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Jno. E. Mundy has Been a Fugi
tive from Toledo, 0., for
Eight Years.
Glob Dmocrt.
John E. Mundy, altaa Dell Lewis,
an alleged wife-murderer, who has
been a fugitive from justice from
Toledo, Ohio, for eight year, was
arretted at the world's fair site Tues
dayby8ergt. Henry Meyer of the
9th police district, and is a prisoner
at the central district holdover.
Mundy admitted to chief of detec
tive Desmond last evening that he
IS warned ro iuwcr nus tuoi vi
murder in Toledo, and gave a detail'
ed account of the killing which, he
eavs. was accidental The death of
his wife, be said, occurred in 1893.
Hla wife, according to hi story,
caused his arrest for assaulting her,
and when he got out of prison they
again quarreled. During the quarrel
be said, be grabbed his wife by the
throat and was choking her slightly,
when she grabbed a butcher knife
and attempted to strike him with It
He shoved her back, be said, and she
fell to the floor, striking the back of
her neck against the blade. It sev
a ..t.. M.V. munU in tier
PI 111! IHII m. R M II 11 acOU.WU mmm -
instant death. The trouble occurred
he said, before their two little children.
After the death of his wife, Mundy
says he remained in the house four
days with the body. He Anally con
eluded to dispose of it and leave the
city. He was a carpenter and con
cluded to tear up the floor and bury
the body beuoivth it.
He then sent the two children to
the home of his wife's mother at Te-
cumseh. Mich , and told the neigh
bors that his wife had gone there to
visit. After doing this, Mundy told
the officer that he h)d from Toledo
' and came to St. LouU.
The actions of a little dog, left on
the i r raises, led to the discovery of
v' bndv. It keDt whining
and scratching about the floor until
neighbors concluded to notify the
officers. The latter made an inveetl
Mundy was at that time traced to
St. Louis. He was located by Uetec
tives Tracy and Walsh at the home
of John Rosser, 3061 A Cass avenue,
arrested and returned to Toledo
While awaiting trial, he aud several
other prisoners overpowered the
guards at the Toledo jail and escap
After making his escape Mundy
- says he worked at his trade in sev
eral towns in Illinois and was mar
ried to a widow at Batchtown. He
then came to St. Louis and has lived
I . IflOft - A P.niro
lor Beverai jenra Bt tvwim. ...
Aaf tlm nnmonl Dpll LeWlS.
C V Cli V1D UliUl ' - v
Officers at Toledo have been noti
fied of the arrest and Mundy will be
taken back.
Sergt. Meyer will receive a reward
of 250 for making the arrest.
Miss Elizabeth Parklosoa Pleased
With the Home Coming Plans
LC. BUr. -
Miss Elizabeth Parkinson, the
Kansas City singer, who has achiev
ed fame in Europe, may sing for the
pleasure of the people of this city In
convention hall. The Idea was first
broached by Fred S. Doggett, presi
dent of the board of directors of
Convention hall at the first meeting
of the present board last month. The
proposition met with immediate
favor and in the discussion that fol
lowed A. E. Stil well, a director stated
that he expected to be in Paris dur
ing the summer and if It was the wish
of the board he would call upon Mi
Parkinson in person and urge her t
make the trip to Kansas City as sue
gee ted.
Secretary Shouse was instructed t
write to Miss Parkinson, outlining
the plan briefly, and to inform bet
that Mr. Stilwell would endeavor t
meet her in person and set forth th
details more fully An answer to the
letter written by the secretary wai
received yesterday morning, and it
shows that Mini Parkinson still ban
a warm affection tor Kansas City,
and she will make every effort to
carry out her part of the plan pro
posed. MIbs Parkinson writes:
Paris France, May 28, 1903.-My
Dear Mr. Shouse: Your letter came
yesterday and gave me so much
pleasure. The idea of singing again
in Kansas City makes me very happy
indeed, and I hope with all my heart
that it mar be possible. I cannot
tell you anything very definite, as
have no idea of what time I should
be expected to come. I can nly say
that the plan appeals to me most
I hope to hear from Mr. Stilwell
soon, or if he stays in London for
ome time I muy Bee him personally
for I am going over for a short visit
in the lutter part of June,
I am deeply touched by your kind
letter and thank you so much for
your interest. 1 wish that all my
home people knew how I appreciat
their help and sympathy.
