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FLlV.h fclihJlLM'.
Pr'ecr i. Berlin University Pro
duces Uaheard-Of MctaL
U VMrairl f ram Radio Active nia-
tack and U Hard la tail;tr He
raase obtained la arb
fcssall UaaalUIra
Trt. MarvkwalJ. of tin Berlin uni
rersity. ana.-unofd at the last meet
ing of the Physical society that he
lid di-vered a new element.
The !nirnt is culled r;:litn. It is
Avtive a:i! f extraordinary energy,
frf. MarvkuaM h:ts s'iaralecl it
Sroca m !i active bismuth, so-called
potaariro f-;ind in uranium ore. It
-:'its. u Irf. MarrkwaM discov
ered. il.-!.intially of ordinary bis
tiarh rn. ..f a new metnl in the pn
yorti n f a thousand to one.
T".e nw imtal van be separated by
t iv e!- tr.:tic rm's. The ray it
tv.its ..re .iTiietb iiijj like tlmse of
fetal radium. b:t differ in he
ir. iiiijil' tely ah: orbed by
fj'f r a :! a b lus.
iTc.f. M .r-kw.ild ! as proved that n
y. ivr'a .. la! luavilv eluii'ed with
T: ft : ly rtil'liitiif. itnmediately
I wtr i' - ! ,-ircc w !ien a iihiimI of this
a.rtul wriv'i i'li,' hardly a Miilligrnui is
JrnUjT.t xv ii!. in a UiManro tf one
&ivin.vt r.
A Val a!.a!y-is of the new
a.ofal i rendered ditlieult by t tie
? t;:. t-.ii ..f i. re contains hard
ly on jrrjui vf it.
Army lire Mill I'mhnbly lie
laansed rm lllae In Hint uf I lie
If" I tuitiruiiur Mimic.
7t i- 4r-.n. t! at the new iinny
r:" :- j.i be nf a enlur entirely
tew r.. vi 'it :. ry cr iee of this
country r K.irujic. The report of
t!.r aii i. uii. Iioard, now liel'iue
:ve e re" .r ..f war. rceoiiiiui'iiils
.hut -J ;:..:' :!!! ..f the soldier be
I .. le ? -i e !".r known otlieia lly" as
ii' i :' i .'" I: is in d ipiite a Iiiuuii,
z-r is ; ."r en. i.iit a iiiixiure o.
Vr.iwi. . . . ..i Ki.ov.u eouiiueriially
V- " I'.e '.'
1 "v; " 'ri -;.is made by the
' rer L -ard demoiist rated the
t ti.at t; sliade is les visible
t'ie ' i l..c an v oilier enlur.
' i . j.l.i.ki veas easily dis-
t ! :, : ., .f it- yellow shade,
"b'.ie v.. reje ted without much dis
cission, ai.d the gray of the West
I'. int cadet t ii n.-.i to a pronounced
! ick v. !.v:. eeu .'it a distance.
The ! ir1 iV.f. not advise the inlop
U n of ki i. ert ockers, but iidheres
J' the i re-e..t shaped troll: ers lor
ii'antry. aaJ provides for tighter
i tU.j r:-!i:-jf troesers for the cav
k!ry. In the opinion of he board
lome eltarce shm ld he made in the
tirtrid'e i-eii. but no new design is
Jerel. as the board considered it
idiisaMe to have the ordnance de
partment nake further experiments
before making a jermanent change.
Declared Mont tcaaumlral and Kffee
tlve la hrpuri of Ailmlriilty to
llrliikh I'arllanieut.
Ilie report of the committee ap
Buinteii o v ii.e udmiralty to consider
tlie C"ti.pjr:i;ive utilitj of various
types .!" boiJers. has been luescnted
V pariian.ei.t. 1 lie report says thai
v tpe -i water tube hoilr at pres
:.t ia u-e i- so economical ns the
cylinvlrieai imiJer. The committee
Tecommciids the use of cylindrical
boiler in an large cruisers and battle
ih, uiitii siK-h time as a thoroughly
fitisfactory tyjie of water tube boiler
m. obtained. It recommends also that
eTfindrkal boiler be Used to work the
Tessel's auxiliary inachincrv and to
tliat the present water tube boilers be
jetaiued in a state cf efficiency for pro
filing ships at high speed when econ
my becomes a relatively unimportant
State Has S2.Z2 Farma Which, with
Eqalpmeats, Represent a Value
f SS97,8&5,302.
