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- XO. :? -
Former Butler Boy in a Disreputable
Kansas City 8tar, 18th.
Thomas W. Sellers, a printer, was
fined $ 300 this morning in police
court for having beaten his wife, Em-
in a.
Tie wiTTbe in the workhouse one
year unless he pays.
Sellers was employed In a printing
J office on Delaware street. His wife
'CWed in an office In the New Ridge
? building nd also did her own house
' wo. k. SI,., ,v ,h Infer than usual last
Thursibn' evening so thut when her I
husband i-.-jwl) ...J mtim supper was
nol rfi!y i;:'mi'ili ite-ly he became
tUTilir '1. be-' it ' f" ir'fil l;ievi'S
were bruised bl.tek uiuj Mue, put two
ofh.rsi!k-sLirts ,.d three waists
in , ...i i.i, k
ing a few pieces of furniture. Mrs.
Sellers escaped from the house, 911
Charlotte street and ran to police
headquarters for protection. She re-
mained that night with Mrs. Patti
Moore, the police matron, and before
leaving said sbo was afraid to have
her husband arrested. But t he police
had no such delicate scruples and
Sellers was arrested Saturday even
ing and held in default of $100 cash
Sellers' testimony in police court
was something out of the ordinary.
IJsuallj the most hardened wife
eater expresses contrition and says
. '. Jbvs temper got the better of his judg-
V ment. Not so Tom Sellers.
. I'l think 1 was perfectly justifled.in
', doing as I did," he declared.
'What's that?" demanded the city
attorney in amazement, "you. think
you were justified in beating this
little woman and in burning her
. 'Yea sir, I do. When I came home
Bhe had Just reached there. Supper
- wa not ready. She said she had
- been delayed by extra work. She
;was sick, but I thought she had been
'drinking. Then J got my 'Irish' up
and you know the rest."
V . Five or sfx persons, one of whom
Ciad known Mrs. Sellers for twenty
f yean, testified to her good character
anJ reputation. Judge Brady then
..fined Sellers $300.'
The Missouri State Sank has a
f - .Marge amount of idle money to loan.
Parties wanting to buy stock or de
v siring money for other purposes can
v rbe accommodated.. 51-tf
We are showing all new, fresh goods,-KtylUh cuts, lirst cla.es
qualities and each shoe guaranteed.
The best assortment of underwear in the county. Only
good, reliable goods and the very lowest prices. We call
especial attention to our ladies vests and pants at 25c
They compare favorably with many garments at 40c and 45c.
When you buy Topsy brand, you are getting tht BEST
Hosiery, which gives service and retains the colors.
8 l-3c a pair up.
We are selling standard calicoes and L.L. miiblin for 2 -2c
a yard.
Come and see us. We want your business.
Farmers Lead in Lower House
of Next General Assembly.
Democrats Have a Majority of 43 on
Joint Ballot.
Jtfferson City, Mo., Nov. 14. An
unofficial roster of the senate and
I , o . . . . ,
, J K 1
T i 7 f I ?" wf con,P,Ied
JTfJ y? f fetate
I ' , ? " W1B P"hU"'
nee auuress, pontics nwi occupation
of each member of either body.
The roster ehons I rtv-tbn e fnrm
era rind ihirty-right lawyers in ihe
f 1 iM'.ii l 1 .nun
tu ' '
1 "77"
vanoU8 callings. In the Senate law-
yers are in the majority, thejoster
showing twenty-two.
Of these the Democrats have 20 in
the Senate and the Republicans 8.
In the House the Democrats have 83
and the Republicans 58. However,
three Democratic members of the
House from St. Louis are placed in
doubt by Mr. Cook, as their election
is based thus far on police report.
:",y!ock was the man who
; ted a pound of human
.'.. There arc many
ylocks' now, the convales--it,
thi consumptive, the
Vy chili; the pale young
n in, all want human flesh
1 tl'.ey can get it take
: U' i.nulsion.
5 .oUV. Emulsion is flesh
; I b'.oo'X bone and muscle,
the nerves, strengthens
-tttive-organs and tjiey
d the whole body.
For nenrly thirty ; years
iron's Emu!.c!on has been the
cat giver of human flesh.
We will send you a couple of ,
ounces free.
SCOTT BOWNE. Chemist. .'
409-413 Pearl Street. NawYort
oc and turn ; U1 drnjopau.
But Is " 'generally Ml'ved that they
are elected.
