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vol. xxvn.
NO. 33
Prttty Ctrl Suff end From Atrvousiua
mJPtlvic Cattrrh-Fotmd Quiet
Rtlief in m Fern Day.
MIm Sadie Robinson, 4 Rand street.
Maiden, Mm 8., write, i
"Peruna wu recommended to me
about a year ago at an excellent remedy
tor the trouble! peculiar to oar sex, and
as I found that all that was said of this
medicine wu true, I am pleased to en
dorse It.
I begun to ute H about seven months
mm tor weakness ana nervousness,
earned from overwork and sleepiest'
oeaa, and found that In a few day I
began to grow atrong, my appetite in-
created and I began to sleep better,
consequently my nervousness pasted
away and the weakneu In the pelvic
organ toon disappeared ana I nave
been well and strong ever since. "
Address Dr. S. B. uartman, President
of The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
0 for tree medical adrloe. All corres
pondence strlotly confidential.
Exhortations to Renewed Vigil
anci Said to Have Been Given
Retainers About Forest
His Cleveland Home.
Cleveland, Ohio, July 18.-JohnD,
Rockefeller's tears for his personal
safety bars again become para
mount The bodyguard a Forest
Hill has been Increased and It Is said
to hare received renewed exhorta
tion to vigilance Predictions are
added that Rockefeller will forego
his frequent appearances In public
until the agitation shall have died
away. It is conldently pointed out
that he is much more sensitive to
appearance than Is commonly sup-
oosed. and so. even if unafraid for
his life, he would hesitate before ap
pearing at his church or elsewhere
while the revived scandal is a present
The present controversy with Ida
Tarbell, during which that woman's
magazine article has gained broad
circulation, has made the oil king
nervous and it is said that he fears
that some crank who might have
become convinced of the veracity o!
the printed statements made may at
tempt his life.
Rockefeller has always lived more
or less in seclusion while in Cleveland
bat has never failed to attend Sun
day school regularly. Now his reel
dence on Forest Hill is well nigh un
approachable. His private secretary
cannot even be seen. The utmost
, , , .. vigilance is being maintained by the
Theproswutlngattarney ofButler l ttndaDt8 6t tne Forest Hill reel-
countv nas taitea issue wieu wame
Warden Rodes on his construction
of the section of the game law whiob
reauires the taking out of license.
The prosecuting attorney, Mr. Davi
son, construes the law to mean that
a man is not required to take out a
license to hunt in his own county and
says he will refuse to prosecute any
hunter arrested on that sharge, until
after the courts have passed upon
that point. Hon. D. W. Hill, speaker
of the last house, which passed this
law, offers to defend anyone tree of
chance, arrested under Rodes' con
stt action of that section. The coun
ty clerk of that county have advised
all applicants that owing to the dif
ferent constructions placed upon the
law, a license Is unnecessary at pres
ent. Attorney-ueneral Jiadley says
that while the game warden con
struction until the courts have pass
ed upon that section.
dence and every intruder, no matter
what might be his errand, is closely
Questioned and practically ordered
off the premises after a brief hearing,
Never before was such vigilance, the
rale. ? v
A great sensation has been caused
in Cleveland by John D. Rockefeller i
action in breaking the silence o
years in order to reply in print to
the statements of Miss Ida Tarbell.
Bat Miss Tarbell is right back at
him today, saying: "I see nothing
in the statement to make me revise
what I have written In the case of
Corrigan vs. Rockefeller.
El Dorado Springs July 26th To
August 6th, 1905.
The morning and afternoon ses
sions of each day will be In the na
ture of a bible conference, while the
evening wiU be devoted to lectures
and musical entertainment. Among
those who will make addresses dur
ing, the Chautauqua are President
Lowell McAfee, of Park College; Rev.
Dr. Kerr, president of Westminister
College; Rev. G. P. Brad t, of Wichita,
Kansas; Rev. Henry Little of Spring-
field, Mo.; Rev. G. P. Baity, of Kan
The evening entertainments will
include lectures by Rev. Samuel Gar
vin, Frederick Stanley, D. D., Hon
Walter Williams, Rev. Matt S
Hughes, D. D., Rev. Wm. Carter, Ph.