The census bureau has made public
a bulletin on agriculture in South
Dakota. It shows that in the census
jear 1&00 there were 52,622 farms in
the state valued at $220,133,190, and
eorering an area of 19,070,616 acres, or
about 2'J per cent, of the total area of
the state. The lire stock held on the
farms is valued at $65,173,432, and farm
machinery $12,215,680, making the
total value of farm property for the
state $297,55,302.
The report places the value of farm
jrodncts for 1&9 at $G6,082,419, of
"which $21,906,804 goea to the credit of
the live-stock product.
HarTard'a Xiialoa la ladla.
Close upon the announcement of
the Yale mission to China has come
information of a movement on the
yart of Harvard university which
yrumises to put into India Harvard
men who will directly represent the
aniversity there in the. same way In
which other b-xli -.f students-will
tand for Yale's interest in China.
The first of the Harvard men to go
ut will be E. C. Carter, for the last
three years secretary nf the Student
Christian association at the univer-
12 .
Oae Spcla Already Extinct.
There are not more than To wild
Ba2aif.es in .the United States. The
tasue. ordinary, 11-eent biifTalrt, once
e numerous, tayt the Chicago Trib-
U(, baa disappeared entirely.
The roaal This Tear of Miasm laCitr
Skuns Fewer ambers Tkaa
( vf 1IMHI.
The report of Secretary Larson on
Hie eeusiis recently taken in Chicago
under the direction of the school
bo; r.! shows that there were found in
the city C-'7,-u- persons under 21 years
uf aire The report states that this ,
numlier is Z-4J,'js5 less than the total
for the school census of 1900.
The census of 11KI0 exceeded the fed
eral census for the same year by 165,
ITii, mid Mr. Larson gave as a reason
for the apparent falling off in the
minor population of Chicago the dif
ference in the system of enumerating.
In l'.HKJ the census was taken id groups
by ages and it is probable, according
to Mr. Larson, that many were counted
twice in the confusion.
Of the O-'T.-'ty children 314.3S4 are
boys and 312.1M)S girls. Uf those be
tween 12 and SI years old there are
433 who cannot read and 4D0 who can
not write. Of those who cannot rend
ore boys and ' girls. One hun
dred and niacty-five boys cannot write
and the nuiulicr of girls in the same
group is Sua.
illiteracy is traced by the enumera
tors to the following causes: Tn
digence, 74; ill health, 3-'; mental weak
iick, negligence of parents, 64;
mutes, jr.; blind, 12; idiotic and in
sane, 3; other causes, 18.
In the enumeration by wards the
count gave the pri.e for population to
the Twelfth with its 1 J.A40 boys nnd 14,
girls. The First ward has the
smallest number, showing 2,t53 boys
and 2.S03 girls.
Capt. Jaiulraun, of Wilt Point, Sara
That Ami) and Navy Moat I. oak to
Maxlmllc lor Kflectlvt Explosive.
The recent improvements in arniy
n nil naval ordnance and armor plate,
the virions forms of ritle cannon, the
use of the modern high explosives,
and the elfect of detonating charges
of explosives upon heavy plate were
discussed by (apt. Charles C. .laniie
son, instructor of ordnance und gun
nery tit West Point, ut a special meet
ing of the Western Society of Kngi
iiucrs ut Chiciiifii. Cuiit. J a in icuon's
subject was "Ordnance ami Armor
In the course of Ids address the
captain said the guncottoii hud been
long !-i rui proven ineffective, und that
before lorg ii, would be ultogether
supplanted by newer explosives. Of
these the speaker said that In his be
lief maximite was the most powerful
and readily adapt ible to the needs
of the ordnance depart nicnt-and the
requisites of war.
The great aim of the ordnance ex
perts, he said, is to manufacture a
shell which will explode after it
reaches the interior of a warship,
lie looked to maxiiuita to Bolve the
problem. With this accomplished
every warship would become n prize
instead of being totally destroyed
and rendered valueless to the vic
tors. Capt. Jumiusou's address was
supplemented with stereopticon
views showing the effect of the vari
ous explosives on armor ranging in
thickness from four to twenty inches.
A New llrlilwe, Railroad Station and
an ICIevated Line Planned by
A corporation composed of St..
