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I. D. ALLEN, Edito.
Ce Wiult Tims, published every
Tkuxiay. will be ent to acy address
- rttr, ooitaee oa'd, tor Si. on.
Tit Missouri Pacific Time Table at
Butler Statiou.
torn Born.
Joplln ft outbft m;l K S'l rn
tt.! K.C Jo.lln lUkil A Lxr K M p m
.91 K .C A Jlin ruail 4 Exnreu 10:31 p m
,.!. Local frelitht 11:15 f m
M4.lt Ranaas City ami !t. I.pu! Es . r a m
am luiu Cltt nilil tri Etprv.. 11 p m
Wti V Kansas Cllr lin.lt.- i n.Ml lo:l p m
i--Ai i Ki'.m
k toeal Krelaht 1 a
lwo.. Utv.tock aJiipm
--.-t41 local fruiM n1 I'ss n-.lx.e' a m
I'A-I H.'VT.
O.Xl Local fretftht and I'M mixed r.lW p ra
I. C. Vn;oinTroT. Agnl.
tJWral W. W. RUkaiar, com-'ii.i.r-in-i-hief
of the G. A. U. died
tt Uole, Mahn, on Kanday, while on
t, v.our of the Northwest vleltlng
iri?.l army pouts. He took sick on
L. 10th but his etTlous condition
ept from the public. His wife
wt with him.
t.x B.Cook, ex-Secretary of State,
illeiiBuit In the circuit court against
!' clltzer Publishing Company (St.
C.M'ita PoBt Diepatch) for 100,000
lamage, because that paperon June
.-tf vrlnted an alleged defamatory
iftv Je under the caption, "U It a
".'miS-cal Juui: Shop?" in connection
...':. the iScklnioL it.uk affairs.
U.'.n best thoroughbred swine
: jyxlgrs In the state have consigned
-vi':r to thre day cale at State
:-" , Sedalin. Mo., on Anoint 23, 24
it -2.". Brkhira, Poland-Chinas
Duroc-Jenrys will be sold. Send
rir particulars to L. E. Frost, Man
. Uoberly, Mo , t E Hurl
mix,, 'lerk, Sed.tlm, k.
. pleasing feature of the State fulr
tf.ydaliu wili be the Missouri Old
v-'r.brs Assoi-latioa lay, Tuesday,
uvJtt 22nd. Thirty years resi
i.!:e in the state in the qualification
)l fsomberehip. An appointed dele
.ijrurt from each county will be ad
niivd to the fair grounds free. A
,lum of $15 will lie given to the
jJ. '..wt man prnt iuJ 10 to the
"Vivi-vit lady preseut. 10 to the
r:d oldest man :md woman.
OnjinnaM dispatches make
.Uiim that a "defense fund'',
' ;a!j Powers, ex-secretary of
of Kentucky, under Indictment
S?r :omplicity in the killing of Gov
t :!, has reached the enormous
-Mr4 of ts7,000. Powers is now
jned iu the Newport, Kentucky,
iwBity jail, under orders of the fed-
i court, to which jurisdiction the
lias been transferred. The
mesSion naturally arises to what
et-.liiiate use could that Immense
-izi be used in the defense of a
- -it hum A. Combs, Chairman of the
Oif.liM county Domccratlc Central
-s.cnn!tt'ie, favored us pleasantly
Ch fn the city Tuesday. Mr. Combs
:r;tpted the chairmanship with the
i-rminatlou to use his best en
(Tffivors to thoroughly organize the
iir!:y In the county Into a compact
: tf:zV.ng machine before the opening
if m next campaign. Mr. Combs Is
"unable, enthusiastic, and has Ideas
t his own ae.to how. the work should
3one and realizes the Importance,
tt. If his ideas prevail, "the
- i wds that lowered upon our house
i.st 1he deep besom of the ocean
. juried," and he will be substantially
.'cnembered by a grateful party.
"Ee Kansas City Star is authority
cr the statement that George Creel,
-atorof the Kansas City Independ-
asa, is to be appointed coal oil in
ettetor for Kansas City by Governor
lyoBt. This, if true, w ill be very grat-
Jljtfng to the many friends of Mr.