D., and Wm. H. Walla s
The Kansas City Quartette will
give a musical number on Monday
evening, August 3. There will be
variety of other attractions.
Effort are being made to secure
the presence of Gov. Folk for at least
one day. A special low rate has
been secured on the railroads for
those who may wish to attend the
The 1 Dorado Springs Commer
cial Club Is standing back of this
movement, which of itself will go tar
towards the success ot the under
Special low rates have been secured
at the leading hotels and private
boarding houses, while tents will be
provided tor those who desire to use
them at a rental barely sufficient to
cover expense.
Squeezed By Big Snake.
Shenandoah, Pa. July 18. A black
snake, seven feet nine inches long.
coiled itself about Thomas Brennan
when he tried to dislodge it from
tree near Brandonvllle, where It was
devouring the featherless young bird
in a bird's nest.
His ribs were nearly cracked from
the terrible pressure exerted by the
snake, but Brennon grasped the
serpent's neck with his left hand as
the head swayed to and fro in front
of him and, drawing a clasp knife
from bis pocket with his hand open
ed the blade with his teeth and
severed the serpent's head. His body
was black and blue about the ribs
from the coil of the snake.
I McFaLrlSbUdL Bros. (
If The Pioneer Harness and Saddle men of Bates county, 1871. jl
And an elegant Flat Pad Single or Double Buggy Harness.
Ths Columbia and
Bayers andScoville
vehicles have been
sold tor many years
In Bates county,
with the very best
results. Elegant in
style, a grade ma
terial and skUled
workmanship, our
Buggies, fine Har
ness, whips and lap
dusters are match
ed to suit the taste
of all
Keep In stock everything that horse owners need. Double wagon harness from t 10 to ?30. Single har
ness $7.50 to 25. Second hand harness $3 to f 15. Saddles of all styles and prices from the cheapest to
the steel fork cow boy and sole leather spring seat saddles. Lap robes, horse blankets, dusters and fly
nets, harness oil and soaps, liniments for man or beast, coach oils, axle grease, tents, wagon covers,
trim buggy tops new and repair old ones. Bring in your old harness and trade them for new ones.
We have the largest retail harass and saddlery store In the southwest and our harness are all made at
home. Sole aarents tor the Columbia and Sayer and Scovllle buggies. We also carry a lull line ot bug
gies, Surries, Road and Spring Wagons, in cheaper grades. See us before buying.
Greatly in Demand'
TInt.hing fa pura in demand
a medicine which meets modern re
quirements for blood and system
cleanser, such as Dr. King's New
Life Pills. They are iuet what you
need to cure stomach and liver
troubles. Try them. At Frank T.
Clay's drug store, 25c., guaranteed.
al'v says: A number of
changes are in error, when they
Put Bridal Couple in Cage.
Judge Scott's Body Moved.
Jefferson City, Mo., July 15 The
body ot the late Judge William Scott
Pittsburg, Pa., July 8. Following
ths marriage Thursday night of Miss
Louise Timmis and F. C. Zimmer
man, at the residence in Wood street ot the Missouri State Supreme Court
-ot the Rev. MrvAnnly, pastor of the to being removed from thr grave-ts
the Rowan Avenue Christian church, which It was laid at Scott s Station,
the couple were kidnapped as they sight miles west of Jefferson City, 40
s were leaving the house. A cage years ago, and will be buried in the
similar to those used In a menagerie State Cemetery In this city,
was secured and chairs were placed This is in pursuance ot an act of
inside. Althonorhthe nonnle fonorhtlthe last General Assembly, which
in the grasp of their friends they J provided tor the removal and appro
wnra fnn-ed Inside the vehicle and! Drlated $700 for erecting a monu
soon made the best of It. foards of ment in the cemetery here.
honor burned red Are and threw ties Levi L. Scott, a well-known attor-
throughthebarsat the imprisoned I ney of Nevada, Mo., and a son of
couple all the way to the railroad I Judge Scott, Is here superintending
Grave Tresbls Fsrtseen.