Louis and eastern capitalists has
been organized for the purpose of
building n bridge over the Missis
sippi river, the erection of extensive
terminals on the river front, an ele
vated road to the world's fair site,
and a new depot in the heart of the
city. It is stated by the incorpor
ators that the total investment in
the terminals and elevated road,
aside from the cost of the bridge,
would reach $10,000,000 at the outset,
with a possible expenditure of $5,
ono.000 later on extensions. The in
corporators are: B. C. Van Blar
com, vice president of the National
liank of Commerce; Edward F. Gol
tra, president of the American Steel
Foundry company; W. B. Doddridge,
formerly chairman of the executive
committee of the terminal associa
tion; Mayor M. M. Stevens, of East
St. Louis, and T. C Doremus, of New
York. .
Warning Ordered Sent to Inatrnctors
In the Pnblle Schools la tha
Philippine Islands.
Acting Governor Wright, of the Phil
ippines, has been instructed to forbid
Protestant teachers in the schools of
the archipelago to attempt to influ
ence Catholic children under their
charge to give up their faith, if on in
vestigation it is found that such
proselyting attempts exist.
The teachers will be informed that
it is not a part of the policy of this
government to teach religion in the
Complaints were received several
days ago from various Catholic so
cieties in regard to this matter, which
were referred to the secretary of war.
The above action was taken in re-pons-to
the complaints. ;
I'ncle Sam Interested.
Before Mr. Morgan goes too far
in the matter of offering to hand
over ships to Great Britain in the
event of war, It nilghrbTelTfbf
him, perhaps, to secure the content
of the United States government to
the plan, saya the Chicago Inter
Ocean. It is easy to see how. in cer
tain contingencies this proposed ar
rangement would not work at all to
bis country's satisfaction.
T)1fc UH
Titled Foreigners to Be Questioned
Same as Imm grants.
taaprrtsra at Part af Xenr York 1 a
traded ta Carry Oal Provision
af Law Wllksat Krar
or Knur,
European tourists, titled or other
wise, who have been accustomed to
; enter this country by way "i f .New
i York, are likely to be a good deal tur
: prised by the enforcement of the
! treasury order, under which they
I must, as a neglected law directs, an
swer the same questions that are put
j to Meerage passengers.
The law was enacted in lfKl, when
Cherter A. Arthur was president. Al
most from the time of its passage,
however, it has been a dead letter at
this port in the case of alien first and
second cabin passengers, although en
forced at some ports, such as IWton.
The new order of things was insti
tuted hv Commissioner Williams ncar-
I ly six weeks ago. but he explained to
day that the steamship officers were
only just beginning to get used to it.
"In the ease of a cabin passenger
whose general appearance is all
right." said the commissioner, "there
is a way to comply with the law which
would not be offensive. If I were a
boarding Inspector, for instance. I
should take such a passenger, explain
to him that the paper had to be made
out. and when I enme to some of the
questions, Mich as the one about polyg
amy, write in 'No. telling him, per
haps, that I knew of course he wasn't
a polvgamlst. Po with the other
questions of that kind, The passen
ger would, of course, have to give his
own answer at to his destination, and
the questions of that order which you
would have no way of telling about
"With the use of n little tact there
ia no reason why any passenger should
he offendtd. and I don't believe ere in
n theusaml would tie. once they were
Informed that It wns only done to
comply with the laws of the country.
For our protection wr have got to ask
these iiiestlons nf foreigners coming
here, and lie forelenr-r with any In-
te'lience wi'l understand that. Of
course It mny seen unnecessary, nnd
Insulting, to nsk n Trench count, for
Instnnee. if he Is Mossrssed of $;;n or
T.-t. nrnl whether h Is able to rend
nnd write. As f sr.11 liefore. It isn't
exactly ncressnry thnt he should an
swer those questions for himself, ns
the officer filling out the blanks, un
less he want to be offensive. wmiM
under ordlnnrv circumstances write In
the answer himself."
Her Devotion to tliialinnil Impel Hei
tn Put on TroiiHera anil Hide
with 1 1 1 m on FrclKht Train.
Trotty Ilentrice rhillmrn, charged
with masquerading in hoy's clothes,
wept bitterly when arrested at Battle
Creek, Mich., the other day.
"Do you think I'd let Hob go way off
to Tortland, Ore., to work without
my going along?" she said.
Hon, nr Hubert W. rhillmrn, is a fur
niture worker of Detroit. He received
a better offer from a Portland. Ore.,
firm, but had not the money for two
fares, so he figured on leaving his wife
Beatrice with his mother at Cleveland
lie reckoned without his Beatrice.
