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Sam'I Levy Mercantile Company.
an0 8fty ov"r If they are the idea ,, rWnetr nti 7T 1,
taken in, about an hour in snent In ! I,1 h fri.,i,t...,i.... ..... ... .... t" .
discussing religious tout... .." ' 1U?
nrHTp1-n-iiniu. 7 . "'"-iauenMiuei ana passed
KdiinlTr ''in hA,'Vthe?r "0,ul,rtM condemniiiK the polio,
pooeu minister. In the course of uu : f.r xnpo-yii,., n -.
i( urrlrul if tluuu I... . i.. . i i L ...
iM.'.nl ...nti.... ...... ...V." T i "r " oineers claim to
i .-- ....., vimi'ir, tint) lime
young people, present themselves at
th door Mid llok If a. minium, t..
spending the nibt there. Of course.
tney are asked to come Into the
nouse, where they request tho minis
Miss Mary Estel. near Hlu VI r.nnfi
Kan.. RDeot Sat ird v nlirht unil
Sabbath In Park Town, thu guest of
D. C. Wolfe's family.' She Is spading
a mouth ainonur her old neiuhhor
Death of the little locnl nnrlnri
Ichlld, that was born a little over a
jlyear ago, was a ead afhir. When it
was boru, the mothers talked lona
Hand loud In Drains of th llttln viri
When the little girl saw the beer flow
lilt tne KeDUbliean baminfc at St
SlLouls the week of tho elation, with
Ifcreachers in the crowd and heard
she announcement that St r.nni.
Ihouid have home rule, she took the
puick consumption. She saw that
the church that talkel s? long to
ser, woen a Daoy naa turned cold
inoulder to her She irave no her lif.
knd passed over to that beautiful
fiua, wueretnereis nosaloon where
eoDle do not live that am in favnr
If the saloon to destroy our young
neo ana gins in tne country where
leople live against the saloons, a
lountrv where the little Inr'nl nr.r.l.-in
zirl can live In harming With hop
fienae xorever.
Methodist General Conference at
laltlmore last May passed the fol
bwing: "We record our deliberats
pdirment that no eandidatn for nnv
liflce which In any way may have to
o witn tne liquor traffic has a right
(expect nor ought to receive the
ipport of christian men, so Jong as
) stands committed to the liquor
aestion or refuses to put himself In
i attitude of ODen hostility against
li.be saloon." This is
ty E. Conference said hist May, won-
lOr What the M. V, think nf thu lan.
Wiet at St. Louis, soon after the
(ction; are they loyal to the church
the liquor interest,
ilea He'en and Maxwell Pirk, who
e attending school at Warrens
irg, came home Saturday to spend
elr vacation.
The Christian Church has employ
the Rev. Sheldon as their pastor
anotner year
loth churches are working hard at
xas programs for Thursday
r. v rexwg.
Mrs. McKibben, Mrs Simpson aud
Mrs. Harper will entertain the ladws
aid society of the M. E. Church at the
home of Mrs. McKibben Thursday
afternoon, Dee. 3lst. A ten eeiiv
lunch will be served, and everyone is
invited to attnd. If Aar.wi should
attend, his lunch will be free.
Look out for the talked-of wed-
dings, which are to cwme off soon,
ana pernaps one before thU reaches
the reader.
Mrs. Louis Garner returned home
last Thursday from the hospital at
ivansas uty, ano reported as doing
we 1.
The ladles of the Christian Chnrch
will Kive a supper at Virginia Dec.
31st, the last night of 1908. They
will serve oysters, cake and many
other good things. The young folks
are expecting a good time. Every
one Is Invited to come. It will be
a good time to watch the old year
pass away and th new come. Aaron
is to have his supper free, providing
he comes with a new suit of clothes.
Endeavor at the Christian Chnrch
next Sunday at 0:30 Topic: For
eign Missions: The New Life of
China -Ezek. 37 1-14 Leader, Miss
Grace Darr. Aaron.
Mingo and North East Bates.
A Merry Christmas to all.
T. R. Stalev and famllv anont Sun.
day at A. B. Thurman's.
Fayette Snow and Jim MeCiennv
went to Urich last Saturday evening
to attend the basket hall arame and
tine debate. Drlch won over Daon
i it a r
w ater in tne aeoate.
Joe Hickman went to Creitrhton
last Saturday.
McKInlev school will trlvn n hnt
supper Saturday night, Dec. 2G
I ayetto Snow spent Sunday in the
Ballard vicinity.
Will Chelf and his mother "wore
fbopplnar in Creiirhton last S'ltur-
Edwnrds school will irlve a hi it
supper Wednesday niitht, Dec. 23.
The Bantist people will have a
Christmas tree with an interestinar
proa-ram. Santa Claua and nthnr
Christmas accompaniments.
Entel IVlley has returned from
Warrensburg, where he has been at
tending the Normal.
Col B. E. Harrison, the popular
auctioneer, has a large bunch of hogs
which he expects to feed next sum
W, I Yeates has hanled
able lumber and will build asubstan
tlal cottage soon.
