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The Butler weekly times. (Butler, Mo.) 1881-1918, November 20, 1902, Image 3

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Harness and
Wagon H.rnes flO to 30; Single Harness $7 to 23; Second-hand Harness ?'i to 1 ." ; Saddles, h!1 style
ni prices. Bugs, Tops, Cushions, Wagon Sheets aud Hows. Our Vehicles nrw the latest in deign ami painting.
Come nil us; get our prices and you will surely triple with McFAl!l..VNI Ul S., Butler, Mo.
1 Worth of
la order to Introduce it to the pnbllo,
namely i
On oopy Lake Park Sobottiacha prloe S0
One op j Enraptured Walta, price &"e
One copy Vapor City Two-8tip Mirch, price Mo
One oopy Weltiiinr March, price ..two
One oopy Kaylor Km'. 8cliottlec.be, prloe .. Mo
One copy of the latent eong, entitled, "If
Only the RlKht Step la Taken," Wo
For $1.00 we will tend to any addreaa,
poatpald, the above nuislo It li all brand
new, between third and fourth grade. Your
money back If not atiaractory. Addrrea all
ordera te
Munlo Fubltahera, Xivada, MO.
ORDER NOW. Vernon Co.
i nui ni i Li' in i i n i iv
luii nniw iu oil luuio
via the Missouri Pacific Railway, Ac
count Fall Festivities,
Tim? annual Horse Show will take
place in the Exposition Coliseum
t from November ilrd to Nth.incluMve.
In addition to these attractions
V there will be running races daily on
the mile track at the Fair (iround
nd base, ball games lietween tennis
ot the Ann rim i) and National
Leagues on t heir respective grounds.
An excellent, opportunity will bo
offered to Bet? the Worlds b air sire
and the progress made on the build
ingsfor the grout internattonnlexpo
sition of 19(11.
See local agent for detailed infor
mation as to rates tic kets, etc
r tieu'l Pass'r find Ticket Agt7
t St. Louis. Mn.
via the Missouri Pacific Railway, Ac-
ciunt Fall Festivities,
Which include the Great St. Louis
Pn! ...!,;,. I, ina ln Olio in nraml.
imireant: Street Fair and Carnivul;
horseraces daily by the best thor
oughbreds in the country and base
''bill giims lietweeh teams of the
Anient an ,i.t Xa'ioifil Leagues.
All v. mh .I'.i i. . ctt ber nnd t'
first viii I. i ""Vi n I cr.
A-kyi i.r . i! !t -cT,t for detailed
f raiaiinii o.. i i ho. World's
r.-.ii Ci v !l. I'. I nwsr.v.
II I i .IS:. I .1
.1 I .' ..
Sr. Lou;, .vi.
A M,st Liunal Offer.
All our lam f r ittiiitrp should tak
advantageof Hie unprecedented club
bing offer we this year make, which
includes with this paper The Live
Stock Indicator, its special Farmers'
nstltute ErTiTTons and i tie roultry
Farmer. These three publications
are the best of their cluss and should
be in every farm home. To them we
add, for local, county and general
news, our own paper, and make the
price of the four one year ouly $1 2
Never before was so much suprii r
reading matter offered for so small
an amount of money. The three pa
pers named, which w club with onr
own, are well known throughout the
West and rommeml themselves to
the reader's favorable uttention tip-
l mere mention, ii,jive mock
idirntor is the croat njrriculinrni
and livejrtock naner of the West, and
Southwest; The Poultry Farmer fp
the most practical nonltry paper fo
the farmer, while The Special Farn -ers'
Institute Editions jre the tvv't
practical publico. Hon- for theprom
tion of irood fnrminir ever pnhlisbM
fnle ndvnntfljie if this jtrefl offer
as it will hold pond for a short Hire
only. Samples nf tbee papers may
be examined by calling at this nffi'e,
R m
All elapses of diswtavjaceaslally4
treated. Consultation andexamina
tion free. Offli-e over Postoffice
Dotler, Mo.
J; G. FLEfc NOK,
Live Stock a Specialty.
; ' Write me before making date. '
Women and Jewels.
Jewels, randy, flowers, man t tint
is the order of a woman's preferenees.
