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NO. 2S.
To sell the Blocher stock of furniture at cost and, while we have
m-pr 351 .200 worth, we still have a lot left. But do not think it will
v- -r 7 '
always, one or two weeks longer will see the end of it.
Rpmember von have never had ail opportunity
clean, stylish and serviceable goods at the cost
- -
also that those who come
? .5.- dining chair f .4.T $10.00 bed lounge 7.00
.60 dining chair .50 11. OO bod lounge .0O
.75 dining chair .00 :$ ."O iron bed 2.75
1.00 dining chair .85 4.5o iron U'd .3.75
3.00 roching chair 2.25 5.0O iron bed 4.00
2.00 rocking chair 1.05 0 of) baby bugjry 4.25
4.00 rocking chair 2.08 !. baby buggy 7. M
3.00 bedstead 2.O0 ; 5.00 go cart 3.50
4 00 bed stead ;5 (': j 7.00 go cart 5.O.")
5.00 bed stead "I. To ; 15.00 Ited room suit 12.00
8.00 bed lounge 5.00 j .45- window shades, fringed .30
' ,30f window shades. laiu .20
In fact these low prices hold good on all the stock as long as
your visit too long, you may be too late.
rrjvL.i- fe PERCIVAL,
FARM LOANS. We have the cheapest money to loan
ever offered in the county. Cai) on us
Kentucky Farmer Shot by a Constable
" Mayfleld, Ky., May 21. At Mt.
Zion church in the southern part of
this county yesterday afternoon,
Constable George A. Wilson shot and
killed Tom Pry or, a young farmer.
Pryor and friends were drinking and
had created a disturbance. When
they resisted arrest Constable Wilson
fired a 38-caliber bullet into Pryor's
throat, which resulted in almost in
stant death. Pryor had fired four
shots at the officer, none of which
took effect. Pryor was 25 years of
age and of a leading family.
Guthrie, Ok., Hay ly. Six houses
were stolen in the vicinity of Me Loud
last night. This morning twenty
twenty members of the anti-horse
thief association (frit truil rf the
J thieves and followed them. After
naing fifteen miles the thieves, five in
number, were encountered. A fierce
fight ensued, in which over lift v shots
were fired. Al McCloskey was killed
and Abe Smiley wounded. None of
the pursuers were hurt.
nes tne i
If not, something must be
; wrong with its food. If the
mother's milk doesn't nour-
bh it, she needs SCO ITS f
EMULSION. It supplies the ?
elements of fat required for
the baby. If baby is not v
nourished by its artificial I
; food, then it requires
Scott's Emulsion
Half a teaspoonful three f
cr four times a day in its
bottle will have the desired
' effect It seems to have a
magical effect upon babies
and children. A fifty-cent
bottle will prove the truth
of our statements.
awoia oc waxen in summer as
(J weU as winter.
; 50c. nd $1.00. all druggists.
V SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists. New York. i
n n
i i w
first get first choice.
Here are
Butler Cash Department Store.
Joplin Citizens Organize Vigilance Com
mittee to Deal With Them.
Joplin, Mo., May 20. Joplin and
all the mining towns in this district
have suffered for several months from
foot pads, burglars and horse thieves.
Galena, Kansas; Webb City, Carter
ville. Orongo and Carthngehave been
equally afflicted with this city. So
prevalent were crimes of these de
scriptions that neither life nor prop
erty were safe.
Joplin was the first to take active
measures to prevent further depreda
tions. This was done by organizing
a vigilance committed?. The work of
this committee was made manifest
lasi night when 100 enlisted armed
men patrolled the city on horseback
in a body, and about 1 ."O men pa
trolled the city in pairs. It is the
intention to continue to patrol the
city every night, although it is not
probabl that as many men will be
nightly engaged in the work, nor will
the demonstration of the mounted
men be repeated for some time.
In addition to the work of the vig
ilants the police and constabulary
are landing every effort to rid the
city of all sorts of suspicious charac
ters and it can be stated with cert flin
ty that the reign of terror that suc
ceeded the killing of young Patton
and the wounding of Mr. Glade last
week by foot pads is over. This was
followed by the holding up of a man
and his wife only one block from
Main street, when. Wing detected by
the police, six shots were fired at the
holdups and they were captured.
Negro's Brutal Crime.
Pueblo, Colo., May '20. Frenzied
by a jealous quarrel with his wife.
