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dishe. ri- I'-Kikirn, tei kettles, ranee kettles, cream pitchers, sugar bowls,
spoon ho.ir. triys, dipjiern, napkin rings, tc all in nickel plated copper.
They hp1 hit it Httnu'tive as any silverware and niwh better as they do
not tarnish and cm I ud on the stove, which would ruin silverware.
x.w..;i sal.-at DEACON BROS. & CO.'S
New York Club Skates.
Rochester nickel lu-l ten kettles, No. S, best in the world, $1.00 each.
AROl'T FILIX Slim taper or what yon call three cornered files, all one
price. .'1 to t! iin h, eiii-li cents.
0 inch mill, or what you call cross cut saw files each 10 cents.
10 inch mill .il.w h l-'tc. l for "J.") rents.
I i RAIN :;i t I 'o!i 1 si eel scoop, liest made.
No. Teai'h 7-"c No. 0 each 8"c
No. X each S0c No. 10 each 00c
No. 1 '2 each O.'c.
When sii k v m want the best physician, and
the liest physician requires the aid of the best
dniL'cist. l'lutruiiu-y is now a more exact
ing science than it used to be. New discov
ie. i,ew remedies and new ideas require the
hm nb-rti dnmgiwt to be up to date.
T!r is a thoroughly modern store. Hex
emplities nil that is latest and liest on the
professional side of pharmacy. Those who
tire careful in their driifr buying, who want
to It'll sivui'r, can tind Rood reasons for
brinciiid us I lii-ir prescriptions. We can till
them no matter by whom they were written.
Best Drug Store in Bates Co.
Butler, Mo.
f . D. Al'.rn .V Co., Proprietors.
TERMS O F-.Si;j'SC IPriONt !
The vVs.:ki Timk:- , published' every
'hursrlay, wit! be .-.enl to ny address
ne year, warp -rnl:'. fnr. St-no.
Judge Id Vrmutid him curried his
district In- n bout :..".00.
Hon. C. ('. Dickinson's nmiurity for
Senator in the district is about
The (ilolie-De tool-rut is figuring
out Republican gains, while the r -turns
show n Democratic plurality
of 44,0(10.
44, (too Democratic plurality in the
state, 'flint's awful; simply Is-nstly.
The (ilubc-lViiiiiri'ui Hill bo depend-
ed on to keep up its misrepreseiita
The close call to some of our ticket
should be a good lesson to all Demo
crats to be on their guard in the
future and not lie over confident.
Major C. C. Rainwater, a wealthy 1
citizen of St Louis, a prominent ex
Confederate in the State aud an in
fluential Democrat, died at his home
in that city on last Monday.
In New York city they have their
Republican supervisors of elections
but in the state where the Republi
cans control they dispense with su
pervisors and count out whatever
majorities are necessary to overcame
the city.
That was a magnificent fight the
New York City' Democracy put up.
One hundred thousand majority, for
greater New York, and yet the Re
publican machine has a way of count
ing for the up state any majority
that is necessary to overcome the
city vote.
liutwnat oi utraweiir bven the
Republican papers are poking fun at
bitn now. Review.
Like all renegades he bns lost the
respect aud confidence of all parties.
He is probably contented with his
Judas' reward, that "dignified sum,"
which, he donl t flatters himself Is
more than most traitors receive.
wu&&m4m-wmMm " pine ' m i j .
Nu'liiusr betr.T or more useful for Christmas gifts.
Call ami ie our new designs in Coffee and tea pots,
five o'clock teas, chafing dishes, soup tureens, soup
ladW, chaliiiir dishes, spoons, bakingdishes, butter
The Republican-Press sets up an
awful wail over its defeat and abues
Republicans who did not choose to
submit to its dictation, but smears
a gaub of taffy ou those Democrats
who through piqueor misrepresenta
tion were Induced" to" violate" Their
pnrty obligations and scratch their
tickets. The cry of "ring" wasridic-
ulouBTTiuTTFwas the only one left
them and they worked it to a frazzle.
Tmk Timks invited criticism of the
Democratic party's conduct of county
affairs, as that is the principle test
by which a party should lie judged.
I n the face of the magnificent party
record presented in this county, only
one course was left the Republicans
and that was a campaign of decep
tion. They played it und lost, now
they Hhould gracefully submit.
