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The Butler weekly times. (Butler, Mo.) 1881-1918, April 26, 1900, Image 8

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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W beard xt an -i ;ott-:l it dowi,
f'u: La-:ei in ai-i orjt of tows. ?
. E. C-:t Bdv ladarmrl Is a
ML Ltili h-r Loo!
is tie- K: drr.;-t V: a f
Takes Sie.'trr.
il 1 . i
X H. iil. a
of Foeter. i
tte xxy :z
kiS by Lgitixxi
:rT3.tI in a vs.it
Ls.4 takee. ieir
rtak-r. p.i.-.T. ..: r.L 4-
! t.-T s 112 "r " -f Ti. ; - n-T '
u."e-a i:i.'r of ;...?.
' .i-ilir- art-r- :-::ii:::. ...:: : v
- . . -. : .- - ... ' T V
nr...-rung oo2 10
tw. ;-re iy.nji y.-Atmt J f?"-m
(.t'WXit, iaV?,s .rest .xi p--i.-- i
etwv ,v. . m 'i jrwwerr.j s-x?"
'T' ts 1ei . -.l,r-,-Sj iS T V-1 3A-Vt,
er--LrfcSrt-v k v; ?.-.e niLi t
is w-tay --.- .;cu;' t.-,5- r-TS.
i. T
- v.. x-e rvt.ig.
Xlye. T -
M .;. r a-J tie r
Groceries and Hardware
be-ld iz. Fr.'r.-T
i ; r .it";r :st . A:-r.i "'
. Err:;:. w. ;
.'Ar.t-ri.,i.. r:-:-! a I. i' :
-2 U
-.. Mr Kr-.r.
- i
On a few. oolv, of the mauv bargains thev : r
H- !r.7 i-r a-.i for
; .v.
It will par you to investigate at allvr VT-". "V-."i' t ;
J.VO. KlTwHiv.'S.
j frr. j ;.o: .-r.wio.rr. times beioi e bUTiDff. Uui stock is too lare .v;
5 ' : Ui:i::,..-r.V:-.r;. I-t i,
to give a complete list of prices but oui
It. dAr or r.-.'-t. Tr-
I v Lvn; flrm. Oe M&t 15.
I I o. IT h.zA SJ. k. Lit? i f-vr.
J ftr. r-r.-l "rip. 0yi re-ttirt.ir.i2- to;
i J3 fz. a:st o: tt
Hons ."ir" Ex-rsnsioa. To:
point- ic Aria t Colorado. Iidiaa f
T-rrr..vr. I'.-a. KatA. K-ntitir,
Mirsri. N"-:,ri w M-x: o. ;
1 ft .
irav.-rf. ;
irf-r-r'-! L.n.
Efor Knricz Tfsi ar- -or-diHilr
iiritJ to rail ai-i x
a :.:: kit k of
I hv. th- Ltrzr lii of p&p-
in tl.- ir to w-t fro
Aid m.T pri-s iir- th- lowest.
Call A&4 look tLroui?h
rjf k K-forv h-ijiuz. It
par vo j.
That is why ovr competitors kick when you j i:., risd tLvL:4?r..i r i:
speak of :oin; to the Dep?t. Store.
Yzrr.i Ir::
1 -jma tr. :.ai.:;v; tn
irkr. . r--ftr-i
; on aro-tnd V;rir.nL.-
OkI.Lon. id ration otL-rr p':nr.
April litis. Mr lt and 15th. Jii?
5tn- aid litn" Final rtcn lxc.it.
t-itv-'rJ4i- dAT frofii dat of ak 1
or 'j-r pnn.T2 grsiRtl or. soinx?
d.-av. For air
li rr, x-rar.-xLri snjrar
tl:.-r roatiji co5e.
