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500 Cattle to Pasture.
Pasture for 500 bead of cattle
Ear Adrian. Plenty of water. See
or addres Joe T. Smith, Butler, Mo.,
or Geo. Brundie, Adrian, Mo. lGtf
Carnation Rebekah Lodge No. 238
was instituted by special deputy,
Nellre A. Calhoun, assisted by A. J.
Lovell, special deputy of Lamar end
Nevada Decree Staff with Capt. W.
J. Cockrane as drill master which
wa8 perfectly executed and much
credit is due them for the proficiency
they displayed in the beautiful work.
Afterwards the following officers
were installed: Mrs. Taze LaFollette
Noble Grand; Fannie McNutt, Vice
Grand; Francis Showalter, Reo Sec
retary; Geo. W. Newberry, Fin. Sec ;
Jestine White, Treasurer; Emma
We have some of that elegant Cassity, Chaplain; Kate Endres, I.
G.; R. Grave?, O. G ; Miss Christie
LaFollette. W; Mrs. H. C. Clark, C;
Mrs. N. A. Calhoun, R. S. N. G ;
Marie Crawford, JY S. N. G ; Lukie
Bradley, R. S. V. G ; Annie Whit
Itehlnir, irrlttp(J, wnly. crnt4 Se1p, dry, thin,
fcn'J failing Hair, ciern:l, purlHe'i. anl b?autl
ted by warm btu:pou wuh LmcctA tkr.
itr.d occajiior.l dretciiK &f Cutk cr. puret of
Treatment wVA produce clean, healthy aeap
With IaxarUiit, lastrou hir, when all else fail.
SiH thririmit tb? world- Potti Davo ao Cut.
C j" " Jl'w u prsvitw: Luitirlaut Hair," msuiol tee
hu K-itn. Inant!r r:i-?vel
queensware left that we are closing
out at coet, if you want any better
come quick as it is going fast.
Fkank Smith &. Sox
Mrs Bremerman. of St. Louis,
has her subscription set up another
If you are not feeling well, why
don't you take Hood's Sarsaparilla?
It will purify and enrich your biod
and do you wonderful good.
If you have coughed and
coughed until the lining: mem
brane of your throat and lungs
Scott's Emulsion 2
of Cod-liver Oil will soothe,
strengthen and probably cure.
The cod-liver oil feeds and
strengthens the weakened tis-
sues. The glycerine soothes
ana neais mem. ine nypo-
rs phosphites of lime and soda
v impart tone and vigor. Don't
neelect these coughs. One
J bottle of the Emulsion may do $
On last Saturday evening while
driving home with his mother and
sisters in the carriage, Snow Rut-
ledge, the fourteen year eld son of J.
t more for you now than ten a
sett, L. S. V. G ; Mrs Nellie A. Cal-! $ can do later on. Be sure you
noun, Representative. After which
a bountiful lunch was served to all
There were thirty visitors and this
lodge starts out with 5S charter
members and very bright prospects
Were Karied Alive.
Wftbh Citv. Un. 7Jrr-h 1 An
a. Rut edge met with an accident aocid-at occurred yeeterdftY afUr
I.Ilir. f f I H T, nilTI II 1 H 1 f 1 1 T. I fT IlH Will I
AriwintT iha tarn 5n .rtomnfin noon mimme on me center jre8K
- n " ---"""i I
to look behind him got his foot company grounds in this city. 1 en
caught in the wheel and was jerked tons of dirt caved in, completely
out of the carriage and on to the enveloping Walter Hancock, Lewis
Haines and Henry Haines. They
axle, breaking the leg at the knee
ana crushing the joint in such a I
manner as to cause amputation to
be necessary. Sehell City News.
Judge Philips, of Kansas City,
yesterday morning granted a re
straining order at the instance of II.
were all recovered by workmen
Hancock was dead; Henry Hainss
was alive, but his back was broken
and he was injured internally and
cannot live, and Lewis Haines had
Rosenbaum Clothing Company of one leg broken and was seriously if
Cincinnati. Ohio, against W. W.
Graves, trustee for the London
Clothing Company of Rich Hill, to
prevent him from disposing of the
stock of goods in his possession-
Deputy Marshal Geo. Crenshaw, of
Kansas City, served the papers in
the ease yesterday and to day. The
issue will be beard in the U. S. oir-
not fatally injured internally,
cock leaves a widow.
Died on the Trail.
Victoria, 15. u., 31 arch y. Jt is
said by the steamer Islander from
Alaska that several 1V8 ago the
Canadian mounted police marched
cuit court at Kansas City the first into Skaguay with two sleds in tow,
iuonaay in April. ueview, juarcn I over which were strapped two dead
Morgantown, N. C, March 2. Aa
old Indian dootor and a little girl
who kept house for him have been
found hanging from trees near their
cabin at the head of Irish Creek
jluo mru rami win uuuut m jcoi bkw m , i i
. . . . had been frozen on the
and spent most of time in bunting
herbs. Threats had been made
against the old man.
