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To The Public,
Liberty Bill, La., Aug. 24, 1895.
' On April 18th, 1895, 1 was shot with a doable barrel shot
gun loaded with bullets of rifle ball, twelve taking effect,
six passing through my body. The wounds were dressed
with Dr. Ticheoor's Antiseptic and kept saturated with it,
nothing else being used. There was no inflamatlon nor
puss formed in the wounds and I slept and rested without
Within fifty days I was able to take charge of my farming
Interests. I owe my life to
"Write Sherrouse Med. Co., N. 0. for free sample.
Has Stood The Test 25 Years
Tasteless Chill Tonic
No-Cure-No-Pay. 50 cents.
Will be In Adrian every Tues
day and Friday prepared to do
all kinds of dental work.
Farmers Bank Building,
Butltr, Missouri.
Physician and Surgeon. Office
North Side Square, Butler, Mo.
Diseases of women and children
a specialty.
! timid of women and Children Special!)
' Offioe The Over Butler Gash Depart
stent titore, Butler, Mo.
OOatXtUpaone 10. Home Telephonalu.
1 Attorney at Law and J UBtlce,
11 umee over a. u. oicnou,
Eaet side square,
Butler, Mo.
mo thetlaed to Uagedora'a
MOW. Borta tide eqaora. uaimi, .
1heTwice-a Week Republic of Si.
Louis, tliv teb i eeiui-ftbfekiv news
paper in the country, unu r'ariu fro-
"it .uu,.
fl m 1.1 .51
. i
and home luunthl?, will u sent to
any address or to separate address
e, when so requested lor One Do!
lar a Tear.
Tbv 'lwice-a-Week Republic for
iuutw tli aii nail a ceiitury Hub earned
and maintained the conhatnee of iQlf
luiuUiU reautrs. lv cover Uiouews
ol the world thoroughly and ac
curately, and issues special btate
editions, each containing the latest
IBtt Hiuve nuauiv icuuim v aiw
- A
particular locality in wnich it circa
lates. Its special departments are
' edited by experts, ana its artists and
contributors are among the best in
, the country. It is pudished every
' Tuesday and Thursday eight pages
' saeh issue sixteen pages a week.
Farm Progress, issued on the first
Thursday in every . month, con
tains sixteen or mora full, stan
dard-site newspaper pages, filled with
vp-to-aate farm literature, and
fecial departments for the home,
Minions, boys and Klrls. fiction, etc,
fstc. It is published by The Republic
a guarantee ol its excellence ana
blah character,
. ... - 1 . A
It Will pay you to tase aavanwg"
ol this special oner now. use uus,
I The Republic, St Louis, Mo.
Inclosed find $1, for which send
The Twice-a-Week Republic and j
J Farm Progress one year to !
- ' !
Ho-.-., : 8tate...M..
KOTE-Il yon want only The
frks-ft-Wflek RcyubEa tS pries it
t a yr. i- p ci i V f
Magnificent Set of
New Wall Charts.
The most attractive premium offer
of recent years Is contained in the
proposition made by The Republic,
St. Louie, Mo., to OLD AND NEW
subscribers of the TW1CE-A-WEEK
REFUBLIC, the oldest established
weekly newspaper in the went, and
FARM. PROGRESS, the great month
ly farm and home journal, also pub
lished by The Republic.
To every person who sends f 1 to
pay for one year's subscription (new
or a renewal) to the TWICE-A
WEEK REPUBLIC (104 issues
year) and FARM PROGRESS (the
big monthly) The Republic will
mail postage prepaid and securely
packed, a new, accurate and com'
plete set of wall charts, containing
three great sheets, each 28x30 inches
with nine maps, as follows:
Map of the world; your choice o!
any of the following states: Missouri,
Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas
and Indian Territory and Oklahoma
(the two last-named on one sheet);
new map ol tne united Mates ana
up-to-date map of Alaska, the Philip
pines; Porto Rico, Hawaii, Panama
and the canal and a topograph!
map of the Russo-Japanese war dis
Portraits of all the Presidents,
from Washington to Roosevelt, are
also shown.
