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J. D, ALLEN, Editor.
The WiKtTTiMi, publUhed erery
Tdtmdty. will be tent to any nldrct
re rear, cottage Pat (or i.oo.
For Freeident,
For Vice-President,
of west virginia.
State Democratic Ticket.
For Governor-JOSEPU W. FOLK.
For Uent.-UoYernor THOMAS L. BUBKT.
Foe Secretary of 8tale-8AhI B. COOK.
tot Andllor ALBERT O. ALLEN.
r Treeeurer-J AME8 COWGILL.
Tor Attorney Generel-ILLIOTT W. MAJOR.
tar Kill Roil Oommlieloner H . R. OGLICSBY.
iorCongre.6tb Dlelrlct D A.DiARMOND.
Judge ith Judicial Clrcult-V. W. GB1VK8.
Democratic Cointy Ticket.
rerBpreeentattve-Hjn.JBmea N. Sharp.
For Proe-ntiDg Attorney A. B. Ladwlck.
ror Sheriff Motet B. MorrU.
For Treaeurer W. B, Bell.
Tar Strreyor Edward B. Borroa.
for Public Administrator 8. T. Broaddut.
For Coroner Nr. W. H. Allen.
For County Judge, Booth Dlit , Will Laney.
for County Judge, North Dlit. .P. A. Bruce.
Democratic Central Committee
The Democratic Central committee
will meet in the circuit court room
At Butler on Saturday, August 27th
at 2 p.m. J. A. DkArmond,
J. W. Jamison, Chairman.
Bro. Austin makes a Rood presid
ing officer. Bro. Funk seems to have
been without the breastworks.
The tact that Mr. Walbridge, the
llepublican nominee lor governor, is
being supported by Ed. Butler and
the boodllng element ol St. Louis, is
proof enough that he is not the right
nan (or governor o! the state.
The Chicago Tribune, Republican,
ays that for each boodler vote the
Republican nominee tor governor
gains, Folk will gain ten ballots from
honest Republicans who have hereto
fore voted the straight Republican
In times of war it sometimes be
comes necesary to draft the private
soldier, but whoever heard of .lt being
necessary to run a draft for officers.
- The Republican county convention
-found it necessary last Saturday to
raft nearly everr candidate.
The Democratic state campaign
will ha opened in Springfield on
September 1st. Sedalia and the
World's Fair both made a bid for it,
bat the Democratic managers didn't
want to hold the opening where any
Democrat would be compelled to pay
-an admission fee.
If it is true, as some Republican
opponents of Mr. Walbridge . say,
that boodllng was in flagrant prac
tice in the St. Louis city council when
Mr. Walbridire was mayor of that
city, there is some added . light on
Ed. Butler's enthusiastic reference
to the former mayor as "a good man
for governor." Kansas City Star,
It is recognize by all thinking men
that when one 6tarts in to ask ques
tions, not with a view of gaining
liirht on a mooted subject, but for
the purpose of creating trouble and
confusing the publis mind, that to
Attempt answers to all such ques
tions would be ridiculous. Bro.
Funk has adopted such a policy in
bis warfare npon ocr county officers.
- He is not seeking truth but trying to
create distrust in the minds, of the
public, no matter -how honest and
. -efficient the officer may be. ;. '
The Republican-Press is insisting
. tipon every item in every bill being
-carried out in the published financial
.' fiti?nant Vtw the) pnnntv innr, a.n1
' -especially In the Sheriffs board bill,
:V-HSiard of 'prisoners." In making
, oat fck bill the sheriff itemised each
- prisoner by name, from such a dais
to such a date, at so much per day.
.- ft L AMkflmai mm manv mm OA ab
ai e umm uuiviriauvv wm uinui mm mi m
'.35 prisoners He totolt tt whole m
x Wis.mmA aI wmri.mrwm mnn mtLirmm mm a.