Jewels form a magnet of mighty
power to the average1 woman. liven
that ureatest of nil jewels, health, is
ruinpd in the strenuous efforts to
make or save the money to purchase
them. If. a woman will risk her
health to pet a coveted pern, then let
j her fortify herself against the insid
ious consequences of coughs, colds
I and bronchial affections by the reg
ular use of Dr. llosehee's German
Syrup It will promptly arrest con
sumption in its early stapes nnd heal
the affected lungs and bronchial
tulies and, drive the dread disease
from the system. It iH not a cure-all
but itls a certain cure for coughs,
colds and till bronchial troubles. You
ran get Dr. CI. (i. (irren's reliable
reined ies at any drugstore,
c-o-w (Jet tireen's Special Almanac.
A Most Liberal Offer.
The St. Louis Mirror is a twenty
eight page paper, in magazine form,
edited by William Marion Reedy, as
Hinted by a, staff of e.ontributnrsenni
prising the liest, writers nnd literary
authorities ou till current subjects,
social, religious, scientific. financial,
literary or artistic.
The Mirror is weekly review nf
men and affairs; n treasury of short
stories nnd good pnetrv; a paper in
which th best bonks, liest, pluvs and
liest music are ably reviewed, and nil
topics of contemporary interest, are
given careful attention It is the up-to-date
paper for Hie merchant, the
student, the politician, as well as for
If you will send us 10c, in silver or
stamps, we will mail the Mirror tr
your address for ten weeks.
The Mi!!ror.
St T.nuis, Mo
,! . IT' !.'.
lyvhl v inl in ' oil v of i i fx-. ''on f t
i' lsbued i ,o u ilc- oflie.e of th' olei k I In
e r alt curt of lia'ec county. Ml- oarl, reluru
bl If at hf Nnvpni'KrtBrm, M'l.ol al't eonrt
10 rue illri c-efl-ln favor ' f R KUc man S' d
Unins'. i A Ma'he and D Cjth'eln. I have
levied anrl n Ir.cl upon all the rlht. title.
Iitrian1o:a!inof defen-'anta, J a. Vathpi
and I) Otbieln, In and to the M'ewlna: de
srrliifd real eatate iylrc and belnf Eltuated
In Hat' a coanty, Mi8 url. to-wit:
The wist half ol hmoutheast qnartnrof the
nnr'.hfa-t quurter of aoutheaat quarter of the
wmtbalfGl at ntheait nusrier of northeaat
onartrr, all !a aecllon twenty (i ), also north
wei' quarter f p rtheast quarter of i'ctlnn
twin'y nine (:') all in town-ili'i forty-two Hi)
of tange ihlrty-iwo. I w.ll. on
Friday, Novemher is, V.i.
between the houra ol nine o'clock In tbe fore
noon ard Ave uVIck In tha afternoon of that
dav, at the w- at frontdoor ot the coat hona.
in the city of Bntler Ratea county, M'raonrl,
eell i he aame or ro much th reot a nmy tie re
? nlred at pnbllo vendue to the hlgh-et bidder
or cash toaatlafy uid etermlon and o ta.
1-41 Sheriff ol Batea County Mo.
Sberlff'a Stle.
By virtue and authority tf Keaarnl ex ecu
tl n Urned from Hie )'fllee nf thec.i-rk i f the
fiircult eoart ol Batea eonnty Miaaouii.rii'nm
able at 'he .fv-nii r t ran Mti, of aald eonrt,
in me directed Id fav..roi Phrbe Ann Coima
wav and aaalna. VVni 8 Conn away. I have
levied and raized upon all the rirht. Mils In
tereai and elalm ol defendant, VVm SCoona
way, In and to the following ducrlbed real
eetate alinated id Batea county, Mlaeonrl
ti -wit:
! ti.ree f3) , bWk ticrty- Ave MS) and lo'
(2) block tbirtt-aix (t )ln town of Amoret. I
will oa
Friday, November 28, 11)02,
between the hoiire ol nine o'O'Ook In tbe fore
noon and five o'eloo In tha afiernona of that
a at 'he west front -'(tor ol tha '"art hoaae,
lu the nlty nf Butler. Batea eonn.y, Mieaoorl
aall'haaamHor ,0 much thsraof a mav be re
quired at pnbllo vendue to tha hlgheat bidder
lorcath. to eatltfy aald execution end mala
1-4V - Sherld of Rare Conn?. Ho,
Sharlff'a 8al.
