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Screen Doors, Screen-Windows and Screen Wire,
Poultry netting, ice cream freezers, refrigerators and lawn mowers.
Also on gasoline and coal oil stoves. We have them in one, two, three
and four burners. Oil stoves with or without wieks, it will pay you to
see thein.
On account of some delay in getting our elevator we will continue
one more wTeek at the Bloeher stand, east side of square, where you can
buy tirst class furniture at the
you will perhaps never have an opportunity to duplicate again. Harvest
will soon be here and you will need a larger table. We can sell you
for one week longer a solid oak 8-foot extension table for S3. 00.
Come and see us.
Butler Cash Department Store,
FARM LOANS. We have the cheapest money to loan
ever offered in the county. Call on us
CrokerTrue to Col. Brvan.
y New York, May 27. The Journal
ouu Auveruser win io-uuy print uu
interview with Richard Croker, ob
tained in Ixmdon by William T.
Stead. Speaking on the present situ
ation in the United States, Mr. Croker
declares emphatically that he is for
William J. Bryan for president, and
be believes Mr. Brvan will beat Mr.
t McKinley on election day. He says
ne also thinks Uryan is right in stick
ing to the 1G to i silver issue, but
declares that, in his opinion, trusts
and imperialism will be the principal
issues of the campaign.
He says Admiral Dewey is not in
the running for the presidency,
though he might do for a running
Mr. Croker's accident was much
more severe than was irenerallv
J known here. He broke his leg bone
0 just above the ankle nnd strained
several tendons. For about one
month he was confined to his led.
He is just now only returning to his
usual condition of 'health and activ
should always be kept in
the house for the fol
lowing reasons:
'i rjfdf because, it any memoer
j of the family has a hard cold, it
will cure it.
h SECOND Because, if the chil
dren are delicate and sickly, it will
make them strong and well.
TlSW Because, if the father or
mother Is losing flesh an becom
ing thin and emaciated, it will build
them up and give them flesh and
, strength.
FOURTH Because it is the
standard remedy in all throat and
lung affections.
No household should be without it
t cart be taken in summer as well
as In winter.
50c. and $1.00, a'l druir gists.
SCOTT & BOWSE, Chemists, New fork.
this week some bargains in
President W. R. Hearst Sounds
the Trumpet Call and Out
lines the Polity.
Meetings Will be Held is Every City
and Hamlet on July Fourth.
New York. May 22. in response to
numerous inquiries Wm. II. Hearst,
who was recently chosen president of
the national association of demo
cratic clubs, has made the following
"The national association of dem
ocratic clubs will transfer its head
quarters from Washington to New
York, but branch offices will be main
tained in Washington and Chicago,
so that the machinery of the organi
zation will be in close and constant
touch with the democratic national
committee and with the congressional
campaign committee.
Every democratic club, society or
association in the I'nited State is
expected to unite in the political bat
tle this year. And the democratic
organization in every city, town or
village will le asked to assemble on
the night of Fourth of. July to cele
brate the declaration of independence
and to receive news from the demo
cratic national convention. This
ought to be made a memorable dis
play of old-fashioned American pat
riotism. In some cities and towns
there will be banquets, in others there
will be mass meetings.
The clubs of each locality will de
termine for themselves the form of
theirctlebmtiou. Thenational asso
ciation desires to recall to thecountry
the fact that this year the people of
the United State must defend the
declaration of independence or aban
don it.
No man who has a drop of demo
cratic blood in his veins can fail to
assist in this great national protest
against the establishment of subject
colonies under the American flag.
The great question to be decided at
the polls thi year is whether this
country is to continue to be a repub
lic controlled by the people or an
empire controlled by the trusts. All
minor questions disappear in the
presence of this giant issu.
The national association of demo
cratic clubs enters on the work of
assisting the national committee and
the regular party organization in
the various states with a determined
heart and full of confidence. The
next president must tie a democrat,
and reports from all parts of the
country indicate that, the principal
work of tke democratic clubs next
spring will be the inauguration of
Mr. Bryan at Washington.'
