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The Butler weekly times. (Butler, Mo.) 1881-1918, April 14, 1886, Image 4

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J. I). ALLIEN Y.uyxuw.
J. I). A;.u:'
i ;:.::.,.:s (J
.lc (J,., i'ror.rR-torv
nL'. .vJi'.II' ilUN :
A'.. 2 c lc "-r.t to any liiarem
.-;);' -ci) v, Ai'!:!.'. 14, r.SO.
tilr ;.
: .;
r-. r: ! r.-; vrvrtVF.
v.-. nr.- mi'.. .-' I t r.nmnin'f tl.- name of
J. It. II.jii.-ni, ii .r;if t sii.-.l..i', i- r tllf llir.
.f I.'.-it--' ti'ivt-. fit.;' t '. t: ilrci'i'j i.f tint
w r,u'. ii.n I ti u li i : t!!. n:i:e r
f"irn iram i'i 'i. "f .'it. ruai.-mi i"W n-nii, l-r
t-... . !?;... 'if r":r.-n:'.i'.l"', !. t t l ili-
Ctuiou ol tin- ! :.i i ,;r.i ii.ioii
for fii'hi i . j i.k.
r.' ni,t!; r'.i- ! t. ; i t: ' tV n:fn er
Mil 1
V,- It
il v.; i i ..! .. 1'i-n.f t.-inviii, lr
i.iat i- nf iip.l.r;'" j.i -41 ) j - -1 t-j tlie
.. I.
i... i:i.
f li li i . r- 1 I ' I ' ' j
I .i-:.
M ;!!.
Jolm 11. .-ulli'ii. at Nrtv Itoim- tow nohiii, fur
' . ' - i ' . . : ' '.. uurt
wo rn nnthorO'"! to fiiponnrn thf name of
'n i. V J.i .... r, . Ml I'm a I" '. n.liiii, fur
ti.f i.!iir.-..i rr- -i 'iti.iy.- ; '.' ' i:.!)ir.j f.urt,
u,i I v. ;:. . a a '-' i.f-ri.'.ic ea-
t ..rt:... i .
t- tic AsfiOCiA I b Jt." 1. k-O. luUT.
im ... ;ii.2i. , ... I ) ; i. t'.- Iii.2l.tf Cf
.'O'l.-.- A. S.i.t-.i:.. ,S '.-i.-.-t ,'V!il., Inr til.,'
o.ijt ,.i it...... i. ,:i ..i -! ' . ' . J : ' , ."i. i: r; .-r
thi '.t ".L'TIl .itr:.., li lii iM't t'l till' llri'Uion
j I . .il .' n. : ' . ' I li' 'II
'i'lMn.i'.'.' I t.. i;." ..'' tl.e I.Iir.n' of
I. VV. J-.iiiiih, r Mt Jl.-it'itiil :mliii, li.r tiie
' .; n-- -i i;i..' Ji'. i rf'i i'.i;;nty ciiurt,
tr l lit. niirtm rn lintrnt, Kin ji i t t tli.-'lei ioi'.ij
t f t '.if tlfiiiiitriiti'' ri i. v..:.'.loii .
wo am ai.tliorii-l to aiinoiiin'ia the name of
(2 A. t '.rl.in, ill' ll..v :r l t'. M).. I r t!if
fl'.i nl 1. ' ri'lf jll t . ..1 ! I.i 'Hi u ;. o.l.rt ,lur
t!tf -.iit: ".n ili.iv.i t. Mil I. , t '. t'.f 'l i iii.m i.f
:.;t- ' ;u'' T!.tii' rnn fi.tioii .
v ,. a-,. Ti;:i,.r;fd u umm . in.-.- t.'n' iii.iiki i.f
in . . liu l l, ir I n t li' i i.f "n..l.i. f.ir
'.if ll:r" of M'.iiiilf )'i.t:.-,. i.t tin- n.ii.'ity
mart, tor lii lu.rl !n m ii.'.:ir! . ':l.i i t to tlm
'I'l-i, ii f ttiu iWm.H'ratii f ..a . i !i.i',;i.
