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yhy ths Floral Tribute from Ex-Cenfder-ates
Was Rejected.
Columbus, O , June 4. The G. A.
"g,post8 of Columbus reeeivsd con
jgrable notoriety lust week cn
gfcount f baviag refused to rtesive
iflaral tribute from ex Confederates
0f the South to plaee on Union
naves her- The floral committee,
which rejected the emblem, have
prepared a statement, ezplaiaing the
aatUr. The report Bays:
'The committee fesls that it is
ju the members f the Grand Army
0 Columbus that they give the rea
ion for rejecting the emblem. The
pargon in whose mind the design of
tbat emblem originated, has by his
lUUmects placed the committee in
i fall attitude so far as rejecting
the emblem ia concerned.
' "The chairman, in accepting the
wreath, did not know what entered
into the formatiea of the emblem.
When it was learned that the design
contained the emblem of the Ameri
can flag, supported by an arm cloth
ed ia the Confederate gray above
and an arm clothed in blue beneath,
aaoy member of the Grand Army
of the Repuolio entered their pro
tests against the plaoing of the em
blem upon the mound, in language
that could not be misunderstood. In
regard to the objectionable features
1 of the emblem, the gray arm being
placed, not only above the blue, but
on the emblem at all, was the only
objection to accepting the emblem.1'
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Beet Salve in the world for
oats, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles
or no pay required. It ia guaran
teed to give perfect satisfaction or
money refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale by H. L. Tucker
Wilt Leave Devil' Inland Sam Time
This Weak.
Fort de France, Island of Marti
nique, June 5. The Admiral com
manding the French squadron in
theBe waters, received yesterday an
order te 6ecd the Sfax to take Drey
fua from Devil's Island off the coast
of French Guiana, and convey him
to Franca. The Bfax, which is com
manded by Cyt Ceffinieresde Nor
deck, left for Devil's Island at 10
o'clock yesterday evening.
The cruiser will arrive at Devil's
Island by Thursday and leave for
France as soon as Dreyfus has been
takeaon board.
Dreyfus should reach France by
the 26th of June. The prisoner will
be treated with consideratioa during
&e passage. His rank is restored
wd he rauit now be regarded as an
offieerofthe French army against
hom there is merely an accusation
cf disloyalty.
L. C. Hastings a Suicide.
Topeka, June 5. L. O. Hastings,
wiiatant treasurer of the Chicago,
Kock Island !t Pacific railway com
mitted suicide just before coon
today by shooting himself twice
through the heart at his roem in the
Helel Throop. His aceounts are in
first-class condition, but he had been
wk for several inontb.3 and was iub
ct to melanchelia, He was 35 years
of age RDd unmarried.
FARM LOANS. We have the cheapest money to loan
ever offered in the county. Call on us.
Re fern to CaptaiQ Jehnsoa.
A Bpecial correspondent writing
from Martinsville, Ind., to the Ham
ilton county, Ind , Ledger makes the
following reference to Capt. John
son, now undergoing treatruetit at
the Sanitarium at that place:
"Lyiog upon hia back in this
hotel is a young captain of tbe
Spanish-American war. By his 6ide
is his constant, devoted young wife,
who ia nursing him from a!ajost
death's door back to life again.
There is something touching and
worthy of admiration iu the &tory of
this couple. The young man was
captain of a company of Missouri
volunteer. Hia regiment was located
at Chickamauga and afterwards
moved to Lexington, Ky. List Sep
tember while in camp there the Cap
tain was drenched by a heavy rain.
He caught cold and rheumatism fol
lowed. He was a man of fine form
and bad passed the best physical ex
amination of any man in his regi
ment. But this availed him nothing
against the dread disease and he
was thoroughly in its clutches. Death
seemed inevitable. His parents and
sweetheart, to whom he had been
engagad for some time, were notified
of his serious condition and went to
his bedside Tho young girl, in
order to give her betrothed better
seavice as a nurse, thought it best
to become his wife. A license was
secured and they were married. TTrom
that hour to this she has been con
stantly at his side and given him
every attention possible. The dec
tor tells me tbat he was almost a
skeleton when brought here in Feb
ruary and stiff in nearly every joint.
