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Equitable Money Paid Officials
Who Do Not Exist.
New York. Jane 24. One o! the
moit sensational development cf
the Equitable life situation camo to
light last nlabt in the discovery that
a man who had been dead tbirtn
months and three others who had
long severed their connection with
-the society wen still on the pay rl'.
The discovery was mads through
a study of the report of th suprlr
teadent of iusoranre, Mr. llendrirk
Included in Mr. UendrU kVn report is
the salary list for the year U0."
On this list appears the name of K
W. Lambert, chief medical director,
and the salary of the office is eel
down at $ 2-"pO0O a year.
Inquiry at the EquitaUe ottijte
disclosed the fact that Mr. Lambert
had been dead for thirteen months.
Further down the list appears the
name of Georre II. Squire, who it
no w a director, and who, until lift
November was financial nmnar ot
the soc'-ty, at a salary of $20,000 a
ysar. Notwithstanding Mr. iSquireV
retirement as financial manner and
that his successor, Mr. Winthrop,
has been appointed, the salary list
ot the Equitable for l'JOo snows turn
Mr. Squire still revives the salary of
Still another name In the list as
printed In Mr. Ilendricks's report
Is that of Edward Curtis, whose ol
flce as medical director paid him a
yearly salary of f 1 5,000 While the
records of the society show that Sir.
Curtis has not been an employee of
the company for eighteen months, he
is still In receipt of if 15,000, accord
Ing- to the Ilendrix report.
The fourth name Is that of J. B
Lorlnir. registrar ot the society. Mr
Loring received a salary of 17,000 a
year, but at his request, It is said,
this was reduced to f 3,500 a year.
In April, 1903. Mr. Loring handed In
his resignation, which was accepted.
If Mr. Hendricks list Is not in error,
Mr. Loring has been receiving his
salary regularly for two years.
The Mad Dog Fallacy.
James Watson In Country Lift) la America .
In all mr own experience with dogs
I have never seen a "mad dog," but
have never known a man and by
that I mean a man who has had ex
perlence in keeping dogs who has
seen one. If, then, rabies is so ex
ceedinirlv scarce hydrophobia be
comes really an impossibility and
the fear ot It should be dismissed
without a thought.
A person may get bitten, but In
the language of the New l ork tough,
"Forget it." If it is a bad bite It
may twitch later on and you may be
gin worrying, so it is a good plan to
fret rid of the twitching or throbbing
in order to forget. I have been bitten
so often that I think no more of it
than a mosquito bite, and this is
what I do:
It it is on the bund I put it under
the faucet and wash thoroughly .with
the object of cleaning the wound and
preventing inflammation from auy
dirt or foreign substance. While do
ing this someone is getting the bi
carbonate of soda and some clean
rags or lint. With water a cream
paste of the soda is made to plaster
the wound well, thpn putting some
on a rag it is applied to the wound
and bound up If in the course of an
hour or more the application seems
to be drving a little water Is poured
on the bandnge to soak through to
the soda or the hand dipped in
Folk Looking Into Public Owner
Jefferson City, Mo., June 26
Labor Commissioner William Ander
son has concluded to add a new
feature to his forthcoming annual
report to Gov. Folk and has instruct
ed his agents in the field gathering
statistics to collect all data on mu
nicipal ownership. The order is the
result of a movement in Missouri,
an11v ninnnir cities of third and
fourth classes, to own their own wa-1
ter ana gas piants.
Many Die From Scorpion
Bites in Durango, Mexico.
Mexico City, June 24 There have
been twenty-three deaths from
poison in the city ot Durango during
the past thirty days from the effects
of scorpion bites. The state govern
ment offers a bounty of 1 cent for
each scorpion killed, but great numb
era of the poisonous insects are still
found there.
A Big Chief's First Oyster.
Guthrie, Ok., June 25 "The first
oysters ever seen by the Osage In
dians were a severe test of Osage
dignity and the 0age esophagus,"
said John Hale, a banker of Chandler,
Ok., who was for mvty years in the
employ ot the government at the
Oxtge Indian agency at Fawhoeka,
where he learned to speak the Osage
language as fluently as English.
