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Weekly Chillicothe crisis. (Chillicothe, Livingston Co., Mo.) 1878-19??, May 21, 1885, Image 4

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A dispatch from tlic Cheyenne agr-ney,
Mian territory aays: -'Twenty-seven colr
lsts' wapms each partially loailnl with
Indian supplies rom Arksnaas utv, have
font Into tbe territory, delivered their
le and then marched on Into the
Oklahoma district where they have locat
ed claims and commenced farming opera
tion. The report has reached Cheyenne that
the aetUe r are ciultant and have sent word
the campers In the vicinity of Caldwell that
the toast l again clear for another raid ; some
of their number ojie nly boasted that they out
witted the authorities. Kach of the twenty
seven wagons contained from two to three men
each. They went from the Cheyenne aireuey
directly down the Clinarou river hv Camp
Russell, which had just been vacated by the
troops who had been ordered to the northwest.
It Is the judgement of the authorities at the
cency that all the colonists left on the border
will Dock Into Oklahoma, allh.iush the Filth
cavalry underthe command of (jetieral Wesley
Merrill are now uudi r man-bin; orders to take
the place of the Ninth, ju-t m. ved."
The count of the money and securities In
the Lnlted States treasury bu. hc-n completed
tvervthluu was found In a satisfactory con
dition and the reports of ci-Trcasurcr Wymau
were proved correct In every luatancc: even
the alleged discrepancy i,f 'J cents reported In
Hie couut of the cosh room wa9 shown, on a
recount, to lie Incorrect, the iniaslnr; pennies
bavins lieeu found on the floor, where they
bad dropiml durlnr; the count. Tlio book's
and account, of the treasurers' offltc are yet
to t verllled. '
President Cleveland bus appointed Cant.
Henry McEldery assistant surgeon, I'ultul
el.itcs army, and Lieutenant B. II. Mucking.
liBin Ctdted Mates mvv, iniMiilirrs of the ci
atitlve board, at the Woman's Industrial and
Cotton Centennial i-xhlbltli.n. Lieutenant
Buckingham lo be president of the board, and
Captain M-Kidery lo represent th- war de
partment, a vacancy camel by the death of
Col. L. V. Ford.
The secretary of the Interior has ap olntcl
he following special stents lu Hie bureau of
labor, at a salary of 4 per day; II, nry Jones,
of Georgia, fur general duty In the United
States; J. H. ijraV(.Si ,,, I.;.4 ari.f tr ,,,
In Delaware and New .lersev; dsear II Mills
wnt for the Sac and Foi Indians In Iowa'
and Charles II. (ioilld. receiver of p,uc
X-? " I'1''" (""5'' M' T'' vi w
l'rofr ssor C. V. Riley, entomologist of the
agricultural department, snvs tills country
"ill soon be visited by two great breeds of
locust of the seventeen and thirteen vears
varieties, and this will le the first lime in ill
tear that they have app-are-l In conjunction.
I hoy will not prove Breath- ilrstru.llve and
Ihe itilury they will Inin.-t will probably be
cmlined to fruit trees. Their visitation will
If prolonged until late In .Tilly,
l'resluent Cleveland has mode the follow.
Ittg aw.ollltmeilta fnr . ,.,., f . ,
- ' im'Tiiiii
revenue: (.eorce L. Spear for the district of
ermoni; i Hum K. Ilasl-rrsik for the sii'h
dislrlct of Missouri; Kilmutid A. lllglrr for the
twenty third district of I'ennsvlvania: Kdwnrd
I'. Wall for the lirst district of Wlacninln, and
H. Kcnnnrdfor the liflh district of New Jersey.
The president has apcolnte 1 lue following
lO'linasters: 9. A. Aso, at Kalelgn, N-rlh
Carolina, vleo John Nichols, cominlsslou ex
pired. Joseph F. Vogt at Lemurs, Iowa, vice
I'. M. Emory suspended. John MeWllllnm",
at Coatrsyllle, I'ennsvlvanla, vice F. 0. I'aike
conunlsslon elplred. '
Three leaders of the Mormon Chun li, who
visited the white house to present a statement
of grievances, were a-suri-1 by the president
that the F.dinuuds law will be Impartially ad
uilulstcred. When arraigned In Hie p,,'ec court at Wash
ington, Commissioner Sparks was not convict
ed of using undue vin'rnce toward Colonel
Uc Abuu, and the case was dismissed.
Mrs. Illrom Ffaulz, of L'.tliz, rcnnsvlvanlo,
went oul with her liveeliildren for a wa'lk. On
reaching a mill fie- .tulekly threw tlic three
eldest out Into the stream, ami then leaped In
with the others under her arms. The lirst vic
tims were brought to Ihe shore and resuscl
ta'.ed; the others perished.
William Si. Hubert, who was president of
Ihe wrecked bunk of Augusta, (leorgia, and
was about to be taken to New York on a rei, ui-
sltlon, lost his mental hilar and nearly sue-
ceded In kllllug himself wilh s razor. A true
bill for embezzlement had been found against
blm at home.
An armed mob In Brazos county, Texas,
Indignant over the employment of convict
labor outside tbe penitentiary, released forty
prisoners employed on a farm. The convicts
helped to tight the guards. The governor has
'jflcrod a reward for the conviction of any of
the rioters.
Andrew J. Johnson, the noted outlaw of
Bell county, Kentucky, lay in wait behind a
building In l'lnevllle, last Sunday, and killed
Thomas Napier and Joslah Huskies and his
daughter as they returned from church. The
elt'zens have organoid a posse to capture the
Six weeks ego a student In the Female col
lege at Pittsburgh was secretlv married to a
Kin of Rev. Dr. Pershing. Alter a quarrel,
Monilij- night, the bridegroom started for
Chicago, and the young wife shot herself fa
tally lu the ilgbt temple.
In an altercation on Broadway, Nw York
city, tetwe:n Larry Ollrieu. a' Well-known
broker and politician, and (l.-orge Trueman, a
sporting character belonging to Chicago, Ill
inois, Ihe former was fatally stabbed and the
latter shot twice.
A nine year old Italian girl was recently tor
lured to death at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
by her stiptalher, C. A. Chlllc Onoirl. The
tender body was bruised with whips, straps
and a shovel.
Isaac Oreo, of Salt Lake, when arralsncd
before Commissioner McKay for unlawful co
habitation, admitted the charge and gave boll
At Ksnsas Cliy, during the past week,
George Herman, a carpenter, was Instantly
killed by falling from Ihe fifth floor of anew
bulldlug to Ihe basement, 8. T. Overton, a
groccryraan on Tracy avenue, was closing for
the nlglit, when a negro entered and call -d
for twenty-five cents worth of sugar. W Idle
Overton was weighing tlio sugar the negro
shot him, lulllcttng a slight wound. He shut
aealn and struck Overton with the butt of the
pistol and then ran out and escaped. A fourteen-year-old
daughter of a mechanic named
Bliss, living on tlic cast side was mysteriously
shot. Tlio girl's stepmother was at a neigh
boring store on an crrond, leaving the girl at
work lu the kitchen, and on returning found
her lying desd on the floor with a bullet wound
lu the back, No evidence has yet developed
to determine whether It was a case of murder
or suicide.
At Owatonna, Minnesota, the other night
Henry Lewlston's house caught fire. Ills
family, consisting of himself, his wife, seven
children snd a hired man wen.- all sleeping In
the second story. Lewlston and Ida wlfs were
awakened by tbe glare and rushed down stsirs,
tbe wife carrying the youngest child In her
arms, another child ajed 10 and the hired man
following. When Lewlston opened the door
the flames burst In, nearly overpowering blm
and burning off his hair and beard. The hired
man succeeded In broking the window,
through which they escaped, hut not before
Mra. Lewlston was severely burned. Lewlston
made frantic efforts to reach bis little daugh
ter tnd four sons who we.-e still asleep np
stairs, oui ail nve pensneu in the names.