' !el throughout the state. He is
xho( the most brilliant dung news
-pnper men the state affords and has
i jailtup the Independent to a high
Ttaadlng and it wields much influ
aoa. While Independent In politics,
;Aa been consistently tor Got. Folk
fuss the start, and it was understood
ik-z-was to have something goo'd,- J.
- ritiLowe, who was appointed coal
c a Inspector last winter, will be trans
f vtlto ths election board for that
nli7. -The Star "lays, tke office pays
tvhOees about 500 a month lorabooft
wfcnwnrV work each' week; ai will
2Mre1oM not interfere in any way
e7t& Mr. Creel's newspaper work.
The following editorial from the
St. Louis Republic agrees wtth the
recent fight The Times has. been
making for better party organiza
tion: "As far as organization is con
cerned there Is no room for two
opinions. There Is certainly no
need of radical or brilliant Inven
tions. Nothing can be substituted
for old-fashioned, Intelligent work
"In business or in politics organ
Izatiouis composed of two branch
es: First, exhaustive Information;
second strengthening weak places.
"Organization keeps the directing
force posted on what is going on
right and what is going on wrong.
The directing force pushes ahead
the right and remedies the wrong.
"Observant Democrats know that
last year the Republican organiza
tion work was superior to that of
their own party. The fact has
nothing to do with the faithfulness
or abilities of the men In the two
bodies. It was chiefly due to the
four years of unceasing preparation
on the Republican Bide. When the
campaign regularly opened the in
formation system was in full opera
tion; perfected by long experience
and in possession of data from ev
ery voting precinct.
"A quarter of a century of ma
jorities had produced among Dem
ocrats the carelessness of overcon
fldence. Nearly every man In active
politics was accustomed to devot
ing his attention to the rivalry
of candidates tor nomination. In
most of the counties In the state at
large and In congressional districts,
election was taken as a matter, of
So long as the Republican party
was drifting along in the old rut,
neglecting its party organization un
til on the eve of election, and then
making a sporadic effort, the Demo
crats, who had a substantial major
ity, were safe in doing the same. But,
as pointed out by the Republic, and
to which fact we have called repeated
attention, the Republicans two yearn
ago began a systematic organiza
tion, and when the campaign opened,
they were prepared to wage an Intel
llgent and effective fight and the
results showed the wisdom of their
We are now forewarned in plenty
of time to overcome this advantage,
if we begin now to prepare for it, and
to this end we again urge upon our
county chairman the great Impor
tance of this work.
The St. Clair County Democrat, in
discussing the question, says:
"Organization along the right
lines is the bcut and only efficient
means that has yet been discover
ed. But organization of counties
and states cannot be accomplished
in a day, a week or a month, and
It Is none too easily to begin the
preliminary work right now."
Missions of the Teachers.
Rabbi Harrison of St. Louis in a
recent lecture said the following:
"All honor to the teachers! They
wear no uniforms, yet are the real
soldiers, fighting tirelessly against
ignorance, vice and crime. Honor
the teachers! They carry not the
portfolio of statesman, yet they are
the nation builders, the state
sustalners. Honor the teachers!
They are not Thomas Jtffersons, yet
they sign for every child his declara;
tion of 11) amy independence. Honor
them, those true custodian of our
temple of liberty, the standing army
of our holy war for God's own light
of truth. Honor them! They are
the greatest, truest, noblest servants
of humanity.
"I have buried fair women that
have fallen at their post of duty at
the teacher's desk, martyrs to con
science and to their holy task, wasted
awajbj.that Jmperioua calL that
bids the teacher give not only her
knowledge, but herself, her heart and
soul, her whole being, her personality
to the children, that its tenderness
and beauty and nobleness may suf
fuse them and bless them and be
come theirs"
Spotless Town.
Glob Democrat.
"You would be converted to the
woman's club idea, if you would take
the trouble to find out what they are
doing at Butler, Mo.," said the obser-
rent man to the man who spoke dis
paraglngly of the organisation,
"Down in Butler the Wednesday
Coterie decided that It would make
the town more beautiful, and offered
a prise tor the beat kept garden in the
place. Why, it was like an inspira
tion, and every child entered the con
test Flower seeds. Instead of belna
the usual drug on the market, were
asked tor of tener than soda ice cream.
