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Xu a Candidate for the Senate cr
ft' i!. N"V. iuU'rl."i There
is nji irt inly no longer unv quantum
of S'liatur M. A. llaiiiui'u intention
to rvt ir- from public lit at the clot
of t). jrs.Mit Iitiii in the I'nitfJ
States Snitiit'. It is stated todav
on tin- authority of a man who hit
tli ,-l,-t KTpilllHl Hllll JMlilil'Ml
ivltttioi. with the Ohio xenator that
Mr. lliinnu will not'l a candidate
fur if . l.H tion t the Senate: will not,
under any I'otiibitintionofootii'.itioiiK,
be a candidate for tlie Kcjuililiean
noininition fort heiresi(leney in 1!H4
and will nor, if he can powiiMv avoiil
it. continue a- chairman of the He
puldicnn national comuiittH after
the meeting of the lteiiililii'Hii na
tional convent ion in l'.ltll
KvtTi-inie the ilmtli of 1'tvniili'iit
McKinley political ironsip hat Uvn
husy with S-nator 1 lamia's name in
connection with the lieul.lican
nresidentialnoinination. Mr. Manna
refused to encourage this movement
in his intercut, although he never
made any public ihslurutioii on the
Hubject. It was dillicult to make the
count ry lH'I'eve that ho wan not plan
iiiiur to Mviire the iniiiiinatiuii in
ltMil.Hiid there was peat specula
tion as to how far he would fro in us
iaj the organization of the party of
which he was the head in furt herin
his own candidacy. It is no weret
t'uit certain Hepublkun elements
weteatid have at all times been fa
voiableto Mr llauna's candidacy,
and that they have lieen, at letiM un
til jiiitt recently, pernihteiitly work
inir lo mi lire the defeat (if Mr. Koose
veit and the nomination of Senator
It must lie said to thecverlai-tii r
credit of .Senator llamm that be has
had no pari and U-nt no countcnaiice
to tin plans of his admirer. Hi
record in li.e Si nate last winter was
convincing proof of his loyalty to
l'l'i-fiil' iit lluiisevell.
Wii ' in the I ist week Senator Man
na I. as ii ade the emphatic statement
to one of Iim coiiliilentinl personal
ami political friends that he will not
! a candidate for the plesidential
Humiliation in l'.HM lie stated that
he valued hi life and his henlt h more
than liecid any political preferment,
lie said that the two liaiimial cani
l.iii.ii.k. Lt lllillLiLJMtl iii.ollMlJlllHM
of the national committee had done
more to break down his health than
had twenty years of an active bus'
liens life. Senator Mariiin told of his
experience in Ihe campaign just clos
ed in w liich lie was compelled on sev
eral occasions to accept help in leav-
inutile platform at the close of un
nddivi-s. lie said i hat ln waw ho con
st i:titi'' I hat he rrmld not tn btnt
cotnplacetit part in the campaign,
bjit "ja ve up all his time lo it, became
lit-rviui, lost sleep ami kept in the
tuht until he collapsed. The sena
tor stn'.i d in positive terms that he
could not and would not allow his
name to be us. d as a candidate for
the Kepublii n presidential nomina
tion in liml. nor would he seek n re
limit K. IX MANILA.
Six Mvii ul the Fifth Infantry lic of
the Disease.
Manili, XoveinlK-r 12 Cholera
has broken out in the ath infantry,
which is .piartered iu Manila. Six
enlisted men have ulreuily died from
ths disease and a dozen others are
ill. Cholera ban reappeared nt Mara.
(puna, seven nine irom nere, aiong
tne river sueu wnicn supplies aianna
with water. Orders have lieen jssued
re-establishing a military quarantine
to guard the sources of supply and
prevent the water from becoming; in
fected. It is doubted that th re-
crtiilescelice 1 d the disease in Manila !
will prove serious.