In Wliettlield township, Ingham county,
Michigan, some time ago a faintly named
Turab butchered a hog which bad been made
s'ck but hsd afterwards recovered. The fam
ily and several others, eight persona In all,
partook of the meat, and about a week or ten
days later were taken sick, all being similarly
affected. On Wednesday last John Turab,
18 years old, died. Theodore Turab, bis
fstber, and Mary Brnutbour and ber little
daughter, It la said, cannot live. Four others.
Theodore Turah, Otto Turab, Andrew Llnter
and Henry Brouthour are In critical con
dition. An examination revealed the fact that
the fork was literally alive with trichinae. It
is doubtful If any of the victims will recover.
At Cleveland, Ohio, the other night, Are wss
discovered In the four alory building, Noa. 142,
144 and 140 Ontalro street, owned by Benja
min Rose, president of tbe Cleveland Provision
company. The buldlng was soon envelogied
In flames. Families lived on the third floor.
Fred Both, his wife, two children and a ser
fnt were cut off, and all (scaped by jumping
to tbo ground below except Mile boy three
yenra old, who waa burned. Koto waa badly
icurvucu, .urs. iiotn was terribly injured In
ternally, while the servant, Miss Obcrll, had
her back sprained. II. U. King, man 40 years
old, also Jumped and broke his wrist. Mrs.
Sawyer, adressmsker, &j years old, was burned
to death.
At Shagrtn Falls, Ohio, a team of horses
ran away with Spencer Cbamborlln, bis wife
and little SOD. rl.tlthrlln ,.- kill,.,! Ik.
ahllsl fatally lujured, snd Mrs. Chamberlln so
nun mat sue is not expected to live
The I'VtcnsivH triirjpv nf lfl..l...l 1). 1 c
- ......j... ..... u.,, umuuu.
I o., at the corner of Fullerton and F.lstou
avenues, Chlcsgo, was damaged bv tire to tbo
e ent of 'i'i,lJ0.
The British ship Earl Dalhousle, which cost
lltsJ.OOO, was copslzed in deep water at Han
Francisco, while being towed across the bay.
Russian council of war has ordered
preparations lo be made for the equipment of
two hundred thousand reserves. The chan
cellor of the British exehispier state) that
OiW.ttu of the war credit has already been ah-
sorlK-d. Ihe Russian ambassador at Constan
tinople Is urgiug the speedy payment of the
war Indemnity. A very large order for can.
non for Turkey has bceuseut to Krupp's gun-
nors,s in iicriiiany.
Ollielal statements were reeentlv made In
the British psrllameut to the effect 'that repre
sentatives oi r.ugianu, itussla and India had
reached a satisfactory agreement us to tlio
Afghnu lioundarv, and that (ircat Britain has
decided to abandon Ihe advance on Khartoum
and make vtady Haifa tbe Beat of permanent
defense lu the Soudan as soon as the Nile rises.
It Is announced that the stronghold of the
rebel half-breeds at Butollehe has been taken
at the iiolnt o( the bayonet and that the Cana
dian tro-.rps succeeded ill completely routing
incaiitiereulsol Kiel. Five ollleers were killed
In the assault and fifteen soldiers wounded.
The rebel loss Is believed tote verv 6evcrc but
Is yet unknown.
The Egyptisu government will he asked to
purchase the railway material now on board
the ships at Siiuklui. Colonel Hudson will re
main ut that point with a peimauent garrison,
comprising a British Infantry battalion, a bats
tery, a company of Fappers, a corps of native
Infantry and a camel cor a.
A crowd of b n thousand persons assembled
In Trafalgar square, London, for a demon
stration against the proposition to increase
the duty on liquors. The police attempted to
maintain order, hut the people drove them
away and Indulged In riotous acts around the
doors of t!,c Nallouul club.
The American residents of Purls, through
Minister Morton, presented the municipality
wilh a reduced copv of the Bartho'.dl statue of
I.llierty. Premier llrlsson and M. de LcsBcps
cxprcssed thanks for the gift. The affair wus
followed by a breakfast given by Mr. Morion
In bouor of the sculptor.
There Is a proposit on before the British
cabinet to rccull Sir Evelyn Baring from Cairo,
necaiise ne is not in accord wilh the govern
ment in regard to the Sue, canal. Earl Kltn-lii-rlv
stab s that it lias been dec ided to ex pend
f.".,ii,l'll for railways and military roads for
the defense of India.
A band of mounted Indians near Baltleford
surprised a parly of seven police, killing Con
stable Elliott and wounding Constable Spen
cer. The parish priest ut Batouchc stales that
the rebel losses nt that place were 51 killed and
Kit Wounded.
Earl K'mberlv, seeretsry for India, an
nounced In the house of lords that a plan bad
been olllelatly sanctioned involving an outlav
of K'.KHOUO for railways and military roads',
ineiinllug a Hue to ijuetta for the defense of
Preslan, (he Colombian rebel, Is besieging
Carthagcna. A battalion of government
troops has arrived at Panama with one nun
dreil prisoners taken nt Cu!o;i, who were
falsely reported as having been east lulo the
lienernl Wolseley has Issue 1 a farewell ad
dress In which he announces the withdrawal
of the British troops from the Boudan, and
highly praises the conduct of all the depart
ments of the siviee during tlic canipalgu.
1 here Is n fearful amount of sickness among
the British ami Egyptian troons at Suaklm,
The sick berths lu all the ships are crowded
wall patients Hnd additional hospitals arc be
lug erected on shore.
Advices from Toklo, Japan, state that the
negotiations between Japan and China regard
ing the Corean dlflieully, have been amicably
i-oriciu-ieii. i ne result Is viewed as a peaceful
triu-npli for Japan.
The Egvplian government considers It abso
lutely necessary to hold the province of Don
Cola. The public at Cilro are Indignant over
Ihe declared Intention of England to withdraw
from Ihe Soudan,
Au aiisrehist named William lloft recently
wrote to the Swiss authorities a letter threat
ening to blow up the federal palace. On being
lodged in prison, he hanged hlmel( In his
The cable r.nnounceB the dealh of Ferdi
nand Illller, of Cologuc, rhe composer and
I lanlst, anil of (ieneral Von (iottberg, corn
uiunder of the First tierman army corps.
Tlie (iladslone ministry hnd a majority of
thirty acraiusl Ihe mollou of Lord Hamilton
toward n vote of eeuiure. Ihe Parnclllbs
Voted In opposition to the government.
A terrllie snow storm prevailed throughout
Austria and Hungary on the lltli inst. Num
bers of persons w.-re frozen to death and
crops geneiully have be. n destroyed.
A lire nt Chatham, England, which burned
all Monday ulghl, destroyed the Mid-Kent
ciub hoiue, the Hull Inn, uud other buildings,
the loss IWng Motl.boo,
Tlic lute llr.tlsli envoy nt Cabul, has lieen ar
raigned on account of the murder of a relative
shortly before llic aimer's visit lu Lord Duf
fcrln. In a colllslou oft the com '. of England be
tween the steamers Nuuiidls and Messlua, ten
men of the latlcr'a ere or w ere drowned.
Al. de Freyelnet gives assurance that tlic
French government has no Intention o( aban
doning the Madagascar expedition.
The American residents of Constantinople
hnvc presented u complementary uddrcss to
licneral Lew Wallace.
Ofliclal advices from Dongola state that the
trllie of liaggara, lu Wordofan, has revolted
against El Mnlidl.
England has ordered 2!)0 automatic torpe
does, to cost fVsK) each, from a, fltiu In
The work of Increasing the strength of the
forts and harbora on the Black sea hare been
4 The first governor of the Congo state Is lo be
Colonel Frauds de Wiuton, and not Henry M.
The bulk of the commission stores recently
collected at0.ilcttu, In preparation of war, ttlil
be sold.
