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The Drafting Committee Adopts the I
First Six Articles of Russia's !
Arbitration Scheme. j
3In h IAiiHs;i' Unite and Several I-ivfs I.oit
at I'lttuhurgh, ISaffalo ami i;ie
ii. here iu the Cast.
Pittsburgh, Pa., May Si. A terrific
wind anil rainstorm passed over this
section d.in considerable money dam
age, but ii" fatalities resulted. The
early rmiiors hail a number of people
killed, Imt later reports were that only
one ii-r-iii was .seriously injured,
Annie Sullivan, a ten-year-old girl,
v. ho was struck on lier wav home from
JVrmiUicnt Trihmi:l to He I rtf-l -Thf
Amrricitn I'ropo-ition to Hcmt I'ri
vale 1'rojMTty from Seizure at Sea, to !!
IK-huteil, with a Stronff I'robahilif y of
Its Jtelii!; AUit"l.
erect scuuoiiwiiMj
The Hague, May :;. The drafting
Committee, or sub-committee, of the
arbitration committee met yesterday
and di.v.. usse.l the Russian scheme,
adopting with slight modifications the
first six articles. Count Nigra, chief
of the Italian delegation, submitted a
proposal of mediation and arbitration,
consisting of six articles, in tl
of an a mendment to the ltussian proj
ect. The Americans also submitted an
amendment, demanding that, in the
event of a dispute between two na
tions, each should choose another na
tion to act together as arbitrators to
Kettle the difference wit hotit bloodshed.
This must not be confounded with the
proposal for a permanent arbitration
tribunal which the Americans will in
troduce during the week. The Italian
proposal includes a clause providing
that mediation and arbitration shall
not stop mobilization or preparation
for war. Neither tlie American nor
Italian amendment has yet been dis
cussed. Tlie naval and military sections of
the disarmament committee both met
yesterday and exchanged ideas in a
desultory manner. The impression
jfains ground that the outcome of this
commit tee will lie practically nil. A
brief oilicial record of the doings of
the peace conference during the last
week savs: Provisional proposals lor
mediation ami arbitration have been
submitted by the representatives of
Iiussia. tlrcat Pritain, Italy and tin
Pnited Slates. The correspondent
here of the Associated press learns
that the statement that the Americans
have .submitted an arbitration proposal
is incorrect. 1 heir proposals tor a per
manent tribunal are not ready, as
French translation is neeessarv. Thev
will probably be submitted on Wednes
day. The. llritish minister to tin
Netherlands. Henry Howard, ga ve ;
grand reception last night a which till
tlie delegates and the. leaders of Hutch
bociety were present.
Tlie I lilted StatPH l'rarp Plan.
Washington, Mav lit). 1 he president
and Secretary Hay are gratilied at tin
precedence given by The Hague con
ference to the subject of arbitration.
wnieh is regarded as mainly American
in conception. The detailed scheme of
arbitrat ion which is to be proposed by
the Lulled States delegates was can
fully brought out at the state depart
ment before the commissioners sailed
from New York. The details of the
American project cannot be divulged
as a matter of courtesy to tin
conference, but it can be statei
that the American project is remarka
ble at once for its simplicity and com
prehensiveness. It di tiers considerably
from what is known as the Olney
Pauncefote proposition, as set out in
the arbitration treaty which failed of
ratification. It provides for a perma
nent tribunal of arbitration, an impar
tial arbitration being thought more
probable thereby than if arbitrators
were chosen in the heat of controversy.
The news from The Hague that the
British and Russian repre.sentat i ves
are conferring witli a view to reconcil
ing the points of difference in their t wo
schemes of arbitration gives satisfac
tion here, for tlie reason that it prom
ises well for an easy amalgamal ion of
opposing schemes with the American
project, the latter being very similar in
principle to the llritish plan. The re
ported decision of the conference to ad
mit as a subject for deliberation and
action the American proposition to ex
empt private property from seizure at
iseaisalso gratifying. The assurance
that Kngland. which has long held
aloof, will give her support to this
American proposition is believed al
most to i.iMire its adoption, and if this
should be the ease the state depart
ment would regard that one rCMi'.t as
more than repaying the nations con
cerned i..r the cost and trouble of as
sembling the conference.
' school. The M ill.
i in Miiiersvii'e was unroofed and s.-v-
eral children were supposed to be
; pinned under the debris. It fortunate
ly proved untrue and no one was seri
ously injured. The damage through
out the city to trees, fences, roofs, etc..
is neavy. 1 tie storm also did mucU
damage in surrounding towns, but no
fatalities resulted.
