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Weekly Chillicothe crisis. (Chillicothe, Livingston Co., Mo.) 1878-19??, May 29, 1884, Image 4

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The senate (May 'JO) pumhmI the wrrirulturHl
aniririutlon bill, wilh vmn wlting m.U
$),tKKl to sink artesian wells on Die plattis and
IMWOtn I'nctmran silk rulturc. Hills were
aUu paMil to hritliro tlic Missouri river from
Dmmlaa couiitv, Nebraska, and for the eon-
slnu-ti-m of n puhlie butMini: nt Uttroit nt n
11 ml of f.nm.mm. A D ilution was ouVml
asklm; hy what authority eimmilssluiierK liml
fx.iiuiiiftl seeli-un nf tlif Northern I'rttllh
roa.l cuiislrurtt 'l sul.Miiueiit to the linir biwi
lirtl liv law.... In tin house, .Mr. Komhthiih
otlrmla resolution for an limtiirr by ilit Ju-dii-lary
nitniiiittt'i' Into the facts of the wirvev
of ininlit lamU lnlnni:iiiir to San Fnnieisrn.
Mr. Hewitt mail-1 n si.Atnii. nl ihat n puhlisheil
rtt run tin tarilT hill to Henry V. Oliver, .Ir.,
Ix-arin hi Murii;ilun was a ' fabrU-atinn by a
Pilt!bui'X j'.uriial'.st.
The senate (May 'it! par.l thirteen hill for
tin erection of public buiMinirs. tin1 amount
appropriated heim: I.H-V1HO. Kill were picseil
to authorize tin1 bri'l-ini; of the M(-s!sjppl at
Sibh-v. MWsouri. and nl wiim point between :
St. I'.nil iind N.itrluz: to hri.hie tin MisM-uri
at Kiiln and Wind-rit.ud, Kansif.. and at thr
iiiotnii r tin- D.n niali, and to hridire tti- 1 1 1 in
ids bi'twciii iwiiiouthand IVmia. Mr. Wheeler
Wiif- ennlinnni a tub it d revenue collcetor for
North t'arMlina '1 he h-ni-e adopted a "en-
lutioii cniirtiiunr tin- riizht id Mr. i'celle t
tin- eon toted scat fur 1 diana, by a vote of
V: t'i liT. Mr. Spriiiir'Tiiiuvid a reeuiisi'lera
lioii, hut a nn'iiuii hv Mr. Cunwr-c to :nlj"Urn
was rarrii-d by U'. to H ainfd applause on
Uh' democratic side.
l'llC M'llli.r (M., .-) -.nt to tin- f.t, .f Hi,,
tai'-udiir Hi.' bill prMhihitiiit; lln- innilitii; or
iirrtp:ip. r- nititainiinr loitcry advertisements.
Hill wen- p:i i (I to permit tin- hriik'itn; of the
Mi-M-ippi at St. I'aul, t. provide fur ImMinir
1.-nnul curl itt Kl l'a-o, Texas, utid to ap-
l'i.'in;iir ...ooo 1 1 1 -iii-iiali' I lit' ollieer-
vnmn nl M -inner .1. 1 Inn
incurred by li
Shields r nulled In the head of Wine, the man
sinking in death on the epot.
Alexander hlte, who operated ft creamery
at (Inutd Kaplds, Mich., having lout $ rJ5,NlO
in Wall street, killed himself at the home of
bitt mother in I'llea, N. Y.
Ferdinand Ward, after iieuilin a day en
di avorinv; b tuettrt' $:iO,W ball in New York,
was plaved in a cell iu l.udlow street Jail.
A Mormon elder was given a tar hath nt
Water Valley, Miss., while on his way to a re
rival nieetlmr.
Patrick fMalterly uliipied Charley Himhes
in three rounds Tuesday at Koehester.
s-j..oiio t'l
and in.-it of ilir
I '.inn pin f..r ilairiaL''-
I In- .Mi--'iiri
ruiT m
li"iit r. e..iiidi-r.-l it-l-b-,l
s. al lo Mr. I'.
William Kiii'lidi. ulm
ai'limi L'ivini: the eon
die. and vul.'il to . al
ai-M-arci! ami took u
" "Ih,-. Mr. Hon- mad.' IImtIi in-.' Ibat
! In- fill ll.T ..f til.' lit a ! adllllttril III- iuh, I' Iiiii
al'N-Mt tli pmi. j.-. ui llir Imn-r l. atteiupt
ihl'I.. in i n nee v.-l.'- in lli.M-a-.'. " A -p-vial
d I'.il.- rit-ii, it. ;,i,d a -.-. .Inti.'ii mi a..ilii
tli.lt tin' t !l.iru- I'rillV.'-liLMtnl li II m leel I'olli-
niiil..' o! M'.n iiii'mb. r-. liMN m-iv passed
aiitliuii.ini: tin' en.iMii-iii.n "f briili'i aero,
Hie Mi--"iirt at lin!- .mhI I), eatnr. Nelira.-ka.
Tin- -peakrr pr.-nit;-d a draft of a bill by tlie
fiT.'t,ir o Inctn-a-nrv to n-noil Itn- expurta
tatioti of spiritsloa.ljae.nl b'ti -i:n li-rnl.ii-,
uilh a -Ira'.Wi.s k f,.r inl- r:ial r veinie tae
paid tin ivnii.
In llir M-nab i la ;;;) Mr. Harrison mudi- a
laorabl.- n port on tin bill providin-r ili.t1 the
uid.d'ire of Dakota shall eoiisisl of forty four
iin iiibi r- of tin-ii hum il and lumty-eiirlit m in
biTs ,,f tM. hoiiM-. . .ill a pa-.d ot:ib
)i-li in tin- interior ilrfartiunit a bureau of
i.h'oi, ;i. ail riri-.' tl, , ,. ci i'iHILr ..i 000 pi
oiitui:!t ;i a d. b; tin l.iil ),, piuviilr I.
pr-i.. iiiii'. ihr intnvsu .. lM- I iiit. d siati s
l- -p.'i I !-. lli' iiihl.ra.i. rs. Mr. li.rk slid Dial
Hinl. r tli. i. T f I- ,.f - art lit.-prr-iil.'tit eonld
I'm ..T ll:.- I nil. n Pa. i!ir railroad liii.rtaur.
Mr. 1 . 1 1 i- slat-d that on f liialuiiH o
I ui. in ,,n i rt i,i !-,d I'ju'iiie uiMritaes,' m 1"'.i.'i,
tll.'-c i ; d- Hol. on,. t!l- L'oVi'llilUi'llI M.-
I'O'i.ooo. II..- in-i..n a'.i.-.riati.m bill
pa--.d. AdiMuriii'd ii'itl' Moii.lav . . . . In the
li.-n-r. Mr. W, , r i, ni, d ii;lt J,;- had b.-. n
.o!ti-;!.-d i.v William . J-.m-IMi to absent bim--.'ifi.ntl.r
o. ra-i..u .,!" i.,. unsi-al im: of Mr.
I'i . II.-. .oid hi- . pi.-s.... tin- imp.- that lln- m-.-tiL'alil".:
roiitruJhe Umild ituplire jlilo I lir
1'iiti,-!-. Mr. K !i-'-.-aH.-,l for an iinpiirv into
hi- at! - i-d ei.nn. . (inn uiili tin slar-roiite
M-oul-, and Ih.- iudiciarv (ommit!,-. A lull
va a--, d iit't-r.'p:i;itiu S:;ili.oini to .a eer-
I uhlrli
h- esli.m of I i tin
h"ie. a t.,..lal.,
The dutv on rattle ami hlieep has been
doubted hy (he Kieinh iroverinnelit. and ,
yVirwt says llir Frelieh artists will avenue the '
refusal of the I'nlted Slates eonuress lo reduce
the duty on works of art. They will, the paper
says, demand (hat the Freiieh salon evidudr
the works of Ainerleaii artists.
in a trial at Lcipdc. men named Kraewskl
and lleutseh were e.uivietid ttf olTerlnu to m il
military were l of (termauv to other powers.
lleutseh wiik M'litetieed to nine years penal
servitude, and his aeeoinplier will lie Imprisoned
for three jenrs and m vcii mouths.
Tlic haiulMHiie buihlinu of The Toronto J.n7
took lire early Saturday ninrnini:, and ' wu
damaued t the extent of f 1 00,000. The cen
tral telephone oiliee was detroyi'd, and every
wire was torn dm n.
A Cuban residing In Si w (irlenijs has ad
vices that Auuero hat burned the crops and
ii!'ar houses 011 seven larue plantations, and
has been victorious in eiieouuterti with the
Spanish troops.
KiiL'huid has su-eslcil lo the poite that it
st'tid I'.'.iKO Tiirki-h troopfio tin Soudan, cul ture
Kliarloiun. and wilhdiaw with (lie Kulirdt
Uarrison, leaviuu Hie Nil'- ib pcndi iieles to lh'
Henry V. (iilliir, president of Hie Ameilean
exehiinue in raii, uavc a dinner Tii'-sday
evi ninur I" Anuste Katthohli. (In- fculptor of
"Liberty Kuliuliti 'hinu Hie World."
Tin Malnuasy uovenimeiit has offered France
.IIMMMN) indemnity on eonditiou that sin-tv
iiouiiec all elainiK to territory in Maduuiiear.