This gives the lcniocrats a major
ity of 1(? in the Semite and '27 in tl,
House, making a Democ ratic major
lty on joint ballot of 43.
It will be of interest toMissouriars,
w ho have for some time endured a
lobster organ's palpably slanderous
cries of Democratic fraud, to observe
just what a chaste- Republican ad
ministration will do when it has free
and uninterrupted Bway which it
has iti Philadelphia.
The outside world 1ms long been
convinced thut Philadelphia present
ed a specimen of ring rule scarce) v
rivaled in the annals of corruption.
Commenting upon the frauds in
last week's election the Now York
Evening Post says:
Iu 1900 McKmly reci ived 1,738
votes iu the Third Ward. This is a
quarter of tin? city where the nonula
tion uiujiuishes year by year, rathf r
thau increases, yet the returns gave
-L'emiypncker .i.o jt) vote, more than
double the number received by Ale.
Kiuley two years before. In the
Fifth Ward, which is also oue of sta
tionary population. McKinlty receiv
ed 1.0G7 votes iu H00. wliile Pcntiv
packer is credited with 5,170 this
year. The total vote in these two
wards in 1900 wns 5,470. The total
vote as given this year is 9,500, an
increase of more than 4,000 Such
unblushing frauds speak for them
fni T-i .1 t. .
iuese nepuoncan "gams wen-
made without anv Democratic loasc:
in fact the Democratic vote was
stronger than at the last Presidential
election. Philadelphia papers say
that 110 effort is made at conceal
ment, but that fraud is the open
boast of Republicans,. The total of
fraudulent votes is placed at eighty
thousand by a Pennsylvania Repuo
lican paper.
To enrich the gang at the expense
of government is the leading princi
ple of the Philadelphia ring.' Laws
are pervrted, everything available
ia subsidized, franchises and favors
are sold at fixed rates.
One or two characteristic instances,
moreT particularly resembling the
deeds of the n-cent St. Louis boodle
gangs, serve to illustrate the ring's
cha a?ter. These are but a few of
the instance openly discussed by
Philadelphia citizens.
John Waua maker is said to have
offered to pny two million dollars in-i
to the city treasury for the use of the
city in consideration of a certain
street railwaj franchise; bnt theine
lawmakers declined hi, Btraightfor- j
ward proposal utid aubequtntly manuf nturers, while wholly omitti: g
granted the identical frauchise to others and pursue the like discrini
parties, free of any charge whatever inating course towards ordinary
orauy benefit to the city, j sellers of vinous liquors, so that,
Not long ago a large manufacturer 'should the contention of the state be
discovered that his goods were lieing ( correct, that the act being in vetti
imitate! and a spurious art it If sold gated ia only a police regulation,
to the public. The crime was traced' still, even under that view, tin act
to a policy -shop keeper whom the stauda condemned for it lack of uni
police refused to proseeut because-, . fonnity. Tlie state undertakes by
theysaid.h was the biggi st '"he !
er" in his ward. But they tid prose
cute an innocent man who, for n con
sideration, agreed to stand triHl for
t bet rime au i lake whatev(r'Uiet:te
hhould U jiiveu hiin. At the trial
the policy-shop man appeared as
chief witness for the State.
K lias not U-en a great while since
a wealthy I'hiladelphian's handsome
silk lined overcoat was stolen at, a
ball. The offender in this case prov
ed to be a city magistrate. One by
one six other magistrates were re
quested to issue a warrant churning
him with the theft. They stood by
him to a man, refusing the warrant;
and the 'incident was closed.
' Ticis is the sort of Republics, ism
that has triumphed in Pennsylvania.
Holier than thou" Republican may
obreive w lint their brethreu ure do
ing while the local gang oran can
console iiMlf with the fact that,
though defeated in St. Louis, the
hood!" machine is thiivitigelseivhere.
-St. Lou!'. Republic,
- T H E H I S K f. Y" T A Xl X V A LI
ludgc Craves' Decision Affirmed
the Missouri Supreme Court
En Banc.
Jefferson City, Nov. 1 "2. Judge
Sheruooil, in mi opinion in supivnte
court en Uitii', this morning knoel -
ed out the state whisky tax law The
court C"clares that the law is solely
a revenue measure, un l without uni
fonnity in any particular. The lan
guage of the court on this point i:
We hold the emergency clause iu
this instance as conclusive evidence
of the legislative purpose and that
purpose-revenue. Evwy symptom f
of the questioned net points toward
revenue and not towards regulation
me saloon keeper under this net
sells iiis beverages as was his wnt
before, without let or hindrance, ex
cept 011 such terms its the uct pro
vines. 1 lien are no provisions
looking to any inspection of liquor
sold across the bar, nor nny other
safeuiiardinu of the nublio morals.
but at every turn the act has sim
ply u.'iii so 1 ly a revenue aspeit. Even
the stamps issued pursuant to this
act and signed by the state treasurer
eon'iri'i this view, ior on them in
printed: "Act approved April 17,
1901, taxing distilled liquors ten
cents per gallon."
