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The Butler weekly times. (Butler, Mo.) 1881-1918, September 25, 1902, Image 1

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lew Goods al McKibbens. i
Stylishly mule, perfect ft t tiri jr. good liuings. etc.
Em-h Clonk guaranteed to be satisfactory at
00. 7."i(), U) (Id, ln.lKI, -.'O.Od.
New Dress Goods,
All the uewst things ia Muck niul colon
Tht Uf v mixtures, Zebi-lencs and tailorcloth mid
(lit- iM'Ht things itt skirtings,
fide, 7.V, USe, $1.0(1, l.ir., l.r.O, 2.00, yurd
New Waisting,
The very latent designs in wnistings, corded,
plum, ('inc,v (t rijvei, figured velvet, printed
velvets, corded velvets, eto..
J.". .:!!( , .".Me, 7 1.00 .yuril,
New Vloeced (ioods.
A large line of stylet mil colors the prettiest er yet
shuivn. t'ulors lioml to wash ami quite iiiexjiensiw.
IV. 1' . V v.
New Outings
Almost all the styles made in these stripes, checks,
plaidsplain colors and tpiulities hetter than ever
at Me, lie, 7V'-. SJ'
New Topsy Hosiery
W'e are ex 'hiive agents for this celebrated brand of
Hosiery. Should anyone ds- show you Topav
Hosiery you may know tle-y were purchased in a
round about way and we consider it a high coinpli-im-nt
to this line.
Ladies Fleeced or plain t-V HTn; .'I.V and ."oc.
Misses Fleeeeil or plain 10c, l.V, UK', '2."nv.'l."ie.
Ladies woolen l'Oi:, 'J.V, .'trie, ."inc.
lioys hose l.V, lite, '27v.
M n's socks hiu, IV. :J.V.
New Underwear
Ladies l.V, 2d. '2:i 2-V. .':.. 4:u, ."Oe. ".V, ?l.n
1.2.". 1. ."(), 2.00.
Misses .V, ., He, !)e, l(c, 12e, l.V, 18o.
Hoys 20.;, 2."", 3lK 5o, 40 ode.
Mens 2.V. 3!le, ".Oe, 7.V, 1 00, $1.2.", 1 oO, !1 7.".
Special heavy ft.'eei'il 75i: suit.
New Shoes
All the new leathers mid styli-h cuts $l.."o, 1.7.".
2.."iO, .:j.0H, 'l.'"(l. We gu iriinteeeiieh pair. Our
Men's Victor shoe at r0 is a lieauty and the best
vulue in thiscoun ry. Ask to see t.heni.
New Notions.
Our notion stock is complete with all the new fads
and every day not ions and our prices are worthy
your attention Special new kid lined belts 2oc,
Come and see us. Lowest priced house for good
left US Nit-
$":l 00. No tetter drills on the
We hive just gotten it two cars.
1,1100 sacks of old wheat Hour and
this may be the last old wheat flour,
we will be able to get. We bought
this Hour cheap and will sell game
way. Now is your time to lay iu 500
to 1,000 lbs, while you can gst this
good flonr for your winter's use, as
you are all aware that ALL NEW
wheat this year is damaged and
musty. Everything iu our line will
go at big reduction in price 1o reduce
our stock for cash. Yours Truly,
Cut prices! Cut prices! !
Cut prices! ! I '
We have an exceptionally large
stock on hands, and need money
worse than we do goods, and from
this day on will make prices for cash
that will make them go. Now if you
have THE CASH, or can get it, you
at a BARGAIN. Groceries, hard
ware, queeusware, stoves, pumps,
Implements, wagons, buggies and
ferriages. We want to convert half
our stock into cash, and we know the
right kind of price will do It.
Will sell you a Bin wHgon for
. 63.00.
Will sell you a No. 1 buggy, with
second growth' hickory wheels, deep
buff leather trimmed, dust proof
spindles, roller rubber irons, Bailey
body loop, 12 inch rear fifth wheel.
Nothing better in Bntler escept a
Bayers & Seovill for $55.00. Will A deputy United States marshal
sell you the best 12 inch walking (came down Tuesday to serve notice
on tlk couuty clerk to attend the
The Socialists of Bates county held
a convention iu Butler on Saturday
and nominated the following ticket:
Representative, Dan MeCounell;
county clerk, Da vid Walker; circuit
clerk. C L. Phifer; sheriff, Ueo Good
win; presiding judge, J. W. Roatrand;
associate, 0. A. McCoy and C. H.
Williams; probate judge. X. T.
