
till' J'oj'll ill' I- I'i't'.'u play o'"M'I,iss.'' , T. M.
-Mr. Seward A. ILi-chliie, ntltirei-y
; and -ol!. i'.,r of p iU i.ts, f Sju'lnail I I,'
Ml.-sonii, s,.,i,i. ns ihe roll. inlii list of!
1' Hellts i.jind dllllil" the pi-l Wi'i-ll fill
e::i.'. :is of :h. S'ale : Cel. ', Con, her,
batifiis C'i'y, Kink: . Ii. lili-a.son nml R. ;
, Huh, I.i iinniiii, Anini'il S'u-ui-s ; Kinil ;
-I' I. 'lie. St. (jelleviev ', 1 1 nil ; In,' ; !' i
' . I lai:y and U'.,V. Jiiniesoii, Kansas
Cl-y, ! Yi'jiariiia Vea. ; S mriel A.
T'euna-, t'liiirl.'.i.in. Kwtlvlrtf Wwi cii ;
tl -is. '!. r.,!.r. S-. I. .!., (ni!:.. , ,.;
I ih iV i.;i.i r, I'li-terisi, Steam l'i,mi
II I t' '-. 'J'lir.ie weie "('ir,1 mine ap.
I'll: i'l i:-for pa', n s. rei.-.iiv.s, r.-nle- i
in ni.., ih -iens ami labels d.irlua ih-i
1 p: i. si nt 11-cil yell" Ihin (!lir!n(r llie year i
I- 'imi ,(i,sjs more than dniiii' tlic
..'.-ir ol' i.-,s 1.
-Th - .,--,v Vol ! Store ti ll.e
!i"l:l I'.iain, The snnio (-.mil jtiili'-ni-nii
v. bid, .!,:S..rs. S.niin & .m'i-Vi-v
n-o in I -iiyinv; T oi ls, liny use in let
111(1 w"iiie, kno.v ' lln-y have
t'l 'iii. i'liey not wail, in let it
h-.i'; mil thai tiiey have tliesc L' -n Is
"""i livii'vi'l'.ii.'y 1 . i .v i; i -,'s, , i
l:l-!'ll.;li tl.-e ;i::iis:1e, yi' e l ul;i,'i',
'"i' l- '" nil t:..i "t ,.!" l':.sl:in Hy.
I liiel" is II Hi-., li.lin by wll I" il
, for 30 years, and had alleuded a sjreat
I many fails; had been at St. loseph Expo.
! sition eei v leai for a number of years,
and h-id taken pieo-iains Ih-.'re every year
lull i.r.e, when the cutntiiittce had
p.ulud'ii him, lie faid p.ntialilv of
coiiiu.illees wa. what hint l.di. u: ,re
'.h in mi thinir el-e. lVehidice 1 coniniil
.lee. iii.-ole unfair decisions and llieu the
pe "p'e hi.uiH-il llie directors and the as.
Miel-llolil foi it.
Alice a free interchange ot opin'on the
1 li'.eeliuij directed the chair to appoint a
committee to obtain fcuhsci ihers to i.'o,.
o hi capi'al stock, ten dollars lo eons'i
, lute a ..lute.
Ad Hirned to meet, Saiuril.iv,
1 The iiiilun !ng Is the coiiimillce:
, l"'le M'.lia-I .'. !. i. iiii e oil, V, ,
i lli'lliw b.l-llil,
' I V -on (ii
I T. IV. -",te,-.
I II 111." the Win, Kuans. .leluiH, ;,,,,r,
1 T .l.-lill-e II. 'i , l-i. I l-t inn. ,,. I), lo.ih.u i.
1 l.lii-iii ilher Win. Simlli. II. A l i-i-.n-.il, .1
! II Men-., V. I., slnuiu.iii.
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have alli a.l . slat l.'ll llleie.
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name ol li. I . i'. rkili-. led i.et h
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M. A'l-lln.s
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Wo havi'
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Ji.)Tn ,M. VulilS.
attoi:ni;v at law,
Clill.I.li Dili, , MO.
Land Law a Special!.'.
Hi AI.KK 1 K l-i A I. I..TATK
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l'.lrli'l'ii'.e. in tlie
n'.:t".! l. ,(: ;:
lhint miM i.i isto :lalt.' I T
I) ttti!iiMii!a!s i!iat will le..
I h el. I'lelilil.e .1. Kawl
('. 1.. While. .1. I:. Hii-ii. M
ii! '. .lame. U. N. .1. M. ;jr.:
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M. II. sii.lili. V. iii. .. Maimii.e.
I. Iiii'i-e.
' .1. It. Wilson. ..,:,h I',,, ',!,', li.
nil. lle-iiT.
'.Ille- I'l. lillUey. A. M. W.n-.eii.ly
i .1. I'
H e v nl -,','1 v mi 1 iinis ,ii ;: in Ki inni
I :t ; t ; -r 1,: ih ;:i,v Ii,n;-.. m t i i : 'i;v. We !i,i ,
llie ll'ellli'll Wo'ilen .Mills ami liave llie ei'!ii.-i ,
I fiev niiiliiilaciiiiv as -M"i! s-i :i: s: ;t -f! .-tu!
lael'H'v m the .taie.
