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4. D. ALLEN, Editor.
(. D. Allen A Co., Proprietor.
The WcEKi.y Timks, publUhed eyery
Thursday, will be sent to any addrets
i" rear, postage paid, for $1.00.
The democrats of It. Louis have
nominated Kolla Wells for mayor.
(lovetnor Hockerv says a good
franchise law will Ik jiassed.
The canvas of the electoral voire
gives Mckinley -J'.rj and I'.ryan 1 .".".
The legislature lias passed a law
making k i rui jftiTic for ransom pun
ish able by . Il .
The senatorial dead lock in the
Nebraska legislature has not been
unl -k-i J vet.
After the 1th of March thu-e will
not be a representati vc of (he negro
race in congress.
The Missouri Town Mutual Insur
ance Company of Kockport. Atchi
son county. Mo., has made an assignment.
SUBSTANTIAL REASON'S WHY. have the records that guarantee to
. , . theni perfect titles to their homes.
dest roved bv n re. And vet thus is a
urged against the court house prop- t. '
f. r 1 constant menace. If the taxpayers
, .... .,, , ' would only appreciate this danger,
The new building w i.I be erected m . , . .
" . not one ot them would vote against
tne couri nouse s marc. 1 ne nonce ,
. 1 , a new court house.
calling t he election so states, j
The court will not go over the ; MAXEY FOR SCHOOL COMMISSIONER
..... ... The demo rati.-count v convention
in- and completing the court lions.. wus (.nM To or ,jst S;llurdaV bv
I lie law would not authorize it ami
the individual members, all honora
ble gentlemen, pledge their honors to
the taxpayers, that they will not let
the contract for a greater amount,
and t he contract, hen let, will re-
The Boers, in a fight with (Jenern
French at Frnvdo last week, are said
to have lost 40 men killed and :)
taken prisoners.
A guard is kept at the jail day nix
night. When the county court lines
the walls with boiler iron this guan
exjiense will not le necessary.
The bill to abolish the railroad
and warehouse commission at the
expiration of the present term of of
fice of the incumbents has leen re
ported favorably in the lower house
of the legislature.
Voters have had ample time to in
form themselves on the court house
question, and we believe that manv
who at first opposed the special tax
will now support the measure. We
lielieve the vote will le overwhelm
ingly in favor of the special tax.
Amsterdam Breezes.
The surest and liest way to settle
the court house . proposition is to
vote Y es. There is no use of pro
longing the subject from year to year,
spending large sums of money for
elections and rent and in the end
build a now building. It is simply a
pi tin business proposition. Morwin
uire(he building to be completed.
The memliers of the court are all
substantial citizens of our county,
with property interests and are inter
ested alike with all other taxpayers.
They could not aft'. ml to violate so
sacred a compact with the people ( f
this countv, even if thev were so dis-
losed, which they are not.
The court invites a committee of
taxpayers of the county, to be eoni-
osed of one member from eacb
township, to advis" with the judges
in the letting of the contracts and to
oversee the construction of the build
in r. Fould anything be fairer?
The taxpayers of Butler are inter
ested alike with every other taxpay
erin the county, in the building of a
court house, no more, no less. It
would not put a dollar into their
pockets. It would reallv fall harder
upon us because our taxes ureal
ready about three dollars on every
hundred dollars valuation, while in
j.J. E. Williams, chairman of county
coiiiiijitt".'. Ha motion Mr. Williams
was made chairman and J. S. Combs
secretary. The selection of com
mit tees was dispensed with. There
b-ing only one candidate before the
convention. Prof. II. O. M ixey, was
11 (inin ited by a'-damntion.
Speeches were made by a numb-r
of tile delegates urging the voters to
turn out to th- hool election t lie
first Tuesday in April. To this ap
peal Th 3 TiMKaJds its voi-e uu 1
urges the voter-; to turn out to their
school elect ion.-.. Every one in the
county is interested in this work and
should sho.v 1 heir interest by turn-
.;c out and taking- part.