n nr.i .tiitlinri.uil to hiiui.iiiiro II. f L.inuf .f
JoJbC. 1. I ..Ip, i.f .-prm-f tow nhliip, for tlie
fitUfff of nhHocintf ju.stic. t thf ruuntv court for
Uim iiortlii rn lU.tru t, nulijerl to tlie ili inocratic
r B' tuition.
row niFiti rr.
hh nr Hutliorifil to Hiinoiiiico tlie numn of
Pav i'l A . I oyliT, of Mt . I'lf'i.t tow iiKlnp, for
timolilff ol Mif ri:r, hiil.jfft to tim lift ioiou of
I if . ; hi. rnl ir r un iili 'ii,
! nu niitliorif I to nn'ifiiii''i tli nnnif of
Ji-. i.. .-.Im... ::, ol .uiniiiit tow u,!ii'f lor tl.e
i fll ff'n-rl'T, .ill.'. -i-t to tin- .'fiaoir.flic rou-
V. ... to r.ini..rr. i' tin- nuntf i.f
. I '. Il'i'f, ot I'lfifiitiM iai tw iiKliip, for Hih
1 II.. i I .i . ..I . m:.i t I In Vf.f iii i.-..i.n of li.e
fit-nuirriitlp roiivpiiti'in.
f nri' itiitliori.nl t aiiiioiiii'" tin- tintnn of
12 (.l!l...r,.l(., i.f l . .1111 1 1. . nli i . r tl'l-filli-c
oI'MiiTid'. xiil l. it '.ii tl..- I'nclH'ii f.f t!:i'
Ci'l.ioi r.il.r i o.if f iii.nii.
f tirf nutiiori.i to niiMotin'" tl." iiam of
in Iti nil, i.f fiHiik'f ton nnliip. ffur tin' oili.-f of
MiilTill, i..ll.j.' t to tllO .oV...i..il Of till' lIl lUO-
rrntlr fonn ntlon.
t) ar.i utliorioil to snnrinu o tin' iiunu- of
Win II .luiiii ...ii, i.f li t :. r.-niit towniiliip,
for tlit' oiliii- of Kin ml', KiiLjict to tliu ilicioiou of
2 if li.'.liin'l'il' If '..ll. tUi ai.
lot I V t I.LKK.
i a.i-niiti.orii"I t.. :uni'.i;iiff thi name of
Thou. I.. Hnrj.fr. of l.oim fnk towiihln)., for
thf ollii ol I ...n.t;. t li rk, Milijfitt to the tifois
lon of tli tlt'iiiixTittic tomfiition.
we are mtliorlieil to announce the name of
R. J. Starkn. of Onaxt townahli). for tbe
ofBre of county clerk, aulijprt to tlie dccinion of
tlie ut'inocratlo coueutiou.
Vi are anthorlxpil ti announce the name of
D. V . llriiwn. ofMt. l'lfaoant townh i. for the
ofllce of t'oiintjr CUrk, futijt'Ct to the dfoision of
iue ueiuocratio contention.
are autliorle'l to announce the name of
'. A. Kr.-Mhear. of Onaire township, for the of-
live of county clerk, luliject to tee decision of
me ueniocratic conToutioii.
We are autinririil to rninnnncA Wm TT
Mfu l, of Uockvillti township, a a candidate
for thf offlc,. of l ..imt UTk. Mil jpct to the will
vi witt uuiuocratio 1'arty of Kates county.
e ar.' autl.orif.l t, announce tue name of
",r" Ki-eniT. or t.r:n.l KlTer township, as a
candidate r..r trcannrer, sr.tjvct to the Uemo-
i ruin: tronve niu!l.
we "'Hthor'i"I to ant ouiHV the name of
.C Ar nht' of Mt- I'leasant tuwuehiii. for
the otlli'f.. treasurer, Bu'oifct ti the dici-kin
o-.n'i. rn .. i' . el 'io'i .