The room on the west side, uext to
Dr. Laimdown'H drug ftrofe, Is being
fitted upfor a new bakery and restau
rant. A modern front is lieing put
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood In your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
i ne moneys are your
blood purifiers, they fil
ter out the waste or
Impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fall to do
their work.
Pains, aches and rheu
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neerlected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working In pumping thick, Kldney-
potsonea Diooa tnrougn veins and arteries.
It used to, be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their, begin
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Sw&mp-Root, the great kidney remedy Is
soon realized. It stands the highest for Its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold on Its merits
bylldruggists In fifty
cent and one-dollar siz
es. You may have a
sample bottle by mail
Boa or Swamp-Boot.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out It you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing or. KUmec
& Co., Blnghamton, N. T,
This has been a good lesson to
Democrats of Bates county. It was
very fortunate that it was no more
serious than reducing the majorities.
The Republicans, however, lost their
golden opportunity. It was an off
year. There existed an apathy caus
ed by overconfldence in the Demo
cratic party. Sores were left from a
fiercely contested primary election,
and added to all was the worst
weather on election day for the past
'orty yearsr WeTiromiBenotir Repute
lican friends that they will not get
another such chance in many years
to come.
Henry E. Youteey, convicted and
now serving a term in the Kentucky
penitentiary for complicity in the
Goebel assassination, has made a
confession. This is in possession of
the State's at torney's office, who re
fuses to make it public. Youtsey is
the man who had possession of the
keys to the Secretary State's office,
who let the ntutiiHHin into the oftii'tt
and afterwards escaped through the
basement with the gun barrel down
his trouser's leg.
The latest revised returns from the
election held in this State show that
the Missouri Democrats have a
plurality of 41,07.1 These figures
are not entirely official, a few of the
counties, distant from telegraph and
railroad connections, tieing estimat
ed from the best information that
could be obtained.
The figures are close enough, how
ever, to plainly indicate that the
Democrats won a victory last Tues
day in this State that has not been
equaled in many years. Of this
plurulity, the State, outside of the
three principal cities, contributed
about 2(5,000.
Miss Nellie Austin is at home from
a protracted visit to friends iii 11!
nois and her brother, Ed. S. Austin's
family, in St. Louis.
A Commercial Club for the city Is
budly needed, and we hope to see
some of our live young business m n
take the initiation in that dirction.
Miss Taylor, of Springfield, sister
of Superintendent Taylor, has bten
selected by the board to succeed Mif s
Patterson, lately resigned. She is a
graduate of Drury College. -
The Ladies Aid Society of the M.
E. Church south will give Thnnksgiv
ing dinner, Nov. 27th, in the rooms
formerly accupied by county officers,
n Opera house block.
The bank at Richards was burglar
ized the last of the week, and tl e
burglars made uwoy with $1,700.
They made good tlieir escape and so
faruskuown the officers haven't even
a clew on which to work.
-LieutidwafueArmoTrd, U. S.
A., stationed at Ft. Sam Houston,
Tex , notified Judge and Mrs. DeAr
mond that they have anothergr..
son. 1 he little soldier came to bless
their home on Sunday, Nov. Oth,
A private letter from H. H. Flesher
conveys the information that he is
enjoying a splendid trade in his gro
cery business at Lamar, Mo. He
says he is becoming well established
and his family is well pleased.
J. A. Trimble, manager of the
Opera House, is furnishing his pa
trons with a good line of shows this
season. The negro minstrel on last
Tuesday evening was high grade and
furnished good laughs for the audi
ence. Circuit Court convened in the new
court house on Tuesday, with hie
honor, Judge Graves, on 'the bench
There is quite a large and interesting
docket this term. There are 26
divorce cases, one murder, seduction
one, four assaults, two burglaries,
one forgery, besides a large list of
civil cases. Court will probably last
well into lece ruber.
Alex. L. Cameron has opened a
barber shop in the Allen building; on
the south side square, which he re
cently purchased. The furnishings
are new throughout, with three
chairs. He invites a share of the
trade and guarantees satisfaction.
