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tol. xxvn.
NO. 33
li FIT
It Gives Comfort, Preserves the Shape,
Adds to Looks and Prolongs the Wear by
Bringing the Strain where Provision is
made for it. Our
Diamond Brand Shoes
Are made on the lines of the human foot, in
variety sufficient to fit every foot and we give
this important detail our special attention.
Eggs taken same as cash.
Virginia Items.
Willie Wblnnery, who was Injured
by bona something over a week
go, hat practically passed (he
danger point and indications are
favorable for his complete recovery.
We made a mistake in stating last
week that he was thrown from his
bone. The horse jumped a ditch
when Willie as not expecting it and
It save him a seven jar or wrench,
which affected the upper part of his
spine. He started to church next
day, without realizing the extent of
bis Injuries and fainted on his boree
and bad to be carried home, when
he received medical attention.
Miss Myrtle Braden closed a suc
cessful term of school, south of Am
sterdam, last week, being her third
term In that district. She was liked
bv the Darents and pupils.- Any dis
trict wishing to employ a teacher call
on her at her home.
The Virginia band met last Satur
day night. Also a show, "Ten Nights
tn the Barroom," was well attended.
Elder Ishmel gave a strong sermon
last Sunday on the "Evils of the
Liquor" that leaves Aaron without
work around Vriginla with a certain
class of persons, and they are one of
the tougher ones.
Julius Heckedorn and wife, of Fos
ter, visited his father-in-law, James
Crooks, Saturday and Sunday.
R. F. Judy and Robert McCans will
leave their old Kentucky home on the
second day of July for Old Missouri,
after a vieit of several weeks.
Elder Williamson and wife, of Kan
sas City, and Mrs. Parker, of War
reosburg, are visiting their parents,
Mr. and. Mrs. James jCulck for a
Corn is looking fine at present.
Tet rain is needed.
Phillip Heckedorn and wife spent
several days last week at their son,
John's, who was badly burned in an
explosion in the mine near Mew Home
last week about bis face and body.
It Is thought he will get over it.
Elder Williamson, of Kansas City,
preached at the Christian church Sun
day night. He married James
.Cniick'.LVOunizest daughter, Miss
they were young again.
Kachel Park, and Clate Wolfe put
up phone to-day. Parktown can
now boast of three, evidences of ad
vanced citizenship.
Charley Wert's father and mother,
of Lincoln, Neb., came In Tuesdey
mornlncr of this week. Mr. Wert
owns the Matt. Hensley farm.
Lea Camp R. N. 0. A.
Mn. Cora A. Rude, district deputy
of the Royal Neighbors came to
Spruce the last of the week and or
ganized a camp of Royal Neighbors
of 2J members.
The following; officers were elected
Mrs. Gertie Rich. Oracle: Mrs. Anna
Price, Vice Oracle: Mies Maud Eads,
Recorder; Mies Rosa Barrlckman.Re-
ceiver: Mrs. Wm. E Qrlsrsrs, Chancel
or; Miss Mabel Murphy, Marshal;
Miss Ethel Hopkins, Inner Sentinel;
Miss Myrtle Murpby, Outer sentinel;
Fred Rich, Manager, 3 years; Mrs. C.
E. Westbrook, Manager 2 years; Mrs.
Anna Leeper, Manager 1 year; Miss
Ruth Griggs, Past Oracle; Dr. J. R.
Colson. camp Physician.
Camp meets every second and
fourth Saturday nights.
Meade. Rev. Baker preached at the
M. E. Church Sunday night. V irginla
Is up In the picture and can have two
congregations in the same night.
MlssLeona Biggs, of Hume, was at
the church at Virginia last Sunday
D. E. Jones got a letter from his
eon, who is at Boulden, Montana.
Be visited Mn. G. W. Park's brother,
who lives near-then. He says hs has
the finest residence he ever was In.
Mr. Quamton and wife spent a week
last October with his sister, when on
bis way home from the World's Fair.
Mrs. Ed. Smith, of Butler, after
bearing her husband say much about
the Parktown grade, concluded last
week she must see for herself. Ed.
feadtomta buinrv and take her to
the grade, and when she passed off
the famous Parktown grade, she, like
the a oaen that visited Solomon-, said
the halt had not been told The grade
! bet no under Kingston, and now
why I. .tt that the fanners or the
larger part of them will see the poor
Dorses day aer aay passing iur
farms, the wagon chucking first to
this side and then to the other, and
the horses blunderiogin the little ruts
and sweatimr. when a lew noun'
work with, the king drag Would
snake the road so smooth that the
ladies would so to passing over the
A Guaranteed Core For Piles
Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing Piles. Druggists refund money
If PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure
any case, no matter of how long
standing, in 6 to 14 days. First ap
plication elves ease and rest: ouc. u
your drusririst hasa't it send 50c in
stamps and it will be forward? d post
paid by Paris Medicine Co., St. Louis,
Rush Springs, Ind. Ter., June 2005
Editor Times.
