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NO 17
yOL. XX.
of Butler, Missouri.
Paid Capital, - - - $55,000 00.
your pat-
Jeijeives Deposits subject to Check, Loans Money, Issues
nd does a general Banking business. We will appreciate
ronage, promising prompt eervice and absolute safe depository for
your money.
Db. T- C Boulwake,
C. R Radford,
Db J. M. Chbisty,
J. R. Jenkins, Cashier.
John Deerwester,
T. J. Wright,
J. R. Jenkins,
Booker 1'owei.i,
F. M. Voris.
Wm. E Walton.
W. E. Walton, President.
The Walton Trust Gompany,
of Butler. Missouri.
Paid up Capital, - - 55.000 00.
Have on hand a large amount of Money to be loaned on Real Estate
at LOWEST RATES and on liberal terms, allowing borrowers to pay
back part or all at any time and stop interest. Farmers wanting
new loans, or desiring low rate money to pay off old loans, are invit
ed to call and get rates. Have complete Abstracts to all Ileal Estate
in Bates County.
Authorized by law to act as Assignee, Receiver, Trustee, Executor or
T. J. Wright, Vice-President. Wm. E. Walton, President.
Frank Allen, Secretary.
Indications Point to Sittlement
of Our Differences With
Spain by Force of Arms.
Wa luuytOD, D. C, March 7
Coi.yitti tooii its Erst decisive step
.ockifg to va.c to day. It -laced
itseit wj au attitude which shows
thit it s ill buppoit the Presided in
any ilh- ner m.iy desire. The
Hou-.e pbtd the D li increasing the
regular h in; by two regiments of
artillery, and, ufur a conference
with tne Pies.deat, the leaJeraof
the House decided on ap emergency
bill giving the executive 50,000,000
for use at his discretion. Secretary
Gage threw tbe Treosury depart
ment in line by stating that an issue
0 00C0OC9Q-;nCC
Kll'l. Car.hifr
NKHHKHKV, 'tla!ii.
WVA11, AM'tCMiiiiT.
i mk:
1 A I K M I"! H IMV
.(NO. K. sum
.1. .1. MoRKE
H. M. G Al LEY
We beg to olfer our services
for a part or all of your account
feeling that we can assure de
positors all the advantages aris
ing from experience, prudence
and vigilance.
Ballard Breezes.
Virginia Items.
Dr Miller, of Mayesburg, passed
through our village Friday eve.
Our mill made its first run Friday.
cf bonds would not be necessary to They will grind every Friday until
furnish this amount of monev. ae thev eret tne mm nous ounr
intimated that even more money
eould bi used from the surplus
which i-s now lying in the vaults at
that department.
Congress is fully awake to the
Xoner to loan on farms at reduced rates'of
interest. Your notes are payable at onr olllce
nl you Boil them b ere when due. We give
you privilege to uy an v time. Money ready
Mecon as papers are sign"!.
A dance at J A Woods' last Thurs
day night.
H Kiersey sold his buggy horses
and saddle at the sale the ad.
Geo Price sold a horse to Mr Wells.
Mr Hurt took a trip toTeits coun-
I .
w . R il louui was disappointed
JJIIBW liUIC DlliUO IvUW U-i V iivv -
Passaic Items.
Well, we have into another month
they call March, which came in like
a raging lion. The mercury ran down
to 18 degrees above zero, wind to the
north and cloudy, but as the old
adage says she may go out gentle as
a lamb, we hope such may prove true.
We were in Hutler last Monday, the
first time in six weeks, and met all of
our old friends, wantingto know why
we stayed away so long.
The farmers are busy sowing: oats.
The soil is in excellent order and it
seems to me the husbandman is tak
ing more pains this season than here
tofore. We hone God will bless us
with a bountiful harvest.
School, conducted by Miss liutler,
closed last Fridav with a nice enter
tainment and a dinner.
Johnnie Crin is eroing to erect an
implement house for his own use. It
would save monev if every farmer
could do the same.
Uncle William Walls is able to be
out asrain.
Wm Feebeck and brother are going
to raise cattle and fine hoes and may
raise a few sheep for the Chicago
Col Wolfe expects to start for his
home in the far west, where he will
have lots of fun hunting bear and elk
and catch fine trout.
We spent last Sunday at the home
of Wm Crewes and met our brother,
Geo Eicbler, there, and was truly
glad to see him out again.