He is now able to use one arm and
the doctor thinks he will be on his
feet in two months. Such suffering
and trials are the legitimate fruits of
war. But nations are built and civ
ilization advanced by suo h saeri
fices." Beats the Klondike.
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of Marysville,
Tex , has found a more valuable dis
covery than has yet been made in
the Klondike. For years he suffered
untold agony from consumption, ac
companied by hemorrhages; and was
absolutely cured by Dr. King's New
Discovery for consumption, coughs
and colds. He declares that gold is
of little value in comparison with
this marvelous cure; would have it,
even if it cost a hundred dollars a
bottle. Asthma, Bronchitis and all
throat and lung affections are poti
tively cured by Dr. King's New Dis
covery for consumption. Trial bot
ties fren at H. L Tucker's Drug
Store. Regular size 50a and Si.
Guaranteed to cure or price refunded
Penalties of Robbing Uncle Sam.
Several years ago a man named Da
France held up a mail carrier in
western Nebraska and secured a cop
par csat from the mail bag. He re
ceived a life eeutence in the govern
ment prisoa at Sioux Falls His
sentence haa just been commuted to
fifteen years by order of President
MeKinleyv Over a year ago Oberlin
M. Carter, a captain in the regular
army, was tried and found guilty of
swindling the government out of
more than $1,500,009. But nothing
has been done to execute the sen
tence passed upod hira by a court of
brother officials Omaha World
flerald. QWAMP. I not recommended for
rVnnm everything; but if you
KUUI. have kidney, liver and
bladder trouble it will be found just
the remedy you need. At druggists
in fifty cent and one dollar sizes. You
may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful new discovery by niai
free, also pamphlet telling all about
it. Address, Dr. Kilmer & Co, Bing
hauipton, 2f. Y.
Strike Situation at Rich mil.
The coal miner' strike at Rich
Hill has not yet assumed serious
proportions. Some have quit but
the large majority of miners remain
at work. Monday afternoon two
meetings of the miners were held,
one at the opera house and the other
in the park.
Tbe meeting at the opsra house
was held at the instigation of Sapt.
W. B Williams, who desired to
aseriain the wishes of the minerB
under Lis jurisdiction. At this meet
ing Amos Manchester was made
chairman, and Henry G. Meyers
secretary. After speech making by a
number of miners present, a motion
was made to submit the following
demands to the company:
First, That a uniform price of 50o
and 5oc per ton be paid the miners
the year round 50o for coal 3 feet
9 inehea and over, and 55o for coal
under that height; second, that the
company pay every two weeks; third,
the rails be brought within reason
able distance of the face. A motion
was also carried to present a griev
ance of the drivers and day men in
regard to a nine hour day. At the
meeting no reference was made to
The first of tbe week indications
were that there would b9 trouble in
the mining district and Sheriff Mudd
was petitioned by the mine opera
tors to be present. The Sheriff re
sponded to the call, but so far there
has been no need for his services.
There are about 200 miners out,
and the matter f a strike appears
to hinge almost entirely upon the
action taken by the miners at No.
15, the most important mine in the
Is tt Malaria or Alum?
Popular Scientific MontUly.
Languor, loss of eppetite, indiges
tion and often feverishness are the
common symptoms of a physiologi
cal condition termed "malaria." All
these symptoms may be and fre
quently are the effects ef the use of
alum baking powders in food mak
ing. There is no question about
the poisonous effects of alum upon
the system. It obstructs digestion,
prostrates the nerves, coagulates
and devitalizes the blood. All this
has been made clear, thanks to phy
sicians, board of health, and food
commissioners. So "highly injurious
to the health of the community"
does the eminent head of the uni
versity of Pennsylvania, Dr. Barker,
consider the alum baking powders
that ho says their sale should be
"prohibited by law."
Under these circumstances it is
worth the while of every housswifo
to employ the very little card thai is
necessary to keep eo dangerous an
element from the food of htr family.
A pure cream of tarter baking
powder, which is the only kind that
should be used, ought to cost about
forty-five to fifty eents a pound.