She met him at the train with her
brown curls cut short and dressed in
boy's clothes.
"I'm go'ng, too," she said. Conse
quently Bob nnd Beatrice took pas
sage in a freight car instead of a rull
man. They were discovered by a pa
trolman. The woman gave creden
tials and was relased after her trunk
of clothes came from home. She will
ma lie the remainder of the Jonrnev in
a Pullman, as a pure was made up for
her, but her husband will have to make
his way across the continent as beat
he can.
J. Plerpont Morgan Glret New York
Institution Tiro Magnificent
J. rierpont Morgan has sent to the
American Museum of Natural History,
as a gift, two'of the most magnificent
sapphires in the world. Th ey are to be
added to the collection donated by him
to the institution. This collection,
which ia considered among the finest
existing, was gathered by Tiffany A
Co. to be exhibited at the Paris exposi
tion, after which it was bought by Mr,
Morgan at great cost. Prof. Bumpna,
director of the museum, said that the
value of the collection had never been
appraised exactly, as far as he knew.
"Nobody knows how much it la
worth," he explained.
Prof. Bumpus described the two
latest additions to the collection at a
star tapphire, probably the largest in
the world, and a yellow sapphire, "the
most beautiful gem in the whole col
lection." -
loath Africa Wecda Lire Stock.
E. K. Cobler, who represented the
Orange Free State at the world's fair
at Chicago in 1893, has written the sec
retary of agriculture stating that
large numbers of live stork, especially
sheep and cattle, for slaughtering,
breeding and dairy purposes, are need
ed in South Africa, and that an excel-levrt-njaTket
hi offered there for agri
cultural machinery and fanning imple
ments.. When the Sqaeeac Will Come.
The people are not worrrioir much
now about the exactions of the hard '
coal trust, saya the Cleveland Leader, '
bnt the tquetze will come next winter. '
Prof. Guthrie Doubts Immortality of
Homer and Shakespeare.
Predict rvr l.llrrar bra Wklek
Will taut lata Ike llaekareaad
the l.enlu. uf tfca Laved
Homer and Shakespeare were
shaken from their high and lofty
pedestals in the immortal row of
claskio poets sud writers by Wil
liam Norman Guthrie, director of the
Cincininati conferences of art and lit
erature the other afternoon in a pub
lic lecture at the University of Chi
cago. Not only did1 the lecturer de
clare that these two peers in the
realm of literature w ere not immortal,
but he insisted1 to the astonishment
of his audience that be should be bit
terly disappointed if they were im
, mortal.
; According to Mr. Guthrie, who deliv
ered two lectures-the other afternoon
to crowded houses, there Is a bright
1 day coming fur the future man and
woman. They will be so far above and
beyond the tastes, feelings and intel
lectuality of the present-day reader
. that Homer, Shakespeare and other
' literary lights, dear to many genera
j tions, will no longer lie fit to read.
Shakespeare and Homer are ac-
knowledged by Mr. Guthrie to be great
I poets even supreme at the present
j tlm? -but he does not want to think
! that they are going to hold their
' place in the front rank of great lit
erary merit.
The penny novel came in for praise
when he said that he had a certain
amount of respect for people who
read the "penny dreadful," because it
Is the beginning of Imagination, It
is the lack of imagination In many
books that called forth criticism from
the lecturer.
The lecturer caused' quite a stir
among the women In the audience
when, in.jiresentinsr the Mfti that lit
erature to be understood must be
practiced, he said "the proper un
drstain!!r.g of this idea will kill the
idea that literature is a diversion for
a certain elnss of idle ladies.
lo some extent, he said, "litera
ture has been mistaught. because it
has been the only art which people
have trh'd to study without trying to
practice. If yon are going to study a
novel, write one: if n drama, write one.
I wrote six dramas, one after the
The art of reading has been lost, ac
cording to Mr. Guthrie. Students do
not know how to rend, because the'
do not know the agony with which
construction is effected. They never
will know until they. get their hands
In. N'o man, he said, can read verse
without being able to write it.
"Sugar-coated novels" are read by
a great many people, who would
never read them unless they con
tained a religious story or many moral
lessons, declaredi the lecturer.
"Inquisitlveness." he said', "is the
nntural feeling of n normal, healthy
body. If women are more inquisitive
than men, it is because they are more
healthy nnd have better appetites anc
Ml Penry. nnniclitrr of the Arctic
Explorer, Take the llnmr Alonn;
on Trip Townril Pole.