A rumor from the City of Mexico in to the ef
b i t that i'resident (ioiiziih s will nl month
ad coin; ress 1 1 allow him to n-diru.
The Knuli.-h adniiralily has order. d the tor
pedo llotilla at I halliam and I'ort-ienulli to be
prepared for a- live m rviee.
Kli ven lives lost in a eoiill,i!:iatii.i al
Itei Itaar. in Asia Minor, in which build
inu Mere di ttioyed.
I'liuec Victor. Hie Nap dooule leader of
l; ranee, has fallen heir to 'Jlo.onU from some
unknown person.
Lord St. Leonards, of l,on,l,,ii. ha;
convicted of an indecent assault upon
ant uirl.
A eabliLrram chronicles the lieidc
lb nry T. Kdivards, dean of liaiiL'or.
Tin- American lacrosse Irani wa di-feiileil
al Maiicheb r, Ku:laud, Tuesday.
tVjKdwanl llanlali beal Laycoek lialf a
in the (-1 'tilling match In Australia.
On the Chicairo tumrti of trade Saturday, 1
nearly 4X10,000 bushels of hmu wheat wa
tlumiK'd by weary holders, breaking July de
livery to Kl;'l,' cvuts. I
lkti Butler, iu nm'pliiiii the oiulimtinn for
president by tin' onti-numoillsU, expresses
his assent tt eaeh ineasure of policy eel forth
III the rcsoliillnnev
A f-lcanier from Australia brouylit to San
Francisco Maripds Normanby, povcrnor of
Victoria, and the marchioness.
") The Chickasaw legislature has passed an act
autlmrlzinu the euttinu of wire ftjicew around
hiclosures larucr that ltO acres. Five ollicers
are now out c xcciuluu the law.
Columbus has been seleclcd by the demo
cratic state executive committee as the place
for holding Hit' state convention, on Junc'-M
and 'St.
The wholesale dry uoods firm of Klllotl,
Dewey Co., of Hicliniond, Va., has made an
assignment, with liabilities of f '.'iki.im).
The famous old horse ridden bv (icmral
Custer in his Indian campaign died at Vin
eclilies, 1ml., I llesdav ntrlit.
A well of natural cas, of (iulit thoiisaml
horse power, was struck iu I'itlstmih at a
depth of liflccu hundred fivt.
I'residcnt F.ndieott rcsium-d from the Ore
Uon Transcontiiu ntal, ami F.lijuli Suillh was
elected his stieccHnor. .
Tlx- whisky pool In Ciuciiinali has retained
porncssioii of the market, and lixcd the price
at l.tN per gallon.
The will of .loscph Dudley, of New Yoik,
licmiealh'-s $'.''J,mo to various rresbjterlnn
Sciialor 1 hi ( 'aim ion arrived In New York
from Kuuland Tmday, much improved iu
J Harvey l. FurkeV, a Itoston hotel keeper
wilh a nation d rc.utalion, lies nt the point of
Saloons In l olunibiis. II.. hae Iteeli teihf'ed
fully one hiitnlrcd in loimm-r duiiieji the past
Tlic deniwrnlie state coiivcldiou of New
York is called fr .hiin at Saratoua.
liilsxell Safe's Iosm-.s l.ylhe Wall street panic,
il is estimated, will reach IMUN0.
4 liostoii luis a debt of s;;,i;;.ii;o. an increase
of neart '.'.iHtiMHUi for the year.
II.-v. Dr. Woiihlnulon, of lietiv.il, ha- bem
eleelcdbisliopof Nebraska.
riutfuNH AiUitHl At tlio Wiiol-lii'owoi'fj'
Convention at Chintm
two ,
I'M ill!.
l 1 i l I ft 1
II l he bill
em-nil. Al tie
Il-ioll bill- Were
per month t.
In .'iitnntti'c of
ouiin.-iidaiii.n w as
H.-ni..l. Hunt a a
uiiiLf se'sion forly-s-i
d. inehidimr one
widow of (icm ral
iM u Uli
d i
lo. U;ll
1 ; m 1 . 1 1 . u
'n.ni Ih.'
livi and
iidim nl- tolh, bill t'
.at iudiMrv. and the
pa-.d to
d l'
rank '
bail b.
I confcl'elli-" eotn-
nci- In all ihr sen
oMahli-h a bureau
report w.i-i aureeil
permit l.ii-utctiant
i ccp 1 a decoration
I u-tiia lor -avinu elevn
Allr.-l Hopkins t-. tlx-
of lu v.
. to
'1 captain in tin- tiavv. from which lie
n di-mi-sid for b avin-r I'cnsin ola dur-
V, HoW fi-Vcr S,-;e-o.
Tin- railway mail liuri-au has cmipietnl a
cch.-iliilc fi.r the mail r ice liciw.i-n points
iu the I'niled Nate and the Cily of Mexico.
Tin- s, nice v.ill be daily, and the runuiuu time
beti,en ,-w Y.-rk and the ( it 4 Mexico will
!' -i tU- ;;ln 1 v. 1 nty Ihl'.e i,.,i-. While the
n turn Hip will be m.eh in seven da;,.- and one
hour. The distant-.- i-;i.;p.i miles, l.'.'H inih-s
of raiir..ad b.-inir iu M.-:e.i. Slarlinu from
New York at mi. ui. th- mail will arrive In
the l ily of M. ieo at :bla. in. ( oininc lioilh
watillhe mail will h-ave Mexico alii, a.m.,
rcaehinu N w York al H':':iip.ni. The follow -in-,'
nam, d citii are on tl; line of communica
tion: I'ltl-biur. ( oluiiibii-'. ()., Indianapolir.
M. Louis, S. dalia. Mo , Kali-as ( ily. I.a.llintii
Col., All.ii.iiiernue and Uincuii. N. M.. and f'.l
I'a-o. Tex.
Tl'.e secretary of Hi.- tr. a-niv sent to the
lion.' a Ictn r from tin- committee of internal
revenue reconim.-lidinu that an additional ap
propriation of islMUieohe made for the salaries
and rpen-i' of agents and subordinate oH'ieera
of the bimau for 14. The commissi' mcr
sas: "The increase of expense Is entirely mi
the salaries of, p.re keepers and fees of amrcrs
e.lU d by the Increased HUIIlher of distilh-rlet
in operation and increased amount of spirits
witlnlrawu from ware houses upon payment of
taxes for e. port.
Seen tary VAot lias called in for redemp
tion SUMMUmo iM three pere-iit mds. tnalur
lii.lunc :m.
l.i:htniiiL' lir.d a lank of crude oil at Hie
Atlantic n lim ry. iu (lie southwileru ipiarb r
of Philadelphia al ImMml'IiI Friday. The
Haines spread lo other lank and caused m-v-
eral c loions. At 4 o'clock Saturday after
noon three cannon wen- taken from tin
alto tlic scene to he Used ill plereiu ; a larue
tank threatened by the tire. Tin loss will
probably be NI.IHII
Three boli.-rs in the sash faebu? id Carr,
ItydcrA: Wheeler, at Dubil-ple, exploded Satiir-
lay afternoon, killinir tlx i- persous and serious
ly lujurlnir several others. The engineer Is
Kiid to have been ruuuinir wilh but lllile w nlcr.
A severe wind storm did considerable dam
age 111 the vicinity of Mt. Veniou, Danville mid
J.oL'an, O. Near the lalter place a brick
ehoobhouse was blown down, and a little irirl
Ily a collision of Fan Handle trains forty
miles from Filt.diuruh, a commercial traveler
from Kurd Dubuque, nai 1 D. Ilnrliiolouicw,
Vi-.h killed, and live other: were injured.
Fire destroyed Woodruff's paper-mill at lluf
f ah i and i I arrish's t . l acei . faeti .ry at Lancaster,
Fa., and Inllicted ilain,i-e of f j:,(NKI, on the
Kelly nail-mill at ronton, I).
In a collision between New York Centra
trains at Hriirhton Station, twenty persons were
Injured, unions them the .Japanese prince and
eleven member-! of bin suit. Conductor Parish
lost an arm.
The wooden suspension bridge over the
Scioto rlvor at ForUmoiith, ()., fell Tuesday
inornine, car-yiuu down two children, who were
m It, and both were drowned.
In a farm lioiwe near Portsmouth, (I., Samuel
Oekcrmaii, his w ife, and eldest daughter were
liiirned lo death after six small children had
7HT!l rertellcd.
A cyclone two Imndred feet wide passed be
tween Fairfield nud Stcwartvitle, Tex., Tuea
day aftcniooii, tloinu considerable diuiinuc.
The deinin-rats of New Hampshire held th-ir
-late collVclit ion at Concord VedlieU.
Frank .Jones. Henry o. Kent, Frank A.Mac
Keail, and Alva Sullov.iiy Were chosen di i' L'ali
at Ian:.' to Cliiea'o. Tin- platform deinand- a
reduction of the war tarilT. and insists thai the
democratic majority in Ihe lo u-o n oil in no t li.-ir
efforts to establish the revenue swteiu oil an
horn si basis, Tildeii and Ib-ndn.-ks re- eivi d
unnni nh u indorsement.
