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The Butler weekly times. (Butler, Mo.) 1881-1918, February 21, 1901, Image 1

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9yTlh ft f
I in ! n 11 11 'II in M
. 1 1 tr
nTLrtin has rented the Jim
fojjhoson and Homer Davi
vborsei. ' . .
Vi. i -..1,1 two iiHHniiif lrui-
(Wi'I r ' r
Ballard Breezes.
of all kind was lively ht?rf
C Richardson went to Cut I. r
WZuj Wonder ll he niienueu
lutbere ne a. g""
ir.-nrf all vote for the court
Hop there will not be a
' rr. l.-ivlMtr ;l tllH.-le VS.' 1 1 I
M trUW in ...
, VVwndleton has rented the
L Wood farm northwest.
r,lrheie received v lent hu h.
Gat an.l baby an- visiting
'.:.. Umhsjih ( it v.
u Barker i oiie.eo i gooo jo.
. .. h,.,u firm ot .Nt-vau i.
I'XL. Radford's mother di- l
It home near Oceola ;i day la.-:.
i She has t-he sympamy oi a:.
LBeaman from the south.M.-t
Kr.Ujeotk 1ms rented the
kbs farm.
ii.j (Jritiith spent a iay m our
-i lie if uitit h ln'tt r.
jar names for the Commoner.
t Gurtiu aud hou drove to l.u!
Jfiy on business,
iljouwe belisle's valentine.
R liHteK is nail ami lonely.
Ltwmber the township conven-
iitEiiternrise t he hist .saturdny
kn li. at 2 p. m.
a Harrison was hem trying to
hi Kooutz thinks of moving on
iH-Oiik. Like ourselves, wants
vhiiml.V to school
B. Barker talks of renting out
linn and engaging in other busi
unMahry says lie will either
w in California. Oklahoma,
ninjjton or Pahota. He has
A to Mr. (iartm ami Jim
Ri gave ourselves .will move the
l!tiL'wetk. I
. Hoiid and others have our
pta. Come along.
ward Bradley, one of the fl E.
1 1( rnevs, was over an evening
vVy Ray was down from Shaw
railing with keirsey.
ifmi fe Tom Evnch. last Sat-
ti TVseehitn was not to know
itirnlius Smith has that hedge in
tiaiiiher sowed grass seed List
i and ere long will he sowing
Nj us cash, hogs, ha v. oars,
par wood. We are anxious to
oor books between this ami
a$hip collector T. P. Ianbree.
i ft1miniiiitiiii- Prof I:ivmv
..... . . w. J .
"wre he ft full vote east.
f and Mrs. N. Teeter Sundayed
tlwrwjn Milt, on Mek ave.
p. 8. A. Douglas and children
atW.H. Warford's Sundav.
k Strolie said thev eould not
ppajobon. him, mules or no
mules. He caught on.
J. li (iates took dinner with his
neighbor J. S. Koontz Sunday.
Mrs lAe Hendricks is corresjumd
inji wit h a book tirm of Kansas City
in regard to a situation.
John Ilichardson and Thos. Hill
e M-li boiiiiht a cow at Hooper's sale.
Miss Tula S e irman, of Mays bur;:,
was here canvassing our village with
baking powder, etc.
Alma Fort left for California last
week, where she lias relatives. Jess
(Jilkerson and sister accompanied
tier to Kansas Lity.
Ot is Youny; came in from the East
Sunday evening on his way to th-
liOi t llttVht.
A Valentine party was enjoyed by
a host of our youmr folks at .lr Mil
ier's. Several couples were out from
Keirsey boujrht a bill of gentr.
fin ni.-liiiig ooiis from a diummer
last week He has just received quite
an invoice of slaws.
1 1 in y Keirsey leaves soon to tr
hi.- !u r. in the west. Hay he succeed
is tali- i i.-h, an.i atove ail things re
;:. : ler the advice of loved ones at
. . i .t v
I'r a. I'.i-Iis'e rode out in th'1 couu
1 Sunday evening.
In. i- lU-'.l was quiu si-k a few day.-
It A. Kowier and family visited
li -:n 'Oll.s Sunday.