A Bclglsn Journal reports the appointment
of Henry M. fctauley as governor of the Conjo
Tbe Princess Illsmnrck Is quite 111 with
As a result of the competitive examination
held at Emporia by Lieutenant II. A. (Ireene,
Twentieth Infantry, under tlic direction of the
Hon. Thomas Ryan, sayB a special to Tbe
Knttm Vlly Tima, Bertlce Hastings, of that
city, obtained the highest rank; Thomas II.
Reynolds, alao of that town, second place;
William A. Miller, of Sklddl, third, and John
Hoover, of Emporia, fourth.
The superintendent of the United States
mints at San Francisco, New Orleans and Phila
delphia, have been authorized to purchase
mutilated and uneurrcnt United States silver
coin of stumlard fineness at tbe rata of OS
cents per ounce, Troy weight, when presented
In sums of (II and upward.
Tbo business failures throughout tbo coun
try for t'je last seven days number aa follows:
United States, S l; Canada, 80; total, 239
agalnst SW last week, and M Ihe week p-o-vlous.
CasuallUes were pretty evenly divided
among the different sections of the country.
A dispatch from Tcrrc Haute, Indiana, an
nounces the Insolvency of the United Order of
Foresters, whose liabilities are $40,000, chiefly
In unpaid death losses. The Vigo county
court appointed J. . Somcrs iccclvcr. Loss
of membership alone caused the collapse.
Sergeant Lcffeimiti, a veteran of the battle
of Waterloo, who served fifty-four years In the
United States army and waa retired on a
special pension of frsj per month, died at
Youngstown, New lotk. He waa 88 years of
11. M. Munsell, of New York, who visited j
tne ofllee of O'Donovan Rosia while serving as ;
I Juror on tb trial of Richard Short, was .
Many Lives Lost In Southern Kansas
and Inralcnlitble Damage Done to
Knrms ami Farmorn.
Furlnns Wind and Hall Storms Visit Stockton,
Kit win, Bennington and Other West
ern Points.
Deadly Floods In Southern Kansas.
m'.i( (o Hit Kmku City Timet.
iNiiEPixiiKxci, Kan., .May 17. Many more
lives have len added by a terrible Btorm In
this section to the already long list of victims
ol the Hoods In Kunsai this spring.
The story of the latest casually Is but a mea
ger one at present, because of the fact that tlio
Hoods are still so great In this vicinity that
communication wtlh the surrounding country
la almost Impossible. For this reuaon It Is
feared that when full re; oris can be received
concerning the effects of the storm the losses
will be much greater than at present reported.
All night Thursday and all day Frldav the
rain poured down in torrents through southern
Kunsaf. The storm was in all respects the
most terrible ever known in this section, and
the amount of rainfall wus far gresler than
m i i,-,-urucii.
In sll sections creeks rose with the greatest
rai ldltv. Tile tiiriiis Ki'emsil turned Itt'lo vprl.
table lakt'B nnd small gullies U'cume rushing
streams. These poured Into tlic creeks, and
these lu turn hurled their torrents into the Elk
and Verdigris rivers, until they hud far ex
ceeded their natural lluiUs and hud spread over
uiiics oi icriiie country.
SIX I.IVBS l.osi ox (Willi ritREK.
Card Creek, seven miles west of this cltv,
flows III a goodly poillou of its course through
Comparatively level land. On or near its
banks were situated several houses. In these,
the people, so It Is said, thoughuo reliable In
formation can yet be obtained, owing to Ihe
brrlhlo condition of Ihe roads, hud retired
Friday night without fear that the creek, which
w as much swollen, would overflow Its banks.
lu the middle of the night, as fur as cen be
determined, n great wall of water came rush
ing down the creek mid lu uli Instant the
houses were swept away uud dashed to pieces.
H x persons n ho were lu the structures are
known to have perlshrd lu the flood. Their
names have not yet ts-en learned.
Kuril Ml OCR fosSini.K liKATHS.
Mr. Rla, Mrs. Ward and her Iwoeliltdren at
tempted to escape from the floods on Frldav
afternoon. In crossing a creek at n ford,
w hich In ordinary duvs was shallow, hut whleh
the storms had turned into a mlglitv torreut,
their wagon was overturned and all four were
preeipllutett Into the foaming II 1 and were
drowned. Such at least Is the slorv brought
here lo-dav, though nothing positive can be
learned. It Is also Ju-t possible that the four
persons named were part of the six who lost
their lives In the flood on t aid creek. No
pos'tlvc news can tic reee.ved here for two or
three days more.
INI'Al.l l 1.A11I li JlAMAIll". TO TAItMS.
The damage to the farms and the losses of
the farmers will lie Incalculable. Il Is said
that thousands of horses, cows end hogs wcro
lost In the s nilierii par! of this si ite no I lliat
scores of line farina were completely rulni d.
All lelcgriiphie cominunieatloii Willi the
West line of the Southern Kansas ratlr. ad w ub
cut oil and the lines still remain down so that
Ihe full extent of Ihe di-a-tcr cannot la- learn
ed. The railroad Was badly washed in manv
places. Nearly every bridge along its line w as
destroyed. County iind town-hip hrldg-fl also
eulTerid greally.
It Is utlerly impossible to tlvcnnv est nia
tloii of the damage d-uie, uud it 1-not likely
that any pnsiilve ligiirfB as lothe exb-iit of
the culniu'ty can I e givn betori several days.
Enough Is known, however, lo Justify the
stati iiieut ibat the storm wus Ihe worst ever
kiiowu In this scl-IImi.
Captain Couch's Tenia Blown Ihvtrn.
Cai.owm.i., Kan., May 17. Tbe Oklahoma
colony at Camp Couch, Jusl south of Cuhlwcll,
was visited bva cyclone about 11 o'clock Fri
day nlglit. Nearly every one ill the camp,
numbering al otit two 'hundred, su-taineil
heavy lo-ses, its the storm completely demol
ished Iwelve large b-nts and bully damaged
nil Ihe rest, am) overturned and hlokc up tour
of Ihe tiest w agons.
The wind came from tbe southeast. Colonel
Crocker's tent wus the lirst one sliuck. It was
scattered lu fragments down tin- side of a large
hill while Its eont"nts were brnl'y scattered lu
the wake of tlie storm, n dl-taneeof Iroln
fifty to three hundred bet. Cries for help
could be heard in every dlnetlon.
Mr. F. elu liiergi-r and les w ,fe were found
struggling beneath their d -mollsei d tent and
tlic debris. I'. elicliieri.er ne-hid a terrible
blow and ugly cut over the right eye, while
Mrs. EU'llells-rger was badly hrul.-cd. As the
tent o.ciipled by Mrs, Hniuei and her chfldrn
fell, one of the living Umbers struck Colonel
Crocker square on top of the led, knocking
him senseless for a llloe.
Wagons were curried clear over lome of the
tents uud broken uliuo.-t to pieces. No one,
fortunately, w us either k.ll. d or seriously iu
jurcd. At Kil-ulu.
.sye.V In Toibi Cufe'M.
Knuvix, Knn., M:iv 1(1. A cyclone struck
this town uhout -I o'clock tills afternoon.
wind was a furious one, and It was accompa
nied by hull. II was notk-d Ju.-t before the
storm came lhat Ihe clouds wore a pecuhurup
peurunce, and seemed lo be mu-slng logether
lu tlllfercnt directions. Suddenly, In an in
stanl, a U were, a eloiiil shot downward, ar.d
imniedliilely l'ie funnel sllae was noticed,
and Willi a sort of whirling, z g .ag motion
the lurlous cloud passed In a dlr. etion gen
arnlly from souti-nsl to nonlmcst, though
for a nilniile or two a b-riuido seemed to be
blowing from even- direction. The funnel
shaped cloud in the meant mew. uld alternate
ly bug I lis- ground and tln-u mount in the ulr,
only t i return to earth again, sweeping n its
natti trees, rcmes, bill dings, and every ani
mated llilng. Many people look refuge In
cellars and caves, ami bv this luealitc uu
tloiibtcdly many saved llvi a or escaped severe
injuries. Cattle and horses In huge numbers
were swept before the fin I. -us gal.., bus.nesB
houses and residences were unicofed. and
deva-lslloii of prop, rly generally.
