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The Butler weekly times. (Butler, Mo.) 1881-1918, September 25, 1902, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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UN i '". 'r..;'rit:jr- -
The Republicans Hiv no longer in-
vali.lntintr the h Lool certificates, as
Tt.- .:Iy po-sit'h danger hiih
threaten . IH:jocrati ticket in
B-it-i-iHi:iu i over ' I'l.miwii iinu
I they turtetl out to do under the t.on,,B,.fit ":,jtK-. 1 hi is always
lleadership of the t;io!-ivmo-m. : a,,,,, ,4 .-Mki n a majority
Tt.ut fnnnd Tnt it n ttmk;':;.' ,l;trTt ,Ty-wt,l -rxffirt:
pie ' T:m. iublUned vry
:..irtia. mW. Se tent to ny aV.rea
vfr", ioiCf "ati!, fi I."Q.
IM:M(M 1? M il' Ml MX
4 4 ...l-tlt -
- I
,-JOllN A. KSOI'T,
I I v IM AttKISt.!:
.-..-I .AoN !' t"l(.l-."i,
.i l. 1".
,.,r..r i, a ! u:m..m.
r-U ur. .i . I'U'klWN
. H.p i mm I I- "Alil-Hl.
-,v,.-..mim l.rk -M.IIN r llr.KKM.I..
. rl--r t . ik J- V I'MUKSON.
.. ;, uM- 1. K. I.ISI.K.
,.-, r i'-l. I -ill I'll.
it,, ..... .!:.- -O.MIN A. KK.
. .rr..-,., ..-,, All r..- A. It. U PMC K.
: It.n-ur -r . r Jolts-OS.
inrrr-.uucl -J. W. M.KM.l'KN.
I r K..t-.ii.'U-.WI'l,it-'-A4,":M K'
. ,r v. .-il'""-' ' M AK II.
, ',',,.,. .,i I I..' I - Ur.MlK.
i,.f ri.ii,M,l,is. mid changed its at-; owe I "nry is to exercise the
. 1 1 ,..?;:.- . J vrmrK take enough la
titude.- Chairman Akms na union . , -
instead a mare's nest in the'Deno
era tie pln'foriu. .which
county is equivalent
t.-rv-r m tf n.i.rs oi ninrmfimi
ti,.. i..." ri'.l Vote vour sentiment.
States that. ' - the Democratic
.... ;...r t.i I m nou-otuil le liaiure oi
; t .i.
- i ; e.r .
bonds, ilui.er win nlvay prowut ol . . M ,
I.s Mr. Akin !iu'- P a law ' . .....
im8Ml by tin' tieneral AswiiiMv of !, , j jfji; (',tn tht Ktimllest J
IsTji. whieh i.rovi-.Hl that allbi'inNl. -k .... . ;.. .rtiiiit ottiiv the
JrjT vrv raiitii'late
:-:!'!: t. Ml JUiriv im ii
hehl I'V the state treasurer f.rtl,e
.,( t'm ui'IiimiI uii'l se'i in irv
lit'll -ii v. . .
fuini!, shoulil hav.i the f ietn of sivh
ownership written or taniiil hop.
td.. I'm.-., nf eae h. I Imt luct. Meuie
,,;,, i..,iiir to Ins party a well j
as t i Li:t!'.J 'o p-it fort!i bis most,
ntPi.u .tistff-.rts for the whole tlk-J
er. II- ...;!! btl.. l uin easinnlv mi-
Largest Stock, Greatest Variety, Handsomest
EacKSuit Ihi-Eest ThatCan be Bouaht For the Price.
Three Lines"that Merit Special Attention
vnJlTUO QTVI 1511 SUITS 5.
Hie inn -" itiltl.ei. "'J ii:rj-'ir- -
sliow.l t!mt the Htute otlt.vrs lI"',j-kV T!.-; rty bus a rijht to ami
tneiulHTx of the lepslatureapprei iat-i .t ,,u ,,f t.y,.Ty eamlidate.