The democrat i-' nominee is an edu
cated gentleman, with years of expe
rience as a tea' her in Bates county.
He is a close student. keps abreast
with the lat 'st methods of teaching.
is devoting his life to that profession,
and if elected will devotehistime ai.d
attention to a faithful performance
of the work. Turn out ami vote for
Ma xey.
i .a ik
Promote Digestion and Cere Dyspepsia.
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ney or Liver troubles ? Ten chances to
one it is nothing more than indigestion.
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H. G. ScHrn.s, Wjrdv;il;, Mo.
" I hae had stomach trouble :i r.iy hie. Eupep-
Tablets have heiped me more than any medicine
I have ever used."
Ch As. Slauchtei, Montrose, Mo.
I have been favorably impressed with the
effect of Euprpiia Tablets and I am of the opinion
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Rev. J. M. Taciincton, Corning, Ark.
' I find that the tablets are all vou recommend
them to be iiid more. I don't think there can he
anything better for indigestion than Eupepsia
Tablets." O. H. Scott, Postmaster, Lon, Mo.
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for two and one-haif years. I have been in bed
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W. R. Matmi, New Madrid, Mo
Two Weeks' Treatment 50 Cents.
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IwrFiA C.. 323 Cuk Ave. Sr. Louis. M
Mrs. Kcnneh In.licted for Murder in
First I'egrec.
Kansas ( i: v. Mo.. Kel 1.". Mrs
Lulu Prince Kennedy was indicted by
ttie grand jury to d iv fo- murder in
the first deeree. The rand jury fail
ed to ret urn bids against her father
or brother.-, but, acting u:sder the
new state law, immediately upon the
adjournment of the criminal court
the prosecut ing attorney tiled infor
mation and had warrants issued fori
the apprehension ot al! three. At
this moment William Prince, the
gin s lavonte brother, was visiting
her in her cell. To avoi 1 a scene th
Ex-(iovernor Stephens, a few days
ago. sent out a pamphlet containing
the county townships it amounts to extracts from the press of the state.
about one dollaron theone hundred, in which comment was made si to
i ne remouenng or tue oia taunting the character of his services as chief Mailer did not aot,ri-e him of hi ,.,is
: . : i t i -ii i l . . . I -i c '
.-..np.ac.ca.ue ana imposs.me aim magistrate ot the state; and we no- sioii. but in.-tcd allowed Will to tin
U Lull fhll Pi.l Hill l!ui.;,in- r...l.:.,l,...1 L- Al . 1 t . .. I. . .
- rui...nne,j Uce mat a large numt.er ot leading i h his interview. He even let him
...... a. a 1 1 . I
i.KiL .ne,iiuie contract. r nau papers construe t his as an evidence ir.-t as far as the -i.W.-.lL- l,nttl,..,-P
cc ... i i ... .. . . I ' "
onereu 10 repair me oia nouse and that fie will be a candidate for United lie stooid him with the n,MrL-
guarantee it for twenty years, that States Senator. The privileireof "Sav. Will. I will have to wt von I f! IR A IS ISIflT IRATPFIII .
1...0 ...:.,:( i ,.i I I " - .--iwww.. IW ..v. ' -
... .,...-. ..nr.,,,,,,, ,neu, or ue- running for office s a sa.-red prerog- tt go bar k again. Thev have a war
,j i.ii."iii' iii l o ixe I all ve ot American cit zensh n and rant for vour ..rn-Kt " i..a
.t ... mxpayers. rto responsu.le Mr. Stephens has a perfect ; right to been expecting this. but. not with- Strong Objection to Giving United
.ontractoreverina.le that proposi- aspire to the honor inquestion. If he standing, he turned color and feebl v
uon to u.e county court. Ihecoun- dides to filter the contest, it will r-traced the siv ,,r sevc, stei.s to tie
t I' AIIflTir h.i.i ..1.. 1 . . a. 1 . I . I
... ,vn aweaox speni, i nou- M,,. f(,unl t ha t he has a host of friends jailers otfice. Th, nd,,. vnu nu.r
.....1 .. .1. .!!..., : a I . ... I -
............. ... .i va.a euort t in every sect ion of the sta te who will ed, sea rched a n i afterwards locked
preserve tne old liouse. and not until render him everv possible servicp in
i - -
AVo have- just reti'ivt". n j ir-o lot of
Table Linens,
which were Min-ha-ori at spot ial low
pi ices ;m.l vt oflVr tlu-m in turn to
you at inhu'ement prici-s. We iik-ji-tion
a few. Heavy all linen napkins
Iare size
$I.OO Dozen.