C:.ira:;ce S.iktt tnov.-d to iii
ho. at? in Henry county last w.vk, but
was hi iv as of old Sunday eve.
I 'AT.
East County Items.
Health is good this week in this
pa l l or t he county.
I'olk Fan tier of A rkansas, shipped
a car load of hog.-ito IK niy Oliei
last week.
.Mr. (ireen will have a sale the tir.-t
of Man-h to get ready to leave for
North Dakota.
Andy Stehenson shipped a car
ltiatl of hogs to St. Louis last Sun
day. 1. M. Krelzinger visited the A. S.
& H. O. feed lot Sunday.
William (looderman is reported
very sick at present.
Earl Smith was in our midst Sun
day talking up a mail route. A free
mail route.
Art (iilmore was in Henry county
buying cat I le last week.
The roads are in very bad condi
tion. MissAllie l'rewitt has been very
.-i. k bin i- better.
John l'rewitt will build a new dwell -insr
Chas. West has returned to String
town. I. M. Kretzmger bought quite a
number of fat hogs last week.
' John t Olwize is doing some work
for tins Erhart this week.
Henry Oliver is in poor health at
this wi iting.
The skating party at the wire
bridge on Peepwater last Tuesday
niirht was "4" success.
"Walter Snodgrass visited High
Lonesome lost Tuesday evening.
Attk.ntiox Faumicrs If you have
to buy or sell any Farm or (Jardei
seed it will pay you to see Cannon A:
l'aget, the only exclusive seed ston
in town. East side of the square.
'I T W .-.I
Red Rough Hands Itching
Burning Palms and Painful
Finger Ends
I Soak the hands on retiring in a strong, hot, creamy
fper of Cuticura Soap. Dry, and anoint freely with
rttcuiu, the great skin cure and purest of emollients.
t ielT during the night, old, loose kid gloves, with the
J"ger ends cut off and air-holes cut in the palms. For red,
3tt chapped hands, dry, fissured, itching, feverish
s, with shapeless nails and painful finger ends, this
ent is simply wonderful.
'Hionsof Women UseCuticura Soap
K?? by CUTTCXJRA OINTMENT, for preservinjr, purifying, an j hautt
tj' we skin, for cleansing the scalp of cruets, scales and dandruff, and
!0PPinR of falling hair, for softening-, whiienins anU soothing red.
tJHM and chafings, or too free or offensive perspiration, in the form
t"es for ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sanative antisntie pur
jj Which readily suggest themselves to women, and especially mothers,
(J' H the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. No amount of
r" can induce those who have once used them to use any others.
i-r i proservmfr ana purnying ice sum, scaip ana mir i imaiiia
Kfven. CVTlCtTwV SOAP combines delicate emollient properties de
jtrotn CUTIfT'RA. the great ?kin cure, with the purest of cleansing
. pota and the most refreshing of flower odors. No other nt-tii-atei
f . . . . . , i . i i r ;nn
eautifying the skin, scalp, hair and hands. No other foreign or ttomes-
-50aP. however expensive, is to be compared with It for ail tea
Vco r tn? toilet, bath and nursery. Thus It combines in OMJ fcUAf
-an TRICE- viz.. TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, the EtlST skin and com
aSl oap, the J5ES5T toilet and BEST baby soap in the world.
l'lt5 External and Internal Treatment for Eterf Humor. $1.25,
''ikl vt ll"l KA SOU rjsp.i, to Cleanse ic ssm qir crusts una m't-s
nfuL-'-ned rutiol: CtTlCUR OINTMENT 5V.. o instantly allay e!j
''k . u"n "n-l lrrisatlori acd so,the and heal, and CVTICL'RA RESOLVENT
Vfci6001 "i lais. ths- blon1. A SINGLE SFTT is ottrti sutSciJ'nt to cure th
, Wm. J. Cornelius. Modern Woodman
Organizer, Succumlts io Heart Dis
ease. Kansas Cit r Time.
