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' President.
CAPITAL, $25,000. -I-
Bates County Investment Co.,
lOapltal, - - 800,000.
sMoney to loan ou real estate, at low rates. Abstracts of
title to all lands and town lot? in Burns county. Choice
securities always on hand and for sale. Abstracts cf title
furnished, titles examined and all kinds of r-al estate
papers drawn.
J TTOAHD MfflH. j. m. bbwwwiy, -l.K, .:lahr.
Vice -
J. C Hath, Abstractor.
House Work is Hard Work
gassiao rapers i''11 nuM" 1 -"-
American Understanding.
St. Petersburg Feb. U. The Kus-
an press is greatly pleased with the j
iWlaration of tlie r renin .winisier 01 ,
p affairs. M. Pelcasse. regard-
the Russo-r tench-American un- a
deratandiiig. The .Nnvoe reuiya
-The United States attaches itf-elf
to the Franco-Kussian alliance for
tbesatne reasons which united the
latter because they pursue common
aims, whose realization will benefit
The paper expects a closer under
standing, which will strengthen
The Novosti expresses itself in the
liunetone, but holds the opinion
that United States politics is too
changeable to inspire complet e trust,
Japan, more than the United States,
being entitled to a leading role. In
her conduct in China she displayed
great tact and won universal esteem.
There has been no friction between
the Rosso-Japanese troops.
The Novosti anticipates a more
complete understanding between
Ruysia and Japan, culminating in a
permanent alliance.
Kervous children arealmost always
thin children. The "out -door-boy-is
seldom nervous. White's Cream
Vermifuge is the best preventive ot
iiystem ml assists to that sort of
flrtih, which creates strength and
power of endurance. Price 2o cents.
For sale by 11. L. Tucker.
Fortunes for Mosby's Men.
Chicago, Feb. 14. John White and
Robert Lee France of Edgewater ex
pect to get a share of the f 2,000,000
left to members of Mosby's famous
guerrillas by Baron Robert Yon
Massow of the German army.
Mr. White is a salesman in Jevne's
Madison street store, and lives near
his old comrade-in-arms in Edge
water. Baron Von Massow served
through the war with Col. Mosby's
tnMi and afterward fought in the
Austrian and Franco-Prussian wars.
nervousness. 11 piirni;i"riin ....
I . 4 ....... . i ...,, tll
He was a man of wealth, and always
ba l an affect ion for the Confederate
raiders' with whom he fought in the
Col. Moshy estimates the numlter
of men in his old command now liv
ing at 10O. Mr. White thinks 40O
is nearer the truth. This would
niean that each of the 400 would get
Col. Mosby is now the general at
torney for the Southern Pacific in
San Francisco.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Promo Quinine Tab
jets. All druggists refund themoney
if it fails to cure. E. W. (J rove's sig
nature is on each box. 2.V.
Names for New Warships.
Washington. Feb. 1.'5. Connecti
cut, Louisiana. Tennessee and Wah
ington have been selected as tie
names of the four warships author-
Wed by the House, and the bill for
the construction of which is now
pending in thesenate.
r- ' - V V -.
thatthes,. names had Wn select.-.!
: . 1 A . J
by the department, and would be
assigned to the new ships in the m
uVr of authorization
Th8 Kind YCU UaV3 AlWSyS BOUgh i
,7 i
Bears Cue
-sr. ,
Signature of lk,iZ4
J4CU.. !
A General Bankln
Buslneaa Transacted
See'y. A Treaa
8. r . Wahxock, Votary.
without GOLD DUST.
Law to Give Them Fees in Cases Com
promised by Claim Ajjents.
Jefferson City, Feb. l.'h Senator
Rollin's bill providing: that atfor-
iipys contracting id prosecute a sun
lor b client an entitled to tees where
compromise is eiieeteu wunoui
tiii'ir Knowledge aim tun King tne
compensation part of the chum,
which was passed by the senate has
been approved by the house and will
be sent to t he governor for his signa
The passage of this measure is eal
culated to materially effect the busi
ness of claim agents, whose chief
duties consist in bringing about set
tlements of suits against corpora
tions by whom they are employed.