"The first oysters were brought to
Fawhuftka, then In the heart ot the
wilJeruess, more than twenty years
ago. It was winter, the only season
that permitted their long shipment
by witgou from the railroad. The
ap-iicy employees, huugry for the
nood things cf civilization, were
jubilant over their arrival, and pre
oared tor an oyster feast. At that
t uieSdiiey Chief, one of the wisest,
bravest aud most honorable Indians
that ever lived, was chief of the
(sj;;e tribe. The old man bore him
self wi'h great diguity upon all oc
casions, anil was as courteous as the
iitnst polMied Washington diplomat
W decide-l to invite Saucy Chief to
tur f-Ht, and he came attired in his
best bl inket and moccasins.
"The Osages had no name tor
oyster, and as its nearest equivalent
we told him that the new food was
'h .h', or fish. A halt dozen raw, the
Mtrgeet that could be found, were set
More Saury ChM, who cautiously
abstained until he saw how we ate
them. Then he Impaled a big one on
his fork and tried to swallow the
new tangled 'hob.. The oyster made
quick progress for a short distance,
and then seemed determined to re
turn and start anew. Saucy Chief
clasped both hands over his mouth,
while his eyes rolled in dismay and
astonishment. To betray surprise
or emotion was contrary to his In
dian nature, and his sense ot polity
ness would not permit him to reject
food offered him by a host. Unable
longer to maintain his composure,
Saucy Chief arose and stalked
majestically into the street, his
hands pressed firmly over his mouth.
That was the first and last time
Saucy Chief ever tried to eat an
Fight Will Be Bitter.
Those who will persist in closing
their ears agaiust tne continual
recommendation of Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, will
have a long and bitter fight with
their troubles, it not ended earlier by
fatal termination. Read what T. K.
Beajl of Deull, Miss, has to say
"Last fall my wife had every symp
torn of consumption. She took Dr.
King s New Discovery after every
thing else had failed. Improvement
came at once and four bottles entire
ly cured her. Guaranteed by Frank
l . Clay, Druggist. Price 50c and f 1.
Trial bottles free.
A Missouri Man Drowned.
Bosworth, Mo., June 23. P. W
Hanners was drowned in Grand river
near here this afternoon. He was a
mem her of a picnic party and was
swimming across the stream when he
was seized with cramps and drowned
before aid could reach him. The
body was recovered three hours
afterwards. He was 39 years old
He leaves a widow.
Texan Says He Killed -
Father in Self-Defense.
Kaufman, Tex., June 24 H. K
Thompson, living four miles from
here, was struck in the head by hi
son, O E. Thompson, and died in a
short time. The young man sur
rendered and stated that he regret
ted very much, but to save his own
lite he warcompelled to etrike.
Do you like your thin, rough,
short hair? Of course you
don't. Do you like thick,
heavy, smooth htir? Of
course you do. Then why
Hair Vigor
not be pleased ? Ayer's Hair
Vigor makes beautiful heads
of hair, that's the whole
story. Sold for GO years. '
" t have a4 Atii Heir Vtoor tor a Inns
time. It to. Iu4e4. wonderful hair totrif .
rMtortut tioalth to the hair and scalp, and. at
U). aanw Urn. pruritic a splendid d renin."
Da. t. W. Tatl'M. MadlU. last T.
pi M a Wit.
All rtmggw.
Weak Hair
Better Fruits-Better Profits
Better peaches, apples, pears and
berries arc produced when Potash
is liberally applied to the soil. To
insure a full crop, of choicest quality,
vie a fertiliser coatainiug not leas
than to per cent, act ami
Scad for aw practical hooka at Wxwrt I
. Vav art ant edvcrtutnf pampaieta. dm
apccvi Kraiuerm, oui srv aouwni
Melissa. SautmurtMaakiag.
Nt lark J Naseas Scor
B Umim. Mo
ua ana mire
Hypnotizes Bees Into Artificial
Philadelphia, Pa., June 20.-Hood-
winking the honeymaker formed an
interesting feature of an outing of
the Philadelphia Bee Keepers' Asso
ciation, which was held at the apiary
of W. E. Flower, vice-president of the
organiiation, In Ashbourne.
A psychological endurance test In
which 40,000 or more bees were used
took place during a practical de
monstration of 'artificial swarming.'
he bees were made to believe that it
was two months ago, and that nat
ure, Instead ot the wit of Mr. Flower,
the demonstrator, brought about
their swarm.