Jiutiaio. .N. ., .May :;). A sever
rain and windstorm passed over llnf
falo and vicinity, causing damage to
property arid injury to a number
people. In this citv the t'O-foot smoke
stack at tin; works of the Huffalo Ca
Iron Pipe company was blown over. In
falling it crushed into the wall of the
toundrv building. Andrew Kent!.- am
Valentine Jlahn. workmen in the foun
dry, were probably fatally injured and
50 others were slightly hurt. At Lock
port, Die grandstand at tlie Lake
Avenue trrounds was wrecked. Daniel
Toothill. 11 years old. was fatally in
jured and two other boys named Albert
Murphy and Sharkey painfully injured.
Iieports from Tonawanda. .lamest.m n
and other places report much damagi
in the way of trees and outhouses blow
ing down, windows mown in and stgrn
torn down. Many houses were struck
by lightning in outlying districts.
-ew loi-K, .May " A special troui
.North 1 ona waiiila. N. .. says: A tor
nado passed over the southern portion
of the city and adjacent country. Two
men were killed, houses were wrecked
and much other damage done.
Owoso. M:eh., May :''). The tornado
which passed through the village
Perry. 12 miles lroui this city, de
stroyed 'J.'.oiiii worth of property. No
one was killed and only one person in
Lhampaigne. 111., May MO. A tornado
passed across Champaigne county from
the east to the west. The storm cloud
struck on a ridge five miles south
this city, doing slight- damage, and
then rebounding into the air. It was
seen 25 miles further east several hun-
, l t . .i . -i , ,
urou jccl in uic air aim was men sepa
rating. The cloud was followed by a
territie hailstorm, which did great
damage in the vicinity of Homer and
Sydney. At Sydney hundreds of win
dows were battered in by large hail
stones. The hail did much damage to
the growing com.
Milwaukee. May ;',(). Reports of a
severe rain and windstorm in western
Wisconsin are coming in. A special
from .lanesville says: In the town of
I. a Prairie, the barns on Alexander
McClellan's and lid Paul's farms w ere
wrecked. Twelve windmills close to the
city were destroyed. On Thornton
Rcid's farm. Ml) roils of fence were blown
down. Large trees were uprooted,
and for half an hour a .small cyclone
prevailed. Much of the early crops are
destroyed. Jiritish Hollow, a hamlet
near Potosl, was nearly destroyed by
the heavy wind. The town hall and
several small bmldmcs were blown
lown and other damage done.
Nuoercus Inquiries About the En
forcement of the Curtis Law
in the Territory.
Tlie Interior Department Will Not Allow
Single iu.Iiv i.I.l tl-i to Iik lu.le Immense
Tract- of I. an. Is in a I.are umlwr of
Separate l.a-Thc Svcrrtarj's In
structions to ln-ixctor Wright.
L"ly tlmrps Ajrainat a Mombpr of the
Kansas State Text-Hook Commission
-- What iov. Stanley Says.
Carclo-nr-i Canscs a Serious Wreck
Seattle - Cosh of Lire inil In
jury to ."Many People.
Seattle, Wash., May ::0. A local pas
senger train of the Northern Paeiiic
and a (irant street electric ear collided
near Washington iron w orks, precipi
tating alxuit 25 persons into tlie bay.
Due passenger, 11. Uroad, died on the
way to the hospital. Another passen
ger named llotleditz was seriously, if
not fatally, injured. Some of the other
passengers were seriously hurt. The
water where the people were thrown
into the bay was about 15 feet deep
and it was a miracle that some of
them were not drowned. So far as
known every passenger has been ac
counted for. The accident occurred at
a crossing. It is not clearly under
stood how the accident occurred, as
the stories conflict. The railroad com
pany has the right-of-way at the cross
ings, but it seems that the gates were
not down. The niotortnan saw the
train coming, but it was too late to
stop. The track was very slinperv.
The passengers saw the train coinino I the teams o
1 the car to stop every nso- j At Bosk
: were ini
Topeka. Kan., May :k). Ex-Lieut.
Gov. A. M. Harvey, representing W. V.
lutwiier, agent for II. O. Kvan.s ,v Co.,
publishers, at Chicago, went to Law
rence to file a civil suit against Frank
'. Smith, member of the state text
ook commission, to recover -Uni.
Smith is superintendent of the Law
rence city schools. Mr. Tutwilcr claims
that he paid the money to Mr. Smith
to be used as "legitimate expenses"'
to secure the adoption of the Pcabodv
chart by the text-book board. He claims
that he had an understanding with
Smith that the money would be paid
jack in the event that the chart v:is
not adopted by the board. Mr. Smith
claims that it is a blackmailing scheme
to get money from him and that lie
cannot understand why Tutwilcr
should single him out as his victim.