The will of Ihe InlcCyrUs 11. Mel'ollMick has
been admitted lo prohalc in ( hicuL'o. It
schedules property valuul at $l(l,iK i.tnti. The
widow aiidehh-t son were aioiuti d adminis
trator. They an- iriven lib.rty lo aid an
diaritalje entt-rpri-e in tlic same maiiner as
did the b'slabir. Willi tin- execpHot, .,( th,-
honicsieaiU at ( hicairo ami Ui.-litieJd spriniv.
which are bcnin-nthi d lo tin widow, tin i slate
to I.,- kept intacl for live enrs.
Tie- nalional convention of iinnl 1; rowers.
v llii'li eoiimienced its si ssimi In Cliiea''". Mon- '
with VM delegates in nttrmiaiiee. ad .i.ttd!
resolutions declailiu: thai the reduction of
dillioin l:t scrioiirly injured the sheep nnd
wool interest, and siuriei inn to Mi.-lain at Ihe
polls only such iiii-ii and -uch organizations us
favor a restoration of the tarilT of Wo. Col
umbus Delano is president of the association.
Abonl ty U'entleiiiell, li presenting: tin
siiLiar. wool, rice and other indu-trlal Inlcn-ls
of the cotinlry. met Wnincsday in Ciiieao in
ma-s convention. T. D. Curtis, of Syracuse,
wa.- called lo Hie chair. A platform v.a,,
adopted elatminir protection ; tin- true policy
of the F lilted Males until other nations shall
pay eipially liiirti wai'es to Workmen as w. do.
I.ii-Ulcnaut Alicreronihi,- will net mouth
leave Portland, ire., wilh an en dilion to in
vestigate the resources, id Alaska. He e-
pecl.- to travel about Hve thousand miles bv
November, imikimr a collection of fur., and
minerals ami lakim' phot oL'i ai -lis of Hie conn
How Yiiudcrhlll, (bmlil. O'l'iiiinr, and Ikiriiuiu
SU for I'b-liires.
"Mr. Vnndi'i'ldll. ulm i nut- uf niv
lii'si riilunii'is, tlituws nlV nil reserve
when lie I'ollles hero, ;illi liilks iltld
:it ! jollv :is ;i Viit'lil-nniti. Tin- lust
time he 'Nive nit1 u siltinir I aiiirht him
llie Id'oittl smile, unit Ins friend
v io deli'Mitei! wilh tin pieturo thai
tht'V .-out down :unl id-ilered a Inr
tiiitulier from tho same m'-iativo. Tltey
said they had taken all lln oilier hi-loi-jipl
uf Mr. Vandorbill mil of the
alluinis and rotilueed Ihrm with llie
smilers. I think that a -rood nianv nf
llir-e new nimiMr.iphs of Mr. Vamler
bil) have nme to Kurotie. 1 ni'Vor had
lav (iniihl hero bill oiiec. ami bore's
t hi pietim1 I niaile of him.'
"It's a very strange looking iotm-i'.M
wo said."
"Of eoursi ii is. lint how do nn
think il was made':' Ho presented
liuii'lf one day and said: 'Well, Mr. j
, they have rnl 1110 here at last.
lio ipiiek, please, fur I'm in an awful
hurry 'lint,' uid 1, ean'l take;
your picture iu those ridi.'tihms liht '
eli it lie". It'll I'Ollie Otlt almost white.
Von'il better o-o home ami ' on a
black mat. "
" 'You nui-d tlo it mw or never,' he
said, and was about to walk out ajain.
when I collared him ami took him up
tu Hie operaliii-j-ruoiu. It's mm of tin-wor-d
picluro I huvi- ever made. The
only black about it is tin beard and
oTes. I sent tin-pit-tun- home, and he's
never been here since."
"Hut here's :t splendid picture of
Charlie (Honor. 1 shall never for-
got what lie said the lu-d time he was
here. A short Hum before that the
newspapers all aiiiionticoil thai lie was
dead. lie came in looking very sol
emn, and uid: 'Mr. . before I
died you uiaik some plioioo-raiili for
Thrtr Industry Must lc rhiteeteil An Add runs
Ih nmndiiij; I'ruterthui for the Staple
The attendance was approximately
two hundred, Hit! largest delegation's
bring from Ohio, IVnnsylvania., Ill
inois, Missouri, New York, Wisconsin
ami Iowa. Representatives were pres
cut from twenty-three. Htates. Hon.
Columbus Delano, of Ohio, railed the
convention loonier, ami raid that tin1
object of tho cnnvtMitlon was to take
action toward rcstorino- ihe dutv of
Mti7 on wool. The wool-growers of
the I'niteil States, whether they be
lting to the National WonMlt'owers'
Association or not, should bo aroused
to a knowledge of the danger which
threatened their industry, lie pre
dicted that within live year the wool
growers, would bo a power which emi
gres could tint alVonl to ignore.
Hot). oiutnmiH I'eiano, oi (mm.
was made permanent cliaitmau, and
H. T. McCulley, of Missouri, perma
nent secretary. In his speech of ac
ceptance Mr. Delano urged the wool
growers throughout the country 1" or
ganize in order to protect themselves.
Thcv should insist on the restoration
of the laritV of lMii7 ntnl Ihe politi
cians wlicii they Understood thai
I. ooo.itiiil votes were at stake, would
accede lo such a demand. The only
substantial encouragement evct gien
lo wool-growin: in this country was
under Hmtai ilV running from l'sti7 lo
isS.i. In isilu tlic. wool eliji was
f.n. iiiHi.ntiu juiumls. In IHHi) it was :)ii.
di o,i mo pounds. During the same
period the number of sheep increased
from -Jo.) 11 mi.im'O to oo.ihiii.iioh. This
tarill' was abolished iu IfKt, tintl al
ready Hie deprcrflnii- clleet on the
woul-growibfr industry Was apparent.
klxu.l MoN tni-n;ii.
1 he coinmiltcc on resolutions made a report
ithlcli, nIVr spcaKuii: ot the luiu-tie
hvlhe act of conu'lesf, of Ma fell. Il, went oil
and ileclari-'l :
1. Thai b Hi. -census returns of til Hn-re
were l.oju.iNKl HiK'kinaslcrs. and ihen- is in.
state wtierr thi industry i n.t pur-ind.
That tlic product id wool for the vcar
I'-Xt reaclnd a-.'(l,oiHl.lioil pound-, and IN value
more than .luu.noti.iHMi. mid Hint Hie ,ilue ol
million n -suHinir from sheep ilnoirht. ri d for
food lls over .fc.Vl.UlNl.Ollll.
a. That -1 p hild.ahdn K au Importtiul
factor in the prosperity of' oilier agricultural
piir-uits. hecanse ol the utility of -li- ep in f. r
tilizini; Hie soil and ivplcui-ditmr fh:iu-bd
land-, so that if abandoin-tl or cnon-h diniln-
i-hed otir -vsteiii of a-M h nlt mv v.ill l.- .uil.;ir-
1. our ei'pmi'v for the produitiou of
il'tieh-s y. ijiiireil
Hnd of (iuanvlul Beeuflty ntut Itidependencc in
pcaee, the lont or neglect of which would de
hm?e our entire inonclurv tysU'iu and place
the entire country nmi ail IN interests In a
condition of industrial nnd colonial vassalage
biforeiirn priHlueers, cijual' fata) to happiness
ami nnlM-eoiuind tti the dignity and honor of
the nation, whose annual increase In wealth Is
now three fold that of any other nation, and
whose population no ives it the second rank
niiioni; civilized empires, and first aiiioni; Ihe
free, Hidf-LTovcmintr and enlightened people.''
The appeal linally declares that the woot
trroners have a ritrht to ask congress for the
restoration of a measure of protection, and
concludes iu the follow ing terms:
"Finally, helicvini; that desperate diseases
rcipiire InTole Feinedle, we especially lUL'e you
to MiMalu at Ihe poltH for hgisKilive oiliees
only iich candidates us are in favor of ade
quately protect inir and encouraLdiit: the ureal
industry of fheep husbandry, by voMul; to re
store th'e wool turiiT of 1M17. or fates of dulicK
:il least 11s protective as tlioje enibodicd In thai
the reixirt wan unanlnioU'lv mloatcil. Ihe
reioaf nttiu hours of the m-s-Ioi Were taken up
by tllscus.-lnir the im lhoil for a united action
in the pending national political eaura-is in
iimkiny; I he powef tdthe ttool-growinu industry
kiinc more of th
was jtisi tin- .-i-r.
face after lie aid
as being odd."
sends for a lot of
s with the nmler
cy look loo much
meat--, l.teldulN and other
by our civilization will be M-rioitdviliniiiii-hi d,
and our treat prosperity impair d. We can
no alTonl as a nation to eudauuer tin- irn-at
a''Lrriciiltund pur-uit which adibccli M-ar di :
redly i-ITiO.lHKi.iHHl t. Kit- nation's wealth. hti- 1
in: inveslrd in real esiale not le-o 'haii s.'mni,
inhlimni .,f capital, nnd hi, h eoniribuii s hidi
rectlv o4-ieir'.elv lo tin- nalioh'.- 1 r. -pi-iitv.
I. ' That the ad' of N:i redu.-in-di:!ie on
fofeiiru wools has rioii-l injund. and il
continued will iu Hie future dimiuidi. if it due-
Hot siib-lantially de-ln-v. the prodintion of
wool and sheep ill the I tiited States, and 1 1 1 i --
-s- rllolt we Mi'lalli I iv tln -i tact-.