The demonstration was to show
that bees can be made to swarm even
after the natural swarming period.
housands of bees were taken from a
hive and scattered over the yard, hi
ter which the queen ot the colony was
placed In another hive, and the bees
ollowed the scent Just as a dog fol
lows a rabbit.
In all the process none of the bees
were touched, but to show how harm
lees they were if properly handled
the demonstrator picked up double
handfuls and passed them about to
the spectators.
It Is asserted that by the method
of "artificial swarming" better and
more honey is obtained and more
satisfactory breeding conditions at
A Grim Tragedy
is dally enacled, In thousands of
homes, as death claims, In each one,
another victim of consumption or
pneumonia. Hut when coughs and
colds are properly treated, the
tragedy is averted. F. J. Uuntly, of
ualclankon, lnd., writes: "My wife
had the consumption, and three
doctors gave her up. Finally she
took Dr. Kings New Discovery for
consumption, coughs and colds,
which cured her, and to-day she Is
well aud strong." It kills the germs
of all diseases. One dose relives.
Guaranteed at 50c and $1 by Frank
. Clay, druggist. Trial bottles free
Indian Boy Shoots Foreman.
Maiden, Mo., June J7.-Thls after
noon, on the Bledsoe plantation, two
miles west ot this city, R. J. Brett,
aged about 40, and married, tore-
man of the plantation, was shot and
seriously wounded by Jimmy Mcln
tosh, an Indian boy, aged 11. The
Indian family was employed to hoe
cotton, and a wrangle arose over
their work. The boy claims Brett
struck his mother, and that then he
picked up the rifle and fired. The
bullet entered Brett's side, and the
wound is considered dangerous
Poisons in Food.
Perhaps you do not realize that
muny pain poisons originate in your
mod, out some day you may feel a
twinge ot dlspepsia that will con
vince you. Dr. Kings New Life Pills
are guaranteed to" cure all sickness
due to poisoLs of undigested food
or money back. 2oc at Frank T
Cluys drug store. Try them.
Groom Kills Father-in-Law.
Cape Girardeau, Mo., June 26
Charles Parks and Annie Smith, ot
East Cape Qlrardean, 111., crossed
the river and were married.
Upon their return to the Illinois
side the bride's stepfather, who was
opposed to ths marriage, met the
couple at the ferry boat, and it is said
by spectators, started after Parks
with a knife
The young man picked np an az
that was lying on the boat and killed
his father-in-law. A coroner's jnry
exonerated Parks.
for Infants and Children.
Tki Vd Yea Hats Alxayi E::jh
Bean the
Signature of
rear., nr.
A Convict in a Shoe Case.
Jefferson (Sty, Jude 24. Edward
Hammand, a convict from Buchanan
county tried to escase from the pen
itentiary in an unique way to-day.
He had one ot his fellow convicts
nail him up in a shoe case with a
hipment of shoes billed for Chicago.
He was taken to the Chicago A Alton
freight depot about noon with the
shipment ot shoes and about three
hours later the freight "hustlers" at
ths depot were startled by the cries
from a man for help. A search was
made and he was located in a case of
shoes. The case wan opened. Ham
mond was nearly suffocated. Ward
en Hall, ot the penitentiary was noti
fied and took the prisoner back to
the penitentiary. Hammond came
to the penitentiary in 1898 for first
degree robbery.
Potatoes Will Be Cheap.
There will be no money in potatoes
In Indian Territory this year, says A.
Z. English, ot Muskogee, I. T. He
says that he will have 15,000 bushels
on his land, and will be glad to get
30 cents a bushel for them. Pota
toes, he says, are selllrfg tor 50 cents
on the Kansas City market, which
will bring the price down to about
30 cents in Muskogee. Last year
they. sold tor from 63 cents toll
delivered at the car.' The large num
ber ot old potatoes held over from
ast year is said to be responsible tor
the slump In prices. The low prices
with a reduction in the yield owing
to a wet spring and summer, have
ruined the potato business as a
money-maker this year.
Special R. R. Rates.
Special round trip rate to Kansas
City f 2.15 on sale Saturday ot each
week. All trains lea vlng B utler after
twelve o'clock noon and all trains
on Sunday, good to return on any
train leaving Kansas City before
noon the following Monday.