(':, I'l
i i.tn e;! !e I.
djy, SI. si::';
n. li. II, 1
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d to
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Steu-i.s an d i
"He; nahy cost,
c-ei.i.l... u-.pi
,o.d ll.e
il V. ii:c s.i.e in par
., ot i.hi'ncy, became
I 51'. Toe miii he.
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n.eli.l f,. ilowald. mid
iae ni.oinic.l, ab nit
alld al
j ii, low
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ii .- ; -ne
li. la-
Vi;ai.!Ii! -.l:.d true I
he use ol pnie e. ,
e p-ire r.ithci than adiiller-
I 'cl. no's Cl.einlca! liak- j
abs-dnlelv 1-1:0- mid u... I
i. ii .1-0.1 i'l:.-. It .-oiiiai'.i or,:. '
t leuu I '.! 1 1 ,ir and 1 ii:c Itj :
1 1 I
.Mooic.ile .V, l.thin : W'eh'ai:: th.i: '
a Mr U iae borde-i nr lln-. keu 1 i,' n
iei:,,,, j, .ml ;, !,.. . h.v.:,-e y iiilliaed 'il
a'i, wi:o v.Imi i. pi,,,, , ,ced S,- Id. pliv
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aeio 0- w.i. hie, .1 I., a o,.uj d..?, Inn has
e,ii'ijer.ceil no bud effects llieietlottl 11:1
lii in "V Vestem iv he was icpoitcd tt,
he l-el'i-i ,11, u liopv. of bis leeuiclv aic
ecleit liiicd.
- l'dsons aie requested lo lake no
ii-jiy ol ibis na.-ir ti, it, pott uk.cs
'he name id ll.e -ub ciihcr torn off. We
li. 'i , eniv week, a paper luhhessed lo
e.u h an.l even suheciibci, and the post
uhi.e 1 h iks h ue no riyhl to :eir llie ad
urc-.s oil and I'jve out the wion0' paper
.Suhsciihora .sill obliec u by leiiuiiiue
I'lti'iii.'-'in 1: may lit -allr.'.l - a!i
.0 ijlli"l;ly an, I i-h. MJily, II 1-; -how i
ut" -1 1 i i h-.i mess M-i se to u.e ii. Ten.
el" i::!.' pa;, rs ..i' li.e liilellii'iii'e
t'a-'y 1 nt:. 1 1-, uml Ini-ine-s iuielli
41'III C is lis illli'I'i .tlliir ,, ui," ai-
1 :i'.!ii.;e. "ss to ilient ,h:ui any oi'it
T" iidU'i'liso is In iii.ilio
riiyiii.'iii e jar tin
al. oil's Son. iiiiiiit ini
ot'sipun-e, have hitefy
of the l,::iid-oin.
dealers, south
ri ceiveil Mime
1. 1 i' n.ili-d Iw.i :,e,e .
1 'h i M"i ie i -oni ,.0.. I , si, ni- I
;' "'-l'' -.-!' . lb-if.,. II, ri.e uanl.
' ' l' :-1: I n - r i-i : . I -. 1 .'. an o . 1: mi-.; ' 11'.., 1 . .
' 'aeair 1 .i'l. .' !. ! -, le 'A ",' l t! l-'l I, I' IP I 1 1 I'r 1 1' (J t 1 ' O I -
!'a!-; I i:-. .;. I'.: H ,..;,,,:, nf 'i.vi.-, In I: ., if .
K.-.i -Ini: sMi . . - i v., I' .... ,., .... :,.. '-
' I- si!' '':'. Mall .ill'l I'ali 1 !:,. I
; ' " I-. ii, ,111.1 .1, . Il- !, ,. le,,,. ;, j,, , ,
III.:!'-!- .-,,i eal.. Il:e n. -Iiete. We t .. , ...
:::i.l ao-ee .III. ,! ,,. li ,.'l ,! , .,. ,. I ' v. ,j. ,
l.:.l!ii'l!.et,.-.' lt:..l..,.,:,ee. ,
" '- I I"i nil l.-.;d. Where, -nil i: he ' tVilirll !,, ihe I
I', lo I II, 'II ,J... e. .,,;,,.., ,,,,, ; C'.'lll ilir.'llSlI H
, : J- il.n.a-.-. al ,i. l,.".l.ei'-,- I.,,., a'
,., , ,.. p " -' ' ini.' ai in: ....: ..;: i
I. A. W..I 1, I!.;,-, t',,1. ; ..... '"'"l-'l 1
v. II. j ....... i.i I,.,-.- ,n 1 M ,, -.
ll.i,.l.:ii. have ,- ,,,, ., ..: ,.,
M.i-e ll ir.,11 a el run li in e ,, ,, -..,,
- 'v.. II i.e lei-'.ee:i ,i, 1 ;,, i-.;,,,,,,,- ,,,,
i .w i . "t ii-..i e-ii.i-i..i , .,-1 i. , -.-n ,i,v varus.