The eupreme court hus affirmed
the conviction, of Vincente Vnhh.
the Spanish editor, who was found
guiltv ot libeling Cjomniissoiier I-e
Garda and Tuvera. Filipino member ;rnny. He vowed tlmt if the causeof . and confirmed all his past interpreta
of the Philippine commission. Tle',,",,h was lost he would never turn that the bright spot grew notice-
court orders that the Heciised ijruMiiH hair, mid he kept, the vow,
banished from he island for four .although H:J years of Hge. A year
years Valdeg fl hI to Ciaiia a month ago he killed Kid Wingate in self de
ago while he was out on bail pen - '!' He en id he would live to sen
ing the trial of the appeal to the eu- him-elf cX iherated He wasncquit-
tjrcii:e i our L! '
Gctt. Aide arrived at II do on
Tuesday. There w m unocpti. 01 im)
1-anpiet in bin honor on ihuc jiih:,
Gen. Miles m id., a sp.eeh of smii.
i,thv with the iople in n.eir M.fTer-
ings 'through war'aud the ch.der..
. .
r ""r ' .......
pclled the goveruuteut to make the
Mte?2.o0 lor fl of cold. The old
r.ite was $2.40 to ?L.
The cheapening of silver has result
ed in concluding the losses or the
government and all other holders of
silver. The instability of the present
currency is seriously damaging busi
ness, and the members of the civil
commission nnd representatives of
commercial interests on the islands
w ill unite in umking a stroujr plea to
Pigskin Grafted on GirL
Iiiehmon l, Va , Nov. 8. Merown
mother and relatives havingdecliued
to make the necessary sacrifice to
save her life, the skin of a jounp pig
was this afternoon prnfted on "he
back of a 10-year old pirl to cover
a spot 15 inches in diameter. Some
weeks buo the clothinjr of the pirl
took fire and she was frightfully
Stuart Mctiuire, who is a son of
Doctor Hunter McCJuire, Stonewall
Jackson's surgeon, conceived the
idea of using the cuticle of a young
and tender pig. The oeration was
performed this afternoon. A small
hi ick pig was chloroformed into in
sensibility, the bristles went shaved
from theskin and with hiskcen lancet
the young surgeon removed it in
Theskin was laid on in small pieces
until it covered the bare space. The
result of this novel method of aiding
nature will not lie known for several
The Trials Cost i Million.
New York, Nov. 1" The trial of
Koland It. Mollneux for the murder
of Mrs. Adams has cost more than
any other for a capital offense in any
country where the English system of
jurisprudence is in vogue. The cost
to the county of New York in the
lirst trial amounted to million dol
lars. This was expended largely in
fees for handwriting experts, who
were In ought from distant experts,
st itesand for detectives whoendcav
ored to trace Molineux's movements
from his fifteenth birthday to the
time ot his arrest. The defense ex
peinled about $7.Y00O in the first
t ial and it is estimated that the
total on both sides for the 1 wo hear
iiiLrs is million dollars.
Molincux was ncipiitted yesterday
of the murder of Mrs Adams. JIe
withcheered as he left the court room
lie is a free man for the lirst time in
nearly four years. - The jury was out
twenty minutes.
Many people are suffering fearfully
from indigestion or dyspepsia, when
one single bottle of Herbine would
bring about a. prompt and perma
nent cure. A few doses will do more
for a weak stomach than a prolonged
course oTany other medicine.
oil cent s. M L Tucker.
Oitick Sr. Joski'ii, Mo.,
Nov. 7, IDOL'.
All persons in the State of Missouri
desiringyoung croppie or Mack buss,
for ponds, l ikes and streams, should
apply at their earliest convenience to
l'hil. Kopplin, Jr., Superintendent
Forest Park Hatchery, Forest Park,
St. Louis, M ., or to'M. E. O Hrien,
Superintendent St. Joseph Hatchery,
the one most accessible to the appli
cant. The only expense of h" appli
en n t will iiu the cost of fun i Z cnt'l,
which in. .st be sent in bdv.iin-e. the
express charges to be paid (!. 0 1).
A live gallon can will curry I luriy to
fifty small fish. All tipp'ica.nts w II
be notified in advance .f shipment.
lf Mtrit thlin om,CHI, ,..Mj.( Ie1it
F. '. Yexawink.
IVesi teUt.
4-4 A asi m v j.
m m ... M
George W. Moody of Texas Dead.
El Paso. Tex . Nov. 8. George W.
.Moody is dead ut Kerrvtilo. He was
forty five years resident of Texas
nnd a frontiersman well known for
his bra very nnd eccentriciti .