Phillip; treasurer, Aaron Thomas.
Passaic Brcecs.
This part of lWt-s was visited by
u gentle lain Sunday and Monday,
which seems lo us would put a tinisii
on unlet ali the ui.t l.rt-shcd grain.
lion J.N.Sharp was over Mon
day an. i reported I'ucle .evis aseon-vnit-fi
ciil an I not us b.mly ued ut
'ruin his 3' Moot fall out of that rag
wi til ni. was at. ILxt thought.
.Mr. .Ua.l.iy is running a nine mill
and uili m.ikeyou goodold Missouri
Oil il von lake l.ini good can
Thos. Zi:uiu-r and wife
uroiiy uiht lor Ills., where they will
M ik.' their inture b ene. Mr. ,. ex
pei'Is to wo k nt jew trade. Hi st
wifIic ol die inu'.c ciaiituunity lol-
loAS till-Ill
C M. Ki-rrsold hie 2lo acte farm
to iin Iowa tuati u.'u'ilav last week
Oh. YatcS litis (.'oh., out of the hog
luisiiie.os, as he si. Id tin' htr-lonclo
New wagon boxes. MH-iii to be the
order of tin-day. ( ul .-'.ire makes
tin-in nl! rigiit.
I t:cle lliuceliadoliii went to Adn.in
:iet ve'k to ih work on the mi l
there, lie report it in tine shape for
business, mid says it is iu no oi e's
Charley (inrrisou sold his line farm
nort h of here, last week In our eye
he had a model farm.
Mr. Yates, who bus lived at the
south part of the round mound ba
se vera I years, has lioiiu'lit n small
farm adjoining Mt. (inve church, on
the east.
Mr. Ilovey viiil DiovM to the place
now liceupieii by .Mr. V.ites.
Harvey Kennedy and family came
in froai Klkhart to tell liis brother
in law Tom .imiuernnd wif uoodby.
Charley Kerr hod a brother from
near Independence, visit him. who
came with dog atnl gun for a hunt,
but too much rain.
E. N. Hosier had Cal repair hiseart
a i el is no iv ready to drive his step
pers .Mrs. U. V. William had a sale one
day last week, tuid will leave ere long
with her family f r ashtturton, th
far west, win-re they will reside. All
wish them abundant sin-cekx. health
and wealth.
A couple of rough riders, Messrs.
L-ttspeieii hikI Fil-in, rode down Hrv-
an av-tiUe Monda evening. "To us
look- d as though wanted to thresh "
durtnetid Mr M.-Honnld. of E!lo
rado, was here Monday night on his
regular run.
The Mines Wilcox and Conkliu, at
tending school at Butler, were out
horn j over Sunday.
Waller Davis failed to get to his
school .Monday on account of rain.
Oscar Siinms is helping .f. W. Pack
er in the store.
Walter Mosjer's wife and children
arehere from Kansas visiting home
folks. Look for Walter later.
The People's Grain Co., of Butler,
are talking of hranchini; out. Pat.
Fortune Favors a Texan
"Having distressing pains iu head,
back and stomnck, and being with
out appetite. ! began to use It.
King's New Life Pills." writes Y. P.
Whitehead, of Keiinedale.Tex . 'and
soon felt hke a new man." Infallible
in stomach and liver troubles. ( Inly
2"c nt II. L. Tucker's drug store.
Spruce Items.
Miss Emilia Lair, who has been im
proving, is again very low.
Mrs. Fuller Snod"russ has been
quite sick for several days past.
Mrs. Wiu. Jackson, who has been
dangerously sick for some time, is re
ported bi tier.
H Oliver and Andy Stephenson are
going to fence their feed lot with wire
Mrs. Laura Stephenson is reported
quite sick at this writing.
Jas. Xickell was the guest of I. M.
Krctzinger Monday
Misses Pearl and Ethel Dickerson
are attending 1 he academy at Appl
ton City this winter.
It is reported that Prof. John Pre
witt will furnish music for the Pell
telephone line.
Andy Stephenson purchased a tine
bunch of hhoats from Squire Hall one
day last week.
Sir Schnchtnan, of Appleton City,
bought a nuinlier of cattle in this
vicinity last week. Fhoxtz.
Old Settlers Meetinc.
The old settlers of Pates count v.
'will meet at their new court house in
Butler on Wednesday. Oetoln-r 1st,
1!io2.nnd have a reunion ami grand,
good social time, politics will In
tabooed for the occasion. An inter
estinir proirram will lie prepared bv
the proM-r committee Everyone i-
eligible to nietnlierMiip who has been
a resident of the county for 2-" y ars.
