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From the Enterprise.
i T i .. k 1 1 1 1 f r i t -
JWrchased the Smith grocery stare
Aeduesday and took Immedute
varge. We extend a hettrty welcome
9 Mr. McUlllen and family and wib
Spm Buccees.
Walter Moore came down from ti e
jy Friday night. He will iu ve
,tn Dis latner ana sisters to inoi-
a, Wednesday, where they will j tin
. Moore, who ban been there vi-lt
he employees of The Blaker L :iu
1- it to. are moving the lumber out
I the north she is prepartory to
Aiildlng a 5,000 bushel corn shoo on
e back end of the yards They will
,lso make substantial repairs on the
rest sheds.
L While on a trip to Kausas City
at v Attic Than drenn ran nnk in
i jEee's Summit, Nllssourl, to epeu i
I -tone evening with Capt. ilolly Nickel.
lie reports the Capt., who receutly
i suffered a stroke of nnrilvsiV ft he
jr inglna bad condition.
In company with the bona the
rlter Inspected the large concrete
ave jost completed for A. U. Hall
he cave Is a sabstantlal improve
ment and will enable Mr. Hall to
andle his perishable goods to better
advantage to himself and bis cus
tomers. The cave Is concrete top,
sides and bottom and Is 12i30 with
j about a 9 foot center.
A team belonging to J. A. Rhodes
y started from In front of the Smith
j.Grocery store Tuesday morning and
yan east on Main street crashing
C through the board fence In front of
the MuBurney residence and came to
(f standstill when confronted by a
large tree. No damage wan do.i -
Other than touring out a couple of
Elections of the fence.
Hume Happenings.
from I
the Telephone.
Miss Bertha Smith, aged 18 yearn,
slaughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.L Smith,
I "was taken to Kansas City Thursday
;lo undergo a surgical operation for
Appendicitis. It Is hoped that she
ffcay recovor.
" Mrs. Morrell reports that while she
Cftiurnsitinnias. Greetfniracijs
From our Ladies9 Suit and
Cloak Department
Nothing would please mother or sister more than a nice, new, up-to-date
for her Christmas Present.
Special for Christmas
Ladies' $15.00 Cloaks, very special at $9.50
Ladies' 12.50
Ladies' 10.00
Ladies' 8.00
Ladies' 6.50
50 Tailored Suits ranging in price from $10 to $30.00
to close out at HALF PRICE.
Children's Department
All $2.50 Bear Skin Coats, your choice $1.50
All 3.50 Bear Skin Coats, your choice 2.00
All 6.50 Bear Skin Coats, your choice 3.75
Tailored Waists
Tailored Skirts
was away from home a few days ago
parties broke Into her botuo and
stole silverware valued at flO or
more. She claims that she has pretty
good evidence to establish the lrn
tlty of the thieves, and unless the
property is restored to her, she will
have thorn arrested.
Wayts Jfe Beadle report the sal of
the J J Messin.'-r property, ens of
S. R Hnmphrey, to Mr. 0. B. 0:MI.
of the Amos neighborhood. Mr
Odell will build an addition and oth
erwise improve same anl move to
town and make this his home.
Mr. W. R. Wayts revived w r I
Moniiy. that his brother-in-law, K
A Wilkinson, of Kansas City, well
known to Flume poople, had f'le.i
very suddenly of heart failure Mr
Wayts and f:ini11v attended th
funeral at Kansas City, Tuesday.
KA Jones aud family huve arriv
ed from Vermont, Illinois, and m v
ed on the Chastaln farm, southeast
of town, which he prchased some
time ago. We j in our people In ex
tending them a 'leart.v welcome and
hope they WiTT llk Missouri,
Mew York Club Skates
Always reliable, no trouble, no
repairs, easiest to adjust. All
sizes at
South Side Square.
Cloaks, very special at 8.00
Cloaks, very special at 6.00
Cloaks, very special at 4.50
Cloaks, very special at 4.0Q
v -
Foster Notes.
X. T. Badgett Is very poorly at
this writing.
John Basgs, of Scammon, Kansas,
was a business visitor at Foster last
The protracted meeting at Salem
closed Suuday. Rev. MeBouell left
ou the east bouud train for his home
at I'rlch, Mo
W. R. Arbogast, of Kuob Xoeter,
Mo., Is visiting hi brother, I. 11.
r ! gast. of ill's place.
Loi'SO Bright, who bus been very
poorly 'or the hut w t k, ie no bolter
ni hw writing.
Bert Hartshorn committed suicide
ut his home iu Madison, Kttn., Wed
tiesday. The cause of the rash act
as nar as were able to learn was
financial affuire, us he had lost con
idderahle ou tattle, it was supposed.
