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I ' ifH 111
Financial Strength.
YOUR attention is directed to the name of
the following well-known business men
who compose our Board of Directors:
, Duvatl, Choate, McKibben, Tyler,
Wix, Galley, Bennett, Heinlein,
McBrlde, AlcKee, Klpp.
In addition to above we have a strong body of
stockholders whose standing and responsibil
ity give increased strength to the institution.
Always out. at Hunt's bunk, "i miles
due west of Appleton City. M.V2iu .
The negro Uichards, who ntpr d
the homes of Marion Pentieuff anil
John Dewey, near Adrian, securing a
small amount of money ami jewelry,
was captured near Mallard. The
stolen article were found on his per
son, and he was brought to Butler
and locked in jail.
Miss Jessie Morrison, who was con
vieted of murdering Mrs. Oliu Castle,
and sentenced to twenty-five years in
to Lansing Monday to begin serv ing
her sentence. She still has hopes
that the Supreme Court will interfere
to give her a i trial.
A young farmer at Fulton, Ivy.,
advertised for a wif and selected a
girl from Montreal, Canada, out of
the numerous responses. He agreed
to take heroiua-week'jitriaL which
was satisfactory to the girl, and at
the end of the week the young man
indicated his entire satisfaction by
marrving her. We would not advise
other young ladies H--kiir husbands
to adopt this net hod. as a rule.
To Re Held in Hutler the Last Week in
We are assured flint arrangements
are being perfected to have the 2nd
Regiment, Mo. Xat'l. Guards, in
camp in this city for ' one week the
last week in Auirust. In order to
fully assure this the citizens and
business men will b expected to ren
der some financial assistance. To
have from one thousand to twelve
hundred visitors cpcnmp"d
city for seven days, will be of benefit
to most of our business men and I ho
entire city. It will ! a gala wifk in
Butler, and our people will decorate
suitably for the occasion. Hutler
would gladly welcome the 2nd K'gi
mcnt boys and we hope they will be
enabled to mane.
JJcath of Ur Patten,
After a lonir and useful life Dr.
MathiasT. IV ten. one of the best
known and most prominent physi
ciansof this county, died at hishome,
corner of High and Mill streets, this
city. Friday at o'clock a. in. The
They might not all ha ve the $:,.(K)0 , fum,ni ,,,,.,,.,, fpoII, t,.
i i i .:. : . . : i i. ....
nanny, umcn .. ,s im ,..t. . .cu- , hmlp s.(, ur(.)v ,,;, , t ;,..,,.
lar young l.nly tuned over to her
husband after the ceremony.
Br. Pat ten was born in Fayetteville,
Teiin., Feb. Ith. lslti
Mrs. S. C. I-M wards, formerly of' At the age of 1 S I am a member
..i . i' .i . . i,f tin. -I I," i ii .,..,1 ul.,,.l,
IiQue iiriK rrrwnsnip. i ins ci iiiii i , "rlr "i"" ...m....
died of naralvs's. at the hone of her Hisparenls dead, he, at the nge.ifoi)
son J. U. Flwnrds. near Lowry City, 'if ''is ''"' broiher, removed
St. Clair count v. Ta .-sda v. -luiy Ht h. i ' Illinois, near St. Louis, where lie
' piweuscd e nne t o tate.s)count y in
lsijs, and resided here until about
four months ago, when she went to
live with hr son. She was born in
Pendl'ton county, Kentucky in
18M, and was married to S- C. Kd
wards, who preceded h-r to t he gra ve
four years ago, in lN."i;. To this
union N children were born, ." of
whom survive her. She was a me ru
ber of the church of God, and a moat
esteemed lady and had many friends
in Lone Oaktownshio. where she had
resided for so many years, who re
gretted very much to learn of her
death. The funeral services took
place at Double Branch church.
Grn. Clark Inspects Troops.
Camp Wells, Montesano Park,
July 11. Brigadier General Clark of
Butler, Mo., commander of the state
militia inspected the First Itegiment,
N. M. 0., yesterday at Camp Wells.
With his staff he arrived at Monte
sauo at 9 o'clock iu the morning.
The regiment passed in review before
him and the ceremony of guard
mount was performed in his presence.
The appearance of the St. Louis boys
was very neat and consonant with
military regulations. Thpir precision
in the guard mount ceremony at
tracted the General's especial atten
tion, and the troops participating
were highly praised by Lieutenant
Colonel Holtcamp after General Clark
had left.