Many a garrison has been forced to
give up the filit and hang out tlie white
llag of surrender, when lack of food has
weakened the men past all power to
continue the struggle.
juany a man is
Similarly starved
out of business.
His digestion is
impaired. H i
food does not
nourish him, and
for lack of
treneth to carry on
tbe struggle be turns
his store over to an
other. Dr. rierce'a Golden
Medical Discovery
cures diseases of the
stomach and otlter or
gans of digestion and
nutrition. It restores
strength to weak, nerv
ous, run-down men and
"About ten veara ago I
befrau to be atHictcd with
tomch trouble, also diar
rhea." writes Mr. Wra.
Wnltt, of Antrim, Ma
In warm weather it irrew
worse, until it would throw
me into cramping chill.
Wa tmuhlnl an nftn fh
remedies, but ther gave
onlf temporary relief. In
November, 1699. thought I
would trr Doctor Pierce's
Golden Medical Disoovenr.
Jif V0"1 ai fiveintuccessloo, then
thought I would wait for a time and.uk the
one left. Soon found I had symptoms of the
trouble coming back, so took the sixth bottle
tna..2 m- 1 hr enjoyed the best of
health this summer, and tbe credit all belongs
to your "Golden Medicnl Discoverv.' I cau l
express my many thanks to Dr. Pierce for hi
remedy, for it did so much for me. Words can-
"w mprra now wevereiy i suffered, -"
If acy doubt the above statement let them
nilrM m and t tarill a-l. .
"""It ' P " M
! this a-t, to compel those who nianu
i.iaure liquors !or sale in the state
to pay a tx of ten cents per gallon,
yet from manufacturers who nianu
fieturv iu this state liquors f.ir sale
in other states, iiu tax is demanded,
and in so doing, the act v'olates the
portion of the fourteenth ntnend-
ment to the f.'deral constitution
which guarantees; to each citizen of
the Cnited States and of each partii
ular state the equal protection of
thelnw. We, therefore, are of the
opinion thut the act in question.
violating as it does, the rule of
uniformity preserved by the tjnsti
tdtion, it is altogether invalid.
The rase decided wns that of Paul
Heiigseh, a whisky dealer ut Rut ler,
Rates county. It was a test case.
Judge Craves, of the circuit court of
Rates county declared theaet uncon
stitutional and void nearly a year
ago an 1 the state appealed to the
supreme court, where the ease bus
been pending. It was the decision of
Judge draws that tin supreme
court en ! 1 in- niiirm-d this nmriring
in tie.. kiiigouTthe law. This action
"f the court declaring the law iitc-ou.
siitutional leaves Thomas J. Martin
w. j has t en sp 'ci'il whisky coin
missio" TMnee the law begun to be
etil'oi.i,., without a sia job. Chief
J uni.-.. Vine ,.i , !.,. ..;.,,,
concur in The ; inioii . ith J . Ige
Sherwood. Judgn Marshall coiieiirs
in hoi ling the act unconstitutional
and hence concurs iu the result.
Judge rirncp concurs " because th.-'
title of the act does not conform to I
the requirements of the state consti
tution. Judge (iantt concurs be
cause the title of the act is mislead
ingand holds that the information
filed against IUnsch in thiscasewas
iusulticient to n-urrant a ause-f
ilrn. Viit.-r I.uj.'lierty, cf Carrol
county, Mo . idimnitteil r-uit!' y
shootii; litTfi-lf with a HliKtuint h
fnv tlayn ti'o. FonrniontliH an Iur
liusbaii"! f?uici. )! ly tukitu; mor
piiitip. Tcu iikin. riAiihs or I'm t ation
EiiiCATidVAL . f KAins:
You ar? ariifstly reijuextfil to at
teml the Itatt s I'oniity tearlu rsiin et
insto 1 lielil at Iiutlr, .Mn , in WV-t
School liuiiiiii'sj on Friiinv aini Sat-i
unlay, Soy. Ui1 2U, i:iu2. U
wiuiiatcuii interosniitf atlil li.etrilc- '
. . . . 1 1 i , . ,
eive Irngrtll, winch Will fHul.-CUt-P. l
by some of tlip leailiiijr eilin-ntnr of t
rnir riiiintv
uur lillllll .