The report then U'oe- oil to h,,-. l .t the
lip of N-:t eau! d a b nf over !r..oou.ioi
to Hie wool L'n.wei eomi.are.l with n and
pn diet - h noii'li treat er Lm- for Nl : say- the
i limatc ami eotiihtions in Australia w ill compel
Anieriean proihiceiv, to abandon sh. - railut
f.-r other pur-uits. It N. therefore,
h'isiih-ul. Th.a we will oitauiz" a- Wo..
trowcrs and sheep lirccdii-, and c--. -penile
bv in. alls of or ha! oiial n-H-ial I .11. to be
aided h -late and eoiini us. ejalii.t.-. and in
I hi-, way. and by all h"'itiiiialo nelln-d-. will
l- all iii our power to re-ton- tie- w... ! tu iff o
l-'i7. or its equivalent. w wool- t-r w-ohn-,
and caii-e to herepi a h d t In- uniu-i. 111. w i-e ami
me-tpial I. L'i-latloii of 1 .-:;. r. dm iiiL' il:- du
ties en v.....!- and wool. lis.
.VWro. That ttl iloitll' tlli- we wjl. will;. .Ill
riffn-uee o f i.riner p. il it ii-a 1 allilial i. .; 1
ni.eour frii nd- whim-ver and wli'-reve
liml tiieiu. and al the p... - will sii-tain ,-uch
men and -udi parly ortanizati-.n- a.- are in fa
vor of pr-.teetinL' and cuc uraLOiit end sus
taining -ln'i-pliu-baiidr-. in th. I nileil Mat.-.
b r- storing llie wool taritf of In',;, oritMuiv-
A Lornmotivo Knliifor'n Insllmt- How ho
Saved A Train and How he Saved IlluiHidf.
On one of Iho darkest and stormiest
nights of the recent ami ttntisiml witt
ier the express on one. tif the leading
New York railroads wae moving we.n
waril from Albany. The engine's
headlight throw a strong rclleclion in
advance, hut tho storm was no blind
ing ft was almost impossible lo dis
tinguish anything even at a short dis
tance. Under such circumstances in
fitincl necessarily lakes Uie place of
sight. All seemed to be going well,
when, in an instant, the engineer re
versed his en-niic, applied tl
brakes, and came to a full stop. Why
he did so he could md tell any mure
than any of us can aecounl for the
dread of coining disaster ami dealh,
and lo Hie wondering inquiry of his
lifeinan lie simply said: "I feel Ihat
something's wrong." Seizing a lan
tern he swung himself down from tlio
cab ami wcnl forward to inve-diirale.
ilietcd Kvcrything appeared to be right, and
ne was auoiu to return lo ins ciiLnnu
when his eye caught sight of a peculiar
appearance at Ihe joint of the rail next
to him. liriNlung thV accumulated
tiov away, he looked a moment, and
then thlcrcd an exclamation of horror.
The rail on both sides had been un
spiked and would have turned ovcrthu
inMant the engim: Hutched thctn.
What inspired this attempt at train
wrecking U unknown, but it was pre
sumed the confederates of Miitic jiri.s
oners who were on the train Imped, in
llie confusion of an accident, to tie
liver their friends.
Kugineer .fohn 1 bitudioc, of Albany,
to w)ioo wonderful instinct was duo
the P:t!valiott of tlic train, when asked
bv lli.' wrilcr whv he slopped his en-
Nebraska furnished tho largest pair
of cattle on exhibition at the Kansas
City fat stock show.
Tho Fort Worth (lazdtc s:y's the in
creased tax on catlle for lWli over
that of lrSH-J was ;t7,f)87,J:i5.
Land that is too poor for clover will
grow rye, and the rye plowed down
can be followed with clover.
The Knglish shire horse dealers nnd
importers in this country are agiiating
tin; formation of au American Mud
It is said that i,0iii),()i)H acres of
land are held iu (his country by for
eigners, half of it being by three cor
porations in Texas and Florida;
Fat pigs stiller greatly from Ihe beat
in summer. When yarded and access,
to water in which to roll in in denied,
their yard should be partially shaded
by trcs.
Weeds are the curse of all farms.
Kvery weed that secures a growth,
even'of but a few inches, deprives the
growing plant nf just (hat proportion
of nutritive mailer.
It is said that w average daily al
lowance of wheat for each person is
three and three-fourths bushels.
V. I), funis thinks the best seed
ing for att orchard is orchard grass.
The natural grasses will soon come iu
and make a line sod. Orchards should
be pastured, not mowed.
A crop of corn is essential 011 nil
farms upon which stock is kept.
Ib'iug extremely rich in carbon, it not
air only profiles nourishment for growth
out produces ncai ami lai anovc an
ol her cereals.
It i shrewdly suggi-sled that one
reason why farms do not pay I heir
owners is ihal the farm docs md owe
thctn anything. Then; arc no betlcr
investments for farmers than tbos"
111;, do in lite farm il-clf.
Il is the estimate of an obsering
writer Ihat about 7.') pel cent of all
the cattV iu America arc pure scrubs,
with no infusion whatever of irond
A large proportion of the
too, arc of a very inferior
Lay the Axe
to the Root
If you weulil destroy ttie can
kering worm. For any exter
nal pain, sore, wound or lame
ness of man or beast, nso inly
MENT. It licnctrates nil nms
do ami fiesli to the very bone,
spelling all iullummation,
soreness ntnl pain, and healing
tho diseased part as no other
Liniment over did or can. So
sailh tlio experience of two
soaeratious of suH'oicrs, and
so will yo say when you hare
tried tho " Mustang."
ill 1.
I vr.
' MilMV
Ihal I In
liurlii 11 1 1 11 1:1 1 writrrs inU
liiuulli v:irii'tics of iir;is 111:1 v
In' iniMcil In lli. snil , 'n i-l i, i-1 1 1 :ot llmsc
uf tin- rin k Inl wirn. Thry slnniHI lie
I'limlril nidiv li:illiiw, mil iivit lln
inrln's ili'i'p. ami hilled up Intel' in Ihe
w aiiu
:t 11 1 1 11 1
main n !i ills
an- linviii'ss.
nl-iiiuli-i. t'nr
ii a uiiil farm
Id save lil'liii:
eiillVellieiiee in
a!, ui.
llr-:, -l. 'lint w, fnvi.r ;
Ili ll-iVP v-li ln nf irnli.ilnii'
I. -ubli.l I" I.l.-I- llll'l .li vrli.l,
ailTi- :
!-l:i1ii.ll l'-t I
II Atlii tiriill j
Tlirue nu ll nten'il llie rem' cnjicli nf Hie
llc!iij.'Hii Ci'ii'rul rxtri-H lit ,liicki.im, Mk-li.,
1liu other eveillnjr. unit ruiiuli-il the iiiiiHrnj;i'l'
to bt4-i lnt'i the riirwunl cur. A tin travclem
)iHHtem-tl loiMinily they were rolilieil of their
lioiii'3' ntnl valtiillile elTcutN. No uliirni wiih
lvi'ti until Ihe tmin hnil ptiirteil otT.
Mnjnr Jli'ivem ti-leirr.iiiliB from Furl Item
that he hue iirrL-Atnl llilrty-tlve liitrmlers In In
dfun Territory, uml many more are on their
ivuy. lie linn licked for two lroow of cavalry
Jrum Fort Sill, ah the Invader made ncrloim
renistancc to l.leiUenant Day.
The vault of Ihe city elerk of Eaal St. Louis
Vas entiTed tlio othrr nli;!it by untateur Imr-
;lurK, who hroke a hole through a hriek wall
twentydmhi's thlek. Alwul C'JU.UUO worth of
It.y nerli and $t,(U0 or more in cash wcro
t'harlea 0. I.chij:, a well-known real estate
find Insurance nent of Vatidalla, 111., was
I mud dead In IiIh room at the Everett house In
I I Louts, having suicided with morphine. No
( suse Is tuslKncd for the act
In JaeksoQ county, (la., Aa Shields and
f lurlej Wine, while I'lovlnf; cards, disputed
(Dout the amount wagere4i Willi t (core rH
latiili il the i-linri' i-nil
ealile at K.irKiirt,
tu make a j.llce at 11
mrllii'asl. She ll
. iu the iIiti m'ii fir-
A statue of Mutliri Luther, Mainllu in (i I
nf the Me rial Lutheran ehun li hi 'iiliin.
w iiiivi iled Wnliii Mhiv Iu ,ri' m i- ,,f
two tlioiisaud -rwll. .Iil-tiee Miller ir, -iili .1
the ei-rt'iniiiil. and Senatur L'oiil'i r Ha
the orator of the .lav.
Surveyors are liK-atliu; a railroad from Oal
port to ( riss.'ii, Pa., in upiniip a l.uu'elil
tlliniii'Uls coal llrlil. Contracts hale hcin
inaile fur the cuii-lrui-liiin of a nanl of Ktl
miles fnilii WiishiliKton enuuty, Ark., lo the
casti ril slate line.