It is estimated by lawyers that
suits aggregating hundreds of thou
sand of dollars are disposed of year
ly through theefforts of claim agents
to compromise, efter the plaintiff lias
secured a lawyer's services.
The argument was urged that
many persons who have valuable
claims for damages against corpora
tions are led to settle for a mere pit
tanee, whereas if they had pushed
the suit they would realize well for
damages sust ained.
Mention of Wheeler's Name Starts Up
Discussion in Alabama.
. Huntsville, Ala., Feb. 1 M. A re
port from Washington to the effect
that Gen. Joseph Wheeler will prob
ably be a candidate for his former
seat in Congress for the eighth Ala
bama district, now held by Juuj
William Richardson, has provoked
general discussion here.
Since Gen. Wheeler's retirement
from the armv his friends have inti
mated on apparent good ant 'nority
that he would not be averse to serv
ing the district again.
Judge Richardson, the present con
gressman, has been (Jen. Wheeler's
opponent several years.
A Heart Shown in Court.
Wabash, In Feb. 14. There wns
a ghastly scene in the circuit court
here vesterday, where the trial of
Riukard for the alleged murder of his
wife was sroimr on. A murmur f
horror ran through the crowd when
Dr. Whetson produced in court the
heart of the murdered woman and
showed the bullet holes and explain
ed just how death had been caused.
Many persons left the court room
unable to bear the sight, and several
of the iurv winced. Dilies, an instir
Mtiee neent. testified that Riukard
" IT" '
asked him an hour before the shoot
ing if the insuranceof hist Kinkard's)
and his wife's was ad right. The de
fense will claim insanity of Riukard
Confessed anJ Skipped.
Brazil. I mi., Feb. 1 I. Yesterday a
stranger appeared in the Christian
church, where Evangelist Chdike is
holding revival meetings, waed to
tbe altar and asked to be baptiz
After having leeti immersed, he made
histartlin - co.ifcsioutothepreacher.
j1;1'" "' . . .. ,..-,..,
i' Sil l l iai neiia'i umiuiMKv ... - - . . . -.
, . j. . ., , ! and citv offt.-t-rs are close on .us .rail
stolen ninety-eight anises and '-,'aii,1 lt js bdieveil he will be qnickiy
madeconsideraldoi ouutorteit money. , (1;ltlu;r,M
He declare! that in ls
he robl-'d
Senator Cullertson"s hither in T-xas j
of .t'.o. He was driven out of Texas
i -th.. militia aud went to Mexico.
Subsequently he visited mat,;
ia Ohio ami l'ennsylvaiua, c
v towns
Tsntr man ii' i'i"
tiemeuai io.:s. av i
i . ........ i.
' ... .... rin.is'.v as he.'vime
The other night down at our house when ldy
hid a beau.
Mean' Maudy heerd a stompin' at the parlor
door, you know.
An' when the door was op-ned up, 1 hollered: !
"ldy Winn,
This la a urty time o' night to come a trompin' ;
An" Maudy ketohe 1 me t.y the arm, an' whin- i
pered terse anil low:
Kor heavens fate ijuit hollerin"! Ker I-ly's
got a beau.' '
My face tamed red's a cmet trailin' through
the sklea at nifht,
An I beard ldy whisper: V. a-t until I K't a
An' out bhe comes an' sav: "i's, 'hat iist
shamed me nearly iea t
It's cold a ice in there an' jou folks pile riht
into bei,
S'j'a we kin have (his room," she says, and we
picked up to no.
Fit that's the !irt time in her 1'1'e that ldy had
a beaut
Well, talk olKut a Raftered girl: Th- likes I
nevr saw
she called her father mother and she called
h-r mother paw '
' An' help me. uraiirhien up thU r.iom, fer
Kraeioun wake! ' says rie.
An' here I li t my iTOfrans drop an' then --he
wowled at me'
I says: " e'r.-i-ro u' riirht to !ed as last as
we kin to! "
Fer that s Hit Brst t'.me in herli'e ;hat ldy
had a heau!