The Peary relief ship Windward
has come down the Hudson from
Xevvburg, where it has been refitted
with new boilers, and docked at Jer
sey City for supplies to take north.
Thirty tons of food supplies, con
sisting principally of canned goods
and cereals, were taken on board
and the boat started immediately on
the voyage to the north. '
Mrs. I'eary saw th ship off nnd
will iro north herself bv train to
Sydney, N. S., where the Windward
will stop to coal. Mrs. Pary, with
her daughter, will go aboard there
and go the rest of the voyage to
Cane Sabine, 79 decrees north, in
Ellsmere Land, where the relieving
party expects to find Lieut. Peary,
lie wilj return to the United States
with them. The daughter, Miss
Marie, is going to take along a ping
pong outfit and show her father and
the Eskimos how to play.
Nw Machine Which Cati the Oreem
Sward on Capitol Hill at
An automobile lawn mower has
been set to work on the greensward
of Capitol mil at Washington. The
new machine resembles both a steam
road roller and a steamboat whistle.
A hugs brass dome, surmounted with
a brass smokestack, is mounted on a
pair of rollers. Ahead of the front
roller is fixed a lawn mower mechan
ism, ever which sits the chaffeur.
The little machine puffs up the hills
and swings around and goes down
again, while the grass flies up In,
front like a green mountain. It cuts
about three times the amount of
grass that can be laid low by the old
one-horse machine, - which it super
seded. . The vadvantaga- which ia
claimed for the mower ia that the
roller passing over the ground after
he grass has been cut crushes down
the weeds and kills them.
Tl'ki Prafeatara Shaald Talk.
President Harper doea not propose
to muzzle his professors, but he In
aiata that they shall not talk here
after unless they have something to
say. This seems harsh, says the
Chicago Inter Ocean, but discipline
Is aa necessary in a great educational
institution aa it ia elsewhere.
The liniment bottle and flannel strip are
familiar objects in nearly e?rjr household.
They are the weapons that have been used for
generations to fight old Rheumatism, and are
about as enecuve in me oauic wununa gum y
A . t V, KI i, n derbn s of our forefathers
UIKaK Mi. -
would be in modern warfare.
Rheumatism is caused bv an
condition of the blood. It is filled with acrid, irritating matter that settle
in the joints, muscles and nerves, and liniments and oils nor nothing
else applied externally can dislodge these gritty, corroding particles. Ther
were deposited there by the blood and can be reached only through the blood.
Rubbing with liniments sometimes relieve temporarily the ache and
pains, but these are only symptoms which are liable to return with every
change of the weather; the real disease lies deeper, the blood and system
are infected. Rheumatism cannot be radically and permanently cured
nntil the blood has been purified, and no remedy does this so thoroughly
and promptly as S. S. S. It neutralizes the acids and sends a stream
exhilarating tonic. Our physicians will advise, without charge, all who
write about their case, and we will send free our special book on Rheumatism
and its treatment THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta. 6a.
Gov. Dockery Congratulates Missouri
Jeffereon City, Xov. 8. Governor
Dockery, commenting upon the re
sult of Inst Tuesday's election this
morning, had the following to Bay:
"I congratulate the Democracy of
Missouri upon the signal and over
whelming triumph of last Tuesday.
It was Waterloo, Sedan and Pultowa
all in one for the Republicans. The
Democracy carried the state, accord
ing to the careful estimate of Secre
tary Cook, byj a probable plurality
in excess of 4(,H)0, the largest
plurality recorded for the Democracy
since 1HH0. lloth houses of the lcir-
isluture are Democratic, and the Dia.
jority on joint ballot will mng4e
ttveen thirty and forty. Fifteen of
the sixteen congressmen elected are
Democrats. The school fund amend
ment lias undoubtedly received the
approval of the people by an em
phatic minority, lheee niostcrrati-
fving results have been achieved, al
though Missouri had the most dis
mal, dreary election day since the
election day of 1860. The honor of
the Ktate has been fully vindicated.
Missouri is a state of wonderful re
sources. It is a high honor to be in
trusted with the management of
such a glorious commonwealth. We
must still go forward in the main of
broad liberal and progressive poli
cies." To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Cromp Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's Big
nature is on each box. 25c.
Charged With Murder.
