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III Money for Purchase of Pi nam t
Canal Is Hot Expended Soon
It Will Lapse.
Virginia Items.
We heard it and jotted it down,
What happened in and out of town.
Mrs. Geo. Thompson spent last
week at Hume doctoring. Her health
has been failing for some time.
Mies Mamie Boyer, who has been
with her sister in Kansas City the
past eii weeks, returned to her home
1 int week.
... vy v m i .......... - - .
Nov. 4. She had been in poor health
for a number of years. She was born
In Tennessee 76 years ago. She
joined the church in early girlhood,
and has ever since been an active I Washington, Nov. 11. Senator
worker In her Master's vineyard. Harris, of Kansas, a member of the
... , , H ..1...I1".! I senate committee on luteroceunie
e nave Known Moiuer ihipib"ju i . ,.
. , canals, expressed Ins opinion in n
for 2.1 years Iter nouse was uie cussinff the cann, hitllI1,im thnt if
home of the Free Methodist preach president Roosevelt dms not expand
em dnrinir that time and how much any of the $40,000,000 appropriated at
" I . . . M .
llur i.n-Tmnrl e l hi session or conjfrcss iur imr
fin n i ii
Georgia Officers Resorted to Uon.
sual Method to Extort Partic
ulars of a Crime.
All Appropriation Mot l"e1 Before the
4th o( March Caenot He lied-Colom-bla
It 1'oable to rUtlfT a Treaty
tun It Una Bad 50 LecWlatle Body
for Three Yean.
longer we know not.
died 25 years ago, and since then
a son and daughter have passed
over. She was dearly loved by all
her neighbors. Funeral service were
held at her home, conducted by her
purchase of the property of the Pan
ania Canal company before March 4
next, the date of the expiration of
the Fifty-seventh congress, the en
tire appropriation will lapse, and a
new law will have to be enacted,
and iou n .mm. .i.riutinn liifiile if the
pastor, nfter which the remains were negation, are to be carried on
laid to rest In the Forbes gmveyard after that time. Mr. Harris declared
near Vinton. that it wus a well-known fact that
FrnnV Zinn's little rrirl. who has appropriations made by congress.
" I II . J I. ..a I, fltll 111 tft
Ueu very sick with fever tor some lKh iU ,, ,lf tlmt wngrvM.
time, is reported much letter. jn discussing the likelihood of a pay-
Rev. Bertha J. Rowers of Trenton,
Mo., In the employ of the W. C. T. U.
spoke at Virginia Friday uightnnd
Suturdny night, Sunday morning
and night. Her lectures were grand
and to the point. 1 wish some of the
late speakers in the campaign had
been there and heard her. They
surely would have prepared different
kiud of speeches for the next cam
paign, especially thechurch members.
The Virginia baud rendered some fine
music, for which the lady thanked
them. She organized a W. C. T. U.
which we hope will continue to work
for the uplifting of young men and
women. They will hold their first
meeting Saturday night at the
church. Tiiev nre niter the old men
who use tobacco. That Ih where to
commence, example is what tlieyoung
people want.
Miss Icy Jenkins visited Miss Clara
Dillon and Mrs. M I). Maloney. Miss
Dillon leaves Thursday for her home
at Pasis, 111., after a four months'
visit with her aunt and other rela
Frank Adlson, of Panama, was In
Vlrurinla Saturday of last week. He
purchased a red hog.
Judge and Mrs. J. W. McFadden
entertained Miss Bower while she was
In Virginia talking prohibition,
One Prohibitionist voted last Tues
day for T. K. Lisle. Some on the
other side think it strange that he
j! a . .nr. i a. . . .
U1U DUi II o auun HUM n uu mo
son was, but do know that the Dem
ocrats were the orif, nal prohibition
ists from 1848 to 1854 when another
party came into power repealed the
Democratic laws. I don't blame a
person for not voting wfth a party
which is running 2G0.000 saloons to-
day in the United States and who
got up the infernal system in 1862 of
taking a revenue of the appetite of
the men and women of the United
Sates. We believe he chose wisely
between the two old parties; help the
men that needed help is the golden
The people of Virginia were shock
ed last Wednesday when the mail
ment of some portion of the $10,000,-
000 before the 4th of March, the sen
ator called attention to the faet that
before the property could be ucipi'ired
a trcuty would have to bo ratified by
the en;te of the United .States anil
by the legislative body of the Cohan-
bian government. 1 lie loiomiunn
government has had no legislative
body for three years and is now in
a state or revolution, n woum mn,
therefore, almost nu impossibility for
the president to have a treaty nego
tiated and ratified by the two govern
ments in the short time now remain
ing before the expiration of the pres
ent congress.