III-. .i:n. .Ii I::,,'. '"'- '" ' ' : ' ''''' ete:':"-'. -.ie-.
'l-iVi' I 'lit I;; "' - i i 1 1 I ' !li Cl i-.l" ' r f,.
I;-,, -: . :
l ..eie l.,e I -. ,!',':....., I ,. :' i,,..er
. S'i.v!'i'm'''1''u'o 'r'.e";i',.-. M. , ,.- '"HI i-llnW Villi tile 1,,'sl Hi
, All .eilelli-ll. .1 leuu ,.f is,,. I h. i.i: ,'.-,, 1
"' j li'MlM,, :,,,,:,,,...;, ,,,).,, o. .. ! 0 cp III ) 1 1, i- -,i'l:.l .. j u
';,;"-s -"-" -- j ; 'T,:.::"!?;'.-1... , . "" l.:..:i 1
Il ..-;:i ...n. V. W. i ! J-'-'"' W. .'iwH . I-. :.. a; :. i'l , ( ill V il'K'l.', .,; 1 . '. I ,-.-'u
! ..,..,.;, ' i M,., Iilillll ,-.V,.,.'l ,:,!,',.,- ,, ;, !:, , ( ,,.. V.
' Iv A. :'.. Il l ' , ' '' ' I-:'-'' !.c"f. .'. i:
I ih.e . a: ii .' ,1m m , .,:i, : ,,,', , , ,,,,,,
It. Ma-isur. N. Ii"i:i. u . I si-'ln'.'. In a---.-. .! ;:,:;!. -.;.- ,uli, ,.; '
! lie vs l,:v lie Sli. i.!,:,:,!.,-!:-,,;,,. ,, ,,,,;, .
j w.-apens. Ih'h li.i.ui; r h ail- juiillj- ami I. tine,! '
1 Me,.-;,- si, ., ; ,.,-.,,)., i, i ,.... .1,. i). .
a:.l pin -.-1 mi 1,-r natli aa.l inli ueeai.-.l , i
' lie- ; "I-. ' i. '. ; he ,mt;,. In-f. u.!: i,l .le.-l. u-eit lie i
;, -'I u.'ll-'.is v..,:,:,-,,:-.
; 11' :"!: "f -ie- ,it I ii.-a Miii : ;e,r w, ,1. ;
t .le II"" :!- ' V . I -,1,'lle ,1 !,e, ',!.:.,,,. i;.:-
I'i;;. fin- a l.eil lri-il le !-e ,lee:.!e, S.i i, 1
! s..... 1. ill :, II.-M. Ii.( ,,i- :;: :, '
I'i'sv 111 11 I'.i-I. i-nl I,:.,-. -, ,,:' r-V T "1 1 1 T
jl.llllli--i-.!len e,.le.,i. ',::,-, iele,,.!,,,,:-..,.,;,,,,..,. H H
1 ll-el-MV Hl.l II," l. iklee ,, 'He,,,.:, , , ,!,., J 1 J 1 L JJ
i'i , i e,i i : ie an an;; la'e i ii, ie,e ',e , e,
i-.i.-.-di e-r .,, .-.;::,.,-,,;,. . , . i- : , , i,: i' l,-l,.,l (',,',
Ian. i
m.i mm. n.
IIRV l.V - III !'1'--.W He nshleni-e ol
the hli le'--i-tei, Me., lUliie l'avi-, 'i,
. ii'ioii i.i, e ii ..-.::.!, in, 11 I. u n -. r.m T)
' :. 1 hii t'-oli e ( n 'l ino-., i iv. I I,-. Iv f4 1 ""if
'toller. 1... i .Mr. llliwilio II'., iv ,o tl- ,J
a f "
) iVlnoie--. ol loiin-h.p, ai. d .ill.!, A ii ti 2
I lii n r. nl Ci o.i in l ,!,;e J
I .lltendaii .-.Mr. John May and wile. j 0
I Ihe inline was I eld ,.t llu- i.-hh-nre of . .,
.111 ,iiii
town- . . .
... i , .
llli, I less.
i:. j:. uirj-,
1 Att'Tli, v nl I,-,
.-, fi.s we
.leli " ' I
;i .ie- I' -jMita'.i'iii nt
11 ill.'leiviit lilies t;l ;()()' S.'iie! Si!(!
Iiitej St.-itfs. W
't;'l Mil. IJilek
i''Hill !l 'lif I'f
, '.' ill" ; oil
ill' III
i hsiale an 1 i g'l
i" an 'i i nl ..Iil, r) IB al im-i i in. v..
.jat-s. 'i;ri.visr
1.1 II "XI ' K
cnii.t.!i:rn!K, mo.
l l.
a 1 1 1 .
' un it i: ovi i: p(r i r
NuK 1 i ft
a i L
and I'r
al 'ittciitl
.1 I.n:.! ')
'isle lii:.:
n's (,i:0'-j.i, v s;..;..
nr. s(.L-l:n.
sli'Mt t" the i i : v -.
-i I nuuial I'c-ii i!
I'OjiiT ,', i:t.
ie a'i'iii". i if
i-ale nf their
iliL' al'i; a.-
Ii N A-..I I ' is; I.. V;l.l l-i' V in
GLAHK h mm,
lit L:u
ai.i-.n r ..