we are authorized to announro the name of
J. N. li..l,art,. I' .-j .(..,, . i, ip. f,.r ihecf?!re
" '"'Bsnrer, aul.Ject to the democratic conven-
we ure authorized to announce the name of
" ln v. iiayes, 01 mi. t tvaaaut towusliip, for
t!io o8!eo of Circuit Clerk, subject to the decia-
iou vt me ueuiocxauu convenuon.
t 0 are authorized to annnnne h
T. Hiter Crockett. Mt. I'leasant township, for
tbe office of fTosecntinir Attorney, subject to
tuv unguiuu vi tue ueiuocxauc couvenuon.
We are anthorlrel to announce the name of
W. O. Jackson, ofMt. Pleasant township, forthe
ce of 1'rosecutinK Attorney, snbject to the de
ion 01 tuo ueniocratic convention.
authorized to annonnce the name of
.7 '"". -t. ruaaiii townstuii, for
,',"'rt Kecorder. subject to the decUon of
the Ui'iuoratic couvi'iition.
we are antlioriie l t. announce the name of
rfim. 1. IVilIianis, of Mt. I'li-Ssnr.t townsi io. for
the omce or ttecordt r. ful jivt to the dvciuoa of
tic iii'u.i'crst.c Ci'ne!-.ttiu.
Wi n'v nthorizfl t announce th name of
". 'cnt tVent. fif New Ihune tow ruhip. u-r the
i.. . : Kecor I-r. .r.'-Vct to ti c'.tvii'.on of the
.cmsrrat!o conu-utii'ii.
We are autliorued to aunoume the r..inie of
Duke W. SinipMin, of lVepwatrr towu'uiti. for
tnc office of Kefor-lrr, su'or-t to f'ie decision of
ut. x.or.n'ic convention.
y. i" irthorize.1 to announce t'.ic r.ain- or
J. t. Crow .of S.mcc Uiwnsmp. for the office
of It '!ii !cr. subjeft to the dccUion of t' e
CeiUtKrat.c convention.
A report lus gamed circu. i :: - '
the effect that T. V. Powderlv is to
t , , . ' 1U
be offered the nom-.natton lor .-.-
emor of Pennsvlvania. bv rue Y?n.,
THE EESULT SATISFACTORY. ! Mr. Wade can't "deliver the
The result of Tuesday's cay c!,-c- j goods" as slippery as he is in dod--
tion is very satisfactory to the de:2.o- i 1:1 tl.e isr.e.
crats -not only of our city m ! . y4-e j12ve ht-.-: accused of very
township, but throughout the county, j manv mean acts, but of gom back
It repudiates theviie slanders heapt-d j cn ;l f,;CIKi ,n tbne of need, never.
upon several worthy and Ctwr ;
jjenilemen and county officials by i
f!,. runiiMirnn tt-.-v tint ?i iit-a;
, , ,, . 1. if 1
plot had been Concocted to defraud
the honest voter and cheat the people
out of their legally elected 1
I, a!-o ues the lie to tV.o-o
so industriously circulated by ceia:n
parties during the pot ofiice c mi
pain tiiat friemls of the defeated
a:i!id:ttes wouM bolt the pnrtv at!
, . - . .. !
ne iirst opportunity. Had .e r ....
iiice firht recited dihereiitly, t .en
. , . . .. 1
no teliintr what miirht nave neen ui
result. It Koes still lurther. how
ever, and says in thundering tone
in the voice of the people, we v. ill
have i.o mote worthless niLtwa'.ch
and secret detectives, paid from t!:e
nii'olic trt-astirv bv an i''ii"i 'iit ui'
I J r j
con up', board, to spy into piivate
a2id fan.il y affairs. j
Of course the slur on our worth'- j
circuit jude, Jan
ilt" 11, Kj
Democrat oi L' week, ;s ! '''.