Ail linen eivatn table tlama-k lieavv
50ca yanl.
Kxtra viIe er a:n tahle eamak
58c a van I.
A beautiful assortment of remnants
in extra tine hleai li damask, worth
'20c to '27 v mote than our price,
A big- lot of granite ami daniask
towels at 48c pair.
Vou sl;mtll see these ami other ood
things we are showing- as vou Avill
make monev bv buin- from iis.
States Naval Stations.
it was dangerous to life did thev
order it, vacated.
The architect who condemned tin
old building was Frederick K Hill of
Kansas City. He has a national
eputation as an architect. He
Ian ned and supervised theconstrtn
tion of the great Convention Hall in
his efforts to gratify a laudable au.-
bition. Kl Dorado Sun.
.Mrs Kennedy was immediately in
formed of t he ih'iictment. and from
the s ame so n, - discovered jler sri111' '''''' ' venti.ii held a sei ret
Havana. Feb. 17 The Cubancon-
brot Iter's predicament.
It is too bad. too bad, too bail,"
mv own
Hates county needs badly and
ought to ha ve a new court house.
That is a matter over which there
should be no quibbling. The safety
of the public records and a comforta
ble and convenient place for officers
to do business, and for the people to
go to Ire served, should overcome all
jealousies or capt ious fault-finding.
Clinton Tribune.
One wwk from to-morrow, Satur
day, Feb. the special election, to
vote on the proposition to build a
new court, house, will be held. Two
ejections have already !een held for
thin purnose arid e;iei h.i iLn...
strated that a large majority of the
voters favor the proposition, but
each time the vote was a little shy of
the necessary two-thirds. Since the
majority favor the proposition it
seems illogical for so small a minor
ity to stubbornly resist it. and we do
oti believe they will at theapproach
ing election. At least there is 1,-ss
op n opposition than lias heretofore
been manifested. Adrian Journal.
A Brief Statement.
Kioh Hill Kntt-riribi.
. ...... i
is an un prejudice! i business prop- she moaned. "lean stand
' ...... -..;- . in i.uui ti naiiie, out wia Mil ne t see i.m
thug the court house stru
f tit. T f . 1 1 a pc i I . . . " I " '
.vt.,.M., i uy. ne o:u not oner plans time t,y voting the levy. poor mother will not live tl.rm.o-l. i.
t'.n. !... 1 . 1 I rm P ... I ' "
,l" l""P'f' ne-.x court nouse j ne farmers ami business neonle No morral , otild. To think of ,, ,n
building. The plans offered ar.( tho.-e ir not interested in keeping up b -ing taken from her. She will never matter
by (Jeo. K. McDonald, a noted archi- strife and sipianderingmonev in con- lalIe to live Uiriaigh it. .My (iod! thewh
tinued ele-tions. and they will cease
it is dreadful!'
session listing several hours yester
day considering the question of the
uiture relation l-etween the Fnited
States and the republic of Cuba. The
-ommission which met (iovemor
lieneral Wood at I'.atab ino offered
uo formal report, but asked that the
natter be considered in commifteeof
A majority of the delegates oppos
ed the granting to the Fnited States
tect of the state.