We jrot into the bed at lat an' heerd nim ttk -a
ilea: ;
We listened to the pie hant lauKh that My rip
pled sweet.
Says 1 , a kind o' whikperin' : "Well, that's a
sweeter sound
Than we have been a-customed to with jiet our
selves around, ' '
says Mandv, fort o' sirhi' like: "Girls will
h- girls you know
That's jist the way I fetched you in, baek thirty
years aj;o' ' '
Edward S'nger i') the Indianapolis Sun
How Arc Your Kidney t
Dr Hobhs' Snarairus S'i lis cure al! kidner Ills. Sam
ple free. Add. &ier!iiiK Kemedy Co.. CliicaKO or N. V.
West Point Class to Be Graduated
Ahead of TimeWesterners.
New York, Feb. 0. There is such
a lack of officers in many of the regi
ments of the regular army that the
war department has decided that the
cadets o! the class of 1001 at West
Point shall be graduated uext week."
February 1H, instead of waiting till
the usual graduating month, which
is June. It is said that nearly all
these new young officers will le at
once assigned to regiments in the
The ymduat ing class nundwrs T.'J
men. Among them are the follow
(i. H. Pair. Illinois; C. Burnett, II
linois; W. G. Caples, Missouri; Guv
E. Carleton, Missouri; F. W. Clark
Illinois; E. II. DeAnnond. Missouri;
D. 1). (iregoiy. Missouri: F. Keller
Missouri; 11. A. Meyer, Jr.; Arkan
sas; J. G. Pillow, Arkansas.
Four years ago, when the class be
gan its military life at West Point
it numlwred 121) members. The
falling off of "fifty-six members from
the first day's roll call shows that it
is a pretty hard road traveling at
West Point for the young man who
finally reaches the end of his four
vears' work successfully, hazing or
no hazing.
When pain or irritation exists on
iinv part of the body the application
of Ballard's Snow Liniment will give
prompt relief. Price 2".tnd oO cents
For sale by II. L. tucker.
Tesla Completes His Plans and Has
Selected Site for a Plant.
New York, Feb. The plans f r
the machinery of wireless telegraphy
to signal across the ocean have Ix'en
completed, and a site for the plant
having been secured by Nikola Tesla
t he project will at once actively lw
irin. It is estimated that the time
required to erfeet the apparatus
will be about eight months. No de
tails have leen made public by Mr.
Tesla concerninsr the work to le
Woman's Head Split Open.
Sedalia. Mo.. Feb. 2 1 William
Faris, a woodsawyer, 1 his afternoon
s-j lit open the head of Mrs. Laura
King, a co!ortid woman, with an ax.
inflicting fatal injuries. Faris was
quarreling with Mrs. King's mother,
when the daughter called Faris a vile
name. Faris grabbed an ax and
dealt the woman a blow with the
weapon on top of the head, dividing
j tj1(:, s;Ui! and la ving the brains b;ir.
Faris made his escaiie on f
i.,i:l Missouri I'-i.-iric train.
Sf ate
Genu'm stamped CCC Never sold In bulk.
; Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
I "something jst s good."
nr. ii i i iTsrrsu.
A Republican in Congress Asks
That Pledge Be Made-
Washington. F.-b. '.. In the Hue
to-day Mr. Broisn. republican fiom
Ohio, ni t le ;l fi j, urirhiiT that
o tigress hon;d now ive definite as
surance to t h. Filinino-i us to the
purposes uf tbis government. He
idvocated t!i-j.e-,.!y adopt ion of a
resolution d--.-l.mmi- that "It is the
purpose of the Cmied States in re
aming possesion of the Philippine
-.lands to aid their inhabitants
when t ley submit o t beaut hority ot
the United States, in e.-tatilishi:iir a
apableand stable free government.
tnd when t be purpo.-e hn U i'u ly
iccomplished t he United States, un-
ersu-ii reservation and condition."
wniiy l. wise and m-t. wiii ret u
piisli sovereignty in those island.-.
The reading of Mr. Brown's ie.-olu
tion I'.aused ,-innet liirig of a sensa
tion, coming from t he republican ide
uid the democratic nifiabcrs broke
into applau.-e.