Ami f;
!! i-flnl'S
,1. I..-1 I ii
nt ti.
it v.
i C. It. .!. AJi'lNTI 'lUT'.
' Iswjer, Min Fa:,iii, Ahitracier, Re;
E.laie er.ii Csllect'. z Agent.
' H. '.i li il lie. i.,
2 (')
H. 1 '.ifii.
Moon t viilc tftitof.
I-1 jni tiic MoiMvsville Mcntinn nf Oct
J''th, wt; Ihs foiluwiny i c u i - :
it to l, .Mm ,unes Skinner, rc-i
. nc:ir I'lDctunillc. Ilcr Int.im suivive.i
Ii.t a iu.v Imhh, Uotli U i u J ol con-
I ll!li)IlS.
I Mi'C C)!.U' lonie iAi trom a bn;v
' atul 1 itni-iiJor.iI)! hruiMil.
! .liiu I -ti I v an ) (.unil;- h n v j tnnvotl to
! ''i-'14' Ai'muh nil! -pern! the winter
' ir. Culiton.u ;nid likclv locate liiirrc.
( f-iter, Mi s. Sulmler, will ittcoinpun v
I him.
J'hc engine whii h ki'lnl the In .ike'nrin,
j Oa-ev, at '!iil!irnthef ran oft the ti.uk .a
j Mo. n ille, tiie same ihiy.
VmtliMj htfitti f.imii ttf for a
' (.'fittlH'Otfttt iSomn.
I: MofNFS. lo . O. ti!.ri Tin1 vr; m
; i '''it 'fn. H' :i Ii.: ; f.n i-Mjutiii-m-'-.l in l.v.:i uf
j th - l.:i'T.:-, ii:nl fi MUhv.-.tri'u IIjiiI-
',V;t. wliie'i is t,. -roH tltr.n.-lt I fi'til.T nf
Ur. MA In K;i.!i;ii I . 'I l-.f wni-li i(
i l:i.I'I;!ij; h:i i-oiniiit iK-i-it in i--i' ;ii! liii
i o.iK 1't.uihijis. i Wimiii-lu !. n-iiiity. :i;ni Hi-.
It u-il! 1m tli iiit'
f i i, ,
.lene cv i,.-;ep ;;iti e.aii,ii!e in,
i Iie fall .!;, iw nver i'i K) liilli'l'i'lil
in..i"y ine verv !.!( 3ieivii!iii; Tailor r.'i.l
ee,;,"!. I'llev L'tlar.-tlilee to tit c i.'l'V t iiiir.
Mle .;'. n.nt, ;..! :;:( .:!: ,,...,1;. f I,;,. ,
iii tiie lanr-M t-itv. -ive t'.a-ii: a eal!. .Suit
" ("ill mi .Me-
r.li in,, i.n r.n
'.p!v to .1
1"-. Mm
il ': N.
ill H'.
H iv,
; I; TI-
If V"
it I'l
1 to :'.).
t.V-l IS , f, 11! Al I - .' .VI !', .,...
Col. I. Kt'T (i !," . A (I K.N f
II ,!..,:... ' r e . o ,' -lie i.-i-i
A.Mlilll'. AN AMI I M . .'l i i.mi- . !
l.uW K
( (lie . v
e .1., 1-
i ::
T l'!.lilA:,l il 1,'A i!'-
"'I V-e , elere... ,-!,...
V ."-lure tneler IIiMWiiii!-,' ti
ritX.ilCt.IX I.Vi f'.V'.'-'oA.
; Cii:i.l...'(iTI!K. Mil.
in ru1:: i-. ii. : su:. 1 1'. i. ri i. sjiiiik s;,i 1 1:
--e I!,
On Improved Farms io Livsnptan Gountv.
t.. Ir.,- nv;.'
,. .II..-..I ,
nl I
r.u'l I. .il
i-Ulil i
i I'nii.iiisH. ev,:i Inonulit.
to Cliiiliisiiil.e. Tin y luivu a iiiiiiiiinnili
Him k. on ,.ind id Uds linn -Hi.' I nsist
tli.-y I'livv i ver lr:.l. I.ijy, I) parl'ir svts, j ''J'j
i ll iinlior si-ti, dii'ssiTs, dri'ssirg cisi-m,
nn.l liiin-.iii-. l.ndi. s ;uv v'siifidally in.
in-i-i llni
i' "inly, -in I :i e!i:itti-i' fur a lit;,!'i.
.tis.i-siji;i ai f ;, i rnsse lia.li.en se.
wil, i.a-. Ilil .ii.e'ii I Iru-ies I lly, lln, ,11"
kIi iiial
ni'l- ll,i'
tied. II
anil He.
ill Ii.I- Si. ne.
ai l.i.i.' il II,
llie I'aliada I'ai-ilii:
l it, d In call and lnl.