The trustees of tin-.c Mmuic crematory al
Washimilnn, l'a., aiimauice thai after Aiiiiu.-I
1 tin- liodlcs of nunc Inn rcsiih-ntsof the nullity
will hi- li-liln.l fr hicinelalloll, the funiai-e
liavlli" air. a.ly served its purpose of e.liieatllu;
putillc M'lltillll III.
Tlic stciiiii-r l-'aiiulav
of Ihe llillliell. Ma.kev
Mass., am) hailed anay
liuoy :.'.il miles in tin
not pay out I.l.Nl mile
A number of th. Imu inanufaclurers al Pim-
liliruare In favor of iMiiliiiiilii Ihcjealeof
last veal's wanes, ami tlic woikiueu say tliat if
lliey ilo nut slmi tu Ihal rlfiel on o'rliefore
.liine I there will he a L'ein-ral strike.
A. T. 1'iiluier, whoelaillls toll- the onlv sur
viving n.l.lii-r r the Imiiieiliale Riiard of Na
ioleon at St. Ileli lia, died at Hattlc Creek,
Mich., Wednesday iiiornlni.'. He had iccently
liasseil liiselulity-f'iurtli liirthdaj.
A freight train on the Itui ltiilon n.el, each
car ot which issiipplled with air lirakcs, passed
llir.iliuH .eliraska at the rate of lilenly seven
miles all hour, and the ollicials pr uneetlie
evpelillient a successful one.
'I he elevation of.luili;e David ,1. llrcncrto
tlic circuit hcncli was eelclirated in llttlni; style
at Kansas City, Mo. A luannllli ciit ciilerlalii-
nicnt was ill v.'li In Ins honor hy Ihe liarof that
city lliursilayrvciiitie;.
I wo Imitations of arlilleiy at New Orleans
have turn ordered tu readiness to move to N'ew
IlH-ria to place.ludiro (lutes on the h'-ncli and
repress hoiitlllcii, a rcpuliltcan, who claims to
have lipcn rc-i'lectcil.
In the Methodist ccncral cimfcrciier Bat
Philadelphia, a resolution was iiilopted that an
appeal In' made to the church for .VKi,lHm as a
centennial otferini; lo Ihe work of tlic Frced-
men s Aid society.
An Knullsh and (Icruiail sylulicalc has pur
chased one million acres of lam! Iu Florida,
upon which It Is proposed to settle Herman
emigrants who will reach America lids sum
A cattle raiser ol Texas, who has Just made
a lour of the stock region, estimates the driv
ior tnc season at hull n million hem. ,s,,ine
advance herds have arrived nt Ioilj;e City.
Ily a vote of KM lo lltS the St. I.ouls .Mer
chant's Kvchango decided not to allow the
"hucket shops" of that city to use the market
quotations wlilcli come lo the I'schange.
William Marshall, an advance agent In the
L'uiti'il Stales army, win) enlisted In ltefl, re
cruit)' died at Fort Mackinac, after thlrly-slx
years of continuous service at that Mst.
Hostilities K'twcrn the whites and hlacks of
Hempstead, Tex., have hcen temporarily sus
pended, hut Colonel Ucdcll lias orders to keep
the 1st regiment In readiness lo move.
Tho Julnfu Wailt advocates tho nomination
uf Judge Thomas Coolry, of Michigan, hy tho
republican nalional convention, to allay ani
mosities which have become apparent.
The Eric County Bavlugs hank ot Erie, l'a.,
whoso president got Involved Iu heavy oil
speculations and absconded, has closed its
doors, wilh liabilities of :tO0,000.
A new species of worm is said to tu: ravaging
the corn fields of McLean countv, 111. 11 1.
about no lucrj long, ol j (i!rjvlj cglor, anil of
thedlimritrnf ipla.
inc. I il like tu I J ; i
same kind.' Ther
of a smile upon his
il. and il sirni-k ni'
"Wlicii Haiiiiini
(ii dures it is alivir
slamliii'' that if ti
like lii iii he will semi i li,'in liaek.
liii'i'-ull makes a lirt rate siller, ox-
ei'l't that he makes mo Iallj;li loo
much, lie's full of fun. The l;lM
time lie was hero llien' was a oiul
I'eal uf talk ik'iu on as to n hiTwns
foilli to lie llie next -I'l'lelal'V uf till'
interior. hi";i'r.,, linuiorlit a friend
Whom lie itlll'iiilc,. as (lie imir
secretary of Ihe exleriur.' I lli l'si ill's
head is altii'i-l as ruimil as a luillet."
"l lie last time that Senatur l.oejaii
was here I asked him tu stand un and
lieliisit-irs n.ni can r,e pn.lital-ly pur.-ae
ulll pl").!e. Mllelel.V ClllpiuV Nli-IlL Ilia
L'ivel: Iu i.M labi.rili' elas-es. nut al prieer
llie laliurillL' puur ul 1 1 iti u-li nallun-
i!o said In
, lint st I
under the
rested the
strike a military allilinl
didn't want it loo lnililar
up, and thru-d one hand'
hreasl of his il, while he
other un the arm uf a eliaii
"Wlio are vour I list paving eus
lulIler.s'.,', ".I list nuw. llie puliiii'iaiis. I'spreialh
pri'siilenlial eandiilales. Kvery tiniea
Jtreill eleelion appruaelies Ihe 'pielllri'S
heirin t,, 1 v. l ye lieen L'l'ltiiur uriler.
fur .Mr. Maine's, pictures hy iH. Inni
dred fnilii dill'i'reiil iiarl.s uf the euiiu
try. I'llaine lias a reuiarkaldv liaui1-
suiue head and makes a line picture.
There has also heen a "-real ileiiianil
fur phutu;:raphsuf Seiialui'l,oe;aii. wliu
is au uld ciistuini'i' uf mine. Ituseoe
I'onklinjr wnn'l sit fur luvo ur tnuney.
Not, luiii; aj:ii I .sent a man tu invite
him In oiiiuc nnd -ive us a sillin".
Mr. I'oiiklin.said there were tun many
liiettires uf liini ,-xtant alreadv. 'If I
sit at all I will sit fur you,' 'said he;
hut,' he said, 'I shall nut sit al a'l.' 1
lell vuu pictures do u groat deal tu
make a man popular, 'specially it he's
K I linikiiii;. Nut 'luni; afjun haud-
suine ;;(,iih.tiiaii front a neiglihuritig
eily came hero fur pliiituoraphs. lii"
lure lie left I ascertained That he was
a candidate fur n high tillioe. 'Let nll.
make you enuiiirli pictures and I will
fleet vuu,' I said, for lie inaile a tory
taking picture. H uriloivd an extra
hit, hut nut enough. 1 tifurwanl heard
that ho was healen by about sixty nia
jurity." Ititcrvit'w iii .Yew York Sun.
Hi ll .l, s a- Mill si elin slieli eilui-ali"ii:i!. ri '
li'iuu- and sueial privilege- and -uch pb -i. al
1 fulls as flic lliell uf Ibis foe ,:,tiui a!.
elililli d tu ami iinnl tu . Iijuv.
.Wr. That we r.-pieiiale the duetriii- . f
flee Iraili lis a fallaeluii- and illlpnietii
tl rv. sil-:aiin d lari'dv bv the nem, v nf f,,r
I ten ca.ilal;-ls ln, il, -It, Ilo- eulitrul' ..f V
kels fu- (he sale blld ennslllllptintl of 3 1-
prndii'-. d ulieri labur is els ap uml niun-
iil'iindanl : ami we repaid lis luiwurtliv .if
li-iee!ful euii..ideru!luli Ihe llnurv uf Ii
liiainlfai tun r win, claim that raw inalilial
shall be tree. While Hii-lr fablie- lire prutiel"!.
W'e a-k. wilh ciiiplia-i-, w by the liiliur n-'i uin d
tu piuilllee 'iiul I- les- wurtbv of pruti eli' li
tlian tin- laburuf the spimlle iind luuui wb-n
Hie fabrics uf woul are produced.
.W.W. 'Ihat tin- long continued uicl-i--tiinalie
iniilenaliiatluii nt linpi.rled vuul. Ve
sidling as it dues in tin- luss id mucti revenue
tu the gni runic lit iiimI Ihe rubbing of Hi,
American Wuul gruwer uf tile p-uleeliutl sutarlil
tu Is- eiinfi rred by the tarill. ami wliieli the
secretary uf the tri a-urv declares will cuntiniii
under existing laws, demand, and stiuuld n
C'-ive. the iluuiriliale atteliliuti nf euligrcss.
The platform was adupli d with Hie addition
id Ihe fulluwdiL' Wurilsluthesccnnilrcsullltinli:
"And that weulil nul siippurl auv parlv nr
Imlilleal candidal'- until il. nr be. has cle'nlh
lelil'eil its. n- Id-. n-iHuil ill faVi'l' of tile li s
loralii 11 of said lalilf."
f live was appointed to iliall
A euinuiitli
ail adill, tu Hie
ol-growers of till- I l.iliil
lli'i't (irowitiir in Kiigliintl.
farmers in I'.ngland an. taking lo
boot growing. In Norfolk they have,
undertaken tu grow thin seasuni'it least
HOD acres uf sugar licet from selected
seed, nnd on the faith uf Ibis tin asso
ciation has been formed, which, lutnr
before tlio beet is readv, will liave
1IHI,(HHI worth of plant oil the, groftml
ready lo make sugar us fast us the
roots conic, in. Tito fanner will get.")
a ton fur the whim beet delivered nt
the works, and as ho can grow from
lifleen to twenty tons to tlic acre, he
will, after allowing for heavy manur
ing iind nll costs of land, labor, scud
and Iransport, bo ablu to reckon, i-veii
in an iitilill'crcnt season, upon a return
of at lenst Sl.i un uero. lloxton Journal.