Calvin Kimblern, a negro, formerly
a corporal in Company M, twenty
fifth United States infantry, this
morning shot his wife twice, once in
the abdomen and one across the
neck, and then delilertely put a re
volver to the heads of l-'i-year-old
Kthel Strausnen and 11-year-old
Jessie M. Skaggs and fired, killing
the latter girl instantly, the other
girl living for some hours.
The couple were employed at the
orphans" home, of which the dead
children were inmates.
Searching parties were organized
and the trail of the negro has been
traced almost to Colorado Springs.
If he is caught he will certainly te
lynched if brought back to this city,
so intense i the feeling.
like this to fret.. new
to manufacture. Remember,
a few of the bargains.
they last,
Do not put off
One Dies Immediately Their Compan
ion Narrowly Escapes.
Memphis, Tenn., Mny 20. Mrs. T.
F. McKenna, wife of the proprietor of
a grocery on Front street, proved
herself a remarkable markswoman
thin morning, when she put a bullet
in the brain of Ed Whittington, and
another in the face of Dennis Brogan.
and caused a hasty retreat by Tom
Colema n.
The three men, miners, entered the
grocery and assaulted the porter.
McKenna attempted to make peace,
but was floored. Mrs. McKenna joined
iu the fray, and she was knocked
down with a base-ball bat in the
hands of Whittington. The woman
rallied, rushed behind the counter,
grnblied a pistol, and her first shot
put a bullet In AVhittington's brain.
The man fell dead. The next shot
brought Brogan down with a bullet
in his head. He will die. The third
passed through Coleman's clothing.
Mrs. McKenna and her husband were
arrested. Several years ago a man
insulted her and. while shooting at
him, a young man named Schiebler
got in the line of fire and fell with a
bullet in his leg. Mrs. McKinna says
she shoots with both eyes open and
with either left or right hand. She
is a hard-working woman, but a ter
ror to evil-doers in her block.
"He that seeketh findeth." Hethat
takes Hood's Sarsaparilla finds in its
use pure, rich blood and consequent-
Iv good health.
There is nothing new to report in
the Weltmer Institute mail matter.
Regular delivery is being made by
postnmster McAnulty in accordance
with instructions from the postotfice
department as already published.
Yesterday $1,200 worth of money
orders were cashed at the Nevada
postotfice, t bene orders having leen
received at thalnstituteprior to May
3. No Bionev orders hare leen pre
sented bv Prof. Weltmer to-dav.
Nevada Post.
Our Entire Stock of Glass
and China ware.
We have about 2,."00 worth of
Glass and Chinaware. ranging from
very plain glass and quensware to
the very finest baud painted and
pure gold decorated French china.
Our stock is the largest in Bates
county, and we intend to close out
the entire stock AT ONCE, at one
third off for spot cash. Nothing sold
in this line only for CASH, as we lose
money on this sale. Now is your
time to buy glass or chinaware at
less than wholesale prices. ,
Yours truly,
The Lifting of the Siege Is Re
ported Officially in London
Communication Was Cut off Octtber 12.
1899, Two Days After the War
London, Jan. IS, 9:10 p. in. Mafe
king has been relieved.
A dispatch received here from Pre
toria to-night says:
"It was officially announced to-day
that when the laagers and forts
around Mafeking had been severely
bombarded the siege had leeii abon
doned and a British force from the
south taking possession of the place.
'President Steyn left here for the
Free State last night. Addressing a
crowd upon the platform, he urged
them to le of good cheer.
"It is reported that .".O0O British
troops have surrounded Christ iania
and the land rost and other officials
have been taken prisoners. J a met
Milne, the correspondent of the Beut-
er I elegram company, who has leen
a prisoner here, was liberated and es
corted to the border tins morning.
It is said that the Mafeking relief
force left Bluemfontein at the liegin
ning of May and inarched straight
across the country toward the goal,
passing to the rear of the Boer fort es
at Fourteen Streams. It is added
that satisfactory newsof the progress
of this force was received May 11.
Among the defenders of the town
were Lord Edward Cecil, son of Lord
Salisbury, and Lord Charles Caven
dish Bentinck. Lady Sarah Wilson
was another titled jerson who passed
through the siege.
Mafeking has been under siege for
seven inont hs. Octolier 1 2 only two
days after the arrival of the Boer ul
timatum in England the Boers
crossed the western border of the
Transvaal forty miles south of Mafe
king and cut the railway ami the tel
egraph. From that day Mafeking
was isolated.