S E. Smith called on Dr. Miller
last Sunday.
Many of our farmers want to buy
Mrs. E. Smith and sons, Clyde and
narenee, visited at A. 11. Thurman s
last Sunday.
Mrs. Ell Berrv Is rpnnrtnrT var
sick. " . '
Some of the natrons of Rrvnn
school think that children who need
"tenshun". should be permitted to
quit school.
Some of Mlnffo's schools will hnro
one week's vacation, and some will
nave two.
Attain. "Aunt Jemima" Uh..a all
a Marry Christmas and
tskb rreeiy or "feace on earth and
good will toward men."
Aunt Jemima.
Mew (Good;
Easels and Screens, Carpet
Sweepers, Dressing Tables,
Music Cabinets, Rocking
Chairs, Ladies' Desks, Small
Rugs, Foot Stools, Tabour
etts. And many other useful
articles for Christmas. .. ..
rurniture Co. s
:;v r Headquarters for Good Furniture.
Foster Notes.
Frank Sherman and Loyd Hecka
don, of Reavley, visited Sunday even.
Ing iu Foster.
1 r t .
umuuina uooaenoun is very
Hobprt. Grant, Eula Jamps and
J red Bell hnve returned h nmn tn
spend holidays.
Mr and Mrs? Bud Klser visited
Sunday evening with D. H. Arbogast
and family
Little Llllle Palmer Is very low
with pneumonia fever at thin writ.
Mrs. Minnie Miller, of Mlueral,
Kan , wns vlfdtlng lier brother, W.
T. Stover, last wek.
The now residence of J. H. McCul
longh will soon be completed.
Wednesday evenlnar the rewldem-p
of J. II. McCullouirh burned tmrpthpr
with oil its contents. When the Are
was discovered, thev were nnahln tn
save anything. A subscription pa
per was circniaen, anfl in a short
time money and clothlnar were donat
ed enough to start Mr. McCullough
to nonsekeeplng aarain. Mr. McCul
lnuarh wishes to thank hia frlano
whoso willingly helped him In his
sad misfortune. r
Dr. J. N. Havnes died at his h nmn
in Nevada last week. Dr. Haynes
was formerly a practicing physician
oi r osier ana is well known to old
residents here, who will rsffrnt tn
learn of his death. He leaves a wife
and five children, who have thn avm
pathy of this community in their sad
oereavement. Dinah.
In Fire at Panama Monday
Building and All Consumed.
Hlch Hill Review.
By a Are near Panama Monday
evening a o year-old son of Mr. Wm
Perry was burned to dnth
The family, who resided In a small
frame house iust a few hWkn' HI-.
tance south of Panama, were absent
' "tu nome, and the supposition Is
the little fellow poked up a fire which
had been banked up in the stove, and
that an explosion of gassea under
neath the crust of fine coal on the
surface must have resulted.
The neighbors were first attracted
to the scene by the screams of the
child, but wheu they re.iched there,
the entire interior was a mass of
flanges. They had
rescue the burning child till the roof
collapsed, and there wns soon noth
ing but a seething mass of burning
The Arc occurred about .ri:30 Dp
Shafer was summoned and reached
the scene of suffering about G o'clock'
but the unfortunnte child was be
youd medical aid, his back and arms
being burned to a crisp. Relief was
administered, but thn Hul Ml,.
died at 3:30 Tuesday morning.
New Swindle Scheme. Prank Burglars.
A new method of separating the The apartments of a young lady
unsUHpe,-t.ngfrom their cola has been school tether at Carthage was bur'
SYP""'""''! by two young men! with
L S ?h lu"TUi;h he graft jma.ks over their fac,s One kept
vfcmfhlinS J ' Mh. teacher quiet by pointing a p
ItodA.n gnimng tne room lor valuables. After the
ltod AK-ent. It is operated In this burglars had departed the young
way. A couple rtirKHntliir tn.
selves to be a minister and wife trav
eling through the country apply at
the home of some one known to be of
a religious turu . f mind, for Dermis
woman gave the alarm. Nothing of
value was missed. The police pub
lished a notice In the papers to the
ff('t that the supposed burglars
were two high school students, with
have the proof, that the culprits are
prominent young men and they
threaten to swear out warrants and
prosecute them for burglary, unless
they come forward and confess and
upoliglze to the younu; ladv. That
tcr to marrv them, savin. L . I1'"' t ""n ,IM'-7 1 nB
areolmilnu .nt it,.. . J ' r'""'T serious practical joke and
K" "ttZ .Mr. HZ 1 Marriage licenses.
asked to sign his or her name as a . Hmrh M v.,n
WltUOSS tO the weddimr. Tho v.ni.., .,.n n I . .
nnnU ...... ' . Mrgen
over nia:ht the ndnlnter
also leave. In a few davs a niwrKt
bank will notify the bend nf thai..
where this took nlnen thut ,i.a v,r,i.
hold his note for ?.'00 orl.OOO
the case may be, and then the victim
learns to his sorrow that It urn a nrtft
tit ha af.rT.uil
but a blank note. Unit thn n...t,0 ..
who stopped at his house were fakers lt4H ninn
and that he is an "easy mark " : J , ! '
Kpnle Murjihy.