The following list of prizes have
lieen offered:
1. To the white mini present who
has resided in Bates county for long
est period, A 1 1 at.
2. To the white woman present
who has resided in Ba eountv for
longest period. A Dkkss Pvn r.it
.'! To I he oldest man in Bates
count v, A ItiH MM! t HAiii
1. To the oldest womatiinBat.es
count , A PlIKss PlTI'l ttN
To the tlrst white male child
present burn in B ites count v.
A I AltVIXti NT.
i. Tothctirs- white female chil l
present liiTtlilt li:t. s eount ,
7. To the tirst i pie miirried ill
Bates county present and liviiu: to
gether. Two l!oi KIN. ClI.UHS.
x. To the tlr-t white m ile child
born in I'atcs coil' I V -ilice he el.ise
of the war of tie- eli -l!ioii ami who
has resided ia Bates .-.-lnstv conttnu
ously sinctbirth, A II at.
0. Tothefirst' white female child
born in Bates eouii'y since the close
of the Beliellioti and who lias resided
in Bats county continuously since
birth. ' V Ditcss Pat'itiiv.
10. To the oldest mall present
who served as a soldier in the Feder
al Army during the war of the Rebel
lion. A II AT.
11. To the oldest man present
wttt served as a soldier in the Con
derate Arm v during the war of the
liebellii n. A H it.
12. To the oldest colored man
present, an actual resident of Bates
county, born a slave.
1 S k k or Fun u.
13. To the oldest colored woman
jiresetit an actual resilient, oi Hates
eon ti I v , in an a shim-.
A litt:ss Pattkhx.
Si'ki iai. wv i in: Association.
14. To any reputable whiteeoiiple
of Bates counT v, present and desiring
tube united in the Holy Bonds of
Wedlock, marriagelii-ense. Minister's
service, and an elegant marriage cer
tilicate will be furnished free.
plow for $9.00, 14 inch for $10 f(.
' . wood beam tongueless cultivator
-- Kingman Commodore 1H inch
ySulky plow f 28 00.
i The Diamond Sulky 16 Inch plow
i' $30.00. .
1 The Improved Eagje Sulky 1J5 inch
y r' plow $35.00. Above prices for spot
. eosb.
f Also S-hoe superior rraln drill f42.
jpo.'- -.1. -
Alao 10-Disc superior gzalo drill
the United States court on Nov. 3,
1902 and show cause why judgment
si ould not be rendered against the
county for 1344,079.30, bonds held
by John B. Heuderson, Jr. Of this
iinoiint 1169,528.88 bears inter-st
nl the rate of 10 per cent and f 174,
oo0.4G bears 6 per cent. The object
of the summons and suit is to keep
alive a judgment rendered against
the county on May 17, 1895. Osce
ola Democrat.'
Loans on 1st and 2ml mortgage
on country or town property. G 1.
Lynch, over Mo. Stute Bank. 3.1-tf
A Boy's Wild Rid For Life.
With his family around Lint ex
ertitig him to die, and a sou riding
for hie. in miles, to get Dr. King s
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds, W. H. Brown, of
Leeeville, Ind., endured death s ago
nies from asthma, but this wonderful
medic-tie gave instant relief aud soon
and soon cured hini. He writes: " I
uow sleep sound y every night." Like
marvelous cures of cousumptiorf,
pneumonia, bronchitis, coughs, colds
and grip prove it matchless merit
for all throat and lung trubles. Guar
anteed bottles 50c and fl. Trial
bottles free at H. L. . Tucker's drug
"Wo iiiv ivuily to show sou t lie uTriitot m-m timi of stil
stantia! ii;i'rth:!M(list vwr shown tunK-r uiir ui.ui.iiiiu'ii ii
this city. Wp havf sp:uvl no tinif in Mrurin tin- la-s( ami
nnt i'i'li;ilU' ii!iTfhaiitiit ami novi-i Ik fori ltir::tr our histo
ry have wo oflVrrd ns octal vjiIir-h as wo :w ulli titii' thi
season. We tlimfniv aK yim not to niaKi- anv IVI1 jmr
chaste until you iia t- iilt l t-ur inaiiuuotl: stoiv a it ui;:
ho to your inti'ivst to so.
Kvcry tU'p.'irtnu'iit is oonuili ti' iui'1 our prices ;W n-iiuhlt
nu'ivhauiliM- are nioileratc. ,
Not Doomed for Life.