Tbe Sensational Morton ami McFhee Mur
der Caaei at New Cambridge, Ma.,
Take a Sensational Turn.
Cambridge, Mass., Xov. 11. The dis
charge of Alan G. Mason, the lioston
club man, accused of the inurUer or
Clara A. Morton, of Waverly, a week
ago last Sunday night, occurred lues
day. The government lawyer an
nounced that an investigation had
failed to disclose evidence sulllelent to
hold the accused man und ordered tl
discharge of Mason. Almost imme
diately George L. 0. Terry, a young
negro, who had been held as a wit
ness against Mason, was charged witn
lhe murder of Miss Morton. lie
pleaded not guilty and wus remunde.
without bail for a hearing .Novembe
18. After his release, Mason held an
informal reception and after a short
time was driven to his home in lsos-
A o has most remarkable tonic feroper-
ties for all who live in malarial dis-
Malaria and triers. A never-failing remedy for
i .1 j. All DmrTla.
A u e Cvrcali maiarui iscabcs.
I), llrerod Ad-
Bat At-t J
HI. to 3
hack stoDDed at the office with a
a s
dead man, who had died on the road
from Butler. The man was Ed Penny
who had (rone to Butler with the
mail man full of life and health and
was brought back dead. He had
served in the Philippine war, return
ing last spring to his home at Am
oret. He was to have been married
this winter, the lady attended the
funeral. Dr. Renick held an inquest
at A more t Thursday.
Mrs. G. W. Park is still confined to
her home with an injured knee.
Il'reacher Elope with Ynttnc (ilrl.
Morehend,.. Kytt v,. 11. (jrent ex
citement has been created by the ar
rest and return to this city of ( .'hark
Cox, a well-known minister and ivlu
cator, who eloped from here with th
17-year-old laughter of Colunilm
Quissey, u prominent citizen of More-
head. The couiile were apprehend e
at Olive Hill, in Carter county, and
brought back. CdX has a wife and
five children, and occupied a high po
sition in the community.
Cro.e Will Conteat Klcrtlon.
Oklahoma City, Ok., Nov. 11. Wil
liam Cross, the defeated democratic
candidate for delegate to congress,
will contest McGuire, the republican
candidate. Iteturns show McGwire
350 ahead, but Cross claims that five
townships In Comanche county were
illegally thrown out, .which, if count
ed, would give him 78-majoriiy.
He Had Cnnfeeaed to Two Mardera.
toted That a Whlta Mae Bind
Commit the Deed After Heine Pat
Into a Trance He CoaUrued tha Story
frevlouulT Told.
Suvannnh. Ga., Nov. 11. Hypnotism
has been applied us a test to a former
onviet named Miller, a negro who
confessed to lhe iinirder of Gngie
Uour)tiiii and his colored body serv
ant. Miller claimed thut lie waa
lured by a white man to kill Hour
iiiin. His confession has been gen
erally regarded as a pure fabrication
und he was put under hypnotic iullu-
nee in order to prove or disprove hia
strange story.
Miller in his trance said he did not
fire the idiots that killed ltoiiriiin,
but that he heard them and kuew
who fired them, lie was put Into a
buggy with two olllcers and made to
go through what he alleges to liave
been in connection with the trageily.
Still In a trance he drove into the
country and pointed out the exact
locality where he claims the ahoot
iiiL' occurred. Miller described mi
nutely four men who, according to his
story, murdered 15ouruln. Miller is
Illiterate, being aide neither to reail
or write. His story Is not believed
to lie true in spite of its appurcut
hypnotic confirmation.
After Three Year la the Far K Me
Reaohei San FrancUco, Though Voy
age Wu l'erlluua.
Sun Francisco, Nov. 11. The United
States transport Sunnier arrived in
port this evening from the Philip
pines, after a most stormy and peril
ous voyage. Shortly after leaving
Yokohumu the vessel encountered one
of those terrific storms peculiar to
Ahiutic waters the typhooii. llouts
were smashed, portions of her rig-1
ttiiig carried away, and during the
itight-of thentorm tt lHiiiieH-wMtorH
lrom its fastenings und struck Mrs.
Chaffee's stateroom with terrific
force. On bourd the transport were
Gen. Aduu U, Cliullce auU wire, unu
Vice Gov. Wright, of the Philippine
commission, acoinpauicd by Mrs.
