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- . ' .
Come Here "
For Relief
We also invite, your inspection
of our new showing of
and Shirts
Mens and Boys Outfitters.
Legg repairs baggy tops. ' 88-4 k j
Trade your produce for anything
at the Butler Cash Department Store.
t . ii-.- :
the Salem church, says the Foster
Times. , .
Will Dooley is spending the week
with nls parents, Uol. and Mrs. Silas
W. Dooley.
, " Sickles welded, first class work. .
88-4 Legg Carriage Shop. .
a ' 8ome one will draw the cash prl9
at the Bu tie Cash Department Store
for their produce. " ,
The are street lights at Adrian
were a financial failure and they have
been discontinued. .
Wiley' 0. Jackson, and Miss Clela
Ayer, both of Rich Hill, were married
- Friday by B. F. Jeter. r
. Bruce Steele was a pleasant caller
on Saturday and had hisdatee set
j ahead for another, year. ' '
! Jesse E. Smith, with the Scully in-
- terests In this county, .farored us
. plearantly - and substantially on
; Monday.. ylrfl
Judge Graves and, family visited
.relatives and friends in the east part
; of the county this week. ."1 ' ,v-
i Clyde McFarland came down' from
Kansas City Saturday evening and
spent 8nnday with home folks. :. ;
. Miss Habel lter, of Kansas City,
came down Sunday for a week's visit
with her cousin, Mrs. J. A. Padley.
rJ. ' Berry, with the HcKibbeo
tortfr utile Company, Is spending hi
Vacation at the World's Fair , this
i;-. f
. Tvf "sabeth McMullin, an aged
1t!,ri- i rtdient of Rich Hill since
,lwl, 15 t;day morning at her
I Trodsoe telcd h exchange for
r "..zi, dry foor shoes, bard
i art! tsn "fit C Bntler
i VilUtzzzd!; tt
I ' " r Ci oeuoa. r
- i , .
..... t ih Harrison
! . II.
"We have every style
and shape you can
think of in '
All buggy and wagon repairs.
88 4t Legg Carriage Shop.
The annual reunion of Quantrell's
survivors will be held one mile east
of Independence, Mo., on Friday and
Saturday, Aug. 19th, and 20th.
Dr. T. C. Bonlware, accompanied
by his son John, left Monday night
tor St. Louis and will spend a week
or ten days sight seeing at the fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Walls of Adrian,
and Mr. and Mrs. Mercer of Racine,
Wis., visited relatives and friends in
Bntler the last of the week.
Bring us your produce, we are of
fering prizes for the greatest amount
of produce brought to our store dur
ing this month. Butler Cash Depart
ment Store.
Mrs. F. H. Crowell entertained a
select party of lady friends at cards
on Saturday afternoon. Refresh
ments were served and a jolly good
time reported. ; V
The person who cannot bring the
greatest amount of produce to the
Butler Cash Department store may
still draw the prise for greatest
amount ofpackages. ,
Chas. B. Parker, of Spruce, made
us a business call on Tuesday. They
are preparing for a big time at the
Odd Fellows picnic on August 20th.
J. L. Glacebrook, . formerly of
Adrian, orders his paper changed
from South Bend to vRaymond,
Wash., and favors as with renewal
Our old friend John Bosch, former
lyof this county, how a prosperous
farmer near. Manhattan, ' Kansas,
observes his annual custom by send
ing remittance for renewal '-:."
Oscar Siseon and wife, of Spring'
field, Mo., are visiting the former's
parents,-Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sisson,
Mrs. Sisson who recently fell and
injured herself, is improving.. ;'
Prof. W. EL Morris requests us to
say that while his tamQy has moved
to Neosho, he will be detained here
several weeks settling tip his business
'lis Cass County Democrat says,
t" CttU '-ht year-old son of Henry
JciL' Who lives hear the Dunes n
Tr 1 Lm, vu kicked by a calf
Tc: evsau:a jast Delow tne knee
tzl t-lj Ci trckeo la two places.
J. J. Caven, of Oklahoma, is vfeit-1
lng bia sister, Mra. W. II. Hupp.
Mr. Caven is an old Bates county I
Doy, out went to UKianoma ana got
a good claim at the first opening in
1892, which is now quite valuable.
The Butltr Cash Department Store
is offering pnree for the greatest"
smcnnt o' produce and th greatest
number of packages of produce
brought to their store during the
month of August.
L H. Logan and Miss Dannie A.
Morris of Nevada, were married at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
Jackson in Bntler, Sunday morning
at 10 o'clock. They were.visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. F.