Gov. Stanley said that he knew not li
ng about the matter. He said that it
might be a scheme of a disappointed
idder to smirch the character of ;i
man he could not use. "but if it i-i
hown that Mr. Smith, or any other
official under my administration, is
loodliug I shall not only discharge
them, but urge their prosecution. I
propose to give the people of Kansas a
clean administration. It will he noted
for that, if for nothing else."
Washington, May 30. Numerous in
quiries have It-en received by the in
terior department relative to the re
ceipt of applications for the depart
ment for the enforcement of the C urtis
law for the government of the Indian
territory. Secretary Hitchcock has
sent the following instructions to In
spector Wright on the subject:
It is not and will not t,; the policy of the df-rartm.-iit
t allow sin-.'!.- iniiivi.lua.ls or corpora-
t.oiis to itu-iu.ie inimeiiMj tracts of lamls in
Iur.'- number if separate leases, uithoutrh saitl
parties may te willing to pay the advance
r.-.yaitv pr.-serili.il for each UHliviUual lease.
On the otiier hand, in the exercise of the sound
discretion which is vested in the secretary of
th" interior, it is not lh" purpose of the
department to deprive any jierson or cor
poruuon ,r the hen. -ins to -winch such per
son may ! entitled where tie: person has
in ynod faith entered upon the land under the
tribal customs and laws and invested money ia
improvements and th development of the min
eral re-.-urcs and where the efforts of such
person or corporal ion have resulted iu the pro
duction of oii, coal, asphalt or other mineral ia
commercial .juantities. No fixed rule, however.
can lie established, but each eniw must rest on iw
own individual merits. In the ca.,.! of mineral
leases as in case of a.vjtnnti;.' public lands of th
L mted States. pod faith must be the test upon
which every application mnst be made, and in
addition t tin- requirements of smd regulation.
paragraph.- 10 and II, each applicant will be re
qui teil to hie with his application with the
United States Italian inspector a plat showing
the land applied for. the exact location and the
extent of the improvements made, the amount
of mineral that has I u mined and whether
there is any adverse occupant or claimant to the
land; an. 1 In: sin.ul.1 also refer to the property,
describe the tribal lease under which he has
trt'-eri Helm., imin the lime when said lease
will expire.
I-iach contract of lease will aisorontain a pro
vision that it shai! continue, for a term of 15
years, unless by duly ratilioil agreement with
the Indians or by law of congress the allottee
shall become entitled to the mineral in allot
ments, and in that event the lease shall expire
on the linal completion of individual allotments
or the issuance of patents by the proper author
ity to the allottee.-, for the land included in their
In view of tliee u ne.st protest made, bv the au
thorities of the Creek ami Cherokee nations no
application for mineral leases will be received
from parties who have not entered upon tUo
land and made improvements thereon for the
purpose ot developing the mineral upon said
laud und. r the tribal or usual custom or under
the provisions -f the act of June is. less, and
ild regulations of November i, lsi'f1. Said reg
ulations an- hereby otiifiulcd In accordance with
the views above indicated.
You will five notice bv publications of the
Chan ec in said reuiat ions as above indicated.
and that persons or corporations claiming
preference rights under the provision of section
13 of said act. and the regulations made there
under, must tile with the United States Indian
inspector for the Indian territory separate ap
plications for mining leases in accordance with
the provision of said regulations as herein
intended within :M davs from the date of said
lice to any person or corporation that has
retofere tiled with the inspector a mlnimr ap.
Plication chumimr a preference rit'Ut bv reason
f improvements mad-'.
You will also exercise trreat care in ascer
taining the truth of the allegations in the sev
eral applications, and you must be satisfied that
tte additional rs-iirrments as herein set forth
have been .li:iv complied with, and that in ius-
ice and equity tlie applicant in every case is
tititled to lease la ml applied f. r before a
hivorablo recomini laiatiou bv vou.
Under this construction of tlie Curtis
act t lie Cmiahv :1 company and the i
reck- il an I las company will have j
o re. nice tne.r iioiuings to hw acres
ach. The t'udahv company, under its
ml leas", is holding l.l.VJ.000 acres and
he Creek Oil and this company 1,SLH).-
Obii acres. If they make new leases all
the lam! they wiil be able to hold tra
iler its terms will be the usual (HO acres.
Opposition Defeated ami i t iuc start M.d
.en. l. li;,nio Order His ( tm m.tii.l to
Take Their Arms and io Home.
Havana, May ::.!. Yesterday "s event
in connection with the payment of the
Cuban troops entitled to apply here for
a share in the American gratuity, have
ctfecltt.tlly killed ot? the opp .sit;..;, to
the receipt of the bounty by private-..
In American military circles it :..c:i
sidered that a line start has he n made
and that the opposition is defeated.