. ' wit to its truth. , This bill Is kept on
by the county clerk and can be
-.smined at any time. The flnanclal
t:anl now make from 6 to 8
' 2 of npnparUL If every Item
ry tUl pretentsJ was carried
tie stitcrent it would tnax
3 tai O tM tatci at i i
) c: r: -VtU Ero. Tczi
: T ta cry. xz.
v:r Uirj rCJ i
! e;:r to' c;ri '
If further evidence was required to
convince the American people that
they have a war man f jr president,
developments in. the last few days In ;
our relations with foreign nations
have furnished it. From a profound
trail nations, only a week's
tisso Is noce;cary to mrolve us In f
heated Imbroglio with five nations,
vis: Turkey, Yeue.oela, San Domin
go, Columbia, Russia. All of these,
except the last named, are small na
tions and of course don't want a
scrap with a powerful country like
our own, and Russia right now bos
her hands full and would evidently
prefer closing op those troubles be
fore assuming any more.
A 'diplomatic controvereey was
being conducted In Turkey, the same
as had been going on with the "Sick
Man of the East," since the founding
of this government. There are no
more reason for harsh measures now
than there hasilways been, but our
War President has concluded .to
brandish his "big stick" over the
Sultan's head in a threatening man
ner. War ships have been ordered
to Smyrna, in Asiatic Turkey, and
if the presence of these sea dogs are
not convincing to the Sultan that
Teddy Is not bluffing, why the port
of Smyrna will be seized and a few
shots fired "iuat to show," and then,
what of the echo? War ships havel
" d
alio been ordered to San Domingo,
where some trade complications have
arisen and a like measure is contem
plated for Venezuela, where an
American Trust has some asphalt
concessions that are In danger of
being confiscated by the government
because of a dispute with the com
pany, it onr government would
adopt more stringent measure in
dealing with trusts at home the peo
ple would profit thereby. Russia
seized a British ship carrying Ameri
can products to Japan, and con
demned the cargo as contrabands of
war, clearly acting In her rights as
a nation at war with Japan, when
Teddy makes a pre-emptory demand
for damages and an apology. No
man need be surprised to find glar
ing headlines in his morning 'paper
announcing that Teddy the Bold
had Involved this nation in war with
one of the world powers. Firmness
and boldness has always been aid
must continue to be the attitude of
our chief executive in dealing with
other nations, but they have rights
which we are bound to respect, and
the fellow who goes around with a
chip on his shoulder is sure to gat
the quarrel he seeks.
It now leaks out that the Morton
Jourdan home rule plank, which the
Democratic convention turned down,
and about which action the Republi
can press has so much to say, was
presented to the resolution commit
tee of the Republican state conven
tion at St.. Joseph, and burld in that
committee. The resolution as writ
ten by Mr. .Jourdan provided that
"cities should not be ruled as sub
ject provinces" and the governor
should not have the right by "con
firmation, veto or appointment;"
which, if adopted, would take away
state supervision of any kind from
the police officials. Both parties
recognize the importance of state
supervision over police, election and
excise officials. The evils lie in the
abuse and not In the law as at pres
ent constructed.
The Post-Dispatch continues Its
tirade of abuse against Hon. Sam
B. Cook, growing more violent as
defeat after defeat Is heaped npon it
and It sees that Mr. Cook will as cer
tainty be elected with a big majority
as he lives until Noventber, says the
Moberly Democrat. V Let all keep In
mind the cause of that paper's ani
mosity to. Cook. .. . It was . Sam B.
Cook who showed that journal up
as the biggest tax dodger in Mis
souri- It now knows that with Sam
Cook elected it will have to pay tax
on a proper assessment. v:
Gen. Metcalf, pension agent at To
peka says the deaths of pensioners
tat last year have about kept pace
with ; the iiew pensioners added to
the rolls; there beinf only nine less
than a year 80.' The total number
ofsoldiers paid through tbtvTopeka
asency Is 115,620 and the amount
paid la I16.284.W1.73 or an aw-
of f 14L10 a jeap. ' Missouri
heads the tttt with 49.761 soldiers
and widows who draw f 7,833,830.28
a year; -K-tt next with 33,666
who draw Ui3,s:3.77.
.. . , fw t - If"1- '' :--
-:? Crrtr
.1 ' V i
Member of Grant's Cabinet and
Massachusetts Senator -foFTarker.
Groton, Mass., Aug. 7.-"-George 8.