Saturday morning as a camber of
western horses owned by D. A. Col
yer, were being driven Into the. feed
yard, one of the most valuable anl
mal was so severely snagged on a
projecting plank that he had to be
Misses Orna and Ina Tucker of
Livingston, Montana, are visiting
their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 0
Warford, of Adrian. After a couple
of weeks of sight seeingat the
World's fair they will return tq their
Montana home.
W. H. Chrletoleer, from Grand
River, says the prospects in his sec
tion now are that farmers will raise
enough corn to carry them through
the winter and much more than was
expected a few weeks ago.
Mrs. Robert Stubblefield bad a
nasal hemorrhage on Saturday
which continued throughout the
night and until 10 o'clock Sunday
before she could be relieved. She was
much weakened by loss of blood.
Wm. M. Berry, sheriff of Union
county, Ky., was here Friday, to
get Wm Osborn, who Is wanted tor
house burglary at Morganfleld. Os
born had been working at the Wm.
Speaks coal bank for some time.
The sheriff returned with bis prisoner
Friday afternoon. Amsterdam En
terprise. Bert Allen had his pockets picked
at Rich Hill, but Bert confesses it
was filled principally with bread
tickets with 80 cents in cash. Now
the question is what right did he
have carrying all that money around
as a temptation to pickpockets.
Arthur Morris, who had been
spending a few days with his mother
and numerous friends in Butler, left
the last of the week tor Chicago,
where he will open an office for the
"Ad Writer," a St. Louis publication
with which he is connected.
Miss Jaunette Bewley, eldest daugh
ter of Rev. W. C. Bewley, of Carter
ville, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. D.
Allen. Miss Bewley is a graduate of
Cottey College, Nevada, and has ac
cepted a position as teacher in the
Carter ville-schools the coming year.
Dr. G. R. Smith left the last of the
week for Duncan, I. Ty., where he is
engaged in the practice of dentistry.
He will stop off at La Harpe, Kan.,
tor a few days to visit bis brother
John. He has been home for a month
recuperating from a severe attack of
typhoid fever.
Henry W. Gilmore, an old and
highly respected citizen of Deep
Water township, died at his home
Sunday evening, after , a protracted
illness. He leaves a wife and six
children, Art. Gilmore, Mrs. Bert
Radford, Mrs. Mabrey, Mrs. James
Keene and Mrs. Bert Graham.
John McKissick has, returned to
Butler and purchased an Interest in
the business of Hotel Ross from his
father-in-law, George Frank, and
will assist In the management. He
has hall considerable experience in
the hotel bueinees, having been con
nected with several hotels in Kansas
aty., .; . . . :
Mrs. J. & Christy and Mrs. Thqe.
J. Smith gave a reception to their
lady friends and the young folkl on
Friday evening from 7 to 11 o'clock,
at the home of the former on North
Main street. The interior of the
house was beautifully decorated with
cat flowers, terns and vine. Delicious
refreshments were eerved and -a de
lightful time reported.
. Farmers on the highlands adjacent
to the river bottoms, say their places
are ' overrun with" vermin and
snakes, many qf them venomous,
which were,driven out ot. the bot
toms by ' the . unprecedented . high
waters of the . past few ' months.
Many big- timber rattlers, copper
heads and moccasin have been killed.
One farmer said a large number of
mink and polecats appeared on his
tan- - iirsrrri
The Adrian Journal reports the
death, August 2ad, of J BVrsou Har
ris at his home near Bardett, aged 1
74 years, altera lingering illness.'
Two sons and a sister, Mrs. L.-M.
Six of Adrian survive him.
A number ot the Butler ladies spent
Thursday afternoon at the Christy
tohw, and prepared a delHo'i no
per tor their poor tired hubbies, who
managed to get odt in time to do
full justice to that part of 'the pro
gram. Walter Haggard's children found a
quarts rock on the home farm two
miles northwest of Adrian that con
tained gold in large quantities. The
rock was shown a miner from Colo
rado and he pronounced it genuine
gold bearing quarts, says the Jour
nal It is stated on the streets' of Rich
Hill that John B. Armstrong, one of
the prominent farmers of this town
ship, positively declines the nomina
tion tor judge ot the southern district
which honor was conferred on him
by the Republican convention Saturday-Rich
Hill Jlevlew.
Dr. L Lamb, formerly of Virginia,
now of Ollie, Iowa, was a pleasant
caller at The Times office and (ad
his dates set ahead. He came to the
county with his wife to attend the
funeral of her mother, Mrs. R. T.
Judy. Dr. Lamb has a big practice
and is well satisfied with his present
Mesdames Jessie McKibben, Alice
Allen, Mary Pettis, Maud Armstrong
and Lizzie Warnock,' spent a day
the last of the week visiting Mrs. Al.