Three hundred privates arrived .luring
the day to apply f. r payment, but
though Lieut. Col. Ueorge M. Kan.iall.
of the Kighth United states infantry,
the commissioner superintending the
distribution here, kept his o-hce open
from t n a. m. to live p. m.. only 11J
could he paid during that interval, as
each man took up several minutes.
Many who brought arms were not on
the rolls at all. Ninety-nine ri i!c. were
surrendered, most of thee anr.'.ica nt s
declining to take any chances in turn
ing the wcap. uis over to the mayor of
Havana, evidently believing it would
be better to give them direct to the
All day it was virtually impossible
to get through the front door of the
otliee unless the sentry cleared tie
way. The Cuban olileeis who. on the
first day. tried to discourage any w ho
were disposed to apply, tin. ling i.ow
that the tide of feeling has turned, are
offering all the assistance possi bie to
Col. Iianuail. At the conclusion of the
day's work X here were more than K
who had no been heard. - These will
have to wait u ntil after tie ret urn of
the pay car on . I line !". when there
wiu prima my no extra .lays adgi!,
for Havana.
rt. . : . , .....
i uis morn ing t tie pav car viil leave.
carrying money. Col. Kan.lall. his ,-v
cort, a pnvsK iaii an t tne post ma -tors.
One thousand posters were sent vc-tt
day aiternooti into the province .f
I'inar del Uio to announce the place
and dates of payment, thn. 11 rook
gave trie .:. tcr ror printing ana Scuor
Domingo Men.le. Ca;ote. secretary of
government, sent special messengers
toaf.ix the notieesin prominent place
Cteti. 1'cdro Helgado, commanding th
r.s, All f),r MlHi - I
II I tion it lUtT. retu. U
' 1 his . . I, of More I ti
Idle Men Charged with Attempting
to Blow Up a Bridge to i
Secure Work. i
A 1 t.il liiiti.itiou into . 1 o.lce 1 He st,Hk
Killed in .ft ret k !iil.tr-n I rti ned
A Ni-;r. l'risner l t:illy Injure 'I no
White I'risoiier 1 Uri !' rson Killed
by I r. i in.
( :Iie.nu .ti. May
statt convention
w ce.v u om,s, s tv be
po.itu.il c-ut, li,
T'..'1-it ; , " .- Iu,
ot its effect on the to-.-si.i . Vva-;
; . , .,,,11,
11 th
ii j ears s.nee thp
next c.
has been
ans in o!
most of
at C,J
'l extra..-, t: i
. ..11:4
ocean m' of o. . '
1 . . ' -I
al Uy..,
Ha- state otlieer ..,..,
.south McAh ster. 1. T-. May
men. named doe Lincoln. Kail,
dim Tomtit, n. Charles isem.in
Kcx- and F. C. t'a.s.-, w er arres
tit. say, inarmed uitti :
bl. iw up t he r.iilroa.i br:
Canailian riv,r. The 1:1
mite on one of the abu
was badly shattered, bu
i'ii-!v driinaged.. T;:e a
certain mat tliey nav
The motive for blow in
was to -c.-urc work.
An l eli.iii i!I:ii;o itiirn
iuthrie. ok.. May - I'lu
1'ox Indian vilktgi. near Cu
been burned in order that t!u
, t Icorge
ted yes-
: te:ntt m
gc ov. r S. .lit :i
II Used k 11a
meuts. h.ich
not d.inger-
tthorities arc
glit men.
le bridge
up 1
. -
governor, are elected for two
and aceor.ied a second term. Ih.-J?"
d on... ;u fotir v-.-.
,; . "vw
minor Mat
: so happens that the fuJ
-ets are noiuinaied fi
ne w
is the year for
governor d.ow 11 t,.
cials. And it so !
new state ti
year preci-.l
As :
present contest at th
, ( nana ;a, v. e;. lied
terday. told them
and ordered them
tie! g. h. ime. ( i
uctv mounted on
Cuban forces a route
his men to.refh.er ye
they were dislianded
to take their arm-, ;
the GuO, some w It.
pontes, saitl they would ride to Havana
and get their money. Tin -reui m 1 -1 -
gado, who was formerly a notorious
bandit, called upon the rest to draw up
in line and to shoot any man who took
the road to Havana. 'I'lu :lu mounted
!. They will
receive their
have an opportuuit
shares later.
It is s.aid that most of the Cubans
who, though having arms, did not lig
ure in the muster rolls when they ap
plied for payment, were furnished with
the weapons by friends at ' iianabacoa,
where many arms 1 ad been stored with
keepers of shops by people who had
purchased them from the Spanish
guerrillas ami volunteers. These were
given out to enable tin holders to
secure shares in the American gratuity.