Boutwell, one of the founders, of the
Republican party, Secretary. of the
Treasury under President Grant,
Governor, United States Senator
and Representative in Congress from
his State, Is tor Judge Parker for
President. He gave these reasons
yesterday for his preference:
"I am with the Democratic patty
because I have made a distinct de
cision in regard to the Philippine
policy, and whatever may happen In
regard to domestic affairs, nothing
can be so unfortunate as this trans
formation from a republic to an
"Therefore I dp not concern my
self about what the Democratic par
ty may do, but I am satisfied that
they will not sacrifice the honor of
the nation by leaving a great oppor
Declare for Parker and Davis.
Parkersburg, W. Va., Aug. 7.
Asbury Haraons of Ripley, W. Va.,
Republican nominee for judge of the
circuit court of the Fifth district,
has declared tor Parker and Davis,
and John S. Farr, of Huntington, a
nominee tor Presidential elector, has
withdrawn from the ticket and sent
his resignation to the state central
committee. He gives as his reason
that he cannot conscientiously vote
for the persons on the Republican
ticket this year and that he does not
agree with the principles and plat
form ot the party In .West Virginia.
Clark's Estimates.
Congressman Champ Clark gives
out the following as the states Judge
Parker will carry:
The Solid 8outh 151
New York 39
New Jersey 12
Maryland , 8
West Virginia - 7
Connecticut 7
Delaware.... 3
Indiana 15
Colorado 5
Montana 3
Nevada 3
Total 253
As doubtful he quotes:
Wisconsin 13
Illinois 27
Idaho .....i...... 3
Utah 3
Total 46
This certainly looks good to us
and we believe Mr. Clark has the
situation sized up just about right.
8 Drowned While Bathing. '
. Alton, 111 , Aug. 8. Michael Riley,
his daughter and six of the latter's
little girl friends were drowned while
bathing in the Mississippi river to
night. One child who was in the
party was rescued. ...
Riley lived near the river, In the
southern part of the city, and was
accustomed to bathe In front of his
home after his return from work.
To-night his little daughter begged
to go with him, and Riley -took her
and seven cf her little girl friends ta
the beach'with him.
, When they entered the water Riley
bade the children )oin hands, and
they all waded into the fiver '' and
walked, along a sandbar which
stretched out Into the stream - at
that point. They had gone some
distance from the shore, when sud
denly the whole party disappeared
beneath the water, having in the
darkness stepped from the sandbar
into the deep channel.
l. The children struggled and scream
ed, fighting desperately to reach1 the
sandbar, where the water, was only a
foot or so In depth. ' Riley, who is
said to have been a good swimmer)
is thought to have been made help
less by the girls clinging to fafm and
hampering his efforts to '.save -them
VbimiKM w
T. ll Rotry "and J oia'c! VJZj
lit lrlitsaant
Govtrx:r of I mcA wt rtzzmtj
a LLu-.crri University , sit tl tame
f-j r -J rsccIvedL their dr-recj c:'t
Judge Parker Has Resigned.
Albany, N. Y., Aug. 5.-J odge Par
kers' resignation as chief judge of
the court of appeals was filed with
the secretary of state this afternoon
This will enable the issuance ot the
necessary oraers to Drmg aooui jne
election oi a successor to Juoge i ar
kcr tb's fall for the fu'l term ot four
teen years Instead of an appointment
by the governor for one year if the
resignation had been delayed until
after August 10. Jndge Parker came,
to Albany this morning. He refused
to say what the object of his visit
was until his resignation had , been
filed. . - '
Judge Parker sent to the secretary
of state -his formal resignation as
chief judge of the court ot appeals.
The resignation which was filed with
the deputy secretary of state Horace
G. Tennant, Is dated to-day at Rose
mount, Esopus, N. Y., and reads as
follows: '
"I hereby respectfully resign my
office as chief judge ot the court of
appeals ot the state of New York, such
resignation to take effect immediate-
Puts Folk Majority at 75,000.