Al present wriliiig ii I iui)ios'sll'lc lo give
thedainagcdone. No one, so far as heard,
was killed outright, but many were Injured,
Jito'iably one or two of them lalally.' Tue
names of Iwentv-llve persons are know u at this
m. nicnt who were Injured. Twelve bouses
were almost totally destroyed, s iv nothng
uhout roofs b rnvii t-lf and barns and out
houses tumbled over.
At Bennington.
BliNNtxoTov, Kan.. May HV-Abnutlio'clock
this afternoon that dreaded monster, the cy
clone, struck this Utile burg and worked con
siderable ruin. A rather strong wind had
Is-eu blowing nil udernoon, mid Buddeuiy
about the hour n-uiied, u very blue' cloud
mu le its appearance, uti I in a lew- minutes a
most violent w hnl outiced down u;on us.
The large bnlldillgoccupled by the agricultural
Implement llrm of Kgeberg A:' Co, waa llfte !
(dl Its foundation and carried lulteadlstanc.1.
Other hustne-s houses and resiliences were
shaken up, and trees and fences in
tic Iraek or Ihe terrible muu&tcr received
rough treatment.
Telegraphic communications from lowns
further west show that considerable damage
has been done In this and nlh-r
count cs. No e timutn of the exact loss
cau ho given jet;
At Slock Ion.
Ctoi ktox, Kan., May 111. A very destruct
ive cyclone visited here this afternoon about
8 o'clock. It aiHarc'l to follow the Solomon
river from west to east. There was a heavy
fall of hail. Over toll) window glasscB were
broken. No Information has been received us
lo the extent of this storm.
Tito Measure of Success.
Success is largely a thing to bo com
pelled, and it is tho result of Ihe meas
ure of resistance brought to bear on
tlio inertia of material, tlio world pays
little heed to the details by which it is
wrought out; these Iind ttioir records,
as (hoy will ullimatoly Iind thoir re
wards, In subtilo tiircos of character,
and on thn corresponding spiritual
sido of life. It is useless to expect a
microscopic system of justico from a
world that looks, crudely enough it
may bo, at results only, and which has
no timo nnd no discriminative judg
ment as to tho means by which those
results aro obtained. Jloston Traveller.
What Kuakspcare Meant,.
Minks "Wasn't it Shakspenro who
said 'All the world's a stageP' "
"Jinks "Yes. bhakspoaro was
qttito a prophet. Ho suw now things
wore going."
"I don't natch your Idoa. Whoro
was tho prophocy in that?"
"Can't you seo?" Business Is con
ducted by stock companies. Sooioty
Is generally run by a loading lady
with a company of sticks." tliiladeU
pAi'a Call.
Was AU KitTht,
"Come lioro to mo, you good-for-nothing
thing," oxclaimod a pious
farnior, addressing his son. "You
ought to be ashamed of yoursolf, go
ing fishing on Sunday."
"I didn tgo lishin pap. I only wont
down tho lane to throw rocks at lliem
nigger boys."
"Oh, woll, that's all right, then.
Recolloot, my son, you must nover
violate tho Sabbath. "4rkamau Traveler,
Whiting and bonzins. mixed to a
paste will remove grease spots Ironi
Salt will remove the stains eatisod
by ofrgs from Bilvor. U must Uo ap
plied dry.
A protty bangle-board is niado In
the shape of a crescent. It is covorod
with palo bluo satin and has a design
of daisies plautod on it.
An effective "chair back" Is of palo
yollow pongco with a design of spider
webs and conventionalizodwith roses.
Tlio webs are worked in whito silk
nnd the roses in palo pink with goldon
A handsomo splasher has the cen
ter of linen or a scrim, with a design
of grasses lu outline stitch. Tho bor
der is made of squares of antique lace.
It is placed over a background of
colored cotton cloth.
C'ofluo dregs and tea loavos are good
fertilizers and may bo worked lightly
in tlio soil about your roses or other
plants that rofiuiro gross feodlng.
riatits nond nourishment in tlio samo
degree as animals, so as not to starvo
Hats nro said to nblior chlorido of
limo nnd will lcavo any placo whero
it is. As it is liarmloss, housekeepers
may placo it in tlio haunts of these
abominations without fear of the pot
dog or cat suffering from "cold
A good salad is mado of asparagus.
whobf" ST' 1,iCCS' """IS prot&e'veTw h' on v
when thoroughly cold pour over it a Wh remedies as aro known to I f, i
essing mauo o on nnd vinegar
(twico as much oil as vinegar, sea
soiled witli popper and salt.
A dollcato potato cream soup is
mado as follows: Make a pureo of
potatoes, thin it with boiling water
and pass it through a slovo; add tho
yolks ofsxix eggs; mix well nnd add
a litllo linelj- minced parsley and
chervil. Servo with croutons.
Very good litllo cakos nro made by
this recipo: Mix thoroughly a quarter
of a pound of pounded almonds, a
quarter of a pound of powdered sugar,
two ounces of butter, n little grated
lemon peel and one eng. Add just
Hour enough to rull and cut out small
cakes with tho pnslo culler: glazo with
egg and bake a delicate brown.
Savo up your tea-grounds for a fow
days before house-i'leaning time, then
steep half an hour la a tin basin,
strain, and use this tea for cleaninc
varnished woodwork and pictures iin3
looking-glass frames. For cleaning
wiiiie piiim, ic.Kc a small quantity ot
iviiiuii'' un ii iiiiiup uannci cloth, anil
run ngniiy over tlio surface, rinsing
with clear water anil wiping dry.
To clean papered walls, tio a soft,
dry cloth about a lu'uum, and go over
the paper, brusli'iig and rubbing
lightlv on every part. To paper walls
Unit havo lieeti whitewashed, wot Ihe
wall thoroughly with strong vinegar
or ;ii urn water, anil wiien dry, brush
U nit over hard wilh a still' broom.
Use n pasto made of starch, moderate
ly thick, nnd apply to the paper cold.
A dainty cream is made of apricots.
Stew twelve apricots with half a
pound of sugar, strain through a
sieve and let them cool. Mix them
with half a glass of whito wine. Pass
this mixture again IhroiiL'h tho sieve
and add sugnr if it is" not sweet
enough; pour It Into a mold and heat
it by placing it in a pan tilled with
boiling water. Servo in custard cups.
An excellent polish fur hard-wood
furniture nnd lloors, nnd one which
requires very litllo rubbing. Is suid to
bo found in a simple mixture of sweet
oil and vinegar, using twieo as much
vinegar as oil. If the wood looks
very dull nnd dry, it will be well to
rub mice witli linseed oil and beeswax
boiled together, but tho sweet oil and
vinegar for constant use is proved
good by experience.
Apply a heavy coat of paint on
kitchen or pantry lloors; this saves
the housekeeper a great deal of hard
scrubbing. Itenetr woodwork fro-
inenlly with fresh imiut and varnish.
These nve great lieanlilicrs, .and will
save in labor and time fully'as much
as they cosl. A few shillings' worth
applied to window nnd door-screens,
before they are adjusted for tho sea
son, will arid greatly to their appear
.ince as well as lo their durability.
Tins dish is delicious: Fricassco a
chicken; peel several cucumbers, put
Ilium into boiling water and cook for
ten minutes. Mako a white satico
wilh stock or milk, accordiug lo tasto;
add a spoonful of Hour, tlio yolk of an
egg, and season witli pepper, salt and
nutmeg. Ai rnngo tho pieces of cu
cumber nnd chicken symmetrically in
a round dish; garnished wilh triangu
lar pieces of fried bread; sprinkle
sonio minced parsley overall nnd pour
on the sauce. Servo hot.
ltliubarb cut up and boiled in milk
is said lo bo very good. Tlio trouble
willi this plant is that it is usually
cooked with sugar, in too much water
and boiled too long. This is sure to
make tho pieces stringy. Tho best va
rieties of rhubarb aro those with a
reddish tint to skin and stalk. Wash
it carefully, but do not peel. Cut in
inch and a half pieces, ami add a tea
cup of water: cover tlio stowpan
tightly, and let steam until tender;
do not stir, turn into n glass bowl
nnd servo w ith powdered sugar when
cool. This sauce is excellent for
breakfast this timo of yoar.