Thanking you again for your kind
ness and encouragement, I remai
yours most sincerely-EIizabeth Park
15 Rue August Vacqverie
Watterson Says He Hay Be the
Democratic Nominee.
Louisville, Ky June 10. In a
lengthy editorial in the Courier-Jour
nal to-day Henry Watterson discuss
ed presidential possibilities, giving
considerable attention to Circuit At
torney Folk, of St. Louis. The open
ing paragraphs of the editorial are
levoted to a reply to a recent sum
mary of the outlook in Harper's
After some more discussion of
Qrover Cleveland, Mr. Watterson
iays: "The lateet 'dark horse' to
dge his way, as it were, into the
paddock has still a year before him
to make a record.
Neither Mr. Tilden nor Mr. Cleve
tnd has much more. If Joseph W.
Folk, of St Louis, be nominated and
lected by the Democrats to the gov
ruorship of Missouri, be will occupy
very much the position occupied by
Mr. Tilden in 187G
"But in the prevailing chaos it is
conceivable that he may come to be
In the running even without a nomi
nation and election aa governor of
Missouri. Mr. Bryan had no such
lead or backing in 1890."
After ouotinff from a St. Louie
a -
paper three paragraphs, saying that
politicians are figuring on folks
future, Mr. Watterson continues:
"Between the lines there is some
suggestive reading here. No onecan
ever predict just what a body of dis
credited politicians will do when scar
ed into the need of doing something
which will look like doinjr their duty.
"The career of Mr. Folk hasthu
far beeu exceptional aud bears the
earmarks of having a future befon
it. There seems to have lvn a mean
ing, if not a kiud of destiuy, in his
election to the circuit attorney ship.
"We are assured he diJ not want
the office. lie wished fur nothing
better than to continue a successful
law practice. "But in spite of thi
the gang which rules St. Louis, feel
ing that he would be an easygoing
official, forced the nomination upon
"He accepted it only after the dec
laration that if elected he would die
The Three
Ages of Man.
In childhood, middle life and old age
there is frequent need of the tonic
properties that are contained in
"iiV HOPS l
W thaoc
It is nature's greatest assistant not a
dark beer but a real malt extract-
positively helpful, non-intoxicating.
Sold by druggists. Prepared only by tht
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'fl
6t Louis, U.S. A.
Your old Iron and all Kinds of Jtibk7
Also am buying Wool, Hides, new and
ftlH T?flutliora Will ! yon On-market price
U1U MiHH til 3. delivered ot my yrU in Butler.
Dox't Fokgkt I handle pure Anthracite,
Arkansas Anthracite and Semi Anthracite
and soft coal.
Stops the Cold and Works off the
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
cure a cold in one day. No cure, no
pay. Price 25 cents.
Be Has Mysterious Double.
Muscatine, la., June 12. Harry
Gav was to-day acquitted on pit-
liminary hearing on the charge of
murdering Arthur Meade of West
Liberty. Gay has a double and an
unquestionable alibi is all that saved
Meade was murdered In a restaur
ant in West Liberty two weeks ago
. fcnirl.nn. SusDiclon waa direct-
4U M awa r
m toward Gay, and he waa arrested
Before his preliminary hearing he
win Riraved in a discarded mask
and coat of the murderer and made
to go through the ceremony of the
told-up. His face, size, bearings and
voice corresponded perfectly with
the bandit's. The officers were sure
they had the murderer, but to day
he proved an alibi and the case was
j:..n!ouwi nn motion ui own
U 1 IXi 1ED"U
tnrnev E. P. Ineham.
Mrs Gay says she has seen her
husband's double, but does not know
him. Detectives have a clew and the
eAKh continues. Governor turn
turn offered a reward of $300
and that of cit izens swtdls it to $800,
New York, June 13.-RobertNeill
M Anireles. Cal.. who arrived on
thn .fceamer Germanic this morning,
reports that a draft of f 10,230 was
.tnfon from his stateroom on Wed-
Nn trace of the thief has
Regulars to Quell Strike.