Ed. T. Orear, ot Sweet Springe, for
mer ttate superintendent of insur
ance, was at tne uammore, says
the Kansas City Times. Mr. Orear
predicted that Folk's majority would
be 75,000. He said:
"Tho Democratic party has given
the voters an exceptionally strong
ticket, on a platform that must ap
peal strongly to every honest man.
I know many Republicans who will
vote for Mr. Folk on the Issue he rep
resents. Mr. Walbridge may be a
good business man, but his candi
dacy tor governor at this time will
notget the independent vote, northe
Republican farmer who carefully
studies the situation. I understand
Mr. Walbridge is president ol the Bell
Telephone company, one ot the big
corporations that Cardwell said had
tried to influence legislation, and I
am told also that he is a large stock
holder in the Butler garbage reduc
tion works of St. Louis. I think Mr.
Walbridge a weak candidate."
Organization of Demo
cratic State Committee.
Chairman W. N. Evans, of West
Secretary Ovid Bell, of Fulton.
Private Secretary Hal Woodeidp,
of Thayer. '
Executive Committee W. D. Van-
diver, of CUpe Girardeau; D. II.
Shields, of Htnntbal; Virgil Conkling,
of Carrollton; Jarne W. Mytton, of
St. Joseph; G Lee Chrisman, of Inde
pendence; Harvey W. Salmon, of
Clinton; James T. Miles, of St. Louis;
N W. McLeod, of St., Louis; Frank
E. Russell, of Conway.
And Hsrit dresars rf CUTICWA,
the great Skin Cure and sweetest
of 4MiwErits., : v y ,; ; ' v ;
ITha treirnesru At orwifaS--'4
hair, rcrbves cruca, Ktia, r4
ortdruS drt:ryj ktf ft-
k-l iJU j--t -
'chr-Li ', t' r 1. 't(
,th tztl? ; i
c-- '
I t if rf -
m j
. AM k BW
Owing to bid crop prospect ttu., I have de-
cided to REDUCE MY ENTIRE STOCK materially
and if-prices count for anything I shall jio bo. .
On and after : . ' . If
If August 8th, I will
I 7 k
The following prices go into effect MONDAY,
AUGUST 8, 1904: Stoves of all kinds, at least
20 per cent off. Buggies at almost your
own price, and Buggy harness at cost. ,
Three cans Standard corn for............ 25o
Three cans Standard tomatoes .......'...... 25c
All other canned goods in proportion. ' .
Lion Coffee, two packages 25o
Rio coffee 12tfv former price 15o
Special coffee 15c, former price 179
Princess coffee 17e, former price 20c
Java Blend 20c, former price 25c
Moca and Java, 30c, former price 35o
Best Gunpowder tea, GOc, former price 75o
Best Imperial tea, 40c, former price 50o
Best Japan tea, 60c, former price 75o
Good Japan tea, 40c, former price...... 50o
Helns pure eider vinegar, 30o former rice..;...... 35q
Cheap vluegar, 15c, formsr price 20c
, Old Country and Cream soap, 6 bars for............ 25o
Lenox and. Silk Soap, 3 bars for. 10c
Good laundry soap, 12 bars for 25o
Anvil brand soda, 0 pound packages for.... 24o
Cow brand soda, 4 pound packages for..... ... 25o
Greenwich Lye, 4 boxes for..... 25c
All hardware reduced from.....'. 10 to 40 per cent.
Tinware reduced from 25 to 50 per cent.
Shears and scissors reduced 25 per cent.
Table and pocket cutlery reduced...'. 40 percent
Raxors and raior strops reduced 50 per cent.
Yours for Honest Bargains, '
Order of Publioation.
County of Btei. H-
IatkClronltConn. My term. 1904. M F.
rUBden. pUlnUr, t. Elli.bath Uog at
. l,defDUirti. Orterof pnbliootloi.