William J. ronielius, ,ni orraiiizer
fur the Modern Vmm1ihh of AriiHik ii,
whose hump is in Ni vmhi, M.. diil
Tluir.-day ni kf m ,-. Tiirkidi latli
nxMii at Twflith iiinl Main tm-ts
It was his t rsr ai t! la.-t Tinkish
('( friii-lius. wh. ni! his way ij
his In nil- froia .Ii.iro.. Mo. when
h? ha,i 1k !i at H'liiiii a coiivrrition
of his loiic, was i e I ; i - 1 hv his coin
pa n ion. II. I".. Khietts. to lake a Tur
kish hath. ( 'orii-liiis. who was a
large man, was not v.. ilaini (m.-eiit
d to the jlaii, all houjih he sail he
hail inn er before sh'j.t iusueha plat e
A f t r I he hot room. ( orin-ii ns a n liis
frieml lay iiwa t o .-it Ahoiit 1()
o't lofk yesN-rday moriiing iliietts
awoke an.i t uriiing to thecot win re
( 'ornelitis I iv ealiivl !o iiiui. Tiinv
was no answer, ami an investigation
showed that ( 'orneiiti was dead. The
body was turned over to Conn er
Winkler, who . aid that, deith vt e
proliahly ilue to heait t. isea.se.
(!orneliu.s was 47 years old and
leav.'ts a family . He was formerly a
conductor on the Missouri, Kansas
& Texas road and is well known
about t he st a te.
Will lioiaa liis i.u-iu.-ss.
S Lava?, a merehant of Dallas.
Texas, wiiu s: "I thoni.t I would
lia ve to give up huf-hie.-s, after two
years of suffei ing from general deba
ity brought on by overworkaiid long
imurs, but four bottles of Elettri
Hitters gave me new life. I can now
eat any t hing, sleep well and feel like
working all the time. It"s the besl
aiediciiie on ei rth." It's a wonderful
tonieaud health builder tor t red,
rteak, sickly and run-down people.
Satisfaction (Juaraiiteed. Only ."ilic.
For sale bv H. L. Tu -ker.
Last Orand Jury.
The following isa roster of the age.s
anil religious beliefs of the last grain!
jury to serve the jvople under the
old law, which reijunvd the jury to
be drawn by the county court. Here
after the circuit court aloi;e has the
power to order a grand jury:
E. I Foster, foreman oi the grand
jury, I live in Mound, am n democrat,
and Udong tt the Presbyterian
church, my age 54 years. Mat Gray,
I live at Foster, am a republican ami
belong to the r.aptist church, my
age 4 years. Thomas Walton live
at lUitler, am a democrat and belong
to Cumberland Presbyterian church,
my age is UO years. (!eorge Craig, I
ave at Rich Hill, am a democrat and
belong to no church, my age is 5S
years." Henry Mudd. I iie at Adrian,
am a democrat and leloug to the
Uaptiot church, my age is ,"4 years.
Robert li. Rartonl live at Amoret,
am a republican and a deacon in the
Christian church, my age in't'J years.
W. M. Steffeu, 1 live in .Lone Oak, am
a democrat, don't belong to any
church, my age is o," years. James
Robinson,' I live in Shawnee, am a
republican, belong to no church, my
my age is .4 years. (I. W. Tucker,
I live in Butler, am a democrat and
telong to the South Methodist
church, my age is years. James
Nickell, 1 live in Deepwater. am a
lemocrat and belong to the Baptist
church, my age is 4." years. J. R.
Hawkins. I live in East Boone, am a
democrat and belong to the Christian
hurch. my age is ii'J years. W. C.
Ehlridge, 1 live in Mt. Pleasant town
liip, am a democrat, don't U-long to
any church, my age is 2'. years.