ii is tiii irnuu Ti c.iir rhitt rh.t I....I.I i-. . . . . . .i ii:ii it. r
v- iimiiiR-iiuuu luiruu no .mi Kiiioiy in irieir i up livl n;i a li i re craze is pretty
mg proposed can be constructed for delilerations. if we jersist in such J n(ia" an end. A Ibch ii ill young wo- of the right to maintain naval sta
$.0,000 Ibis the same plans for foolishness. The editorof this paper I mrtn olira ,iil' or two'since for tions in Cuba, anI a large nam ler
the Warrensburg. Savannah and will not le found in the turmoil.!- '",? , - , '"u",n,Pr, .arul favore-lleaving theivlatitaisltvveeii
Mt. ernon, Mo., buildings, all of lieving that it will hold back, retard
which were built and completed with-land injure the citv
in 1... .. .. a 1.1 . I i .
it in. it .imouut, ana tne eontractori I lie opinions or sentiments ex
iiow couipieiing tne .ir,. ernon I presseil m tliese columns, are not
building signifies a willingness to ac- second-handed, given usbvanybodv
cepi 1 1 tf contract at tnose ngures out a calm survey ot the situation.
uid enter into bond to complete thv J I ' the towns are worth anything at
-1 . . . . i
iiun.ang according to plans and jail, our interest is considerable and
specifications. it is in Rich Hi!!, none in F.utler.
It would lie impossible to submit a There is no effort, no offer, no r.ossi
pio. osmon that would meet the un- bihty of getting the court house hete.
Then whv burden the taxpayers, ai d
2 a head. Hume Telephone.
If is amusing to hear the court
house chat, at least those who op
pxvse it. The most explosive are not
taxpayers, often could not tlag a
bread wagon. One fellow who voted
for it twice U'fore, is "agin it" now,
W ronrse some have an a to :riiid,
somewhere and would sacrifice
enough to put up the building, to
gratify some personal grudge. We
have an example of this fully in
Johnson and Casscouut ies. Holders,
a town typic-,1 of III h Hiil. dejii.-!,-.';
tier treasury and shrank
;;::il!ued endorsem.uit of every citi
zen f the county. We all have our
own ideas, but when we select agents
to transact our public business, and
those agents act in a thomrht fnl.
ca rei'ul. conscientious manner, and
on their very best judgments, they
should be approved. Suppose this
be foolish?
Sawed Out of Jail.
11.. a x
arrensourg, .do . t eti. Jas.
JVnnett of Koimoster. j.Mo , who was
sentenced to two vervrs. in the peiii-
propo.-i! ion is rejected because the Herniary last toiler for bigamy
details do not meet this or t hat b-tiped from the county jail here
yesterday by s;wing his- way out.
innett was ir-h nere at tas own
request to await the sett lenent of
some replevin suits at Kaiobnoster,
in w hich he was interest-. This was
merely a scheme of hi to pel feet
every township in the county to send P';ns sor escap-. His wif.-in Kansas
in representatives to go over the Fity visited him about a week ago.
different plans with t he court and sc- 'k'-'-oinpiice. represe-nting him-
Uvt the Ust and most appropriate self to be an agent for the Louisiana
one f.a-t lii countv. A number of! nurseri. aided iVenuet t in hises-ape.
;'!"'-utative gentlemeu from the
man s individual ideas, the same
a treats would have to select other
plans and is there any assurances
t hat they would then please a greater
number of people? Thecounty court.
U'fore deciding on the plans, invited
i mmmmmm
ui Uv i u.n.T.'i.r SrVt ton; a
1 t
Illation opposing Warrensbucir. ! -j'.ind. d and
it was the
county re
opinion of
The court house i-u-t .oO.OO . wa 1 1 he present, after a careful an-,1
bunt at Warrensburg. l'lca.-ant i painstaking i u vest ig-a tion that
11 ill wor herself out and drove i:
be.-t citizens aw.'iv. worrying against
- I
II i rrisoii vil;e. site I' i.it-d in
thing but ' break U r own
I'm' people tn,k the mutter i;
;o.-l ie: t Pi. . i , iiit ilii; astiii-idi
11 ii! Fnter;.: i-e.