Mr. J5rown urged that, in all fair
ness, tins assurance should he given
to the Filipinos wit hout furt her u-
iv. It iniiiht ie the plan even no,x
in mind, but what was most essen
tial was that the assurance be given
immediately and deiiuitelv to the
Filipinos. He rharacterized the i.lea
of breaking the pledge given to Cuba
as the ''climax of gm-d and as a
doctrine of freebooters and pirates."
At the close of Mr. Brown's sp-ech
he was surrounded by a number of
his colleagues ami congratulated on
the boldness and vigor of his utter
Mr. Dinsmore (Ark.) said the coun
try was to lie congratulated on the
speech just made, as it gave evidence
of a courageous purpose todisregard
the policy of the party in power.
The signs of the times indicated a
deliberate purpose to break faith
with Cuba. As tothe Filipinos, then
was no doubt they had expected as
sistance from the United States rath
er than aggression. Despite the as
surances that the defeat of Brvan
would end the war, tie- war was still
on, growing bloodier as it progressed
and entailing vast exjuditure.
Women Rid the Kansas Burt; of All Its
Liquor Joints.
Perry, Kan., Feb. !" All the
joints in Perry were visited by a
band of determined women. anhe
with axes and hatchets, tonight
who left devastation in their wake
The women, fifteen in numlr, ae
coTimnnied bv several men. whose
j - .
mission was to see that no harm
came to their letter halves. starte
out .'tt r.:l." o'clock. At the lit
joint visited the proprietor was the
uw.mii of tioliteiiess. He invited the
"- v" i
u-otneii in. told them to help then
selves, and held a lamp while theei u
saders destroyed ten barrels of
whisky and thirty-seven kegs of bei.
The joint contained no fixtures ol
At the next joint the women de
molished the handsome fixtures a?ii
destroyed six barrels of whisky ai.d
twenty-five kegs and twenty cases of
l,er. One of the women was drench
ed with beer, as it spurted from an
ojKMiing in the k g made by an axe.
A large crowd of spectators had by
this time assembled and heartily ap
plauded ea.-h onslaught.
The keeper of the third joint was
Tiririse" of the approach ot the wo-.
-ii ------ - -
men ai.-i o... o.w... . ...
in a numter Ol POllies. j-a .nr.--
KI ' Uli ., ,
were not overlooked. Several barrels
"t lIr .
of liquor in th:
cellar were discovered
and emptied befoie th
The last place visited
store. Little liquor was
was a drug
t here.
One woman brok-a bo:teo;-arMi.ic
.a. -id iLtcl her hand w
assewrelv burr-
(he- f t!e joint ists -et
cigars to tiietiitire crowd.
t;i Tie
The p.x
tares in x tis in
I.i- r.reWerV. w
ii Were lliVI,'-'!
uolish--d. tl.e
crowd curryit-g away many pi--'--- a
The s'
eciit ii;g
no :it t
t. riff of th
! 'i .--r-e
e C lU'lt;
the ma
i.:. d:
Federal Appropriations ;.k.oo.imh
More Than at the Hesjinnini- of
Mckin'e s Ter n.
Wa.-hin-ton. Feb. Ft Keprv.-en-t
itive to hr tu of Missouri today
made a vi-. rou- -,-h in t he hou-e.
b loA'inir t h
t f t!te l;, ,v
n 't-:.i .'I- jH-n.fi" nres
inent b.r nnhtarv tair-
p -e
fter static;; that the HCiire
gate win re.i.-n 7so i oo oo-. Mr.
Covhran sai l
"Is the Ni.-ara'Uan C.i:,.il r. U
built'.' No; the hiji i,r,,V!.ii., !,.:
that gr-at ru.iv :i
pigeon-hoi.- . i t !,, s.-nate couinut ' -
ro uu. Areih-i;,. r.-:is-. appr. pri t
tions made i ry by any gr,.ai
pll'a.i'' Works -ii;ii!liet,.!r,itev I !..
li.-iai to ttie tax payer-'" No. u.
clea-e.i ' jH-ndit lire- l!i t :ie prose. '..
tion o! ;tr m t he d tst a tit t iriei.T v it i
oicpie.-t and 1 iv a- the u;..;-.s
ZUised plll pos.- ,.f the iil-leo is p, !or
in.tiice. ace. 'iint tor t ;- it uiwn.i. ti-
Z-I'e'.i fe of taxation imposed upot.
til people.