The attention of the mounted po
lice at Taguish was attracted by the
dismal bowls of a dog. A few mo
ments' search on the trail and they
found the bodies of two men who
trail. It is
said they ware returning Klondikers
and they are reported t have had
in their possession $160,000 in paper
and gold dust, one $90,000 and the
other $70,000. Their names are not
An Old Man's Prejict
San Francisco, Cal., March 2.
Capt. C. F. D. Diamond, who will
be 102 years old on May 1, is about The LoKtc of the Facts.
to start on a pedestrian trip to New 1- The Maine was blown up by
York. He helped to build the Erie an external force.
Canal and was formerly U. S. 2. That force was of such power
Quartermaster at St. Louis. He haa that it must hare come from some
never married because his intended terrific, carefully prepared engine of
bride died in his arms at a ball war
given in honor of President Polk. 3. Sush an engine of war could
not have been in or near Havana
Lecture Course. Harbor without the knowledge of
The Christian Endeavor society the Spanish authorities.
of the Christian church has arranged
to give a spring lecture course be
ginning March ISth. This is intend
ed in no way to interfere with the
one under the management of Prof.
Beeson. Its purpose is educational
and not a money making scheme.
Six men of splendid ability have
been secured and a rare feast of good
things is in store for the people of
Butler, as the price is within reach
of all.
Dr. W. T. Moore, of Columbia; F.
V. Loose, of Liberty; W H. Black,
of Marshall; F. G. Tyrrell of St.
Louis; E B Craighead, of Fayette;
and Geo H. Combs, of Kansas City,
wills be the speakers.
Dr. Moore will
4 Suah an engine of war could
not have been applied to the Maine
without what our statutes would
difine as "gross and criminal negli
gence'' on the part of the Spanish
5. Therefore legally Spain is
guilty of a crime against the United
There is no possible escape from
this logic N. T. World.
get SCOTT'S Emulsion.
All druggists ; 50c. and $1.00.
SCOTT & BOW HE, Chemists, New York.
! .
WANTED Good Lady Amenta to ell Sachs
Pralnce Hitch Urale Flavoring Extracts no
capital required if first class references can be
lurnisned: compensation very liberal. e
desire to hare one 'ady airent in every town in
Missouri to sll oar attracts. tho!-e having an
extensive acquaintance will nnd profitable
employment. Write lor full particulars kiviiii?
references. Address Xacns-frndens .Extract
Department, Dayton, Ohio. l-2t
Spain Hack Down.
Washington, D. C , March 7. This
morning Spa;n withdrew her request
for the recall of Consul General Lee,
and it is now believed (hit the ioci
dent is practically closed. The with
drawal came in the snape or an
official communication from Minister
Woodford. It is now stated that
the request was never pat in the
shape of a demand, but that it was
merely a suggestion upon the part
of Spain. When ehe found that it
would not be pleasantly received by
this country, she promptly receded.
It is learned that the Spanish ob
jection to Consul General Lee is
based largely upon his 6yuipathy f r
Cubans and on some of bis utter
ances which have found their way
into print. It is undert-tood tbbt
the Spaniard also take exceptions to
the friendly relations and compan
ionship existing: between Gen. Lee
and correspondents of papers which
have been decidedly unfriendly to
Spain. It is believed that Senor De
Lome carried to Spain papers and
information calculated to make the
Spaoish government request the re
call of Consul General Lee.
March, April, May.
These are the Months in Which to
Purify your Blood.
This is the season when your
blood is loaded with impurities, ac
cumulated during the winter months
from close confinement, rich food,
and other causes. These impurities
must be driven from your system or
they may breed serious disease and
cause untold suffering. Hoed'a Sar
saparilla is the greatest and best
blood purfyiug medicine it is possi
ble to obtain. It is what the mil
lions take in the priDg. It will pu
rify and enrich your blocd, create
an appetite, tone up your system,
and jrive you sound, robust health
Harpers Weekly for March 5th
contains even a larger mass of inter
estmg matter than usual. On the
front page is an illustration of Pres
ident McKinley's visit to the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania. Two pages are
deliver the first devoted to photographs of the Maine
lecture on March 18tb; subject "John especially taken for this journal;
Ball in his Castle' anothor page is filled with illustra
Tickets for sale by the committee tl0ns cf tne Zol ial, including a
and at the Bazar. Price 50 cts. for naP 8not lKen lQ court room.