Bv vlrtnra and authority ot aen- ral execi
tia Uiutd I rem theolHn m the elerk ol the
e.trcnli oonri of Bain county Mlaaoarl, retern
b a at ihc !.vi hum term, Iwu, nr aid onart.
la inedlrtcf d lniT r of lamea l Irabua and
ain-t Mary P Luak, I bava levied and aeited
uixm a I ibn linhv. title, Intrreat and claim ot
rleadant Marv P Lnak lu and to tbe lol
loalng ileecnbeJ real ettita altaated la Batat
,.u tt. alUaoari to wit:
Tar Maiarat iinartevof iheaonthfaai qnar
er ai.il tbV eeuin tatuty inrea aerea ui ti.e
. orilxM' qoarier of the aontheat quarter fl
n lleii elgnin-n (IN I" towtiahly Itittj blur
kl al ra.K" thlrtv , ($) I will oa ,
Friday. Nnvamber It. IBDi,
netwien 'he houra ol ulna o'clock In tbe fore
! on aiid Uve o'clock In the allrrnoon of ibat
deV, at thaeaet irunt Uoorof tb eoart bone,
in the cliyU Jintlrr, eatea runnty, Mlw art,
eell tbeaama or ao mnaa Iheieol aa may be ra
lulred at public vendue VO tha hlfrheet bidder
for eaab, to aatlafy aaid execution and ooata.
JOa, 1' SMITH,
Sl-tt ' 8hetH ot Batea County, kto.
; . . . '' ' t
Wlni Pays the Bills?
Th price of sivl n ils Inn increas
ed ab nil ten dollar? x-r ton since the
beriefleent Hingley bill undertook the
cure and maintenance of the trusts.
Last year the average price was J;
piT ton.
It is a, fact that railways in foreign
countries may buy rails from the
United St At m Steel Trust at theprii-e
we formerly paid; since the trut run
still sell them profitably at the old
price. In slang parlance, the tariff
profit is "pure velvet" for the trusts.
It may lie maintained that, since
railroad combinations are in the na
ture of trusts, the effect of the Ding
ley bill in this rase is only to protu-t
one trust at the expense of another,
and furthermore that to strike a
blow at the rai roads is Indirectly
hit nil the trusts which patronize it.
Hut the tariff has no Midi t'f-ct upon
trusts generally.
Ilailroad combinations ar-' th
Vehicles of trusts, tire l:;n!e in the ii
terest of trusts and are dominated
bv them. Discriminations in favor
of trusts iicrersnrily follow.
The railroads, having to nt'S'tin
creased expenses on account of lie
tariff, are compelled to take the bulk
of their profits fr m the individual
p;itro ". A railway journal rvumrk
tlmt. should earninus decrease with
out a proportionate decrease in tin
! price of railway materials, many
ron Is would be hard put to it to
make ends meet.
Unquestionably Homebody piys
that vast increase in the cost of rails,
and it is Hnfu to say that the individ
uals pay their O'vn share and that of
t he trusts as well. It is not merely a
case of dog eat .b'g as betvvpeii
trusts. It is the innocent public
which is reully hurt. St. Louis lie
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yen Have Always Bought
Signature of
sbeMTs Sgjp,
By virtue and authority of a fr.-.na.-rlpt
i xiC'Mon Issue fr in tic fBce ol the clem ol
the i lrnill court of Rates Co. iln., re'nrnae e
at thp Novcnihur term, u. !
n:e dlrecte In favor ol K. llrvant and s. A
M Daniel and atali'et K. U. shelrrr and K.