Butler has become a regular spotless
town, and It literally blossoms like
the rose. Don't tell me that a wo !
mAn'a clnb can't do somethlnor if tb. '
right sort of women are in It." !
Has No Intention of Attacking
the Folk Administration.
Jefferson City, July 16 Senator
William J.Stone gave outastatment
denying that he planned an attack
on the state administration. In his
statement Senator Stone says:
The article in to-day's (Sunday)
Globe-Democrat to the effect that I
was preparing to make a tour of the
state 'to burn up the state adminis
tration is a sensational pipe dream.
It is the same old Republican scheme
of trying to make trouble among
Democrats by faVe stories.
"I did not, during the past week,
or any other time, at St. Louis or
any other place, meet Governor Dock
ery and Messrs. Conkling, Jourdan
and Seibert to map out a plan 'to
skin the ins' or for any other pur
pose. No such meeting was ever
held. The story in the Globe-Democrat
is a reportorial fabrication. I
have accepted a number of invita
tions to speak In different parts of
the state during the summer and may
acceot others. These Invitations are
to address meetings assembled for
different purposes, very few pnrely
political gatherings. So far from
haying any desire or intention of
attacking Governor Folk or any one
else In the Democratic party, 1 will
say, that nothing is farther from my
"On the contrary, my eole desire
aud purpose is to do what I can in a
proper way to ut an end to faction
al controversy in the Democratic
party, so far as there are such con
troversies, and to aid to the utmost
of my power in getting all Democrats
and all the persons In sympathy with
the Democratic party into line, with
a view to restoring party harnony,
strengthening our party organiza
tion and securing unity and co-opera
tion of all Democrats in the crucial
contest we are to age next year to
restore the Democratic party to su
premacy in the state."
Kansas and Jerome's Jokes.
New York, July 17. The New York
World, in an editorial headed "Kan
sans," eays to-day:
William Travers Jerome probably
is unfamiliar with Geortre Eliot's wise
remark that "a difference of taste in
jests is a great strain on the affec
tions. Otherwise he would not have
joked with Kansas, and he would not
be surprised that he was taken seri
ously when he adrOated two sets of
statutes, one for the moral yearnings
of rural communities. Kansas is a
serious state and never jests with
serious things. The blood of the
Roundhead flows in the veins of its
people. Nowhere else in the country
la the old Puritan spirit so keenly
alive. When a corporation oppresses
Kansas, Kansas fights. When the
laws of Kansas are violated, Kansas
fights. When a trust interferes with
the rights of Kansas citizens, Kansas
fights. There is nothing at all the
matter with Kansas, and if its sense
-of humor saddens Mr. Jerome, its re
gard for the enforcement of law is
worthy of his most distinguished con
Railroads in Three Months
Kill 909 Persons; Hurt 14,397.
Washington, July 18. Accident
bulletin No. 15, just issued by the
Interstate Commerce Commission,
giving an acccount of railroad ac
cidents In the United States during
themonths of "January, February
and March, 1905, shows that during
that quarter there were 28 pas
sengers and 204 employes killed and
1,651 passengers and 2,062 employes
Injured in accidents, making in all
232 persons killed and 8,713 injured
in train accidents.
Other accidents to passengers an
employes, not the result of collisions
or derailments, bring the total
number of casualties up to 909
killed and 14,397 injured".
Located on the southeast
corner of the square are
t- now open. "' . -"- '-
Beat polished' cablnel? 11.45 A
Platlno cabinet 2.00
ptamp phdtoe 9 for 25
Anything from a but ton ib '
t the Soest Pastel or crayon -
portrait - ' ; : .
We want your trade. "
: 1 j.LFon:E8.
His Life Not "Worth While.-
New York, July 18.-r-Senator
Thomas C Piatt, In a talk about
having just celebrated his 72nd birth
day anniversary, remarked:
"I am 72 years old. That is a
great many days and months and
years, some of them fruitful, some
barren, but none of them worth the
while. It could have been so much
better or at least so different from
what it is. If I had it to do over
again I would model my political
life along other lines."
"Would you have the years come
back tor another chance?" he was
"No," was the reply. "I would
not, but I would do much different-
iy." .
"How differently?"