! v
... i'lVrsou Cit . Mo.. I-Vi.
era- r 1 kt r ent tot he
da v ;5ie name?. t hi ;ir;
i i'oaril- ot
tio'St. l.o'.li
el-.t ; s cot in
I'olii V' CtUe.
l.ouj', llarr.
i ': r, r. T. 1
Lie-, tion cm
!cCa !..--;.-. Jo
A. llobi.i.
--'ii;,e! .
Haw. H.-M'no
as to.
M 'A .......
i ii.
!!-' .- !e,-ted was th.'lw;.a'd th;i,s
... i xo consideration.
Th-- 'ax ked, only l". cents on
di'-.floti vaiuiktion. for thr-e years,
s i:-.s:';irl. ant and will hardly be
!-. "illy l.'i cents oti s l oo Va lua-':s-:.
. cent on s.'eio. The tax on
;n a : ige s.o acres of grvU!id would
:...- Sl.tir. ea h year. In the
'.ec . T .. record were destroyed t.y
a-e. ? ad-t.' umal or of abstract -
.1 . T Sil aCfes tvou'il cost t.-u
:H!nu nt of the tax.
' "'! "able records of the i-u'ititr
, . . p-cs-red. C.iit anyone iia-
cukuiiity X hat could
of tins cotitxtv tiiac
He hired a hors- and buggy from
Brewers barn and was se-u driving
toward I 'interview. Nothitig has
Usn heard of the te;;n or uumi.
! Man s Head Tern ml :it the Neck.
j Wiikcsbtirr. . Fa., V.-b. 17. A
Moody head h'-mging from a door in
l ..e f J ienlvi in mine so frightened a
t tloor U.y yesterday that he fainti.
It was the h.-ad of John ( onko. who
' had U''U killed a few moments !efore
in a i-ctiliar manner. H-.vas riding
a a trip ot cars tiirongh the door
' w hell Ins bead e.iUght iitWeeti two
proji.-ting U-aiit and the sud len
jerk wedged iiis legs lef.veei tmilr
of the cars. He was a-tti iiiy palle-1
apart, his Ue;d being torn off at the
iieck a nil the trunk U'-ing carried on
while th head was !efr hanging to
the d-j--r. !
' i'l- l'ii hur is the t::ai- li'i-ik i t
OOTT'S F.Mf-f.SK X. : ta: .ji
SCOl l S I.Mf'I.-
t:y liiii'ii iis -.-.; " .
' a : has. e 3 o l: tn
-X' the Ot'i ;rriC-to; s j
vn ni' st car!-: i
tJXVVY ! ot 5
'i' ; .......
s': ! 1 1 . t
the Fnited States and Culm for the
future republic to settle.
The right of the Fnited States to
C, intervene at any tim for. the present
(t1 I preservation of twnce was also the
.-ubject of a strong discussion. The
questions of regulating loans and
the foreign relations developed no
opposit i ai.
Senor (Jiliergi presented a formu
lation of tli relations adopted by
the democratic- party on Friday
night, allowing the Fnited State- to
intervene wit Ii reference to ail loans
and treaties for the pr-s-rvat ion of
pencf. to keeiaJ army here if neee-
sary and to maintain naval stat ions, j
fx .jaud providing iurt iiermore that it i
j f hese cnccsi-ionsare not sat isfactorv !
that the Fnited States may draw up
others that ar-.
Senor filn-rga said that, su.-h rela-ti-ons
were advot-at-d by every prop-M-ty
holder and pk-aded with the
delegates not to U- led by political
sentiment wh-re tiie welfare of the
island is at stake. Nvot was taken
and a further liisaissi.nj win ,,.
mi Monday.
Uie of the deU'gati-s. itl the.o'jrsej 1
of an interview, said t hat t liei ori yen- ! K
i tion would never atrree to allow the I g
I Fnited States to establish and tnain- !
tain t.avai stat im.-. as the rwit!e !