N. shilhy. I have levied and aelzed nKn all
tne rljiht. title Interval and e'afm ol ildend
aula B. ii. Shelhy nni e. S shi-ll.y In
and to tha loll 'Win dtactlli'd real -tat
altnatid In nie eountv Mlw- .crl. to- alt:
rhe east bull ol eecdon aev- a the veil
half ni the norlhwei t quarti r and the acn'h.
weat quarter of aeiilon right in tiwralli
forty-one, ranne llilr'y-lwo, rleo the nortli
eaa quarter of aectlon aeveu. Iho nortl'went
quarter and the wrat ha f of the noriha.
qnar'er and Ihe nmth half of the eouthaeFt
quart rol aectlon eUht. all In towo-htp f rt;
one, rai t twent -nine, 1 will ou
Saturday, December ( I'.', '
between tbe bouraof nine o'clock In tba fore
noon and Uve o'clock In the afternoon rf tha:
day at the w at frontdoor of the court hou.e
In the city of Bntler, Itatea county, Mleaourl
aell the aame or ao much therenl aa mnv b,
nquln d at public vendue, lo tha hiiiheat bid
ner for caeb to aatialy raid execution and
ooata. JOK T SMI I II
2 -4t SherlO ol Batea County, Mo.
' SherlfT'a Sale.
By virtue and authority of a general execu
tion leaned from tbe olltreol the clerk of the
circuit court ol Batea Count?, Mlaarnrl, re
turnable at the Nov-mber term. It 2. of aaid
court, to me directed la lavor of K C Mu ld
and agalnat Joeeph S. KeedeV, I hnve
levied and eelrrd opon all tbe riRht, ti
tle Internal and claim of aald drtendann
Joseph 8. R-eder, In and to ihe following
dearrlbed leai eatate eltuated la BaietCoouty
kHraonrl to-wit:
North half oi the aootlieart quirter of aec
tloa nlae (8), townr hip forty-one (41), range
thirty-one (81 ) lwili.oo
Samrday, December 6 l'H2,
betweea th. imnra of nlneo'elnck in the fore
noon an'i flv-o'clock la the atternooa of that
day, at the wnt inmt dHrol tbeooun houa.
Intheclt if bntler, Batea nonntv. Mleaoarl,
aell the eaue. or an 'itinca thereof aa mar he
required t public vendue, lo the htyrirrt bid
der lor eaab, to ratlafy aald execution and
corta JOK. T. SMirn.
8 4t 8heriff of Batea County, kto
Admlnl-tre'or'e Notice. '
(totloe ta hereby given, that letter of admli
tatratloa Upon th eatate ' wiuiam X.
ada. daoeaaad were mnl to tie
nndaralgnefl on the 28th day of Octnb.-r
ISO, bv tbe pmoa'e eonrt of Ratea enunly
All perecaa having nlaliaa acetnat aM
lake are required to exhibit them foe allow
anoe to tba almlnlrtrator within on vv
after the date ol aald letter, or thv niev h
prnlnded from any benefit or aald eetate: an'
If anch claim be not exhibited within tw
veara from tha date of tha pohlicatlon. tea
will be forever barren. ,
14t Admlruiratora
So Says Expert, Who Has Been In
vestigating American Railroads.
Br Cou.prlu f Figaree Mr. "V I It
er rf ti In hw Haniaa Clf Re
rrltpa Lena I iianlilrralloai Here
Ihaa In Ilia V"rr.
iue report oi u. a. , a.Ker, . raerniPH of ipropitT nre prepared
evpert M-nt bv tlie Loiulon & . ' -
Xortl.w, stern rnilrund to Am. rka o make a desperate strugirle to pre
in ur.ier to investigate railroad t venttbeadoption tif hisnrommenda
com'iitinns. here lius been published. ' tions in behalf of the JH'ople fif Cuba,
Mr. Wnlkrr sms up ait follows: ,m,j tjmt u ; t,,(ir ho. tj,at ,, Jtf.