Some Cubans, undoubtedly entitled to
payment, have also obtained arms from
the same source ami are thus able t-
retain the weapons that they used .lur
ing the war.
ilie uisi.anamg 01 trie trooj
tinues. Twelve hundrc
the command of (ieii. .Iae:
dez, who were encamped
de Las Lapis, about -J1 rn
van a
Meeting of Siber A.lvoeates.
Louisville. Ky.. May :50. Silver will
the password in Louisville, Vednes-
day, and histing through the rest of
the week. .Judge dames P. Tarvin,
president of the Ohio Valley Himetal-
lie league, will dron the travel at. Mae-
ley's theater and the big conven
tion will be on in earnest. The an
nouncement is made that Oliver IT. P.
Ilelmont, of New York, ha.s consented
to speak ;-.t the llryan banquet. The
peeches at the llryan banquet are lim-
.1 to ten minute:-, except that of I'.ry-
;m, upon wnom no limit ha.s been set.
nallstoriu In Douiphan County, Kan., That
Hstroycl Property and I;iii;;eU
C.rott-injj Crop anil Fruit.
Troy. Kan.. May Mn. A severe hail
storm a mile in width passed, throuyh
tlie north part of Doniphan county
Sunday evening about
lr.ne o eiocl
Hie hail destroyed growing crops an.l
fruit, broke innumerable winiimv
1 n 1 : 11:.,.. ... . ...
"r"15 mo 01 ii;riuanu station tore
es from the roofs of house:
Why 1'u.fcer Killed AVearer.
Joplin. Mo.. May MO. More light has
been shed on the sensational killing of
C. U,.;ivcr near Opolis, at the Ilaker
farm. According to the testimony at
the coroner's in.jiiest there was a wom
an in the case, and Charles Ilaker killed
Weaver not because of a dispute on an
account for goods lxinght at Wearer's
store, but because he believed 'Weaver
had been criminally intimate with Mrs.
nto lb-man
at San .lose
It s from 1 la-
have been mustered out. They
given certificates .f service r.r-
deemal.de under the first Cuban govern
ment. Some of the mi ll were in the
Cuban service years, one party of
so, living in Santa Clara, started imme
diate! v for their homes. Ti.o i
many, however, have died of .1
been killed off and most of tin
sorse.i of
;. sc or
men go
ive th.Tii iro-
home by trains which
tige of smallpox L-i-rms tutty be d
st myed. Some of the most high
pri.ed n lies of the Indians wire saved
by disinfection, but nearly . cry thin
tiiey possesst-.l w as .h-strovt d in th
dwellings. New tents, bhiukets and
clothing have been issued to them and
the red men arc liuiv a 1 ma re 11 1 1 v unit,
ii .1
contented once more.
Initiation I'rink I'rove.l 1:11. il.
I l.irin.'.a. Ia.. May ::i. - 1'rauk l'o. ht
of Hepburn, la., is.h-ad from the a!
lege! effect-, of initiation into a Mod
. 11- ....... 1 . .- 1, ,
cm tiooiimau jo.ige or Ueplnitu on
May 1-. The members, it is said, wen
using a spanking board with blank
cartridges attached. The l.ard w a-
turiii-.i tlie wrong way am! a cart
exploded, the shell entering J".
thigh. r.loo.l poisoning and lo.
I-iiP stek K11U.I In a Wreck.
eiiar i-ii;-, ia.. .May A special
stock train ..11 the Chicago A .orth-
"cM.-rii went through the bridge over
1 rairic .r.-rk, two miles we-t of 1 is.
yesterday. Two tramps were killed
1..-.1 ..1 ! .... , ..
.ion ;oo iie;i 1 01 cattle perisiieil. r.nas
Smith, a stockman, and two tramp-
were thrown into the creek, but
escaped serious injury. Nine cars of
stock and three of freight were
Two Children I Iron m il.
Lamoiii. Ia., Mav lie. The two chil
dren of Alma Ilemiett, aged seven and
w ere buried yesterday. They were
drow ned while playing in a pond near
town. One of them got, beyond her
depth. The other plunged in to her
rescue and both went, down locked in
each other's arms, drowning in sight
of their playmates on the embank
ment, who were powerless to help
A Neiiro I'riioiier' llee.l.
McMinnville. T.-iin., May - Sonny
Crain. a negro murderer confined in
the jail, fatally injured two white
prisoners, John and William Ilrowti.
yesterday. Crain attacked them while
they were asleep, beating them over
tin head with a bed rail. He was
and eh;
to th
11 n.ii ; y overpo . i
00 r.
A Tr;iin sfrik-4 llirep I'crsoi.s.