I'll"' i:,i-i iwri:,i,i:i
l'-:i::n' Ili and s.-II us lu'.v su tin
I'l i'Ii y ciiii.ldi.ri d.
lit. W, Ir i;i'n Is
from a .i - n t v
mvi-st ,
7 he Iliililen Iliiiul.
i l iii:;,:.i .I...!.,-. II rilil.
J'li - -..-, :i M-,11 m:i.i ii.-iel.,:,! la.t n
l.i.n- l,i.,,s,-ei.lii'.. Tie. Ilnlileii Ham
' lIVll always ;il;e.. ;.ii Hie i-Neellem e.
' " ! eve l.". 1,.. li.ni .e I,, a -.lale nf ..1,.,
.Vf'ev fu
Vt liilijliriif fits. l'u if.
Can in oi-iii;, Mo., Fs-li. 13,
l-.-lilunifll'. 'I'm llnoks, to,'.'ttl
liojks fur 1SS1, ure nuw onen
the iiinii;! '. l.ul.ir, in Mu.ni'svid
ship, ia.l l-'i.d.iv niejht.
Wiscilviid inn- h.'.iili.'st luii'Mntula
lions to liiv li.i;i;iv coiifilc. ;
l.t' VI'.', lii IS V I.I. Al I I.. -e ,i 1 II... 1
lirnli s ,,,ivi:: ., h-.,i,i i.-.-ei''ii-. ni'ii.i,, 1 .siiii.i t.'IViil
s-.:.l, 11. .. W. 'I I'.nt -li. M;-. Wll,. .1. l ui.li) ; ' .
ami .Mis-1 ira l..,-ail. All 1 1:1. ,.,: -. ' I llll'l't.
l lu' i'i r,'i:i,i:,i was iiiii,,-.., .; !,. ,;n;i,. a 1 , T 1 . . -.
in T III lS'e-.. llll.l I III' lirlli.; ir l,t. l ere i
I'lnils ami cii-ili . ainiiins iliem n,,i, i.,,N
1 tli.'in-""nr. I.n 1. I- nl a elli-ek I. ii- .1.111.
I "' I" I::.;';' eunple a ii.,',u-. lirnsii.-ii.iis
lM.ll le'-.-!!. I ! ie.
1 .. ..... I
' ! ssiirii .1 1 ii 1 1 1
' ' ".' I el l.le e Iil- ; ... 'I , II
1 1. 1, r :-. :- .: !,. I
1. "'.'!' 1,:--"'i '' ' I'M ' :.n-. .ni l
. ' Mis. i.,-:i; -! : ..1 v .1.,::;,
ii.t'- nii-r i-I.OCiO at " :er eeiii.
ier rent, liitd'e.-t. .Must lilier
III stilus 1
il rates as
D.A.I.UlsiH m,f. , jr. 1771 --Ivllli. I
The Biggest Tiling Cut! iiie priiiw,. ,:iv,,, wiU
i'the lu'iiieii'al v.ilii any iiiieresi .ay- jlA, fkUlWOLiLilf
aiiy .art or
Call mi nr a..l vi'.-. ' ,,:: hiiiiiImt
land mi' 1 amount ot'iiiiinev uanteil.
'i in'i'e.i. i lisirai'ter of
1st id I.
I urn -ila.i .
C. 1. J. McIntukf i
Chillicotlie. Mo.
t r u itti tin
hir ciillfciiun.
'II e t'ounty Court has perfeelcJ nr-
ranotnenU with an attorney end ah- ;
"ttitctor to Ijt in suitR tor dclliunient tax- !
es, and iiroceedins v ill tonmi nee at!
onte. I'ciHin- mIh djsire lo save c- '
.Mr. Sui.lh .;ts u ;.trl lal.t'ii nn :VM mm
J Illlll oiii' m it -i lit( t'stiniiliili MHU'o; t li;K'v j
I Tlic t'lti'i- 'Aii'ii-Ufiiiriiinl.iiiiiii's ami wishr j
I W vi'iiii. i .i;ilc ;i and li:ijty hli-.
Till- :ii.li-r Mi-mlii h:i' i':iS''iir ii. Iat Vvrk
' in tin-fiu-i . Imi was iiVimImi.,.,!.
!'iyim nl. Mi i. Mil, i:ii- t';i.t.V i a iiahu.il "i ap"
;in ili-f.v iMiiinl ii a!'laii-.i'. ,la.V Sims ii:.
Wool" lat.l tin nuilli'iin' out su ufww ua ap-pi-arain'i-tin
prmliifi'il a uiijiiiijii. ii.s
his Jn-ail am! Iu'ds n-iispiif i'itit'i' in
i.i-lvjjl an itil'lh ui r add ni'Vrr fail. "Ottl Hitr
i ic.iin1" wa . a wll -ai LiiiH'i! i liat a' lt r, ami mi
wa ll:vk lii.iiaM. ltnlml. if. w ll an-l ll... j t PlIIM.IlS-HKCKW I I'll At the iei
liHisr a-.ap:n-n-ialii'. To i.iuMl slimtH In tin-. idence ot tue hride. in (Jreeo I'adle, In
iii -t .li. it ill unit I a!vs.' ili'isrwiiiiliit'-r'al.t ! ("ana, on Wednesday, October J4, i,
t.iW'lo I' nisliV 'inifi Mnv lirfi'if snppt-r ami 'r. A. Ii. I'mium, turnicrly of ih
li-'l tick't.. Tlu- lih'H.N ath-iiiliii tnv h!hmM j f'ty, am Mi-,, I.al-i;. U. McckWiiii.
aiTiuwe tiisi;: ;n ; I .iv thin .Iuy. Ii w;ll h- The hapnv amulc arrived here, la!