Therefore, if you are pajiag much
less, something is wrong; if you are
paying twenty five cents or less per
pound, the powder i3 certainly made
from alum.
Always bear these simple facts in
mind when purchasing biking pow
der. Footpads at Webb City.
Webb City, Mo , June 3. On the
streets here last night footpads held
up and robbed Mrs. Shiers, Mrs.
Peppers, H. L. Dodscn, Will Stcd
ard, T. F. Coyne and H. G. Gastcn,
securing in the aggregate $30 in
money. Mr. Djdson was brutally
treated and considerably injured.
Street Incident.
"My Dear Sir,'' exclaimed Lawyer
Bartholomew Livingston, meeting
tho Rev. Dr. Archibald Windham on
the village 6treet, "what does this
meat? I thought you were laid up
with all sorts of bsd disease:"
"And eo I wa8," replied tbe rever
end gentleman "I had an attack of
indigestion and from that time on
my wbrl9 BjEteui has been in a dis
ordered condition until I began tak
ing Hood's Sareaparilla which has
put me on my feet and cared all ray
stomach troubles v
'I don't doubt," said the lawyer.
"This same medicine cured my wife
of rheumatism and my little girl of
gcrofula. When they say it s the
best medicine money can buy, they
only tell the truth."
"Yes, yes, so they do," replied the
minister, and the two passed ox
-No Stamps retjiiiivl on
I deposits drawn at counter
No Trace Js Left Ktatoa.
Webb City, Mo., June 3 Last !
Thursday at Oronogo, three miles !
north of this city, W. S. Jackscn, a i
well known resident and prominent ;
saloon man, disappeared from his
home. Since then no trace of him
can be found. His family and f ritnd s
fear he has been foully dealt with.
He had considerable money with
him when he left.
The Butler Record prints the
speech of George H. McKissick, de
livered at the close of the public
schools there recently, he being one
of the graduates. The young man
shows acquaintance with current
affairs, and in his talk, taking the
Monroe doctrine for a oasis, emites
expansion hip and thigh and lays
bare the false and cruel work of the
republican administration in its deal
ings with the Cubans and Filipinos.
The young man shows he is an
honor to his raising and the Clay
county stock from which he sprung
and we regret that lack of space pre
vents our giving his speech in full.
Another brother, Edward, graduated
at the same time. Both are sens of
our esteemed friend, J. J. McKis
sick, who formerly resided in
Faubion Chapel neighborhood, and
one of tho best men that ever lived
in the county. Liberty Advance.
Free Fills.
Send your address to II. E. Buck
len & Co , Chicago, and get a free
sample box of Dr. King's New Life
Pills. .Atrial will convince you of
their merits. These pills ere easy in
action and ara particularly effective
in the cure of constipation and bick
headeehe. For meliria and liver
troubles they have been proved in
valuable. They are guaranteed to
be perfectly free from every deleter
ious substance and to be purely
vegetable. They do not weaken by
their action, but by giving tone to
the stomach and bowels greatly in
vigorate the Fystem. Regular size
25c per box. Sold by H. L. Tucker,
Spruce item.
Mr Mistier made a trij; to Butler
Monday on business.
Stevenson and Oliver bought 1,000
bushels of corn of Mr MoCormick
and are having it hauled to Their
feed lot.
Hon. G. B. Ellis is on the commit
tee that ia visiting: the various cities
helping to select a place for the gtate
fair this year.
Sweet potato plants are in preat
demand this year, as hot Led- are
yerv scarce here.
The rain on Wednesday night was
badly needed. It will make many a
bushel of potatoes, head of cabbage
and ear of corn.
Henry Oliver was in this neighbor
hood June 1st on special business.
Gordon Frost is very low.
Judge Crigler died Thursday. June
1st. He was one of the uio.-t highly
respected citizens of this coiuni unity,
and will be mi?ed by his usany
friends. r
Mrs Emma Goodman of Henry
county, made a trip to this neighbor
hood Thursday,
Mrs Guy says that she has had 460
chickens batched this spring.
