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A Wo
11 kL,
77ie zvfe of a clergyman tells the story cf her suffer
ing ivitJi neuralgia of the heart, with the hipe that her
experience may indicate to others the zeay to regain
Few bodily afflictions are more terrible
than heart disease To live in constant
dreai and expectation of death, sudden,
instant death, with last farewells unspoken,
jj for most people more awful to contem
plate than the most severe lingering illness.
The slightest excitement brings great
offering and danger to people so afflicted.
Such was the experience of the wife of
well-known clergyman. She tells her
glory for the sake of doing good to others.
I feel," she said, speaking carefully and
weighing her words, " that Dr. Williams'
Pint Pills for Pale People relieved me of a
lifetime of sickness and sorrow, and I cheer
fully recommend them."
This grateful woman is Mrs. Wamslcy,
wif of the Rev. C. E. Wamsley, who lives
oa Vest Sheridan Street, Greens burg, Ind.
She continued:
"My heart became affected after the birth
of my youngest child, about six years ago.
"The pain was constant. Frequently it
grew so severe I would be forced to cry out.
"I could not endure any excitement.
"It would increase the pain so I would
scream and fall down in a state of collapse.
In this condition I was helpless.
M These spells would come on me at
home, in the street, or anywhere I might be.
"I could not sleep at night. I ate very
u Different doctors were called in. They
said I had neuralgia of the heart, resulting
from nervous prostration.
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Mtl I i II I
"The doctor; trca'.ei rr.c, bt:t the relief
they gave did not last.
' I was a pLyokd wreck, when my eye
fell cn an item in the Heal paper describing
how Mrs. Evans, of West End, had been
cured by Dr. Williams' JPir.k Pills for Pale
People. Her suffering was like mine.
'I hope other sufferers who read this
account will have thz failh I had when I
read of 7-Irs. Evaris.
My husband bought me one box of the
pills. The change they made in my con
dition was encouraging. I took another
box ? then bought six more boxes.
u All the lime I gained in health, strength,
hope, nerve force steadily, surely 1
' Before I finished the eighth box I ceased
the treatment. I felt perfectly well, and the
doctor said I was entirely cured."
To add weight to her story Mrs. Wams
ley made affidavit to its truth before John
F. Russell, a Notary Public of Grecnsburg.
Neuralgia of the heart is only one of
many serious evils that grow out of derange
ments of the nervous system or of the blood.
The remedy that expels impurities from
the blood and supplies the necessary mater
ials for rapidly recuilcirjg wasted r.crve tis
sues reaches the rootcf many serious direases,
It is these virtues that have given Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People their
wonderful curative pewers in diseases that
at first glance seem widely different.
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drurists for 50 cents a box ; or six bcxea
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Trustee's Sale.
Whereas the London Clothing Company,
business corporation nniler the laws o' the
state of Missouri, by lta certain deed of trnst
of chattels, dated Januarys, l'". and record
ed in the recorder's ollice of Bates county.
Missouri, in book No lis at patre k.T, thereof,
conveyed to the undersigned trustee, among
othar things the following described personal
property, to-wit: All of the general stock of
clothing, furnishing goods, hats, cape, boots,
eboes, dry goods, notions, curtains, valises,
trunks and all other articles of merchandise
owned and controlled by it, and contained in
and situated on tbe grade or ground floor of
the two two-btory brick buildings, adjoining
and communicating, and situated on lot No
lonr (4 In block No. seventy-four (74) in the
city of Rich Hill, Missouri, known as ilarkins
block, as well as all the store furniture and
lixtnies In paid buildings; wiiieh deed of trust
provides, that alter retailing for a period of
not less than thirty days, the said trustee
my sell the said stock of merchandise and
store furniture and fixtures, or the remainder
thereof, al public aale. either In bnlk oi other
wise, aa will in his judgment be the most ad
vantageous way of disposing thereof to the
best interest ot all parties in interest. And,
whereas. In the judgment of the undersigned
trustee, it will be the most advantageous way
of disposing of said merchandise and store
furnitnre and fixtures and will be to the best
Interest of all parties, to sell aald property
above mentioned in bnlk. together both the
stock of merchandise and store farnitnre and
flitures. Now. therefore, notice is hereby
given that by virtue of the authority in me
vested by the said deed of trust aforesaid, and
in pursuance of the terms and conditions of
said deed of trust aforesaid, I will proceed to
sell all or the above described personal prop
erty including the entire stock of merchan
dise and store furnitnre and fixtures. tome
conveyed by the said London Clothing Co.