Ufsti'oying War.
War is a thermometer of firo nnd
denlli. It blots out a wholo crop of
grain in a week, destroys tho ollieioncy
of a mighty railroad In three days,
puts millions n-day upon tho public
dobt of a nation, stops credit in ovory
diroction, hastens bankruptcy, nnd
lifts into glory yostorday's hostlor and
stroot car driver. The ullo portion of
tho world will nover go to tho poor
house if a war cau iutorveno in thoir
behalf, ltussia has attempted to come
forward among tlio business nations
vainly; her strong onrd has alwavs
been war. Sho would prefer not to
troublo Kuropo, but unfortunately her
path into Asia lies aoross tlio appre
hensions of England. England, pur
suing n huge trading and ooloninl
career has awnkoned tlio jealousy of
nonrly every nation in Europo which
is indifferent to a strugglo in the far
East or on tho seas botween tlio winter
giant and tho Island rovor. England
is full of gloom, of unemployed peo
ple, of tho sntioty of avarico and of
commorcc. Both" England and ltussia
havo the tomptation to arm tho groat
hordos of Asm nnd uso them In war.
Kiii'lunil has colonies all ovor the
globe, and the attitude of each of these
will bo considered with Intorest. War
Is like tire; you can kindle it anywhere,
but whero you can stop It is a matter
of wind and water. "llalh."
Very Respectable People.
"You lived with tho Hupporsots a
whilo, didn't yon, SarahP"
"Oh, yos, mumj I was with 'em
about a year."
"Thoy nro qnlto a rospoctablo fam
ily, 1'vo hoard."
"'Doed thoy was, mum. Thoy're
dreadful rospcetable; thoy are so.
'Deed mum, they was tho most re
spoctable set I evor lived with, and it
kep' mo on the go constant."
"You don't sayP"
"'Deed X do. Yon soe, mum, they
was too rospoctablo to do a hand's
turn, and took an awful sight ot wait
ing on." Chicago Ledger.
Tho name of the gentleman who has Just de
clined to be minister to Borne It pronounced
Jisjelr, - - -
"Oh I Out that Shadow from thy
Yon pan't do It if yon have llvor
vv.uj,..iui m uyspepsia. i n0 Unrkcnod
voumonanoe tens the storv of inward
vuuiuiuuuu sua woo. uicnr your
0.u,u, niiougmou your digestion,
regulate your liver, tone your nerves,
aud then awav coos thn ahmlnur fe,
your brow, arid vou aro uappv bocanso
you are well. Mrs. M. J. Alston, of
uiiueiuu, ii. says, "i recommend
Brown s Iron Bitters to tho nervous
and dobilituted. It greatly benolited
Snow at the Equator.
Near tho equator perpetual snow
covers tho mountains at tho height of
ia,mi feet; in latitudo UO", it is found
at 8,818 feet, and in 75s at 1,01(3 feet.
The main caimo of this is not that tlio
solar rays possess less heat in tho
highor regions, ns tho contrnrv hn
been proved, but that tho portions of
wiw aim d vnisi piujouiing mr Up in
to tho atmosphere, as is the caso with
high mouulains, possess less of tlio in
terior heat of the earth, being more
subject rb cooling by radiation, which
has caused their temporaturo to des
cend to such a very low dogreo that
even a mtdclriv tropical sun can not
raise it to t.
"Mothers Should Note This."
Under this caption an old physician
writes lo a Cincinnati Medical Jour
nal, that in view of tlio ftiet that peo
ple living nt a distance from cities are
frequently obliged to resort to cough
from oni-,1,., imisnn. nr.,1 n.-,.to...
thus avoiding not only danger, but
even fatal results. He recommends
tho recently discovered lied Star
Cough Cure which analyses and tests
by various Hoards of Health proved lo
bo purely vegclnlilo as well as prompt,
effectivo and entirely liarmloss.
A mixture of glycerine and spirit Is recom
mended, instead of oil, for use on stones em
ployed In sharpening tools. For tools wilh a
relatively lurge surface the mixture should be
three parts glycerine to one of spirit, the pro
portion of glycerine being male larger for
Uucr tools,
Years Tench More Than Hooks,
Among other valuablo lessons im
parled by this toucher is the fact that
for n very long timo Dr. Pierce's
"(ioldeu Medical Discovery" has been
tho prineo of liver correctives and
blood purifiers, being the household
physician of tho poor man, and tho
abio consulting physician to tlio rich
patient, and praised' by all fonts niag
nilicent service and efficacy in all dis
eases of a chronic nature, 'us malarial
poisoning, ailments of the respiratory
nnd digestive systems, liver disease
nnd in all eases where the uso ot an
altetative remedy is indicated.
Iig'c Is a good thing In Us place, but no
logic In the world can convince a man enter
ing wilh Ihe rheumatism that It Is not his duty
to bowl. (7,ie,c,) Sim.
1'ile iiimoi s
however large, speedily and painlessly
cured without knife, caustic, powder
oroinlniont. ('(insultiiliiiii free. Write
for pamphlet and references, enclosing
two letter stamps for reply. World's
Dispensary Medical Association, 6b3
Mum Street, Hull'alo, N. Y.
The cx-khcitlvc has given fpi,t)00 for a
properly lu Klorcnci'. All the tenants have
notice lo quit, and It Is rumored Hint his harem
will Boou arrive.
Delicate Diseases
of cither sex, howovcr induced,
promptly, thoroughly and permanent
ly cured. Send three letter stamps for
large illustrated treatise. World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buf
falo. N. Y.
A cent of IP.'? Is worlh Sll. People who
gave their pennies ti Ihe poor In those days
are now kicking theinsclvcB for their extrava
gance. About one thousiml negroes have left
I. aureus county, r-'oiilh Carolina, for the south
weat in Ihe past twelve months.
Habitual constipation Is not onlv one of the
must unpleasant, hut at the same time one of
tlic most injurious conditions of the human
system, and is hut a forerunner of disease, un
less iciuoied. Tills Is usually accomplished
by ihe use of purgatives, which for the lime
nlTord relief, Iml niter their Immediate effects
lii'Vc passed lliey leave 1 lie system In u worse
slate lliiin before To effect a cure It is neces
sary that the rei lv used should be one that
not only by lis cathartic effect relieves the
bowels, bi.t ut tie-same time acts ns a Ionic, so
as lo restore the organs to a sound, healtliv
com Hon. This 1'kiiki.v Ash Hitteks will
do. It removes the cause and restores health.
The greatest gilt we can bestow on others Is
a good example.
Constipation is posit viy cured by Curler's
1.1111c Liver l'.Hs. Not by purging and weak
ening Ihe Israels, tint bv icgiiluting mid
strengthening Ihcln. This Is done by linprov
lg Ihe digestion and slfniulatliig the liver to
Ihe prop r seen lion of bile, when tlic bowels
will perforin their customary functions In an
easy unl natural manner. Purgative . pills
must lie avoided. Ask for Cartel's Little
Lit cr Bills. Price 35 ceuls.
Ireland Is to have a second electric railway.
Fun pYwei'siA, isDtoRsiioN, depression of
spirits nnd Kelierill debility, in llieir various
forms; also ns n preventive nciiinsl, foverand
iWTlio iiml olhor iriterniitl.-nt fevers, thn " l-'orro-rliosplioratisl-l'llixir
of Calisiiyn," made by Cas
well, lliinird ,t Co., New Vork, anil sold by nil
ttrugiosts, is the best tonic ; and lor patients re
cnveriiiK from frver or uther aieknoss, it has no
Free, from Opiate,. J.irlir anil !..