Working Overtime.
Eigh hour laws are ignored by
t!nse tireless little workers Ir.
iving's New Eife Pills. Millions are
ilways at word night and day, curing
Midigestin, billiousness, constipti
tion. sick headache and all stomach,
liver and bowell troubles. Easy.
..leasant. safe, sure Only -.1c at H.
E. Tucker's drug store.
Slid Down a Plank.
St Eouis. Mo. Feb. 1 .1. Eight liun
tlr,H! ainl seventy yi.mng men and
.-.-omen slid down 'boards from the
viadows of the Liggett Myers
tol'at co plant this morning. They
-truck Uvause the management re
used to discharge 4t negroes who
vere employed on the same tioor.
i'liey were compelled t go out by
vay of the windows Ihh ause the fore
man looked all the dvors when their
determination to ctrike was an
nounced. The negroes were dis
f -harewi and the strikers returned to
x s. y backu m m
Implements, as we
Their talk of our untried, cheap
tpdalify and short life vr.ods won't
work this year. The people have
tried our goods now for two ye.-irs
and THEY KNOW what they an.
They know au
is the lest that ever run in t he ground,
t he only planter that is perfect for
planting broom corn, cane, etc., be
sides neckyoke and the beM con
strutted doubletree that was eve
put on an implement go with it. Th
are clear at the top. The hammock
seats, the combined rider and walker
and the "'can't, throw down"' tongne
lesH can't, be beaten. They are made
of the finest material obtainable,
most perfectly coiiti ted and their
shovels are worth ?U more jer set
than any other hovel. Thece
pi tntt-rs and cultivatorseost us mote
than any other goods but we do not
ask yon any more, and not as much
as they Hade for theirs, as we are sat
isfied with a smaller profit. Besides
we only have one price on everything
to everybody, and that is the lowest
living price and no competitor can
cut under ourpriee, unle.-s on a cheap
er quality of goods, and we pride
ourselves on always handling the
best of everything, and we think the
people of Bates county know thi
Hummer Sulkv & Gang Plows
have no competition in the plow line.
There is no plow constructed like
them and never will le as long as the
Sattley Mfg. Co. holds the patent on
themv Others will tell you that they
have a plow just like it or just
good, but we will prove toyou in two
minute, if you will come to see us,
that they haven't, aud to further
convince you, we will loan you a
as Bug
gies, Heavy Machinery & Groceries.
HiiLiiuer or ( 'oinino.lote for a few
d-iys to try it. Then you will know
whether you want to buy or i.o . In
fact, we guaranty e-.-ry ia ljin nt
Vi sell to do peliVt-t Work. The
Avery and Sattley Mannl'sn t tiring
t otupanirs do not -iid tl.eir money
in luge pictures and ad vi-i t i.-enu nt s
but put it in the quality and : -nt
ruction of their goods.
Angle Steel Bar Harrow,
art-a perfect delight to every man
t hat has u.-ed them. 4 lur Ja:icsvi!!e
Ii.-c i-ult ivators. our l'aIf Enters
aid st alk cut ters are prononiicd tiy
t iif !artiirs to be the As!; your
ic-'irhbor wiio has bought imple
ments i f u what t hey t hii.k of t le-rn.
We are willing to Kave it tot ne jo-
,,' who have use.l them. W are
getting in this week thre car loads
of implements, one car of b.iibwire
and hog fencing ami one ar of bug
gies and spring wagons, ovt r 10
cultivators, 1 .10 riding plow.-, ami
other goods in proport ion. and we
will sell them, too. if quality of goods
ari. 1 low prices count for anything.
Willellyoua P.A1N, PEORIA or
BIRPSEEE Wagon fir .;j..1o spt
cash, for the next thirty days. Now
in vour time to get the U-st wagon
made, at cost.
We handle most everything known
in the implement and machinery line.