Irt afriran ;ara coiTs
Sn .!iri r-rjvi Japan
d-r worth xr
1 bar iraidp;' Wor-r ma;
1 gallon ..-ar. Wta -jrtxp
1 V: lill? zv- -Tar.-'
J !t bilk -tar h
bilk :i
nc-t lav-
Mr a:
. ax--r
Virgil J-ikii rab
Ml- Fain M I- caM
.24 f Jik.i-. W: f r Lr tot
f Ai-tii
Wire. Fir! i Ftr.ciag, Poultn
Xetti:.-. Woven Wire,
Wire Cloth. Scmn
I ":."". Etc.
Buggies, Buggies.
:f vmatioi Aif or. or writ- to
E. Va, j:k40;KT. Art.
. 6 hand j kki narj b&n
Notice to Teacher.
Tb tT;.rd ofdirtorof rh-Adrian
PaMk- .v horjU wil nn-t on Fridav
TTiinjr, Slav 4. for th ptirpa of
rn.(orirjr Tes iter for tL.- oiling
rhxl var. Tf-hrs lirir.fr to
applj for a position in t rr K-hcI
iiiiTiv. Application rnrj-t irfr in writ
intr. wtatir xi-rirnf and irad o
trtifS'-at- fId by applk-ait.
5r ordr of IJoard.
23-21 Jo. F. Herheli., rV
lo rt, f r ofit Zp.
1 1 t. oda
t a t i 1 ' '3-' braid. oth-r
i 1 txv pk cold ds-t others gt
oar prwe
roi fail
:o co to
Williams Bro. for anvthinirl oarprk
t foam. otLrs c-t
that vou want in Groceries.
jl lOoz an baking powder,
Hardware and Chijiaware. I Al 10c ic4? tobacco
j A SJ 10 --icoKing- tobacco
Glassware, Tinware, Cook j ASS -V; "moki.-.g- tobacco
jrallon Oil Hoiv Lliinj
? tb co -oanit
1 pk Vkar -w-t ""n. olat-
lbox U'ha! axlr-
3 rb Mi-a &ifer?-a.-
1 box -" arjt ta!
1 jrood cortex nil
1 ma:hin oil car.
- - - 1 trooi rvfn-rator
1 ooi wrii2r
1 round or !"ji ir- w-t a-:.-r
1 cari-n Lo worth 3V-
i lift ai in : L- Lad
Ian rxnitl. w;rV and dat:':.rr La
; tn --ii.ki.pvx. Tx.-v t.k it frc-ii i
..n iir :..-t. ,
! I( T. '. . - . . . T": - - : - 1 '
Lav- n-r
ir- and - i-rt.l k in
r - oar coEtra.-u
' ;i'v-in :n r rl. and
1: jo-i i..r -T-rvtLiiia t! tn2.
I hit:
;ty 1::.- :
a ;TO"d t
kd wrt'..:.- frora
- . - .
-- ; :.-iai. ;.-ox
"4 i
:. v,
-1- bf
a -i
np filing
ta fy op and
n.i.-i:;g a
n.n.i o ii. n S
l.'-.x are abi- t r-
fin frIo cracker
Bu'fnfeS "Wood ! 'an inij-rr-i oil -ardincs
Work, Pump
Mi Ik, Screen Wire and
Screen Doors and Garden
at. Laru-tt par
i o .-au '
ana V md 1 r?, can Alaska ainaors others
1 fa.it ir2 plums
1 can i.ir-n jriC1? pbrss
A Horrible Outbreak
"Of larxr- sorw on mv little daaciv
t-r h-ad deve!opHl into a cae o:
fK-ald head." writer C D. I.-bilIof Mor
jrantoii, Tenn.. but Itacktoi'tf Arrtk-
W 1 . , . ? . 1 - I t ...
i!inr carwj ner. it a
iraarantfl cure for Eczema. T-tter
ft-alt Kheam, Firnple. r.r-. Ulcer
and Pil'-. Onlj 2x- at H. L. Tucker
I'utnata fadels fire, Turkv r-d
is t he fairit and lrieht-it rel dr
i-tafi known. T-rr dt-irable for ca'r
pet. mitteiii. tfykinx. lo
per kat-e. .Sold by II. L. Tucker'
The fcfariff of Lawrnc- county. tL
eriff of JaLer conntr and th -b-r
ifTof Iad- ounty paK throaish thi
city itu-mlnr m a -,- ; car with
tiiirt-en prisoner, for J-ffrs jn Ci
tfzitriif ed to the penitentiarr.