He came hpre from Kentucky dnr
ing 1 he Civil War. when hepurchased
cominissnrv supplies for tle'Confed
tyililLJLhi-LihiLtliiH week and twaj.
"u'n hrer ilied, although t-ick but
two days preceding his death. x
tif tif'ji, " T!
Wltna I ail.
The "C with a tail is the trade-
iaiuh iui w uu uic nui uiuc cnameica
tablet atamnerl
i in bulk Al
meUl boxl Each
fj-CC Never sold
druggists, toe
What the Armies of the World Have
Accomplished During Last Yeax.
Ctuprtkriilic Valaoae laaard ay
Ike GoTpramrBt Spreial lalrr
eal Ceatrra the Beat Type
at Klrld tiaa.
Stored with coinpUte and intercut
In information concerning ' cverf
branch of every army in the world,
ond replete with fine illustrations
and maps, "Notes jt Militury Inter
est for l'JOl," ninde public recently
by Lieut. I'ol. V. A. Simpson chief
of the military information division,
is one of the best volumes of its kind
ever issued from the war depart
ment. t v
The matter wag compiled ond ar
ranged by Capt. E. A. Edwartls,
Twenty-fifth infantry; Capt. J. S
Herron, Second cavalry; First l.ietit.
II. It. Ferguson, corps of engineers,
and Second Lieut. II. S. ( lark, of, the
Mnth infantry, with the assistance
of the military attaches ut the vari
ous foreigu capitals. ,
Tie tirst pages of the volume are
deVoted to the military budgets of
the various countries for l'.0-. with
Interesting comments and compari
sons. The organization of military
establishments is then taken up, and
tli.- changes in the make-up of the
Itritish. Kiiaainn, Swedish, Servian,
Itra.iliun and Argentine armies are
dealt witli at length.
Of especial Interest, in view of the
efforts of the I'nited States army
to settle upon a type of field (run,
is the chapter upon Held artillery.
It is pointed out that there are only
two general types of modern Held
puns -namely: (inns on rigid car
riages and guns with recoil devices
on the carriages, and it is stated that
neither of these types has yet ob
tained unaninimis preference.
The greatest possible rapidity of
fire is not obtained with the guns on
riyid carriages, hut they poss. s
marked advantages in simplicity.
Ptnngtli and lightness of material,
nnd their faults are stated to he the
failure of the carriage to maintain
the exact tirst firing position and the
uncertain act inn of the spade in hard
ground. With the recoil carriage
guns, which mechanism returns the
gun to the original tiring position,
great rapidity of tire is Maiiied, !
hut the weapon has its disadvantages
in the way of complexity of median-,
Ism, increased weight and liability
to fatal injury in action. ;
As yet France and (iermany are
the only countries whose artillery
Is actually armed with rapid-firing
field guns. France uses a gun with
recoil on the carriage, (crmiinv uses
the rigid carriage type, nnd lusia,
Italy, i'.dgiiim untl Sweden have also
adopted the guns with rigid car
riages. Norway has adopted a 'gun
of the recoil type, and Spain has pur.
chasul a broad assortment of both
types. In the new, .Japanese field
gun, it is stated, the recoil seems to
be taken tip on the carriage.
x I'ri'i' iiee cf Mln ii In ruep of O ren t
Omittcr "iM-en tin l.lvr if
:')0 riiKNeiiKfrM.
Nearly .Vui passenger who were
a boa id I ruin No. K: on : ( e Wabash roue
narrowly e.-e::n"il a v. : i ( k iinii aih
ni :.r ( lark station, imliana, the ut! .-night-.
The train is kiiowi a li e I'.ut
fal.i limited, anil reaches Chicago at
9:!. I) in the cwning. ( lark station is
the crossing of the Wrhash and the
Fort Wayne railways, urn.', is four miles
east of liiinminml.
A short ("i.-tanep out of Clark t!'P
AY a bash cros-es flip fir.-.n;! Calumet
river over a huge tre-tli work bridge.
Seine repairs hai! been made on the
st met lire ( n!y recently, and it was con
sidered pevfeetly safe, track waiker
li:iing .jus t patrolcd t lie bridge before
tic Wabash limited left Clark station.