"It will be seen from the flu'iires , , , . .. ..
i f .i . .i i . lav and obstruction they inav pie-
Ix-forr von that the American com- , , ,
panics have nothing to boast of in vent action until the few weeks of the
the safety either of their imssen- session shall have passed. It is be
frers or employes. On the coiHf ary. ijPVef that the I'n'sident has decided
human life seem, to be considered ; n bi8torita, 8tatniwlt
of milch less importance there than , , , .
here nn.l I nm of the opinion tj,t t'e fact that ple.lg.-s were made to
in thin respect tlm I'.riiish railway of-'Cuba and then appeal to the honor
ficials have nothing whatever to nnd patriotism ot the Semite to keep
l.nrn from their American confer- faith with th j-,, Uj rntiy
Mr. Wnl!;er Rives figure, showing ' 'l that Cuba has
that twire us many pnssenirera nre been promised.
cari-V.I i.n the I'nited Kingilom lines! There is every evidence that. there
ns on the Amet i. an. though the hit- Trt JH, n ,.on(,.Ht over the question
ter law a cine times greater niile-l,,. . ,. , . ,, (1
;irt wlilitt iiiirtf.:i it llirnri'v nIuiu n
. ' , , - m f i ....
liiucii a ra r pro in n em or iiccincnia
nnu 'aiaiiues to pussengi rs ami etui-
i.e. ,rge n imoer o, ncc, ko.s Bt . f ,nm,intf R tl.w 0 1 1 1 1 I liTl I
crossings lecilves cnnsiilerulile men-1 ',
lion. Mr. Walker nttrilmtes the!0' obstruction. It d.s-s not seem
larger proportion of n.eidents In 1 that they can succeed, but such a
America lo "almost general absence ' nrosnect disS not discotiraire them
n-i , , j . , i . -. .
of b!., k working, and ! tlie fact
t In. t l!ie iiermanent vvnv is neilher
laid nor ninlntahii d in the e'lici. nt
iii.iiir.-r usually ndont.d hy the llrit-
Kh railwiiys." lie nav that In the
peneralhy of enses lliei'e is no pr e I
telinn nt nil nf tin l..il i.fuvulii n I
Tl'.e rii.-lish . xi oi l believes that trent.v
tbe : trii : :..n ? ieg on in nr.vit lirit-' Henry T. ixiinrd. bead of the liest
nin f'ir the al"piion of tlio niitomiitic j sugar organization, who wajred the
cimlings ne,i in "America is not ,.nTnpin Mgainst Cuban reciprocity
J.v.tl V.I by snn-.ies, .he old f,mli- H w WITltr.r. wnH llPn, rtwI1, Jy. nnd
l l. l ,l ' . . IP lining VHIIWUlr n
st: ::-l:.T 'u i'i' iil;:-o if uceiili Ills to
eini.l' i .
On-!, .vsly I'lioejli, tie s;iine dj:y
tliet 1 1 . 1 ;ii;tli-:itien oT tl:e !!iili-cii
T": i t i-i 'it I v.i'iii noi'i'iirs tlie !. n
."il ri'in'' Siiiunhiy IJevievv nit-i
a le't r f rum n wvll-Knovvit rii';inerc
In vl. i,-l tie wri er null e nil iii'eni
j'en tlit' udttiiiion tf ti nt 'nn.'ii ie
out. i n:.-., ii n I .u.,i(.s the interstate
c i-;-, ,','e eoiiiiiHs-inn's C.rn. as
Im.'hj tlmt ii (!...T!'use in the niim -
! ; ..f iH'ciilenls liiul re-iilteil there -
fror.,. The enplneer .I-, lares tlt.-.t
tiit.iMMi. nil- ii:?m i't iirnin sn.'ire
lnddirs' lv the failiiri of ihe roads
in ; rent I'.iitain to ndoof up t'i-il;;ti'
safety iinnliaiices, and concludes with
ayit"r: "It is the system in (lie
rn'icd Kbu'dom wl icli is nt fault."
and ii;'sres Ihe. ItoviTliinent tootake
net ion to eoinnel the mads to do
what ihe A iin vien ns have done.
'In that way n!r.m," he says, "ran
ra Iway sharehohlei's ever hooe for
years to re:p the nndoiilited advan
taces ami n miliary lienerits which
Inr.ar :i:ro should have been their por
Vimnu W ii men of Flio.li I n. . Y Or.
u.liiUc In Look tfler Vorii. i,f
I ninnrrlrd tlcii.
Thr- lel'i:. ns yonnL' wiui.en of riitsl:-i":-'.