1 ''' . I'rtilav. on ;i short isii tn i rl.-t.,!.
jiciL't. Mioti.u jive the matter niumnt ut- I
... ' s
are liable to he sued at
Hi.' ;! i'i 11
1 1.- ' .
v V CJ3 V mat tl un Awt xrk. -r rxi m-
fiV M.A,-.li.AV;yjftJ? W!7J&j"i 1 'Ml wit! vm auur.s v.a: month s
M VV , V,;' :v .' ' .'-,,, tipn, i.rnK.-. I'.a.lu- ( r, '.S Ch Mi, Will' ? ,l Li iiUUn,M
II. R.VsK.N.Y '
irieltc. Piter.
:i.i:rs.-::tsHSElAiVl CISLEY & CO. CHICAGO, I
1UIV . lu ll I'.tsLS.
-Uuvi, Clijiin'r: Dr. j. o. tVtliii Kf
U-, lil.sl M t Jimsil iy, in Is-, hj, -,,-ni, ,11
nun.' 111. ne "i.nul ,-Iiin,. 11 .
I wu:i l'1'" l'"t wltln.s i.r 11 utAa ein-iB ui
I U-i'l lillllllii'.-l. rHl!',H..i,,n.y ho Is I'll
1 .i'.ii ,1 : iin full ci.1.1 Jvucu nf all; sm-li,.
1 ly In.' will In- u t 1, 1, nni mliliii ,n i unj
ii-ii-il". We uiv .si.ny to l,,m him, Imi
Iknnw tint liu i.s iltiul fur h lurtur Ik-lj
j nl Urfnliiecj. Hun Is niT-u-il heru. linn
' Vnliiil", D.ii', itlnl isliin.l Miecs..
liu-Mliiy, Mr.., Wiii-Uiky, nf Croa-n
,'; t'lttuMiiii, lu-i'ii-iii ,1 iij,.,.
Illlll I:IIi1mI III ' -l.l'.el,' ,.y .J ,
! -mi i'liinli was .j nu-,, v.,,.
j ..J'' .-Ull J.!". l.:,. U lllillluilnilcly nnj
I In.il .Sun,.: Si'iiut .1- J.n'.itj, u-lcs-iiiiiii War
i ' Willis, imi in,', uniting a ruply tint
1I.11 , licit, luok Hie tr.iin l ir Ji'iI'tuh
YuNluriliy tu ii'iilnsi M-, j. ,i,s
iL'llllilll. sis th,
111 v tunc.. It Is not a pl. nsiint duly lor
j 111c, but llie ls.iv must in.- t-ntorccd.
TllOij. McXALLV,
-'tl 'I'rt'iisiirer nnd I'nllectur.
To Tax-J'o y.i'.H of link mil
Tlic tax-Milk of Rich. Illll township for
lln! yciti- ii,Sj, arc now In my hand lor
cnl ccti.in. Tns-puvcrs l' find mi at
the hank ut the Clilillr.otho Savings A
soi'i.itiini, in Clilllicolhe, on each Satur
day dining the ii.o.th of November.
Durlnu the mniilh of Dcccmbci 1 will he
at Ihe s.inic hank on I'"ildav nnd Satur
d.ii vl cull rtcck. Halame of lime I
i... :.. ., i i ., 1 1 . t,. ..
' , r. c. ivcil a ivply uy ul. jji-.ini ini.n n'ir.
i'l'" Wllln la:iiijj Unit Frank luil ri'inlL
Mr, Cln'is Oulier, nl Mmiii-iinii11'1" fevur hut na ivcuvnrlua rajitttly. '
lou inslnji, will M-ll ill jiulilii: M,!j,l,il c.il,h,, I;,u, i-pil.s,' ; Lutsm
jiin....... ti j ..... ...... ... ,.., UU . ,w ,u . , .. ,,.
limn, wish ail of Iii couU'IHk, wa Mii,i.
, (led III till' lilkCU 111' III "Ullf ICIUIO t i In:
Al U SObHioil uf tho C'lly ('illlll- llII IK-il. I'l-olli ,),. isiiusu lllil Mine luck
I'll, 1 IH'KllllV, UlO lnlllHVIII
wan iimilo : SlIiomI, 81 00, env, .Id,; It liiiiossinic in
mib Cuy, wliL'io lio will mi;;
itjo liu
cent's mure iulcicst in tliii prnjoct limn
every uihcr man in llie county h;is and
.imply mpport it liecuune nu think it
one. lit lo kiicrecd i a popular enterprise.
