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J. D. ALLEN, Editor.
The WikltTimis. publUhed every
rhartdiy. wl'.l be ent to any addree
ee year, pottage paid, for Si.oo.
The Missouri Facinc Time Table at
Butler Station.
aorta bookb.
Ho. JoiiIIb ft Sonlhwest mail Ei : W a m
m K.i- A Joulin mail A Kirm 12 : p m
rfo 9J K.C A Joulin mall A KMrM 10::il p m
HO.iMl Local freight li:l6m
No. i Banana City end HI. Loole Ex i.V a m
No. M Kansas CUy rusil anil Express 11 p m
No. lilu Kansas City limited mail !:! P ni
Loral runout
No. W I-ocal KreiRht . m
Ho i:.lKanatliiytork s;lbpm
aT m-rsn.
Ho. Stl Local rreiht and las ruled e:0 a m
ai "t'Si.
Ho. 2S Local frf lubl and Pea mixed er:00 p in
In the li.t ot the ten bent known
Missouriane Walter Williamslncludes
1). R. Francis, Governor Folk.Champ
Clark, Senator Stone, F. M. Cockrell,
A. M. Dotkerv, Senntor Warner, Lon
V. Stephen?, Sam B. Cook aud Judge
B. J. Guntt.
Wouldn't you like to be a Czar with
no navy outside of that at the bot
tom ot the sea, revolt and Insubordi
nation In the army and insurrection
in civil society? The simple life isn't
so bad after all. Dade Co. Advocate.
Government receipts during May
were $43,7.j$.0.'W. Expenditures
were I4(5.719.iii:. ThuB was left a
deficit for the mouth ot 12,000,122,
and a deficit for the eleven months of
the present fiscal year of 130,1549,
Frank G. Bigelow, the defaultlcg
President of the First National Bank
of Milwaukee, who got away with one
million and a quarter dollars of that
institution's money in grain gam
bling, was landed in the federal pris
on at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, the
first of the week to serve a ten years'
sentence at hard labor.
Fortv graduates of the law depart
mentof the State University were ad
mitted to practice in the supreme
court in Missouri on motion ot Judge
Robinson, a teacher in the law de
partment. The court convened in
banc for the purpose of enrolling
them as practicing attorneys of Missouri.
Congressman Champ Clark spoke
at a meeting held at Mexico Friday,
and took occasion "to call attention
to the menace of mail order houses
to all other classes of business,' so
the dispatches say. Then the story
of Mr. Clark's address stops. It is
presumed that Mr. Clark advised
home merchants to advertise as a
means of protecting their trade
against the ravages of mail order
establishments. These latter places
are building up large trade through
advertising, and home merchants, in
order to protect their trade, must
meet them through a vigorous cam
paign of advertising, in which they
have all advantage through their
local press. If Mr. Clark did not
make these facts plain he overlooked
a splendid opportunity. Nevada
The Clay county jury which con
victed Agnes Myers of complicity in
the murder of her husband resisted a
morbid sentiment against the hang
ing of a woman, no matter what her
crime, honored their county and the
great state of Missouri by bringing
in a verdict in harmony with the evi
dence and in conformity to their
oaths, although the verdict was re
pugnant to every finer tensibi ity of
their natures. To take a human life
that which can never be replaced
to send a human soul upon its jour
ney into the unknown and unknown
able tor a final reckoning ot the deeds
done in this life, is a matter ot seri
ous moment, and when men in tbe
discharge of a duty they owe their
state and society calmly sit injudg
ment for that purpose, it requires all
their fortitude and manhood.
We are all loth to telieve tbe test!
mony ot a partner in crime, who con
feeees to save himself, and we admit
that where the crime is a horrible as
sassinatlon and the witness a self
confessed assassin, we refuse to take
his unsupported word. In this case
the man Ilottman, as detestable a
creature as ever went unhung, al
ready convicted ot murder and sen
tenced to hang, voluntarily testified
against the woman and not only
makes her an accomplice, but tries
to throw the whole of the blame up
on her and make ot himself a halt
ing, unwilling tool. We would like
to believe him a cowardly, cringing
liar, but unfortunately tor the wo
man every point in his story is cor
roborated by circumstantial evl
dence so strong that it is impossible
to reach any other conclusion than
that Agnes Myers is guilty ot one of
the most revolting, dastardly, cruel
and heartlesss murders In the history
of criminology. It is almostpast hu
man belief, that this frail little wc
men, weighing less than one hundred
pounds, could deliberately cut her
husband's throat with a razor re
peatedly, he being held by an accom
plice, after beating him over the
head with a bed slat and stabbing
him in the back with a pair of shears.
It was a revolting, sickening crime
and to think that this woman could
remain alone through the dead hours
of the night with her husband's
mutilated remains, and try to con
ceal the evidences that would con
nect her or Ilottman with the
crime is almost past belief.