V. V.. have decided to reus.- send-iivj-
hal- to the slijrth's, ;,m! -ocl,-
!e-s liarharian.-' of climates w;tre
dull it a- i- a n ere luxury ;:nt? lieyin
rri-sdyt ir.ir nt hntt:e nniotifr ihe l acli
eV Tl i- y.iitre- women have learned,
m:.;. !e tliniidi coiiiciinirative
lif"il:i-i. that the tlmi arriei! men of
I'Viisl. !::.' wear fecks with I n, s otter
T T ; t il.i.-r th.at the fei-1 ;n int.,, ar;:!
'. . ,) :,. ,'rs f ;rts ,,ft, ilt.
tor.1! .'nid n.ir.e; inies torn.
H;-t veil'!? Wi'ic.an who I 'dns ;ew on
h ; r it. : I v i s lull tons s:: id it was "sim
ply o r":: i" fur tlii' way the y ontitr men
f !'!" Hi: 1 he -ted tlie'f seeks aial
shirt-. O-' vi'iii c' n.an. and a churt'li
rreni! r. hi'd tied the holes in hi sucks
with twill', v ii ndvertienteni nppear
ed in a Flu-hit:!- paper on Weiii'.esd.ty
of Kl'ishii'ir treated their socks and
ho'es in :1cm. or shins with rrtts or
need'rrr lint tons would hp ruin ired al
rnoderat i' co.-t hv the Wi I! inir Wet kers.
'Now the young nu n of Fleshing nre
ripping i1T buttons nnd tearing holes
In their x t-ks.
Sale nf stamp Itonka by Government
Provea a Very Profllalde
The post nftice department w ill prob
ably niaVe a profit of between $-10.flOn
and f.ni.fino this year from the sales of
tamp hooks. The books' have only
been in use for a comparatively thnrt
peril . mid have pruvtu eo profitable
and convenient an article of sale thai
cjoneiderahie anxiety was caused to the
department officials by the recent con
troversy with the bureau of enfrravin'?
and printing" repaying Ihe poor qual
ity of para fline paper used in the bookf.
which caused the stamps to stick to the
leaves, and rendered them useless.
Snrrrr".' romtdsiBty were rrrf tvrd at
the drmrtn'f nt and the Miles' of the
books t'e'I olTc'inHdorably. X- vv. how
ever, the bureau is furnishing a much
hiifl er pr::de of pa':er and the sales
have larsrcly Inoiented.
t nnlil Oel Rirhea for Tltle.
The Karl of Ui.ssi.vni who is a mern
her of a Xevv y.,i-k tlieatricnl conipviny.
Is goinc to merry nn actress. Hasn't
the foolish f.dii iv limn.! out. asks the
Chiefs'! I'lCi-ri'-Peraldv that there are
rtiH p!iuty of rii-h git Is in this coun
try? .
. . . .. - Hence was enforced upon the moro
Another Plea By the President For; ...... ... , ,.
I rabid "friends of protection whiie
Washington, Nov. President
Roosevelt will discuss the question of
Cuban reciprocity iu his forthcoming
message to Congress. Mr. Roose
velt's friends but he realizes that the
l i oi n in i - . i in mi on i rn i'jf i ii- I'i'j'ii
il.isitt itipfoiirhonr thtt eioiiitrc if 1
. ... .-..j.......
i,, . . .; . .. i ...
. unnn reciproen v, nit rviueui-eii pim r
'Conirress adjourned, the opposition
rroml ort;niii., effi.rt. Theaetuali
. ... , . , , . . 1
wssion win nisr oniy aoour two
monthsnnda half, and withthepr ss
of other necessary legislation delav
prevent ratification of the
loiillined to his friends something of
j his policy. The program me ns now
(contemplated is a combination of the
1 cHiieand beet sugar arrowing inter
;esN, with votes in several of the
Northern, states. These have do
i nionstrated n willingness to wnrkto-
iri.tlme 'Tlmie tttt, ,,, ,u..il ftttlii.v l.nt1.'U
! , . '. 1
I Ton furnial ltci.l.escence in tl.el Ilium
1 f' ciprocity t rent v. but vviili it will be
j linked 0 prop' ''ion 1'"i if (' '' nil
r. .jpr. it V hIi.M.M be mil l.orizeti lie-
cause it is an administration mens
ure. the seven or eight other recipro
city treaties now pending before the
Senate are, by renmn nf priority nf
negotiations, entitled to considera
tion by the Senate tirst.