in one bnlk, all together, at public vendue, for
cash in hand, at the etore buildings where
said property is situated, to-wlt: in Ilarkins
block, on lot four (4) in block seventy-four
41 In the city of Rich Hill, in the county of
atea, and state of Missouri, on
Thursday, the 3rd day or March, l?9f,
between the hours of nine o'clock in the fore
noon and live o'clock in the afternoon of said
day, for the purpose of payirjg the debts,
charges and costs, in said deed of trust men
tioned. The entire stock is open for inspection by
any person desirous .o pnrchase the same,
and all necessary information will be cheer
fully given. This February 7th. 1S9H.
13-4t Trustee.
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Wasbir:gtin ns n. Stuteeuian.
Written by D. C. Wolfo fer the Epworth
League entertainment at the M. . church at
Virginia February C2, Is'j.
I believe tva era all to ai
init that Washington was a truly
great ami good etfitBtoan. I bf-Heve
we are all willicpr to he wng. and
is the greate-fet staterman thie coun
try has ever produced, atid I will go
still further and Bay that I believe
with all uy heart that Washington
was the greatest sratt-eman the woild
has ever kuuwu, except Mosea, whom
I bslieve ia his diy was a greater
statesman auJ law giver. No doubt
the question arises in the minds of
some of the joung ones here to
night, what waa it that innde Wash,
ingtou ttogreat? To uiake the answer
short. I will just say that he was on
tue side of God and humanity, uu
eelfibh, had a heart full of pjlui a'hy
and love for the human family. He
had the courage of his conviction to
fight for what he knew was right,
and to make no compromise in any
way with wroog In looking ovtr
tbe life of Wat-hington I hud he
gives the American people some no
ble advice. He tavs proudly, pene
trated with the idea that a great and
good victory to mm, kind La woi, J
shall carry it to my gtavt Hrf-fy,
farther, may heaven smile upon yen
and your union, brotherly love be
perpetual. L?t me stop here and
ask, his our unioa and brotheily
love been perpetual? Th union has
been preserved in the letter bat not
in the spirit, as you all know that
since the late war there has existed
a bitter fveliog between the north
and south nJ that bitterness exists
to-day. It exists in the church in
the same dsgreethat it does outside,
and the combined forces of England
and hell are working to perpetuate
that bitterness, and while it exists
that same power which oppressed
Washington and the principles he
was trying to establish, are preying
upon us anl undfrmioiog toe re
publican form of government. Wash
ington Bays further, keep sacred the
Constitution. The if. E. church
has a constitution or rules laid down
by a Beble, spiritual acid Qodly
class of men whom I dlight to
honor, and as au American govern
ment we are keeping sacred the con
stitution just a the fashionable
church members are keeping the
rules of their church, where it says
not to adorn thyself with cold,
pearls or costly array. Washington
says that his great desire was that
the American people would make a
success of the repub'.isam form of
government which was so nobly st
up that the people of tbe whole
world might look upon it and see
its great benefits to man, and that
the republican form of government
might spread from nation to nation
until all mankind should enjoy its
blessings. Fiiends, do you think it
is working that wa? No, you all are
aware that there was a mighty pow
er in England which opposed Wash
ington and every principle of freedom
which he established. Let me say
that same power exists to-day, not
omly in England, lat in our own
country. It i a proud element of
mankind who consider labor a dis
grace and only the poor ought to
labor, and are determined to live
easy and grow rich off of the toil of
others This is the powor that op
posed Washington. Washington
says to tbe Americas people, watch
this liberty with jealous acx:ety. Is
it not a fact that Washington eetab
lished a government where the peo
ple, through their representatives
might alwsjs have tbe power to
make laws and govern themselves
Is this in harmony with the first res
olution adopted by oar national
monetary convention
Iadiana on the 27:h
month, which read.
which met in
day of last
lo remove at
doabt as to
once and forever a'i
what the standaid of value in
United States is and is te be.