New York rcrsonnlity.
Of Iho SiVi.lKJO registered voters in
New York city, 11.8111 admit thut they
urn liahln for taxation on personal
properly. Tho total assessed vuluo of
personal proiiertv in Now York idle
hist year on Iho opening of tho books
ucioro tun process ot swearing oil ho
gau was .fL',UIH,H-w,(l2., but litis sum
dwindled to 91117,000,000 when tlic
uwncrs were scparaloly called upon.
Jay Could paid on 100,000 only, tho
James Lenox cstaln on 1,000,000, tho
Astors on ,1,000,000, Mrs. JJ. D.Mor
gan on $500,000, nnd Miss Cntlmrino
Wolfoon $100,000. MaU and Express,
A dolly moll will h run from Fort (!if.ur
d' Alone, Montsns, to Esgle City.
The Aililress.
"Tu the Mnul emel-s ami sheep breeders nf
Hie I'liileil Males: I i KNTI.l! MIA Al Ihe lia
iiunai cniiveiitiuii ,,i wuul jjrutvrrs anil slice)
breeders i, f Hie I idled S,;,t: S held ill Clllea'',
"li Hie I'M ! i day of May, xs, mid which was
lilienneil OV ilele.'ntcs trulll WCIltV stales, a
euiiiiidilec un. goipuiuteil to iliaw'up all nil-
dress to the wool trroviers of the colllitrv fur
i lie purpose uf arnusine; them to a pmper re
nllxuli.ni of II ec.-sitv that exists lor In
mediate and eneru'eti -lion if tlicv would
rcselli' llie trrent tlnlllslrv tu wlllell tlicv are
U'ai-'cil fl its present depressed comlltl mil
the impendiiiir dancers of a still nmrc serious
nature. The uiidersiiriied luenibersofthe cum
millcc llriiilj believe Unit the cvisllmr sail con
illlioli of Ihr interest you represent has been
uiuiimii annul lurijen, II lint allni;i.'l ller, liv ail
verse conitrcsslumil leu'ishilluii, nmi Hull It wll
nut aalll be puisncruus unlil coiiL'ress shall
reverse lis action at lis last session ami restore
the rates nf dutv tu llmsc which prevailed un
der Hie tarill' of Isitr, bv which, fur Ihe llrsl
time In the Industrial history of llie country,
ciiiiljibl.' relations were csl'alillshcd between
Ihe duties on wool mid those on Woolen fronds.
It can he conclusively shown Hint lie- tarilT net
of that year cave to lite American producers of
both wool and woolen gissls slcudv markets
ami it secure expansion ui prudueilun, unit
Ihat thruiiL'li tills expanded pruilucllun it fravc
thcciiusiniicrs cheaper wnuls and woolens than
were ever before known in America, ami
hroiu:ht prices of all jriiods of ordinary wear,
and of many for line and luxurious wcaK lower,
or as low us arc known In Kuroe or else
where. TUB TAItlFF UI' 1st',;.
"The repeal or the tariff of 1st',; on Wool and
woolens was not asked for, as has been al-Ics-ed,
liv the conservative business sentiment
of Ihe country or bv unv con side ruble number
of Anieriean pie. it was hrouirhl about
wholly throiiLdi the efforts of Importers and
others interested In securinu; In the I'nTled
States n market for forclirn wools, uldcil ,v a
few parties who desired to make use of tlic
fundnu product as n whip with which to sub
due the American netrket and menace Ameri
can producers, upon w hom thcv were neces
sarily compelled to rely for nini'-leiitlis of the
wool rcituircd in this business. These com
bined itillucnces, unpatriotic and un-American,
led totlic passnu'C or the unwise, abortive and
suicidal tariff ud of SN, to which we tirmlv
iMdlevcmay he attributed Hie present depressed
condition of Hie wool industry. You have
doubtless, Kcnllcuicn, heard much of laic
t.ucltinir the soundness of the policy putlhie;
raw materials of nuimifacltirt', iiiclinlinu; wool
on the free list Wc trust you will resent such
a proposition whenever nmi wherever made
wlttt the India-nation which It crcallv merit.
Wool Is furnished by the prishlctof 1 ,HM),(MKI
iiocK-owners, w-iio nave, ny years of tnielltirout
and puticut lalair nnd the expenditure nf large
sums of iiionev, Immelit their priHliict to the
nrcscnt lilfjh siaiuhird of exccllcnee. To class
it simply ns 'raw material,' as somellilnf. that
has liecn nroduced almost entirely without cost
or expenditure of tluie and lalior, is an In
justice atralnst which we trust you will enter
an effective protest.
"The ari!iunetit used In defense of the prin
ciple of protection apply at least as forcibly to
wool as lo any article on the tariff schediile.
Tho irrowlniE of wool Is equal wit Ii the irmwliia;
of food and forests, and with the manufacture
of iron and steel, tho maintenance of commer
cial marine and nary, of national militia, a
primary element of national defense In war,
gine, said:
"1 ean'l tell why. I only know 1
;( something was wrung."
"I'u you hay.' these feelings often,
when upon the road?" continued tlio
'No, very seldom, although for tint
pas! twenty years I have been in it con
dition to feci apprehension at almost
"Iloiy is that?"
"Why, I have In en a victim lo one
of th.! Worst cases of dispepsia oyer
known. I have nut boon eunliueil tu
llty bed. lis ate 1 1. u i -:: :i.l s uf others. I
uiii eunip. ilc.l to work whether able or
ind. Indeed, v. in ti it lir.-! ln-iran I hail
i only a us of appetite, a f.dnt feeling
that would nut go away and a bad ta-t t
S in the lii'Milk, but I li'nally gut tliuse
! Ii-rrlble craving :tin gnawing feelings
.... j that leak1- life so miicu-alilo ami are
itnow n as general itet.iiity. '
'What did you .Iu."
"I tried pin si,.-:,,, m!ti hoearno
die.lll'agi.l. ' :::lVe . irlit ilHVorclit
ones fair tost bin none uf them lien
eliltt'd inc. I 1 1 ii-n Iried proprietary
medicines, but tiu-v failed, likewise.
It looked pretty d irk for mo so far
as any more pe.ii r enjoy men! in
tliis world tvei-e euiiecrni'd and I be
canio terribly discotira' ed."
"You eerlainly do not look Ihal way
now." "
"Oil, no, indued, I am in perfect
health now," was tlio reply, "and I
propose to continue so. My neryoiis
tiess is entirely gone. I can sleep nights;
the aching numbness lias disappeared:
tin pale, sickly appearance has given
place lo llie color of health, and I have
readily put on llesli. T his is what ha.
been aecoiiiplisltcil by means of War
ner's Tippecanoe. If I can lie cured
nfter a chronic illness of nearly a
iiiarlerof a century 1 bclicvu all suf
fering in a : similar manner can lie re
stored hy using the same great rout-
.Such is tlic testimony of a man who
could detcc! and remove unseen dan
ger on tlic road but coiihl tud remove
tue uangers troni wiiiiiu ins own ss
teiii until brought face to fa.'c wilh tho
great preparation alnne-uamed which
did so much for him a nil can do as much
for all those who rcipiire it,
Scii'ittilic Miseelltiny.
li'of. llciiiscli states thai copper and
silver coins in eireliiatioll soon hcroini'
covered wilh liaeleria and microscopic
turning. The lalter. however, calls
for very low tore whet-is, and the low
uiu'i'is call fur springs, to modify tlio
suddenness uf the lifl u ee iili'laeb's.
Soldiers, Dependent Fathers, Mi
nors. Mothers and Widows, if you lire
in doubt as In whether you have re
ceived all that is due yon from tho U.
S. (iovcrnnient. send tons for blanks
nnd instructions. Stmldart & Co., 413
0 Street, Washington. D. 0.
Patents In Kansas and .Missouri.
Palitit.- fur seven!, en years bum May 0(1,
l--s.h v'.i iv issued liv the jruverninent upui'i the
f.ll..il if VilTS, tl, cili.-IIS of ,' nhl'VC
rial.-., and were reported especially for Ibis
paper by .I.e. Ili-ilun. solicitor of patents and
"" MinUr, liisiirinuv lluil.liii-'
Kan -ii- ( tv. Mu. i
Mnilbr worker, 1). II. Oliver, lliml-vilb'1
Mu. : .staekini; frame, V. .1. Harrah. i-'.-ivette-
vine, .on.; llitelilli'.' plow nllaelllilelil, . ,.