The HOME library wall chart con
tains a wealth of indispensable infor
mation, among the statistics Deing
a complete index of the counties and
towns of the state represented,
money poetofflcee, rural free deli very
routes, railroad and express offices,
electric lines, termluai or belt lines,
banking towns, population of towns
of 3.000 and over
ana over in the United
StRtoaJstary-iirHhwafiptlftB f!
Panama; facts and figures of officials
and legislatures of the various states,
number of killed and wounded, bat
tles fought and other data of the
Russo-Japanese war.
The chart is approved by school
teachers, principals and superin
tendents everywhere. The regular
selling price is f 2.50, but you get the
chart FREE with a year's subscrip
tion to The Twice-a-Week Republic
and-FARM PROGRESSf-both-or
which will be sent to any address or
to separate addresses for f 1 a year.
The Twice-a-Week Republic was
established in 1808, and is therefore
one of the oldest newspapers In the
country. More than half a million
readers attest its merits as a great
semi-weekly journal.
FARM PROGRESS contains 16
standard size newspaper pages each
issue, filled with the beet farm infor
mation, live stock, poultry, garden
ing, horses and mules, cattle, dairy
and other agricultural departments;
Dlctores. puzzles, poems, stories,
choice fiction, fashions, domestic
articles and a host of other valuable
This offer Is limited to 60 daj s. In
ordering, specify which state map is
Aodress Map Department, The Re
public, St. Louis, Mo.
'cwfes roTrr; rrr piles.
known for 13 years as tn
:rrr rrrrDYtr piles.
Jasper Grand Jury Begins
Work on Joplin Lid Case.
Joplln, Mo., June 24 The special
grand jury ordered by Judge Gray
to Investigate the charges against
the prosecuting attorney of Jasper
county, V.N. Andrews and Mayor
W. Lyon and Marshal Joseph
Meyers of Joplin, reported In Car
thage this morning. In calling the
grand jury Judge Gray expressed a
desire that It be composed of farmers
but there is only ens farmer on the
The charges against Mayor Lyon
and Marshal Meyers were 'taken up
yesterday, but because of the delay
in obtaining service on the witnesses
only one witness, Fon L. Johnson of
Joplin, testified.
Johnson had filed the complaint
against Mayor Lyon and Marshal
Meyers charging them with neglect
of duty in allowing the saloons of
Joplin to remain open on Sundays
Be testified that he had found the
saloons in Joplin open on Sunday
and had gone to the Mayor and
marshal and asked them to have
the places closed, which, he said, they
tailed to do. He Bars the saloons
had been closed only two or three
Sundays since the present mayor
and marshal went Into office.
Arrest Woman For Shooting
At Rural Mail Carrier.
Wichita, Kan , June. 24 -Mrs. E
Rosebery, an elderly woman, who
barricated herself In her room at
Barynesville, near here, after firing
on a rural mall carrier, surrendered
to a posse late to day was arrested
on a federal warrant and place in
jail at Wichita. The woman object
ed to the carrier using the roadway
in front of her house In covering his
Woman Defies Authorities
After Shooting Husband.
Richmond, Ind., June 21 Mrs.
John Keever was brought to Rich
mond to-day from her home in
Pennville, and placed in jail for shoot
ing her husband following a quarrel.
Keever probably will die. Mrs.
Keever used a shotgun, and for
several hours following the tragedy
defied the neighbors and officers.
Grave Trouble Foreseen.
It needs but little foresight, to tell
that when your stomach and liver
are badly affected, grave trouble is
ahead, unless you take the proper
medicine for your disease, as Mrs.
John A. Young, of Clay, N. Y., did.