Ho became despondent aud shot him
self. Mr. Hartshorn formerly lived
at Foster, where he lived for several
years His remains were shipped to
this place Friday, aud were hurled In
Woodtla cemetery. Mr. Hartshorn
leaves a wife and four children, who
i have the sympathy of this commu
ulty in their sad bereavement.
Bin ah.
Southwest Summit.
The fine weather has dried up the
mud, but the roads need to be drag
ged. Better get at it before the mall
route Is taken off
Oeorure Balm Is building a new
! shed. '
School opened again after a two
weeks vncution caused by siekness of
our teacher, Miss Anna Bard.
Weddings seem to be very fashion
able. From the sound one would
not think there could be nny more
powder and dynamite left in Butler.
Everv one seems busy getting ready
for Christmas which will soon he
Mr. Happy Hoots and Miss Bertha
Winer formed a life partnership last
Monday morning. We extend con
gratulations. Carrie Falm has returned from a
two years sojourn In Texas. Her
many friends will be glad to see her.
Scarfs in
Silk or Furs
East Lone Oak.
Quite a number from this neigh
borhood attended the meetings at
the tabernacle In Butler last Sun-lay
evening and night.
Kev. Duncan tilled his rfgular an
pomttnent tit the church In IVru lat
Sunday, both morning and ny hi.
Preaching next Sunday night by
Rev. Sutor.
Miss Loy Bullfinch took dinner
last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs l!
M irk Cunfleld, of nur I'aola, K .ii-
sas, Is visiting his sltr, Mrs. KIU
Thorn is for a fw days. I In cam to
attend the funeral of A. M. Thomas,
but-arrived too late.
Mrs. M. A. Carroll spent a rw)'v8
Islting trti-nds aud atteudlng ser
vices at the tabernacle lu Butli-r.
Miss Loy Balltiach, the Fleasunt
Valley school teacher, will dismls
her school for a couple of weeks next
Friday. We hear that Charley Far
soin," the P.tu school teacher, will
not dismiss for the holidays,
K. S. Kequa, who has purchased
Geo. Baker s place, has torn dt wu
the old blackbiulth shop In IVru, so
It would be out of the way of his
A. M Thomas died last Friday
morning of pneumonia. He has been
In falling health for several mouths,
but contracted the dread disease
pneumonia Sunday, from which he
died Friday.- The funeral was held
at the church Saturday by lU-v.
Sutor, after which the remains were
laid to rest In the Falrvlewcemotery.
The family have the heurtfelt sym
pathy of their many neighbors and
friends. Fussy Willow.
Peru Items.
The beautiful weather Is enjoyed
by all In the neighborhood.
Rev Duncao filled his regular ap
pointment at this place last Sunday,
morning and night. There was a
fairly good crowd In the morulng
but owing to so many atten llnir
preachlnir at the tabernacle at But
ler there were not many out to hear
him at night,
Mr. and Mrs M. H Lyle and little
grandaughter Lida spent Sunday at
the home of Mr. Tom Harper.
Miss Loy Balltinch was the gu st
of Mr. and Mrs. Boss Williams list
Quite a number from this neigh
borhood attended the lecture at But
ler Monday night given by Rev.
McConnell the evangelist.
Notice: The death angel has
again visited our neighborhood and
has taken one of Bates county's best
citizens. Mr U. M. Thomas died
Dec. 11, 1908 at his home and wan
burled Dec. 12 in the Fatrvlew cem
etery. The particulars will be In
next weeks paper.
Mr. Murk Can field, Mrs. A. M.
Thomas' brother Is litre for ufew
(1uyn vlt-it. He came to att"iid tie
funeral of her husband, but urrlvt d
too late. U.nti.kAhh.
His Partner Absconded.
The usual smiling countenance of
Arthur Oaks, prominent in "culli d"
social circles of this city, is i ver
clouded, and he is making perl ocal
trips to Kansas City with som w In
his heart, blood lu his eye and a
razor In his sleeve. Thereby hangs
a title.
For some time Oaks has been col
lectlng poultry, game aud produce,
taking them to that city and with the
usststance of a partner of dusky
shade, disposing of them at a sub
Btantlal profit.
Last week, going to much trouble
and expense, he managed to secure
a tine coop of the festive Opossum,
about twenty in all, and shipping
tbem to his partner In the city, re
tired for the time being in anticipa
tion of the fortune the sale of this
shipment was to bring hlin. But
he waited in vain. At last beurlDg
nothing from his unpunctual business
associate, Oaka hied him to the city,
but his partner could not be fouud,
nor has he been located np to date.
When Oaks does find the gentleman,
But that will be another story.
In Times of Peace.
