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NO. 37
M-j 1 j mtv s
JUllUUl s3C
: Other Prominent
Add Their
NK of tbe most wonderful
medicine Is the multitude of
endorsements which Peruna is
receiving m a catarrh cure
from men of national
i The mot distinguished men
of the United Stales have no
beaitarton in lending their influence to
assist In letting the publlo know o the
merit of Per una.
Nearly one-half the people are In some
way affected by catarrh. Therefore It
U almost a national curse, and It U of
national import that the people should
know of Per una.
Catarrh la an American disease.
Pcruna 1 an American remedy.
Catarrh is a resuK of changeable
climate. Peruna Is a result of long and
careful experimentation.
Catarrh enters the y stem through the
nerve centers and affects the mucous
membranes. Peruna enables the nerve
centers to repel and expel the catarrh
from the system.
Catarrh is a systemic1 disease and
coracle only by systemic treatment.
The remedy that cures catarrh most
aim directly at the depressed nerve
centers. This is what Peruna does.
Redeemer of Public Moneys.
Hon. John C. Leftwtch, Redeemer of
Public Moneys, whose office is lu the
Poetoffice Building, in a letter written
from Montgomery, Ala., says:
"I take plasure In recommending
Doing a Gkxehal
Corn, Hay, Chop Feed, Poultry rood, etc
Candles and Cigars.
FOSTER, - HO. 34 -6m
Bank examiner Cook baa permit
ted himself to be quoted vry fre
quently to the effdet that "the Sal
mon bank should have been closed
two years ago," and has- rflocted '
with more or less directness upon
bis predecessors In offioe, says the
Henry County Democrat. Mr. Gook
should be careful in indulging in
hargn. Tffrha hunk waS-inSUch
bad condition two yean ago (and
none will deny in the light of devel
opments) is hae grown steadily
worse. This being true, Mr. Cook
condemns himself even more than
hla predecessors for he examined the
bank Jane 5, and had a right and it
was hie duty then to ascertain every
fact be has since learned, and yet he
permitted the institution to con
tinue antil it died literally of inani
tion. Mr. Cook is not I12 an attitude
to shy rocks, In as mush as he dwells
la a glass house himself. Every error
be imputes to bis predecessor, at
taches more glaringly to himself.
Grave Trouble Fereseeo.
It needs but little foresight, to tell
that when your stomach and liver
are badly affected, grave trouble is
ahead, unless you take the proper
medicine for your disease, as Mrs.
John A. loung, of Clay, N. Y., did.
She ears: "I had neuralgia of, the
Dverand stomach, my heart was
weakened, and I could not eat. I
was very bad for a long time, but in
Electric Bitters, I found Jost what I
needed, tor they quickly relieved and
cured me." , Best medicine lor weak
' women. Sold under 'guarantee by
Frank T. Clay, druggist, at 60c a
bottte. i ,. : V.
of f1
vvV -a:
: 1
& I'll
The Magnificent 8tat Otpltol Building of Alabama.
Governor of Alabama Cominends Pe-ru-na.
In a letter dated July ISO), written from Mont
gomery, Ala, Governor Joseph J. Johnston, say si
Join Conrresamaa Brewer In
mending Pruaa."Jaaeph J. Johnston.
Parnni .a ui iUjink 4nl. uiit It U t
recommended to fna br those who have
nA it ... . BnnA mMmt, An.a fn
C. LeMwloh
Register Unites) ttatea Land Offioe.
Hon. Robert Barbet, Register United
States Land Oifie writes from Mont
gomery, Ala.t
"For some time I have been a sufferer
from catarrh in its incipient stage, so
much so that I became depressed and
feared my health was generally in a
decline. But hess-tog of Peruna as a
good remedy I gave it a fair trial and
began to improve. Its effects were dis
tinctly beneficial, removing the annoy
ing symptoms, sod it was particularly
good as a tonlo." obert Barber.
Colleetar of Port.
Hon. J. K. Buske, Collector of Port,
Mobile, Ala., wsMss:
"Peruna I can recommend as a fine
medicine. It has been ased in my fam
ily and as a tonia D is esMwlUnL I take
pleasure in teiitlfytag to Us fine quail-Ues."-J.
K. Burl.
Postmaster of Mobile.
Hon. P. D, Batker, Potmastr of
Ballard Items.
Toe lats for last wask'i Issue.
Another very bard rain and wind
visited us again Sunday. It will take
a considerable long time to get our
rcotherly earth dried off again.
Ora Evans has returned home from
Sedalieovw"hi5o"hba8 beenat--tending
school several months.
Miss Clara Greer, after visiting
relatives in Barton county, has re
turned home.
Little lone Day is visiting friends
near Spruce at present.