Wright, den. Chaffee hus been ab
sent from the country for over three
vears. durinir which time duty culled
him to Cuba, to China, and to the
Philippines. His services in China
were such that be waa recognized the
world over us a tactician of wonder
ful knowledge and force, and a
diplomat of unusual ability. To (ien.
Chaffee's efforts wus due the speedy
and neaceful settlement of the Chi
nese difficulty, und in recognition of
hia services in China he was detuiled
to go to the Philippines to bring
nli.mt n more harmonious condition
of affairs.
And there is nothing nicer for a present than
CMXAWARE. And then Christmas will soon
liehere. You have been prosp rous. Come
and buy your wife that new Bet of dishes you
promised her.
The Election is Over, j
And you all know why It went the way It did.
It did not suit all of us, but let's be sweet and
try and make ourselves comfortable for the
winter. .
And she will tell yon who has the largest and
best assorted line of Imported and domestic
chinaware. We bought it right and are sell
ing it right and are selling it at lower prices
than ever before.. Come in and look it over.
This will be a .
If l.rno
u IHnllratloa of ew
Chamber of Coanwree Helldlo.
New York. NovTHT-Wi-h the preai-
Lw. (Roosevelt) and a f t rmer presi-
I " - Ctatnl
dent (Cleveland) of the l
its guests of honor aim r
.iv of forenrn p"uu"-
i ..V... jli.'tintriiiwii I'll iciduu-,
v vnpir nniiiiM-r tn lu"""-
j.i:...l It liiiilcmcr ia this
mill IT unuraii"
city tc-day. The new building, a
handsome structure of white marble,
I. .ituated in Liberty alreerbet-w
Nassau and Broadway. The proceed
wr. fiened with n prayer of
dedication by Rev. Morgan Uix. rector
of Trinity church. An address of wel
come by Morris K. Jessup. president
of the chamber, followed, and then
the oration of the .lay was delivered
by Former President G rover Cleve
land. The address of President Roos
it ..u...-ul nnil was brief.
When Mr. Cleveland rose to apeak
he waa greeted with loud cheers from
the assemblage, nnd several times in
his ieech he was Interrupted by ap
plause. At the conclusion of Mr.
Cleveland's address. Morris K. Jeaaup,
president of the chamber, announced
that President Roosevelt, although
i.t.. fin- the banauet
reservnijf iim -
. t.. t.n.l winupntea to lie"
fl l.
aW I a taxm wonls. AS I rfl""
V? I j .,,,.. ,-,1 , address the cham-
Ha May Be a Fraud.
Decatur, Ala., Nov. 11. For several
days past a negro has been in this
locality advising negroes to leave Ala
bama and go to Liberia, Africa. Thug
far he has succeeded in getting about
100 families to promise to go with
him. He Is charging thein a fee of
$2, and some say he is a fraud.
Law ton to Have Waterworks
Lawton, Ok., Nov. 11. The city
council has awarded the contract for
a waterworks system to cost $104,
958. Nine miles of mains will be laid,
The United States government paLIJ
for the system from money derive3
from the sale of town lots.
She WuiiMl'I Ilctnru to Him.
Auroro. Mo.. Sov. 11. Lynn Wil
liamson shot and fatally wounded his
wife here yesiciday evening, board
ed a westbound 'Frisco truin and
escaped. Mrs. WUliamson recently
went to Kansas City, where she ob-
tnincil ii divorce. She returned to
Aurora for a visit and Williamson
asked her to live with him again.
When she refused he drew a revolver
and shot her, the ball passing through
the abdomen.
Smaller Guna Are Hoomlnit Cannon.
Phirncro. Nov. 11. A maturity of
' o ' -
the Illinois delegation to congress
Fathered here yesterday and indorsed
Congressman Cannon, of the Eight
eenth Illinois district, for speaker of
the house of representatives to suc-
"ceecT" Speaker-Hendi
mittee, with Congressman Mann as
chairman, was appointed to further
Cannon's interests.
You Will Need
A good substantial, up-to-date heater. What
is the matter with tho Wilson heater, ami for
something more elubornte, see the stove that
takes all the Gold Medals wherever shown
The (birlnnd Oak. We ueed hardly mention
lhe Peoria Hound Oaks, as well as wood heat
ers, for one lmlf of the children in Hnts Co.
here is one of them in Butler that bus been
burnt steadily for twenty-one winters, and
we expect to celebrate Its Bilver wedding four
years from now. We have au elegant stock
.of groceries, fruits canned, dried and fresh
lrom the tree. Meats of all kinds. We carry
the largest stock of hardware, pumps, har
ness and robes In the county "and big three in
wagons are still rolling out of our ware
house; Scbutler, Mitchell and Moline.