Our old friend, Os Reeder, was met
on the highway the other eve. He is
one of Bates' old timers, a true dem
ocrat and a good farmer.
Ren Walls and Oscar Simms were
out breaking a young mule the other
dv. The mule belongs to an old
man who used to be in Parsons' bri
gade of infantry.
The other evening we met our
friend Jack Elsin. He seems to be
full of life and stir.
Woste's team ran off the other day
urliilA nt the saw mill, and ran two
miltw Viefore. beinr over taken.
We met our esteemed friend, John
Lotspeich, and he is as full ot lite ana
jovial as ever, especially when you
rail lum .1 uasre.
FH KoswpII sold 21 hne nosrs to
Charlie Lee at $3.50 per 100 pounds
He shins to Kansas Citv.
It seems as though lios are up to
what thev have been. We are having
bad lucK with our hoss lately.
The Col and I were in the timber
the other day. The Col is full of spicy
breezes of the future outlook when
shall reach the legislative halls
and let some of his eloquence flow in
behalf of our State s rights.
The wolves are takiug off M Man
love's little pies.
Rev Price, the Baptist minister,
rsreached a splendid sermon. The
house was thronged.
tfed and John O'Dea are putting in
their best licks to raise a big crop.
a few
days by not getting his plasterer.
Charley Knorp must be reading
medicine, as he makes regular visits
at Dr McFarland's.
McClsnney hauled several hundred
rails he bought of Will Crow.
The neighbors surprised Mr Coffer,
n invalid, bv meetimr there with
well filled baskets, alt enjoying a
To theBe gentlemen th9 ffod dinner together as neighbor
. . .... ... I and f riends.
The committee appointed by tne
Presiding Elder to buy a parsonage
here, from some cause could not
agree, nence ueierreu 11. uum
next quarterly meeiing.
Thos Murray bougm iu acres oi
James Bradley, adjoining walnut
church on the west, on which he has
moved hit house.
Dryden tStarks has a situation in a
machine shop in St Louis.
JNed Cole is reportea as oeing ai
of the trouble between this country
and Spain persons outside the Cabi
net have been taken into tee coutx
deuce of the President. The gentle
men eo chosen were Senators Hale
and Allison and Representatives
Diuelev. Cannon, Grosvenor and
President frankly stated that he was
preparing for war. He hoped to
avert it but feared that it was im
possible. He wanted Congress to
utiare with him some ot tne respon
sibility. When the result of this
conference was made known in the
House by the introduction of the
Cannon bill, there was great excite
ment. The bill instantly met with
the approval of all partiee, and it gdaii visiting relatives.
We writ what we bear ihf Virginians sy is
Par H a!er, don't blame us if hear nu say
What liapptus yii.
C W Wolfe visited his on James at
Knrlincrton. Kan. teveral days lat
Ed Dudley the Virginia poultry
huver, has purchased a new wagon
and is fixing to build a cage with
decks for chickens, duck, turkeys
and epgs.
Alfred Jacksuii was at Kosuth,
Kan. last week looking for a farm.
Clark Vermillion of near Mound
Citv, Kan, spent a few days at his
old'farm last week.
Miss Lvdia Park viited Jlr II II
Flesher all last week.
Arthur Rape received a letter from
hi brother's wife and daughter, who
are visiting iu 111. They report Mrs
Rape's health improving.
The township school organization
will meet at Virginia March -.v.th and
all nupiH lie-
will be passed to morrow by practical
unanimous vote. It will ba rushed
to the Senate and in that body a
similar course, will be pursued. So
eacrer is Congress to assure the
wotld in general, that it
Jas Armstrong bought tne cows
and Jno J5 Hays the heifers at the
sale Thursday.
GeorceCatterlin, tne Jiutier cigar
man was Jiere Friday.
Marvin Price drove over to Urich
and the country, and the J and Creighton a day last week.
will stand A party ai ins cacueiur -""
Kllr Krulav nisrm in nonor oi caui
. .... . , iii i
for the united estates at an nazarus, .. for California Mon
that it is probable that the bill will d. J He v,at the best wishes of all
become a law before 4 o'clock in the I onr vounar folks and elder ones too.
ure reue uranaui, oi j ouiou
visited relatives here an at iJutier,
Perry Ray will farm some lana
rented of Ireland Bros & Knorp.