Orchard Grove Items.
The rain of last week was gladly
received by everybody.
Corn is growing fine; nearly every
body is through planting.
Wheat will soon le ready to cut if
the chinch bugs don't take it.
Will Pontius spent several days
last week visiting ins sister Marv.
The dance at Will Bryant's on
Tuesday night was wellattended.
Richard Nafus an honored and re
nected citizen of Pleasant Gap, died
at his home Monda v May 21. He
had just leen married two months
His wife has the sympathy of the
entire community. lie was buried at
the Baptist church yard.
Mrs. Pontius and son Eddie, of
Bich Hill, spent a few days visiting
i relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodfin took dinner
at Mr. Swezv's on last Wednesday.
Quite number of young folks are
talking of going hshmg Sunday.
Frank Roof has been quite sick but
is some better at present.
There is to be a surprise birthday
dinner at Dock Smith's Saturday in
honor of Miss Tessa.
II ow about the -Ith? Is Butler go
ing to have one? Woodkix.
"Good Beginnings
mane Liooa iznaings
You ate making a good beginning tohen
you commence to take Hood' s SarsaparUla
for any trouble of your blood, stomach,
kidneys or lever. Persistently taken, this
great medicine ivSl bring you the good end
ing of perfect health, strength and tngor.
Our Entire Stock of Glass
and Chinaware.
We have about ?2,r00 worth o
Glass and Chinaware, ranging from
very plain glass and queensware to
the very finest hand painted and
pure gold decorated French china
Our sto-k is the larsrest in Bates
county, and we intend to close out
the entire stock AT ONCE, at one
third off for spot cash. Nothing sold
in this line only for CASH, as we lose
money on this sale. Now is your
time to buy glass or chinaware at
less than wholesale prices.
Yours truly,
His Execution of Two Natives
Declared Justifiable.
Forty-Sii ef the Tnen y Kil el.
Prisoners and 300 Rifles Caotured
Everything Suited at Manila
Gardin Occupies Patonog.
Manila. May 27. The investiga
tion of the charge against Brig. Gen.
redenek r unston of having sum
marily executed two natives in the
Province of Za inhales has resulted
in a discontinuance of the proceed
ings. It developed the fact that lien.
t unston caught the natives 111 tlie
act of murdering bound Maeabebe
scouts, his action, in view of the cir-
umstanees, leing regarded as justi
Scouting, small engagements anil
the capture of arms and prisoners
ontmue daily m Northern Luzon
Last week's operations by the ',th.
12th, IMd. -Uth and .Kith detriments
resulted in the taking of 1m prison
ers and the capture of ."loo fines and
a quantity of ammunitior.
lol. Ldward L. dardin, with three
ompanies of the 2-d Regiment and
blue jackets from the gunboat Hele
na, landed at Patonog, Masbate
Island under the eneinv s tire, routed
the insurgents and after an engage
ment lasting half an hour, occupied
the town with smallcasualities.
The insurgent commander, with
twenty officers and 2JO men. surren-
lered on May 2 1 giving up 1 o 1 rules.
An impressive scene occurred on the
plaza, when t lie prisoners were dis
armed and lilerated. The islanders
were found suffering from lack of food
owing to the blockade, and the
American authorities are endeavor
ing to relieve them.
Peace reigns, and no trouble is r j
pec ted in Manila, although the city is
crowded with people from the prov
inces, who are leaving the unprotect
ed hamlets in order to avoid the con
scription, which the insurgent leaders
are enforcing, as well as roblrv
and outrages at the hands of roving
msunrents ami bandits.
A number of prospectors hnvelocat-
ed claims near A bra and lsangueo
. - ...
and are making preparations to car
ry on mining operations during the
wet season.
The militia oriranizat ion. which is
composed of mn whose time in the
army has expired, and who propose
to remain here, is actively recruiting
The militia will take part in the cer
emonies on Decoration day. which
will be observed here as in the I nited
Two additional troops of t he 1 1 1 h
Volunteer Cavalry have l?en sent to
Camarines to patrol the mountain
where 400 reikis have teen reported
to have been killed since the occupa
tion of that district by the Amer
The nuartermnster has established
a corral on the Luneta. in which to
keep 400 horses, which have been
quarantined. A second teamster was
attacked by the plague to-day. The
houses in which the teamsters slept
have lieen burned.