understood by a!! who are ac-pnunted
With Mr. Wade's modus opcravJ:
in a political catrpain that any
n. eons is justifiable to the af.i'a i.ent
f.f l is end-. Ti e fallacy of such an
!:- -i tion is so palpable to the lea-t
id'vt ivi r that to rtt tempt a deferx;
o! ihe Judge's judicial decii"n voi:!d
be to presume on tl.e intelligence of
the public and put ourselves in a
ridiculous liht. Why, sir.-, as the
gentleman hnn.-elf would s iy, lv t ns
try a criminal bcfoie Mr. Wade's
bar of justice. We have a man 1 c;e
who has been accused of a certain
Clime in a judicial procjedin re
could have a lair trial, employ his
counsel, produce his witnesses and,
if innocent, establish his inuocensc ;
but before tins bar we want no evi
dence in the matter except as t m r-ni.-hed
by madam rumor and what
v.e pet on the surface. We will
i-uhmit it t.) a vole ot the cit'.:cs:-
urid if 'Lev sav be ouirht t !: .!'' kc
1- '.piniv 00 icneril princp.es, ;"i '
we will h2iny him. We readily see
that t us leads us back to mediocrity,
and a slron argument in favor of
lynch law, that jre;i crime with
which the settlement ot every new
country lias to contend.
A tery pertinent suggestion ha
been made by tpute a number of our
most prominent business men and
largest shippers, that an effort be
made by our citizens to induce the
Emporia company to extend their
road from the junction of the Mo.
Pacific road at the tank into the eat
side of ur city. Mr. Stillwell,
general passenger and freight agent,
has been in the city quite frequently
of late, and from those who have
talked with him on the subject, we
leant that he is vety favorably im
pressed, and will endeavor to induce
hi company to extend their line as
The Times lias never promised.
Judge Gantt or any other candidate
anything. We have complimented
Judge Gantt because we think he is
one oi the best men in the state, and
because we know whereof wc speal;
when we say he has more friends m
Bates county than all the other can
didates combined. "Deliver" is rot
in our vocabulary, and we have never
been accused ot selling out our
We haye made it a special point
to enquire of good democrats from
every portion of the county to gain,
it possible, the choice of the people
for congress, ami we find the senti
ment almost universally for Gantt
just as it stood at the February term
ot the circuit conrt, when out ot
twenty-lour jurors, twen.Ly-three
favored Gantt and one S' . ne.
Uro. Wade, in classifying 'h?
pcrs of Ba-cs county, houM tell
exacty how- each one stands on the
corgressional race. It he doesn't
come any nearer the facts with :'-.e
ret of the papers than in the ci.-e cf
the Rich Hill Review, his class, fica
tiou would be worthless.
Mr S-on,- t- - 1 .
' iT' "-one ticeds 110 "apologists, "
whine r,:a T ,
. ... ,.tUK nciccnary ueienuers
over the district, and yet they are
continually apologizing forhnn.
The black k.v.ht will have ! get
: t'p Trc
sidentsal buQn cnsctre:h:r.
I else K-Mdt-s h s army ?s has
( c'c
; fallen
There are ii:uiCUuu lUat D-: e'
and Elkir.s m iv one day be ened
; u i:o ! 0r political coiurol n
New Mexico.
The State IJoard of Equalization
has raied t;i-j a-einent on the real
&f ; cv JO rt.r Ct.pt
" , . " ,
tro.n that ltf.r.r.ed by tbc nsseors;
15 per ce:
15 per cent in
We are very sorry our two worthy
nisiht- watch private detectives are
"uin" to res; ":! before the new board
co:2.es iii. It is only a rumor, how
ever, ar.il they tn iy not let iooe the
tcl until knocked of:.
! The Ark-.'. n as democratic state
convention rvee? in Lit,!e Hock Time
30. St.'te ff.'cer, circuit const judg
es, rro-ecnti;v aftornevs and mem
hers ot the general a emldv will be
elected in tSsp-ember next, and in
November tollovMir five represen
tatives m cotrre-s will be chusen.
What I etttr -r o'her re-. son is
needed for the removal ot a frovern
ment cleik than '-the good of the
service?" These stipendiaries seem
to have an idea that the government
is maintained for their benefit, or
that they have a vested right in it. A
little dynamite ccntlv exploded un
der this no'.'on will be for "the Ood
of the service."