W li Keattv spent a day here.
jas Connoy went to Butler after a
couple of dics.
flim;1 tn hoar KODt UOULTias UM a
All Congressmen but a few think
that war is inevitable, lhese few
hold that the decided action taken
to-day will have effect of frightening
Spain. They think that that country
. m . . itan w i m ( ivi mi, l s s n
will now appreciate what it means af
to go to war with the United States A op at Young's
Hundreds of mil ions lor aeieDse nio-ht.
o Ka bod for thA askinc. Such is Wells Bros were naming cern last
. i : i i Tt,. HatnrdaT.
tne tenumeut u wugics. iUD ml D ... nr0r stnrlr
stand taken by the rresuient on tne His brotherf from Arizona, is visiting
recall of General Lee and the send- v,nm folke after an absence of 15
;rfr rvf nrnvisinna to nufferinff Cubans I veara. Their mother is very feeble
. r V,on D.mtloH a man til .1 n ArDUCKK uin . w.u
.... 1 t1i . I . I I I II 1(1 W Hlfl IlkCTA uvm
ment wmcn Doaes in to me country ... t t,, Sf, aoil.e of the late
which would dare brave it. All will gwaVtzendruber land before they re-
wnifc and are ready for the next Step. I turn home
Rev Elariage ianea co nn snap
to his
1 will gen at my home ffarm 2 miles north
et of Ererett and t; miles northwest of Archie
Cass Co., Mo., on
TUESDAY, MARCH 15th, 1898,
25 Imp. SBRisterevl fu!l-blooil and hlsth-grade
Stallions and Brood Mares. 11 Stallions old
enough for service, including Imp. Bambino
(SlSs), and Imp, Proadhou 7074 (Kn'4S).
1 regieterel full-blooi high-grade l'.rood
Mares, 2 to f year cl.i. 10 are in foal by Imp
elreg, dae to foal this spring.
This is the greatest offering of high-class
Texcheron HOTses ever offered in thU county.
Come to this sale and buy at your own price.
Terms: A credit of 12 months will be given
on well secured note, without Interest if paid
Mrhen ie. A discount of 10 per cent for cash
Sale begins at 1 o'clock sharp.
Everett. Cass Co,, llo.
Alaskan Hardships.
Sedalia, Mo , March 4 Sheriff J.
C. Williams, of Sedalia, received a
letter to-day from his uacle, R. B
Williams, who with a party of Mis
sounans. has reathed Dva on his
way to the Klondike gold field
The letter wa written oa February
15 and is a tale of hardship. Will
iams writes:
We arrived at Dyta yesterday.
m 1 i 1 Z I A
All kindt oi vessels, tne majority - , 0:n,v mrM tiles
CIUUUUUC) f w - ' k
or no pay required
pointment last Sanday on account of
tne illness oi bis who.
J Wat Coie and wife, of Culver,
snont Snndav at Fairview
. - i i - i . . . ir.
T xi timoree soia sme came i ui
of Cass Co,
Ed loung ana wiie ouuuayeu i
their old home. Pat.
Bucklens Arnicu Salve
The Best SaJve in the world for
nt.n- hmises. sores, ulcere, salt
rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
hands, chilblains, corns, and all ekin
being unseaworthy, have been pre
ed into the Alaskan service and as a
result many shipa have bee lost
We passed several wrecks, and on
one of them every soul had been
lost and a large amount cf gold.
Cold? Well, I should say so. They
brirjg men into camp frozen every
few daa: aome oi tnem irozen 10 as tuch it U not bible to any lorm
death. Scores of people who have of disease except by one of two ways
ilis.l riTcu or a trimmer hart. I Ihe first IS
It is guaran
teed to give perfect satisfaction or
monpv refunaea. irrice ceuit
ner box. For sale by H. L. Tucker
The bladder was created ror one pur-
itoee. namely a receptacle tor the urine,
Hie ScrnpUs Made Trouble.
Jefferson City, Mo, March 7 In
the circuit court this week two im
portant cases will come up for trial
The first is agaicst "Fire Alarm'
Flanagan and Adolph Eisner for
alleged attempted bribery during
the last session of the legislature,
when the civic federation bill was
before the hcrnse. The other is
against Henry 13aer for alleged per
jury. Baer, it is said, willingly eat
in a murder case although he has
scruples against capital punishment.