Tear Sir: 1 see by the Bates coun
ty papers that there is still some op
position to the river and drainage
proposition now before the county
As I am interested to the extent of
one hundred acres in the Marias Dee
Cygnes river bottom, I would like to
express my opinion. I am more than
willing to pay my part of the drain
age tax, let it be what it will. I would
rather have fifty acres well drained
than one hundred acres in the condi
tion it now Is. I am confident that
with a competent drainage board to
oversee the . work and the county
court to watch them that we will get
a squara deal, so far as cost is con
cerned. Last week I bad a letter from
a real estate man In Butler, stating
that he thought he could sell a large
tract of that land, It be could get an
option on It, and that he would take
ten dollars per acre lor his overflow
land. Now that don't sound good
to me. Is it possible that the best
land In Bates county is only worth
ten dollars per acre and no effort to
be made to make it worth mora?
The party writing to the Bates
County Democrat from Midland,
Texas, seemed to think that the farm
er with a mortgage on his laud would
be hard pressed to pay both Interest
and tax. I think different, as It Is
now they never get 'more than three
crops out ot fire off of that land (and
usually have to plant them over sev
eral times on account of high water.)
Now the land owners are surely not
satisfied with those conditions. If on
the other hand water can be kept off
of that land, so that it can be culti
vated every year, they can pay not
only the interest and tax, but will
soon be able to pay off the mort
gage. Now Jf the county court takes
into consideration the welfare ot all
concerned, they will certainly do
something to reclaim this land.
Yours Truly,
E. I. Wili.ia.mh,
Father and Baby, Victims
Of Pistol Duel, Buried.
Paducah, Ky., June 20.-The bod
ies of J. Q. Walters and his baby
were buried to-day In the same grave
at Ripley, Tenn. His wife is in a pit
carious condition. The body ot con
ductor J. W. Spink will be burled at
Fulton, Ky. The men fought a pistol
duel at Fulton, Ky., In a room where
their wives were ill, and after empty
ing their pistols both men fell dead
The baby died a few minutes later
from the shock. The men were broth
er id-laws and quarreled ' over one's
cow getting Into a garden.
A Misapprehension Corrected.
It has been said that many owners
of Osage and Marias dee Cygnes River
bottom land In Bates county have
the Idea that if the pending drainage
plans in Bates county are consum
mated, and bonds Issued tor the pay
ment of the work, it may even then
turn out that a further Issue of bonds
or further assessment will have to be
made to complete the work; or, In
other words, that there Is no assur
ance that the first assessment, and
bonds issued In pursuance of that,
will complete the work as proposed.
Such an idea cannot be entertained
by one who Is familiar with the pro
visions ot the present drainage stat
ute ot this state. This affords ample
protection against any such suppos
ed unfortunate contingency.
In the first place it should be re
membered the engineer Is required to
make an estimate of the costs ot the
entire work. This must be approved
by the County Court before the con
tract tor construction can be made.
The law expressly provjdes that no
contract for construction shall be let
to an amount in excess of the engi
neer's estimate of cost.
The law Is to be let to the lowest
bidder, and, as stated, these bids
must come within the estimated
amount. In addition to that, the
contractors are required to give bond
with good and solvent sureties in
amount equal to twenty per cent ot
the cost of construction, conditioned
that the contractor shall complete
the work as required. In addition
to that no contractor can get his
pay except through the orders of the
County Court, and drawn from the
county treasury as the work is com
pleted by sections.
Thob J. Smith.
Butler, Mo., June U. 1905.
Two gallon jars,
Two gallon crocks,
Three gallon jars.
Five gallon jars,
Tin coffee pots,
Nickle coffee pots,
Granite coffee pots,
Heavy tin pans,
i Heavy tin stew pans,
Iron heaters. Irons all kinds,
Granite pails, Post hole diggers, ' .
Farm bell, Barn door rollers and track,
Tire, bolts, carving sets, ice shavers,
Ice picks, clothes wringer,
Black machine oil good vinegar,
Lamp flues, lantern flues,
Lemon and vanllia extracts, lamps and many other articles.
Why He Bought a Saloon.
31 OBtfomeri Newt.
A saloon keeper says: "Do you
want to know how I happened to go
Into the saloon business? Well, I'll
tell you. One day a man came in
and wanted to look at some cheap
socks. I showed him some that were
0c a pair. He asked me if I didn't
have something cheaper. I got down
some that were 5c per pair. He look
ed at them for some time and finally
ii Slaughter Summer Goods
Right in the heart of the city in the midst of K
CT the aeason when you are all looking for hot 0
J Perfectly Elegant But They Must Go.
