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jjpocrats Are tenner rwis .i nati
on, Sajs Dewey.
WnBhinirton, April 19.-In reply to
fetter from the editor of the "Ham
ion Democrat," Hamilton, Ohio,
jelatirefco a paragraph which has
fceen going the rounds of the news
papers. Admiral Dewey to-day sent
be following communication :
"Washington, D.C., April 19, 1900.
IDearSir: I am in receipt oi your
utter of the 17th mst., asking if I am
correctly reported aw saying, 'Well,
jfjj you what a democrat is. In
time of war a democrat in a damned
traitor; in time of peace he is a
damned fool.' In reply I have to
itate that this is one of the thousands
of lies ottered concerning me, to at
tempt tocontradict all of which would
require more time than is at my com
mand. However, since you extend
the opportunity, it gives me great
pleasure to state that 1 have never
,ajd or thought of such a thing as
the foregoing statement accredited
tome- I have a very fond remem
brance of thousands and tens of
thousands of 'war democrats whom
1 knew, and wh were some of the
best fighters this country ever saw.
Terj truly, yours,
"GEORCK Dewky.
"Homer Card, Esq., Hamilton Dem
ocrat. Hamilton, Ohio."
Protest to Britain.
Pretoria, April 18. As soon at the
Berne award in the Delagoa Bay
Railway arbitration was published,
the Transvaal government offered to
fend Portugal the amount she was
condemned to pay ($.",,000,000),
which, however, was courteously de
clined, the statement leing made that
the money was already provided.
The government is receiving many
memorials from burghers on t he sub
ject ol sending the Boer prisoners to
St. Helena and will formally protest
to Great Britain on the subject.
Secretary of Stahe Keitz says the
Transvaal government is not taking
any resolution regarding the dost ruc
tion of the mines.
Mothers, beware of those secret
robbers of your baby's quiet and
health. Those sleepless nights and
king hours of tiresome vigil are caus
ed by those terrible enemies of child
hoodworms. Destroy and remove
them with White's Cream Vermifuge.
Price 25 cents. At II. L. Tucker's
drug store.
New Gavel for the Speaker.
Washington, April IV). Speaker
Henderson was the recipient to-day
of a unique gavel from Admiral Hich
born. chief of the Bureau of Construc
tion of the Navy Department, lt is
made from the ribs of the cruiser
Olympia, the flagship of Admiral
Dewey, and is unlike most gavels in
bein a solid piece of wood, without
handle, bnt wit h a groove in the mid
die for the speaker's grasp. As the
nayal bill is now before the house the
speaker will make opportune vise of
tne gavel tluringeonsuleration of tins
Scene in the Valley de
Mcndiz, Portugal.
rp of Ctrl Carrying Weighty
run or urapu la iBt
Wltterr to be Crnthed antt
Mad into wine,
The Speer Wine Company,
Passaic N. J.,
have their vineyards stocked of the
same grape, the only vineyard of
the kind in this country, the vines
were imported and planted here
over forty years ago. The Speer
Port wine and Burgundy are now
regarded the finest in the world,
their rich, full body and high
character is unexcelled. In-
valids weakly persons, especially
fnale and the ared are made
strong and vigorous by its use, as
a medicinal wme n nas no equai;
as a family wine it has no super-
tor. First class physicians all over
the conntry,here and in Europe,
who have tried them recommend
them as the best.
A close study by physicians on
the effect of different brands of
wines on the system convinces
them of the superiority of the Speer
Passaic wines for their patients.
Snhi bv Drurrtrists and Grocers.
Populists by Any Other Name
Will be Populists Still.
K. C. Times, lath.
Exit middle-of-the-road populists;
enter the progressive populist party
of Missouri.
As a result of two days of travail
the mass convention of the anti-
fnsin winr of tbp iw-m. s nartv nt
Missouri, consisting of sixty-two del-
" t ' ' ,
eirates. brouirht forth a brand new
f .r.rt.niz,ition It hs len christened
' I
inadvance, the task of selecting a
name having occupied one-half of the
time of delegates after their arrival
in the city. Even now. the name may
have to be changed, for it is provided
in the platform that should any other
name than that of neeide's -party be
adopted bv the national convention
at Cincinmiti Mat 9. the same name
ii k i.f ....i i,o r;w,Mr:
LI till UT7 urniuncu ujumi im fin?i-wu i
nf iiit
. ti. i r--i. r
lilt Ull 111 Jl HIT- llT 11.11 I.V 11
aoa liutior it wnnlil not die lin-
i: ' 1.. i n
felinely tltrrliii. -in uic niA i j -1 n W i
rlelerrntes were nerfeetlv willimr to
.,m,.7.rnr the birth of the oriraniza-
tion, but few were willing to stand
sponsor for it and allow their names
to le associated with it on the official
ballot. The populists believe in al
lowing the party to seek the man.
