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7 m v w w w
1 vm i
Si Heavy -weight XV'
I f. K. now rcouv .-.
is unsurpassed in ntyle and workmanship and
Every Suit Guaranteed
to give satisfactory service. You know what
our guarantee is worth.
and the celebrated
H. S. fc M. CLOTHES,
Hpnipmlipr Y(,,:R
X. B. Convention Hall tickets entitling our
. customers to a chance on over $20,000 in cash
prizes, will be given until Nov. 1st, 1902,
with every cash purchases of $5.
Times' Telephone No. 3"
Stock taken in on good blue frmsH
pasture. See Max Weiuer. 4(i tf
blocks from the square. Address,
P. 0. Hox 3:52. 4G-l't
Kobt. Smith is reported to be quite
sick with malarinl fever. 1
J. R. Adair's little won, we are
sorry to learn, is quite wick.
Sam Walls and wife of Adrian,
spent Sunday iu the city visiting rel
atives. New book cases are now being
placed in the library room at the
court house.
W. A. Lansdown has moved his
drug stare from the east to the west
side of the square.
It is high time now the democrats
of Bates were arranging for a vigor
ous and systematic campaign.
Bruce Ludwick will make as able
and courageous prosecuting attor
ney as the county has ever had.
All together, democrats, and let's
hit the slanderers of the state a blow
under the ribs that will jar them, in
J. T. Couchman arrived from Hel
ena, Mont., with 80 head of Oregon
horses. They are large bone, good
young mares.
At Wnrrensburg the board of trade
has taken in hand the work of secur
ing a government postofflce building
for that town.
The republicans w ill find the demo
crats all O.K. iu November and lined
up to a man for one of the biggest
majorities polled in the county in
" years.
Clinton's street fair, burgoo and
home product show commences Sep
tember 30 and continues to October
4. The town Is preparing for a
royal time.
Rev. F. M. Burton succeeds T.. M.
Cobb as Tresiding Elder, of the South
Methodist church for this district.
Kev. Cobb is made Presiding Elder
of the Lexington district.
The connty court met Monday as
a board of equalization on mer
chants license.' The board was quite
busy during the afternoon hearing
complaints ana adjusting ainerences
Portion rnndidfttM on the KDUbli-
can ticket are getting mighty sweet
on the democrats. They will stay
sweetnmtil election day. After that
the democrat can go to . a hotter
country, for all they care.
fl T f
w m v
Our new fall
patterns are very
i pretty and the
V Jpsj grades are the
! uie ucfei y ou c
ever seen for the
Mil i ll.'L l4l't
BUY $5
xV. F. Hartman, the jeweler, has lo
cated in Kansas City.
James liodgers, of Jasper, Mo., has
his name enrolled for The Times.
W. K. McKinley, of Hudson, was a
pleasant caller auouauiiis name en
Charley Kwin ami his estimable
have returned from their summer
outing in Colorado.
Mrs. A. Tucker, who was visiting
relatives and friends iu Dayton,
Wash., has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Peach were
made happy by. the arrival of a baby
boy at their home a few days ago.
Yv". J. Owborn, an old Bates county
boy, now of Hieoy Texas, fnwors us
with remittance on subscription.
Dr. J. P. McFarland with his pret
ty little daughters, Ada and Lola, of
Passaic, were pleasant callers the
last 01 the week.
Mrs. M. A. Wilson, recently return
ed from a visit in Nebraska, left the
last of the week to visit a sister, Mrs
J. V. Shirley, at Hailey, Idaho.
L. W. Morris, a splendid young
man of the lrgfnia neighborhood,
called aud had bis paper changed to
Graodview, Mo., to which place he
has moved.
Clarence Mallet te. 18 vears old. liv
ing in the neighborhood of Pilot
1 - i.. ..11 . t . 1
uruve, jiu., leu iliiu a vm 01 uoiung
molasses, aud was terribly burned
about the face, hands and breast.