What manner, of a woman is this?
While we are chivalrously inclined
and desire to protect the weaker sex,
we believe the punishment should be
fitted to the crime, and there is no
reason why a woman should commit
cold blooded murder and escape the
extreme penalty therefor. We sin
cerely trust, for the honor of the
state, that the prosecuting officer
has made no deal with Hottman
whereby he will escape the gallows.
Drainage Notice.
Poverty and Scholarship.
Whenjou read that sixteen stn.
dents won honors from the Univer
sity ot Missouri this year remember
that nine of them battled throughout
atrainst a pitiless poverty, writes
Fred Kelsey, tbe press editor for the
The valedictorian of a class of sev
enty eighf supported himself for a
year alter entering me university oy
acting as a kind of scavenger for the
University Boarding Clubs. When
he finished, he was assistant in oneot
the laboratories. The winner of the
f 300 prize for the best progress dur
ing the senior year in law, paid his
expenses throughout by bardmanuel
labor. 'Another $300 prize In the
law department went to a young
man who bad fought poverty from
the beginning of his career. Saving
a little money from teaching, he en
tered the University where he pieced
out his allowance by acting as agent
for various student supplies. On the
day of his graduation, his proud old
mother, radiant through the deep
lines ot self-denial, was with him to
share his triumph manly spirit this
worthy of the true Missouri boy.
The two girls who were fortunate
to be in the honor list laid the foun
dation of their support by teaching
before coming to the University,
During their course they managed to
keep down expenses, by doing clerical
To detail the story of the other
four would be to repeat. They, as
tbe others, are the splendid products
cf a system of education that fosters
genius wherever tocna. ;
TheMoberly (Mo.) Democrat says:
It seems that Grover Cleveland, like
Senator Vest used to, believes In wo
men ruling the world, but not by as
suming man's duties or manlshwaye.
Hlft .de'crlptinn of an ideal wife will
not meet the approval of all women,
but it will of most men. lie says tne
ideal wife is "a woman who loves her
husband and ber country with no
desire to run either." The facts are,
such women wield an influence that
is ten thousand times more powerful
than the strong-minded, over-strenuous
kind that assume the rights and
manners ot both sexes. These may
be old-fashioned views but are yet
essential for happy homes.
Hotte 1 annoy givea to aU wham It may eoa-
eara tkatoa tho UA day of Hay, MM, at tho
May tent oflhe Coanty Court aiihlnaad for
Batoa Coanty, Mleaonrl, then waa tied la aald
coart the petition of i. t. Kern and thirty-two
other ewaere of real estate to bo affected there-
by, a petltloa prelog tald oonrt thai the aeoee-
aary awns be taken to hate ditched, drained
and reclaimed oertala laada la Towaahlp thirty
eight (38), Bangea twenty-nine, thirty and
thlrty-oM (ta, M and ZD, and la Townewp
thirty-am ), Kaogea thirty-one, thirty-two
and thirty-thxe (31, Uaad ) and la Towaahlp
forty (40), Raagea thirty-two and thirty-three
(31 ant St), alleging that that tharo are more
thaa thirty thonaand acre of low. Oat and
awaropy laad along aad adjaorat to tho Maria
dea Cygnet and Oaag river and their tribute
rle object to Inundation and overflow! that
aald laad are wet and twampy, aad that it ta
practical to eoaatraot ditch' and drain which
111 drain and reclaim all or eaia land ana pre
vent 1b larg degree th overflow of nch land;
that anea work wooU bo of great pubHc utility
and bene lit and' eondnclv to the public health,
convenience and welfare) that tald petitioner
are more than tv owner of lot of land on th
lino or the mala ditch described la (aid peU
tloa. which landa will bo drained aad ben-tit
ted by the Improvement petitioned fortnd will
be liable to b affected by, and aaaeaaed for, th
construction of the eame That laid landa
cannot b drained and reclaimed wlthootatfeot-
Ing th land of otber than th tald petitioner
and that there la great aeoeatlty tor aid iiu
provemrnitand to drain lota, landa, pablloand
corporate roada and railroad aad to drain and
reclaim then wet, marshy, awampy and over
flowed landt o a-t to render them ose'ul, habit
able, healthful and amicable, both to th
owner and th public
It la further asked by (aid petitioner that a
ditch and other work neoeuary to drain inch
mud ahall b constructed to at lo begin at th
bank of th Maria de Cygne river at point
at or Immediately adjacent to what I known aa
the Marvel bridge acrou the Maria de Cygne
river c th Una between Charlotte and Walnut
TowaahlM la aald county, Bear the north Una
of Section two (2). Towaahlp thlrtynlaa m,