7.. A. White writ- u-. from Nerada
Mo., a very mt-re-tifijr i-tr-r of hi
v it w on T-xa formal from verRi
months ftijoum in that -tar-. H.
ha r-tunsI to Mi.-ouri. bnt La
not yet finally lor-nted. Zib ha-a ho-r
of :n-nd! in thi-l oijiitv- who ;ir a
r -. I 1 . I ' . - ...
puMisn hi 1-tter in our r.-xt isue.
In MH'lure' Magazine U.r Mar
i rof. I.-n . u or.-eter, of the Phi!
ippiceM '"on.mi-tion. will trive an ac
count or iifin-ral I-awtonand his la-t
caripaianm an l'rof. Wor.tt-r cam,
to know tli-Di in the cotirx of hi in
tiaifite a9o'iation with Law ton in
the I'hilippin-. The amci- will
illustrated with a s'rks of iwjrtrait
o! ..awtonand othtri tun-s.
Iiart O. Starke, a f.trm-r Ilich H
boy, son of our old friend Bud Stark,
i roj.perinjr in St. Loui. whre h
w holdinff the position of citr colla
tor and pay master for th a n r
r.iectnc Manu;actunnr Co.. a -on-
V .. f pitaj of teveral million
dollar. Th l:i, h Hill friends ,,f
TInrf rirl ,rl,i- .... I j .1
lara of
1 w n 1 ! t - - . . 1
i j ?t ! 1 1 itit'as! to
JU8 sut-esl . lii. h Hill Tril.nr-.a
Alba Hey wood, the Prin.-e of Com
tiians. is coming. That maa-j fun
ly tb ton, laughs sralore. b-autiul
music and a delightful tim all
around. The pres coramnts tell us
riat HeyWOOd is fcnnirr than ev-r
that his work is all Dw.aml his com
pany stron-an.l well ba!an.e-J It is
with a k'ii anticipation of pl.a'ire
we await the apr-earan.. of this oom
pany, for with 1 ley wood name there
always goes a guarantee of gonsel
liming,,, tiewiii t-sn her
the t venicg of April 26,
. r. eu 11 t- 1 can California peacke
I oois. Lorn bhellers, t arm , i caa domestic -berries
Wagons, Spring and Roadlcan corn ?r-v olb"
$ "I T", V rr)TrJr ma-it r.tKfsi Trr.i
A - iiiX b VLUF 4 .7 "
2 for2--:-.
1 gallon peelei p-ache
1 galion 'ew York apples
oil stove
1 wi k'-s-. valvees..
iac oil stove
1 wash boi;-r large size
1 gallon oil can
1 cedar water bucket
1 fiber water bucket
1 wash board
1 ;rood broom
1 larse dipper
oi ! Lai- Lad :.-
t as work .-.
" I i m la: i r cr-d r -v-. April l!ra.
''yy i Mr. and Mr- J T." ..intrry ntr
1 54 ta.ne.1 o - r n marrir of
th-ir da..'-r. -.;i- .:jgtita to
.,- : J- ..r :" i-;L M . Mr.
Ft. .-Tt, Kan..
.i.d tok tL-:r
1 gallon California apricots
1 can
goose lorries;
1 can fine raspberries
7 nutrKr. large eize
Or a SayersJ'A: Sx-oTil! Buggy, the
best in theH'iiiied States, or if you
want a cheaper buggy, we have them
for -50Jand iW; and they are a
good a any'other buggy except the
Sayers 4 Sovill. thia high grade
buggy we at selling at an ieeao.v-
P;I-V hw r.ri- in a r a ait. r-r.t Ar..