Our thanks are extended to Col.
W. 1. Stone for congressional docu
ments, lately received.
Col. hfone deserves a renomin 1
tion to congress, and the democrats
ot the 1 2 th district should see that
he gets it. Apple-ton Standard.
We hope the result is quite satis
factory, Col. S'ore. It usually
catches Ym, I cep the good v.oik
Among Sain .Tone's Chicago con
verts is a "young newspaper man."
That is nothing to brag about. Any
clergyman with a sort, insinuating
tong'ic and p!eaing address can con
vert a young journalist. Lrt him
tackle the old one. Take an old
tellow who iias been in the harness
forty years and get him on the mourn
er's bench, and you have an item for
the associate press. K. C. Times.
One of the judges of last spring's
city election who has been persecut
ed for his action in that matter by the
republican press of this city, met ye
editor on the street and heartily, con
gratulated him on the success of the
Times in the recent city e'ection.
When the Times man modestly sug
gested that he had only done his duty
and that others claimed to have
"solidified the democrats," he said
that "all the boys understand who
has stood by them, and they will not
forget it."
Judge C. D. Cole, of Spruce town
ship, presents his claims through the
columns of this week's Times for the
consideration of the democrats of the
northern district, lor associate judge.
Judge Cole served one term as Pre
siding Judge ot the county court
and made a very safe .'nd conserva
tive officer. He is a gentleman well
liked by all who know him for his
integrity and high moral character,
he is an unswerving democrat and the
people of t.ne northern district could
not do better than to nominate Char
ley Cole for their representative.
Judge J. X. Ballard, of Spruce
township, asks the office cf Treasur
er of Bates county i.t the hands of
the democratic voter-. fudge Ba!-
. 1 i . . 1 . -
iaru iias iii.ee; several o!:ces o: pror.t
and trust in B.ites county and always
with honor c-rA credit to himself nr: :
coNstituents. He is good financier.
having aiad-. a decided success :n his
own biiness r.r.d would therefore
make a safe and conservative nun
in whose hands to entrust the public
money. He is a conscientious, clever
gentleman, well liked by all who
know him, and would make a No. r
The Rev. Ir. (fbi y f,.T!f.ws lllit-it
Relations Wh'iTw.. Youii!?
Springfield, Mo
niO't stnrtlin-r and
nrd 7. The
ensational reve.
lat!0:i have ' r. ?na
le at Morris
ville, Polk county, which invohe
the Rev. Dr. William C. (Jodbey,
president oi u.c ?i.-i i':.s . i..e .11-'.;: aie,
21 lioui 2L:;'.g n.ucai.v'iai institution
at that place under the au-pices ot
enure n
'i:.e (: tilt- i !.;cts 111 il:;-
case leaked out until to-day w l.en it
was learned that the Rev. Godbey
Came to tills cii v o:ie v a k ago la-!
Monday and hoarded a train on the
'Fiisco toa-.i, : g to patt- un
known. The cause cf uit .su.ldwii depart are
is alleged ciiu:h...l ii.timucy w ith
young laily stud, nts, ie..rding wh.ich
H is lepolted he ..:2w0 a if.l!
confession to his v.iie just be tore he
left. About iolli vea2a ..o, at t22f v.
God'oey's request, two sifters n.i;ie.l
McFarlaiul, acd ..1 -mt 10 year-,
came to Moiiisir.e f: otn Henry
county ti.i attend idtul ..V the insti
tute. It is sai ! tint t':ey were of 21
poor though respectable family.
Both wire c: ;
-t i-i! lel.t-
tives of Rev. Gjdbey, who agreed
to wait until sucii tone as they were
able to pay the exp. nses of their
While at Mi n i'iitc the girls kept
their own hou.-e, at which the Rev.