Kango thirty-thru (S3) and on th north and
eaat aid of the Marlaa de Cygne rlveri that
theooars of tald drain tbould bo to run thane
1b a louthettterly direction over and through
at low ltndt upon (aid bottom a can b lound
o a to make the course of (aid ditch a nearly
atralght and direct a practical to tbe Intersec
tion with laid Maria de Cygne river at th
northeast corner of lot alxteen (16) In Stction
flv (5). Townihlp thirty-Bin (S), Kange thirty-two
(32) of laid county and proceeding thtnoe
on the wrath or wett ilde of laid river In the
same general conrte or direction, eioaslng
what 1 known a th Island 81ough, near the
northeaitoorner of Section twenty-three (if),
Township thirty-nine (S), Hang .thirty-two
(32) , In (aid county and proceeding thence along
the moat practical line In same general uireo
tion to an intersection with said river at a point
equl-Ulstnnt between th north and south lines
of Section twenty one (21), xownsnip winy
elahtl&j) of Range thirty (30) In said county;
aud beginning thence on the norlh or eaat liile
I oraaill Maria ae IJgnee river, uyju.ut
I intraeetlon lat aforeiald and proceeding In a
southeasterly direction across along the most
Draotlcal line to the Intersection with said river
near th touthwett corner of that portion of
Section nineteen (19), Township thirty-eight (38)
Re.na twentr-nln 129). lying north Of aald
Alio praying for the construction of drain or
channel aero (aid narrow potnta or land
around whloh aald river benda a (hall be found
practical and desirable to increase the flow of
water through laid river ana tnua aia in tne
draining and preventing of the overflow or aia
land ; aa well also a for the construction of snoh
aide ditches or dralna as will ba round aeee
aary and practical for th accomplishment of
the general purpose.
It la represented In said pctiUon that the
number of miles of ditch which will be neces
sary to accomplish said purpose will be thirty
Upon ths filing of said petition and thereafter
said County Court made Its orders appointing
Cyru J. Requa, Charlea T. VanBenthuten and
Robert K. Johnson, viewer, and A. H. Bell,
engineer, to go upon, over and along the pro
posed route, make actual view of the premises.
after having taken each an oath to faithfully
and Impartially discharge hi dutiea, and to
report to said oonrt on the 6th day of June, 190S.
upon th practicability, feasablllty and desir
ability of a construction or the works petitioned
for as aforesaid, and whether or not th same
will be conducive to the public welfare, eonven
lenca. health and whether necessary, and tore-
port upon th beat route for the proposed drain,
If foand to be necesiary, practical, and that It
would be for the public utility and conducive to
the publlo health, convenience an J welfare, an &
whether any portion of the same should be cov
ered aa d whether the work of conatrucUng the
tamo (hould be by allotment to the several in
teresta or be let by contract without allotment
At t ho time of the filing aald peUUon tb bond
of aald J. t. Kern and other for the payment
of aald proceeding, as required by law wa filed
and approved by aald court. And on the 6th
day of June, 106, two of said viewers to-wit:
Cyrus J. Bequa and CharlesT. VanBenthusen
and aald engineer came Into court and filed their
report In writing In whloh they report, after
having viewed laid premise that the proposed
or petitioned for ditch aad Improvnoawt laea I
ary and practical and would be of publlo aUUty
! m.mi madnein t th nubile health. cnavaalasM
and welfare; that the aaaa ta a'
practical; that the ronu potlUoaad asraaabova
atated and beginning ataaoiatasaMttoaedfor
and raanlBg la the court and dlrecOoa apU
Uoaed for, it th beat rout and ioeaUoa for th
construction of aald work; (hat aa part of tha
nam should h eovsred; that bob of aald work
hould be let by allotment ta th Bovaral In ter
cets, but should ba let by contract without al
lotmeat. Whereupon It was ordered by tha aoart that
aotloaof th flllac of said petition aad report
aad the hearing of th same, with nay objec
tion thereto, will be beard by th County
Coart of Bate Coanty, Mleaoart, at th coart
boa la th city of Butler, oa Tharediy, th
alzthday of July, lt0.
Aad Itwa further ordered that a copy of aald
BOtloa be published la Th S!ch HUl Kevtew, a
weekly newspaper of general oircolatioa pub
lished la Bates County, Missouri, fortwosue-
oelv Issue, th laat laao to bo at least tea
day before tb day of tha hearing of aald pati-
tloa aad report.
Witness my hand aa clerk ot the Coanty Court
within and for Bate Connly, Mlaaoarl, with
th seal of aald court at my office tola (th day of
Juns, 1W3. J no. I". II Bantu.,
33-tt County Clerk.