Like Daisies Before the Scythe,
baby lives tare destroyed iu summer
by cholera infantum. The attack of
the disease is sudden, its progress is
sometimes terribly rapid. Mothers
who have given their children Perry
Davis Painkiller can tell how this
treatment has checked the diarrhwa
and vomiting, and put the little
patient out of danger. 2.1 and 50
secured a position in a drugstore, in
the winter attending McDowell's
medical s-hool in St. Louis. After
three winters h inpleteil liiscourse
in 1N42. and began the practice of
medicine, having practiced medicine
in Illinois and Missouri most of the
time for sixty years.
In is U Ir. Patten was married to
Mary .1. ('opeland. 12 children be
ing born to them, the 7 oldest died in
Illinois. Then to better his family's
health, in the fall of lta he came
to Missouri, arriving at Butler March
10th, lscii.
Sunday School Convention.
Walnut Grove. Sunday July 20.
10: a. m Music.
Primary work. 1st, Primary Depart
ment A. H. Culver. 2nd Teachers
in primary department Mrs. Asbury
3rd Hattie Perry and E. F. Kin
caid. Music. Sermon on S. S. work by
Rev. Sherman.
Noon Basket dinner.
2: p. m. Music.
Recitation Anna Richardson.
limitation Flora Cheuoworth.
Music. General S. S. work 1. An
Ideal S. 8.. J, S. Combs. 2-Ofticers
in 8. S., Rev. -Cowan. 3. James
Shelton. 8. S. Teachers, Rev. Sher
man 4.-S. S. Pupils, T. W. Legg,
W. W. Anderson. 5. How to keep
the young people in 8. 8., Rev. 0. E.
Vivian, Miss Josie Smith.
Music. Recitation, EffleCrow.
"Election of officers. Music.
J. W. Sheltox, pres.
Lif.c Pkkry, Sec'j.
Need More Help.
Uften the over-taxed organs of
digestion cry out for help by Dyspep
sia's pains, nausea, dizziuess, head
aches, liver complaints, bowel dis
orders. Such troubles call for
frompt use of Dr. King's New Life
ills. They are gentle, thorough
and guaranteed to cure. 2."c at H.
L. Tucker's drug store.
Just Arrived.
Full car of the Famous Columbia
Buggies direct from Factory, Hamil
ton, Ohio. We consider it the best
buggy sold in Bates county for the
money, (let one of our hiirh grade
Columbias, a set of our oak tanned
home-made harass, and you will lie
leader of st le and ipiality. Be sure
and see us. Mi Faki ash Biios.,
:i7-4t Butler, Mo.
Every nickel spend at the Atnercan
Clothing IIoi;c counts toward a
ticket for the yreat Slo.Ooo cash
prie and lo-' 1 other cash prizes.
Rich Hill Review, 11. -Uobt.Johu-son
was down from Butler this morn
ing. He came down to see his new
son who arrived yesterday. The
youngster weighs 12 pounds and he
and his mother are doing well.
There is no longer an excuse for
anyone to endure the torture iullict
ed by piles when Ta bier's Buckeye
Pile ( lint meiit will cure t hem. a reme
dy so moderate in price ami so efl'ec
tive. Price, ."0 cents in bottles
Tulies, To cents. II. L. Tin ker.
Geo. M. Tye, of Duraut, Ind. Ter.,
was a pleasant caller the last of the
week and favored us with a renewal.
He is in the county visiting relatives
and old friends. Mr. Te was a
prominent citizen of this county for
severalyears.aud his old friends were
mighty glad to see him.
Your Interest to Trade With us.
We claim to jjivo tho I ost values of any Moiv iu Hates rounty. It will cit ymi
nothing to investigate the matter. Come iu u:;l let us SllOW Y()l.
Our old friend W. S. lc Bolt sends
his annual renewnl from Altona,
Kansas. II" writes that crops were
almost a total failure last year, but
are irood now. They are having too
much rain. Thousands of acres of
wheat not cut yet. He says helms
.'!."i acres of wheat, and has I n trv-
ihiTtocut it for four weeks and half
"LiLJemiiiiis ManJW.-w;i.UT.4ic4ng
over part of t he ground.
At th county Sunday School con
vention held in Adrian Wednesday
and Thursday of last week, t he fol
lowing otlieers were elected for the
ensuing year: .I.E. Howell, Adrian,
president; Mjs Blanche Rhodes, Rich
Hill. vice-prcident: Prof. A. L. Ives,
Adrian, corr"spoiidinir secretary:
Mis Maud Thompson. Adrian, rec
ordingsecretary: o. A. I leinlein, I tut -lerlreus
Foster, siipt. primary department.