West Loin-. Out., May .;n. -John
Johnson, a farmer, was instantly
kille.l; Peter, his son. fatally injured,
and another s.ui badly hurt by being
struck by a Miehigaii Central train
nea r he
Frank MrOill. a New Jersey shnekoil
with K!e trlcity by i ellov, -Worker,
sn.ti Iiea from It Kft ct
Low Ktes to the Went.
Chicago. May :i. The Hurlington &.
Missouri lliver. Rock Island, Missouri
I'aeihe, Chicago. Milwaukee et St. Paul
and Kurlingtou roads announced that
they would sell round trip tickets at a
rate of one fare plus S-. from all West
ern Passenger association territory on
and cat of the Missouri river, good
June to July ".1 inclusive, to the
same Colorado destinations as regular
summer tourist tickets are sold.
Hardly a house in the path of the
lias a window hg-ht left
w hich
in the
1 1 ighland especially
su rt'eved
rut cxp
Cirjo of Sclphcr Atire.
AigWrs. May The French steamer
-ios-.- . --oni yiarsc-.r.es on M.iiv vi r.
I'alertno and Xcw Orleans, with
rn this respect. Coming, as the storm
oid. at the close of preaching service.
caused, numerous runaw ays of
f people returning home.
sen.ioih.ouse several people
1, none seriously. A child
; ct Homer Shields was dragged a
j quarter of a mile in an overturned
) buggy, but was rescued uninjured.
tam. C naries 1). CI. -it. of h s..-
passengers on board, has arrived here j teeath in taut rv. a trraidson of !i.
witii tier cargo of sulr-hitr on fire. The CI.-iv. 31 n a n fT,-v
cook cf the vessel was asphyxiated and reflrrcu f C:.r ; -o
several passensers were buraed. sick icav-a.
t Santiago, hns
froui Manil.t oa
A Sehiwjl Without Tuition Char-re.
Columbia, Mo.. May SO. The final
bulletin regarding the summer school
of the Missouri state university was is
f ned yesterday. The school will begin
June 5 and conclude Ausrust Thp
the school w
re appropriated 4.000 for
of the summer sihooL
the university to carry on
thout charging tuition.
Iovran a ictlm of Hydrophobia.
New York. May 30. Prank ."!..",;',
died suddenly in the carhouse of the
Paterson Iiailroad company, at Pater
son. N. .1. It w as given out at the time
that heart disease caused his death, but
investigation indicates that lie died as
a result of a practical joke, being
killed by electricity. Joseph tirant
and Christopher Ashfield. who were
also employed at the carhoii.se,
were arrested upon charges of
manslaughter. irant admits that a
practical joke was played on Me' Jill,
live wire Wing connected with a "-oft
soap tub. It was expected that when
th.. m.,, t,...t.. ro, i,.U,.. f I'. . . -
si, 111. u c'.iwiv wui i iiaici 1 1, 1 01 soil s.i,j-
to wash their hands, they wonM re
ceive a slight shock. The wire u.-.-d.
however, appears to have been a jiigii
tension one and the re-nits fatal.
A ill iisiti: le ; 'oiv!v To.irn-i i:ient.
Las Vegas. N. M.. May :;. The pro--'i
ii 1 1 - for the thrie dai s reunion of
the 10 -i,;,-r. whieh w'.ll o.ei.r
'"'' a :'. has :...;. prep an-1. It will
1.:.. , ..
oe.-.ii w.iti a.;ures-es i.y imv. i;o.s
vel; and ol. Ilrodio. to be followed by
;i regimental i-cvic.v. n the ")tli.
w!i-c!i is Si.t. .'ay. religious services will
be ( or..! :ii.-ted by ( ii:, plain IJrown.
Hi t ing the entire three days a, cowWv
tournament, consisting of steer tying
and broncho breaking and r.-o-. s of v;i
rloi;s kinds, will be li. l I. I'a i n.-'.s tire-
wor.:s. representing t.e r
ciiarging 0:1 San Juati' h
I ! -.e
.1 !'.
The Kansa City Mslte.l l.y Terrific Wind
and Hail anil I!uil.lm;r-i Are
I.aiily I;iniii-(I.
Fort Scott, Kan.. May;;.). Fo
i'art: .v.
in this eo:int f,
pr ihi bit ory la w.
br'l.g the I'eeol
tie governor
iov. Sranh-y. !'
both sentences,
j ti r -t's and e. , utity
such a.-tion.
In-r: IT t'ori.t t lie l:
Kan.. May ;;
f ' Kage i-o 1
.(is for P. L. I iu.-;.
'.jt rioers
!. Will be
-eor .Is.
:;; to
n.'i -Jo
Hd tiu
n- presidential ,.an,e,
new Mate adiuiiiistr.-iii ...
have a.l the ma. hdniy in itsc, "
ncx year when delegates to the J
tumal republican convention are to W
selected, the president. .S-nator lUna-
. s .01- 1 . .iisti ic
parties m th
state capital.