For Cough, Bore Tliromt, Hotm nrts InflurnsB,
lldav Hronrhltla, Crimp, Whooping 4'onh,
Asthma, (lutniy, I'ulnn In Chini, n.l oUitr
fl tinnt nf ii Tli runt ! Limit-.
Price BO rent it tmtti... firM V Inimtim owl 1VO.
f tk Jvrtir WMhU in indue v.hrittnh t vromumt
0ft U fnr than irlll vo tive tiro boltte,prtictiurat
paid by tending onrtJoltar lo
TUB MUHI.H A. Villi MiF ft mHPAXT.
BuUOwueraaii I HaiiuUrlurers,
iUlllaiirr, flirj Un. T. . A,
Ii dunforuui m well m distrwaiim complaint. If
Urf lctd. It Umd, j iin (Hiring ntilritinn, and dn
moming (tie tons ol ttw jitem, to prepare tlio way
Qntekb-and eoroplsuly Cures Dyspepsia hi all
lu funiii. Heartburn, llelrhlna. Tnnllnai the
fnon, so. It snncliDS and puriliH tn blood, abma.
Utn ti appstUe, and aids lbs onirollation of food,
Ket. J. T. RossiTKu, lbs luinoml psstur of to
Firat fUfonaral Ohuroh. Baltimore, Slit.. Sara:
"Having td Brown's Iron Bitura for Dyspepsia
and InaUrostlon. 1 Uka treat plaaauro In rocom
mending it higblr. Alsocomiditr It a anlendidtonifl
and InTlgorator. and Terr strengthening."
Uennlne naa above trade mnrk and eroeeed red lines
on wrapper, Tnkr no other, Msd.i only bv
LADIES' 1US1D llofjg useful and all ractlve, con
taining list of priiee for Snelpea. Information about
cotna, eta., given away bv all dealere In medloiaa, or
puuied W su e&lroaa go regelpt ol so, tUtue, .
Don't HWp Thla,
So many schemes arc put before the public
rcr the Increase of newspaper circulation,
wbl:h seem to he plausible and vet are fraudu
lent, lhat when a legitimate, lionest effort Is
made to build up the circulation of a legiti
mate, bonus! paper, by legitimate, honest
means, people who have been so many times
duped, nic very slow to resp ,nd to Ihe genuine
Bclicme. W e are led to this Iroln of thought
by a perusal ot tho advertisement of The
Auureim Ittmi Ihme of Hoehesti-r, N. Y.,
publish, d In tills Issue of our paper, to which
wc cull the attention of our readers. We are
acquainted with both paper snd publishers and
take pleasure In recommending It as one of the
very Inst farm and family Journals in tills
country. Every person who sends one dollar
for a year s subscription to the paper receive a
handsome present which Is donated hr the ad
vertising patrons of the paer. These pre
miums con.lst of Cattle, Land, ltenpers and
.Mowers, l'lows, Itooks, l'lelures, llrgnns and
thousands of other valuable articles. The
liural Home Co. Is endorsed by lion.
Cornelius l'liisnns, Mayor of ltoehcster, to
whom yon can wr.te If vou have any doubts as
to lis reliability. It will pav yll lo scud for
Fainple copy if nothing more than to get a
look at tills great twelve-page, sixty column Il
lustrated purer. Acldnss llurul Homo Co.
Limited, llochcster, N. Y.
Miss 8usau II. Anthony Is ou her way to
Boston to look after a twiuest of 25,OtXl.
"Kor Mule at n Srierillre."
A well-established piling llr,- Hoods Store
In Omaha, N'eli. About lu,lirciiilrcd. Ad
dress YV. M. Hi -shmas, Oinuha, Xeb.
I have been allli.-ted wilh catarrh for IM
years. It had Ik-coiiic i hroiile, and there was
n constant dropping of mucous matter from
tlie roof of my mouth. It extended to my
throat, eaus'ng hoarseness and great difficulty
lu Bpeuking, indeed for years I tins unable to
speak more than thirty minutes, and oft-n
this w ilh great dlllleully. I also, to n great ex
tent, lost the tense of hearing In Ihe left ear,
nnd of taste. Ilv the ufc of Kly's Cream Iiulm
i nine reeeiveii more rei ci itnin irorn nil oilier
remedies beside. All dropping of mucous has
ceased and my voice uud hearing are greatly
improved. -.Ia. W. Davidson. .Alloriicv ut
Law, Monmouth, Warren Co., Ill,
A New Iden embraced In Klv's Crenm Ilalin.
Catarrh Is cured by clcausliig'anil h. allng, not
by lining up. It Is not a bipiid or snulf, but
Is easily nil, I cd with the linger, lis elf. ct Is
magical and a thorough treatment will curethe
Worst eases. Price ol) cents. At. ,lro,riruis
60 cents by mall. Kly Hros., Owego, N. V.
iMoiiviiiiu, nsiiiiiiniie, nan I'liunonary
Complaints, - rwn'a Hnmrlii,,! J'roeW man
ifest remarkable curullvo properties. &M
,,, 1 , ' . . 1 "iviiiii inis mr soups, hashes
etc. Illiailaiiiliiili-abl)' Willi i,llgral,s.
The tnajority of tho ills of the human
body arlte from derangement of th
Liver, affecUna bnth the stomach and
bote fit, In order to etfcot a cure, it i
nevettary to removo the cause, Irrcgur
tar and Sluggish action of the JiotceU,
Beadachr,8lck nets at tho Stomach, Pain
in (ft- Rack and Loino,ete.t indicate that
the Liter ie at fault, and that nature re
Qulrf aaslslanca to enable title organ fa
throw off impurities,
Friday Anb inttcrnarcp"etatly
torn pounded for this purpose Thoy art
enlld in their action and effective at a
tnire are ploasnntto the taito and taken.
ea$Uy by both children and adults Ta
hvn according to direction, tiny are ci
tafcand plraea ut cure oj-Il jHpepHla,
Cencrul Vcfcillty.riabltuakoui
fltlpmtun, I.kcumci1 Kidneys,
etc., etc. aniiiood Pur.tlcrf7.ep
nre $uperior to y other mcdlcinct
wteanalng the cynttuh thoroughly, and
importing new lift and enrryy to the in
valid. It U a laoctlcluo aful not a
Intoxicating bevvrago,
and .alto do otixtr. 1'BJ.CS, tl.00 per BotUi.
0U Luuia and Kantwa Ulr, Uo.
Bxmraai& Witt cme
iiiver ana
And Health Restorer,
Jl perfect renovator and luvlgorntor of tho
system, carrying- array oil poisonous msttar,
ynd restoring- the blood to a lien. thy condi
tion, enriching it, ref rcaliing and Invigorat Ing
both mind and body. Aaaourofor 1111UU
MATICS It has no dual.
In all oases of Indignation, Illllousuoss, Con
tipatlon, Ilendacho, 1 oss of Appetite, Piles,
heuralBla, Norvous disorders and all FU
JI ALI- COMPLAINTS. IIn uud .11 A 171'
Slittrm never falls to ported a oure vrlion
liroperlv taken.
Of tho worst forms of those terrible dlBtinsea
kave been quickly relieved, and In abort
time perfectly cured by tho uso of Hops
nnl VI ALT Hitter. Do not gel Hops
asiid illAl.T eonioundod with otnor infe
rior preparations of similar namo. Talio
nothing but Hop anil IrlAI.'t". All
drugo;lMl keep thorn, Nono vonulno unloss
manufactured by
HOI'S k MALT OITIBRS CO., Dotrolt, illch.
Hie um' c.l l.ltlirf'ai pioiliiiTi ii.nirt hi-alttiv
IVnti, nul n iinfTv. fliiM.y r-klti. Iim nli'iitv nf lit mi! unil
liiur('k. Tlio rlilltl llkn It. iiinl, ns to nut itn 'n nun.
ply. w tlic Hi tin riiit'turiin ritulllv from nil iilnytliliiK",
ami nnihi-ninpli'ti' sniiffiirlltm (u Mil, the Uv Sut
ttitutf fur tin- iiintln r'M milk, ltonut h-t your dill,
ilrcn R1..W nit weak ami imiiy, wlii-n Hldgr'a Finl
enn lie uliluliii'il nt ko Miutil I rout.