. .1... ..Ft ' i -
Oil the exisienee "i u r....... v.. - .;,.!..
,lan-T.t thetin.e and this law w.,s I i.enttirj-:e oi u.u,,,, - ,
Ul- K U-y measure. 1
to whether or not the Hetnoerune .imt-"- -
Ut,,i. n , f republic p,atforn,.neti 1 the evisten,. of .
...1(,r,..t Marshalltown, Iowa. Fri- t,mtlaw is a .natter of t.o i.npor- remedy, tle.1,1 u hM
it v . r. Albrook was nominatHl tllee, as it was never considered to
i c.Lur ... ..i.,.a the prut tanft. Yalmntlj h nt
r ,(,.,vss ... s,e.-.. ..r..- . iui .......... .t..JM :ftT llepuliUYan party
,,,.,,,.,,,, w.umrew irou.u.e , . re.ua.u, ". . . . , . ftn Ilf(llp
. i i . - i . . . i !.- j -v . i 1 1 v r niiruii i'
the Kenun eaus rnarneu un- t-.m..- .
1 .,..... 1 1 t;frif? s'!;el'ile. U i true that it
mil if punv " .o 1 , " - . tn. it JlW d, jf PU,h were
funds and have wholly failed to sul. d "t. i m. t
stantiate their chr and stiuid
I state HUH (I lilt? uueu omirn c - . .. ii 4
. . ..... ...... -ii.. i shaw.hosaTs.in,fKHtnndHlmoHt
Isalluerers, luuun i iiui"- .... - - ... ..
. , . v... ., in word -1 H.nfess that many of
.,utinc jutk otmi.t to imodi
The teli.,n,pl, report cnoier, name o. one o. . ,ul if w, ,houM oeeed in
;!;w,-.r kr..--lkrrt.1 :rj-l
,;,T, with a dealt, ..hi . putmeans noinu.n.e,. ; -i ,d, Andifwe
S,e the .on,,ne,uv,rtcrt two men w o were r .- u,,U8t pelietlnltV
lelllir III V l.i to tile present " HP Cpsmiure unit vuinn .... "... ., , tnn.l.h
1,1111 '. . i 4 i..tn, it U-neti-iari. threaten totunil.lt
'here have tieen .i".'.;-!! easi-s i.onus lino sriioui niuu -- ,. l,(111t ...ir
-i.7: . aths. and the record sho, that both J - hoV -
; r7 , .. ...i then, advocated and voted for that ear.
Col. V. K.Switzler will tie welcomed ' flUlU .j,,;n nnulinp at tins time.'
l.v-the Missouri press on hi return men sure. cmy of the lt-publican
to editorial work on hi old paper, : ,.... party ever amW it of lieinr more
t he Columbia St.ntesn.an. Col.Switz- CHANGE BY IMMIGRATION. MtAy aj bi.lessly bound to
l. r is rei.orted to tie years oi up-, t
tuit he is still bale and hearty.
Marie llennctM. ueu of Helium
!ied suddenly at Spa. Helgiuni, Ui-
, , i s it'etoek. She was
seeted ut a table ea1it a liji'ht din-nt-r
when she was seized with an at-
, of svneop
Trust Magnate Declares
Against Roosevelt's
Come in and make yourself
comfortable 013 Settlers Day
we have provided f pace for
wraps and lunch hasketi
lie Clothier.
r A
Tm-: Timks has civen no serious th trusts who are the benehViaries
thomrht to the talk linir induced referred to l v Mr. Shaw, than doe
... h-m vi-it to i be iubvthe reiMiblicirli i.apers and poli- Mr. Shaw himself. 1 it not time
I resi'ieiib mium-n-nn . ..... I . , , . . . 11
.- ... .. i. . I ..o ,,f ..Vini.iri. ,r t in. iinlitii-iil I'oiii. I j...,,tI ii khiiiilil tie ilone: ii
W est. bet'iniiinr immenui.i.ei, nun i !- r i r-
.. . . - .! .. ' ... ..lovt.n .if ltiu r-iilitilv bv llllllliLTIl-1 tl.r nn ..TrfiliL' elloUirll BOW tO tr
the liolltleal Sl'IlsaUOIl OI r- - -
llen'ler.u s wiilulmwul from the t ion. lu the lirst place they thereby roriw. ,t,e l'.epubncan party out of
. , :.. ,. Ti.ird I,vii admit their inability toiireuenturood .loiturwlat it knows and eonfessesto
i i iniiressioiiui I ui r in i i't i . ,
i,i ,. I. ,ore timelv. and sutli. ieiit reasons for a chauv'p be its du'y when will they be weaker
" . . . ..... ......... . .i
The people i
the riVMiJetit iIlsi'UH me issin- m . .