She says: "I had neuralgia of the
iiver and stomach, my heart was
weakened, and I could not eat. I
was very bad for a long time, but in
Electric Bitters, I found just what I
needed, for they quickly relieved and
cured me." Best medicine for weak
women. Sold under guarantee by
Frank T. Clay, druggist, at ouc a
Lewis and lurk Centlnnial Exposi
tion Portland, Ore., June let to Oct,
15th, 190c. tickets on sale May 23,
24 and 25: J.tfte m, U, ir,, '27, an,
'JU; .Inly Hr i, 71 lr 12, 13, 23, 20,
1 27; August 1 15, 17, 29, 30, 31:
September 11, 13, 14, zu, Vi,
Round trip tro $45. Final return
limit nlnetf c ays from date of sale,
But not "I vond Nov. 30, 1905
Stooover lfvileflres going and re
turn. U yon contemplate making
the trip call and get our booklet, the
cenic rout
"No, Sir I Too cannot pain off ? talMtilatM
en dc. I've mu ntina aqruk r lower nncm
I was boy, and 111 hTt no other."
qporty million bottles of Angust Flower
sold in tht United Sutes alone since its
introduction I And the demand for it is
till growing. Isn't that a fine showing
of success? Don't It 'prove that August
Flower bas had unfailing success ia the
cart ot indigestion ana aTSpepsuue
wnrct Meniiu of health and naorrfneisf
Does it not afford the best evidence that
Aoffust Flower Is a tare swdfic for all
Stomach and intestinal disorders Nhat it
kthabeat of all liver renlatonr -
S Angust Flower has a matchless record
! over J5 yean in curing the ailing mil
liana of theaa dlatreaainf complaints.
Two abas, ajo sad 75v AU 4raggista
rcrj?H by Trk T. Chy.
Missouri Governor in Address
to Kentucky Lawyers Airs
Views on Statutes.
Covington, Ky , June 24. In an
address to the members to the Ken
tucky State Bar Association, in kck
s!on here, Gov. Joseph W. Folk, of
Missouri, defended his action in rigid
ly enforcing the Missouri statutes,
especially those relating to Sunday
closing and racetrack gambling. He
said in part:
"The reign of law means the rule of
the people, for a majority of th peo
ple make the laws. Tbey register
their will crysiallzed in the form ol
statutes. We need a revival ol the
rule of the people. Four years ago
the laws agaiust bribery In all of the
states were considered as practically
a dead letter. L'p to that time, for
the 50 years preceding, there had
only been about 34 eases of bribery
reported In all the United States.
When the prosecutions were coin
menced In St. Louis the members of
the House of Delegates denounced
the bribery law as a 'blue law' and as
a 'dead law' because It had not been
enforced before.
"The gambling laws In many places
are permitted to be disregarded and
the laws regulating dramshops nulll
fled. When one enforces this law, be
cause It is the law, the same cry is
made about 'blue laws' and 'dead
laws.' It Is a law in the Interest of
good government to stop the enor
mous amount of crime that comes
out of the dramshop on Sunday and
election days.
It is no more an Interference with
lberty than the law against gambl
lng or other laws In the nature of
police regulations which restrict the
rights of one man when they inter
fere with the rights of another.
"The only safe rule is, that if a law
is on the statute books it must be
observed. If a law Is objectionable it
should be repealed, not Ignored.
"We do not need new laws so much
as enforcement of the laws we have.
There has been too much tampering
with the laws in an effort to correct
wrongs that do not arise from the
infirmity of the laws, but rather from
the feebleness of their execution. An
Imperfect law well administered Is ft
preferable to a perfect law badly car
ried out."
harges Alienation
And Asks $25,000,
Belolt, Kan., June 24. An action
has been commenced in the district
court here by W. F. Smith, a stot
dealer, against Mrs. Jennie it Bolton
his motner-in-law, for $23,000
damages fur alienHtiDgtheaffections
of the plaintiffs wife. Smith's wife
recently sued him for divorce, and he
charges his mother In law with in
Duencing her to commence the suit
Ail the parties are wealthy and
Drominent. The suits are both set
for trial at the September term
Fraud Exposed.