they wish to leave the pswer in the
hands of the pcoplt? It may be that
Washington was wrong and these
wondrous senators right. Perhaps
that noble old Methodist who laid
down the rules of cur church was
wrong and the modern practice f
the church light. Perhaps the con
stitution of the United States which
Washington helped formu'ab? is
wrong where it say s congress 6hall
have power to coin money and regu
late the value thtreof, and the re
publican party in their last campaign
and platform were light where they
said, That we as a nation could not j
do so and so without the co-operation
of other ration?. Here are
the words of Washington on tfeis j
point:"What a tiiumph fcr the advo
cates cf despotism to find that we
are incapable of governing ourselves
and that the system founded upon
equal liberty is a faila.e." He says
"then will the proud sons of despot
ism shake themselves with laughter
on their throaes aid hell itself re
sponsive to their joy clink her con
gratulating chains thut heaven is
defeated and the rniseiy of man is
sealed." Tbeaj sre the exact words
Washington, tin father of our coun
try. Is it any wonder that the
church is cot converting the world
when we trample under foot the
Bible, the church rules and the con
stitution of our country. Talmage
says tbe chureh is not converting
the world, but the world is fast eon
verting tka church. This you all
know to be true. Our President,
Mr. McKinley, is a popular man
both in the church and in the world.
He bas collected rent from a saloon
for the last ten or fifteen years for
his support and, as far as lean learn,
he has never put forth the slightest
effort to remove the saloon and rent
the buildiug for anything that is
honorable. As a cireful observer I
ean plainly see, that for the laat 20
years two things have been kept
sacred by this government and
watched with jealous ' anxiety; that
is the interest of the bondholder and
the interest of the saloon.
These interests are both in favor
of England, as they own the bulk of
the lands, and I might say, all the
breweries in this country, and Mc
Kinley will guard these inteiests as
well as any president we have had for
some time. Washington says in his
address to the American people:
You are far from the furious pas
sions and politics of Europe, you are
placed here by yourselves tbe sole
proprietors of a vast region em
bracing all the soils anl climates of
tbe earth, and all the conveniences of
life, and heaven has crowned a'l its
blessings by giving you a free gov
eminent and a fairer opportunity for
political happiness than any nation
was ever favored. Washington says
further, tbe eyes of long oppressed
humanity are now looking upon you
as her last hope, tbe whole world
is an anxious spectator of your trial,
and with your behavior at this crisis
not only your own but the destiny
of unborn millions are involved, if
your free constitution should be
sacredly maintained then the victory
will be sure and your triumph com
plete. Other nations, finding from
your example that men are capable
of governing themselves, a great
and successful struggle for liberty
will be mde and free governments,
tbe pure mother of nations will be
established. We find Washington
often referred to by his enemies as
the Virginia farmer, greenhorn be
longing to the wooden shoe nation
He was'a farmer and at one time
retired from public life and went
back to the plow. This ycu see is
all out of fashion among our would
be stattsmen of to-day, jet I say
that Virginia firmer po3saied mora
wisdom than all the proud sons of
Europe combined. I beliave and
have ao doubt that if Washington
was here te-dy advocating tbe very
same principles of freedom he did
then the prou 1 and wealthy element
who csntrol this government would
cry out. he it an anarchist, he's a
crank or kaveeed. I might have
continued this much farther, but not
wishing to tire you with something
tou do not wish to hear, I will draw
my remarks to a close For the l9t
25 years it ba ben the custom of
our speakers and preach rs to say
things that would please and fatter
thepepie whether thy told any
truth or not, I prefer to tell what I
believe to b tbe truth, although it
pleases Lon Washington says to
the people of this country,
and Christ says, love one an
other. This i th firt principle of
our Un on. Keep screi the con
stitution of our couutry. the BibI-
and the ru!e of your church, and
strive to hav power with God a
Washington did.
Are gairung iavor rapidly.
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tKJcktts. Ladies carry th-m
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closets, Irie&tU recouusesd tbem to fjiends. jc
in n a?
Iw! ft i
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cgc tabic Preparation for As
similating the Rvd audita? uU
tirig ihc Stomachs and Dowls cf
i Pi
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entire t-mrrr rarsl pr.
I. cor of nt-rs ao 1 rorreepondente are
ih'iT'meh.j trs n I In tiie j repsraiion of
and tte way t' proda'e a tr,?f.t. readaM
psi-r. Ani le from It- politieal tiem-, it rol
otties r-ee(ve rnori- atenti'n from tte natl'w.al
j r, ssd It l fj b; tftern n.'.rt tnaa alt
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