Lindsay and her father, F. M. Wy
att, at Ft. Scott. It was in the
nature of a reunion of the "old
crowd" of girls and a very enjoyable
day was spent Mr. Wyatt, who is
a paralytic, especially appreciated
the visit.
Paul Bengsch, wife and son left for
Colorado Springs, Col., on Sunday,
where they go for the benefit el Mr.
B.'s health, a specialist in Kansas
City having pronounced one of his
lungs effected. If he is not speedily
benefitted there he expects to go to
Ariioua for the winter. Mr. Bengech's
many friends here hope to hear ot his
full recovery at an early date.
The Odd Fellows out at Spruce are
preparing tor a big picnic to be held
at that place August 20th. Unless
all signs fail the picnic will be one of
the most pleasant ever held in the
county. The people out at Spruce
know just hosr to get np a picnic and
the best cooks on earth live in that
neck-o'-the-woods. So you can look
ont for plenty of good things to eat
and a j .illy time.
Robert J. Lynn, pub'iahed in all
the papers as having drawn a claim
in Rosebud, S. D., drawing last week,
was Robert J. Lyle, of Peru, this
county, son of M. R. Lyle. He is a
worthy and industrious young man
and deserves his good luck. He was
offered one thousand dollars for his
claim before leaving Butler, but said
he wonld stay with it and make a
home He has a young wife.
Captain W. C. Bronaugh, ot Henry
county was a pleasant caller on Fri
day. The Captain was in good spir
its and predicts are increased ma
jority for the whole ticket. Captain
Bronaugh made an honorable, clean
race for railroad commieslones and
by his withdrawal in the way he did
he unquestionably nominated Rube
Oglesby. He has no sore spots, but
is for the whole ticket from Parker
Ted Kendall received a letter from
Edgar Williams, at Rush Springs,
Okla., last week, which Bald that
corn in that vicinity would make
sixty bushels to the acre, that rural
delivery service is in operation and
telephone wires are strong all over
that country. Edgar had engaged
a ear on the following Monday for
his water melons, and said that six
more cars, averaging 1,000 melons
to the car, were shipped the same
day. Mr. Kendall owns a farm in
that locality, which he won .in the
drawing two or three years ago, '
Dan McConnell's house boat party
embarked at the wire' bridge south
ot town on Tuesday, bound for the
World's Fair at St. Loots. Dan was
In to see as oa Monday and said they
anticipate a very pleasant trip.
They will go j' eatj stages, with
frequent stops for hunting and fish
ing. They had a little misfortune
when they launched their boat, as it
cepeiied, but they soon had it right
ed. They have it tolly equipped and
provisioned for the journey. We
prcsalsed Dan a good Qbituary if he
wis drowned; but hope we will not
bive-to keep the promise.
rwww ii ii i i yfTwrrrr
Lowest Prices for Good Goods.
A lot of Wash Dress Goods
' 25c, 20, 15c grades for
A lot of Wash Dress Goods,
12)i'c, 10c, 8'o grades for
A lot of Wash Dress Goods,
5c grade for
Splendid line of Zephyr Ginghams,
reduced to
6. 3
A lot of white corded Madras Cloth,
18c grade for
12 I-2C
Lad'es Gauze Underwear,
15c goods for
All White Quilts Reduced. '
Ladies low cut Shoes reduced,
13.00 quality for $ 2 25
2 50 quality for 2.00
2.00 quality for 1 50
1.50 quality for 1.15
1 25 quatity for 1.00
1.00 quality for .75
.75 quality for .55
Ladies Black Underskirts,'
fl.25 grade for 98c
.89 grade for 75c
Mattings Reduced.
85c qualities fo25c
30c qualities for 23c '
25c qualities for 19c
20c qualities for 15c
15c qualities for 12c
12tfc qualities for 10c
$17.00 Brussels Rugs, for $13.50 "
12.00 Cashmere Rugs for$ 9.00
Odd lots Lace Curtains rednced.
Lots of Remnants at half priee.
27 inch Black Taffeta Silk on sale at 09c yard. '
Come and see us. We want your trade.
Delineator and Patterns for September.
MAMA, wont you get me
fti TTp. cot it at Joe Mever'a and it onlv cost 2.00 vt
0 now, and its a dandy, nice dark blue, just what I
i like." "Well George, papa is going to Butler, ,
U h
1 Saturday to get him one of those All Wool Worsted ft
0 M
Suits Joe Meyer is now selling for $7.00, and if if
1 1 you are a nice boy and
V Z -v. ..... . "
( . l ii tell your papa - lo get
1 1 " I
- 4C
Eli. Stt
a suit like Jimmie Green's? $
pick blackberries for mama 1 1 1
. . aaV . . - 2
you a sun atine same . f
- l

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