A few countefitters have lately
been making and trying to sell imita
tions of Dr. King's New Discovery
for consumption, Coughs and Colds,
and other medicines, thereby de
frauding the public. This is to warn
you to beware of such people, who
eek to pront, tnrougn stealing tne
reputation of remedies which have
been successfully curing disease, lor
35 years. A sure protection to you,
is our name on the wrapper. Look
for It, on all Dr. King's or Buckleo's
remedies, as all others are mere
Imitations. II. E. BUCKLEN & CO.,
Chicago, 111., and Windsor, Canada.
Warner Secures Pension Board
For Collins, Mo.
Washington, June 26. The com
mlssloner of pensions has estab
lished, on recommendation of Sena
tor Warner, of Missouri, a board of
pension examining surgeons at Col
tins, St. Clair county, Mo. The board
it composed of Doctors L. B. Sel
vldge, C. L. Landeker and Marques,
the latter being transferred from
Osceola, In the same county, where
the board was abolished.
Bears tat
tl Kiad Yet Hiw Mww taflt
-Tl HmtJUak tf Qmdlby Rmabu
"Old Friend Tools"
Every man fecU a certain pleasure in tht use of good
tool. He knows that he can depend upon them to do
their work and do it welL In time a man will become
attached to a good tool as to an old friend, so in sym
pathy do they teem to become.
Keen Kutter Tools are the kind of tools that become
old friends. They art the dependable, long-service kind.
There is economy and satisfaction in baying Keen
Kutter Tools because every Keen Kutter Tool is the
best that brains, money and skill can produce.
Keen Kutter Tools have been tht standard of Amer
ica for 36 years and were awarded the Grand Prist at
tht St. Louis Exposition, tht only priieof the kind ever
given to a complete lint of tools. Tht namt Keen
Kutter covers a complete lineof tools so that you may buy
any kind of tool with assurance of absolute satisfaction.
When, for instance, you buy a bit be sure to get one
bearing tht Keen Kutter name. Made in all leading
patterns, hiphest quality of steel, finest finish and with
long cutting tips, insuring long life.
Some of tht other kinds of Keen Kuttei Tools are i
Axes, Adzes, Hammers, Hatchets, Chisels, Screw
Drivers, Auger Bits, Files, Planes, Draw Knives, Saws,
Tool Cabinets, Scythes, Hay Knives, Grass Hooks,
Brush Hooks, Corn Knives, Eyt Hoes, Trowels, Prun
ing Shears, Tinners' Snips, Scissors, Shears, Hair Clip
pen, Horse Shears, Raton, etc. , and Knives of all kinds.
If your dtalerdorsnot'keep Kfn Kutter Tools, write ua
tad we will tec that you are supplied.
SL Lease, V. S. A. SM Broaowajr, New York.
Dr. Rice in Hospital.
Pittsburg, June 24 The greatest
sensation in years so far as the in
sane departments of the hospitals
have been able to produce whs
sprung here today when it was au-
nonneed that Dr.C.C. Rice of Lin
coln, Neb., graduate of Leland Stan
ford I'nlversity, and lute profeHHor
of languages at tlie same university
as well as pout graduate of both
Harvard and tlie I'niverwity of Texas
had Monday been confined in u
straight jacket here at St. Francis
hospital. It is feared that he is In
curably insane.
Dr. Rice was some days ago picked
up on the street apparently a hope
less maniac, but it was not until to
day that bis Identity was fully etUuu-
When President Roosevelt some
years ago was niuue a Doctor ot
Laws by Harvard, Rice was at the
same time made a Doctor of J'lillo
sophy. lie is a native ot Lincoln
and his father, being iufornied of his
son's plight, has started for this city.
It was believed that Rice was in
Paris, where he was sent some months
ago by the California college. How
he came to Pittsburg is a mystery.
Impure Water Makes
Modern Woodmen Sick.
Milwaukee, Wis., June 26 Over
100 men have been taken ill with a
serious bowel trouble during the last
twenty-four hours at Camp Hawesof
the Modern Woodmen. Col. C. A.