, ,. . .,, , 10 bars t era soap
.- i - ,. 1 bars :lk soa
iti caai ting on aiiUitiLK ,
gols wel se I. ve are selliur th
best implemeits ever sold in Butler.
Thre is not an article in the imple
ment, tine town that cost more
money than our-, still look at the
difference in what we a.-k and what
"tier- ask. it ; f.e:-auwe we are will
ing to sell on half th- profit others
are. e Know our Hiirr.rr--r s?i'i-v
ana an r.iow is the t an,-!
hars Clarctte soap
0 bars X liars soap
1 bar fine toilet soap
1 No. eoppr bottom t-akettie
1 tea pot
S gallon tin cup
1 coffee pot
1 granite cor?- tot
" - 1 No. cook stove
.- i galvanizl tub lar siz-
1 wash pan
1 3 burner gas stove
1 egg beatr
1 potato masher
1 biscuit cutter
We buy ail kinds of country pro
duce at the highest market pri -e in
TRADE or ( "ASH. Come to our we-t .-
", i A. . .ik-
Z ! plavel t. - : r-h
Xii rei i. . .'. r .
ai l nar .-- :- ii. n:-. LI 1-r I-L-rnael
in a t r -ive man:.r
x--rfwrr:. 1 the --rvi' hcL Tiiltl
1 th happv h art The lri-!e wore
.11 a s'mple drvs of white India Ik. n
j j with a yoke of all ov-r ia-"e. Her
25 jluquer wa- of t;.r i b! ".tnii
' I whkh wer afterwards dtvj.:- and a
I bioom given t e;t.h of her t",rl
'5;fnend. Afr-r onratulation- tle
w-,1 diXig .-upp-r wis serve.!. This re
pa wa- p-rfe-t in -very d-taiL TLe
trid s cake was rnad by Mr- Luv
Malo&ey. who al ivik-ti the bride s
cake thirty years at. for Mr-. WLia
nery. m.ther of ti e bride. The young
couple ft for Ir-xe! Friday, 'where
thev attende-1 a re-epiori in their
.nxj north or east door to unload.
double the l-st of anv plow on the
rnariet. the -am- way with our A verv
and Sat t lev corn planters and cnlTi-
vator-. Zanesrille disc cultivators.
Lagle listers. Thomas disc harrows
and bar rake-. M-Cormick- m
apers and binders. There are oth
er mower- nd binder that will cut
the first year, just as nice as the Mc-
Connick. but when the others are
worn out and thrown in thecorar of
t.!e fence, the Mrf'orraicfc is still cut-tin-
the same zu ever. Parties that
hare u-d the MeComk-k kiow this to
I fact. K very body knows we handle
the best groceries that can be bought
and sell them for les.- than others. It
the same way in our implement
line. We are sell in" n r.vcr-
later improve!, better made, better
material and we warrant every piece
we dl to be better than anv vou
ever used or you can return it to us.
That is the avw? s-lionr vcrr o,?
Sattley goods : our A very and Satt.
ey cultivators have no eoual. Don't
buy an old line implement ji st be-
ArsE it has been haadle.3 here so
ong that the name has become fa-
m;aar to you. if ours are not better
we will take them back and retnm '
ou your money. We have a verv !
arge sto k and will sell everv pif c
on the same sruaractee.
Come and see us. Yours, trulv,
utler Gash Department Store.
honor at the home of the .Tuom's
par-nt-. Th-y will l-rin houke-p-ingat
once in their own hon e. whi h
Mr. Coulter had prepare-1. These
you-g i-oj.le strt ixi life with many
bright pro-pe.-ts for a long and hap
py future. TL-r were xxrs-st- pre-ent
from Dr-xel. Kan-a- I ;'t, Ft. S-ott,
La yx,-. P.arl-r. Au-in and Fry.