It needs but little foresight, to tell
that when your stomach and liver
are badly affected, grave trouble Is
ahead, unless you take the proper
medicine for your disease, as Mrs.
Jobs A. Young, of Clay, N. Y., did.
She says: MI had neuralgia of the
the removal
Judge Scott was one ot the most
able lawyers that ever sat on the
I Missouri Supreme bench. Decisions
by him are still standard.
Tt laxKs Te;a to Nsw York.
New York, July 18 Thecommlttes
named by Mayor McClellan to con-
Uver and stomach, my heart was M pIana (or omission to ths
weakened, and 1 could sot eat. I Ba v ,
wMTervbad tor a lone time, but in mayor for the eeutennary eele-
Electrle Bitters, I found lost what I bration in 1907 of the Snl nee ot
needed, lor tbey quickly relieved and attain la water navigation), has de
cured me." Bt medicine for weak loHsj an invitation to Ths
bOttlS. : SO attwiw u iitt""iy.
Missouri Banker a Suicide.
St. Louis, July 18 -Without warn
ing of the deed, E. W. Warfield,
cashier of the St. Louis County Bank
at Clayton, a suburb, shot himself
through the head today while seated
at his desk, and sank lifeless. Be
was CO years old, had been identified
with the bank for years and was
considered one of the wealthiest men
In Clayton. It is supposed that
brooding over ill health caused him
to take his life.
Mr. Warfleld had been transacting
business all morning and gave no
Intimation that he contemplated
suicide. Suddenly, while he was
alone, he drew the pistol and killed
himself. He leaves a widow and four
children for whom he had just com
pleted a handsome residence.
Sam Jones Scores Lawson.
St. Louis, July lG.-Rev. Sam P.
Jones, the evangelist who spends
much of his time addressing Chatau
qua assemblies, does not have a very
high np'iion of Thomas W. Lawson,
hi fellow platform "attraction."
Rev. Jones was at the Southern
ho' ll yesterday.
"1 h ive not much faith in Law
son," he declared, "lie turned states
evidence on some of his old erodes.
If he had desired to do the the prop
er thing he would have retired from
the busiuess which he condemns
them for fol'owiifr."
T Cure a Cold in One Day.
NINE Tablets. All druggists if luud
the money if it falls to enre. E. W.
Grove's signal are is on each box. 25c
The Stock Law.
The Troy, (Mo.) Free Press editor-
Them to Let Her Die.
Macon M .,
loves me; not
i soul
18.- "Nobody
An at.
WM V- . . T
weep wnen i am gone.
thatitisunlawfulfor stock to runf'0""" "V "
, . . . . 1 1st me be and don t bother me,
at large anywnere in ine state, xub
on h
Thore ain't a
One Way to Treat Servants.
From the New Toik Press.
There Is a shrewd Scotchman not
far away whose management of ser
vants is the wonder of the neighbor
hood. In twenty years he has never
spoken to nne nf his rinmnstlca. It
stock law is in effect only in those
counties which have adopted it by a
vote of the people and the only
change made in this law by the last
legislature is in the matter of re
straining stock. Any person may
take up stock running at large un
lawfully and it is by the recent
change' made the special duty of the
constable to do so. A man who
does not like to take up his neigh
bor's stock can now avoid that un
pleasant task by notifying the con-'
stable of his township.
These dejec'.sd observations came
from the lips of a tiny bit ot wo
man in the operating ward of the
county infirmary last night. Ellen
McCarty, 65 years old, a pauper, had
tied a blanket to her Iron bedpost
thrown one end out the window and
sUd down as far as she cou'd. Then
she dropped twenty feet,-alighting
on the stone pavement. Nearly every
bone in the fral' body was broken
and recovery is impossible. She
A Human Blood Expert Dead.