Denver, Pueblo and Colorado
Springs, Colo., and return June 30th
to July 4th. (toort return to August
8th. Fare f 16 05, account Epworth
Special rates to Colorado and
Hah points. One fare plus 50 for
round trip. June 1 to September 30.
Qood return October 31.
Administrator's Notice
Notice U hereby alvea that letter ef ad'
mlrilitraUon npon the eatate of J. R
Lowrey, deoeaaed, have been (ranted to
tne twaeraisnea, ny tne netee iwnnty
Probate Court, la Bate Connty. MlaeonH,
bearing date the Stb day of June. lflTO.
All pereona having clalmt against eald aetata
are reqmrea 10 exnioii mem tome ror enow
anoe within one year from the date of aald let'
ten, or they may be proelnrled from any bene
fit of inch eatatei and if aald elalma be not
hiblted within two years from the data of the
pnbllcatlon of thli aotloe, they will be forever
oarreq i. n. ifvl Hln.
3S-t Administrator,
Order of Publication.
County of Batea.
in the I'robate Court for the Couuty of Bates
nay term, in.
Wm. A. Del.nna. Deceased.
, w. Campbell, Administrator, with the will
Now at this day eomes J. W. Camobelt. ad-
njiDisiraior or ma esiai 01 rrm. a. uei,unK,
deceased, and Dreeenteto the court htiDetltlon.
praying for an order for the tale of so much of
he ri-al estate or saia deceased as will pay and
satisfy the remaining debts due by said estate,
snd yet unpaid for want of sufficient assets, ae-
companied by the aoeonnta, lists and Inventories
as required by law; en examination whereof It
is ordered, that all persons Interested In the
estate of said deceased, be notified that applica
tion as aforesaid has been made, and unless the
contrary be shown on or before the first day of
me next term or mis court tone neia on we sec
ond Montsy of August, lis, an order will he
maae ror tne sale or the whole, or so much or
tne real estate or sal a deceased as win oe sum-
cicnt for the payment of aald debta; and It is
urtner oraerct , msi a copy nereor ne puousnea
In some newspaper In Batea county, forfonr
weeks before the next term of this court, and
that one copy be served on each of the heirs of
aeceasea. residing in Bates tJO., MO.,aroreaald,
St least ten days prior to the first day of the
next term of this eonrt, as and for notice of aald
petition nd the hearing thereon.
County of Bates. )
.1. A. silvers. Ju'ge of the Probate Court.
held In and for aald county, hereby certify that
tne loreiroing is a irue oov or tne onerinai or
der of publication therein referred to, as the
same appears 01 reeoro in my omce
mines my nana ana seal otsaia
eonrt. Done at office la Butler,
(sial.J Bates County. Missouri this ftith
aay 01 nay a. u., jto.
! vde of JProbattv-J
A Tram Marks
'rttV CoVftlOHT Ac
Anvon sending a sketch and description any
anlck'lr ascertain onr opinion free whether l
intention Is probably paientabK Cnmmnnle.
innsKMetlrconadentkd, HANDBOOK onPatenia
Witt free. Oldest ageocy fur secunngpaienta.
1'it tents taken throoah Mann ft Co. reuelvt
nwei-l aotfee, wltbosu oharca, in tha
Scientific Jlmericatu
A handsomely llratret4 weekly. Lanrast etr
eolation of any aclantiaa tnaraaL forme, l a
renr; toar noniaa, sl. ami stwi mw m i
it U IW
St. Louls, i i. i
Grants foar CosansjUtlvs) Scholarships an
yon n aen gradaates of esooadary schools
la Miaaonrl.oautda of St. Loals. Kiaail
nations win he bold la 8. Loals and Kansas
City, and elsewhere If neeeaaary,oa Jane
lodandilrd. xaalaaUOBewiU cover blgk
school so rasa aeeally nanliad for adaue-
etna to eol leg or aehool of seal near) ag and
i ao
Wm. 'McQueen was fined 1500 la a
81 Louis court Wednesday for hay
ing performed a mock marriage.
McQueen cried when the fine was as
sessed and claimed that be had re
garded the matter as a joke. But
tkonman InthaMM. U&TT Kublk
took it in dead earnest, and 0. H.
Jobs, who married her, was sentencea
to two years and a half in ths pent
tentiary for bigamy. What started
la a nka tn tha mock minister turn
ed oat to be a very serious matter.