Plows, cultivators, harrows. dic
harrows, Janesviile disc cultivators,
Eagle listers ami stalk cutters, land
rollers, brush and new ground plows,
sulky, revolving and eweep rakes;
threshers, steam engines, gasoline
engines, clover huheis. saw rndls,
pumps and wind mills, cane mills,
feed mill. Power & Sweeps grist mills,
hav presses. stump pullers, well rib
ing in H-'lii ii-r . pl iTi'.iria atid wafun
sial.-s, power and hand orn shi-il- cs,
mill and levator m.n hiaery. road
machiiii-ry, lie'ting an 1 ' !. st.ini
ti ; t iiiv''". iii l .',!, - ,, r- tt,
cr. wairoti wood work. hard'Aare,
tinware, ipi'-'iisware. t;-cl aid far-
en !-ds. f.i i in ;i j.iii', spr ing' a ad
road tagoi.-i. hog fi-n n,.; ,-Hnl tie
Famous Savers & Scov.ll
The In-.-t buggy ev-r -t .',.! in t be I'iiiI
ed Stater.. Wecouid g t '-UHi totl-tnollial-o
t o t his fa f froui bent ei
ple of Bates and ad ; liabu iieanti. t.,
tow horn w- have s .1 t !i.-.,c bugg i. n
The alelit.ldeol . ; I l.'bm h ic k of V,
Nor.vay iroa ami "te.-l. Iaifi leati.r,
cusliions st uffe'i w i' li h:iir ami j ul
tog.-l her for ke f. I vve fw-II tie til
at suae price ol n a-.l for I he
cheap !-t tiff. So, vet) start to
town to buy a buggy, don't stop by
the wayside and bin i g lJ biiik,
but come straigiit to ns and jjet
what you know i- good, a Savki.s X
S ovil.L, and p'iii"inl r, too, 1 ii.it
Williams ; cry tre is th' cle ap-
e.-t phice nil earth to buy g I'oc l'e-,
when you ueef ji!-.ii.ig. j commo
datingand lamest cleriis; whre yoii
get good goods and fall Weight;
whre you are uii'l' fof.cfat Inane
and everybody is treated the fame;
where you can get a as thing you
want, either in Gro-eri-s. Hardware,
China ware. Wooden ware. Tinware.
Cutlery, Implements, m.jchinery,
Harness, Buggies. Carriages, Hay
tools, or anything from a toothpick
to a threshing machine, and every
thing at the right pi ice. If you
haven't trad.d with U", coin" uml
trv ti for awhile and you will staj
with us. Yours. Truly.
Deepwater Items.
We notice that W. J.-Iackson, who i
has been at Humausviile for several j
years, is now a merchant at Johns-
town, having bought the general ;
mercantile stock of J. E. Rash fc
Bros. Mr. Jackson is a tirst-rlass (
business man and needs no introduc
tiontothe eople of this section,
having tnen rearel here He carries
a full line of goods and handles all
kinds of country produ.-e. We Hie
glad to have Mr. Jackson locate with '
Married, at tie re;i.en..e of Mr.
Sie rm Harbelt. on FVb. t.at t. p. m ,
bv Juftitv John Radford. Charley
O'Neal and Miss Molii- Holt. Tie-.
writer joins w ith their many friends
in wishing them pro-j-riry and haje
Mr. Ralph Judy of J..h:.srown wn.- :
thegnicstof Mr. t "argile and family
Fridav iiight-.
W notice RoUrti Ja.-ks-m in oar
midst last week. j
The staging chi-ss af J.!mstown, ,
under the auVpict-s of i'r.f. ImImw, ;
is progressing idcely. .v-r t-ixty
.-cltolars in attendance. ;
We nefandi!aT,--. for our town-,
hip orh-es j-ailing around to
their mny friends in tel.aif of th-ir
own welfare.
Rob R.d:"ord wa- going north
Sunday evening. Roi .-ays .lie en
iovp the ephvr iat-ze.