Washington, June 10. On the re
quest of the acting governor of Ariz
ona, federal troops have been ordered
from Fort Grant and Fort Hauchuca
to Mordenci, in Graham county, to
quell impending riots there, conse
quent upon a strike of 3,000 miners,
mostly foreigners. The appeal
stated that the strikers are armed
and led by professional agitators
and that the militia" forces are small
and inadequate.
Bailey Takes Ware to Task.
Topeka, June 11. Governor Bailey
is very indignant over the action of
Eugene F. Ware, United States pen
sion commissioner, in refusing to
allow the circulation of a petition for
the relief of Kansas flood sufferers in
the pension bureau. The governor
save he has traveled over the Kaw
valley from Kansas City to Topeka
and believes the Buffering has not
exaggerated. He says that Kansas
cannot properly care tor ine uesu-
tute and that Mr. vV are was wrong
in refusing to allow the employees of
his derjartment to contribute. The
governor will issue a signed state
ment to-morrow in regard to the
charge his duties fearlessly without
dictation from any quarter. '
"This the gang thought waa only
campaign chatter, but three week
after Mr. Folk took the oath he die
covered that the grossest corruption
prevailed in almost all the depart
ments of the city government.
"The magnitude of the corruption
staggered belief, but the circuit at
torney went right through it, even
convicting the arch ring leader and
engineer of bribery, the Bill Tweed of
St. Louis corruption, a person by the
name of Butler.
No oppomtion, no threats, no
bribe, could dissuade him from his
course, so that now his influence it-
felt in state us well as local affaire.
Charges of corruption in the Missouri
legislature aroused investigation and
as a result it was found that Jeffer
son City, the state capital, was quite
as rotten as St. Louis, its commer
cial metropolis.
"Presidentsseem to bebornalmont
as surely as 'The Lord s Anointed
What in the range of heroic fiction
could be more extraordinary than
the tour de force which carried the
present head of the nation from a
desk in the navy department to the
executive mansion inside of less than
four years?
"In American politics nobody can
tell what a year may bring forth."
Spurs For Roosevelt Boy.
Deadwood, S. D., June 12. Captain
Seth Bullock of Deadwood has ob
tained as a present for Archie Rooee
velt, third son of the president, a pair
of cowboy spurs. They were pro
cured for Captain Bullock by Ed ard
McDonald, mayor of Deadwood
They are hand made and represent
the highest skill in forging and finish
The spurs are silver-mounted and
chadsed with an artistic design. The
boy for whom they are intended rode
much with Captain Bullock when the
latter was In Wael. 1 jgton.
From the Same Gallows.
Michigan City.Ind., June 13. WK
iiam Jachson, colored, and Ora Co
peuhaver were hanged from the same
gallows this mottling in the state
prison. Copeuhuver murdered his
wife at Indianapolis. Jackson killed
Allen Bleukunship, a negro watch
man in EvaLBVille, and robbed him
off 30.
Trouble at World's Fair.
St. Louis, June 10. If the artisans
who are employed in the construe
tionot the world's fair buildings
carry out their threatened strike,
the chances are that the opening of
the exposition will be considerably
delayed. The men who are employed
in stringing electric wires demand an
extra dollar a day. They are now
receiving 4 a day, and that seems,
in the eyes of the management, sum
cient for the work.
The dissatisfaction has caused
general demand for an increase, but
it is the present determination of the
management to fight the issue with
the building trades council.
Venezuela's Revolution Over.
Willemetad, Island of Curacao,
June 10. General Matos aud the
generals who supported him iu the
revolutionary muvcuicLts iu uezu
ela have returned here. The re vol u
tion aeauiat lresiacnt taauo is
Capital, ..... 35,090 00.
Surplus and Profits - 111,848.18.
Always has ready money on band to be loaned on farms
In Bates, Vernon, Barton, Cedar and Dade counties, Mo.
Very Lowest Rates ol Interest.
on five years time, allowing borrower to pay baek part
eaoh year If desired. Every land owner wanting: a loan
should call and get oar rates before borrowing of others.