Mow t thudty (omn tkt pUlntlC krla by
kit ttOTBy. Ullet 8. Hon, and Out kin pU
tloa nd aflakTlt, klU1f monf oltacr (klan
tkat dafcDdkkU BliMbtth.Hoga, Kits Wolfe,
Mn TkomM V. Pga, Allan Cobb. TktnM
lielloa.A.D. MeNaghtoa aad HeNahtoa
ra aoa-raaldaaM at tba SUIa of Mitaoarl
Wkaraopoa II laardarad by tba aoort tbat tald
dafandaBta ba aoUBed by pabllaatloa tbat
rlalnuabMeoaimmioad a lull agalnit tbam la
hlaeonrt, tka abjast aad leaeral aataraet
wtalck 1a to ob tali a dcra ot ooort deolarlnf
that tba plaintiff kaa ralld aad aabdatlag
mortgaga aad Ilea fur alx bnadrad dollar aad
loterett from data aad that tba following real
eftaie. ta-wlti Tba north ball of lot are (M la
block tbraa (I) la Wllllama rirat addition to
tba City or Butler. Miaaoarl, U abaifed with
a Ilea aad aabjaelad to tba payment of aald
dabl ani that aald real aatata ba aold to aattafy
aald debt, Interest aad ooat, aad tbat aalaaa
thaaatdKimavthHogfte. Kato Wolfe, Mra.
Thorn a V. Page, Allen Cobb.Tberena Halloa
jl. u.Monagnioaana McNagnton, baana
ppaar at tnia eoart. at tba aazt lana thereof.
to oa ovgna an koldea at tba aanrt bonea
la tba oitj of Botler, la tald oonnti, oa tba
nrat MonaaTin ustooer, im.'aad oa or be
fore tbe first dy of aald larm ai.ewer or
plead to tba petition la aald , tba aama
will ba taken aaoonreeeed, and Jadgmaat wlU
be rendered accordingly.
Aad It la further ordered tbat a eopy hereof
be pnbll.hed, erKV.rdUig to lit, la tha
BuTLan Wnui Tiana, a aawapapar pabllah
ad la eald twenty of BetM for fonr weeke ana
oaoalvaly , pobllibed at la-at ovea a week, tba
laat laaertloa to be at lea-t thirty daya before
tha irtt day ol aald next Odtober tara of tola
oourt. '
J. A. PATTEBIO f , Ctrealt Clark.
A trae oopy from tba raoord Wlt
iial aeaa my band and tba aval ot tha
. , elrenit court of Baiaa eonity , thla
tha 8.h day ol Aagaet, 114.
41-41 Ureall CTk
J '. Qi If . Baikiey, O C.
; Order of Pablieatloa, . .
County ol Batea, -(" ! - . - v
InracaUon Amgnatt, 1804, Inra D. Worley,
plaintiff, Geojglaima Amyx, and' C. li.
Amys, defendant.-.... ., .
- Order of PnbDoatloa.' ; ,
Now at thla day eomaa tba plaintiff herein by
ber attorieT, v . O. JGkaa,aBd fitpherptl
ttoa aad anidarlt, alleging ataoa otaer talagt
thatdefaaduiC 8 Aaiyx la a aoa-reaMeatof
the etateef kawarii WharoapoalttaoBaarad
by the elerk la yaeatloa that aaid defeadaat ba
attlaed aypabllcatioa tbat ptalntiff hat
tnenaed a anil agttnnt btai la thla eourt.
J oblaot aad gnerel nalare of whioh It loobula
( a ileonM of Uiie wvl Teatlag the title to tha
foUowlaff ml aetata altaata la Batea oomaty,
atlaaoari, to-alts Lota fotrtam (It , srteaa (161
aixtaa (, toreataca 07), aigbteea (IS), alae-
ta (1 , ta'y (W), tweaty-ooa (J ), la biM
(WWha bWB of AaMtardaai. Balet eonaty
KHMt. aad that aaltet tha aaid C. D lmiT
and I w at thl antrt. aa tha uti t. .
teereW. Vi aa bfma -d holdea at tVa oawt
aaalat-o'raf fuJer, la aaid eoaaiy. oa
l-e ! i Ib October, H. aadoaorW
aVatMO- -. yof tatd imm, aaawetor r'"-4
tothapvent-ataaaidaaaea. tha aaano Viae
tMkea MO" ated,aad Jadpaaat wtUaaroa
derad jr
A i t- low adered, that a err bvhf
ba fot, ni. aasoraiat to law, la ' ertaa
V a -Ly 1 race, a a wanapar p'uri d axd
a of t for foo wkl eV .y.
t iMHo-J.. t .