WG Hall made a trip to Butier
Abb Young, Eddie Kretzmger and
T Anderson took three loads of hogs
to Appleton City Tuesday.
Messrs Guy, Nicholson and Dicker
son were onsonth side of Deep water
Thursday honting sweet potaio slips.
Miss Edna Lawson spent last week
in Appleton City.
The Sunday school at Pies-ant
Home, we are sorry to state, wa not
vory well attended.
H. E. Speece, accompanied by Mr
Harper, of Butler, made some very
1 t. .rnnnn hi old rUDlI
in this neighborhood. He is canvass
ing for & Topes.a pnoiogr&Hu "o
Hr9 jjaura Snodgrassand son went
to Montro Friday.
t r a -tTTt. rf 4TiTletori . 1 T V. was
in this neighborhood Friday hunting
and fishing.
w pi Fletcher lost a fine cow Thurs
day nigbt. . , .
Tri Saodgrass is painting h.s
house. . j breakinsr and
planting some new ground in corn
this week. bTAri-
Tirginia Itaaas.
We writ what wa hair la V.zr.a sat aa Is
D.ir K-aJr, don't b'j: if r ttar 'oat 117 ;
V; Lppei.s jea. I
Rnftn Hs.'l of Wirrr,hnrk'. v5it,..l
his pisTer
Mr- Mike Udloner jt ,
- m - ;
w ' k .
Fre ltT,tKdi": quarterly 11
at The Ntlerodi chool l.-ui?
coia- '
menchiff June Mh ai d continuing I
over Sabbath.
TYui Hardintr and Mrs W A Mo
Elror epend Weauc-dar of lp-t week
at Dreiel.
Steve Cook of Paola, Kmn., i vi--itiiiivr
old friend.-.
John Harpar ia riding over hi-corn ;
f.eld 0:1 a liw cultivator. j
Chas E. Stokes, atate chairman of
the prohibition party and editor of i
Leader, Mexico, Mo., spnt Thurs- j
day afternoon m;d Friday night with
Mioses Agnts Arnold, Hit Colyer, ,
Ollie Swarens, I'et liroaddu-; Messrs j
Lloyd icKiblen,Saui Pollock, Milton I
Flesher.Nat Buck of Butler, attend
ed th ice cream supper Friday night.
Miaa Lillian Walker want to War
ranburg Saturday to attend the
rraduatin larcises. Hei si-ter.
Uias 'o!lio, is one of the graduates.
John Neal, of near Mound City,
Kan, is -i-iting rlatives in his old
neighborhood. He brought his t-iater
Mis Cora, who had baau visiting
her parauta for a wwek. He saya he
likes his naw home very well.
Mis Etta Herrell, who has been
the juest of Miss Icy Jaukin the
past week, raturnad to her houia at
Adrian, accompanied by her brother
(ieorge, who came down for a few
days with his frienda.
The young people who went fish
ing Saturday evaning raport a good
tiiu. Those who attended werw
Misse Ida Cowan, Sadie Whinnery,
Leda Wallaca, Icy Jenkins and Etta
Herrell; Uessr Will Durst, Chas
Cowan, tieo Herrell, Walter and
Lawrenca Wallace.
Mr Shoamakwr, the harnt-s maker.
of Toster, vi.-iteai the family of Joe
T Whinnery lat Sabbath.
Child ran day naxt Sabbath at
both churches at 11 a. m. ut the
Crook sahoo! house at 4 p. ui.
As bad as the night was the com-
mittee cleareil S14 laat Friday night
at the Christian chuich.
Corn is looking well at present. A
larger amount planted on account of
the wheat fields being plowed up and
and planted.
Tie hard to break the tender chord,
When love and law has bound the
Tis hard, so hard, to sfak th word-:
Wo must forever part. j
Dearest loved one wa mut lay th ;
In the peaceful grave's embrace, '
But thy memory will be cherithed.
Till we see thy heavenly face.
Dearest mamma, thou l.a- left u-f
And our loss we deeply fee!.
But 'tl God that has berft n
He can all our sorrow heal.