WeunhiratihRlj reconi men. 1 tl.Ht i
a A teaelierd who can tlo so. toatteml i
the meeting at SiriiiptiilJ. which will
bein fotsion at the eame time, imt as
a large number of teachers will beun- J
able to do this, we recommend that
all Uoarili of Education allow their
teachers their regular wages for Fri
day, Nov. 2$; provided, they attend
one of these meetings.
The meetitik to be called to order
at 1 p. m. Friday.
Address of Welcome rrof. L. It.
ReFponee Wni. Seigenthnler.
Library iu Rural Schools Thomas
General discussion.
Nature Work in School Prof. J.
If. Etter.
Discussed by Prof. Ed. Thornburgh
and Miss Emma Casnity.
raper, -.Morality inDur"
Schools Prof. A. II. Rej nold, follow-,'
r. , r . , L
The Advantage of Central Hitrh
School-Profs. A. I. Ives and M.
Gragg.' i
sATrRPAY afternoon.
x. , . r - t i ..
Needed Legislation-Jachiu Har-
Discucsed bv Miss Fanuie Grider
and T. J. Wheeler.
County Snpervision-T. L. Davis
anil f'liad Vh ri IUnt.hlltfn
General discussion. ;
, II. 0. Maxey, Com. j
Hon ring the Tress.
Washington. Nov. 14 Edwi.rd J.
I.iveriiash, t!io defeated Julius
Knhn for ci.iigrosn in a strong I!.
puiilican district in San Frami-m, is
it rcportron a newspaper owned bv
William R lleart, of the. New York
Journal. Ueu-t leat Congressman
Relmoiit of rav horse fame, for the
Tainniany !. mi mi ion in a safe Item
o ratic district in Xew York. Thus
editor and feporter will sit side bv
- Lj 1 .
as pc-rx in t tie next hous..
Over-Work Weakens
, Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blcoi i:. your body paver throujh
your kidneys ence every thrsa minutej.
ft 1 he kiuneys are your
tcr cut she 'vave sr
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or oat
cf order, ihey fail to io
t!-.jir work.
I- iiins, achesar.d rhs
ma:is:n come f;j:n tx
cc.s cf uric in 'he
blood, due to neflej-.i
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble caures quick cr ur.seaJy
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had hear: fouMe, becaute the heart Is
over-workinj in pumping thick, itidnsy
poisoned bloc : .;-. ough veins and a-'e ri;s.
It used to te c .nsidered that only urinary
troubles were to te traced to the kidneys,
but now mcderr, s;ienM proves thit nearly
all constitution diseases have shf'r begin
ning in kidney tr.uble.
If you are 1; k you can rr.aka no miauke
by first doctor!:-;: your kldnevs. The r.ild
and the extrao :nary et'e.-t M Dr. Kil-rer's
Swamp-Root. ;He f;rei4t kiinev r;:n-dy is
soon realized. ! s-.ands the hijht.-t (;r as
wonderful c-k; f the r.:g dii'.rai..r. j c
and is sold cn iir "-.erits ft--.'""
cent and one-: . .r sic- ts. . r--.
es. rou ma.- iuve a
rampie oov.ii ! man iiiwo .f .i h t.
fr;e. ah'O par;::-.,-, lellin? you ho-v to f:nd
out if you hv.- i.dr.ey or bladder triui-ie.
Mention this paper when writing Cr. Kilmet
& Co., Bint'hamton. N. Y.
li -.-alii In rartition.
in h-r-hv i,iv. n Unit nmler mi I by :r-
iua.il' by tin- .' r. M.t ci nrl at linnn rmi. it
Ml'-Oliri. at llif ri'L-nlar
n- "I n urrri f 11 :iriMlitll nil, I iir.l. . ..r
"'' mi'i .f 'uri. luilm isju. .f I, I MiV.ns'ii
r.i:.i.i.i . : iiKwir... ,iniiiLirn, . t h rk
Sllll I nrillllll- ' i u Vlim.r lAi.,.i
( I-111 W ix hi niiv, Hi'iiinmiii f'. w, nnil K:i-
W.x lMswit,. I! M. tux, v:li W,x, Ml,,,,,,.