season ticket to all six lectures. which brought the Weekly's artist
into contact with the authorities
Frcm a special CDrresnondant in
The Surprise of All. Spain come a number of photographs
Mr. James Jones, of the drug firm or Spanish war vessels, from which
of Joues & Son, Cowden, 111., in a double-page of illustrations has
speakin-r of Dr. King's New Discov- been drawn. Moreover, there are
ery, says that last winter his wife three important articles, any one of
was attacked with La Grippe, and which would singly stamp the num
ber case grew so serious that phyei- ber with exceptional interest. One
cians at Cowden and Pana could do is by Brigadier-Gen. H V. Boynton
nothins for her. It eeemed to develop on "Jr raudulent .Practices of Pension
into hastv consumption. Havinsr starts ; another is the sixth of the
Dr. Kind's New Discovery in store, series of "Bright Skies in the West
and selling lots of it, he took a bottle by Franklin Mathewi, entitled "The
home, and to the surprise of all she Transformed Cattle Industry cf the
beran to sret better from .first doae. est ; and the third is very remark.
and half dozen dollar bottles cured ble account by i rederick Funston,
her sound and well. Dr. Kind's an American volunteer, late Lieuten
New Discovery for consumption, nt Colonel and Chief-of-Artillerv in
In l . ( il
coughs and colas is guaranteed to ue vuoan axmy, oi me iamous cav-
do this good work. Try it. Free airy charge ol the msurgente at
trial bottles at H. Ii. Tncker s Drug Deamayo, which he calla'The Cuban
Store. Balaklava
J. A. Cobb, a Butler Boy, Writes of H.s
"White Pass, Alaska, Feb'i 16, 'y.
Editor Timks: According to prom
is, I write you a few observations
from this country. We landed in
Sksjuar on Januarv 21st and started
over the trail one week later. Each
man has to have 1,110 pounds of
rub besides his bed and clothing
and you may Us it is some work to
move 1300 pounds 45 miles through
snow from three to ?ix feet deep. I
have eeen several eastern boys turn
back already. A man had better not
come hare unless he is in perfect
health and has 00 or $10dO. There
are ail kinds of rigs on the trail: dojj
teams, goats, oxen, mules, horsss and
men. A man can pull 100 pounds over
most of the trail, a goat is supposed
to pull 100 pounds, a good dog can
pull 100, a horse 200 and an ox 2u0.
Anoxisthe best animal youcanbring
here, you can kill and eat him after
you get over. Common curdoprsare
no good. I saw one doj team all get
in a figbt in harness. Another very
amusinjr thins w foar dog team
run into a cave in the bluff. It took
the drivers an hour to get them out.
There are lots of men turning back
in disgust, 300 went back yesterday.
It is not very cold here at present. A
good horse is worth $125; dogs from
525 to $ J00. Feed is very aigh. Wages,
when you can get work, is from S3 to
$3.50 per day. I have given 50 cents
for the privilege of making my ed
on the floor; lots of men could not
get that privilege. I ana with W. P.
Graham, of Amsterdam, and W. B.
Powell, formerly of Butler.
J. A. Cobb.
o o
Goods Now Ready for Inspection.
" a
I-n- weeks pat we Maw heeii marking and arranin on our
shelving our Xew Spring (iooil. wlm-h we have .-elected with
the utmost rare from the laret anl most reliahle importers ami
manufacturers in the United States, until now we have the as
sortments and stylethat would he a credit to any city store in
the west, and at prices that defy competition.
Wewill not be Undersold by any One
Goods and Trimmings
we lead the van. This is conceded hv
all, and this spring surpasses all previous efforts in this line.
Summer Goods.
You all know our reputation cannot
he heatten for hein up to date with
the new styles, and now you will find
the Orirandie Imperial, Olympian
Organdies, Imperial Dotted Mull,
Organdie Savoy, Skirting Crash
Diiekiiiir and manv irood things.
Organdies, Dimeties, Mulls. Plain and
Dotted Swiss, Marseilles, Plain and
Fancy Jaconets. Iilack and White
India Linens, and the cheapest line of
Lmhroideries and Laces ever shown
in Uutler. Table liens and napkins,
w can show you anything you want
at the old price, our linens were
bought direct from the importers.
Muslins, Sheetings, Prints, Shirtings, Tickings, Crash, Carpet O
y Warps and all staph? goods at prices that cannot bo doubled. 4
buying, it will saw you
AVe carry a large line, he sure to get our prices before
monev bevond a doubt, try it and s-i- for vour.-elf.
Price our Dress Skirts when in the house.
Dried fruits of all kinds and at
pricea that wai astonish all close
buyers for their cheapness at
FKiSK Smith &. Sox.