As all the counties have indorsed th,
national administration and nil the
candidates for governor and 'other
..dices claim to be strongly a filVor ()
ti.e rcnotn. nation of President McKia-
lev. Iliere i no .ln.it.l ...!.., ...
" -" v " "-oeer auut
the convention adopting a Ktron
resolution for the lenominntiou 0
President McKinley, but tlie diru
acter of the ( hio ileleg.it ion that will
be sent to the national convention for
him net year may depend to some x
tent on the makeup of the state ticket
and the n.-w state central commit tf
as tlie Kurt.-lInshncll-McKisNon
mcnt want to secure control now with
a view to prevent Senator Ihinaa frutn
being on,- of t he ( hio del
ne.. vcar.
At I'M
Itroo'nU ;i. . .
-t. 1,01ns 1 :
ii.,si,,.i .-j i-:
iiiil:i.l.-l;.!i!.i VI I t
( IHCM..-0 -I l"l
( 'ii.ciliti.iti . is !."
N;tlon:l 1 eni;iii.
- li.'iiii lMnlii.lel,hUT. Clovflnadi.
t A.M'IN., of T1IK I l.t'lis.
W. I.. M '
.. .'.'i 11 ."'... Maitlinoro..
N-v York..
i t. i'utst.iirk'li
1" l.olilsvnle..
i.s.i w ilsiiiiiini,.
il.. 1 mn lun 1 ...
r. ro.
11 nt jmi
U 111 .tit
i-' .11 .sr-
I .' -:t xa
1; '-'4 JJJ
Vi'ti rn 1 .0111; nr.
At Kansas City Kaasas City fl. HufTil.)!
At Milwaukee ('..",!, ml. us 4, MtlwauW
At .Mil, in i.M,;is M iiin.-iiiM. lis II, Detroit i
At St. I iul Iii.liiiiiiiiniiisH. Si. l'uul I.
SI'AM'INO of -I HK Ll'U.1
w. i iv 1 r, t. rr.
MllW.lllUee Is- J .Coo Detroit IS 14 ji;
M.lme,io.;H.. t'l lit .Uc' 1 '..liirnliils Ii 14 ,4fl;
St. I'iinl l.'i I.I .S..'. K ill-, is City.. IV 17 ,4H
iinii.iiiii)oiis..i4 in ..'ii..,iitiniiin iu iij ji
It rm J I i Mlil.l.
Springtield, Mo., May !iK. News wan
brought hi re of the suicide of Walter
'. Frisk, of Al.lrich, who shot liimsitlf
through the heart. Like ot her tuirioui
people he had gone to the scene of the
Walnut drove tragedy, w hich resulted
in the death of Pen Wilhite uml l.tilu
Ford. lie told a friend that he would
end his ow 11 life, but the friend thought
he was only joking. Saturday IVisk'u
lead !ody was discovered.
The lai.-i;-l Co. inly Mint 1'ajr.
Topeka. Kan., May : 10. Attorney
(ieneral 4i.id.ird rei-eived a teleLrram
innomieing that tin I'dited States mi-
preme court bail dismissed the Iipe.il
in the Scott county bond ease. Scott
count;,- repudiated i'l I'l.ooi) worth of
bonds held by the state school fund.
The decision of the federal supreme
court means that Scot t county must
pay the imlehtediic-.s.
1 ,
1 t ;
vi r.
riff for
-vith hi
no :
' 1 ' '
"got to
m an-i
it gil.g
I.oote.l I luring it, I i .-
( lakiar.d. 4 ah. May 1.
sutferei! last night fr
hailstorm whieh i-or.
town abcut T::;o o'elo.
rn a wind and
down on the
a. The damage
to wmaow glass alone will not W less
than S-ri,000, and it is not possible at
this time to state what the damage to
cornice work and other house fitting
will W. Trees and shrubs also. sufferc-I
severely from the wind and hail, and
the streets are strewn with refuse.
The city telephone system was much
affected and electric cars have stopped
running- because of numerous live
wires. Country districts report heavy
damage to growing crops. Thousands
of the hailstones were larger thin the
average lien e-rg.
proirress o: a lire
stroyed the hue reside:..-.
I'rlee. ;n Fa- 'akiand. ti
and loo'i"! the building,
things they carried .,:f ,v
gold riu .'.-!. and oher
eral .t ..-Ittn't:-. After
i r;ng
1 partly
r ti 'o'
o: i ii.: am
ie entered
:n 'ti g of )i'-r
s :;;i-d with
aluaidc u.in
; , , ., o
1 0.111. 1 ll,in-;lii ' In lli-i Orclmril.