He hung the jury when all the others
were in favor of returning a verdict
of guilty.
They are afraid to go over the pais.
We will continue, out tourney in a
few days and will try to reach Sheep
Camp, where we will go into camp.
The government supply trains are
passing Dyea today and we will
follow in their wake. Tell any of
the boys that if they have a good
job to stay at home, for they don t
know what hardship really means.
It is as much as a man's life i worth
to come up here."'
Turned Catk bv a Dream.
Mexico, Mo., March 3. John Kel-,
lerhalls gave his farm to his wife and
son and started to Klondike with
100 others. He got as far as Ot
tumwa, la., became dishearted, for
feited his ticket to Dyea, which cost
him about $100, sold his outfit and
came home, asserting that he had a
dream that his wife had bsea murdered.
tram lmDerlect action or
the kidneys. The second way is lor care
less local treatment of other diseases.
Unhealthy urine from unhealthy kid
neys is the chief cause of bladder trou
bles. It is comforting to know that
Dr Kilmer's Swamp Root fulfills every
wish in quickly curing bladder and uji-
nary troubles. It corrects irequent cai.s,
inability to hold urine and scalding; or
stinging pain in passing it, or Dad effect
following use ot liquor, wine or beer,
and overcomes that unpleasant r.ecesi-
ty of being compelled to get up many
times during the night 1.0 urinate. The
mild and extraordinary erfect ot Dr Kii- I
mer's Swamp Root is soon reaHred. It j
stands the highest for its wonderful ;
cures of the mast distressing caes. If!
you need a medicine you should have ;
tne oest. in.gsiis miy cents ana
one dollar, ou may have a sarr.p'.e
bottle and pamphlet, both sent free y
mail, upon receipt ot three two-cent
stamps to cover cost of postage on the
bottle. Mention The Bltler Weekly
Timxs, and send vour address to Dr.
Kilmer 6c Co., fJingharoptnn, X. Y.
The proprietors of this paper guarantee
the genuineness of this offer.
April -.'nd to examine al
the town-hip
The Tad y who h'-t her overshoe
last week "can have fame by calling
on John Husey.
Jaiues DrTMlale and wife of liutler,
spent Sunday with his father, Uncle
Hilly Dryi-eale, who i quite fe tile.
Mrs Otto Howell left Saturday for
Council Hluff, Iowa, where i-he will
meet her hulail. They intend to
make that srrate their future home.
Will Morris ami aiifirao omitr
of Merwin, viMteil th- lamiiy m
Whiunery Sunday.
Mis Leda Wallace is viMim
brother Gordon, hear yhart.
Joel Whmnery was on im
list last week. . ...
Urs l)weii! and tiauirnter, air..r
tl.r Steel of Hutler. viitel
tives round Virginia Monday.
Mrs Watters is reportea i.etier.
Mrs Noland living northent f r-
trinia, is on tne i-icr.
Our blacKMlllUl uuro iiui .
so to liutler to find Steele.
jonn uanK.m oi jh
was at W C Hensley last weeK.
hnno-ht 200 head of boss ana s
f -rtlt and shipped tlieui
farm in north Missouri.
(ieo Rogers of Aiuoret auenueu
church at Virginia Sabbath nigiu.
John Allen joined toe cnriBiiau
church Sabbath night.
Elder John Jones ot ijarumtn,
Mo, preached to a crowded house
Vircinia was noi crowueu im wrn.
as the people were busy getting in
their oats ana plowing geiwuij
to put out a large crop The first of
last week some thought there inijjht
be war, but later on the lever went
down again More sicKness arounu
Virginia now than there nas Deen
for some time The boys are frtill
talking up the brass band. I think
it urill he a eo C H Morrison was
in town Saturday night; he t-ays at
the debate Friday night it was de
cided that prohibition was a fahure,
that high license was the best sys
tem to control the liquor traffic. AfT:
C H Morrison, Taze LaFollett and
Prof 1'arker. "eg. W Steele, 1 Hill,
K F Harper Mr Morrison ha re
signed the chairmanship of the Char
lotte township populist, K F Harper
was appointed in his place The
schools are coming to a close; Arthur
Hill closed his echool at 'estierode's
over a week ago; Virginia school will
elose next week Miss Kachel Park
hax commenced work on her turkey
park (ieo Ruble is still working in
his big well now about 20 feet deep;
we expect to report next week that
he ha found plenty of water.