One Hundred Years Old.
Macon Mo.. Mav 27. The celebra-
tionofthe lUUth t.irtnnayoi -ir.
Pnllv Rnskett. of allao. Macon
rred at the Baptist
church at that nlace to-tlav. Ad
dresses were made oy 101. . r.
. - i . , I-
Switzlerof Columbia, Judge L. 1
('oilier of Kansas Citv and M. C
Tracy of Macon, all nephews of Mrs.
Basket t.
Quite a numler of people from
Howard and Randolph counties at
tended and the church was crowded.
Tlw ni.i hi.lir pxnressed her
Thank in a few words to her numer
ous friends. She received a large
niimlior of handsome presents and
after the exercises everybody in the
audience went up and BhooK nanus
with her lfi-s Rskett was born in
Fayette county. Ky., May 27, 1MX.
She has been a'Missourian since lS2."i.
She has been married twice, the nrst
timo when she was T4 years old.
Both her husbands are long since
More Filipino Ouit Fighting.
Washington. Mav 2. The War
1 . .
department has received the follow
ing cablegram from General MacAr-
thur at Manila, dated to-day:
"Three otneers, fifty-ix men, with
fortr-six rifles, surrendered uncondi
tionallr at Cuvapo yesterday. Three
officers, forty-six men with fifty-five
rifles, surrendered unconditionally to
day at Tarlae. These spontaneous
1 surrenders are very encouraging.
'assengers on A Missouri Pacific Train !
He!.! I j.. !
Omaha, May One Pullman !
ar on t he Mi,-. i:ri Pa in.- Kpre-l
from St. Louis and Kansas Citv. due
here at 'i:l." o'clock this niorninir. i
was robWd U-tween Yerdou andStel- i
by one man about o'clock thi!
morning. 1 he rol.u-r toi-ie.i thecon-
lu-t or to go through t he car ahead
of him and to draw back the mt ions
of each Iterth. A traveling maufrom
Kansas City. A. .1. Frederick, resis
ted the rob! er and the roM-r shot
it him, the bullet grazing Frederick's
lead and imU'ded its sell in the
window frame. Then he gave up hi
money and a gold watch.
James W. Orr. general attorney o'
he Missouri Pacific railway at Atch-
son gave the rol.lier ami gently
explained that his pas book was of
no ue to any one ex.-ept himself.
fhe robler therefore allowed him to
eta in it.
In addition to t he passes it contain
ed r in currency, a fa t which Mr.
Orr forgot to tell the highwayman.
V. S. Sprague. traveling auditor of
the Missouri Pacific, wa not so for
tunate, as the robK-r took his pock
et book, containing parses and about
J?lO in cash. A Fnion Pacific right
if way agent, Mr. Aver, and his wife
were in the ear, but Mrs. Aver hid the
money while the robln-r searched her
husband's clothes. In this manner
she saved the greater portion of their
1111 nev
Five miles south of Yerdon at a
railway rowing where Engineer
Dimet t ca::ie to a stop, the rubber
lastily made his way out of the car
and leaj'd to theground.
Shot the W rong Xero.
Houston, Tex., May 2. Calvin
(Jibson, a young white man, had a
difficulty with a negro this afternoon
at W'allis. The negro struck Mibson
on the head with an oar and told
him to get his gun. A short t iine af
terward Gibson shot three times at a
negro named Van Bice, but found
after he had broken Bice's leg and
arm that he had shot the wrong
Pain back of your
eyes? Heavy pressure
in your head? And are S J
yUU auIJlCllliiCi laiiil auu
dizzy? Is your tongue
coated? Bad taste in
your mouth? And does
your food distress you ?
Are you nervous and ir
ritable? Do you often
have the blues? And
are you troubled about
Thon your liver
all wrong
But there is a cure.