Having on baud a large amount of idle money we are
uiaktug low rates. W have a full and complete abstract
of title to every acre of land or town lot In Bates County
from the D. S. patent down to date, that we keep up with
the records dally. We furnish reliable Abstract at
reasonable prloes. v
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Wm, G. Walton, J. Everingham, J. R. Jenkins,
John Deerwester, Wm, W. Trigg, T. C. Boulware,
Frank M. Vorls, 0. 11. Dutcher, C. R. Radford,
8am Levy, T. J. Wright.
Tr A W ATI W Owwtmmm 1TT 1 TTT A T rpMkT ' VnM
West Ohio Street.
313m .
Sister of Marcum Testifies that
Jett Told Her He Fired
The Shot.
Jackson, Ky., June 10. The third
lay of the trial of Curtis Jett and
Thomas White for the murder of
Attorney J. B. Marcum was distin-
guifhpd by the evidence of B. L. Kwen
the first and loading witness of the
President's Summer Plans.
Washington, June 10. The presi
dent and Mrs. Roosevelt and Mies
Alice Roosevelt will gotoOjster Bay
June 25 and remain there for the
rest of the summer. The President
will make a speech at a celebration
of his neighbors on Ju'y 4. To day
three of the Roofevelt children,
Ethel, Archibald and 2'ientin, left
for Oyster Bay in charge of two ol
the white liniiKescrvant8. Next week
they will be joined by Theodore and
Lermit, who are at school ut Gro
ton, Mass. The Oys'er Buy house
commonwealth. The propecution is
attempting to prove that White en- has been placed in rendiuess for tin
tered the court house while Marcum I president and his family
and Ewen were standing together
aud that as he pnssed through he
gave a signal for Jett to fire. Ewen
testified to seeing White just before
and after Marcum was bhot, aud to
seeing Jett just after Marcum was
carried out of the court house. Ewen
denied each allegation. Ewen
said he had never told Sheriff Ed
Callahan and county judge Hargis
what he had seen when Marcum was
killed, because he feared to do so.
In his address this morning the
commonwealth's attorney, Byrd,
said it would be proved that Jett
admitted to Mrs. Johnson that he
had killed Marcum.
In the evidence this morning it was
stated that Jett and White were seen
talking to Mrs Johnson on the bridge.
Mrs. Johnson to-night confirms what
Byrd said would be her testimony,
adding that she feared to tell this
earlier, believing that she would be
"As I was returuing home shortly
after the killing," she said, "I was
overtaken by Jett. He spoke tome
and I said, 'Jett, did you kill my
brothei?' lie replied, 'I did, but liar
gis' money made me do it.'
He said he was going to leave the
country. Then lorn unite came up
aud I asked him if he had anything
to do with the murder, and he said
he was there, but he did not fire the
Pittsburg's Monster Lockout.
Tittsburg, Pa, June lO.-The
number of men locked out by the tie
up in the building trades was iucreas
ed to day to 8,500. This number
probably will lie trebled by the end
of the week, and unless the dispute
between the bricklayers and store
masons is settled speedily, the build
ers' league suys 70,000 men will be
thrown out, uO million dollar in
contracts will be affected and nearly
$200,000 a day lost in saluries.
A Georgia Negro Lynched.
Macon, Ga., June 8. Cope Wains
law, sou of a well known-lawyer, was
uiunlen d by a negro at Fort Valky
this ulUTuoon. The negro was lynch
ed to-night.
Snow Falling in Colorado.
Denver, June 10. Snow fell to-day
in all parts of Colorado except iu
Luis valley. The snow fall was heavy
on Laveta, Tennessee, Marshall and
other mountain passes and in Lead
ville and the Cripple Creek mining
districts. The Arkansas river is very
high and has washed out railroad
t -icks at several places.
Ex-Mayor Cox Arrested.
Wichita, Kan., June 10. Former
Mayor L. M. Cox was to-day arrest
ed here on two warrants sworn out
by Jessie Leland, city clerk, charging
him with forgery and embczzliug
$ 2.CCS.40 belonging to the city
Tax on Babies.