Col. Dan McConuell, the irrepressi
ble, has tinall yielded to the advice
given by. alary Lllen , Lease, "nun
lor office, raise more hell and less
com ana you will get along better.
T. K. Lisle, candidate for recorder,
is making a gentlemanly canvass of
tlie county ana is winning votes. .Mr,
Lisle is one of our newt citizens and
his majority should not be less than
k Sam'l Grubb, a wealthy farmer liv
ing near Oak Urove, Jackson count v,
Mo., suicided Friday, tie was 50
years of age, a bachelor and a crip
ple, tie owned about 500 acres of
According to the Journal, Adrian
has a peeper. He is either a man or
a boy and he has been seen peeping
into the windows of houses in differ
ent parts of the town after the fam
ily bad retirea.
I The Nevada Mailreports the death
of quire M. I. Moss at bis borne
three miles west of Harwood. The
deceased was one of the oldest and
most highly respected citizens of Ver
non county.
' 0
Dr. W . L. De uierou has located in ( The Southwest Missouri coi.frem-e
Butler forthe pur;... of practicing j Gf the Methodist church south, held
Osteopathy. Office in . the Deacon Jefferson ritv. closed Mondav.
Block. Consultation and examina-jTue nexf lumuaj nnfevn.v win i
t ion f rev. j held at Sedalin. H-v. T. I", Pu- k.tt
.The lauds in ...or old Missouri j urn-d to Butler.. Hume , rir..;it,
undemocratic rule has advanced iA,: t "'''''V'VT"' lr.''"',t- '
iu price from l.M.nd?:20 per acre tol."!r,.,: Uh M!'1- l K' !:,rk:, 1 "I
froui S4U to ?7o Wr acre. The re-!lrmlle nlt to ""i'l'""
ntvii.T. i.... r ;
the state hud iUer t;rv up or null
: out.
I In addition to the mi(I rt-ward of
1 fered liv tt.e ftate the I'ost Dli-puU h
' l.i. Si 1.D1I Inr tlm ninut if
harle K. iveih . iiihinUt of the M. I
I - -
Louis house of delegates, charged
with hntn-rv, win. i
a miuve f 10111
Thuu.lit.iP ..f I I... P,wh.i Tin.ud ia
kinder mixed on his ti.-ket. llo uoi Mo,,,,,,.- ! r"l; r !
ii.u 11 m. .. i. u i,i..i. i,u i-- .r.,r. expi-ctetl to l.M-ate on a farm near
..r..u,i iii iii i.nt if iniiii.i Im I
hard tofiKure out. lie divides Him-
tickets'solnaUL iil.vr party can
ister any -M k.cU.
Miss Mnrv Smith lt;is ncirpthl a!
position wit Ii i he ral estate lirm oli
A 1 Ken 4 ' o., at Mcrwin .Mo., as sten
ographer. Miss Smith is a number
one stenographer aud a verv bright
girl, and we are satisfied will give the
very liest ol satisfaction.
The old "Indian Doctor'' brought
to our ottice samples of corn raised
bv Ueo. Callinnii, near Johnstown
and potatoes raised by A. A. Miller
011 his tine farm southeast of Butler.
Thev are hummers, and wo far as our
observation goes, good samples of I
the excellent crops raised 111 Bates
couuty this yeur.
Arthur Lindley, 10 years old und
son of Dr. Lindley, was accidentally
killed at Savannah, Mo , late Satur
day evening by falling from the fence
of one of the pig ih?iis at the street
fair. At the tune he held a long I
wpliuter in his mouth, which went
down through the jugular vein in his
neck killing him instantly.
Iu company w ith Mrs.C. I. Kobards,
Mrs. Joel Pratt and daughter, Miss
Alice, of Appleton City, graced our
sanctum on last lhursday. .Mr.
Pratt,who was formerly a prosperons
farmer of Hudson township, is now
merchandising in Appleton iu part
nership with his sou, Carry, for
merly postmaster of that town. .