"I should rather not say," replied
the senator. "It would lead to de
velopments." The Equitable scandal was men
tioned and Senator Piatt exclaimed
"My frleid, Mr. Depew is too great
a man to remain down in this con
nection. He will rise again. Stories
that have conducted his name with
the affair will do him no harm. His
friends know him. 1 am glad that
Senator Depew was elected again be
fore this Equitable tabk began. It
might have made some little differ
ence to the senator IromNew York.
Two Killed by Kentucky Feudist.
Mount Sterling, Ky., July 18
News was received here of a desper
ate fight on Fraley Creek, Lee county
last nlgbt, In which John Muller of
Breathitt county shot and killed
James frees and J. M. Thomas.
The shooting occurred at a church
during services. Neither of the dead
men was armed. Muller was arrest
ed and lodged in jail at Beatysville,
badly escaping an enraged mob. The
jail is heavily guarded to-night for
teat of a lynching.
The White Rlbboo Remedies.
The oldest, most popular
and partly non alcoholic rem
edy la Dr. Fierce'a Favorite
Prescription for weak women
it does not contain a particle
of alcohol Neither docs Dr.
Pierce ' Golden Medical Dis
covery for the blood. Both
are remedies which have stood
the test of public approval for
the past third of a century.
Urge your friends to take Dr.
Pierce's remedies and to be
ware of alcoholic tonics. Dr.
Pierce offers $500 reward for
women who cannot be cured
of those weaknesses which art
peculiar to the womanly or
ganism. Send for full treatise
on diseases of women to Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Correspondence is invtted and
consultation is free and strict
ly confidential.
Treatment of the nervous
system and the womanly or
.franism by alcoholic com
pounds has always been, in
the opinion of Dr. R.V. Pierce,
who is founder and chief med
ical director of the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute,
at Buffalo, N. Y., a very bad
practice. When he set about
to find the right medicine for
the treatment of woman's pe
culiar disease, he hit on a com
bination of nature's most valu
able roots, herbs and barks,
in a solution which did not
contain a particle of alcohoL
Dr. Pierce does not claim his
"Favorite Prescription" will
i all diseases, or that it will
cure men. It is a woman's
medicine only, and in wom
an's diseases it has been found
effective in thousands of cases.
It is unparalleled in its cura
tive properties and has a Bat
tering record that cannot be
equaled by any other remedy
manufactured exclusively for
woman's use.
Order of Publication.
Csontv of Bates. I ""v
In the Circuit Court October Terra, 105. In
Vacation Jul? 13th, lvus.
Albert N. Morrell, Plaintiff,
.IauIi Jan Mortally Anna Campball, formerly
Anna Morrell and Ella Herrtn, formerly Klla
norreu. uerenaants.
Now at this day comes the, plaintiff herein, by
bis attorney. W W. tiraves. and files his Edi
tion and affidavit, alleging, among other tblngs
mmmm w.vuumim. m;uw ttmuw flviiuii. ill
Campbell and Klla Herrln, are non residents of
me state 01 Mistoon:
Wberenpon, It Is ordered by the clerk In vaca
Hod. that said defendant be notified bv Dob
lieatlon tbat plaintiff ba commenced suit
against them In this court, the object and gen
eral nature of which Is to have a certain deed
made on June stth 1905, by A. Morrell, of
Tehama county, California, to Louisa Jane
alorreU. o the same county and state, and nnr-
portina to convey the nerth half of tbe south-
ww (jnaner ana toe soma nail 01 tne norto
west Quarter 0' section three, townahin fortv.
one, range thirty, three; and the southeast
quarter of the southeast qnartrr of section four,
township forty-one, range thirty-three, all la
Bate county, atissourt. declared nail and void
and for naught held, which deed and 1 of rea
ora in to Keeoraer' omc or JBate county,
Mlssourl.ln book ll IniMKeSM: that the nlaln-
till ask that said deed be set aside and declar
ed nuU and void for the reason that the irant
ordldaot hay mental capacity to make the
am, ana rurincr tnai was procured in rough
nndae ulaene xereled over tbe grantor by
ueienuant, lynuea ane morreii, and inaiun
lea that aald Louisa Jaa Men-ell . Anr.tfi.nin
bell and Klla Herri b aad appear at thla
court, at the aext term thereof, to be begun
and hlda at tbe wart boas la the city of But
ler, la aald county, oa the artt Monday In Octo
ber, 1D09, and oa r before the first day of aald
term, answer or plead to the petition la aald
cause, ta win a will be taken a ooafeaatd, and
ludjrsant will b rendered aooordlna-lv .