I li,iina.4 I, '.ivii i Cho'-lm hi
laoii'i. A J;nrl. hart, di-ri-mlaiits, am! it. m'
thijnty in mi- v n l by said liTr-r and nn
order of a .-.rli li.-.l i-opv of wlil. h bh i...
ivi-rril to me en 11 c Irtti da of Nmvi 11 b r I 'l
1 willou
alunlny, Di'reinber 1", MrJ,
hi- himniil llo'eliwll In ThP fnr.m.Ai.
aii iivi' o rliK-k In thn alti rniKiii of dial
.1 1.1.- nrriiruiiinoorot inernur. house ,n
t it- cliy nf Hiitl-r. ernintv or Hatrn an t slat, of
Miourl, di-ll t.. tlii'iii-hKHt biil.l.T l..r i-afli in
liaiiit, tin' follnvi .k l.-wril.fil rml - an- iye
ami brinir situat.. in the count v .r ii ii... ', ,,.1
.lull' of Miiai'iir: . tn-it.
I In-south hull or lot two (2) or 1 he iv.rli -at
uart.-r ol M-r;ii ,1 w.-n 171. town-i,.., 11, .
11 tie , .'I:.;, rah);i- tvi.it-iiim. c-.n.
"ik 1 vini,
ft -li"tilTiir Hali'sConi, !),.-;.,
v ShT-rxaleiti l..rtit!nn. " '
Noli.'.-i.-Ii, 1-. !. ivi n iliat iiii.l' T ;.i..i l. . r
tiir of a ill 'Tn- i, .- rii-t.-it 111 ! or I r of -ale
nia li. Iiy tin-l ire lit court ut Hat-icoiiiitv, ! .
fouri, ai tlie r';;l.ir .vi miii r ', r:ii, I'..-- cf
fanl I'ouit, in it;.- . a.ol'.l 11 K M.uta.i anil "111-ii"-t
Morgan In-u.li', Uill.mi, . u,reHn mvt
KllMl .llHII ll ' Will'. OC.?r . UH
Mia Morgan hi. -a if.-, ii tiaf'saml li (.aim
lier huilinml, Annn lulinin ami v 1,: .li lm-oi,
btTliusbam!, .1.1:111 K. Morgan and KM a More an
liiiuili-, l.anniT v."ornan mil M;ii,,,ali ,or
lian his uil't', .Varum C. Mm van and ...In M0r
Kiin lii h Hi-ai.il 1 oiiiad i!n',Mi,:in, iviinnff- vn
li. 1; llaruv. II anil . K. Unvall, II K I; r.
.l fiJ .( n. I'.ivall, a linn .l.initf biiiiii.
nn.li r the niiim--!' 1 n 11 t'ereivnl ili fer.)-
""--i'"' an.l an..: rral-nl
' i !' 'i in a'H
a i' ri.il, i 101 or
n,rii ttaHiieu . ren to iiu
November, I'..::, i ill
tnr'iv, n,,- ii,..r -.mi. voj,
I...I.I ....n ll.u ..... ..
, , """ loriiiorn
an. .. o'e iN-k ii. ii mt, rn.w,.. ..i- .k i i..
e!1,;!. tTvJtlZ'
: ,,i,:'".1" ,-"i I'l.tiie for eB-n in hn,i
ii.' iiiiiowinic He-, rilieil real rriale lyinK an.l
'' aim s'ate
ol Missouri, tu-u-it:
I he northwt . iiarterorthe purthtreit iivar
ter and the et iinlfnf the mirilieast iiuiirter
of the t orthwes- .(uarter or n-i lum tweni - x
(i1'. , townehip for:y (4n), ranjre ihirtv-three it,
.h k : . m nn
t "herilTot l:ate ( ounty, Vo.
Rig bargains can lie had at Wil
litinis RroH. Iioth in fire scorched
goods and new goods that were not
iu tbe tire.
We have lots of scorched -roods
and buggies that are not burnt
: much, which you chu buy from us at
a song. We willjelf you new imple
I'liiJi.. mpnts and "tiew liuiyiriei nt, '"ilmnt
wholesale prices, for cash, and as
TrtiilC is almtMit hert it will; ay you
i. " n-. , . 3
" "Z lt" nn
re nfe, considerable raoDey to
our new two story brick ware-
house on the burnt lot.
vow , vnil t. .
. iui uniajua,
y"''dthe goods, we need the
money, but you will have to conm at
OME if nm iret .t,hm ti.
' . .
Yours Truly,

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