Pittsburg, November 8. Private
Arthur Wadsworth, Company A,
Eighteenth regiment, was arrested
this morning on a charge of having
murdered William Durham toShenan
doah, while the regiment was on duty
there during the strike. The case
was taken to the supreme court.
This is the first time a high legal
body has been asked to draw the line
Detween civil and military law. Na
tional guard officers put up the de
fense that Wadsworth killed the man
in the discharge of duty and upon
orders of his superior officer. The
decision in this case will effect the en
tire national guard of the country,
showing the status of state militia
and its powers when in the field.
White's Cream Vermifuge removes
the unhealthy tissue upon which
worms thrive: it brings, and ouicklv.
a healthy condition of body, where
worms cannot exist. Price, 25 cent.
ii. Xj. l ucfier.
Lynching Is Imminent
Anniston, Ala., November 8. The
state troops have been ordered out
here to prevent the lynching of a
negro who attacked Mrs.' Williams
and who is said to have been canght
near Anniston. A mob of 1.000 is at
the scene threatening ta burn the
negro. -
$100 Beward $100.
The readers ot this oam-r H11 V,- -i
, - - i - r " yieaa-
ed to learn that there It at least one
areaaea disease mat science ha been
able to cure In all its stages, and that it
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure It the
only potltlve cure known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitution
at dltease. reauirea. a r.ti..i
. , , W..IM Llllll.l
leatment. Hall's Ca-arrh Cure It Uaen
imernaiiy, acting directly upon 'the
blood and mucoot surfaces ot the tyt
tera. thereby destroying ik.
w j a . iviiuumgn
uslu " iuhuiuj up we constitution
and utlttlnjr nature in doing ht work
The proprietors have to much
a, a a III It
Ita curative powers, that they offer One
Hundred Dollata tor any caae that It
tana iw sura, ocuu ior ni ot testimon
ials. Address F. I. Civ , o -
Toledo, O. MrSold by druKsIa r'
add. BOUf
oi ncn, strong oiooa to uie auccicu pans, wuicu
dissolves and washes out all foreign materials, and the
auflerer obtains happy relief from the torturing pains.
S. S. S. contains no potash or other mineral, but
is a perfect vegetable blood purifier and most
Died After Being Elected.
.Tnnlin 1n Wit. fl I.,.lr. V XI
.viiiiu, inn,, ..w. v u iiiiu 4 :, ill.
Kedburn, 03 years old, died here this
morning. Judge Redburn was elect
ed circuit judge of Jasper county at
Tuesday's election. Monday he be
came ill from over exertion during
his campaign, but was aware of his
election before he died. He bad been
a candidate for office often in the last
twenty-five years, but Tuesday's vic
tory was the first he had ever woo.
In politics he was a Republican. It
will become necessary now to have a
special election in Jasper county to
elect another judge.
, ine Kind Yoi
1 he Kind You Haw Always BougM
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Sydney, N. S., Nov. 8,-Wireless
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marconi system, uccording to state
ments made here, where Marconi Is
conducting experiments.
Several wireless messages have
bees received on the experimenting
ship in this harbor from Cornwall,
England. The messages were all re
ceived in the Morse code and without
exception were completely taken.
Many people are suffering fearfully
from indigestion or dyspepsia, when
one single bottle of 11 erbice would
bring about a prompt and perma
nent cure. A few doses will do more
for a weak stomach than a prolonged
course of any other medicine. Price,
50 cents.-U. h. Tucker.
Tobacco Raisers Unite.
a. M . ...
Lexington, Ky., November 8. A
meeting of tobacco growers was held
here yesterday to further the growth
of the Tobacco Growers' association
of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.
When incorporated the association
will have 40,000 members and a
capital of $1, 000,000. The mem
bers pledge themselves to sell exclu
sively to the association, which agrees
to pay higher prices than the so-called
trust. The purpose of the organ
ization is to fight the trust. The
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Banker and Editor Fought
Joplln, Mo., No vT8.-A desperate
street fight is reported from Carter
ville, Mo., near here, in which W. B.
Kane, president of the First Natioa
al bank, and Henry Price, editor
the Daily Record, fought bitterly
aaaaauu. JL UD Bill
and banker met in front of a drag
store, where a political discussion
arose. The men were separated bj
friends. Both were badly bruised,
but neither was dangerously injured.
They used only their fists. Both are
men of strong personality and both
have many friends.
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southern Mexico. The vessel was at
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