II 'It. l.ibaimil, Mo. i Wan, m end irate, (I. V,
ll'toi. -.lea.i.Mie. .no.; Wetittier Urip, y. .;.
le.Mi.iid-. bine ilv. Mo.; Haystacker. .1.. I.
r-.ev. n-. -a. i anion. Mo ; Lilting jack and cart
n '. I'. II. .u I'-h.-ll. M.riiiilield, Mu.; l'lil'ey
I" 11. r. -I. N. '.Vilsun. Ili-crinsville, Mu.. sliuul-
ier briiee. II nimil.il llid'lleenmi-. Si. bmiis
M...: V.i!er.'l, vr.tur, ... K -riek, Wiiili-ld,
i;,s.: ii..rs. ...wer. in, net- .',. ,m.'. un,.,,r-
. Ki
,a. Ka
. ,i
c. 1.1. A!-:!.
nt.'ni. Wil
blnil. Lite
I ceiipniili'l. V
lilil.' luaellill", ,. It', l.udd,
Clieek-ruw planter, 11,
-. Ka-. ; Wae;,,!! cn.l-eate,
".V Sl.rillis. hos.J Seeding
iiKutauia, ia
A l
ad. ipt.
'Vel plan (nr
1 in ii I'-er:.,
Ib l,r-ee canity. I
lie- school is f
I. .wile; hi- or I
tlibtltioli h. x
p.lli'1 up.
Vital Questions il
Ask tho moBt eminent physician
Of anv school, what is the best thing In tho
world for quieting aud allaying all Irritation
of the nerves and curing all forms of nervous
complaints, giving natural, childlike refresh
ing sleep always!
And they will tell you unhesitatingly
'8orae form of llopsl"
Ask any or allot the most eminent physi
cians :
"What Is tho liest and ouly remedy that can
be relied on to cure all diseases of the kidneys
nnd urinary organs ; 6ueh as Brlght's disease,
diubctcfs retention or inability to retain urine,
and all the diseases and ailments peculiar to
"And Uipv will tell you explicitly and em
phatically ''Nucha."
Auk the same phvsici.ms
"WhiitiBtlicmoBt rellublc and surest euro
for all liver riiscusr or dyspepsia, const fa
lion, imllfrofition, billouetiesp, malnrlul fever,
ague, &c." and they will tell you:
Mandrake! or Dandelion 1"
Hence, when these remedies arc combined
with others eqmtlly vsilnii'ile
And einnpoimded into Hop Hitters, mrh a
ttonderful nnd mysterious eiirutive powcrii
developcil which is so varied in its opi'rations
that no disease or ill health can possibly exist
ot resist Its power, and yet it is
I larmiers for t he nu'st frail woman, weakest
Invalid or einallcBt child to use.
Cha1'ti:k it.
''Almost ilenilornuiirlyilylnB"
Fof yea'P, nnd given lip by phypielans of
Brijrht'ji and other Kidney dipeascc, liver mm
iilaints, severe couglis railed coiihuniptioii,
have heen cured.
Women mme neailv crazvt
From ni;riy neiiinltiini iierVoiiniiess,
ivakefulneiis mid various diseases peculiar to
rco)lc drawn out of shape, fi'oin excruciate
f iilt pill i ITS of Kheuiuatisin,
lnllamimitory and chronic, or suirerlng froiii
scrofula !
Salt rheum, blood iioNoiihic;, dvsiepMa. tu
diiri'Nticn, and in fact aluiol, all dii-acs frail
Nature I h heir to
Navehecn eiired hy Hop Kit ters, proof of
which can he found In every neighborhood in
the known world.
Tho majority of the Hit of th humm
tr(ty artio from a derangement of tha
Liver affectinff Voth the Ktomach nnd
fcoifcli. In ordt r to effect a cure, it la
wciMftry to remove, the cmtee, Irrefjit
tar and SluggUh arttoK ttf the Botcelr,
Itru(tachc,?iicknec3ttt tho BtJmach, Vain
in t?if hark and l.olna,eUt indicate that
the Lirtrr e atfantt,znil that uafnro r-
quires r83ittancc to eti'tilo this orgxn f9
throw otH'.npuritieu
rrlckly AbU nittemarc especially
tern jioumlvd for thin purpoae Xhcjare
trMd in thvlr ttriton and rffecttvo as a
ture; arcplcaxant to thettintcnndtahcri
easily by loth children and aduUtt. Xtv
km acrordhuf to direction, thc aro a
tnfc end phamtiteu!'fflrViyBiivitHn,
flil;t.Qt!oct, Wlscawca Kidiicy
e(.e!c. iiaBlued F."urlier(.'irj
tirti tupcriov to any vthcr medicinal
Clmn.ifny tho tyttcm, thtrottghlVt and
iK,inrtitKj nete life and vncryu to the in
t-(utd. It i a njeCicUio .'.'.! cyiaii
rA Vijun tRuarusT m mtivt m eiTT.,
aii-I u.lto no tiiM. 61.00 pur l ott'.c.
"The Million"
-li e mirijimlliiHii EXACTISQ SER V1C1C.
.(-, I'seil by llio t hief
SBfelg.-9 Jlei'lianl'lan or tlio
(2fi2i$'?-h y I Ii i' A il in I r ii I
fl'-'yTI y -'t I'olillliuiHllnir in the
JSC -'"'' A. Mivill Ob.ei v-
5TiW:nnrH8?i niory. tor aii.
. V ' 3'7.. -"noiiiieiil work ; uml
-iiy i.oci
Received 2,500 subscri
bers tho first two months,
and wants its readers in
every State of the Union.
Its success is unprece
dented. No better proof
Is needed of the interest
the American people take
In tho question of Free
ii hi i nr.1 iiiiii jiuii-
way men. They urn
r eo ir ii I r. il i h
,V(ir nil usi'S in ulilrll cIoku
limo ntnl 41 it i alii lity are '!
HH-iron. wliu in print ii';n
'il ic idkI tonus hv ihv COM-
r.v n vs 4'ciiisiv j-nt
"The Million"
Is published weekly for
50cts a year, and is ap
proved and recommend
ed by the leading writers
on Political Economy. It
is tho best as well as the
cheapest political paper
in the country. Tho Tariff
question must be the
loading issue in politics
for years to come, and
the American people
want ine Tacts from an
independent source such
"The Million"
Which belongs to no party.
rai-imr limn- liar- tin li
.i-i mil Sui'ilay ;-e!iool in
York. I'.ai li iin iiilu r f
Sunday m xt fu!
plmv ill lln- enll
rv veav t ai;e
qniivd on tli
er hirllid.iv t
1 cnil f"'r
'1'iih i. i.v A
Me In iiiiaii'is
Liver. Ni.lv
:i lii n i it'1' is purely veieta
t!"n, U a-ti ttiteeliv on the
Ki')ii;.ieh and UdwcIs, alfnrd-
ini( n li1 i and it cure in all casi a.
The knv uf Khodf l-kuid rnnUn: that a
naturaliz.-d citizen, iu addition t" tli- nualitl
ea!iuti r.(:;lr.i nf nntives rhall own mil
cslal'- a!i ve iiieiim'trauet; of the value of
liclief fmm Hi.-k Headache. Urnwainecn,
NaiiM-a, Dizpinpf?, Pain in the iiijc, vp cuar-
unteed to thost; uvir (.'arlcr'i Little Liver
nils, liiest: ft !u jiliii ii t-s are nearly always
caused 1 1 v lorii'd liver and ci'ii"tii.at(-d bowels.
ltestotc Ih'-M organs to 1 1 it I r pruprr funclious
Hliil the trouMe ei ;,-i s. (. ur'trs Littlo Liv
I'illa will do ti'ia I'vcrv tiinn. (ne pill id a
u.tse. cu.iy in a viai. nice cciuh.
L'iihsi's no I'ain.
(livi'sTeTii'f at
Ohm1. Tliiiroiili
Trciiliiii'iit will
(.'tnc. Niitaliiii-
iiid or Snuff. Ap
ply wilh Finifi'i',
(iivo iFa Trial.
ro cent, nt TiriiirKlsL.
lllei'til. i.v neill i'. i:l
lei eil. bi'lul fur i:irL-nl'r.
The h is -s i 1 1 i 1 i t v f ulihiiniinr illuniin
iilino; fins ill riiiisiiliralili' iilinililii'.'
fl'lllll t lit" ll-Ulliil'r Of I'lllVS flllll lllll'SI';
lins I ii ili'iuuiisii'iiii'ii to ii l-'rcin'li
Aiuiilcinv of .Si'ii'iii'i'.s hv Jliins. (Iiivnl
I'lii' pniiTss iloi'.s nut Icss.'U lln; vuliii'
. if lilt! fl'l'tili.l'l.
Knglish slutislii's sliow Mint pi'i'iim
ni'iit hliii'liii'ss is litri'lv dun In in
lliuiiiiiiiliiiii nf tin; I'vi'S in inl'iiui'v, u
inuliuly 1'iisy I" nvuiii liv pruprr ran'.
In lln1 liiri' Knglish rili.'s tin- smiitiivy
,-iu I In ri I ii .s :iri' s.-iiil tu lukini; step's
liiwiinls niakiii-' kimwii niiiiniir tin'
pimr tlir pi'i'i'iiuliims wliii'h shciiilil lie
Spfi'i'li lias i'1'i'i'iilly 'lii'i'ii ilnilii
frraplii'il. 'I'hi! piiitiiri'' was uliliiini'il
hy niiivini;:ipliiiliiniiliii'iihiii',iii,imy
pusl ii ili:iplinij;iii vilirali'il Iiy llie vnii'ii.