Highest prices paid for seed, and all coun
try produce. We want some fine turkeys for
Thanksgiving. Your frleuds,
her. the whole ussemoiago ro
Iowa Mar "e.e Hallrtlna.
Des Moines. Ia., Nov. ll.-The state
of Iowa is going to mane nn ru.. .
make a partial saving on the building
which will stand for the sxaie " "
T ..,,ll,,r,v. Purchase exposition In St.
7 I . '... . v.
Jf Louis In mot. A nuii.ung i i ,
erected with special reference to hav-
J Ing it so constructed that It can be
t moved Into Iowa after the exposition
tl Is over, and with a view to having it
4 as useful as possible after it Is re-
V moved to Iowa and erected again.
0 '
Greeting to the Hanker.
M New Orleans, Nov. 11. The Arocri
can Honkers' association began its
$ annual meeting here Tuesday. Ad-
a A dresses of welcome were niuoe Dy
5? Aetinir Mavor Mehle. City Attorney
the Welcomes und delivered
Ida annual report. C
Hnrrlfled Speotatnrii Saw Him Die.
Chariton, Ia., Nov. 11. Hundreds of
horrified spectators saw Thomas
Baxter, an aged resident of Chariton,
cremated in a fire which destroyed
Ms residence last night. The blnzing
body could be seen through the win
dows of tho burning house. There is
much mystery surrounding the case
and it Is thought he was murdered
and the house set on fire to conceal
the crime.
MlMoar! Town Vote to Advance.
Linneus, Mo., Nov. 11. The city of
Linneus has just voted to erect an
2 I city Pnrk and purchase a fire en-
V I gine, al fo be owned and managed by
the Pity
fine, modern
Ljaneus has
just built
On FarniLoans '
ffer inducements in the matter, of
"longimeT-esT-paymentg, liberal
" terms and fair treatment.
schuojlioue, paid the
last bond on the city hull and expect" -to
have her electric lijjht plant
Prohahly a rumpmnilna.
Washington, Nov. 11. It l freely
dieted in diplomatic circles that
on the tftT" rebate to be allowed
upon Cubon suar niid tolmcco enter
ing the United Stules there will be a
compromise between the ii per cent
jj."tif(:h the United States government
ja wiii(iy ft allow, and the 50 per cent
which the cuouas ficmnna.
fulled Trlvrera wilh Ppker.
Bloemlnjrton, 111., Nov. 11. A horrit
We suicide of a wealthy farmer, John
Werner, of ncur Mason City, vrb dis
covered this morning. He blew out
his heart with a shotgun. After plae-
Boya Were Cleaning; Onn. -
Ottumwa, Ia., Nov. 11. Frank Per
ldns. 17 vears of age, is dead; Asal
Noe. 20 years old, is minus a hand;
Oliver Fothergill has a bullet In hia
thigh and Frank Cejka may die aa ofotBBfjStf
xne resun oi u vuicich tAouuuouvyu .
of shoteuns by the four youths. The
boys were cleaning the guns prepara
tory to going hunting.
A Startling Surprise.
I, Very few could believe in looking at
A. T. Hoadley, a healthy, robust
blacksmith of Tilden, Ind., that for
ten years he suffered such tortures
from rheumatism as few couldendure
and live. But a wonderful change
followed his taking blectric Bitters.
''Two bottles wholly cured me," he
writes, "and I have not felt a twinge
in over a year." They regulate the
kidneys, purify the blood and cure
rheumatism, neuralgia, nervousness,
improve digestion and give perfect
health. Try them. Only 50ctsat
H. L. Tuckers drug store.
Ulrl Killed a Negro llurfclar.
Poplar Dluff, Mo., Nov. 11. Miss
Lula Dees shot and killed Sumner
Johnson, a negro, when he was at
tempting to force an entrance into
her home. Johnson has a brother In
the penitentiary for an attack on an
other white woman.
Farm Loans
At vervlow rates. No delay. Money
ready. Any land owner wanting to
borrow will find it to hia advantage
to call and get our rates.
The Walton Tbust Company,
Butler, Mo.
Fob Bale A choice list of farms
Call or write lor prices and terms.