They were models of consistency in
thisrosrard yesterday. Positions on
the state ticket not only sought can
didates, but chased them .-ill over the
stage of the (Jilliss opera house, on
which the mass convention was held.
n some instances it was necessary
for t he office to lay violent hands upon
the candidate and by force compel
lim to accept it for better or for
When the srame of hide-and-seek
Ijetween the officers and the men had
nded the result was this:
For governor J. H. Hills of McFall.
For lieut.-srovernor Dr. A. Neff of
For secretary of state Bernard
Finn of Ava.
For attorney general Zachary
Taylor of Springfild.
For auditor B. F. Allen of Split log.
For treasurer D. C Fuller of
For railroad and warehouse com
missioner Ca sper M iller of ( J reen Top
For judge of the supreme court
John M. Voris of Cliillicothe.
For ju.lge of the Kansas City court
of appeals I. C. Callahan of Inde
For iudre of the St. Louis court of
iinoeals C. J. Anderson of St. Louis.
0 '
r t - --- - -
For delegates to the national con
vention At large: A. H. Livingston
West l'lains; P. J. Dixon, ( hillicothe;
W. F. Haughawaut, Carthage; F. E.
Richev. of St. Louis; W. C. Aldridge,
California: Dr. A. Neff, Marshall: I
D. Bailev, Dexter; Miles Williams,
West Plains; Bernard Finn. Ava, and
John I). Brown, Independence.
First district, Casper Miller, (ireen
Top; second, Hugh Tudor, Dawn;
third. E. E. Pratt, Oilman Uty
fourth. S. II. Hodge, Maitland: fifth
George II. Hefner, Atherton: sixth,
W. O. Atkeson, Butler; seventh, S. A.
Wrisrht. Snriimfield: eisrhth. S. G. Hall,
Del Norte; ninth, J. H. Tipton, Mid-
- - - -j 1 c .- I
dleton; tenth, J. II. Talbot, St. Louis;
eleventh. Georsre W. Jaekson. St.
Louis; twelfth, C. J. Anderson. St.
Louis: thirteenth. J. B. Dines. Liber-
tyville; fourteenth. George W. John
son. Ava: fifteenth. Ira Bell. Grant-
The following presidential electors
were selected: At large 1. T. Mitch
ell Woodland ville. and W. A. Dillon
First .listriet. I. V. Stanley. Glen-
wood; second, J. T. Poison, Laclede ;
third. R. M. Reese. Albany : fourth,
W. S. Cannon. Mound City; fifth.
Berrv Elliott. Odessa ; sixth, Thomas
Dav. Low Station; seventh, J. u.
i nomas, mou,u..u, . ...
J. Fifer. California ; ninth. J. P. W ll-
mi mi T ... I . ;,Y-itv w
son, Wells ville; tenth, J. H. Talbot
St. Louis: eleventh, George W. Jack-
eon St Louis: twelfth. C. J. Ander
son. St. Louis : thirteenth. J. A. Hale, i
Conderev; fifteenth, B. F. Allen, Split-
' 1
frank e. rh hky remains chairman.
Frank B. Richev of St. Louis was
tej chairman of the state com.
. nT,w- ... f '
, nnttee - - - -
member from each congressional dis
1 trict. who is to be the chairman of
the congressional committee of his
j;strict. P. J. Dixon of Chillicothe
011-0.t vioe chairman. Georene
w Jackson of St. Louis was made
retarv. He wanted the privilege
.,i.w.?nn- th KsistAiit secret rv
for he said he might want one that
could manipulate a tipewriter. The
deletrates were willing: to accommo
date him, all except one. He made
the point of order that the order of
business provided lor the election on London, Apri i8The govern
an assistant secretary, and accor- ment has chosen this as the moment
dingly Bernard rinn of Ava was to publisb adispateh from Lord Rob
chosen for the place, erta pronouneimr centure uoon Sir
W. O. Atkinson didn't want to
serve as treasurer because, ne saia,
Butler his home, was too lar away
from ht. Louis, where reside the
chairman anu secretary. Astea
the United States mails reached But-
i ...
uer auu u.t-u "M""'" " I
nP '" mat.,-.