Con. Roach, In his paper, The Car
thage Democrat, enters the folio wing
protest against the proposed revenue
stnmp In times of peace:
"Ever business man remembers
that revenue abomination of the
Spanish-American war,, the revenue
stamp, but it was born with a cer
tain degree of equanimity as the war
was felt to be in a righteous caut-e
and grumblings were forgotten when
reading of Dewey's victory and Hob
son's heroism. But stamps on checks
and legal documents now in time of
peace simply as a revenue measure
to get money direct from the average
cltlxen to meet the extravagant ex
pendltures of the proflgate two bil
lion dollar Congresses the Republi
can party has been giving us is an
other matter. It remains to be seen
whether Mr. Everyday Citizen will
accept the nuisance and burden with
out protest."
Going After the Peddlers. (
In an Interview the tirst of tnis '
week, I'roeeeutlng Attorney Watt H
Dawson iuformeti u'Iimks reporter
that prepamLue were being in de
In his otflce to euforcw vigorously i!.e
law governing peddlers liitMises, i.nd ,
that after allowing them a reae u
able time to couioly with then quire
meuts of the law, prosecutions will
be commenced. There are about j
twenty peddlers peratlnir In th's
county and but few f ttieui have
paid their license tax as required.
Ou account ofades re not to pile
up costs on the county, in atteii.pt-1
lug to euforce utile ted legislation, ,
Mr. Dawson has been deferring prose i
cut.on lu these cases, pending tl.ej
settlement in the supreme court it i
case similar to thee-, and known n j
the case of thchtate vs. Weber. Tin
case was trUd In the V. men couutv
circuit court aud resulted In a eon ;
vtctton. Ib was then appealed to,
the Snprune Court and Mr. Dawson
has beeu Hot 1 tied thtt the conviction i
Is sustained and this hiw adjudge I ;
constitutional. 1
The penalty for a violation of tht ,
statute may tie a Hue of uotlees than
$ 10 00 nor nure than f loo 00. 1
Canning Factory. j
Mr. T. W. Wade, of. the Wade Van
ufacturlng Co., will be In Butler Mon
day, Dec 21ft aud would like to
meet as many of the cltiz 'lis of But ,
ler, aud farmers i f the country trlb I
utary to the town w ho believe It i
would be a good thing fur Butler
and community if a canning factory 1
were located here. All such who can
do so should be at the Circuit Court
room at 1:.'10 p m.. whpre Mr. Wade
will give facts and figures to show
that a canning factory Is profitable
as an lurehtinent aud likewise a
good thing f.ir thoce who ralxe such
products as would be needed for can
ning purposes.
Royal Arch Officers.
Miami Royal Arch Chapter has
elected the following named olll ;ere
for the ensuing term: I'rof, C A
Chambers, High l'rlest; Win. Rons.
King; Geo. Boswell, Scr!b: .John M.
Catterlln, Treasure'; F. C. Smith.
Secretary; 0. 1). Austin, Captain of
the Host; Richard Lisle, V. S ; Frank
Clay, R A Captain; W. R Bdl, Mas
terof the Third Veil; C C. Duke. M;is
oj of the Second Veil; H 'nrvl)"iino
van, Master of the First Veil; B. F.
Kosemond, Sentinel.
Rocking Chairs,
Morris Chairs,
' Office Chairs,
Childrens Chairs,
Music Cabinets,
Writing Desks,
Book Cases,
Carpet Sweepers,
A. H. Culver
Headquarters for Good Furniture.
Parents Meeting.
The Parents meeili.g ut Harmony
school la-t Friday afternoon was
well attended and a very enjoyable
and profitable time spent The
teneher. (ieorge (ireen, ha I prepared
an excellent program, and inueli ia
terest was taken tu the disruption.
These meetings, which are a new
feature In country school work, bring;
the patrons of the xchoul t gcil.er
aud gets them more Interehted In th
pr-gress of the hi-huol 'ind letter a
qu kit ted with the teacher Atiuth-r
meeting at this school house will I
li-ld iii February, IliO'.l, and It '.e
hoped tit O.'irents of every pupil wlil
attend Printed proiritiis will
be distributed, mid every parent 1s
invited to participate In the general
Odd Fellows' Big Day.
The (irniid Mueir 1 () O 1'. of
Missouri, in purfii'kiice of tt long e
tablished custom, has deciguated t!o
2lst dav of December, I Hum, as tli'
Big Day of tdd Fellowship In M1
sourl. On that day every lodge m
the stitte Is to meet and h:ive at l"H-fc
one candidate In each degree and i
many nure as possible. Bate l.odwrt
lso, has already three candldati
and expects more before that even
ing Kvery member of the Lodie
Is expe.-ted to be preeent at Uat
niee.iiig mid answer to roll call.
Aside from the business meeting antl
degree work, there will be a social
gathering and refreshments will t o
served. All visiting brothers will be
made welcome.
Special !
Regular 10c value
and See
- V
? "
- i ' "T. i -s, " ' - " jftj - .

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