ariff rovisiot! which ha frightened manau'enient ami control oi auairsis kllw that tte tar:n ougm m w .r
.. uii ii.. i...rv..nii.ll.t mill tlieir niilv tione 1 ;...l l.nt jire afraid to do SO.
Mr Henderson irom me n.-i" i"Ti'f""""i
lies in help from the outside. In the what a sjtiuV for the American
pUllllt.'. 1 I . .
Iset'OIlU l.llice ll lias uiru vjiii tj.ri .u i itfui'ie.
.. . ..?... i. .1. r i - 1
III 1IWH IT ii..-.- - ,- i - I- - - C .1 I
,fthe West hope to hear to the iiitellint voters nt the cmin- than no? The position of the ad
discus the issue of ty. They admit the Demoer.ivie riuia-rration i simpi im
- IITCll'llU J'luv aw
Atkesou's . liepublican arguments tj0 tnut u,eI1 K'lliiiL' out and sek-
...til . .
mast sound verv funny to those old
-Utie- Uemiblielilin who have kliowndlk
idiosyncrasies for the past twenty
years. Heretofore he ha leen some
what consistent in his political atfll
'dntions. but now. without any con
fession of faith or external evidences
of a eliunjie nf lieart, lie belies the
act and tend inis of his whole life
by ailviicatinif liepublican principles.
Surely no self-resf.ectinpr voter who
has heretofore attilliated with t tie
populists from principle, will allow
liimself iidluenced by this political
uerobtit, who can turn a suniersault
and is at home in any party in which
be may chance to light.
new locat i. .n. amonir ot her con- Col. Rul-ert E. an Horn, o Kan
lolls, IOuK lo tlieir relliiious ' " . i.i:.a i tt,a
and political nfhlmtions and nssocia- ,1, j,, introduction
tions. Hemocrats leaving liepubli- n tn people of Missouri. ;St. Louis
..mi I.iwnnr.i! Illinois natura II v stop i:i.t I vnus rax.
:.. 1. MiM...if ; IN.iinliii. 1 V.-.n i of ). don't ! He is the ol
in iriiiuuoiii .mi eviiin - i
The le-puhlicali party in Missouri
ii,u mi nft tit Iim ir aid of its record
n i ii de w ithin the last few months.
Hates Countv lh.'cord.
There is ii" doubt of ft, from a Ke
... .. ........ir...int Nineteen of
punmwi Mtiin'i'"-
. ...... Vt.ivr. liiii'll indicted by a non
t mill in. -
ind iury in St. Louis, all
of whom will be sent to the peniten
H.,rr ,.r run out of the United States
by an able and fearless Democratic
proserutinfr attorney. Thatisabout
the oulv record we can call to mind
made by the lb publican party in
Missouri in the past few months, and
ii,n ltoeord thinks that party should
,.rnnd of it. and we are not dis
posed to dispute with them on that
cans of menu ooininff here and find
ni'taxo so much lower than tiny
have Wen accustomed to, withsplen
did schools, and affairs of county
and state so well and economically
managed, naturally nre satisfied
with the conditions aud so vote with
the dominant party. This same old
cry has been point; up from the he-
publicans ever since we can remem
ber, and naturally they are so anx
imitoL'ct to the pie counter that
they grasp at any straw that prom
ises to drift in that direction, in tins
case the wish is father tothethought.