Yet, again we hope to meet thee,
When tho day of life is fled,
When in heaven with joy to gre-t
Where no farewell tear is ahed.
-L. I. Bkowmjg.
J S Coulter and sister, Mi- (trace,
ware the gueata of Mia Sadit Whm
nery Sabbath.
D C Wolfe in putting up a new
wind pump. Frad Lefker, liecnett
Wheeler Mare Co"s machine man, is
doing the work.
Misses Maud Wi'son and Daisy
Park viaitad relative- near Pa-a:c
George Kub ia having Lis su.-p!u
bi Leona Fieaher of Bat!er. i-
visitinp; re!ativehere.
Dr Lamb i called to 6- Will
Durat Sunday forenoon. He was
kicked bv one of his young horses,
which wi'l! kaep hira indoors for a
few days.
Gas Rape, woo w&a taitsnvery s;c;
one week izo. is inad:ng faat
J J Wolfe and wife vi-;ted Mra W
sister near
Iirw:n Saturday
Urs Mvra Tripn of B-Jtr. ia vi-it-ing
the family of George Ruble.
I'M'Ki: SriK Si ik'.;m!
Luther Crows
hor-f To Mr Haa-,
lkr Yu.:- !...:; .
Itf IU-,
1 h. tiiif i'.ri iu
A Adrian.
: ii tint- lot of hojr
;u;ti, ho live ;
rhuiiilre.l porniil.-.
wii at A1 rian th
;)- hi crop l--:
the vear.
1 a-au lor -V. 1
line 11,. t .1 '
iImv, aii
We ix-nt a few Lours iu A-Iriau tli-
other liny and met many frii-nd-,
among them were John llerr.'il, Johi.
Cowdrey anil Ji '.ii Howmin.
The la. lies ofthe Methodi-tchtiraL,
-onth, will give u i-trawberry ftftival
at I'a-f.'i:'' Julc jrl; at 7 o'clock. Al!
are invited to com-.
Mi A-.laCr.-w- will wi-M the ro-1
at Prairie I'..:--- :hi- fa!!. The term
begin- in September.
Al Shafer !;. - returned troai K C,
where l.e ha !)!; painting buggies
li M Wilcox -hipped a Cue lot of
hog- to Kansas City one day lust
week HJ:d the murket wa orT ii)e.
lid rd Crow. 1 -r ( y- he loe th
hoeing and chores and his brother
i'ewt does the plowing.
Jim Mftddy am! family pent Sun
day with hi- br-.ther, W F Maddj.
YoiiDg W'i! ox has completed hi
hmt cm!hest of here, which
ailils to me look- o! I lie lownMiip.
llea-oa Williams has bought him
a new -ait of clothes, Hint saya he
will go to Sunday School.
Wm F Maddy y!d hi- fine crib of
corn to J Ta-ewt ll ai4 1 AViU Findley
for illc.
Jim Chambers tiniohed p'.antiughi
large a rcag- of 'orn la-t week.
Mrs .1 N Sharp has a large number
of young duck - H.I;1 g'-e.
Mr- J E
wder wii! teach the
Hackr -eh-.,
good satisfft''!
taught and th
this fa!!,
ii when-v
Sh :ive
r he
iiihlre:. n!t seem i
like her.
The Wall- bi-otii-rs Mpect to feed
n f:ne ' -jX i'. H-yar-old -'eers iie.t
fall. E.
j J
j j
You hsve nsed al!
. 1
j I JQJ- (f COUh TCmC-
T . . . I
i dies but it does not
i yield; it Is too deep 1
j seated. !t may wear
j itself cut in. time, but j
j it is more liable to j
produce la grippe, j
j pneumonia or a seri-1
! ous throat affection.
j You need something I
j that win give you
I strength and build
jup the body.
3 3 i I
else Li.'s. There is no doubt
about it. It nourishes.
I Sircnthcr:. builds U? find j
j makes the body itron and
l healthv, r only to throw I
I off this h2"i zovgh, but to J
'fortify vstem against f
I further :'-,v:S5. If vou are
T run cc.
' U 'A
.T.aciaicd you
:z:r.iy tsKc this
food medicine, i

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