Mt. Zion Items.
C.Pitchfordcut Jim Barley's wheat
Tuesday and Chas. Kennedy s Wed
Geo. Wlneinger and Sam Lane put
a fence in the river to keep the cattle
from crossing.
Joe Terry was around the middle
of the week engaging grain to thresh
A cousin of Mrs. John W lliis, Mrs.
Young and children are visiting rela
tires and friends this week.
Miss Clara Seellcger went to Butler
on the noon train Friday to finish
teachers' examination.
Thre were but a few people at the
church Sunday, but a large crowd
attended the preaching in the even
ing, the league being omitted, owing
to the crowd gathering late.
Quite a few people from Rich Hill
have been fishing around near the
iron bridge the past week.
John Newlan, of Butler, was around
delivering stereopticons the last of
the week and reports bumess fine.
A trentleman from Rich Hill was
around In the locality talking up the
drainage system.
Fred Pontis, wife and baby were
out fishing Saturday afternoon, but
caught no fish.
Only five days more and we can
Mlebrate the glorious 4th of July.
John una nau me misiortune oi
one ot his hordes getting choked on
nofi uti.l la" Ifahlo T,rt'rt1. -
An enjoyable time was spent at the
borne of Albert Garrison last Sun
day, the occasion being the birthday
of his oldest daughter, Ruth. There
were a few friends and relatives pres
ent Ira cream and cake were served
in the afternoon. Those present were
Mr. Lipe and family, Mr. Kennedy
and wife, Mr. Ceilinger's children,
r.nnHma Rnmflr And son. Pearl.
Cleve PItchford, mail carrier of R.
F. D. No 5, went to Pleaeanton Sat
urday to a carnival, and his father
(ArHnd the mail.
There were five children coughing
with the wnooping cougu sunaay
night. uiisv
The Journal would rather see a pen
of flcsDicrs. a few coops of fancy poul
try, a doxen ears of big corn and a
giant pumpkin or two than three
days racing. Not one tenth of the
horses raced at fain are produced in
the nart of the state we see them.
They are in no sense an exhibition of
local excellence. So here's hoping
the Butler fair will be a real, all-round
fair, with all its departments filled
with the finest products of that fertile
country and Its industrious and In
insiste J that they were tooexteusire
and walks 1 out. I happened to step
to the door and see him go into a
saloon, and I followed him, out ot
curiosity. There were seyeral per
sons in the saloon, and the man call
ed them up aud treated. He spent
80 cents for boozel I concluded wben
a man kicked on buying socks at Ore
ivnts a pair and immediately spent
80 cents for boots, that the saloon
business was the business I wanted
to engage in, so I got into it as soon
as possible.
the aeason when you are all looking for hot
weather goods, we knife the prices to a finish
Remember our claim that our line surpasses
all lines in Butler.
Few 27 inch solid cat. lawns 4c
JIO Inch 35o organdies at 20c
80 Inch 25c cotton mohairs at l'Jc
;(0 Inch fancy skirt crash 35c now ...20c
80 Inch beautiful blue and pluk goods 20c
32 inch bastiste worth 12V at 9o
80c fancy jacguards worth Sue at 20c
Fine 25c linen col. dimity at 15c
Fine 25c linen col. India linen 15c
Fine hot weather skirtings 50c at 25c
Few 50c fancy waistings at 25c
On our First Counter Finest Line of White Goods at
Standard spool cotton 4c
100 yard spool silk all colors i'
Best brass pins 4'
Needles assorted sizes , 4c
Safety pins all sizes .. 4c
65c plaid waistings 50c
White canvas slippers f 1.00, 1 25 aud J1.50
Old ladies slippers 1 00
Tun slippers worth $2 50 at $'2 00
Fine dress slippers black at $2 25
Few odd aud end sandals at cost.
Big Line of Ready-to-Wear Skirts.
Mrs. Pott's flat irons, set of l at 75c
1 quart tin cups at 5c
! one pint tin cups 5c
Hunters sifters 10c
One gallon oil can 15c
Two quart coffee pot 10c
10 quart flaring milk pail 14c
10 quart galvanised pail 19c
Fiber water pail -'I' e
Copper bottom wash boilers OSe
Glass dippers 10c
60 foot wire clothes line.. 10c
The best coffee In Butler. You had better get our prlcen
on Groceries, it will do you good We take chicken, eggs
and butter. Three doors east of Missouri State Bank.
Does your timepiece tell the truth? It
will tell the time and tell it accurately
too, if it is properly repaired. "We are
thoroughly prepared for all kinds of re
pair work in our line.
In glasses we are prepared to give you
any style desired. "We sell you glasses
that fit. Our advice will cost you
nothing. GIVE US A TRIAL.
Erie W. Nickell
mde. and the old horses feel like
telligent people.
- . ... ' -
t - "

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