The political management of liates
countv will not be changed by immi
gration or any other means, so long
as the county affairs continue to t
managed as in the past and present
President. Roosevelt said in his
North Carolina speech that there was
no patent device by which we can
make the country prosper. In other
words, he tells us, as every thinking
knows, that prosperity is the
result of natural conditions and that
nA erous here and poor ones
-v.rnnd are bound to make good
imp ftmomr the farmers, and pros
perity among the fanners means
tetter times the country over. Such
times prevail in a measure to-day,
thev are largely counteracted by
th tariff for trusts only, which takes
4. mnnev of the country out of its
vuw r ail
legitimate channels and . puta-iLJn
the hands of the money power. II
it were not for this discriminating
tarifl against the consumer, all the
u nnA enior the fruits of Dros-
writy. As it is now, the tnists are
gobbling np their share and the peo-
Iflli Tin ttiere nre no dissentions
among the Bates County Democracy.
riiniiinTH Willi were ufiriuru ctv
the primary are just in love with the
King WUH U uu r.cu ..t."
The above is from the Republican
Press and is an insult' to every de-
fented candidate before the demo
cratic primaries. Those gentlemen
dui k th it Count Rodman sent to
... i lji.:. 1.1.. I,... I
... ..,,rrv- w hen IlCIierai i-llll-ei" nuu
reeiveii a majority of nearly 8,000
He is the old uu- k whose paper bus
aine.1 ' .-.3er No. IV that eausei
wiiMiind miserv and suffering am
starvation in Jackson. Cass, Hate
and other counties in Missouri. Here
ii st Clair county he "needs no ln-
tro.lnetiriii" on account of ' his con
nection with the railroad scheme that
bore the grandeloquent name of the
.. itr.i'i-
Kansas City, Memphis anu .uoune.
tod titv the republicans oi the utn
.iistriitif thevareso barren of con
gressional timber that they are com-
rltPif to vitalize again inese iossn
ized ghost of former days.-Osceola
There is every reason this year
whv the democrats should turn out
to a man to vote and stick to his
inird The renublicans have assail
ed the state administration and the
slanders put in circulation should be
stamped out by a tremenaousma
Says He Must Be Defeated By Inter
ests He Opposes.
Washington, Septemlier De
feated in his efforts to pi vent the
New York Republicans from indors
ing President Roosevelt, it is uow
the announced determination of J.
Piertioiut Morgan to defeat the nomi
nation of Mr. Koosevelt for President
in lSKU. If he fails to accomplish
hi purpose l.y securing the defeat of
Mr. Roosevelt in the Republican con
petition, he will try to secure me
tioniinntiou bv the Peiuocrats oi
irover Cleveland, or some Democtnt
of that school, and will throw him
Irs sutiport and thot of the interests
i... ...,.roU.,.iia Tin i ins Plan to
punish Mr. Roosevelt for his anti
trust policy.
This is stated on the nuttiornyo
a friend of Mr. Morgan, a man who
stands high in polities ami finance.
who says that Mr Morgan mmiemis
deliberate statement to him:
'He must be defeated for nomina
Hon and a safe man must be nomi
noted in his stead. If he cannot tie
rlefented for nomination, then we
must see that the Democrats nomi
nate a safe man like Cleveluud, whom j
the business interests ran support,
end -benttimwrveltt the polish
Mr. Morgan arrived in .New A oris
from Kurope on Saturday, August
:. Within a week after his arrival
Hiinis of opposition to President
" " . .
Roosevelt began to show themselves
in quarters Morgan is generally sup
posed to ihtlunice. About the same
time there was started in New York
a movement to prevent the New
York state Republican convention
from indorsing the President and
pledging him t tie delegation tor luoi.
This plan failed by reason of its pub
licity. The New York KepuPiuans
would not stand for such a pro-
r..r.,Q Th eonvenuou at, oaru-
uiatuuiv. .- 1
toga to-morrow will indorse the
A General
Favorite. ,-,
Having bought the Boot aud
Shoe Stock of
we wish to announce to the
public thot we are here for bus
iness. Ve will handle nothing
r.WI Rtpmimiuiio ... ww
Rnnts. Shoes and Rubbers.