.i i . i :.. i,,. 1
tlP cede... u,
"anted to Know now mucii monev
A 1 1 1. 1
the treasurer would have to handle
KO tnat the amount oi his uona oe
nxe(1 -
Bond? The very idea,
one delegate, "isonds are respon-
sible for nine tent hsot tne defalcation.
sk our treasurer, the treasurer of I
progressive populist party, to give a
b"nd? Never. We have too much
faith in each other's honesty." There
were cries of '"Hear! Hear' and loud
anolause. That settled the bond
The rdatform is brief. It reatfirnis
allegiance to the Omaha platform:
denounces both the democratic and
republican parties as leing in league
with the money power to rob the
people; declares for direct legislation,
including the initiative, referendum,
imperative mandate and propor
tional representation, and pledges
the party, if placed in power, to ena?t
l these reforms into law. On the money
question it says:
'e demand a national paper
money, issueu uireeuy uw );.
i "i . j 1 I il . , ... I
ernnient, that snan oe a nm
. i . , ii i e..i 1 . .1 I
C..11 1 1
tender for all debts, public aud
vatp' an1 thilt l,e redeemable "
the products ami iaoor oi me ieiiue, i
and in no other way whatsoever.
1 in: lllilllUi iir ' icm ' i
1 1 I
oniierMU!- u. uu 1mun., ui..l.,
.1.:.. ..e n . . . . 1 . . . . . . .lit i . .i . i ti . ( I
"The issuance of licenses to trust.
thereby making trusts legitimate.
and nermanentlv fastening them
j -
upon the nation under the plan now
advocated bv William J. Bryan and
by John D. Rockefeller of t he Stand-
a rd Oil Trust, we denounce as a
designing scheme to enable corrupt
and decaying political parties, by
the Jewing of blackmail upon the
trust, to extort enormous sums un-
der the name of campaign funds, for
u.se in corrupting national and state
elections." I
Tlie platform concludes:
We especially denounce the demo-
cratic party of Missouri, its present
legislature and chief executive, and
its political leaders, forextravagance
in office, for their viciouselection. po-
lice and other legislation; for t heir
indefensible attitude toward trusts,
and upon all the paramount issues
of the day, and for their utter disre-
"ards of the rights and interests of
the people of the state."
Even the most vigorous and heartv
people have at times a feeling of
weariness and lassitude. 10 uispei
this feeling take Herbine; it wilMm-
part vigor anu vuam . xi-r-ous
At II. L. Tucker's drug store.
Demand for Modern Vehicles is on the
Chicago. April 10. The inhabit-
ants of the Hawaiian Islands evident-
ly have determined to keep pace with
their fellow citizens in the United
States, for within the last ten days
$50,000 w orth of automobiles have
leen shipped to them. A Chicago
firm built the vehicles, which inelud-
ed large cabs, small cabs, delivery
wagons and T-carts, each accompan-
ied by an exhaustive treatise on the
art of guiding and managing an
The importing habit has leen
growing in the Hawaiian Islands for
the last three months, and ( hicago
manufacturers have shipped within
fMy f50ao0o WOrth of
. . , , s
I merchandise. Chief among the arti-
cles are steel rails, passenger eleva-
tors and equipments, boilers and
pumps, the latter for use of the plan-
t.ations. One of these pumps, with
- - - A .
its accessories, cost ...tw: two
others more than S25.0O0 each.
Bicycles, too. have caught the
Hawaiian fancy. Consul Fred Job
savs more than 10.000 have len
HOOiS' L-Le&
Do not prire nor !rritate tbe alimen-
tary canal. They acs ntiy yet
promptly, cleans eSetiualiy aud
VlMtC JMji3at LMM
! sold ail druseists. 25 cents.
Bailer and Warren May Resign Because
of Roberts' Severe Criticism
Refers Buller and Sir Charles War-
ren tw0 of hia nilM,t, imnortant ub-
ordinatecommaiHlere. Thisdisnatrli
written Feb .la ,h as been in the hands
nf the war offiee for five wL Jnt
why it is published now. in the middle
i" '
oi the campaign, is not understood
unIe9S lt w peered that Gen. Buller
and Gen. arren will ask to be re-
Heved of their (.ommands.