'Mr. Chairman. 1 Ut i.ir.'that with
t;ie soiitary .-xo-prion ot .air war to:
t he literal ion f Culm, all the wat-
f the past years, and t here Lav.
Ihs-u many in varioas .piarteis ot tt.e
wi.rld. have been instigated by av
arice and pro-ecuted for the purpose
f robliery."
Mr. Co. lir.ui then !ir. ted atten
tion to t tie assault of the Italians
upon Aoyssinia, winch, happily, re-
alted in the defeat and discomtit ui e
if ihe f r-e bo. iters; To K it ehener s
murderous campitign on the upper
I pperNile; to the assassination ot
the Boer republics by lireat Britain:
to our ruthless war upon the Fihp
nits, and vehemently denounced the
retehse that these bloody enter
priss wer actuated by t he spirit of
Christianity or on a. -count of a d-
sire to promote the progress and
happiness of the race. He declared
that the seizure of Chinese ports by
Germany, Russia. Frame and Eng
land had oc.-.isi. ne.l in the Celestial
Empire civil war. that nothing else
should have Ihh-ii expected, and that
the land grabbing nations who thus
despoiled tie yenerable Empire wen
responsible for the civil war which
recently comj.ielle.1 the Western I'ow
er- to send armed forces to i vkiii. ,
Mr. Cochran cited the quantities i
precious loot from Pekin which hav
liecii exhibited in private residences
in Washington, and, commenting on
t his, he asked:
"Are we at war w ith China? If so
and t hese spoils are the legitimate
trophies of the victors, to whom do
they Iteloug? To theeutleman who
displays them in bis private r si
denies or to the iro veriiuient? If
China lie in law a friendly Power am
our troops were drawn thither by ex
igencie.s arising out of civil war; i
they went there to protect our miu
i-ter and citizens against violence
threatened by insurrectionary fom-s
then what shall we sav of the Amer
ican soldiery guilty of plundering th
n. ..i.. .1.1 .f 1 1... i i.;., r.;ot'"
Mr. Co -bran d.-lnr-d that if th
Fnited States are to join hands wit
I land-grabbing nations of the ol
World, we must expect thed'i-ny i
morrtiitv and the sense of honor
W'llich heretofore hive forme. lie
ii itioa's ideais. and exel. timed, "how
rapidly ar we learning tlie lesson.
Mr. Richardson of Tennessee, the
minority leader, also commented
upon the vast total of appropria
tions at this session of congress,
whi.-h. he said, would reach
O.lO.Ol (ft.
Four year- ago. when President
McKinley's administration l-g;in,
th- annual appropriations were
about sFTo,' too.ooii. He conceded
that the appropriations would natu
rally ire rease every year, bur way,
he asked, this prodigious he-lease
. to.OUO.o- M .? The wa r ha
i , , .
t ":, over two years and could nor
- .
,.. i- ,:iri'.-i with t hese ii- fHss. for
! . .
the inert .'t
, -
the army and navy apjropriatio:i
' bills There w ts ati increase in ev.-rv
. . . .
of t.i-- appr-'pnation t. n-.
Tie h u d-vot-d if-ar'y
W flO;e
pri.'if i
y to t he -undry i vil
bill. ti"os-Tl of t
:;i page.
w er' l j
.--i ot.
Scnatf L. mrr.'atee r iduni: Sn';
t.ff citv r.-i, 1 ::! '.
. . 1 . 1 '
r '
i DcmoMTais Brin Oat Marthn ! ;care
I on Appropriation.
Washtti-ton. Feb. 11 - The .i.h .ed
evtrav a-in 's .f the rv-.ub'acun
metrtters m! nn.risN n. : hi lit
out esierday bv
lae'ii! r- .sun: :' t i-e
t! e
i i . i
... i;- !
id. - it i.