Wt: bhuuld alt lu.e an Intctesl and rca'ly
iiuike il a fair of the people of Living
Imi county. We can have at ir ioil a fair
lux levy ilieicouhvcama U,sa,r.i , r, n krliiii ! , . , ' ' ",0 ,Me "'''
,,,,,,, ,, , , ".v.sii.ii: nni. ui ni. i.jiin, nans.u ciiy
o.l.-U lite t.a il br ttnv nu. ...... . . ' 1 J
Jl. II. iutcrosl. .10. H. 11. iiviiiLinul. iillaurnsii a, ,,i i.-... .. ,nn,BI' J"P"i tldnk we can make
.80. Totill, H2.00 un Sl'.'O rultiaiioii. t;,s uye:or r ,uu 1,.,-k, Mr K, who 1 "Ur , Tl""-Iei,vl "'"l'le.
. ILrryPaUcn. E.sq at-onii, .rain. " fr, .IvcUri'd hi, Inahiluy 1 "Ld".?" "l'"1 'r"' r''' ,he,':
for .U Expre,. comua ,', mi v, d ,rlS W op,, lh. ..r. wltho itu, ,mll to 1 '
lhei:ckD88.o ' -Mr. Taft, .Mr. Ch.rlc, IU. .'.c'biy. T. e bu.liie-s of llio l,n,,k, T 7
Roblnnou, ohn usually porform that d i- ""' Movci ,ii, all the same, and the ..,, .,. ..,, n I vTi! ,"
Alllni Vli T.rt'- nslltn 1. il.. flaiU Wll I 0 1611111. I-H In . r'.v .Iiid. 1 n ...us
. J ,...IU I 1 . . u , u u vi- - - - " ' ' ' J
wi.l he at my icsiuVnce In Rich Hill
loirnshlp. All urn requested to pay
(promptly. Kcspecltillly,
! "! Sot.. Iloim, Collcclor.
lllC I'tttl' 1'fOjf.tt.
As will he icon fioui a report of the
iiMi-ec-illns!s cUcwhcre in this paper, ihe
lair uiei-tiiiK, last week, resolved lo or-ti-in'iie
a fair association with a capital
.tuck of 6jd ooo. Now we have nut one ' to amputate llie limb, which wa done
aitiii Lets n
illSI' ,1'illl'S s
I yiiiu-si'.i! PH
lisslillul I'liiinr. in llie ,iil..uri'H ui llu'
ise yiiiii-v. if ii i .iii isul inni inivc a ifiml
llleli sinning Im.ssli nl Siiiiliis. Ami
h e s uhuse si lelnliil lllllsil' llli'l
lulli-li In inn- I'l'li-.yini'iit 'llirlnc I III- fnl'-. vill Iil'
sen ill i.eil, iis lln. Is their i::iite:-t:iMl ;;. lie
nii'llltii'l- III IllllVley's iipcrsl h ill tnlliislll. llie
Ci iiiiiI p'ay.'-A ( i-h-lil-ili-i! I'.-i-.-" iiiiiI ai t ill l;i.
lii-fiii-,--i.i,iei'. Mr. e.ilhuiiii ;u:il ilinsi-
Isiyswill mi'. -I V'ni ai tii,. ,,.,,,r ami liml
fur ymi hi. p ,hlt'iy it will innki: mi ilillcri'iict' if
yn:i ui'Vi'i' t ml; a i;irl .ml lu'leri', ynti'll fi-ul tni,.
jiy ami jn'rl'in'lly nl .'tisc.
Al I'ity ll.ill. riiiiili-iitii', M i..flvi. ills-Ills cum
numi'llie, .Mi'iul.iy, Nov. r,th. II' .1.
l iuslittll.it ti J.otoinotiir.
I.n.t Friday morning, while a freight!
trsiln vv.i.inili-liins; m this place, Juuii't j
Cascv, llie head brakemiin, met Willi an I
awtul accident, lie wan riding on the
pilot ot the cuisine and attempted lo jump
off In urder to change the switch, w hen
be Mi, milled and tell, one leg yetting un
der the wheels, and was horribly crushed
near the Ihieih. The unfortunate young
man was taken to the 1'acllic House and
lira. lYcArthur, Elevens and Harney call
ed In. The railroad company, surgeon,
Dr. Potter, win also summoned The
physicians, after consultation concluded
A.ND j
ton If nn-fiii
IMG JjltiMll
But it win, all to no purpose, a. Mr. Ca
scy lins;i red Until Saturday about noun,
when ileaih mercifully rclelsvd him from
his lutftiinns.
Deceased lived In Cameron and was
about 2t years of age., lie was the broth
er of Jlrs, alark, who formerly live hire.
Mrs. Stark came up Irons Sedallj. Iier
. I A'5 !
'- ' . . -.' .:: .a.y.!rj?3.-i; V - f ; - y
-Druniwlck Sle,. Dr, Jas. B. Mor- tad tl'ivj In or.a. ''jcar,.,
Cream JHdye Ju iu.
r.niToiicmHiai-Allliiniitluvo have had no
rain for two days, the people seem to be rve
oneilwl to the iirntrartud drouth aiidciimplalnis
olihe dry weather are not nunierou.. Tti
ten per cnt. annual dividends. A little ' N"-'" trying 10 drj upouce more, ainl II the
capital slocr In a good fair would not. be Wl'tu,wr """'"" favorable lor aweeliortiro
For less money
than can be found
anywhere else in
North Missouri is
what you can get
at the
Establishment !