Our ohl friend 0. M. Ballew,
brought the editor a very nun mess
of early Ohio potatoes, of his own
raising, with the. compliments of his
estimable wife. Lust yea r we had to
starve with the rest, but in this year
of plenty we are faring bountifully
through the kindness of our good
The Times extends congratula
tions to Mr. and Mrs. Jaw. A. DeAr
mond,.over the arrival of a tine boy
at their homeSunday morning. Our
best wishes are wit Ii the youngster
that he may pi row to manhood and
climb the ladder of fame to the
height of his illustrious grandfather.
E. B. Atkinson returned from Grain
field, Kau., Tuesday, and will be at
e ollice of AfkattHtH A Atkwon ub
til theexcursion day, or Oct. 7, where
he will 1 glad to see any one inter
ested iu cheap Kansas land. He in
forms us that he sold a nice quarter
to a Linn county gentleman on his
hist trip at . LOO per acre.
Mrs. Jno. C. Hayes, Mrs. J. T.
(lailey and Mrs J. K. Jenkins visited
the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs.
J.C. McManama, of Mingo, for sever
al das last week. They report a
splendid time aud lots of good things
to eat. We were not surprised as
Mrs. McManama has the reputation
of being one of the best cooks in the
Hardly a day passes but what
strangers in our city remark upon
the beauty and convenience of our
splendid new court house. It is prov
ing a great advertisement for oui
county, and our people are justly
proud of it. The present county
court deserves all praise for the ex
cellent manner hi which they safe
guarded the people's interest in the
construction of this public building.
We publish on another page a
song with the music prepared and
putin plate especially for The Times.
We will publish from week to week
songs aud instrumental music for
pianos, orgaus, etc. This will be all
new and would cost you from Q
cents to a dollar a piece in any music
store. This is a new feature which
we hope will please our music loving
readers. Try "The .Man Who Heard
it Before."
Men w ho come to Missouri to buy
land, says the Sedalia Democrat,
should bring along some of their old
tax receipts and compare them with
the Missouri tax receipts. Such a
comparison would add considera
bly to the price of Missouri laud and
would convince the people who are
coming here that the campaign slan
ders uttered against Missouri have
no foundation whatever.
The Epworth league of the Ohio
St. M. E. church will give an enter
tainment next Friday eve, in the
church. Miss Grace Wilson, of Al
bany, New York, who ts now visiting
her father, Mr. A. M. Wilson, will be
assisted by Miss Bertha E. Pettingill
teacher of oratory at Cottey College,
Nevada. These ladies are graduates
of the Emerson CoHegSp-of-TOratory
Boston, Mass., said to be one of the
best in the United States. This will
be a rare treat to our people and
should be well patronized. Admis
sion i5 cts, children 10 cte.
circuit, U. ti. Mew art.
t)ur old friend (i-oiye . lu.mkeit
tmkerwasM plitnHtit culi-r and fa
vored us with a rcM-uitl, ohwrvii:
his annii.il - ustoiii i niauy yens. ,
llernmeto this ci(i;n: v f.-ni;. Maho
l''' j1""
r-i-1e.J on hi f.ria
in Lone Uak towiiituj, ,.er !..
Heeanti-li .if s'errii, ti;nfH in il.i.-
county iii tlm'eurly day.
II. 1'. Nii ke'l ;-.s ill tlierilv
1 lie r'irt t mi id h
ate 0:1 a farm n;i
He ii id two or tl;r'
hilinmit. lie n i
',w. Vi,,'iv '"! l'!k" l""1,!."ir
,v",:l;1 - ' '
,hem- 1 " !Jil h"-"'"
... ,, ... ... ... ... . l I.' ir.