Extreme hot weather is a great tax
inxin the digestive power of bahie:
when puny and feeble they should be Utitutiou is the supreme la
yiveu tft lew uvicvro ui u iiiivbi iruui
Vermifuge, the children's tonic. It
will stimulate and facilitate thedi
gestionis! their food, so that they
soon become strong, healthy and
active. 23c at 11. L. Tucker's Drug
I W-s a Member of Family of Dist
guisbed Warriors Bis Career.
Dayton, O., June 12. Genera
Alexander McDowell McCook,
A., retired, died early thismornkf
from a stroke of paralysis. Geoeesa
McCook came from Washington
month ago to visit his daughter.
Mrs. Charles Craighead, and lmam
diately suffered a slight stroke, tit-
lowed a tew days later by-auotfcet
The general's widow and his tsrr -daughters
were at the bedside.
General Alexander McDowell Me-
Cookwas the most distinguished f
the "Tribe of Dan" branch of tkt
Ohio "Fighting McCooks" ol tht
There were 10 ' Fighting McCookr'
I of the two families, the "triheofDajr
and the "tribe ol John." 0ftho.
family there were eleven soldiers al
commissioned oillcers except a,
who was killed as a private in (Is
first battle cf the war Bull Dtu
and had no chance.
In this family was Major Genera'
A. S. McCock, who served in s
Chattanooga and Atlanta cam
paigns, marched with Shermaa ta
the Bea and was governor of Dakots,
when he was assassinated wh3
making a political speech.
Alexander M I). McCook was tit
only West Puiuter of them all, gri
uatiug in 1jC.2. lie command!
division under Bnell in thoarmytl
the Ohio, huh made major gener
forgulluut service at Shiloh, uud
in command of the army ol the Cua
lerlaiid throv'a the cutiipaigus d
Perry ville, Stone River, Tullahue
Chattanooga uiid tbickaiuauga.
After the war he continued in tht
army, commaaiting a iruus .m:i -.i-Lippi
departuiit aud being the uiii-
tary representative of tins count-
at the coroLitioa of the czar of llu
He was n member of the com mu-
i a i i a. d
sion appointed uy tno prsweu ;
investigate the war depart ineut nca
dais during tie wur with Spaia.
He was 72 years old, and bad re
tired from the army at the age lire it
Follows the Flag.
Justice Harlan's. dissenting opin
ion in the Hawaiian manslaughter
case (Hawaii vs. Osaki MauktcLi
contains the following strong ar
raignment tf our present anomolou
position, grown out of the Phil?
pine muddle.
"The opinion of thecourt, he t o
tinued, t'would mean that the I'UiMt
States may a. quire territory by
sion. corn ue. t or treaty and fiJ
congress may exercise sovereign
and dominion over it, outside .ff
in vlila iin of the cons: tut
aud under regulations that coaV
not be applied to the organized fca
ritories of the 1 nited States uud it v
inhabitants. It would imtt tlu
under the irtluvuce and gv. dD e J
commercialism aud the supposed -cessities
of trad this country lt
left the old ways of the fathers, 4S
defined by written constitutions, iumL
entered a new way, in following whidt
the American people will lose sigto
of and become indifferent to Uwm
principles which had been suppose
to be essential t& real liberty. H
would mean that if this people 1
not retruce t'air steps, if the princi
ples now announced should becoan
firmly established, the time may ol
be far distant, w hen, under the el
ections of trade und commerce, asi
t ) gratify an ambition to becow
the greatest political power on earrA
tlie United States will acquire terri
tories in every direction, which am
inhabited by human beings owr
territories to be called 'depeudeocW
we will exercise absolute doininioi
and where inhabitants will be regard
ed as 'subjects' to be controlled at
congress nny see fit, not as the con
stitution requires, nor as the people
governed may wish. Thus will to
egratted upon our republican insti
tutions, dominated by the euprem
law of a written constitution, a eel
nial system entirely fi.aign to tie
genius of our government and air
horrent to the principles that ucdr
lie and pervade the constitution t
stand by the doctriue that the tut-
territory, ns soon as it con rr.i-.&r-the
sovereign dominion of t oT cttet
States for purposes of eiv . viaunir
trttion and whose inhabita
under its entire authority ' au J jurisdiction."
Aiooutaj -
been found.

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