- Aad It I further ordered, that a copy hereof
be published, according to law, In Tu Btm.ta
v. a asiv i mas, a awpper puDlltbed la said
ounty or rte ror mux weea successively,
t v.i i .i a - . i . L. . .
6"ium m ivvjet m m w-.. cue laet weer
on to be at least thirty days before tbe first
ar vi wa ant utmoer term or int out.
4. A. rATTKKWA, Circuit Court. -
O. at. BarUty, Depaty.
: A tras odt from aba record wit.
aee my haad a clerk aforesaid
with the seal of aald co-art hereunto
mzeu. mm at oraee la Bauer, oa
this the Uth day of July, 18t. '
a. rATTatAaun.
CiTmtt ri-v
C. Mi Barktey, Depaty.
Pardons Two si Workhouse.
Jefferson City, Mo., July 17. Got.
Folk commuted two St. Louis work
house sentences to expire to-morrow,
one being that of Harry Sell, and
the other that of lira. Henrietta
Are in, a fine line, we invite you to Bee them.
Carpets 25c up. Rugs, $1.00 up.
Room Rugs, $4.00 up.
Lace Curtains 50c up.
Couch Covers $1.50. up.
I jkt mm s 1
Plenty of rain "which insures a good crop of corn," also
a car of the 'celebrated Velie Buggies and Spring Wagons. If
needing anything in the vehicle line, you can't beat a Telle,
as they are the best and easiest running buggies on the
market Tor the price asked. If you don't believe it just step
In and try the springs and see if you can find another buggy
anywhere that works with the case of a Telie. Also examine
th e Finish, Top, Shafts, etc., and see if you can find any
thin g equal to them. We have been in business a long time
and can truthfully say they are the best buggies we have
ever been able to find for the price they are sold for.
WE ABE OVERSTOCKED on Rubber Tired Driving and
Bike wagons and will make you some prices that will sur
prise you, as they must move at once. We need the room.
We still have a few McCormick Mowers and rakes that we
will s ell you right, as we don't want to carry any over.
As this country is developing into a good wheat producer,
it will create quite a demand for Sulky and Gang Plows,
Wheat Drills, Disc Harrows, etc. So please don't forget
that we have the best kinds made. Namely: Hooaier Drills
and the Deere and Bradley Sulky and Gang Plows.
Yon will also need a lot of new wagonB to handle the big
crop of corn that is growing, and we have the kind you need
as they are the best on the market. We handle the Peter
Schuttler, Mitchell and Moline. Can yon ind anything that
will beat them?
WE HATE A LARGE STOCK of Harness, Builders and
shelf Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, American Field Fence,
Barb" Wire; NaJla,'ScreehT)o6Felc7Al86
stock of Groceries, Flour, Feed, Queensware, etc., in Bates
county and our price is as low as the lowest.
We also wish to call the ladles attention to the finest line
of White China Dinnerware ever brought to Butler. It will
match any piece of White Haviland yon may have and the '
price Is about one half that of Haviland. We carry this pat
tern in open stock and can sell you anything you may want
from a teacup to a full dinner set We also have a large
stock of decorated china dinnerware, Chamber Sets, Glass
ware, etc. '
Remember we bny all kinds of country produce and pay
the highest market price in cash as well as trade. And If yon
will drive right np to our store when yon some to town, yon
can depend on being treated right. Thanking you for past
trade and soliciting a continuance of same, we are
. . ." Yours Truly,
, .- . ..... . '
P. S.-Ws have ft large lot ol Intclasa shelving, counters,
etc., that we want to sell, at once. Same can be seen at
T A. A. Mi a .. . . -
wyomaeat own DTJUaing.jg,
Mrs, Lebar was pardoned on ac
count of ber physical condition.
Bell had served part of his sentence
and his pardon was asked by tbe
proeecotis&witnee and others. '
v .4 .

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