A Frightened Hsfse.
Rnnnlnor Ilka mad down the street
dumping the occupants, or a hun
dred other accidents, are every day
occurences. It behooves everybody
to have a reliable Salve handy and
w i 1 I
there s none as gooa as Bucueni
Arnica Salve. Burns, cuts, sores,
fVzAtna and rjiles disaoDear craickly
nnder Its soothing 'effect, 25c at
Frank T. Clay's lrug Btore.
The Kind You Have Alwars
in use for over 30 years,
!ia'yvirrwjwwasta'iwiswsBwtwpweywie w wwswwwewawwwMeiwwwwiaawaj
frl,, sona saperrision since its infancy.
fCCCA4ti Allow no onA to deceive vou in th I it-
All Counterfeits, Imitations and" Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Castorla is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops aud Soothing Syrups. It Is Ftcasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcetia
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Wonusi
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Coustipatioa
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
Tbe Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
ths esarawa aoaaaav, rv aiuaaav eraser, asw veaa arrv.
.Always Res .ber the Full Nams
I axatre romo Ou.iiiiie
fie( a rrAA in Hno
Ta-vUm U iWlU aaa VUV
Ayeit Pills
- DC-Utlnil DrOWIl Or Ilea PlaCKr USe
Costs Wy 25c at Dnggists, or Bail
mother i Momatw no tongor,
our child, 'mm thoummnam hovm mono, by giving thrnmm powamn.
'KKTMIMA Im MSV riven and aulekly eountoractm and iw
com tho olToetm of thm mummor'm boat upon toothing cbBmYmm
Bates County
0.3lt4Bly a m MOfOOO.
Money to loan on rettl estate, st low rates. Abstract ot
title to all lands and town lots in Bates county. Choice
eeorltles always on hand and for sale. Abstracts of title
. furnished, titles examined and all kinds of res.: estate
papers drawn. .
J.Traaaa, Ho. J. B. Hawaaasv. J.C. Uaaa
rreald U Vloe-maldeat. . Seo'ahwa.
Jae.O. HAtae, AWSnetat. r. Waoj,KoarT.
aaus urRM t
-waurats c sol swaomaa mi it
ssieiet Bttavas, sin sa sataoaa apap pooa ai
often purl jr urJ anoarrj y 'X3 spsoj
as paw eropaoo araajoaa pint speiq qjoq jo
Ikfefl jvJ jaqjaaavpaq capf otn tj tawsra
Jp snwra ara adaa poa nam ptrs (rraj oo
twiqt iprqat tioqtpaajg artJevf ettbran qx
fum eSuC o Supqajs pas Supooqt joj
edns eip rrjaaJ aqnop jaeq sxp o 0009
r3 em pas asuvraq rp eeaqiao4 q opera
ana spnp oiurotra jeon pa jaas ern s
Stoesiel Justified For
Surrendering Fortress.
London, June 24. A telegraa. to
ths Exchange Telegram Compsnj.
from St. Petersburg, safe "The
committee appointed to lnveatiau
the capitulation ol Port Ar thirl a
thatthe surrender of the tertetes
was justifiable
Slcktslsf SWverUg Fits
of ague and malaria, can be M&rf,
and cured with Dec tne Bitters. This
is a pure, tonic medicine; of especial
benefit in malaria, for it exerts a true
curative influence on the disvasa,
driving it entirely out ot the syecea.
It is much to be prefered to tinine,
having none of this drug's bad after
effects. E. S. Mundaj, of Henrietta,
Tex , writes: "My brother was eery
low with malarial fever and auasiias,
till be took Electric Bitters, wbkk
saved his life. At Frank T. Clay's
drug store; price 50c guaranteed.
Bought and which has '
has borne the signature of
has been made nnder his paw
Signature of
Txr Crtn in T7rt
a V WS aaw avsva m WW wa
on Box. 25c.
Keen them in the toast.
Take one when you fed bil
ious or dizzy. They ct di
rectly on the liver. ,ftltr
nrrr m. or Daouoisn air. aju. s co., Ruava. aT
CTDfLH fl OaO ill I Bowel Trouble of ChJSamsf (
f . i vwiiiim! vyswicrj. aaa mm J
our oavo vno noaizn mna tam or
Investment Co,
o s aia ataqx
Aaq nr)

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