Godbey was 21 vi-it !', but as he was
at the head of the school and old
enough to have been the fiither of
the young women, nothing was
thought of this until rather recently,
when Mrs. Godbey by some means
got itn inkling ot her husband's in
fidelity, and he made a clean breast
of the matter to her and then skipped
It is stated that both ot the )Oung
women left school .some time ago,
but that tiie illicit lelatioiis between
them ami the Rev. Godbey were
kept up until a few weeks ago, when
the wronged wife learned ot the
true situation.
Before leaving the Rev. Godbey
relinquished his church paners and
wrote a letter to the Rev. John Ellis,
presiding elder of this district, but
the contents of the letter have not
been made known to the public.
The Rey. William C. Godbey is
over 50 years of age, of large stature
and robust constitution. As a min
ister he ranked at the front in the
southwest and other sections cf the
state. He was chaplain ot the peni
tentiary during a part of Governor
Phelps administration, and went
from Jefferson City to Morrisville in
1S79 and took charge of the college
at that place as is president.
Godbey was regarded as one of
the most forcible and effective
preachers in the state. His family,
consisting of his wife, four sons and
two daughters, resided with him at
The Railroad 3Ieetin"r in Clinton.
Clinton Dally A dvocate.
The following telegraph message
speaks for itself and our exchanges
are invited to notice the change.
The meeting is postponed to Thurs
day, the 29th of April, in accordance
with General Tiernan's request:
St. Louis Mo., April 9, 'S6.
Impossible to meet your people on
the fifteenth. If the meedng could
he arranged tor the 29th, think there
would be r.o question stout my being
present. Vv iii write you.
The Florida Times-Union assigns
two reason that are keeping Senator
Jones from his post cf tlutv: First,
because bethinks it wi'i be"undigni
fied" for him to go back under what
seems like pressure from his constit
uents; second, because he dreads
the merciless ridicule and chafnnzto
w-nich he i sure to be subjected by
his colleagues.
1 I mi
We want
By iter, -:- Eggs,-:-Chickens
Sed Good on the Smallest Margin Conststant tt.i sale business.
j the !ln.-i r.r:i'i! -f
Four Year Old.
$3 50 Per Gallon.
Orders by ifiail Promptly Attended to;
mm mi
ii p in 1
Pure Home lltuul Made, Copper Distilled
1 1 111!
North iMain St., Butler, Mo.
Jugs u-d Boxes furnis'ied without extra charge
j Kentucky JJonrbon.
$2.00 1EK GALLON.
Southeast Corner Square,
to carry one or tne largest Ktocki or 1
Harness &, Saddlerv Goods,
fliH A I Farm Harness anil Single al 1.1k lit double harness can't be
beat in quality ami jirice. Come ami examine. A fall line of
Saddles for Men, Boys, Ladies, Misses
anl everelxxly at bottom jirices. We sell
Horse Blankets, Robes, Whips, Lashes, Curry Combs,
llor&e Lrufkt'S ai2! siiialar crtirles as lew as the lowf-st, as wi-il as halti-rs, bridlt,
collars, sweat pa-Is, etc.
f I I h R''51 "n'j" first-t las3 k-'i'x'.s. to fell them as low as possible. ;
w I ?I 4 iti to bell only such poo-la as we can recommend, to please all w
favor nsj that is
to do. Kejiairing
. m ff. in-.-,, -.Tl 'h",m,, ---' - n fi -1lHf.-
Is headquarters for fine Jewelry
Watches, Clocks, Solid Silver and Plated Ware,
ac'es ot a!l ind-s and for all ages; al-o fine Opera GIaii. You
are cordialij invited to visit his establishment an-! examine
his splendid displav of beauMiul goods and the low pnees,
011r Produce
cce, we.pav the
l Pure Hand Made
i Copper Pistillpd Sourmatl
ji Whibkv.
j $2.50 Per Gallon.
Whisky At
1 VI
j $'-'.25 l'er Gallon.
next to Grange store. Continue
what we are l.ero for anil just waat we rirojxn
neatly Jone.
11 so
U fh'4 a 3. K" Ct MJR n I
rrH n tiiN

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