1 I .... 1 - , .1 : : . . '
.out wj.oii i i i). e-sioii as utijial-
Hcroic Death of ft-year-old Boj.
K.tvenswofxl, W. Va., Feb. 17,-At
Kentucky, this county, Hobbie Raj,
six years old, was burned to death
while erfonniiig an act of LeroUtn
that would have Uen reniarkal.le lu
h man of mature years. Kobhi a
the son of HoU-rt and Ainaiidn Raj.-
llis lather was away from home an4
his mother had gone out to be rom
but a short time, leaving the boj
with his thn-e sisters, one 1, niiulW
'J and the third a baby of sis montli.
By some means the ioie took
fire. Itobbie and his l yeiir -old hwW
nucce'ded in -ctt ing I he J -year-old tot
to a place of safety. The little Imto
left t he younger ones to take, hit of
themselves and rushed into the luru
ing house to rescue the baby from it
cradle. He either U-came confuiteil
or was overcome with smokw and
was burned to death along wifhtti
infant. When the house had burned
to ashes the liltle fellow's body,
almost consumed, was found near
where the cradle stood. The baltj'n
little body was entirely consumed.
SI o w
of hair
from lack
of hair
food. The
h a i r h a s
no life.
M It is starved. It keeps
N coming out, gets
thinner and thinner,
bald spots appear,
then actual baldness.
The only pood hair fj
I t
the roots, stops
starvation, and tne
hair grows thick and
Ion?. It cures dan-
1 druff also. Keep a
; ' jr: ,: '"-'t " '"' : riotic ai.vi a j racti -al giring up of i t S bottle of it OH
::. oxttrition v.- y : ; t!.,:r in-pl.,), ,. TU- only way j dressing tabic.
!::., i.ivcr Oil. ana U:- lidted Smt-s can obtain thi right.! f. 2Jways rcc
rcstHyr-r-rc-r-hitcs. ' the debate , aid. .d l U- by in-it- ! rn1 tn f'li '
!.-';: use tr.e-y
.x-:;:!.i::t.-d thc-
ir the
ti::td Fv its
r.avc so
TH -sib!c:
mg upon th- i-orices-ioa. the re.-j.on- '
si! ility for making wl,; -h t he .:, etI-
tion doe., ij,t vvmt to tak-. 1
- to
ivv:: health
:zv.y pale,
i the lungs
th. so man v
ill fr.r free s-tsap
Counn Sues Kv-Treasurc-r.
Fi- tiuiond. Mo.. !'.-!.. :;. nit
1 as l--n hie.; in wid-h Kay c. aititv is
the j.lui-itiff aid e.-i-o'irity treur r
(2-:eeid.rry and hi.- b--',d-rr,eri ar-d-f.
;;da:.ts. io r-nvi-r 1 'J7. J7 of '
COTHity fi;r;d-said To h-a- U--t.
t jrzl-il by J- ;,otw.-;i. the
d.-fatilt ing i ashi'-r of f .- Kay '-ourity '
l;iiik. who H"-tl a .-.'.!t;tv trea--!
urer for Faptain zArry. I
color to faded or gray
hair. Mind, vc say
SI. OOa bottle. All 4ruzZ'-
I t.i-e f-,!ifjl -,r fl--r Vi'r f 1
to r. t:,e tt rm'f",' I f.ofl rr f
trie 1 for "..t b..;r. Mv l.'-r a Y4
f-t-.linx "t v. ry -:.!. I ...:y!it
I -i;,i try a "ire - A C I
--'y "-,' U pi:. ft. V hair
t' .r i..a .t: ... I.. r -.i. I . bjf
tp-J tu.-'U'.'i'T-' I i
v J. 11 a -- r. K, I
J 'r i - t . .y : . S. . 1
WrJtm Iho Coc'or.
1 f k
r .. "t
y 'i -
. J i

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