2 2t . "
The Harrisonville Leader, tells ol
the trade death of Mrs. Jake Smith,
who was burned to death at her
nome near Austin on Tuesday of last
week. She-was carrying aTlaiBp
across the room when ber clothing
caught on the rocker of a chair caus
ing the chair to re-bound and knock
the lamp from ber hand. In falling
the lamp exploded, saturating Mrs.
Smith's clothes withoil so that she
was fatall burned, death resulting
almost immediately, ' .
Faro tor Sale.
210 acres, 40 acres in cultivation,
40 acres in grass and balance tim
ber; good water. Three dwellirg
houses on place, three miles south of
Virginia. Eliza C. Witherspoon,
2 4t Butler R. F. D. No. 6.
Miss Appr Married.
Rich HiU Review.
Mr. Lindler, of Germany, is in the
eityrand teok-dinnenrith hirwifeat
Hotel Whitney to-dy. Mre.Lindler
is better known as Miss Appy. Hav
ing organized music classes in several
localities before her marriage, which
occurred some six months or so ago,
she concluded, as her husband was
obliged to be in Germany, to con
tinue teaching in her maiden name,
and to the lady's Rich Ilill acquaint
ances her marriage was a secret un
til to-day.
Watterson Booms Gorman.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 7. Ilemy
Watterson in the Courier-Jouruul
comes out for Arthur P. Gorman tor
President. In an editorial review of
the election result he says:
"The Iiemocratic party has a clear
field before it for 1004. In Mr. Gor
man, at least, it 1ms one national
leader of surpassing wisdom and ex
perietal, a IVmocrot from the crown
of his head to the soles of his feet.
He will presently resume his place in
the councils of tlienutiou. His words
should pass for much with every
thinking Democrat. He is not only
a wise man; he is au upright, courage
ous man, worth a dozen Hills or a
thousand lie vela nils. For the time
Ivntn.. ..t 1 t 1.. .... ...II. ..I &
I living, ni iruBb, ten ua rally uuout
Uormau, for whether he leads us to
victory or defeat he will not lead us
Bank Rubbers Were Foiled.
Seymour, Mo., Nov. 9. At 2 o'clock
this mottling a during but unsuccess
ful attempt was made by fivelwavily
armed men to rob the Hank of Sey
mour. The robbers blew the vault door
off with nitroglycerin, but after five
ineffectual attempts to open the sufe
by the same means, they jumped on
a section handcar near by aud left iu
the direction of Cedar Gap, near
where they abandoned the car and
took to the woods.
During the attempt, which lasted a
half-hour, citizens, aroused by the
explosion, were promptly driven off
the streets by the fire from the rob
bers on guard, and before any or
ganized resistance could be made
they had gone.
The furniture and fixtures of the
new h-ik building, the finest in this
sect..n the State, were badly
wrecked the repeated charges.
(' Q r .... :
It hi HI. b
11 'I
Price $1.00
CTJTICURA SOAP, to cleanse the ikfa
of Croats and scales and soften the thick
ened cuticle, CUTICUBA OmTHEHT,
to instantly allay Itching, inflamma
tion, and irritation, and soothe and teal,
to cool and cleanse the blood. A SINGLE
SET of these great skin curatives l
often sufficient to curt the most tortur
tnZt disfiguring, UtbiMJinming, bleed
Ing, crested, scaly, atift pimply akin,
scalp, and blood homotsrk, vita loss of
hair, when all els fails.
Millions of People
Usi Ccncmu Soap, asstated by Ctmctnu
Oiiciukxt, tor preMirtng, purifying, and
beautifying the skin, for cleansing the scalp
ot enula, scales, and dandruff, and th stop,
ping ot falling hair, for softening, whitening,
and soothing red, rough, and sore hands, tor ,
baby rashes, itching, and ohaflags, and for
all the purposes of the toilet, hath, and nurs
ery. Million! of Women use CCTICUE48oa.
"In the form of baths for annoylaw IsTttsSMns,
Inflam nations, and excoriations, e too
or offeulT pereplraUoD, In the. form ot
washes for nloentlve weaknesaes, and for
mnoy sanative, anttoeptlo purposes which
readily suggest themselves to women. -
CtmotrBA BnoiTm Pais (Chocouw
Coated) are a new, Uateleas, odorless, eco.