Mary villi. Mo., May lid. Thomas
anev. a wealthy .and aged man. living
near Clyde, was found hanging in hi
orchard, dead. Jt is supposed to he 1
ease of suicide. If h took his own lif"
it is the ti ft It attemt.t at suicide in Nod-
r.vav county within a week, of whih
four have be. 1: mi. f -il.
I'ri-ilutM 1 1 finliTonN sln-t am.
D. s M din s, la.. May M. In Iowa
oolitieal and congressional circles tne
laim is made that Cei,. Iciidervn 1
pract ie.allv sure of the speakership.
ongressma n Hull said: "I con'ident
y believe Ci.-ti. IIeii.lers.in will be UODl-
inated on tin- first hallo?.
Horrible Iliath of It Hoy.
Nevada. Mo.. May :',).--The lU-yMr-
old son of Jienry I'atilt. living 1" in net
nortii. a-t ot Nevada, was thrown uj
Ids horse a nd bis foot eatehi ng in the
liarn.-ss. his Wily was dragged half
mile ;.i:d his brains da-bed out upon
t ill stories.
Wicl.lia. Kan.. May :;u. The ri.v
ant Valley church, four miles north of
Wichita, was vandali. d Sunday nijrht
for th. fourth tim- in a year. The
b'e. hyjuii I-ool.s. organ. f-Uxil, pul
pit. :., ,c ami e v r yt ii ing h-' ivai.
1 ici a-.-, .v . .
nuggi-'s w
up on th
missing s-
orth ab.,.;t si. 'ri-' were picked
i. lawn. The va'.-e of the
..'. metis is ni ar'y . . . i t.
Oit'ien (in-it. s h) y.
den. Ft ah. May Hear Admiral
a ley and j.iirty arrived here yester
day. At th
Ucti'i. t.'ie V Were mo? bv
indtiding students of the
and es.-ort.-d to the re.!-
"l peop.
e i-
rniral -,
ero.v.I I
f lion. D. II. Peer. The
vas introduced to an irntnen
iov. Wells and mad- a br:
It is r por'.-d t hat. a combination with
capital of s :ito.'i.j i.o'i'i i s form.n'f in
i.-.v York to control ti.e automobile
:t ' 'ir'-ater ..-.v Y,rk.
r','y pro-pei tor s ,-ire kri'ova to be
nv in the Cojiper river eo-mtry, in
ta. who. if not already d. .id. will
: n. I:
I. :
m i s -i
.e in an
The po
u.-d ins,
fter lie.
'.rt to real
. ,;.;.pers
mak irig 1
h . iviii.it.on.
part merit h:is
ing that wTf
)e treated w
: the mail for Porto
o.T.mis-io.'ier 'i.-neral I'c k
huh an-
-ator M.-n-I.-r-
tcm hi-
Ia., Mav ::o. Andrew
an Illinois Centrai
died of hydrophobia
itten durinj? th mad
nth.-, ago. The svmp-
e cnve.cr
He w :us 1
re two m
.came ft
1-1.. , ; r t .... I l. M 1 I 1 I - ; . s ' . , ,
, o.t.ii iiuvirsoi uurn-i ticucisni irom uonoinia m t.ne
bie sufiering, be died. I time ot five days and 17 hours.
my developed veater-
Director Merriam has decided to lriid
examinations in various, parts of the
o Chans- In Strlkf
Pittsburg. Kan.. Mav
: natt'in.
There i.s
l-.t .v . :''lul cuan,'e :n ti.e S'r.Ke s',t dation.
nil "jiiitrs, in orucr to ortaia a ci
force Eecessary to carry 0.1 th
of the fences burc-i:i.
The steamer Chita arrived
in tl
as and
ventral toat x. coice mpinie. were
posting notices to notify th; men they
inust g j to work on or bef:r Jan. 1.
n or they will W barred frota a p'nee in tlie
j mines. The situation in ScmLuon and
i Mineral City is the .sanze.
flounced that American er. hi hi tor at
the Paris exj-ositiori of PcJ will hae
to pay a ci.arg of wtt more thaa i'
rits a vptare it for the construction
of perinaner.t f'.jrs and t.njj;jorW
wai is.
' :
''.'..'! tin: siH-iill.-.', Sp.misli veteran
preference bill, well as the bill ex
mpting trades unions from ti.e insur
ance laws governing fraternal bcRCu
ciary organizations. The vttcraB
preference bill exempted veterans d
the Iat: war with Spain from civil seT"
ice ex a-r. in at ions and gave them a rrfc'"
er.-nee on the public w-rviee apo''
tat-at list next after the vetxtrana
1 tbc ciril war.

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