Remember the Sunday School pic
nic Saturday, July 15, on the Mr.
Poague Jlarm,three miles east of
Ballard. "
Several young men In this vicin
ity have the Kansas fever.
Miss Fern Rogers visited relatives
and friends in Kansas City last week.
Z. B. Barker has returned home
from Independence, Kansas, where he
has been working in the wheat har
vest. Mr. Harding and aon, of near
Piper, was in our community last
week, buying young mules. (
W. B. Morlan, of Urich, was shak
ing hands with old friends here Fri
day. Several of our young folks attend
ed a moonlight picnic at Mayesburg
Ballard and Spruce base ball teams
played a match game here Saturday
evening to a very large crowd. The
game was 2 to 4 score in favor of
Spruce. Hurrah for Ballard, if she
did get beat. Pat. .
Te Core a Cold in One .Day. -
NINE Tablets. All druggists refund
the money it It falls to enre. E. W.
Grove's signature 1 oneachbox. 23c
State Officials
' v T ,TW' -.-,
MobOe,lnareoa leMet from
Mobile, Ala says
"Allow me to saud to yoo my
testimonial as to the good
qualities of Puruna. I have
need H for the pest throe
com -
months and find it is a
most exoeilooc toulo."-. D.
U Marsha, NsJCtlsefw Dtstflef.
Hem. Dan Owt, U. & Mswhal far
the Northern Ditrtrk of Alabama,
writes 1
"Your remedy foe catarrh
la grippe, Peruna, has done me so much
good that I cannot tpuak tuo highly of ft.
"I have ased It fur a ebort ttme and
have improved rapidly from the first
day. 1 was really much surprised at
such a quick and effective cure." Don
t. 8. Marshal, Sotrtttervi IHstrtoC
Hon. L. J. Bryan, U. S. Marbal tut
the Southern Dietriot of Alabama,
"I have ased Peraoa for catarrh a
short Uum and have aixo had severe
friends try tt and they all pronounoe H
the bestoatarrh remedy erer put on lbs
market. It can not be Drained too
highly."!. J. Bryan.
If yon do not derive prompt and eatie
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write atonoe to Dr. Hartmao, Preeiden
of the Hartman Sanitarium, ColumUia,
Ohio, and he will give you the benefit
of his valuable advloe gmtis. All uoi-
respondunco strictly conlkk-ntiiU,
Wanted to Marry at Once.
Hutchinson, Kan., July 8 Bernice
M. Delano, daughter of F. G. Delano,
a city councilman, committed suicide
by drinking carbolic acid, because
her fiance bad postponed the date of
their marriage. Miss Delano was
onlyl7-ysars-old,-and herparents
had urged her to wait. She left a note ''
for Henry Bell, forgiving him for
postponing the wedding, and to her
parents, asking them to treat kindly
her sister, Pearl, who had left home
beoauHe she had disagreed with her
Russia Asks an Armistice.
1 St: Petersburgrjruly" lO.-The sit-'
uation regarding the armistice is as
follows: Bussla has formally signifi
ed to President Roosevelt its desire
for a lasting peace not only by the
appointment of plenipotentiaries who
will be accompanied by eminent ex
perts fully empowered to conclude a
treaty subject only to the ratifica
tion of the respective governments,
but as a final step has indicated its
readiness to suspend hostilities. It
has avoided formally asking for an
armistice as a matter of pride.
Protests Against Leaving
Picnic Early and is Slain.
Terra Haute, Ind., July lO.-David
Lowe, a Sunday school teacher, who
was stabbed when remonstrating
with James and Earl Fredericks,
father and eon, driven of picnic
wagons, who wanted to start homo
from the picnic too early, died from
the wounds, which Mrs. L. E. Sellers,
wife of the pastor of the Central Chris
tion church, says were Inflicted, by
the elder Fredericks, when the father
and son attacked Lowe. The lather
was arrested, but the son escaped.
Much Comment in Washington
Over Refusal of Prominent
Men to Accompany Tart to the
Washington, July 10 The f Allure
of numerous prominent men to goon
Secretary Taft's trip to the Philip
pines has been the subject of much
speculation. It is now known that
several uotnble names were putou
the list two or three mouths ago, al
though these men stated from the
beginning that they would not be
Identified with a j-i:rr.y of that char
acter. The) were appealed to not to
decliro V." ln.IUt.iou liuriie.lintelv.
A n uu'oiumoclitti.n to crtnlu
oftfot'tr f'ltni.ln in the War Depart
nu'iit. thpy hi i)uit'ced In this request
anJ did not decline till rmmv wwks
after the pious for the trip were laid
Borne very mrong protest were
made by Inlluential Itopubllcans
against tLo trip. T1ip Republicans
took the ground that it was u junket
pure and simple, and all the more of
tensive, because it was a junket at the
expense of the Philippine Govern
ment. It was urgad that if certain
legislators wished to observe condi
tions In the Philippine Islunds they
be taken on a Government transport
and the expense therefor be met by
the United States Government.