ByGto. L Baa six, D. C
Dissenting Report
To tha Honorable Coanty Coart of Bate
A one of the viewer appointed to local and
report on tho feasibility of a new channel for
th Uarlas DeaCygn River, I cannot agree
with my associates. Th preliminary work not
being thorough enough to juitlfy a favorable
A topographical turvty tbould be mad of
overflow land In order to calculate th volum
ot flood, th channel and other avenues of es
cape, do not accommodate. Having determln
ml this quantity, wa must add to It th volum
scaping by route other than channel, decrease
la discharging capacity of the channel caused
by lowering th flood lin thereby reducing
croat lection area and fall of th channel.
Mot having a topographical survey from which
to eomput th volum or th flood, w wlU
venture an analysis of water that escape by
route other than channel. Th river bank be
ing th hlgheit, all water that run over th
banka, and tbat back out through (lough
and Intersecting creek la composed ot two
part. An accumulated surplus, and that
which escapes by natural water way to lower
levels down tha river.
The varlou railroad have provided four
hundred to twenty-five hundred feet of open
ings to carry water that I not dead water that
tb channel cannot discharge. We therefore
tyle this a ater escaping by routea other than
Kow we hav th flood divided Into three
part; Water escaping by channel, water ea
caplngby routes other than channel and dead
water atanding oa the bottoms often ranging la
depth S to 10 feet, add to the two laat quantities
the decreased discbarge of th ohannel, and wa
have what Hie propoied ditch must carry t
prevent overflow.
A ditch of the capacity propoied would re
quire twenty ilayi to dispose of a four foot flood
dead water If it cam at th upper end of the
ditch and bad an unobstructed outlet, 8ueh
overflow will often come up In six day. Th
ohannel and other avenue of escape will dli-
poke of auch a flood la about alx daya after th
water commences to recede.
Bell In bi November report claim the dltsh,
by reason of straight alignment. Increased fall
and shortened distance will ditcbarge five time
a much water as ths old channel. That being
true a very small per cent of flood water Is eon-
lined to the channel.
In our calculation we have assumed the fall
or the ditch from Haymaker Mill to Belvoirford
to be thirty-one feet. But II we lower tbe flood
lin sufficiently to ore vent overflow, we de
crease the rail or the ditch, just as much aa the
flood line i lowered, giving the ditch for the
last ten mllea a very alugglih current, If any.
If tbe ditch will prevent the flood, It fall can
exceed ten Inches per mile; If It doe not
keep the water off, the fall la of no consequence.
Tbe work of tbe drainage board In regard to
investigating tbe feasibility of tbe project was
a rarce, no attention being given to anything
except a route for the ditch end tbat we only
considered In a general way.
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We have the celebrated White
Seal, soft wheat, aqd Perfec
tion and Full Moon hard wheat.
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Blankes coffee's that received
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Trusts and monooolies are nsnallv eon.
Bldered to be unfair, because they tend to
make the rich richer and the poor poorer.
jNevenneies-s in some cases, tne producers
are directly benefited. For instance, when
a big "corner" raises the market price
rt tnti1n tart! ntvultirta 4a ai foKnlAiie aiiM
wi B31 tana eaisva pivuuw hs lauuivue ouiu.
th -fanner bBncfitsy-lf he does not pari
with his wheat too early, and a dollar a
bushel would mean, on an average, that
over $750,000,000 would go annually into
tne pocKets ot tne farmers of tne united
(States. The owrators. later, buv ud all
the available grain and store it In big
elevators, awaiting the proper moment to
unload it on the market at the beat price.
In the same way that the earth vteida-
food for man, so does it provide remedies
for human Ills. Thousands of households
throughout the farming districts ot the
United States know the value of Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. . It Is
nature's most valuable and health-giving
asent made without the use of alcohol.
It contains roots, herbs and barks, and Is
the concentration of nature's vitality aa
found In the fields and woods. This rem
edy has a history which speaks well for
It oecanse It was given to the public by
Dr. B. V. Pierce, founder of the Invalids'
Hotel and Sunrlcal Institute, at Buffalo.
N. Y., nearly forty years ago, and has
since been sold by dealers In medicines In
ever Increasing quantities. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery has proved
such a reliable blood remedy, tome and
river regulator, that It often enjoys the
confidence of several generations in a
family, and it Increased sales year by
year com inn- from the recommendations
ot those who have tried It, prove Its last-1
Ing merit, so that every bottle heurs tas
sump o puMtc approval.
Administrator's Notice
Wotlea la hereby aivea that letter of ad-
aslniatratloa . apoa the estate i. a.
Lowrey, d sensed, have been granted at I
th undersigned, - by the Bate coeaty
Probate Coart, la Baton County. atleaouH,
bearing aat tne via nay or jm, two.
ah mmi hnvtna alnlma aVainet Mldestaw
are reoalred to exhibit them to ate for tUow-
serf. r they asay
-- 7
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shoes 1 M
June Sale Prices.
uc SW1SS
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hi ir Sad wWa te
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and If 4 tV-M be art ex-
Ia t
.. 1 "y
!' f. J
, r 5

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