Besides handling the popular lines of inen's,jwomen s and chil
dren's shoes that have formerly been carried here, we will add to
the stock from time to time as the trade demands.
We want your shoe trade, and we are in a position to
make you PRICES. If .you enre for quality, do not make your
fall purchases, until you have examined the quality of ourgoods
and learned the price. We will not be undersold and quality
Successors to DltYSDALB to lvlliAOiarm.
Kibo Kid.
Ve'.t Sols
Low Heel.
Ewrt Kcprmluction of Ih'u StvU Shoe.
Farmer Frank James.
Advance snvs Mrs
1 lit? lilUI " '
E have every facility lor
the speedy handling of
business. A goodly share of
these accommodations are giv
en over to our customers. We
shall be pleased to have you
communicate with u on the
subject of opening an account.
geniiemeu i - . . fll ,
e I.. jw ..niu n.nthpr nt the. lames
went into that contest as democrats in Kettrney
in honor bound to abide the results. MrflJorteilth,i;
They were not children and they - tQ
knew that only one could be nomi- JJ fttrm next year.
nated for eiw:h office, and to uow inn- hen el)e moved it was supposea
.L ....... Jmv. n tlm D hnVB . i A ...,ra. Mtlim CO LUeniB
mate, as mai iuFcl UWD sne ouiu ,
item, that any of them will refuse tric old t
t t--k t Ha tinior. a an nn. utrr oo"i
loyai suppu.
Mrs. Johnson's" Sad Death. ,
The Harrisonville Democrat of the
18th iust. bus the following account
of Mrs. Johnson's death:
Saturday a woman, a small boy
aud a man registered at the Hotel
Harrisonville as the Brown lamiiy.
Sunduv the same woman and boy
arrived at Archie, and m twenty min
utes after their arrival the woman
was dead. Upon investigation it was
ascertained that the woman was a
Mr. Johnson, the daughter of .U
Erviu. of Bates county, and that she
waaonher way home from Clay coun
ty, Mo. Tliere was a great deal oi
mystery about the circumstance oi
her death and murder or suicide was
suspicioned, but upon full investiga-
oyal Bupport to the ticket is an un- ner - their years upon it
rranted reflection upon their par- enor '
tv fealtv and personal integrity. I w. C. McDonald a Candidate
J V . ... I -----
The Times took occasion at tue M 2i;-Wal-
time to tratbnu ly ter C. MeDonaTd, a leading attorney
neverseena better field from which trt announced hiBCan.
to select a ticket. o mistake coma Seventeenth
have been made, as they were all ex- f to ,ncceed Jndge AT.
cellent gentlemen oBerlng. W. have dtX.
or two clueB to a young man who it
was thought knew something about
the case, but as the boy could not
identify the man 6uepicionea, anu aa
.i,.. u-m nn real facts to connect
biici .. " ... . ,
him in any way wnn ine case, m
matter was aroppea, nuu me uuuj
as sent to Bates county for burial.
"'r ' .... , . l marriage, n" - - jow at tn ay come. v. . orv.a,
AnniAaA that. tlh dlpd I . B.. .. I a 1 rwro aa 1. r"? "ll .k. -...I- ht Mrnrite 1'rOUD. de
uon iu I iivimr: . u liutDm. w "6v.v., iiriw -io,,,.
from natural causes, there being no Cai.; Mrs. (J. A. Settle, of Lass coun- "K or,r tor ih i. m . mach of
evidences whatever of poison or foul ty. w. D. Rogers, of Jefferson City, JSISS.' IfZ.
tilav The Coroner followed up one Ui0; Mrs. A. E. Moore and.r. v. "riJSw Tfor .nt of .umciem
County Court in 1853. Iu 1862 he K - L2ABtt
removed Irom uaies roiuiyw niS. h contr b. rtow on or betor
no wliving, iirs. : . ow amme cattle irj
non county. rs. ... y. - , he count Uge tb
ty, ana seineu u " --. - ,ol1ncert to 1.00. See us before
the county, ana engage --- . . (JorGH Hess
XllndatatCT 'rte-Druggists, North Side square,
mnii"-" -j:.. i iit uuuer. Jiu.
case county, -' ""i - .