The revelation of their incapacity
mU!St tend to undermise the conn"
dence of the troops in their leader-
The Standard, which is suppose.!
to 1m? jn tne (.onmiprU-e of the govern
mpnt . savs
"It is scarcely- likely that the pabli-
cation of Lord Roberts disatch is
without a purpose. It irresistiblv
suggests whether it is not to le ful
lowed by farther important changes
in the South African commands
Painful as such measures must be
there must be no hesitation in carry
ing them out if they are required in
the puWu. iutereHt
The Times says :
"Lord Roberts severe condemna
tion is justified only too clearly bv
the official narratives of what took
place. The story is painful; but it is
well for the nation and thearmv that
it should be told clearly and simp v
without concealment or exarera-
"Bv the publication of Lord Rob
itriin utnpaii ii i iiTr pi,r.iiivjii kii
Red vers f?iil!er is remlerwl iintmiblp.
and his resignation or nn all is a mat-
ter oJ course
. . . .
I ntc iinn.l Imrnu inniiim ntnl
. ' .... . . . .
i,ruises quickly heal if you apply Bal
lard's Snow Liniment. Prii-e 25 cts.
and 50 cts. At H. L. Tucker's drug
State pair Committee Orders Its Con
struction.-May Ask Appropriation.
Sedalia, Mo., April IS. The state
fair committee of the Missouri board
of agriculture arrived here to-day.
It included Norman J. Column of St
Louis, president ; X. H. (Jentry of Se
ualia. vice president ; Alexander .Mait-
land of Richmond. (Jeorge B. Ellis of
Appleton I ity, 1. t. Luthy of leba
non, and J. R. Rippey of Columbia
secretary. The object of the visit was
to arrange for the improvement of
the fair grounds as far as they are
able to do so with their present funds
which amount to something like
Ihe committee decided to build the
race track and amphitheater on the
south side of the grounds, the expo-
i ..... ..
sit ion buildings to oe constructed
north and northwest of the race
I track, and the contract will soon be
i t
The law requires a standard mile
treck and the one to be constructed
will be 5,300 feet in length and f80
in width. Thecommittee will at om
let the contract for the survey of th
grounds. It will look to the legisla
turefor an appropriation of $250
Secretary Rippey says that the li
cense for pool sellers has leen increas
ed from 2 to $5 per day and that
the revenue from that source for thi
Ueason will aggregate 10,0m.
The Missouri, Kansas & Texas rai
r0a.d will have a depot at the south
WPSt corner of the fair grounds an
tjie Missouri Pacific, which wants to
;0in wjtn the S. W. & S. road and cut
0ff a COmer of the grounds, will have
jts depot at the southwest comer.
'The Sedalia Electric railway, wit
a double track and a loop, will un
I ioaj its passengers on the east sid
Qf tne grounds'
To Shield His Father.
New Haven, Conn., April, 10. Wm
Russell of Wallingford, Conn , 20
Tears of age, was yesterday found
guitiv of robliery and attempt to
To-1nv he brok down on
I Ul 141 '4 . . " "
the eve of his departure to the state
U;r,t;rv and confessed that he
uad iiet to the judge and to the jury
in or3er to save his aged father from
a eonviefs cell. "
aco . . .
Une nf t .a, .nomas
beaten oh the turnpike between this
city and the village of Wallingford.
jje was found Iving unconsi iOUS m
L,, . . aT. Hi wratch w.i mis. !
ing. lOuIlg nus.'-t-ii as a
few days later, inis weeK ne was
Cheap washing soaps and pow Jets, t.
With alkali are stroiv;
The Jire destruction which they do
I ; sure t show ere ltvi.
But Ivory S'Xip will never lvurt
The fabric, how e'er tender;
It makes short work of stain Jirt,
But no work for the menuVr.
trietl and veterdav found guiltv.
According to the confession made
bv young Russell to-day. he and his
at her were driving home from New
Haven when they met Ennis. The
Russells had an empty buggy hitched
on behind their wagon. Ennis got in
this and rode for somedistance until
they overtook three men, whose
wagon had broken down. Young
Russell says be went to help the men
fix up their wagon, ami while he was
assisting them his father and Ennis
juarreled over a bottle of gin.