In several of the departments a
practice hasgrown up of sending men
to the Philippines on trips that are
virtually for pleasure, although
nominally for purposes of inspection.
This savors of the old Colonial abuses
which were the cause of irritation a
century and more ago.
As soon as any department chief
now determines that he would like to
have a tew months' vacation, he
works a pull to have the Philippine
Government invite him to make an
inspection In his particular line. The
officials at Manila are responsive, of
course, and so it is that many polit
ical favorites secure long vacations
in the Philippine Inlands.
The same holds true, in a degree, of
Hawaii and Porto Rico, but this
Government pays for the special trips
to those islands.
This form of abuse has come to the
attention of prominent members of
Congress. At the next session it is
intended that some steps be taken to
prevent the increasing practice. The
expense of trips to the Orient falls on
the Filipinos, of course, and no tell
tale figures get out from the depart
ments here in Washington.
A New American Explosive.
New York, July 8. That a twelve
Inch shell loaded with dunuiUi, a new
explosive, will break In the side of a
heavy armor-clad vessel, although
the shell fall short of its mark by
twenty feet, was discovered yester
day at the begining - of - a series tf
tests at the government proving
grounds at Sandy Hook. The great
value of this explosive In the (act
that the shell will pierce armor plate
and explode in the interior of a
vessel. The explosive substance is
named after its Inventor, Major
Beverly W. Dunn, United States
Army, and is a closely guarded gov
ernment secret. Foreign nations
have sought in vain to learn of its
s imposition. It is believed to be the
most powerful explosive in the
Sickening Shivering Fits
ol ague and malaria, can be relieved
and cured with Electric Bitters. This
is a pure, tonic medicine; of especial
benefit In malaria, for it exerts a true
curative influence on the disease,
driving it entirely out of the system.
It is much to be prefered to quinine,
having none of this drug's bad after
effects. E. S. Munday, of Henrietta,
Tex , writes: "My brother was very
low with malarial fever and jaundice,
till he took Electric Bitters, which
saved his life. At Frank T. Clay's
drug store; price 50c guaranteed.
Salmons Ready to Fight
Federal Bankruptcy Move.
Clinton, Mo., July 10. The sum
mons in bankruptcy In the Federal
Court at Kansas City against Doctor
G. Y. Salmon and Major Harvey W.
Salmon was anBwerat le.
The Salmons and Receiver Egger,
who is still In charge of the defunct
institution, will fight the bankruptcy
proceedings, and have five days in
which to answer the petition filed by
the creditors.
Theattorneys, llanu Jfc Daniel, rep
resenting the Baliaoue and Egger,
will appear before the Kansas City
court within the preacriited time.
Cashier Thomas U. Casey, who was
taken to jail by Sheriff J. I). Hall, re
mains there, but le confined to his
lied in his cell.
Mrs. Casey asked permission to lie
with her husband during Lit incur-
ceratlon, and permission wit gr.utt-,
ed by the jailer. Rh remain iv hi J
bedside. Mr. Casey Is still cuff, tiiijj;
from nervous pnwtr&tion. I
lie mads no attempt to give boul
in the sum of f 3,000, which was the
amount affixed on the two dmrp'sof
Knox Answers Roosevelt with
Time Honored Joke.
Washington, July 8 -This story
found its way to Washington from
the north this afternoon:
President Uooseveit In a recent
conversation with Senator Knox of
Pennsylvania, asked the senator
what he thought of his appointment
of Charles J. Bonaparte to a place in
the cabinet.
' You havs heard of the man Me
Ginnis," replied Mr. Knox, "who
kept a saloon and lived with his
family up over the saloon. Que duy
his bartender rhouted upstairs:
"McGinnis r-hall I trust Tim (V
Leary for a drink'."
"Has he had the drink?1 culled
back UcGlunls.
"He has.'
"Thin trust hlra."
Saved Herself in a Well. '
Chillicothe.Mo., July 10. Her pres
ence of mind and her good grip sav
ed little Inez Braun, dnuirhter of A.
E. Braun, a druggist from drowniug.
The child, who w only .! year old
was playing about a will on a i.eigh
bor's premises when u plank in the
well platform broke, plunging her
into the water twenty feet below
The first time tbe child came up af
ter sinking she grasped the iron wail
pipe and clung there for twenty min
utes when she was rescued by her
Hawaii Wants
American Settlers.