Olaf Cfca,ml-?rs wut- the guest "f
Had t on'i'i r r I'ie
George Shelton one night la.-t w.-k. j Sunday aid a plea-ant time had bv
Mrs. 1. H. Rfsh wan tie guest oi j an.
Mrs J. E. Ra.-h Wednesday night. Cl--m Jackson and family ha-,
Se'veral of the lads an.i m.-ae- mov-d to I.tnoi,t. Ja-k.on My.
tr rc-1 tie li-hr fai.ta.-tie at Tom ' W e understand that N,m ,udd w
K t Ti7ur,.lav night. i tending eourt m i ul-r , a- wee
' . ' . . .... : sv-ra f ourgood ... ig-hbors w.-i.lt
Capt. V'.M-rry and A . E. '.Kiaore ; u Mn( ,.... tr,Jll::!ir ,,i;,;iT.
pent th. greater part ot t 'e-ir . .me '.o-i:
S itunJav .-ii.iKii.ir naiesswji a ni-.n.
iu JohnMortii and that nigh' ;;tt-:id-
rd,!;eMie,. -Iwiu.t abo;t go:.e. ' riu
M s Juha Rams is at home aga.n 1 w i ' . .
wi'j I'r and Mr. V. P. P-owJ.-if. Mr- ' T i ., . ..
wi,.j i-i.""'." , : Spnri". N. ' eor.-iinj.- sort
Rev Vivian will till las r-ga;.ir aj- Jt v th.. u... ,.( .,if. . ; j j
pomt merit at the .bthod:.-t . hur- a ; (.0,,M IIot ;iv u,AlT,. t',,;, .t tw .th.
in John-town next Sunday at 4 u,r;iIi , J,r KingV N-vr
m. Ev-rvb-nly is invixl t. cue j,,f(Vv HT,i w w f , ur,..j .v
oat and h-arhim. j-ven I,.t tJ-- and arri r.-o-.v stoit
Nfrs. i iau.i Hamiltitn and Huh- ,.'." J; ' ;,:i it.n ' -a.i at
Stielton i f Kotr. were th- gTi ts of 4 on-iiUiji'io-i, pn ..-;.ot. i , 5 gr ; ; -.
r-! it ires in th:- vicinity a v 1 t? , Hf,, brore I .fi-: i'-' "b'e f.,r ;;
ia.-t w'-ek. , oM-. a-t ia.a. h.-.' ' T . to1.;'
Wrhe Sh-'.ton p:r. ,o-l bate h h-.o:-i;.g o.jgh rM t-d ;.-
of id - -Iu it-Sasr for w j.:.-!. L-'tW K'- atel ' ;n: :"
paid a hand-om- j.nce. ; at II ; E. 'I u k-r - ' --
Mr. Jake S.v-ez-r Wi v;-i' if. " - ne - "
of the vo:jng ra-ri ia-t ;-.--: v.-. t ia- Ou-dicr .:'.'?-,...f
iiai: f'th- Wo-dme! of th- V. :!!. ,. , -., .
V. P Col-man ma-:-a I-trip; r:-.te. K-i'; . ''f--
to P.utler Saturday. , f ; ing'f-.r od Mr. kr.a;-:. -" "..
We nnd-r-tand that -v. r .' - ' onr ; 4,.i.:.:i:iV -.-! y -rr V
pHdew;".! 2-aVM f..,r North I "ta ; .r,..)a .; ,t;. ir ;. .,ir, t. a ,
Ton 4Ji : J.M. 4.o;M'..f.'-.'ft .
t.r i. '!.: . - .'t Bv contra- t t .i-
Mrs. Wili;
T - ntti.f..-'..1
and wife's friends dine.1 ith th-m p-a-i frot, d,,,.;.
!4 h- -'.--.
' ;,: i'i.d t.
'i gr .''.
lisunnsr an.i humtliatinK sktn. scalp and bloo-J Dumura, wua io
t "Ma ail fis. sld throughout tiia world.

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