What can come out of such an at
tempt is n matter of conjecture, de
pending upon lite strength of the op
position forces nnd the tenacity with
which they hold their ground. If the
plan can be inaugurated with some
force, it would enable the opponents
of Cuban reciprocity to use one of the
other reciprocity treaties as a dub
with which to kill thnt particular
treaty, as each one of the reciprocity
treaties has strung npposit inn from
states whose industries would lie af
fected by the loner rates of duty pro
posed. There is probably no discuso more
distressing ard niiboyiiig tluin piles.
Th bier's Ituckeye I'ile Ointment is
daily curing ruses of years' standing
c f itching and bleeding piles. The
cure begins on the first application,
a little perseverance liuikes the cure
complete. Price, ."0 cents in bottles
Tubes, 7. rents. 11. L Tucker.
Hon. Jamrs Wilsui, seendury f
ncrictilture was nt the Kansas City
live stock show one day last week.
' I hnven't lieen here very long." Mr.
Wilson sa'd. "but I have been here
long enough to go through the pa
villion and sre some of the finest cut
tle ever in a show ring." "Those
steers th'-y nre of the finest ever pro
duced. How were they bred? How
were they fed? The farmer wants to
know. The farmer ought to know.
If I were running a show of this kind
I would uot give mortal mun n pre
mium until he filed with the secretary
for the lienefit of the public a detail
ed account of the breeding and feed
ing of every animal exhibited. Then
the newspapers ought to pub
lish it and let the public know how
these things areaecoiuplished. These
shows are for the education of the
$100 Howard SflCO.
I he readera ot thia paper will be pleaa
ed to learn that there ia at leaat on,
dreaded dlaeaae thai acience haa beer.
ble to cure in all it fcta&ea, nd that 1
Catarrh. 1 tail 'a Catarrh- Cure tthr
only potitive cure known to the meakai
fraternity. Ca'.arrh being a Co natltio ton
al dlaeaae, requires, a conalitutxmal
tcaiiuent. Haifa Catarrh Cure ia '-Ker
internally actlni; directly upoi. iht
blood and mucout abrtacea ot die'. v
tern, thercbv deatro. ing the ioundaiioi.
t tha oiaeaae, and giving the patient
strength by building up tile conatlluliot
aiiu astistlni; nature in doing ita work
i he proprietor hayeao much laith it,
,t curative power, that thry otter Or.e
Hundred Dollata tor any case that it
tatla to cure, bend lor liat ot tcatinion
iala Aodreaa K. J. Cheney ol Co.,
Toledo, U. kat2old by druiigla 7c.
Made Doubly Sure.
For a time preceding election sl-
the Cabinet spellbinders weiv bus
allaying the uneasiness of Kepubli
can voters on the wore of ton much
protection to trusts. Hut imw that
the election has done ,iw,u with
necessity for silence the vi'-es ; th
'friends" resnnd with a f.T.vth it
shocks the ear. Voters ate not to
be feared for a couple of years ni.J
Republican Congressmen reluming
to Washington ure tuuiblin; over
each other to declare amity with pro
tection, which in this iiist.ue-e nie;ii
amity with the trusts. "The great
and small but rarely tnci t on terms
of amity complete," but this is a time
when they do, nnd the mecti.-tg is'
marked by warm embraces.
These Congressmen, emboldened
now that the party is temporarily
out of danger, would seem to be
mocking the voter. 'VIy," ex
claims Mr. Warner, of Illinois, "
never heard tariff tevisiou mentioned
during the campaign" a stajement
that calls to mind Murk Ilanna's
. , i ... 1, .1, . , , .. i i .
sa ing t hat he had never heard of i
trust "I'll be drawn aiel miarter
ed," says Mr. ltutler. of reiinsv!
vania, "l fore I'll cast a vote furr--vision."