As the train, having aboard nearly .TOO
souls, reached the middle of the struc
ture that spanned ihe Calumet the en
gineer hear; the crneking of timbers
as t!'e middle span of the bridge sank
heneat'i his engine. He opened the
j throttle to the farthest limit, and the
train fairlv leaped from the swaying
Harvard Astronmner Clnlma h Re
cent Kellime (Invf I'rnof of
Hi. Pel Ttioniy.
Rnbstantiation of Important facts
was obtained by Harvard's astronom
ical r.uthoritie in their observations
of the lunar eclipse the other night.
The facts concerned themselves prin
cipally with the crater Linne. and were
carried on by Prof. V. II.' Pickering.
I'n.f. Pickering with a micrometer
carefully measured the area around
the crater before and after the eclipse
ably in area during the time of maxi
mum darkness.
riektrrlnjr hni nlways mnintained
tliat the liifht from the spot is that of
hour froFt. T!;e fact that the spot
prew . perceptibly larper when the
t'un'x Lent wan cut off that night
Totlflrnin rii Kel tiiit H liellef in hisTTi e-
ory. IlrifnowpraefienUvKettledupoti;
ti nt w.lnt and hope with thi aa n :
afnr-e- i worl: out n pet theory of
hW own voneerning the earth' big ;
iiteH'te. :
Vn-e Er'lve Thaa Antn.
Ki'.ti'it City driver hai'been fined
r"r fl ""'I kicking his fcnrfe
te,ath. liuiiiivivsayslheChicagr.
IM oto-l.' -.-aii!, tiitt; fellow lo fc-r. in
I automobile t; tint.
Caanf-a of DUiatlnfarttoa Aaaif
Ottrvra aad Mra In Hriuotril li
Art na of Krc-rrtarr Mucil).
Secret i ry M.iody ha ordered the re
moval of the causes of dissatisfaction
am-oiig the officers and men if the
North Atlantic squadron. Thwe has
been n g cerai den:orali;:tien. and de
erti'is were so frupient as tocaue
a!arin. That tf'ff was s.mething rad
ically wrong with the enlis-ted jiereoB
nel way demonstrated by the large,
number of desertions- during the last
few nu. nth. The bureau of navigation
has now completed the investigation
of complaints, and while no one will
admit there was cause fc them, it it
paid cheerfulness now pervades the
crews and that desertions ore decreas
ing. At one time some ofticers-on duty
at the navj department were of th
opinion that the recent suicide of offi
cers In thepiadron were clue, to Mime
general cause, but they are now sat
isfied the causes were Individual in each
ease of self-destruction and wereopart
from the life on shiplward.
It Is said that ever since the I'nited
navy was established it has1 been cue
t unary to give liberty at least one
day in the week to the enlisted men
of hip at home port. The rule
worked exceedingly well. The men
were willing to perform their (hMica
to the best of their ability and with
c!toerfu!nr-s throughout the week if
they had before them the prospect of
being permitted to go ashore at the
end. It I understood, however, that
the investigation disclosed that this
rule way not observed in the North
Atlantic squadron: that there was no
cessation ef rout lite, with considerable
additional duties nnd consequent livs
of sleep entailed bv the squadron ex
ercises, and that the men becrnie surly
over the fact that they were kept con
stantlv on shipboard with the shore
in sight.
A grent many "greenhorns" have
been enlisted in the service recently,
and these, it is wild, found the life so
entirely dinVrerrt from what they ex
pected It to be that wary of them de
serted at the first opportunity, An
other cause of disMitisfaction. accord
ing to report, was that the men were
'frequently called on to perform diitle
nt their meal hour which could have
been performed jiM lis well at some
subsequent time. 'I I irgs of tjds sort,
it i said, produced much bad feel 1 117
among the men and rrn to seme ex
tent among the officers,
( hnrtrnn's rurlrnlu of Mra. ami Vllm
Itooacvrlt Are l'liicnl In (tie
Corcoran On 1 1 try,
ChnrtrnnV portrait of Mrs. Koose
velt mid Miss Koosevdt, painted in
YVaslrngJon last p.iiug, and which
afterwards were sent to I'urisforthe
spring salon, are again in Washington
ut the. Corcoran gallery, where, they
are being viewed by hundreds of per
sons. After the portraits were fin
ished the French nmbussndor. M. Cam
bon. had them placed in the ballroom
at the embassy and Invited several
hundred person to an afternoon tea
to see them.