McCollo, of Minneapolis, surgeon
general of the hospital corps, said:
'I have ordered he men not to
drink the lake water. It is very poor
and is responsible tor the number of
cases we have had thus far. We hare
had it analyzed for the past two
weeks. At times It Is clear enough,
but these southeast winds have forc
ed the impurities through the break
water, and the result Is bad. You
people will have to spend about f 3,-
OOOjOOO before you will be safe from
the dangers that now confront you
with your sewage rivers."
Typhoid Is feared, as there were
scores of the cases during a similar
disturbance of the lake a mouth ago.
Charges Woman With Murder.
Atchison, Kas., June 25 Mrs.
Mamie Mitchell charge with shoot
ing and killing her husband, William
Mitchell, in Troy, June 12. was
brought to the county jtil here from
Troy to day. There are no suitable
accommodations In the Doniphan
county jail at Troy for a woman.
Mrs. Mitchell says her husband kill
ed himself. The coroners jury return
e l a verdict That Mitchell was killed
by unknown parties. Q. B. Mitchell
of Kansas City, a brother of tie
dead man, had the warrat issued for
Mrs. Mitchell's arrest.
Sues Preactierlorsi0,000r
Reading, Pa., June 24. Jerome
Leinbach, pastor of the Olivet Re
formed church of this city, who was
married recently to Miss Mary
Swavely of this county," waa made
the defendant in a tut to recover
$10,000 for breach of promise, filed
agnsthlm(by 111m Bertha B. Rose
ot Lancaster., v v ., ;s
tint Aftir At Trie it Ttrptttn."
Chinese Minister's Wife Ad
mits Having Close Friend
ship of Dowager An.
IK'S Moines, la., June 24. "It ia
perfectly absurd to imagine that I
could in my positio convert the
Empress Dowager to any religion."
Thus spoke Mrs. E. Li. Conger, wife
of Minister Conger, formerly of China,
but now of Mexico. Mrs. Conger has
arrived at Des Moines and the above
statement was called forth by a
query as to the report ttiat under
her miutstratiouB the Empress Do
wager lias been led to embrace
Chrintlan Science.
Mrs. Conger says that the mission
aries are doing great work in China,
but for the wife of a diplomat to
undertake tasks supposed to tJelong
exclusively to the missionaries would
lie ngurded by Chinese otticials as
unbecoming and would at once dis
count their influence for good.
While attempting to urge her own
religious views on the Empress, Mrs.
Conger did succeed in winning her
lasting friendship.
"The laet audience was one of the
saddt-Mt partings I ever experienced,
nlie seemed so sincere In her friend
ship," said Mrs. Conger. "After I
had bowed myself out she called me
back and gave me this jewel, and
through her interpreter told me she
wanted it to go with me through all
my journeys, and that it would pro
tect me from nil harm. We. were,
both overcome and I withdrew
"Since coming to Amerlcu I have
written to her of my safe arrival and
the guarding presence of the jewel. It
i a wonder to me she does not want
It back, as it has been cherished by
Chinese rulers for centuries back."
The charm is a curious shaped
am tier Htone. hunir to a hearr-r.nrrl
with silk tassels. . Mrs. Conger says
that at first she had a prejudice
against being entertained by the
Emprees Dowager and especially
against eating the food prepared for
her, but soon overcame both. She is
firm in the belief that the Boxer
troubles are at an end.
Jerome and Lawson to Talk.
Kansas City, Mo., June 24. Wil-
liam Travers Jerome, District At
torney ol New York, has accepted the
invitation of the Knife, and Fork
Club to attend its dinner to be given
at tbe Midland hotel on July 7.
Thomas W. Lawson of Boston.
AntliA. r9 !,. A I"V .. .
uvuw v, i leuftieu nuttucB, al
ready has accepted an invitation to
speak at tbe same dinner.
Mr. Lawson is expected to talk
about Wall street. Mr. Jerome has
been asked to tell of his work in
New York where he has been engaged
in breaking up gambling and official
Last of War Governors.
Austin, Tex., June 26 F. R. Lob
bock died in his ninetieth year. He
waa the last ot the war governors,
either north or south. He cam to
, Texas mors than 60 yean ago.

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