1 . f
i. bill.
IV h o- I ol
- I
t 1 '
du-'tsi r.ir s to si
w t it
I I en-fit
in ;'. sii.c
o: . ,irr i:
.'.'- I le 1
; mi t .'
O e
chti ! had i:.. !--.is.--l
. 1 . (
.. In
Mr i . !.r in .
n . .
r. it
! he
t ;.
th it t
i! for
,e !..t y
. s. e. i
is... i. M :
!..! 1.
k- 'he,! ii, e. 1 ,.
ppr.c.i.aiios ..:'
! t o ; 'e-rniae!,
U t tie l tl;a,iit I
, t u a hi k i -!e
t he 1 h- s .. kr.
. n la t- I : u i , ,
r :'j i s . st o.i t.
i.-id I .' '0 i.ooo tae
i he tU. 'st t fc!!i '
1- !!!..' i ll-
t pi IV
I t :.. :.i-i -i ot t :,
ab-ait ;!..:: .
1. 1 .1
i.e s.-o i t '
, i , i 1 1
li lite., r
.:,il -.he
Ji i,. ping
i o;.l . it
a i-t i i.i; in- .ii.-
i : i
. i -!!
u.iiiv :i i: p:u'-.i
s.VOi ds .it t. iirisl l.l'l -
il 1 he iih ' id 1 J ' i:i
liiii-' to qviii or i L i . i i aw y t lie
, : . i 1 t
ii.i- i'lei a le ana .-.i v I I'crcs nam
urned ' bn. ' !-. Chr is! i mil v sbiiu
Hfs and tind isd--.i-!' " idle;;.., ratie
1 le a ! argue i t ! 1 1 . ! ; . en a ny e, o-
nomic standpoint t:,-- "u:.i:iie iiilbe
I'hiappines wa-not worth tin1 cost.
"We have already," said he. "spent
iiiiii-'V enough there to build th
Niciragu.-in canal, to fortifv everr
loot of its course, . otistru. t wmn.
new warships vve iie d. and we miu
to-day no nearer jieai-e than when
the first gnu was tired."
Mr. Richardson of Tennessee, the
minority leader, also oiumeniel
upon the vast total tf appropriation
at this session, which, he said, would
reach $s,oo.i loo.ooo. Four yars
ago, when I resl.ieni I .M!-rvilliey
uluiinist rat ion begun, tie- hiiiiuhI
appropi i;itioiis were about $170,-
OOO.OOO. He conceded that llpplO-
pnations would in. reas', but why,
fie asked, t his prodigious iucreas ot
. .... -1 - i i
over si.-joo.iioo.noo.- i ue war UH'l
been over t ivo years and could rot
Ite charged with th. se in. reuses, for
t lie in. rejisi-s were not confined to
the army and navy appropriation
bills. There w as an increase in erjr
one of t he appropriation bills
Catarrh lias Ixcomc Mich a i.mmion
lisrase that a eis'ii entirely 1 r e fnitn
In cii"ij;ur.tinK cotuj.laiiit in m-M'hi met
ith. It is custoriary to k -f Catarili
is iir.tlii lijr timre t. rious lii iti a ll cold,
i simple 'inflammation of tlx? lies-? nii.l
.hroat. It i, in fact, a ctnplii aird and
.t ry dangerous disease ; if not at fust, it
i'erv soon Incomes so.
The bUxxl i fjuickly c-nt.niiiiiat-d lr
.lie foul secret iocs, and the j.isoii tbrnich
.he general circulation is carried to all
;arts of the system.
Sanes, washes and -.prays sre tni-atia-v.ctorv
and disapp-inting. U-cnuse th. v do
t reach th s-at ft tlie trouble. S. S. S.
l.e. It cleanses the M-d f the poison
md eliminates frotu the MSteTu a l calnr
rh .l serreti. ns, and tin s c ircs thoroughly
and ieniianeutly the wor-.t cases.
Mr T. A Vil!Un. a I'-i-i-'i-' !f v-f"w1 rner-
'hni ot -wmnMitir.. S. C. ltt" ierjcar
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