O M Drvsdale was at K C Monday.
Mrs ieo Ruble irifortn us that S T
Hrown, who was injured when his
house burned down a short time ago,
is fouie better.
W T Cowan's new barn 5 being
built at a rapid rate.
finished sowing oats Monday.
Charley Spears will work for S li
Coleman tin summer.
We noticed Oliver Jackson in our
midst Sunday night. He is one ot
Elm t rove's "most successful school
teachers, and we welcome him in our
circle once more.
Miss .Nannie Maiey, of Johnstown,
who has been viitiiig relatives in
Amsterdam, Kansas City and Harri
onville, returned home last week.
W H Shelton, who has been at
tending court at Hntler for the past
two weeks, spent Sunday with home
folks, returning to Butler Mondav.
Miss Nannie Coleman is on the siek
list this week with sore throat.
Eldredge Kadi and family will
move to Johnstown iu the Dr McAn
incli property this week.
Messrs Wait man of near Clinton,
attended church at the Johustown
M E church Sunday night.
(Jraiidina Wilker, who has been
visiting her daughter in Vernon
county for the past week, returned
home Sat nrday.
O C Clier of Spruce, visited in
Johnstown Sunday. 11K.
Free Pille.
Send your address to II. E. Huck
len .V Co., Chicigo, and get a box of
Dr. King's New Life Pills A trial
will convince you of their merits.
Thtse pills are easy in action and
are particularly f fftctive iu the cure
of constipation and sick headache.
For malaria and liver troubles they
have been proved invaluable. They
are guaranteed to be perfectly free
from every deleterious itubstance
and to be purely vegetable. They
do cot weaken by their action, but
by giving tone to stomach and bow
els greatly invigorate the system.
Tteular size 25n per box. Sold by
II. L. Tucker, Druggist.
risasunt (Jap Items.
P. K- Burcb has employed John
Bristow to drdl him a well In the
cfsr future.
Several Dooble P.ranch people at
tended literary at Happy Hill Mod
day night.
Thomas Huskel was the guest ol
R. R. Earsom Tuesday night.
Mrs Charles Eisner is on the sick
Miss Hart, who has beea visiling in
this vicinity for the past three weeks
returned to her home in liuuer
Oats sowiDg will soon be a tbmg
of the past in this section.
Ifwe do tot get a good rain ocn
the wheat crop in this section will
be a complete failure.
Elder J. H. Skilmore preached at
Pleasant Gap Sunday.
Miss Eflie Kafus is oa the sick fief. -
Dell Iiequa wants to by a horse.
We understand that Dick Petty
and family, Whipple Scjsmore and
family, Jim Petty aDd family, Fred'
Nafus and Tom Hancock took thic
departure for Colorado Monday.
Rev. Wix filled his appointment
at the Scifers school housa Sunday.
Ida Baker was vieitiag at Charley
Beards sunday.
O. M. Berkbart and family were
visiting on the Branches Sunday.
Rev.Wix will preach at Orchard.
Grove school house next Sunday.
Prof J. S. Wo'fe tal it dieoiiBS
his school Monday an account of
sickness. Ciesi&A.
Deepwaier nem. f
Rev " A Anld preached at the !
Johnstown M E church, south, Hun-
The carpet ra tacking at the resi
dence of Jas Oiliil on e-Jnesuay
wa- larselv attended.
Judge Coleman is attending court .
in Butler this week. !
I Willie Shelton and Snaw Mui
' are breaking voung horse" to ride. i
Mr Rich and Mi-s Nannie HurntT,
both Of Hudson, were married S un- j
! dav evening. . i
i The snrfrise birthday -ocsal given j
at B F Richards on Wedne-day in
' honor of his daughter, Za.'a, wa.- en- j
'; joved bv all. i
I W L Ka-h and family la;t week.
I tieo Allison and da'j?hter, Miss
! Effie, visited the family of Jes-e U'.iz-
zrd at Appletoa City saturaay.
R D Beaty and wife will move from
Johnstown to a farm near baliard.
Messrs Commie and Jerse Coleman
U.oj'1 Bakes the food pure,
vhlcoiB nJ dclicioMa.1
Absolutely Puro

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