The general public, however, wn not
invited, and Is now seeing the por
trail 11 : tne tirst time. A presenta
tion of the portraits by the French
government was the parting courtesy
of M. Ca:i:bon iut before troiniy U,
France previous to his recall.
- N pr Nion has been made in the
w'lit- I.;;-.- for hanging these por
'" I '. ,' only place suitable, so
f.ir :.- the '' 1 it arrangement is con
cerned, is up. 1. ;h. -vail of the colonial
hall, next to t',-.- ..-'or, and in the
long iifiper corridors. ". ':e latter is no
likely 1 e chosen, rs t" i iiublie w 1 1 -i
then be i'.citd ihe priv'b re 1 f set it!;;
the p! lures.
No portrait o'i . residi ni fi.r 1-c
white house has ' i t been paiv,. 1'.. :
littssian jia inter 1 ' ig failed to r'e-s-
the president's f : it lois. and it iu,m ile
prnds on Sarger- inmtisfr ln.m
Mvtliudlet Wuiuau'a Home- MInmIoii.
ry feuelr4) A(l;ila Iteituluiluua
lo That Lffe-I.
The Woman's Home Missionary so
ciety of the Jletliouist Episcopal
eh 111 eh in eiou at KitiiKiin ( ily. Mo.,
the other iluy started a movement to
have the llible placed iu the public
schools in this country. The following
resolution was adopted;
"Whereas, Jt shduld be the leading
aim of our public schools to develop
character fit for citizenship in a Chris
tian republic; therefore, be it
"Hesolved, Thuf we will use every
endeavor to secure moral instruction
and the resonsive reading of Scrip
tural selections in our public schools."
The resolution was presented by Mra.
Mary Iliiknian. who said ihe public
schools of, Cleveland a short time ago
began the study of the book of
Psnlms, the Ten Commandment am
the Lord'a prayer, und that all public
schools in the country should adopt
the came plan.
Homo far Worklaa; GlrU. -
Eecently there was opened in Boa
ton by a corporation of benevolent
persons a home for working girls.
The only dividend the home is expect
ed to pay to the stockhnlde rFs. ihe
comfortable feeling of a good work
well accomplinhed. Whatever turplua
the umall ratea charred tnar cauve 10
accumulat-wiH be-ured h adding ttf
the comforta of the home. . Alrendy
for the navment of 3 so a
- - - s - - .. ,
may get room, board, warhing. 4ight,
beat, use of the gymnasium, of the
llbrry nn ot the dance hull, in add.
ti,,n the services of a physieinn anti
trtt "sslon to a course of enter
1 and
uinmcnta given by the inrtltntlr.-.
ANteelalie PreparaticmTor As
similating UicFocd amiEcguIa
linij ihe Sfciaaciis anil Dowols of
Tromolcs Digcslioii.Chccrful-'
ness and RVsLContains neitlur
Opium.MorpUinfi nor Mineral.
Aporfccl ll'ractiy rorConsllixv ! '1
niiii.SiHirStntn.ich.ni.nTluwn I ' .1
Worins.Convitl!sior.s,Kovrisrt- I
nn nnd I.IIBS flP Sl.F.FP. It -
ness mul Loss or Sleep.
, Facsimile St'iJnr.ttire of
new Yonic.
I am 1 a aiaj m 'nnwwiuf i i"ia mn f
Ml-isourl PaelQo Railway Time Table
at Hutler iStntlon.
to Da t a nl mall In .11 P.!.
Nn : Kmiiii City rxuri'M It ltt. A & .
So SI 8tIxnloxi'en 1S V. P V.
So. 114 Local r"relt'it II :M P. .
neri? wirn.
"O.fiMt I.nni A .l-iilln 'llmlte.t) o p V,
Va. r, Kr.s I lly 'nelln nmll. .12:27 r. r .
So 1 KiinR t 1 Jenlln sMir. ! 4P : .
So l!l.ocl rlht... i-'AP. af,
No, si PittM Mdrtlimn l(rBrt. ? A . V .