Domical substitute for the celebrated liquid -Citioi'ba
Kesoltbxt, as well as for all other
bloo'ljnirlflen and humour cures. In screw
cap rials, containing 60 doses, prfoe Ifio.
' SViK throaftlwat tkt woAe. SP, tt . Oinmart. 1
na JVaos a Caaav (Jcar, Sett tats BeMea,0. i.4
Dark Hair
I k .... n...4 Avrr'i Hair Viror
for a great many years, and al
though 1 am past eighty years or
age, yet I have not a gray hair in
Ceo. Yellott, Towson, Md.
We mean all that rich,
dark color your hair used
ToTuveTIF it's gray now,
no matter; for Ayer's
Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray-hair.
Sometimes it makes the
hair grow very heavy and
long; and it stops falling
of the hair, too.
tl.MlMk. All IninWv
If your dranltt cannot aunply yon,
end ut on dollar and we will expreaa
you a bottle. Be tun and ptre th name
of tout aeareet expreee oltire. Addreaa,
i. C AVtH CO., Lowell, llaaa.
Asleep Amid Flames.
Breaking into a blazing home,
some firemen lately dragged the
sleeping inmates from death. Fancier
security, and death near. It's that
way when you neglect coughs and
colds. Don't do it. Dr. King's New
Discovery for consumption gives per
fect protection agaiust all throat,
chest and lung troubles. Keep it
near, aud avoid suffei ing, death and
doctor's bills. A teaspoonful stops
a late cough, persistent use the most
stubborn. Harmless and nice tast
ing, it's guaranteed to satisfy bv 11.
L. Tucker. Price 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles free.
We recently closed out a bii lot of
Mens" High Grade Fleeced
The shirts are doutde-brested.
Shield front, heavy fleece lined
and are never sold for less than
50c from that ou up to C5c. Our
Price while they last, 0 Kp
For shirts aud drawers, only
That will convince you, as it has
many others that HILL'S CASH
underwear, is our Mens Heavy
velvet-fleeced shirts and drawers
that we are selling, for the 7Kf
suit ONLY 130
Aiau our.Ladies superior quality;
fleece lined vest and -pants, the
liest on earth for tho money. 00ft
)tPricejer garment DN
Our Ludies Union Suits at.
cannot liedup icated anywhere
for less than 50c.
c just received direct from
.ueinilla big line of Blankets.
See what a fine pair of t hem yon
can buy at Hill's Cash Store '
for ON
: 'dieh large si.
L itiful combina
of colors,
ally sold lor J5 40c,
ar Price ONLY
Urn error
Childrens School .iods, ex- OCa
tra good ones, ( ' tiY
To suit everyone in price, style
and quality. We have a very
largi' line of them. A Stylish OQft
Pair for ONLY b
Mens $1 duck coat only 75c
AH 50c gloves at 39c
25c gloves at 5c
25c winter caps for , 8c
50c winter caps for 38c
75c "winter caps for 50c
$1.00 winter caps for 75c
Mens wool hats only 25c
$1.25 far hats only ' 98c
$2 fur hats only $,43
Boys hats from 25c up.
,To make room fur our line of
We are offering BIG BARGAINS
in Glassware, Chinaware and
Tinware. It -will pay yon'to" Tmy
. while they are so cheap.
Remember we will have the finest
line of Holiday Goods ever shown
In Butler.
II. Loeb 4 Bro., Rich Hill, Mo., will
have an auction sale of Registered
and high grade Hereford cattle on
Monday, November 17th. For par
ticulars write for sale bill.
l-2t H. LOEB A BRO.
Amalgamation is Certain, Say
bishop John Ireland.
New York,- Nov,-l 1; I n speaking
at the banquet of the Minnesota -society
here, Archbfshop Ireland ex
pressed the belief that Canada event
ually will tie under the domain of the
United States. The transition, he
said, would come without conquest
or war.
After telling of the growth of
America in comparison with other
great nations, the archbishop said:
"Within a few years the commerce
of the states on the Pacific coast will
equal that of those on the Atlantic.
The development of the lands to the
East, the West, the North and the
South is going on more rapidly and
safely than ever before, end f are
reaping and will continue to
benefits. From the East the nio
ment will be westward to that
tion, and from the West eastward t
the same destination.