Mrs. M. Jones.
Nev Goods Just Re
ceived, Administratrix? .ttttire.
Null.",' Is In-rMiv ..Ivi.ii thiil h'tlers uf a.liiilni.s
triillini ilium tl .sun,' nt Hani,.! 1'iiik, tut.- nf
l.ivnm..liiin'.iii,il.v. il,s:,'as,-il. liav,- Iiivii n.ulinl
In Hie il'iili'i-siain il M. n ni Kink, liv Hie IT.il.ntp
t'liiil-l nt sunt , my ,.f l.lvin-slnii. tieiirllis iliile
llelnlli'l' III ts-a All .i'-.-ii.iis h,,lilij elaiiini
iiisainst -laut I'slnh' in-,, j-,.. (uvsti-ii in fx lnl.il llieni
t.ir iilliiv.ani'iMu I Ik, uniit'i-siaiii'd ultlnii un,.
i.e i.r.'.i.iiU'.i llni,. aiivhcni'iii ni Vu, ;:stn naents. r merv eauirirjea huiidmo-.
Oilii'c . un liml,)', 11 ml,
i'llll.i li nTie.', Mi,.
Ml lVH-1. ill II I' -I ll'll li .li- .filli- in ,i pe ,-1,1 i,,.
until n.T luiil in.irrniti t.
Many u'.irs ptui lisc in this foni.lv U
li i v Wli'-ianly. n.V)
Pierce's Business College
Keokuk, Iowa.
Il.wli-kpKi, IVuini'ii ainl Tol pr-pi Oi'or-
Tiionorciui.v nTTKi).
Tlic HUAI'UMT anil 1IKT S.tlliol In the'
IV.'.i. mail tor circular,. A.lili-sss,
I.. II. I'll.llCB.
Kc.'-kiiU. Inwa.
CnmeyiiiK ititr nml all Noi .vi.'ll vrk rXvrufeM '
pio'i )illl . I o.iiif ii-k'. lonrcsil miHlo. In-
t-n '.Hire writu ii ui:l ii upi.s-i-,11 ILi-i KbImip liir.
iao h tr.iiidiii U'-l. 1 urn hvie u t(i)-. iilva itin
ii i .
OiH o in nnril (,'li.llU'r.iho SnTltip A-Wn-I
livn. nl'rtm '
Ague Cure
The most remarkable success of any school
ever organized hr the "West! Twelve depart
ments. Finelv Gnmrmfifi hnilrlino. TTlorvriTro
.......... , ,., iiern,,,,!,, ,,,, ,,ulllHlM,-i-ui V.Oni.ir,.,! ;il,i,,'V,; , ..x , . " x-jr ""'V',.,,,
present home, to attend at her brolhei's : yi -;ii-s leim ihi. U.U., ot ualil ii-Uem Uu y Bill lw StUCUeS. 1 atlOnal SVStem Ol inStrUCtiOnfollOW-1 ")s"i"aliiil,,
"edside '" ....... a rut,- i i , , .,, .,,. .
,.i,,iii,isi,-airix. i c,u- x iiB uuiiimeruiai ueparxmenx wren toi; J. i io "", "",; , i ,. .7o ,
MHrIKu'lT1? i I.l-row"' 519 "lann.sroi-, has no Piijiorior in tlio West. A(4iuliitX'Ti7i!ri,ri"J
,m otisiiiosri ; uauKs, oIirvs, to. two fitica reii'eseiile.l. $l will
I5STAELSPIH' i Pv for board, room nnd tuition for two terms or live iii.uillis.
Secure Healths 1 Tl'lll riclf-ffOVcrillllCrit. StUtloiltS Call Clltoi' ill !I!1V Ull)!'. Will.
teitoiSlu ! iw lcm l.'ons ember VI. .Send frv cntalrtgiiK '
,U Ik .M.li.I.KU. l-Vesi,
iHHtith)4iiMniiI.ilutt for ill mnliirla tll
ordi ro wlticli, n fur ii kumvfi, H iunt in no
(iilitT miit'ilj. It contain nu Vi'li'i'1'1. nr
till) uiiiikihI liorilvlFtviiMUti luMUtiro ulu:t '
ever, uitil i'tii)joi(iioml inH.m'vri(i'ujurtuH
elluct Miinii tlit (HMtnttiHll nt. but km (h
mora wo M ill bo sl& lo tet arwrai without
py u gun
1 Fwtlf Tfgiuitu K: 3nfi:f, Mat Z'n. AU Vtir.t
I!iinb nir, lMlioiif Ivff. u:t Uwr Vw'
flnilil onin.'il t.y muiaiia.' tu ' or lull nre.
.iliur Ju tilit!, tl"t lets ftrtt utli'i facd, l utir '
lirciilur tii Wyl July 1st, US.', lo reluml ili
inunry. . ,r t
S'l I l ...I illl(.iv;i!l

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