"o. US fuller Mdlon rrt . 1 ',H, I,
S. 0. V tHPUHVOOltT, aKWDl,
K. 0. PittsriurtrA Gulf Time Table.
Vrrlvnt anil 1iarttir oftralni at Worland.
N011T11 uniwn
So t KnaCltyitMlvltTprem....lJ.4ip. m.
No.S " " " Mall 11:17 a. m.
outii aorHO.
So. ?Tbronrh Port Arthur KxpretB, 1:41 p. in
No. 4 Sllnum M,irlrri KxiTesa U.ilp B
Rnminntierthllii (ho popnlar nhort line be
iwnon Kiinsnt f'ltv. Mo., anil IM'tBtiam, Kao. ,
lonltn. Mo , Vonohn, Mo nlpbni flprtrge.
rt slloara prlnpii, Ark ., and the illrct
ront from th iwiiuh to Rt Loate. Chicago,
n1 point north anrtnorUieaotamtto Denvnr,
Oirilen San Kranctioo, Portland and polnti
wnet anil northwmt No exponte hai beer
narert to make the peMenirer qnlpmei i
thla line tenonl o none tn the west Treti
-lathe new line H.C Ori.
1no,,, t. VanaaeDty.Mr.
P, I, Paypp. M, O.
Offlre over Ntrhole' Phoe Ptore, Fast Plilf
Squaro. Reeldennr on dhlo street. 2nd door
east of Vest School lmllillr. south tide, fl-tt
VVI1111e.11, AHrle" H"i "I e. Hdiiy anil FriIay
prepared tO'l" kin.ls.it Dental work.
l.y ri ?' v.O s. A. FCF. M.C
rif..flHp of women and ( Far, Kye, Noee anit
'li'Mi.n a stieclalty. J Throat peelallet.
Office The ver Rtttler Cach Depart
iupti irore, Rnt.ler, Vv
'fioeXeluehonein. llonei- TMeebime 10,
, .rslclar. uf
I burgeon. Office nortnlde loner
5 'Vt Mo. OUeateiof omen p ch!
11 a peciahv.
' DR. J. T. HULL
Parlor Over Model Clothing Co.
ta1lo.nmth k Iff a no oar a JmUr, Un.
iTflDI cnip
miATF rur f ll.r.t
UUbUCIC a Rant
7 known for IB years st tho I
ftnuri j trai333 UI3. CO., tl. VfTO.
Ts-TwV"- ir.Atc tcmi
AawMia aawffwit a V'-h t "nr.. m,ti
ntili-ir aw-ofir-ii n-r ..'i.:ni' i .i'ti,u.c a
--rir.-nna ! pTT-rh.y i. ,ttit.,I.i'T. ("..Mi'..ji,
Il.n..lrKsHrf1-iiijii.. tl..1. 11.11. ..vtam.r'.iiatuia
r',t fnsa. (M(M( iii.i.i f. r tf.'jt ,.oi(..
TiloiiH IjiIkmi II Xt: ! k i .j. tucmiti
tptrUilwitUe, w't .in-'. i :.,
A htii1r(mclf V.r.-U-tf wifcs'.'r. I rwrt rtr-
nttntton uf anT f9
111 Vn.i.U. 'IVnna, a a
yotr; lour mo- U.., (
a i-r j.i nt-axiawian.
For Infants and Childrejf;
I The Kind You Have
Always Bought
1 Bears the
I V i
. H " lrM Hiini
u II S 1 1 V H I
Thirtv Years
tmc ntnT.ua cm. ntm ton eirt.
The Best Is the Cheapest.
Not liow cheap but how pood I
the question.
The Twiee-n, Week Hepublio iu not
as cheap ns some tio cnlled tiewspn-
pern, but it i iiHt lieapaHit inpoHBible
to nell a firnt-elu8H newHptiper. It,
prints all the news that in wo
printing. If you rend it all t he iar
round you are ponted 011 all the im-,
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paper that in designed to be read by,
all members, of the family.
Subscription price, f 1 ayear. Any
newsdealer newspaper or postmaster
will receive your subscription or you
may mail it direct to
St. Louis. Mo
The " t'critpst world's f;iir ll.e wofld"
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