Ituliltor Homo,
Price-lint ntxl i'nlnl.icHP tree. AB-nta Vnn(ir1.
Aililrrww, Dunatiikn Ar Cai.kinm, KaiiiriB Uly, Mo.
Prfrmlnenllr the heit
l'rrt'il knn wa. Art great
In. veil, good moiiiora,
inaiure varly, hiuiil
wmio pluniiiito, laruo
"lie. My rl..i:k U from
(nut it ml in In tills
Co on try. I lirenl no ol ti
er vnrlcty. r'rm tnt
ucUtw itamp fur elf
S4,''",1,r' AdclroM,
liauaiM utjr,
The Mirror
is no flatterer. Would you
make it tell a sweeter tale?
Magnolia Balm is the charm
er that almost cheats the
K -T3 i 1. -5 r .Tffl
All Sorts of
hurts and many sorts of ails of
man and beast need a cooling
lotion. Mustang I.inimcuU
rcor-vnifiHTro 1
H. H. WAENKB A CO., Socheater, K. t.
$3.00 A DOTTIjE,
H. H. WARNER t CO., Rochester, N, Y,
W. T. HUDSON, nf Itrnwneville, Aln., mnkea
nlliilnvit Unit fnur liotib-a nf Warm-re 'riei-1
I'ANoK, '1'lie ll.'nt. cured hitn of a earn) of blnnd
i"iHoniiiKoi iweiny j-i-nra i-tniiiliii.
$1,00 y- DOTTLE,
H. H. WARNER & CO., Rochester, N. Y.
Hkv. W.M. WATSDN, of Waterton-n, N. Y ro.
Inris mar nie wile la inin-liti-il lo ii tliornuuli
Innn of tint eyati-in nnd rcnt'initiiui nf her
MP-nulli, In H 'liner a 1 11'l'Ki-lMiK. I la Heat.
--.wj-e.w, iim iiiunt Bui.t:flr:iu. rtrofur
Xovoruwd.' Dr. P.C.liallou.Moktoja.Vt.
'Kidney.Wort it nlwaya mUtble,"
Dr. H. K. Clark, Hj. llrro, Vt.
mrorliij." Dr. C. U. Sumiacrllii. aim inn. s-j.
ti liu cured i7hrro nil pIpo liatl Mci. It In mild.
butoHclont, KTA1M.N lift At'TiO.V, but
liannlcsa in all cases.
I J ll the nUoi and HtrcncllimanBa
KUen New Mfo to all tno ir-iporUm'. cr;-oaB of
tha Ixk!7. I ho natural actinu of tlio Kidiicya Is
roritorod, Tlio Ll7cr la cloatiaod of all clLwaw
HTid tbo Bov.cla ni37 frocly and hoalthfiiljy.
In ttiia wry (ho woret disooecil aro erosiicatod
trom liio Byctcm,
wet, i.oo uqvm oti rhy. sot.d ut DnvcGim.
."ISA rosmvi: cnin Fun .
All 1!io-ii tin Infill CrtmiilninH
nrnl WintiiH'svrs no rum mini
toiiir licst
4 ri:M.i,K ropi'Lvnox.
I'rin- f I In lli,nll, )lll or hirngr f. na.
V r-ifrv)' $rUhj fur tht- Ufiltimii'.e .t iling of
din-if u.i t tht rt I iff nf run, tl"t U t'ofit all
it el-tiinstodi, than i.'t'f.i f lf-itntn flfllutuHfii-
It will fiirn ctitlr J.v i ll Ovnrin'1 Itmilili'ti, lull, lining
tl'iii fim! I lo-rntliii.. Iri!li!'ir and li iilactnt ni, ami
ci.n... (iifnt Si'ii.'d Wi'iii-m, aud In iwiil.-ululjr
niliil. ilt.ttli tliiinpn in.-. ".,
U r- in '-il'.'!fi,'i. -.1,1", itiil.'ii -y.d. .tniynlli-rnvlnif
f'ir -I. itiihr.t -.iitul i-li-v. ( IK- s, (tin Sloinni'li.
It I'tirn i!l'..r ;,.f, il.aii.i-'i.. ri-wrMioii,
(iin inl ii.:.'t!.y, Sli :.l.-.iH'-e, I '..Ii nml li.dl-
K -ii -ji. Tint f.'. hit j uf Ik 11 .l.iwii,.'nt.ntr uiif.
linl li-kn.'iif. l.i.ih'i.j'i i.Tiirun-iillv ciiri'dln iIhu,,-,
;; -.. ii.niijiio I.yim, Hiih., fur ii'ihii)ii-t. l.'. tti-rscf
Iii'imr;1 coiuMtiituiUj' Hii-in-n-J, !' i-.,tL-Uitntyjitt,
i. hendwon;
606 & 668 Wyandotte St.. KANSAS CITY. MQ.
1 1 in biucuKu- rt union tHi 10 ironi nu
rhrr.nl,-, Nervnnannii Scl.il IHbcmh-H,
Hpm'unl WcnlsQfM iNluItt Loiwuj, Sci-
liltl JWiilUjr l.onH- f Soxnnl I'onorl.Ao.
(.urnljCiirci.r jnniify rrftimlrd Churar-B
low. Afii ninl ('Xlrf-rlr-t.ru nrr iiiinrirlHiit. Nn
ti-icury or iiilunijiii jiu'ilii'inri uatil. Nu time luttfrom
biKnicM. 'tieiiti 'i1uii a tli'tauro trcnlrd hyiiiml. Mnli
rim itfiitfvcrvwhrrc free fur.n cmc or I iriuk ;. Wntpymir
rar n-il fur (trim. C"Tia.i!:atn)Ti Trrr nu-1 r.-iilttlt titnl,
A UUUK fur Uolh Illuit d, at-ul irnvi forfejn atauiri.
A POSirn'F. CVI.K ftr RHBUMATISM. $C0O fnriny
rate tliit trrtitmriii fili to euro or help- (JrfnU'M ili'diTi ry
In a mini i cif jnf rlii-inr. One dn Rie. rtlirf; Ur lnr r
movofrvrriitd iti injninti; fun' coiuiilct'il in .'.l- 7 ilnrt.
tni Flati-mrnt nlinai- m ith tump f-r Circiilnrs. C'nll.nr !.
Dr. Henderson. BOCWyandotte SI., Kanw City-Ma
JMnnihlne rinblt Catwl In 14
toUtiOuym, liny llll Cai-ed.
Ju. J. wrBi-incNs, 1,,'Ui.iiuii, otiiifc
X. ' 'V rUCDU MCtll
. t- i i 1. 1-ri
yyjC go" rresont
T''jr7" a
5 m" S O 3
and vour name
Vtlie books, and
Copy with List of Presents. Everythlnffeoes
'W Ujllri'frt'l'it'le&leWmJZ
Rotlicslcr, N.Y.. Mar.ai. i89.
nfthe Amkmicav Ki'hai. MOMit, and 1
X$S$Z:& public?"'" "mm
ii.iuiiu,-,, n mc puiuisner
g-M-fkgM5 cMjmlted, ROCHESTER. N.Y
XjIsjds riiiuai at.t,
Barnes Wire Cheok Rower.
Tho Only Entirely Successful Wire Oheok Rower Ever Invented.
. l-oimlur Jotu.o WJipM ,, EASY to Opornto.
CIIAMIIEUg, PlillINO, QUIrtl-AN CO.. EaclnalTe Manufactarers, DM.tr, Illinois.
Onlv Sontll Slnj Iivntll,
Champion Hog Ringer,
Binge and Holder.
, vinj iiiiiir tnai win enec-
!uallr keep hors from rooting. No sharp points
la Ihe nose.
CHAMBERS, BERING, fUlNLAN CO., Eaclutl.e Nsnulidurari, DECATUR, 1 .11.