Indian Ty. The we,, ling T--e:.t-w-re
manv and beautiful. A ijt e-t.
Jie,l Th
J. J. Wolf-
Lt. April li'th. Si- liv-d one
and a half af-er L-r child was
n. A little ov-r a venr ago thv
-Tart-.i out
with fair pr.-pe.is of 1jhz
St - -t .
aai i.'Ui:t tneri-eiv-- a neit
home and Lad evervthing
Cultivators, Cultivators.
We have t-je be-t Ux-of rultivatort
on -Jirth ar.d can make you tL right
kin. i of pr We are agent for th
-j-f rate- J..Ln Iwn r.rin!F trin
.altivAt.-.r-. ar.d if yoa hat any
-tun;- or r- k- to contend with,
don't f.-.;l to ie' as e hare th
bt stump ulttvror mae. It hu
t.V tr.p ; nngoa t..p tf beam to
that it not tth-ryou in tmbj
ground. Weal-. Iwtve a full line of
Iwran ! I'attee riding cultivator!
and 1 ave the right kiad of priest on
wtB. We ai-., Land the I'dtte
New It-par: ure Tor.gj-Ws Culti
vatr tiit tak- the cake every
where. Mowers, Binders, Table Rakes.
We ar-agent Standard, Mil
waukee, -borne Aid Champion
moer. a nil if you are ping to. ned
on- do not pi.-- and orW until yoo
see us. as we have the best line ou the
market. We h ar,d tb Champion,
Bu- keye and -Une table rake and
Milauk-e bind-rs.
Wagons, Wagons.
We Lave a larg stock of wagoni
"U hand and - an make you gooJ
pri-- oti We Land tb
S:hutT!-r. M:t. h-II and WeUr.
Hardware, Hardware.
We L.ve The I.trge-t of sLe'J
i-irlare iuH.it-- county and can
furnisX: vou -anje rtt rv low riri
Spruce Items.
Read-rs of tLe Times please let us
Know what your neighbor do
Because we only write
What we think is true.
Mr. Bob Kwlng is the proud father
of a pretty baby girl.
Mr. Mike Shiilinger visited friends
nejir Summit center.
The catt' in Oliver feed lot are in
fine condition, and will be ready for
market the first of 5fay.
Ike Di' kson who recently left for
Oregon, writes that it is a "fine place
to make money, but for a home there
is no pia.-e like old Missouri.
Mrs. Pitts is visiting friends in this
neighborhood .
Ilev Clark left for Maysbarg to fill
his regular appointment. Hewasac
cornpaned by his wife and son.
De-pwater banks were lined with
people Saturday evening who were
Mrs. Cha. Bector has been very
sick for the past week, but is improv
ing some.
Mr. Wainscott and Miss Bud were
united in marnge last Wednesday.
Mrs. John Young who has been
very sick the past two weeks is im
proving. If Applet on City don't watch out
they will get the small pox.
Jot Newberry savs blowing in the
swamps is awf a! hard work.
J. M. Kretzinger has been buying
some very fine calves the past week.
J. E. Kretzinger who has left Okla
homa writes that he likes the new
country real well. Feaxtz.
For Sale.
Thirty five head of voung --ow
M c Fa r l a n u B ko- . .
Butler Mo.
The Tim ks was complimented br a
pleasant call from Prof IrejanH Tn
Ja - - --w wu- v vii.ia
i F. Herrell, of Adrian, on Tuesday.
and I am afraid I have in
herited it. I do not feel
well ; I have a cough ; my
lungs are sore; am losing
flesh. What shall I do?