40.(1 Beat Estate Ag't, Butler, Mo.
Tariff Snoordlnated to TraeM.
Washington, Nov. 11. The presi
dent's message will unquestionably
deal with both the control of trusts
and the revision of the tariff; bnt the
tariff question will be subordinated
in a most marked manner to- that of
the trusts. :
A Horn Broke Hia Meek.
Poplar Bluff, Mo., Nov. 11. John
Walter, a wealthy farmer near here,
was thrown from hia horse while
chasing cattle. His neck was broken
and he died. He settled In this county
in 1840.
Farmer to Try Batten
Columbia, Mo Nov. 11. Tha Jur
to try Col. Ed Butler, of St Louiv
consists of 11 farmers and om msf
hast. .
Spectacular Fire on Bl Bride.
New York, Nov. 11. The new East
riwtr bridge, In process of construc
tion between New York and Brook
lyn, vma damaged to the amount of
at least $500,000 Inst night by a fire
that for four hours raged 355 feet 4n
the air, on the aummit of the great
steel tower on the New York side.
A Solclde at 82.
Salt Lake City, Nov. 11. A special
to the Tribune from Wellsvllle, Utah,
says: William Bichards, aged 82, of
WellsviUe, committed suicide yester
day afternoon by hanging. He was
a veteran of the Crimean war.
Bradford tnra Gorerament Control.
Washlnirton. Nov. 11. Government
control of all wirelese telegrapk sta
tions along the coasts of the United
States Is recommended by Rear Ad
miral Royal B. Bradford, chief of the
bureau of eaulDment. in his annual
Stole S2.O0O la SUrer.
Denver, Col., Nov. 11. A special to
he News from Tucaon, Axit., says
mnVH men held no the office:
and store of the Sierra de Cobra Min- tne gcene threatening to burn the
fog company near Cananea, Hex a npDTO
j , o nnn l .11... I o
OUR GREATEST NEED in a financial way Just
now is a larger demand for loans We have a
large surplus, which is steadily growing larger.
The situation, therefore, compete us again
announce that we are in need of desirable loans.
The terms and conditions of our loaning ars
such as to make them acceptable to all good
ing the muzzle of the weapon against
his heart, and the butt of the gun on
jthe floop, hp milled both triggers with
PPer- ,
: V .
Kotielenf fElerated Train. ,
Bloomlngton, 111,, Nov. 11. A
Bloomington Inventor, James Keeraiit
thinks that he has solved the prob
lem of noiseless elevated trains. He
has invented a wooden wheel which
! tinvtr Viplncr crivn A iaai. nn nna r4
wnipo g reai jjungrs pre prenictea,
Call for Single Statehood Convention.
Oklahoma City, Ok., Noi. li. The
executive committee of the gin&U
Statehood association of Oklahoma,
and Indian territory met here and
voted to call a convention to be held
t Clnremore, I. T., on Wednesday,
DeueiMbpr j). The call was issued for
POO delegates.
tfot Friebdlr in tfx fiKlnrnj.
Jyondon, Nov. 11. Tlip English press
(Boatinues to regard the German em
perors visit with suspicion and dlfr
trust. He is not lampooned or parjpty -
turea, dux 11 is generally assumed
he is here for business purposes and
must not be allowed to have what he
Lynching Is Imminent
AwirStop, Ala., November 8. The
state troops haw been ordered out
here to prevent the lynching of a
negro who attacked lxs. iljiapw
and who is said to have been .caught
near Anniston. A mob of 1,008 is at
fonleejr Ha Undo Coofeaelon.
prankfot-t," Ky" Nov. 11. Henry
VA.lt.4A. J A I .1 I . .
serving life sentence for the G6f
bel murder, has signed confession
giving the details of the plot and the
Luck in Thirteen.
Bvsendinflr 13 miles Wm. Soirev.
of Walton b urnaoe, Vt., got a box of confession is In the hands of the sUta
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, that wholly I attorneys.
cured a norriDie rever sore on nis leg.
kTolirig else could. Positively cures
bruises, efans. ulcers, eruptions,
boils, burns, corns and piles Only
25c.- Guarantee?' ojrWh- Tucker,
Lay Mot Up Tronaares on Bnrth.
Columhln .Xfn N 11 TV- v '
, ., . .uo jiumo ,
or Kev. Winders, pastor of the Chris
tian church, was entered and a $100
tya?ch nnd several dollars in money
stolen. W ''ii'c; - .

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