Prosocnto tlio Swimllcrs ! t f :
If wlicn you axk lor Hop Bitter (tee erecm
cluntrr of 7A-w on the white iVttV) tlic tlrugglot
liands out nny stulT cnlktl C. 1). Warncr't
licrinan ifip BMtcrs or with other "Hop"
nnm", nfu-c i aid lmn Hint tlrug'at a yoa
would a vIjht; imt If lu1 l tnken your mon"
i-y for tlic stiifl iutltt him f-r tlic fraud, and
t-iic blm for dmnnifg for the Htviudlo, and we
will rcwnrJ you lihurully for the conviction.
"I HnvcSuirored!"
With crcry disease lnmj; nnhlc for the last
three years. Our
Pniu'ii't, T. J. AD'Icrson, recommending
llH(pl(ittTfl"-to mc,
I usi'd two loftlrs!
Am entirely vurcd and henrllly recommend
Hop Hitters to every one.
J. 1). au.kh," Btickncr, Mo.
Coniitcrrcitinij i'ruvea Hiiporiority
4'AItl)Uuli counterfeit ns 0DC f tn
greatest crimes njatnet the buaiucda of auj
country, and in inauy cuei'S
"DcMruetive of hoalth and llfel"
"It pruvet. iH-youd a doubt the'1
Of ihe article cuuntfrfclti'd :
Ae no inferior article in ver a,vnterfrttet1.
Froof uf Mils is found in the great number
"Aiiftrnlla, Knijlund. France,
"Geriiumy, India, i)cl;iutii, Canada and tbe
U. 8
Of Counterfeits ol the great remedy, V.
"ll.tp Hilten,' s
Whose uaine nnd merils are eo well known
'n the world over that It is a
".lilulii!; mnrk and fuvoritc prey
"Forcnunteifi'lters I I !"
Beware of all lhat does not have a greet!
cluster of hops on the wlihe label.
J'rosocutn tlm Swindh'rH ! ! !
It wlirn ymi eH fur Hop Hitler (eon groen
eluftiTof llnpHon Hip wliito lnln'11 tlm druwiint
iiHinlri unl un j (.tuff cidhil ('. ). Wumm-'a (inr
in n Hop .thlers or witli oilier "il." nnmo. r
f line it nnd flitin Hint drucuM rh yoa would
viper; mid if lie Imn (nken your money for tlio
ftuff. iinlict liim for Hie (rniiil nnd win Idm for
d.-uiiiiiieti for the Rwinille, find wo wiJl reward
you lilTiilly for the eonvlrlion.
will s pitri for jtsf Orala Fa
r iiii( tti ihil fin rlotR una
j ir ,.0llf i'.,fMt HON a kt H
uf" 4rnln and ttti parft
'ii Hajjtarr t -nr J mprnri
Warr)iOH Mill anh KtU-T"hl-h
KfulIfT rhMp. Clroi
Ur 10 fl Prlrt i,ii mullrr rVefc
I'vluMbaa, Ohl
-nllNtroiiAi i cn rna rrucuriun
liv Maw. ii & llanillu Orgnn ami 1'iano C".. j?iittmB
:fti..'. r:;r('.i. ..'. Mf, oi,i. ly ,c RUSSIA
EVtKYWHEHC. OJ-fimnple Tin Cau by Mail, Ut
llt. lsK jmnii'soii'.s
1 nrtlrlc Ik ii rnrefnlly prr)arnl pliyil-
()irMTlHliii. mill Ihik in'i'ti In ciiniifliif in
rtun'n lurHTlinl. n. ninl Iiiik hi-vn In i'iiiKlntii iie for
liiiirly it mil ii it, iiml inn YvtiliMiunllni: Mir nmny utlirr
Tirciurniliutuhjii lm v lutn iiiiiuiiuiifl lute tin- mark
ri. tin' full' el ililxHiili lr H ("ii-Iiihlly IihtcjihImk. If
tlie illrrri liii.tvnrP felloivi'il It will nover full. Wc par
tlciTlHilylnvlti'Un' niiiiitli.Diif ptivhltlunm-iltKiurrlti
Jubu I. Tlio in u .on, Muna At Co., Iruy, N. V.
riold liy ALL DEALERS llironEl,oili tlio World.
Ciold Medal I'nrln Kxpaslllan, 1878.
i Im.M il :.jvu roiiicl) f r tiioalinvo illume) ; bj 11
tno tl..i-Mm.f r..r,. tlin irnt klml midnf lnnif
In i;r:n--ii. -Mi-iii l wl.i fi'n.i two iiot.i,i:h i-ui:b.
Lv-ctlnrwlt-ui VAI.rAlll.lITRKATIKKiiittliUdlMaat
tuaLj BiiOi-f- r. tiivi--r. nr. ami l". o. nJJr-M,
J)lt. '1'. A. M.OLfM, lal Teiirl St., yT York. ,
Lorillard's Climax Ping
II1. i..tlfllll,....1f ' Ielll.rf..
Nnvy riippinuH. iui-1 nut Irrllljinl'H Suuila, uio
imsiinni uij'! i-rr-i, fi.ii:i v ci.tisl.lcrpil
II- i.ur.l-'IIKl:, W- in WiK aii. MI.....I...-.1
W.ir.' ((., Wiihineloii t't.. I'oHtun. Alajm.
!ri'Pomri I 1 1 1 H-y 1 1 l-l I Clmtr llallrrs
(JS iViali,.:ttp St.. KAAaCiTr,MO
Krvnt- Arilfifiiil Kvp. Lnrnlcd Iflyri
Bro. Jonathan's Jokss
l!ninze9,Itliiatratcl. font,
1 l''i-ltall,irurTwulv0(iuta.
UWi.crVi;M'f.;r-''reiiw, 3D Ml BrsaaBSewTofa.
JIIIj JIIM fIj. mm-tmr to II. (.I..V.T,
lOOt Mnln HtrRff, Kiiiiaitml-liy, Mo. Snlli-d
or fmli'i, tuotn, vkh, ruiilf. MihwIi. TlnnncF, Fenth-i-is,
etc., in ml u lu limlc llKi' lii'W. Semi fur prlrcn.
tmijaMy-ayglTiityafgf i , uau.
llnv Ni-w s.llvcr-1'lali'il SIiijiit Swli,n
MncliliM', waii'iiilvtl . yciir. Kor part leu
lar., aililrvai ('. . ARAM, lllilrapi, ill.
I CLCUnaril 1 Fl IISIMimi. Clr, ular. rre,
l.ll.l.MIMi IIIIO.S., Jiuiosillli,, Wla.
U liolc.iiii. anil rrlall ilrnlrri, In all
Faia rrti.' M atfiiui... r.iuliplawnre 81., iiau.aaljlly.
T. M. V.-K. .
Ho. III.
Itrin miplying to anj of the above
tidvurtlsci-H, rio not tbrrrot to my that you
saw the aUvertlsement lu thlH paper.
valued from 35c.
no favoritism
5 2J
g et S'-
1" 5' 2- S "2 P
" 3 u
M ta e J H ?
J. 5- E j.
S. o--. a.
in a s
troes on.i(
vour oresent
',Vf J" -Wi
;'"l"''-'J,-"f ''! ail nT tti Rarnei Check Row.
.rl. tlie ho-t and molt tubitantlal evidence or lb
S ;,"wf11 ' ! value and imr.c.r tuaTtt ti,
tanner aa a Labor harliii M.chlhe.
I he trlra due. not crimn flte mwhine, rAia arnlri.
', tyoar and Ktrnln V the Wii
JiuT friction mm. millcvi ami mnkliii a wlreihat
. jol cro,. tha niacdln. out. ear ae'cral wlrS
y ,i "" la awiaraot u rsaselbS
Onlv Single Itlnirevcr inveolcd
that cloaca on Outaida ol
the Noac.
Elliptical Ring
And Triple Groom Has snd Pi.
Onljr Slnlc Blni that elan
i MS

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