Wanted to sell for cash or trade
for a good farm a two thousand
dollar stock of groceries; location
tine and a fair cash trade all ready
built up. Two-thirds cash down re
quired if on a cash deal. Address
P. O. Box 490, Butler, Mo. 9 if.
The first one of a series of town
ship Sunday school conventions was
held in Spruce township at Bethel
church last Saturday and was at
tended by R M. Inlow, county pres
ident and T. P. Crawford and a very
profitable time is reported. The
next one will be held in Foster Mon
day March 14th, Hume Tuesday
March lotn, and Amoret Friday j
March ISth. An interesting pro- j
gram ha3 been arraDged for each of ,
well known S S. workers cf each
townehip the following county
officers will be present and render
what assistance they car.: 11. M. In-
ow. county president, L W
I am running a lirst-class Feed Bam opposite La
clede Hotel. Farmers patronage respectfully solic
ited. I want all the
See me for prices. AVant live to ten car loads of
good oats for which I will pay the highc t price.
Shot Hin Rival.
iams, supt. home dtpirtment, T. W,
Leg, supt. Normal work, Mrs. Gus
Wyard, county primary eupt , F. E
veliogg. T. J- Smith aud T. P.
Crawford. There will ba on exhibi
tion a Sunday pchocl map of each
township, which will be the subject
of much interest to the S. 5. work-
Fayette, Mo , March 7. At Har
rieburg, a small town in Boone
county, William Davie, principal cf
the liarrisburg public echoo!, and
James Ivie. a county school teacher.
be-came involved in a quarrel Satur
day night over a certain ycuog
woman in that neighborhood, acid
DavU shut Ivie, killmg Liu almost
Davik and Ivie had been the best
of friends until a few weeks ago.
Ivie called Davis cut of a store,
where he was writiog, and told him
era. it is eernestiv drsired that all tn iU f? hi ,t rd lh nnM
wi!l make a special effort to be r res ! ttle their difference with their
ent at these meetings. Remember f,alH Ir;ft ri!!fi r,fri;i rr,t. r.l.
n these meetings we are trying to j ju- a pistol in hia hip pocket. Davie
iip you plan better things for your ; Verted to pull off his coat and w
Sundav school.
A. H. Ccxtir,
Co. Secretary.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
; it was half off, Ivie jumped on to
him Davis threw bim off, polled
hia revolver and shot twice, the first
shot miesicg Ivie.
Davis came to Fayette and secured
: an attorney, then went to Columbia
j and gave himself up. Davis was
i released on $2,000 bail.
On laft Thursday niht at 8 o'clock
at the residence of John I). Woody,
Iren I. .Simpson and SIImh Myrtle
Woody were united in matrimony by
the writer. About fifty persons prin
cipally relatives of the contracting
parties, were present. After the cere
mony a bountiful puppar was served,
of which all partook with evidant
delight and katiafaction. The follow
lug is a lifet of the wedding presents
and donors: Cake plate by Jotie
Simpson; fruit ditb, M C Wilcoi;
Sauce dishen, Anna Famuiinar; tooth
pick holder, Annie Woody; fruit di.h
and napkin, Anna Medan; water
pitcher, Kena ak plate,
Mamie buttt-r flih, Mrs. el;
pickle dish, l.i'ia and Joe Nee!; piekle
stand, Mr Hertha Simpson; lamp,
Walter Woody; lamp, May Woody;
lamp, Ora and Klla Hardin; lamp,
Urn arfun; bed-spread, Ona vVoody;
smoothing iron-, Mr Harper; silver
knives and forks, Mrs Woody.
I. M. (jALltUAITIf.
! I want to say to my old customers
! and people generally that I am still
' in the Grocery bueioess at my old
stard, north side qaare, and am
M-H'cg gcols cheaper than you can
; kuy thm any where elee. I am pay
! iDg a little more for produce than
any otter house in the city, so come
' to rne if yoa wact to save money.
i 15 2t W. G- Womack,
Cash Grccer.
A Pare Grape Cream of Tartar Powder,
2sd tz3 goods bought, soli and
exchanged at J. W. Hall's, Pace
Block, N- Main fit, Butler. 17 3t
Lovers Elope.
St. Joseph. Mo., March 4 A
gypsy romance culminated hre to
day in the elopement of Wm Maaon
an Lucie Schwartz, a Romany bill
and daughter of a cnief of one of
tba largest bands roaming in tee
Mississippi Valley Mason deliber
ately etoU the girl from her t-nt ia
the middle of th camp near Troy,
Kas , last night. Aftern hard drive
ha reached St. Joseph in time to
board a north-bound train for St.
Paul at daylight, when the girl'a
absence was discovered. Schwartz
and a party of armed followers pur
sued. They arrived an hour too
late to iatecept the fugitives.

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