The Slate Vmn il School at War
reiiflnirLr. Mn , h id an enrollment of
i .2' to students during i he year. The
summer school is the l.irg'-.st in the
west 111! tc.i 'hei'S b'ilig now in at
tendance. The second term of the
summer school opens .Inly 21. The
regulars'-ssiou b-gins S yt.'.i. 'ar
reiisburg. been 'is- ,,f I he famous I'er
tleand Electric Sprimrs. is a much
frequented ' S'llutu'T retreat. For
catalogue, address.
'17 2rn Statk Notni i. S
When you want any kind of black
smithing done, ir will pay you to call
on us. We do all kin Is of repairing ,
horse-shoeing, plow work, and in fact
anything in the line of a firt-clas
blacksmith We do our work as
good as the besr. ami as cheap as
the cheapest. J A( 'i BS Jt S( )NS,
Pyle's old stand.
37-1 m Southwest Corner Siiuare
To Itself
In what It is and what it does con
taining the best blood-purifying,
alterative and tonic substances and
effecting the most radical and per
manent cures of all humors and all
eruptions, relieving weak, tired,
languid feelings, and building up
the whole system is true only of
Hood's Sarsaparilla
No other medicine acta like it;
no other medicine has done so
much real, substantial good, do
other medicine has restored health
and strength at so little cost.
"I ih troubled with scrofula ud ram
Mar loslof mr reiiiht For fonr nanthi I
eould not to do urthlnr. Aftor Uklnt
two bottlti of Hood's SanapwDU I eoaM too
to walk, and when I bad takaa lht bottloa I
could at welt as var." Ecsn A. Haim
on. Wither. N. C
Hood' Saraaparllta prmltM to
cure and keepe the promise.
(i loves.
Heavy working irl.ivcs -.er pair lo,-
A lug variety at 2.'!"
All ."0 cent s ives at .'i'.lc
All 7"i cent irlov -s at In-
All sl.oii gloves at usejind 7:te
These gloves are 1 i i-- t from the manufactory
and are positively sohl at wholesale prici s.
Mens hat it s . I s wort It
Mens hats at 7'! ort h
Shirt Waists.
Ladies 7."c ntnl Sl.no shirt waists, w' lle t'.ev
last all uo ut
25 cents.
Mens hats at
Mens hats at
Mens hats at
Boys hats ,:t
BoVs hats at
Boys hats at
lis worth
l.l-'l worth
1 IV i ll'l ii
2-'l biiT values
I'! worth
is worth
1 .on
1 2".
2. ' 11 1
:', oi i
New straw, satin and leather, a sampV line, at
.' eai'll.
A lot of leather bells Worth ."IV at l'.lc each.
An endless variety in men' and lakes' at a
saving to you of at least 2-" per cent.
Mnlin I'mlerweai'.
I o:-et i-oVi'l's. good ones, for 1 "c t h" i lc Ali.d
it 2o" .ind 7"c iita!ity at .",.
"1 2." irmvt.siit s7c, the si. ."el kind at .
I. idles' muslin pant I'.ie w-trth -'". s 1 ,rt ;r. m
lc up.
Mens work shirts s ,2"i worth
Mens work shifts ' wort h
Mens neclig-e shirts 4" worth
Mens neglige.' shirts s.'t aiel '.in- wort h
Mi'iis f ite-v ballirigg in underwear .2-1 worth
Mens silk strii'e tine rib I ' worth
Menx fast black extra tpial. Is worth
M'Mis pure E' plian. tine, IS worth
Overalls and runts. -
IV'st spool cotton lc per spool.
ilocl iiiac'nii,e thread 2 -p"o f,.r. "i -
1 1 I Vard spool silk tic per -pool,
S;!ko or a': I silk - per spool.
'Pal iK-ts nil. ! Stationery.
A sample line of laMets mid box pa;--r at !
than '.j, t!,e regular selling price
Il'.ittdiis. Safety 1'iiK a:i. Seal! N
:t worth ''i'k
7'J Wol'tll 1.1 "I
.", a in h u'i
Best Imperial overall
Pantaloon overall
Best iuaipcr or j n ki'N
Full seamless wor: It -
Fast hla.-k full seamless tine for 2
Full seumle-s fancy half hose, extra '! for '-'
All -ilk shield bows ' 7wot'i! S 2
'IV.-k scarf- 7 wort h 1
N'ce line of Windsor t ics ea.-ii
Nobby I iii hat;.'- 2o vv.irth !
Fiii"-iUliik- l4;.JiineU -v-c h 7
All siv
I .men c ' i i :
Superior .pia'.ity pear! buttons I- . , r ei,
Agate shirt ic.ii.h,- 1 2 d' ;:.:;. f. ! .