Almost immediately after the cut
ting of the railway came the attack
upon Lieut. Nesbitt's armored train
south of Mafeking the "first blood"
of war. Two days la ter t he Boers at
tacked the town, thinking to take it
easilv. Thev reckoned without their
Mafeking sent out news of the at
tack in a laconic little message:
"Fight, Monday. All right."
Then the Boers settled down to
bombard the town with nine guns,
one of them a heavy Krupp. After
some days of pounding a Boer mes
senger came in with a white nag sug
gesting surrender. Baden-Powell was
asleep when the flag came in, but he
was awakened to receive the messen
ger He gave the Boer a good lunch
and asked him to tell his master,
Cronje, that he would let him know
when' lie had had enough.
Mafeking is on the Cape to Cairo
railroad, about 2oo miles north of
Kimberley. At the lginning of the
siege it had 7. ."OO native and l.Ooo
white inhabitants. The defenders
numlteied about S0O men. many of
them irregulars, while the attacking
force was estimated to contain as
high as ten times that number.
Aguinahlo's Latest Ruling.
Manila. Mav 1. A proclamation
purporting to havefeen issued by
Aguinaldo and dated May 4, from
Polillo island, one of the Philippine
group, east of Luzon, is circulating
in Manila, it savs the commission
appointed bv President McKinW wa
appointed without the authorization
of congress and that hence it cannot
treat ofiiciallv. It urges the Filipi
nos not to surrender their arms at
the instigation of the commission. It
also urges the Filipinos to welcome
the commission w hen it arrives in the
towns and provinces, asking boldly
fr the form of government they
most desire, as the Americans permit
of freedom of speech.
The proclamation closes with ask
ing the Filipinos to strive for liberty
and independence.
Tortured a Witness.
Intense suffering was endured by
witness T. L. Martin, of Dixie, Ky..
lefore he gave this evidence: "I
coughed every night until my throat
was nearly raw: then tried Dr. King's
ew Hiscoverv which gave instant re
lief. I have used it in my family for
four years and recommend it as the
greatest remedy for coughs, colds,
and all throat, chest and lung trou
bles. It will stop the worst cough,
and not only prevents but alwolutely
cures consumption. Price oO eent
and 31.00- Every bottle guaranteed.
Trial bottles free at H. L. Tucker,
Binders, Mowers, Reapers. Rakes, toe,
It has been well said that the name "DEEHINU"' on a mwAcr a
guarantee f the teet materials, the
ngntest arait and greatest lurabuitv.
Anv farmer of exierience who ban
testify thflt it is the lightest draft, strongest, simplest and most imwfrn
binder ever built. In the verv fields where other binders have met wiift
defeat its work has been marked bv
All the world lovs a winner especially one who wins on Lis. sr?xii-.
The "DKFKING IDEAL " mower has proved a winner. It in built hy m
Bers. sold by winners and owned by winners everywhere. When ymi irt h
mower start cutting in the heaviest, toughest grs without bwkii tlm
team or lendinif a straw you will find the name "Detring" ou iV.. Hi'
Deering Ideal Mower runs on roller and ball Iiearings.
All levers within handy reach. Has oil tempered steel t-tb. t.T Jil'
steel wheels and simple dumping device, all told, it is the lest Lay haL- ui
the market.
Is the smoothest, goes farther to the pound and i the - m
for the farmer to buy. Buy Deering twine and you will have no frtubii-:iT
the field.
Don't forget DEERING HARVESTER OIL, Best on earth.
tin., ix- rT ,.
Waffon fter an exirience of nearlv twenty year we can -alely iy
we have the lt line of buggies and carriag-s ever offered in Bat (';07',;-YouknowthatthAwonl-StudelKiker
'stnnd- for good rjti.-fliT.r Ir, t. J
ools now exhibited in rhis department only vWt pop.ar v.
Growth hi.-korr are uL the l? rl ad iron the market
machine buffedWher. 1't paint and varnishes. Don t buy tLm-
anv kind without insj- ting our stock.
We want vour butter, eggs and chicken- in exchange forgrerie-. f.em -ware,
tinware, granite and copper war, candid, fruit-, ft-., and rtm-
Sanlijrn's fine Boston coffee. ir
We are be!1dquarter. for Screen u,t. f-reen ,r. sPr,'F 'f
Chicken Netting. Nails. Barb Wir. Salt, Jron .teel and U
highest elan of workuuuut'iV . JU
testtd the "ILKHIN(i IDEAL' r0I
success. It run on roller
l' rriarti tlrivim' Boild ft :ui JCttT?

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