"I do not want to be bellicose, but
lsay this for myself: As sure us fate,
although you and I may not see it,
the Btarry banner will wave mistress
over all the territory from the gulf
to the bay. There will lie no con
quest, no war. The hearts across
the border are already beating with
love for us, aud commerce aud agri
culture are calling for espousals."
Reason for the increase of the pow
er of the United States the archbish
op found In the universal liberty en
joyed by the citizens. He said that
he hud the greatest confidence in the
perpetuity o! America as the home of
human liberty, and what every
American needs so insure this is con-
sciousntss of one's own rights, whic
should be demanded and sustain
and, secondly, a respect of the ri
of others, and an inclination tcrhelp
them to widen every opportunity.
Mr. Hay Passed the Sugar.
Washington, Nov. 11. A story
th it will indicate the true democracy
of John Hay, Secretary of State, is
being told by some of the Secretary's
friends. According to this story a
few weeks ago a Washington man
who was waiting in the Pennsylvania
station at Jersey City strolled
thr u Ji the lunch room and to his
J su rise discovered the Secretary of
Sta t erched lying stool
disi 'i 'ng a railroa j ich, with
a on I
ss only possi
'er long
diplomatic tn
V right sat
( Presently he
rather dirty paw o
t the Secretary of Sr
"Shv -
''er Ot
,pcv is-s
8 Sale.
By virtue a. athorlty of a trsnaoiipt
exeontion It rom the office of the clerk of
the clmil ttof Bates Co. Mo., returnable
at the November term. liX. of aald oourt. to
me dlrecte ; in faVor of R. Bryant and S. A.
Mo l'anlcl and aysliml s. b. bhelb and
N. Shi iby. I have levied and seised upon aU
tne right, Utia. Interest and oialm of defend
ants. B.G. Shelby ana K. N t-helby, tn
and to the ft.ib.wlng descilbed real estate
situated In Bales county Missouri, to-wit:
The east hair of seotion sen a the west
half or the nort h wet t quarter and the south-
west quarter of tnlion eight, la towashln
forty -one. rne tblriy.two, also the aorth-
eas-quarter of seotlon seven, the northwest
AnMUr !ind th. v. . V. . r -u- :
quarter and the noith half or the soachitest
ni.art.pnf imiiIab al K .11 i . . . .
- - - - - -1 in tuwasnip lurtr
Saturday, Deoember 6. 1002,
between the hours of nine o'olook la the fo
Soon and Ave o'clock In the afternoon of f
ay at the w st front door of the conrt hof
tn the elty of Butler. Bates county, Ulasd.
required at imbllc veadue, to the highestlild;
u. r lor cash, to satisfy aald edition aad
eosts. JOB. T SMITH
S-t Sheriff of Bates County," Mo.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue and authority of a general exeeu-
t ion Uaued from the ofllceoltbi olerk of the
rlrei.lt nrart ol Bates Countv, Missouri, re
turnable at the Noremberterm, lftT oVeahl
onurt, to me directed la favor oi i t Mud
an.t .against Joseph S. Heeder. 1 have
levied and seized upon all the right, u-
i.i .Ie,!?d tlVm 01 "lA dereadan. ,
a S. !! R-1er. In and to lha following
iTsSoml to?wltt-U ,llntd lB BMei Csy"
North halfol the southesst Quarter of aee
on nine (). township foi-ow (41), rtSS.'
thirty-one (SI) Iwlll'oa
Saturday, Deoeaoer S 1901,
between the boura of alas o'clock la the for. "
l ii. ii. -n'i door of ,he house, .
to the city of Butler, Bates county, Missouri,
sell th. same, or so naeh thereof aa may be
. .u utvBnoa ana
eoete Jiik. t buitii
Sheriff of Bates Oounty, Mo.
vs w DVNOfi m
KYlttAA 1st tssawK a . W
iMrttiOB upon b of WUJM h1
QiKlerlffiiiMl on U th IwJ nw1
Ail persons having claims against aald aa-
tate. are required to exhibit them T rot
.V ibf llrator wila Vm vJIt
"s date of aald letters, or t her atsv N .
P;10' from any busot of aald a3uK US
If such claims be aot exhibited wTSiT 1
IX? UT", ''ofthla puwo" SS
will be foreyer barred. Tnr 7-
a r I

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