The elder Russell was I mating Fu
nis with a club when the son came up
and separated them. In the scuffle
Ennis' watch wns pulled mini his
hain. Young Rusell says he saw it,
but hurried home with his father,
leaving one of their buggies behind.
t daylight he returned and got the
buggy and saw Ennis' watch still
lying in the road. Ennis never fully
recovered. Young Russell was sen
tenced to nine year's imprisonment,
and the judge in passing sentence ac
cused him of lying to shield some one
else A new trial will be nked for
Dew ey to Be Done in Oil.
Pittsburg. Pa., April Is. Admiral
George Dewey and his wife have lieen
tendered magnificent portraits in oil
of themselves by President Charles
M.Schwab of the Carnegie company
and M. Chart ian, the famous French
portraitist, has been commissioned
by Mr. Schwab to do the work. The
sittings, it is said, will commence at
once. The price to le paid for the
portraits could not lie learned, but is
estimated by local artists familiar
with the figures obtained y the
Frenchman on work he lias done in
this country, to le not under $5M)
Child Sleeps a Week.
New York, April 1h. Physiians
are much puzzled over the long sleep
of Kate Nepjier, 3 years old, who has
not awakened since she closed her
eyes after dinner a we-k ago. The
child appears healthy and remains
apparently in a refreshing sleej-.
Kate had never had any serious il'
ness in her life. A month ago she fell
out of lied, but there seernel to le
no serious after-effects, and no im
portance was attached to the inci
dent. A week ago she complained of
a head a he after dinner, and. going
to bed. the fell asleep. All efforts to
awaken her have been futile.
For Guerrilla Warfare.
Manila. April 19 The military
commission which tried three Fili-
J , . ...
j I""" l
''", has found all three guilty and
.enten-ed two of them to life impris
onnvnt ana one 10 imn jr u.
prisonment. Major Gejral Otis has
.r,! the findings, but has re-
. " -
Two - "2
odonneL "
O a5 "a -
c -r,-,
4W -
For Infants aud Children.
The Kind You Hava Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Killed His Father.
Anderson. Ind., April H. John
Podmore, 54 years of age, was shot
and killed to-day by his sou. Thomas
E. Podmore, age, 1 !. The son de
clare that he killed hinfalherto nave
his mot Iter's life, and his own life,
both of whom had lieen attacked by
the elder Podmore with a hatchet.
Mr. Podmore had filed suit for di
vorce. Podmore was a skilled rod
mill worker. The son is in jail.
Dewey on Parragut.
New York. April 1! Admiral Geo.
Dewey, in a recent letter til J. P. Hol
land, secretary of the Associated Vet
erans il Farragut's fleet, in which he
accepts the position of honorary
president, savs : "I count it a rar
privilege to Iw associated with the
gallant officers and men who partici-
p lted in the battles of the ent Gull
Squadron, under thecommand of the
grett Admiral Farr.igut."
SlUO Reward glOO.
The reader ot thi paper w ill be ptea
ed (to learn that there i at leat one
dreaded dieate thai tcienrc ha been
hle to cure in all it ttae, and that U
CaUrrh. Mall'i Catarrh Cure W the
only positive cure known to the medical
raierniry. Catarrh bcinir a constitution
al dibease, requires, a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is t a it en
internally, actinic directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces ot th v
tem, thereby destroying the foundation
ot th diseafce, and' giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution
and aiting nature in doing its work.
Ttie proprietors have o much faith in
it curative power, that they Oder One
Hundred Hollars for any case that it
tails to cure. Send tor list of testimon
ials Address F. J. Cheviy & Co.,
Toledo, O. tcjTSoid bv diuitgi t 75c.
Spanish Convention Extended.
Washington, April 1m. The senate
committee on foreign relations to
day agreed to a favorable report on
the convention lietween the United
States and Spain, extending for six
months.the tiine in which Spanish
residents of the Philippine Islands
can elect whether they will remain
citizens of Spain or liecome citizens
of the Philippines.
TKptc m mort diability muA
kclpleamea from
thaa inr otber saacnUr miU
Beat, bat
! St Jacobs Oil
- , i
haa loaad It Owe raaieat aa4
prvmpmt to rare of mj form

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