"I was t rented for three years by
good doctors." writes W. A. Greer
McConnellsVille, o . "for piles and
fistula, but. when nil failed, Bucklen's
Arnica Salve cured me intwoweeks."
Cures burns, bruises, cuts, corns,
sores, eruptions, salt rheum, piles or
no pay. 2."c at 11. L Tucker's drug
Gentlemen, do you chew? If so, we
will offer you the lowest price ever
made on -tobacco iu Butler We have
purchased a nice lot of liorse shoe
tobacco right from the manufactur
ers, curling out the middle man's
profit and giving it toourctistouiers,
who are i-o liberally patronizing us.
Horse Shoe tobacco worth 4."c to
oOi: a lb for 3lc lb, less than compe
tition can buy it from traveling sales
men. Old fashioned long green home
spuu worth 45c lb for 4c per twist.
Any Tic cigar for 3e.
Any rc package chewing gum 3c.
The above prices are foroneday only
Saturday Sept. 27, 19U2.
But don't forget that we sell cheap
for cash every day in the week. For
instance, Prii-e's 0 oz bilking powder
20c. Ruby flour Goc per sack, $ 1.2.1
K-ri w t. M i,i fliMer the best -hard
wheat fi itir !I-V per sat k.
Don't buy clu-ap packuge coffee
We will sell you a good bulk coffee
for 10c tb. try it.
We can show you more meat and
H iur than any two stores in Butler,
and kept cleau and fresh. We tuFu
out wagon loads of the famous White
Loaf flour every day. Come Satur
day or 'any other day, and if we are
too busy to wait on you at once,
Don't, OhTplease, don't do like the
poor little girl who came in the
rush last Saturday and actually cried
because we could not wait on her
until her turn came. Ginger snapsJ
3c per dozeu or 2 lbs for ire. We
trade for mest any old thing except
old clothes and bad debts.
In our lry j;ooU department we
complete line of Dress (iuods rauin.ir
5iV per yard ; nil t)!et and rolois.
in price
!iiu :.i
tin 's'
11 l VclA illl
hi spollVi!
sIlMllk nl1 spot.
all w.hiI and os-
ol'l Vol! IIKIKC
Our woolciis for skiifs, dresses and suit
a oinalile color I'loni IS tti til) inches in width.
and shrunk, positively yarn dyed, will not sin
. l. i- i r . . ,i I- i .
mey conic tjircci irni inc inanuiuciurcrs
pcciallv made for us. (.'all and sec them
any purchase.
We show the greatest variety of Outing Flannel suita
ble for skirts, dresses and o-owns, the pattcitis ;nv positively
etpial to dresis styles, the best material is used in these oo,,ds.
warranted pum dves ami will cost no more than the ordinary
outing you em-rally find, we kindly ask you to cali and set
these styles as you will not find any like them elsewhere.
We show a complete line of black and colon d silks,
taffeta and peau da Mie from 22 to !M5 inches in width bought,
direct and our prices are moderate.
Complete line of table linens, fancy and plain, halt
to SI .."in
I h.u't
!icu ile-
bleached and bleached, ratiinr in prico from ''."
per yard, with napkins to match the better oods.
pass this department.
A full line of dress o-'mhanis and cheviots, iii
sijLiis, very pretty, at our usual puptflar prues.
A givut variety of cotton and wool blankets.
und white, ranging in price from o(c to ."?1( per pair.
We have on exhibition the largest and most complete
line of ladies, misses and children wraps ever smm u before.
In all the most popular lengths and colors, all styles and up
to date, made according to our own directions, lined with
the 'beet of silks and sati:iH, colors of lining to inau h every
garment, the styles beyond tpiestion.
like them elsewhere as our tj les are excluesive and especially
made for us. Prices very popular. lie. sure ami visit our
cloak department.
A complete line of ladies, misses and children under
wear, hosiery, gloves and knit waists at our usual popular
Mens, youths, boys and children suits and overcoat.
Mens underwear, the celebrated shield front undershirt.
Gloves, hats and caps. tWe kindly ask you to visit our
clothing department if in need of anything iu that line.
Never before has our shoe department been as complete
as it is this season. We handle only the best and most pop
ular makes of foot wear. It i our aim to sell the best shoe
possible and at popular prices only. We have studied this
line for years which has proven cto us that the best class of
footwear at popular prices is the cheapest to buy. We only
wish you to call and permit us to show you the facts that
we claim for this department.
We phpw a complete line of rubber footwear and felt
Goods ; best makeu only.
.. "jri" ;
" -V - '

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