-MMItK trt 4 t a wo fcret
6yof BaxtOvrWtoti:.A. t
' ' ' ' . C -
;'--- - A teaaa f-a f . .
lmI - , a- '(,
Executors and Administrators'
uocxev rrooate uourt,
August, 1904, Term.
Monday, Au(r. 8, 1st day.
Bneay Henry W deod Kaney A Baoey ax.
Qraeohalge Jno deed Heary Crawford admr.
rither John B deod Daniel W Orlmm admr.
Madriox T W deod Chat W Mad dot admrT .
LetUa Kleaora deod W t Tyffard ex.
Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2nd day.
Wright Robert deod R t Wright admr OB M.
Carver Samaatha deed T H Lynch admr.
Walla Dalion deed Lonlea Walla ex.
Let tin Ureula A deod Weeley Lattla ex.
Badgley Emily, Meyer and Poffenbarger axa.
Wllkeraoa Jno deod O W Boyer admr.
Wednesday, Aur. 10, 8rd'day.
Melton Jane deod Ira M Browi admr. '
Bowman Lonlta I deod Coarad Bowmaa admr.
Beau Boaeur J deod Henry Madd ax.
Clark Lydia D deed T 3 Dar ex.
Hamilton Robert deed Jno D Moor ax
Thnrarln.. A tin. 11 Atk A -
Kline Elijab deod F Boa well admr.
uatHBuimi uouj j uovu i irfuueiuuaer aumx,
Llneey John deod JnoC Hayea admr.
Patrlek Barak deed Jno Speer admr.
v wvw noNfivi; nmwnm aumr.
Snmmert Hmrdla deod A at Sammart admr.
- Fridav. Anir. 1-J Rt.h tav ..
y " ' J
Warner Anna F deed Win A Florence ex. -Tonngt
Wm A deed Triard A Loh mAm
Peareon 8naiab deed T 8 Oodgee admr.
Cowley Edward, eo Dayla and Baker tin.
ALmaa Wa deod Teraeey llmaa ex.
Cartia Minnie A peed Barry Lturtti ex.
j Saturday, Auk. 13, 6th day.
Kaaala John deed BH Beat admr
Jayne Elenore dead Geo D MoNeil ex.
Bwamaa Deltrkk dead Tetto Bergniaa ex. '
Hederick AatoiBetta, Frank Hedariek admr. .
Floyd WUUe deed Man A Floyd admr.
Monday, An 15, 7th day '
GentiUr Catharine deed W H Seat tier ex. " "
ani Jno deed Fannie Oant ex.
Kamm Jno P deod Kliubath Runmav ' ' :
uiwro w vmivf a sou at Li roiadaztat admr.
r . m i. . . '
wwauuipaa. ana varMers VOCKCt, A
Toesday. Any. 18, 8th day.
WUoa Bdaa Mile. C 1 Beqaa G m C..7
koaley Jne A, W F trHeleV Q a O. - '
Babeea.Lb.JiabMoor.OAr ,
Boeana Margaret, Oeo F JUble QgQ. v .
. WtMiiieexlay, Aug. 17, 9th day. ;
"""Vtaj,JOBrowaaftO. . :
il"t Ceo" t ai, O A D.to 3 A C
Pnty Alb.it, 6m , AM, , gffi
1 ' - ji-f i m V) . ....
: 7" ' t-- m. fwuwm tMtv
I. Thursday, At. 18. lCih day.
N.iwtago t-.ee.Tx H, e v ana 1110
neieeJamr.JMCl tvib.-.-.
Pao Travia aM I ' ..-(11 an'
1 -jU.4, J-OC -ajac.
huNrreU Are V, 0 mmr ti :
Frfcy, Ar-. ItVa, llthday. ;
- - - r -,.. ft at wt . m iL
,vv-Boawo. ' - -
- J e.4. ,JhS WrdU :l ! .
'lATT. I. . r - m : s
ir r-r (- . .
t 't7rt. Ibcy7t4iit:i -3
' : "b'ir:3'.'tzi:r-
:? ta t

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