So you s-e ood rotni. iii-e n.r a dis
ailvantac" toinrm lntnl
We were complimented
by a pie
ant call Iroiii 1. 1 IecH, represent-j
illgtheSt Louis Trade Keview in our;
city. .Mr. l.ecch I one or the olil' st
metropolitan reporter in the state,
lie served on t lie Kansns City Times
under Dr. Muuford. iliiriiitr the pros
perous times of that joiirmil and
staid with it up to the time of the
breaking out of the Spanish war. Me
is a versatile writer and a e'evcr
The Butler merchants or some of
them realize that there is to be a big
tall trade and are making arrange
ments to reap their full share. Among
the Butler firms that are climbing
in the band wagon, and putting on
exhibition and sale a miiginhccnt
fall stock, is the Big Butler l ush De-
partment Store. Tlu malingers of
this big concern are energetic, live
business men, and for your perusal
and edification they have placed a
page advertisement in The Times
this week. By reading this ndver
tiwenif nt you will find this store is
uot behind the times in any particu
lar aud a visit to this store will con
vince you that they are up-to-date
with a mammoth stork to select
from and bargains galore.
A Lodge of Instruction was held
three days the first of this week for
Bates Lodge 2."4 A. F. & A. M. Jno.
C. Yocum, of Kansas City, Deputy
Grand Master1 acting Grand Master
of Missouri; Allen .McDowell, of St.
Louis, Grand State Lecturer and Iv.
V, Stevenson, of Kansas City, Past
G. M. of Mo., were present aud exem
plified the work, tin Tuesday even
ing Mr. Stevenson delivered a very
fine lecture on the teachings of ma
sonry, after which a btnquet was
held as the Endres restaurant. Dele
gates from other lodges iu attend
ance were: Dr. C. P. Bowden, P.M.,
Tyrian Lodge,Johiistown;K. B.Camp
bell, W. M., of Papinville Lodge aud
B. Kirk, S. W. Rich Hill. Other vis
iting brethren besides t he home niem
lers visited the school.
Sheriff Smith returned Suuday from
a trip to Washington. He brought
back with him Harvey II. .Morris, the
young man wanted for betraying
Eliza Beile Pilgrim, a girl rending in
the west part of the county, and un
der age. The sheriff found .Morris at
Tekoa, Washington, working in a
sugar factory. The young man was
very much surprised at meeting the
sheriff of Bates almost at the, British
line aud shook his hand warmly; he
was also surprised at lieing arrested.
Morris told the sheriff he was guilty
of the charge against him and at
tempted to justify his wronging the
girl by saying he was making ar
rangements to return to Bates on or
about the L'tith of the month aud
niarry her. Morris is now in jail and
he has an opportunity of righting
the wrong he has done the gill, pro
vided she is willing. It was u long
tedious ride, said Sheriff Smith, but
was repaid after leaving Denver in
mountain scenery, which was simply
grand, as the train wound around
through the canyons.
We are trying to
build up a reputa
tion In the grain
business, using the
golden rule as our
Remember this al
ways and if any deal
proves unsatisfact
ory be fair enough
to tell us and we
will square it, as
our desire is' to
please all.
Peoples Elevator Co.
Butler, Missouri.
Dixie ,1. Haggard, Pres.
Clarence C. Lyle, Treas.
Chas. H. Zabriskie, Sec.
p m
1 at McKIBBENS. 1
" ;frrt-ynri! lniport"l I'iiiiil li'Mr
extra wide-Zelh'k-ne tin:! lic;u;ti
i illl rolnril iT". all wool.
ri;:.l I'riiv $!. :ird
Sj.; i I'rii-e
Dm y.irds l'iitnv
odd pieces which
'i.ic a 11rd. Spci
a vard.
1." pairs S.llllple Wool Blankets
sliirht Iv voiled. but !irstc!ass good
at wholesale prices, which ni'i
from J't down to S-J. U n pair.
A rare chance to buy a good pair
of Blankets at a burgain.
j A lot !?l..".(l grade
i !
j Special Price S,00
Do not forget our Special Sale of
We are Telling"'tEemaf great reductions"
The political issue of this country
to day is the trusts. If you are for
the trusts und in sympathy with
them, you are agaiust the interest of
the people. The Republican party
can no longer humbug or deceive the
people, You cun't side-track tne
trust question by telling the people
you will get up an "international
agreement with foreign powers to
control trusts in this ami foreign
countries. They know all about the
hutnbuggery of un international ar
bitration. The American people are
capable of grappling with the trust
question and settling it in their own
way. Clinton Democrat.