Senator lleveridgn spen!,s
of it determined fight ugniiist re.';
sioii. K.piiilly positive is S-nut r
Scott. Those who will consider revi
sion at all speak of it oi:!y foiiilitim.
ally and with np arent humor. Nm.o
but the "friciiilh" shuil undertake re.
vision in any event, they say.
There never has been utid upm r
could te any doubt as t.i il.c l!eiii' -lican
party's downright intent ion to
"stand pat." True. i!,e campaig::
expressions of I'resitlent loinsete't
;ind other digiili.'il party tigi:ri-hei.'i-
did in some nicnsuiv ennv i.-e U -puiili-can
voters that siibeiaiu i.i . iinifi re
form was the fixed nnd i; n :i ! r n 1 1-it,
t 'lllioll. llllt those CX.' -sittllM i:f
drowned in the J I j ' ; k a,
rank nppositimi to any ; .i ri' ! -gi-
tloll wliult ViT.
N"!im t is ll:e liiei'lting of 1 hit nvet
We.-; ing hh.-'" to thclnr" aad re i II -.
p'l i i.e f.i ":bht, fur p; i it. i rii ! .'
lo"s the abslnict ptiiici I-- nf pi'nti
tion require such a chorus nf ,-e.ist ;
nnce? Certainly it Nn'l tl:- ri-pu'd;
can voter win) n quires them. l:.il!n .
jhoreliis on tlie taviif i"v'c-iou J.aL
was promised: be is si'e !y tlned b '
the bold rlinnge of front .
Obviously these prompt uvmva.'-i
of friendship for "pmt.-i thm" ,iti
made for one purposi to restori'
confidence and it appear" that tl.o.
only things whose confU.-uce need '
restoring a iv t ho trusts. They ha e
been perhaps a trille iiervnus hei i-.i;-.'-
nf RrrTfi'udi eiHtiiial'l'ii tick nf re ;-
sion. The tnistn are i'lti.u,'! '
stirtd, and for no one else re.i."i,r.
a nee ln'einletl. I lie ( on rust i. -i
the oil Trust, which the I'tvsi.l. nt i-,.
advertciit !y disturbed v-, iiis I 'inrf'.-
II Iti s.J'i'i'1 h, need pncifyil.g. so do 1 :l
t 'ie trusts, particularly t'i two hun
dred that receive f en and direct pr i
teetion. Tlie phrase "frit nds of .ir ite.-titm "
is rapidly assuming tl.o detini'o
known nuniiiiig "frict:i!s nf t'
trusts." That bus long h-en itslfr
cal nuniiiiig. It is in ij. h liltniii?'
by the avowals of these 11 iiMic;i ;i
Coiigressineii al the present time.
President Koosevelf nt.iy appo'';'
forty committers to '-sti!t!v" t!
tariff indeed it is a most in'.-restiog
thing to study and t" "n win
mend" changes, but the :! iii-n t "n '-t
are that there will lie nothing doii'-j
in tariff legislation until after ti"
nest Presidential election Sr. Louis
Republic. -
For all fresh cuts or wiuind.eithr
on the humnn sul ji-ct or on aninui'".
Ita Hard's Snow l.inimeut is excel
lent: while for corn buskers' sjirniti" I
wrists, harhed-wire ruts atnl sores
on wot king hors s. it cannot lietoo
highly commended. Price. L" mid
oO ivnts. H. L. Tucker.
May Make it Warm fur China.
Victoria. British Columbia. Nov
12. The steamer Empress of Chit a
britigs reports that because the Chi
nese government has refused to mete
severe punishment to military offi
cers concerned in the murder of for
eign missionaries in Hunan province
the Itrit ish niinisterhtis jJeiliaedua.
iavitation of the empress dowager
and four British war ships, the Phoe
nix, IJosario, Ilritomart and another
have been ordered to proceed inii.ie
diately to Hankow. Admiral Bridge
commands the fleet.
Never try to mux n mM or cough,
us the tviueiiy th it unfa lingly con
quers ' bot.r. bl.b..l'.'s ' lii.rt llollitd
Syrup is the nn-at seifie fir ad
throut and lui g tMiib.ee. Price, 2
uud oO tviits 11. L. Tut'ker.

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