Year doctor says take care of
yourself and take plain cod -liver
oil, but you can't take it. Only
the strong, healthy person can
take it, and they can't take it
long. It is so rich it upsets the
stomach. But yoa can take
It is very palatable and easily
digested. If you will take plenty
of fresh air, and exercise, and
there is very little doubt about
your recovery.
There are hypophosnhites in
they give strength and tone up the
nervous system while the cod-liver
cil reeds and nourishes.
. Soc and f oo. mil di jiau,
SCOTT & &CW.SE, CieaaOw Yat.
around - ... . '. ' 1 .
them to errov 1::-. Mrs. Wolf-;-:.' 1 1 - .... .mr.,
anumrof'veHrH t-achin - Lo. i' ' '""'- Pultry n-tting. :tu
Shewaslove-ibyali with w Lorn -f J fnu- l
came in c .ntact Manr of her r ex ils ;r" bmgv,. hay earner etc., and
from different romr- followed r -ij J'ame at the !ot mar
bodr tr its last res;r,or T,: ,, . In prc.e.
earlv life she , r..t her h.r with TVei
Stoves. Stoves.
We haVe it i.4rg- lil.e of TrI rang-
Groceries and Queensware.
ur gT'err and
-en-ware de
- : T, or T.
r of W'Tk-i TCe
CLmtian jop!-. ex.d-avorii;g to!
walk in th- footster t .f her M.txr
As a wife she was kind and loving: j and cas -rove- that - are-elling at
she made home attractive. In thejti ri-'! t 1 "f !"-. We aLeJ
prime of life she wa- calle.1 to le?ivi Lave a i.-oi -r. k of gksoli:,- andoil
her devoted husband and littl- home j stove.
to dwell in a man-ion abjve wheel
eickne, and faiu never com-. h j
leaves a Lo-?t of friends v mourn her
loss, but sw.ii, w-BiUat pa through
the gate: ehail we ! r-ady for th
chancre? The funeral service-, w-re
conducts 1 at the houeby I--V. Jone
of Butier, and her lo-iy was laid to
rest in the Virginia graveyard.
Mr. and Mr. Tyear.d ou of 'a-e;
ounty. attend- 1 the funeral of their
daughter. Mr. J. J. Wolf-. Also Mrs.
Sailie irider. of Iuntr.t, I. T.. Judge
Dalton's family of Butier. Allen Shel
don and wife of Foter, Mr. Fuke and
daughter of Amsterdam. A abox.
artmer.t arvchu. k full of goodbar-
iil t.
u.i when
Spreads LikeWildSre.
When thing are "the be-t"
r-coine "the bet selling." Ab
gal!.-. o -Xo lot
i.li:, same
We are st.ll l!ix g 11 joual Cif
granulatel en gar for $1 .
lienieniU-r we py the top market
pri-e ixi a-h or trade for all kindi of
ountry pro-lu.-e. S drive right up
to our store wit h your hi- ker.s. tur
key, butter, eg;, etc.. and you will
g-t the l-t pri'.-- going.
Flour and Feed.
We handle, the I'l-asanton and
Power Brow, flour and can ell yoa
-ime at laiil pn e. VSVar just nn-
SftTVf ll"Z,A 'andcan make vou the right kind of
vine O write: Elect no Better- are pri oa Mlu(. We nlwavs have a
tnebet selar:g bitters I have iia.i-L,.i . $ ...
. at low
e-t market
Xr , - - V.-i hop. oats. etc.
and nerves. Ftnc Bxtter- ton- fr,r aII ki,,u ot fal acl
?rt?' ri5.t bI-3- j Thanking vou for past trade an-1
It: etrengtheis the nerves, henre enr-' .- ' .
i ,-r . , ,. . -.. . - -: oit-iii:. . coiiiiiiuaii'-e oi eaiue,
! "Q1U"? OI mauie. it Duiid up ar? rou. truir.
ine enure system, rut new life and
down maa or woman. Price 50 cte
Sold by II. L. Tucker, druggist.
Leaders of Low Prices.

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