Boston, July 18. Prof. Edward S,
Wood of ths Harvard medical school
an sxpert In examining human blood,
is dead at his summer home at Po
cassa. Hs had been CI several
months. Hs wae born in Cambridge
in 1846. Hs gar expert testimony
In many murder trials. His last ap
pearance In court was in the trial ot
Charles L tucker, who was convict
ed last winter ot the murder of Mabel
Page at Weston.
Tot Tnfuntif ud Ghllirti.
' Been the
Signature of
begged the attending physicians not
to worry over her as she had lived
long enough.
Hunter's license to a Woman.
8edalia, Mo., July 14.-Mrs. J. H.
Rodes, wife of Missouri's state gams
warden, made application today in
the county clerk's office for a hunter's
neanae. She tendered the legal fee
and a permit was issued In her name,
Mrs. Rodes Is a leader In local society
and musical circles and enjoys hunt
ing and fishing. 8he probably Is the
first woman in the stats to secure
hunters license.
Doing a General
Fud Business.
Can, Hsj, Chop read, Poeltrr road, s
OaadlM sad Cigars-
rosTtt, "
hunks of Gold Blasted Out
No Stock For Sale Says
Denver, Colo., July 15 The wealth
of Walter tvott, the eccentric miner
who recently mmle a hurried trip from
Los Angeles, Cal., to Chicago, by
special train, Is In a gold mine, the
ocatlon of which he will not divulge,
and the value of which none
can estimate, for no one has seen it.
For two years he has gone with a
nr mule pfti'k team lntrt Dnath
the breakfast Is vi'e, he does not
swear at the cook, but quietly leaves
the table. It looks like a case of In
jured innocence and the cook is duly
humilated. He never b'res, or allows
his wife to hire, a servant a second
time. No sort of famirarity is toler
ated. "Treat servants as you would
treat common soldiers," he says.
''Discipline, discipline, d'sclp'iue yet
kindness and consideration."
An Expensive Hen.
Lafayette, Ind., July 18. It the
detailed record Is ever written there
will be found on the oourt books of
Benton county an Interesting chap
ter on "how aSOce-.thencostf 200."
One whole day ot the court's time
was set aside for the trial of the hen
and those Interested in the case. The
hen Itself was in ths court room and
faced ths jury without a quaver.
Tom O'Conner accused his neigh
bor, Mrs. Bud Moore, ot stealing one
ot his hens valued at 50 cents.
Sickentif Shivering Fits
of axrne and malaria, can be relieved
and cured with Electric Bitters. This
is a pure, tonic medicine; of especial
benefit in malaria, for it exerts a true
curative Influence on the disease
drivlnst It entirely out ot the system.
It Is much to be prefered to quinine,
having none ot this drug's bad after
fleet. E. 8. Munday, ot Henrietta,
Tex., writes: "My brother was very
low with malarial fever and jaundice,
till he took Electric Bitters, which
saved his life. At Frank T. Clay'
drug store; price 50c guaranteed.
Valley, Cal., and returned to Bar
stow with the animals loaded down
with sacks of ore that is almost pure
gold. The mine is located some
where in the mountains that rim
Death's Valley.
Of his property Scott says:
"I do not know what the extent of
ore body is. All I know is that the
ore can be blasted out, broken up
with a hammer, and the rich, yellow
chunks picked out and sacked. - No-
one can buy my mine for any price,
tor it is as good as any quantity of
money to me."
Bild? Sctlp shiny and thin?
Then lt't probably too late.
You neglected dandruff. If
you had only taken our ad
vice, you would have cured
Hair Vigor
the dandruff. saved your hair,
ind added much to It. If
not entirely bald, now is your
opportunity. Improve it.
I Bkva M Arert Tifor war r m
ran. IennewMrenol4sB4hTekeeT7
rrawtk of rich brown beJr, , I Ulak.CB
Uralj to Affe !Ulr Vltror. .
Mat. M. A. KiiTH, BellarUta. UL
fl kettle.
Lowell. M.u,
Good Hair

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