1 iin mitu i.hiiiiren were uuiu
l ci. '.. , i ,
this union. Only one oi wnom now 0rder Q, publication
survives, J. U nogers, oi
county, in u r "CoVsir G a, i"
. ! . , ariru mihh . .1 ll v ii iinu.-. i . . . . .. ,.. .... rt nw tnm cnotiiv oi flBun.
ills piwrut fi., - ' 11 urivi".. - II. 4a.
..if..Miniitv. who surv ves him. Aunnet term, IM. M.rgueHw Propp. 4e-.
There were seven children born of this pubiiction.
Five Oi wnom are iuu . ,h. d,. D. y. Brown, idmla-
and enthusiastic suppon to tne aem- ,or mnul year8, and
ocratic ticket of every aeteatea can- he entered the em-
hefore the last primary, be-1 afewmontns Bgo
v,.u - : i . i k Kt ..- innis. jkAuocw V.I.J i pnnwi. uuw m v--rf-
cause we know them to be gooddem- Py v. - - . , , h wa8lnai.riea in 1841 to Miss Barah
ocrats and honorable gentlemen who and Colorado Bailxoad as assistant ne wasm Jg
.TLrv their obllOons. rurhvol-waj attorney. - I ; "
Judge J. M. Rogers.
tj t t PnfTpni was born Aug
c.v iui e in PI ai home countv. Ten
nessee, and departed thU hie i at his
nomenear rieB" '-'"e ;
. m r U imnn with DM
irom leuueeoCTJ
. i i B9T anil located in what
was then .called the "Flattt Jfur-
t,M nnW Platte coonxj. laere
ID.! . . - . . .
relUOVeu iroui uaw ""-j - , QQleu the eontrrj De inown on or
countv where he resided till October, m, nnt aj of tn. ei m r i "
COUUt, nucio u I hi hold on the Meond Mond.T of ov.mber, A.
18G5, wnen ne Kiurueu iu "QUCD 7," frt. M order will be mMeforth.Mletttui.
pnnntv and located on the farm near 'de, n much ot uw ri e.t of iw; :
COUUiy W.U iuvavc v nuui , .nfflelent for tb. p.Tmeil of ,
Pleasant uap, wnere u wuuuww -g-d (aruiMorderwi, urn v ,
:j. hia Haa.t h which was due I ITT.i .bliehed la torn. n.wnwpDMB Bail .
niue uL,,..rr--- ----- -, t0 W9t before tHf
princlpaiiy W oiu oro. 1 .eIt 0f tw oourt, and that a eopy of
- . ,1 of .H hv Hue I . . .... k nl thtm l.iil.a iii rtimrae-
-I fin lnnerai hub vuuuuikv v j .v . . aouoe v.- iwt w -
ttJTtW. at the lamiLril .H!!fM
UUni V. v. r -. 1 I (UU)IPIIWIUI"
dence, ana tne Doay wb coudiuou i tnii ooan.
to earth in the Rogers cemetery ad-1 stati or missocbi, m
Joining the farm .pnwhich he 04
long uvea, on s naay, op.. uvu.
Mr. Kogers was uuwu w
old settlers as a jnst maj and up
right citiaen. In his day he was
prominent in county affairs and at
fisted materially in its development.
B pwtiat.
wart, held In u tor Vnd oonat j, ewby cer
tify tbat ine loreswai
orlrlnkl order ot publication tberela referred
tolMtb"...!. appear ' record 1. m, oo.
' Wltncaa my bud and aeal of
Iitaxl won. Dona at offloe la Batler, Bate.
l iStV. MlMonrl. tola 1Mb 4ay of
pie g snare,
ttlnajro w o
J t - r- -

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