Ii I pillS lc perirper.
Black pins 2e per box.
Safety pins 2c ; er doen.
1 ! l-f Suijl'ilfi'l's.
i 'hi! lren's liose - upporter- T ; i i . "
l.adi- s' hoe supporters !'c per pair.
I.adic-' belt hose supporters 1 .
I'ai-nl- an l I 'mlirt lla-.
1! para-. I- at .-ss than .-,.!.
A big I rive in 1'lella- with io-- !a. .. . :! -. -T.rels
"a ud ' over at "-.'.r h II;;.
! kill .1 M-r ' o:.al s
Lailies" ami (.'liil'!ren"
(tin els.
'a wort ii 12
lo wort:: 1
2' 1 won . 2
I ( i la ware an-l ( 'liina.
A a- - ; r I in .-hit. a ia
'.ie t 'o ..iter ;, on barn' a.;.- i ! .at :
u i .in i.-r
Klirilivl)i:iir Fan. y .-up-and .ai;cers. .,!.. piutes,
i.u'ter j.iates. sniid In wis, miistar.i ;
Ladies full se unless !, ,.se 2 r 1 Jo,- jiiaatv
i .1. . j..ii : v.... -... t...,- ,...'n.i
I .a 1 ics i a ii . . 1 1 1 1 1 - yi . ,
Ladies full scatalc ho
! pr -J..-.
!.- a pair.
leg value
one of ti
ChiMreiis fa-t b'ack hose
Al ipiality ;i pair for 2".c
The American L i !y brand the best shapesand
best titling corset - made.
2oc tut lit v for I'.ie
otic and Hoc grades for lac.
JlSe buys the liest models eiplal to ai.V .1.2."
goods. We have ilieni in long, medium or short
waists, girdles, etc. Buy the best. The Amkiii-
Ladies FaLrie (i loves.
An imported line of samples, all the new shade-,
lit less than wholesale prices. -v
:t.ic gloves tiTTfic, lace, lisle.aiid silk, all the new
shndes and all at wholesale prices.
ets. fa in-v gias.-ware A .
f i Hue a nd v. i.i.t a bargain y-ci a i f-a- !
'A i;at o.o you ri.iiik .f a
56 piece dinner set for
Tinware Taraiyers.
H.-piart ovcrcl l.U' ic-ts .".c . :,.
1 ."Tl i" a r rTTTps ci 'e.i. h '
Nii kle plait . I tea pots 2"c each.
N;, kle plated cnUec pots 2.c . a !:.
Ni. kle plated lei! kl t tie .".tic each
lo.piart galvani'.cd pails l'cea.h.
I2ipiart galvanized pails l'.v..,,.i
lo .piart heavy I tin pail- I He each
12iiart heavy I tin pails l'.icea. !i
Wood chopping bowls r.c each
Large covered lunch baskets ." each
Perforated chair seats each
F.vervthing in tinware at the same low pri
This is only a partial list of the many things we carry in stock.
West Point Appointments.
Daniel II Goodman, of Clinton,
and Win (. Wallace, of Warrens
burg, were the Hiiwessful contestants
in the West Point examinations held
here lant week, and on Monday re
ceived their appointment frotnCon-
grenmanneArmond. Goodman goes
as cadet and Wallace as alternate.
If a Man Lie to You,
Ami miy some other sake, oint
ment, lotion, oil or alleged healer is
as ji-ood as Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
tn him thirtv yoars of marvelous
cures of piles, burns, boils, corns,
felons, uli-ers, cuts, scams, urwwn
and skin eruptions prove it's the best
a nil cheapest. 25c ut H. h. Tucker s
drug store.
Buv notes and good securities, see
Lynch Vt!
Wantkh At once men or women
in the county of Bates and others, I
as agents or proprietors of an arti- j
cle of great utility, used in every j
household and sells at sight. For j
particulars address,
Em merich & Friesx,
il7-2t . Salisbury, Mo.
Then the baby is most like-
frvifiil. and "
doesn't gain in weight.
Scott's Emulsion
is the best food and medicine
far teething babies. They
sal:i from the start. j
J 'Mill let a ftCf Mlt'plc. I
KiT.TT & l OWST, ClitmiMa. :
si f.tttl. Xi-wYork. r.
i f : o-: i.U dnt(;cit. fi
A strong projtres
'slve bank yields
a powerful influ
ence in the busi
ness affairs of a
community. Its
gratitude to know
that the aims
and efforts o f
our officers are so
generously under
stood and so thor
oughly appreciated.

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