Tis the old reliable
They act directly on
the liver. They cure
constipation, biliousness,
sick headache, nausea,
and dyspepsia. Take a
laxative dose each night.
For 60 years years they
have been the Standard
Family Pills.
Prka U mi. Afl Drnx-
I hare taken ArfT l Pill r(rn
hrly for six month. They bare
cured me of a vevere bradacoe, and
I can now walk from two to four
mile without girting tird or out
.of breath, omethinff I hire not
been able to do for many Tear."
S. E. Wilwoh,
July 13, 1330. Salem, MM.
Wrttm thm Dmot.
If fnm have an complaint vhsorrtr
and deaire the bt medscai ad nee t
can poa:l;T rwi. write the doetor
free!?- Tm will iruft a pwmpt r
niT without cost. Addrei.
Xia. J. C ATJU Lowell. Xaaa.
Hardware, (iroretifs. t..
Tinware. Farm Im;le
nient. lur;ies, Wa
011. Wire Nai!.
Doors, Screen Wire. Ktc.
Buggies, Buggies.
We are headquarter for'-er l hi:
in the vehicle line and nlway have a
large rto k of Buggies. surries, spring
wagon and road wagons on btc.d.
it the lowest market price. We s l?
the celebrated Bacine steel . ri. r
buggies. Fverv one appreciate thf
tdvantage of having st-el corners
m a buggy body as that is the tirs-t
lace you have trouble with 11 new
buggv. W'e also handle a cheai r'
ine of buggies anil can save v t u
money on anything in the vehi .U -
Milwaukee Binders.
We are agents for the Mibvauket-
Binder which is the lightest rtiuu'iTig
and U'st binder made. Ii n--iliiig j
hinder do not fail to M-e ns as we cat
show you the most complete bimV r
011 the market. We can t rin k saiiie-
without unhitching vour teams or
removing a bolt and ch'i doit in X
Mowers and Hav Rakes.
We handle the Standard, Milwau
kee and Champion mowers which an
all tirst-clas" goods. If nettling
mower please call and examine o n
stM-k ns we ran save you nvou y .
We are headquarters for the Ubrr.i
Boiler Bearing Hay Bakes which urr-
the strongest and U't rakes tnH'U'.
Engines and Separators-
Weare"ents for the Nihf X
Shepard. Aultmnn A Tavlor and 4. I .
Chase Theshers and can ave youi
money if ne-ding anything if tl.f
kind. U-sides giving you the bf
ami most up to date goods built.
We also carry a full line of ruld-i
and leather lielting. iils. lace leather .
packing, etc., at lowest inurLtt
Screen doors, wire arid poultry iiot
ting. We have a good stock of n.
doors and wire at the lowest uiaikvl
price. We also have some jmnUry
netting that ne will sell youat u bar
gain as we desire to reduce our stock,
at once.
Field Fencing.
We still handle the American hop
fence which is the heaviest and I t
fence built. If needing anything ol
the kind do not fail to see us. W
also handle the I)eKalb Field Fencv
Groceries and Queensware.
We have the largest and best se
lected stock of groceries, rjueenswnrr
in Bates county arid prices lower thata
the lowest.
Flour and Feed.
We can sell yim flour in ."00 tf
l.oon lt lots cheair than any on:
We handle theplea-antoriand P.ut.'tr
We sell same fn-m ',." up for ."0 !!
sack. We have a largest ock of brmi.
shorts, corn choj., oil meal, torn,
oats and baled hay on hand at Iovy
est market price. Cjme, kaflir com
and millet seel. We -till have h gof-I
sto k of cane, kaffir and millet needf
at the lowest market pri'-e.
Bememlier we pay cash as well hf
trade for all kinds of county produo
and will give you orders on dry goodf
stores at trade prices. S pkrast.
bring us your chickens, turkeys, but
ter and eggs as we will pay you tht
top price in cah or trade.
Thanking you for past trade ai.dT
soliciting a continuar,e of sar: e,
are rurs truly,
Leaders of Low Prk-e.

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