Married, at the home of the bride's
ni"tli"r,'n ""(""' township, mijm-
dav, Sempt ember Ist, Miss Llherta
IM....L1.0II iinil Mr I' ti limit l.'..v
llll.nill II llllM ..... V-t ... ...-.
Wessel, ot the First Presbyterian
church of Appleton City, officiated.
The bride is a lovely young lady,
blight und vivacious. She was rear
ed to womanhood iu this county,
and by her amiable disposition has
endeured the people of that section
to her. The groom is a prosperous (
young farmer, a son of the late Doc-
tor Hunt, of Wurrensburg. lie pur-1
chased the fine I hurley Gilbreath j
farm, and liesides farming is running ,
a coal bank on his place, lie is a j
very clever genial gentleman. Tin: !
Times extends congratulations und j
best wishes to these estimable young j
people. !
Frank l uderwood, says the Neva - i
da Post, had rather an exciting
experience Sunday with Dr. Jackson, !
whom he was employed to guard 'till
the county court could miss on his 1
sanity. At times, says the Cost, the '
doctor is rather violent and difficult '
to manage and occasionally hand-1
cuffs were placed upon his wrists to 1
prevent his hauging himself or doing
injury to others. Sunday morning j
the handcuffs had been removed to j
permit the doctor to eat his break- j
last. The moment they were remov
ed the doctor became violent and
hurled a lamp at his guard's head,
which he dodged. He then seized a
heavy pitcher and smashed it over
I ndcrwood's head, cuttiug a severe
irash. Some time ago Dr. Jacksou
spent several weeks in Butler visiting
1 - - ii. i i .1 . 1
ills sister, Jirs. i'. .uijer iuiu ittiu
ily. While here he was very quiet
and but few persons knew ot his af
fliction, although he was kept under
guard. The doctor is a hue looking
man und highly educated. It is said
a very pathetic scene occurred 111 the
court room when he wus adjudged
insane and ordered to the asylum.
List Your Property.
If you waut to dispose of your
farm, let me sell it for you; if you
want to exchange it for land in west
ern Kansas and get three to six acres
for one, I will make an effort to do
so. I will be at Adrian Oct. (th,
Rich Hill Oct. 3, aud W. 0. Atke
son's law office In Butler Oct. 4.
Come in on the above dates and list
your property or writ nie giving de
scription, price and terms. I think
I can sell or exchange your farm for
you, if the price is right. Cheap
transportation to western Kansas
Oct. 1. E. B. Atkinson,
47-tf Grain field, Kan.
Bin. k 1i.o.'
Ut-r.' H .".II to
in! !"''' 4Qq
Farm Loans
At very low rates. No delay. Money
ready. Any hind owner wanting to
borrow will find it to his advantage
to call and get our rates.
TliK W.!.To 'I'm T CoMl'AXY,
Butler, Mo.
for Bargains.
Wh try tn.loONE tlhinr W Kl.l.. to 2
-HI IlK-T t.iili Ht Mol'loM y
Mi ne ilii'-k (imtH wrrth l
or i; chick
Mi lls lli'ire liliiil llliilcr- OQ.
ut nr unrtli .'i'0 Our pnee Ovw
Mm- ilri's MhHh w irtli
.:,. Ol II I'lIIIK
V.n;i lints, li li-,
i'llli M ... o K I - K J K
i!o Ii&Lei, all ft)' mill
'ulnr-, wunli .'ii'o
oi l: I'Kll t.
Big Sample Line
for men and boys at ', less
than regular price.
New Goods for Ladies.
Opera capes and nIkiwU
New Veilings,
Outing llanne! Skirts,
Mittens, Hosiery,
and Ci loves.
For SATURDAY only,
Toilet soap,. 3 cakes in
Lox, worth "2,5 cents .J
Our price per box 10c.
Ladies fast black
Seamless Hose.
the regular 10c kind,
3 pair for 10 cents.

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