Honolulu, July 10. Mr. Alk'uson,
chairman of the now territorial board
of immigration, who lias just return
ed from Washington, is preparing
plans for the snoouragemaut of set
tlers to come here Mr. Atkinson
wants a liberal land policy and shjs
that his conferences with Washing
ton officials havs convinced him that
if they are allowed land here on lib
eral terms American settlers will
come to Hawaii.
You can depend on Ayer's
Hair Vigor to restore color to
your gray hair, every time.
Follow directions and it never
fails to do this work. It stops
Hair Vigor
fallingofthehlir,also. There's
great satisfaction in knowing
you are not going to be disap
pointed. Isn't that so?
MThnirfiwintllltwbntitwhlt. It
took Jii.i mi b-itile f Am ll.ilr Vlp r i
mtnr II ta tt former it.rk. rlrh color. T"r
Hnlr Viffw ecrtaiiily do m-hitt T.ni rUlm for
tt." A. M. IKmuaV, KocklDglimm, N. t.
f.U bottt.
All myi-!it.
P. ayfh rn.
Fading Hair
I o Kr. 1 uive rn-p ol font pout'!, Iht R
il mua it.nl.un pl.-nrv '4 I'outh.
Uinutuvs, nu-loiK. c.liUn:, turnips, trttucc
til l.it-t. .ill Yt-Rr? iMt-l remove l.inj U40U
liuwt fvutlilruiu the toil, bupiily
lihtrally 1 y ilw u "I fTtiliT mnt.iinirg
l.n tkt 10 pr cent, actual fntaxh.
reet ,v i mote ( :-.,,,.i!'k' yicMs ,itc sun iu
loll 'W.
r rinu hlfti ai n A adwrtlsine riniihrr
n'H.imi!,: iom;1 .'irs. lt ii.tit.nn vjiu-
lili int. - minimi '.in:n.r. Sent luc lur l'..e
uLii. Wnuiiuv..
Nw Vork-V.l Naau Stnwt.or
N. M ..- ,:!i . mil Olive StS.
Ths Objfct. It Is Asserted in
Washington, Will Be to Curb
the Kaiser's Ambition No
Place for Russia in the New
Wshiitirton. .July M new triple
Europewn Hlliiince. now upon the eve
of tiirniation. i the natural outcome
of the revolt in Huseia and the c"ii
Hjii'Hit disturbance of European
equilibrium. This alliance will lie
agreed to by Great Britain, France
and Italy and Us purpose will be to
curb the (Ji-rm in expansion. ltuida
will be b'ft out.
"By a foresight which cannot Iw
hiirhiy priz-d." iim niubassador said,
"Germany ha cleverly taken advan
tage uf Uussia'a wenkneee to demon
stn:et tin world the strength tif
the position is occupies in Europe,
using Morocco an the club for this
purpose. But t'i club nniy turn out
to be a boora-rat g. Grent Britain
Hud France haw hen acting togeth
er diplci'i'iticaliv, at least, in opposi
tion to (iHriuanv. Italy has failed to
support Germany, notwithstanding
the treaty of iiilinnce which binds the
two state ami Austria.
''The dcnn'iny policy has forced
th Itnlinns bcliore that Kainer
Willipim wiMlim ti, phty a prominent
roie in ine Me.iiteiYaiiean. He has
bng been chareil with entertaining
anttmbitiou to extend his rule over a
southern port, which Italy would re
gard ao a menace. The accomplish
ment of tills Hii bitiori can come only
when Franz Jof, the empeior of ihe
Austro-Hunitarian nioiitmliy. dies.
That event is uear enough to war
rant Italy taking precautions.
"Great Brita::i. which since the be
ginning of the Boer war has had
strained rslaiious with Germany,
would oj.por-r timorously ant thing
decignetl lo bn: if uhout the growth
of that ciun;r". At the same tune,
it uukj iiko t' Russia weakened
to au extent ... it wouid forever re
move it fr.jis i'rilish calculations.
Japan. h s aa'.'iuplished- thislor th .
present. iut in the future Germany
io:uB larger ir 'nuse of the distura
ui.ee of tLt Eur.-peaii eiinilihriuin.''
Swept Into Indian Territory.
Denieon, Texas., July 7 The
Texas tornado yesterday afternooa
swept across Bed river and entered
Indian territory uearcolbert, tearing
down all telegraph wires. Little ran
be learned concerning the extent of
the havoc wrought. Rumors are
current of extensive loss of life north
f Colbert. Lafc st reports from No
cona, Tex., are that twenty-one per
sons were killed at that place and
A dispatch from Dallas states that
altogether sixty -three persons havs
been reported injured in the tornado,
several of whom will die. It is esti
mated that property damage to
towns, farms and railroads will pro
bably total up one-halt tuillioi
1 a

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