A l.on ri.l I mix li"" lii'twi'i'ii' lijrlit ami
sliailiiw was tlius prmlun-il un t In:
plali', funning enrvrs rlusi'ly i'(ii'i'i'.s
poinliii In lln: sun in 1 vilii'iilii'ins- sim
pl ciirvi's fur vuwuls, t'oiiiplicali'il
ones fur t onsoiianl.s.
Al Puinl llarriiw. Alnskni Iho in
ci'iilly ivliirni'il Uniii'il Siuii's oxpi'ili
tiun fuiinil eviili'iii'i' Ihal t lin jrrmiiiil is
fro.i'ii to a lii'pth uf niMirly HUH fciit.
llnluw n iiuint ii few yards from tin1
surf urn tin1 ti'inporatiiri: novrr vliiini'8.
Vrum Nuvi'inhi'i' IihMiiv mi livinp; thiiifr
limy Iju si'i'ii un this land I'ximpt tin:
Inmiit uml his iluir, ami an oiHiasiunal
stray riiinili-cr or whitu fox.
Dr. H. V. Walkor has foiiml pood
lvasuns fur assuniiiifrtliat nat'lli-wunus
arn tlio invai iahlii uoinpaiiioiis of mail,
uml nxist only in ri'irioiis wln'i'u hi) has
scltliul. Aflur Htlli'ii:i'nt llii-y lirst
appiiar in tho vicinily of tho slulilo
yard, Ihi'ii in purl inns of tho soil m-
riolii'U hy sialili) niiiiiiiri1, anil at lenrtli
in all soil whother cultivutod nr simply
piiHturi'd Iiy dunii'stii'uti'd aiiimnls.
Invi'stipilions coni'orninir Iho olloot
of dillori'iit forms of nrtilicial illuniina
tion on tlio hoaltli havo shown that the
tallow rainillo is tho inostunwholosomo
iil'piiI, uml llie oleulric liirlit tho best.
'Iho incaudoBcimt olootno lamp pro-
ii hots oniy auoui onc-uiii'iii'tii ns inurli
hunt us tho tallow I'linilli1, whilii it
(rivi'8 out no cnrMuliu neid or water.
One t;as jet in room is said to vitiate
tho air us much as six persons.
No Talent. No l'ay. Send model
or drawing Stodduri & Co., Ill) (i
street, W'aiihiiijrton, I). C.
FmBT effectual, then gord to take, then
Cheap Pi.o'i Cure for Coniumptlou,
"HAT'S r:l!l;lll.K1ll'llll.- 1'v. ij-iv.',.
Mil inl. ."I'll. -, il I. I. -,L !
lm tins 1,1, v, i.i, i, ir i.ll, I i,,
' '' -"." '- '"ik 11 ir
HI..I ti II I,. 11,.- I.im... if n,, i ,. i-l,r(l hv
h Viiliiiibl- I. ,1, -1, iri.i.ily H I'ili.KllT'll
I Ml .'Ml , il.l, I ui imv. wiii.-l, is
ili-s-iis.-s uf tli,, Iiunai uml
,IIS S,. I., nf sIl'H III mill
.iirivi ll- .l r,,r i.',l
linil-'s. S..i' il.in.
i i.i-ii' i,.- il,.,'l,,rls I, v MKin ; II, i viihii,!,!,,
Hi, Ui,-iiii. in h.iim,ii. Ask jimr iinini;i:,i fur ii.
LLY ItKOTH t:K8, ltruKKlttMi Owe ho. N.V.
Ko(ren"ratlna for
eiifvt'lileil nyhli'ins,
KtifTLTiiiKfroni a irin-
l-t'ftl Willlt nf tulll',
11 Till It B USUlll t'i 01-
Boidom tic rtv iii ilo
from Ilia use oi h
DoiirlMiInc (Ilia it ml
Ulinuil or appi'tiie,
r unalili'il. A itii'dlohio
ir Mint will eftool a n.
ni'.ivat it i ine ppccuic
olistnele 1u ri'iiHwtnl
li e nl t li mill vifjr,
tlmV Is iifti liillnreiir-Itii-live,
in Mm veal
Lent, li Is Un- ...g.
fexslim of tills nr:v
miiilmin'iit whli-li
IiuikeH HnBtPllei'M
titeiiuirll llllliTM ho
1' nr phIl' li v
nil Drii.irtftH ntnl
JJcaltH generally.
For Oyifinpsit, tndifjeition, l'fiircesinn of Splrltl
nmi Uoiiumi iKiliiiny, in liiL'ir varmua lorniii; tin
t a vn-vciiiivc a 'hIiinI Fever tnl A'ub, nnd titlmi
liii.-rmiUoiit hVwrn, tlio "Frro-Phoiphorated
Elimr f Culiiayi," iniule Iiy Cumuli, liur.utd Jk
i-'o., .New Vur..t iind i-olil Iiy all Umui;Mr, is Ihu
lii fl tunic; ami lur iinlitriiU rtCDvettuj; frum
Kva nr ot nit,ku f-. itliu no i-qual,
A CAltl). To all wlio aro mifTnri from irrorB
onu iiulincn-tiiuiM f f yinilli. noivotiii wcakniiw,
i-arly di cay, lns nf immlioml, Ap 1 will Hi'iiJ a
rci-ipn that will cfiii yini, vhv.v. uv ou.uum. Tliia
jtreiit rt'iiicily wan ilim-ovi-rcil hy ft mifiBiimary in
h'nilh AiiH'rit'a, Mi'ntlHclf-iuIiln'riHt'dcuvclDiuito
Ili'scn lnir of tnllili'iipo. Thrrc Is n arll-
vlv u htt li s riclilv U'-i. rvos tlir cntliv i-unll-
u lin: i,f tin' I'uiiiniimitv as Humvs's Hiidn'
chi u. Turn nr.-, '1 lin.M- "riilVi'iiiiLr from Atli
iiialif ami Itruncliiai JHcafi's, L'uiilia aial
oius ftti'Hiui try Uii'iii. i'ricn y; ctuU,
Tin-1'iily natural Imir ri'iu".vor in CarliuHmv
a .IrmliiriKHl cxlraH. nf lu'lrnU'llin. nrrnnrci
witli'nil (iittillalimi nr m lilinilioK with m-UU
or alkalies coniainiiii; mi iniiicnil (ir other
..iiH.iirt, tjcllu'litfully (itTfuiiu'il ami us clear
anil luire aa spring waU-r.
"It, ought to get 100,000 sub
scribers in a tow months,"
The "CHICAGO TIMES," says:
"Its by far tlio best paper of
its kind in America."
Tho New York Free Trade
League! and tho Brooklyn
Revenue irleform Club rea
ommend it.
Sond a postal card, request
remit at once Gocts for
one year's subscription.
mw is.
DR. t
i ,m,hM i:-i uiv "nl i iHlmjVliliilTii MI-.N
lll,V,H'l'Mi Ui; Ol.ll. Wll'l HI" MlltrlMij: tn.in
Ni:ilul I'.'.ll M MliiV. I." I" V I I" M-1 t V. W AM' I. Ml
Wkakm'i i.iiiiil iillilSiMM-Mif ii Kim-i:kiNa m iik,
n-uinim rr-mi nii,n:t.n i',.i i.. t-i'inly i-fiiof
uml ..iiii-!iin- ivmhi nl im 'ii llr.M.'in. limn unit
M wiiiii.i. iii Mi .MTi.ii. in in-1:'! Haw-
ll'illr l l'iiliiili!i' tn1;'. -'lill"-
VOIJ'AIU UliL'l' 00., a-'siiall, ttieli.
Wll UN IIOllSISANDC.VlTI.Hnni Biiirilli,
.I'liii-cy uml r.'t'lil... Ilicy ins i tri'iilnii'iit with
I lu ll' Sum (j mlilicn I'.mil. r. il. iiin ilii'a tho
liliinil, iinliruvi-H tint ii.i,.ii,.t ciiri. coi.iih mid
uisTiMrKiis. inviiinnil' lliimysli-iiiiiiiil will k.'i'ii
tin) lllllliltll ill ti lii.jilll.y, li.-uiilsnnio uiiiililiiiii.
)ii.viNnn;i,i,'s Ti:i:'i'iii!,iihYiiui'ijiit
tl' 'I'I MU' i"- III, III, ITH 111 llllVI" ill till- lllltIK,' llir
tin1 I'liililn-ii. II. will ,-tii-., c.iil.s, ,,,1,1., hi iff I
thiimt nmi I'tn-iiliitd lln- hnwi ls. Do mil fail to
Kivr il a triiil, v.iu will l i. iw it witli ituchurm
t'lli'd. htilfl Iiy ull tlnifwiHt..
IMJIiM'YTlIK UI.(HH) wltli Kilnrl'n Davlinl.t
I.ivit ',h, 'liny n,t iliivrtly on llm lavnr,
Sliiinii. li .nul ll.m. U In inur itiiltl ami t-li'miniiis
lait iii'iiT Kriiiii; nr iaintitl.
KAVK YtlDlt HAIINKXS -ly i.ilitHf with Unrlo
Wuu h HanicvH nil wliii li will mako it, w.ft and
pit i i . I M istlmlo't'l ui) fvor iiiaii-i fur luatlu r.
ni.u iiyall liariu'HH niaki'ru.
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