Frank Powell,
i John Nieder.
' Mary Henderson,
, K. Groves,
! Ill' I Weyer,
Iviward II Hlrnl,
'Alma Hlrschl,
; Neb Shobe,
Lena Stevenson.
East Lone Oak.
C. W. Done spent Sunday with T
. Booth.
Everybody Is Dractlcln? for Phriat.
m tt W
mas enieriainmnnt tn no ha!.i at t,n
cnurcn inursday night.
Mrs. C. M. Thomas left last Friday
for New Mexico to visit hnr hrnth.K
Isaac, who was a former resident of
Miss Minnie McCanrrhnv nf k'on.ia
f-l -- vs ' UUD
rif- la .:,.(. 1 .
vii to .iBitiug uer parenti) ana rela
tives In this community at this writ
ing. Laverne Lvln whn nan hoan 9s
some time in Oklahoma has returned
Ouitfl A niimhAP frnm Hnnllimn.t
- - wu.unoo.
Summit attended chureh at Pern
last uonday night.
There was a pie supper at the
Double Branch school 'house last
'rldav nltrht. Onltn
this vicinity attended find nil n.
ported a good time.
Visa Thomas entrta1nr1 hct Ann.
day School class last Sunday.
Well Its nearlrXmaa. mo o-nnrl hva
Mil next week. Ptrssx Willow.
Adrian Notes.
From the Journal.
The old tnshlonml snelll tit a.'hnnl
is being revived in some communi
ties. It is a tfood thlnir f.
people to devote more time t.i Mm
study of spelling. Our present school
system is lumo on ihU particular
branch of study.
VVUl. UUlloi'k has rfCelvml lilu nntn.
mission as sheriff and his hond h
been tiled and mmriiv.ni liu uiii
move his finally to liutler about the
first o' January. Thev are w,.rthv
peoplo and their removal from
Adrian will be reuretied hr
circle of friends.
Uncle llenrv Wvse and ulfn potnrn.
eu r ruiay nigut trom a trip to New i
tl i. i . . 1 i
.uexico, wnere tney Had been for the .
benefit of their health niifl UA tiro :
pleased to state that they are both
in niutn netter piiyslcal condition;
tnan wnen they lrt here. In aditlon
to this benefit Uncle Henry joined a
hunting party down there and they
rounded up with several deer to their
credit. Pure air and venison would
make any of us feel tolerably comfortable.
Social Organization.
Christian Young Peonies Social
Union was oru:autz-d last t hv
the adoption of a constitution an!
by laws. A meeilmr is culler! ut th...
Ohio stieet M. K elinri'h for ii.v.
Monday evening wheu otlioers will
be elected. The small init1..tl.,i. f..
of ifL'.OO will be charged and niodaV
ate dues that will not prove burden
some upon any oue. One thousand
dollars is aireadv in the tro.iuiivv
and u gentlt man, who does not want
nis name mentioned, has promised
one thousand more, if the projier ef
fort Is made to raise sutlicient fund:
to build a permanent home for tii.
society. A committee was appi,inie,
to select u location.
Uleh Hill.
Hlch Hill.
Alba, Mo.
Jumper, Mo.
(Irikfj Donovan,
Wife Claims the Mules.
Hate Moss, the n-nll-knun-i. ut..l-
, -. m riui r.
dealer, was somewhitt nnnria...i i.v
beinir called unon tn turn nv... . i.ui
of line mules, which lw purchnsed at
men mi! voiulay. Mr. Moss pur
chased the inul"s frnm n nmn nHiri"'i
Pollard, who hanled con I at Itch.
Hill, and pa'd 100 for tho team
Now Pollard's ivif,. claims the mult s
belongeil to her. Mr. Moss iw.s con
sulted his attorneys and will take,
such step ns are i.e. vesarv to pro
tect himself -.Wvada Mail."
. Will Build a Flat.
Pixie Hnggard is drawing plans
firn three story brick flit which he
! will hitve built In Kansas City in the
spring at a cost of about 7,(t(i().
: The flat will replace a seven room
frame building that he will have
', tarn down. Mr Haggard owns oth
1 er vnlnable propertv in Kansas City,
; consistliig of two flats and a vacant
comer let KIDorado News.
County Court Meets.
Cutitr Court met in special ses
sion on Tuesday, December 22, lflOS
for the pnrposn of trying John II.
Hradshaw, t f Rcekvll!, for Insanity.
He was ndjti lgd a lit subject to
undergo treatment a county pa
tient at Vigour! Slate Hospital No.
and an order to this fleet was
$50 Reward.
I will pay -"( reward f r the ap
prehension and conviction of the
(li-.rty who s!u t and kiilcf a h. If Ton
my farm m week
i A Wallace. '
A in.. ret. Mo.
Big Tiling Scheme.
C. E Leffff. who is enirnirorl In to.
Ing the Warnalnv rl TAP hrtfrrr
o - r wvfuuiu
lands, said to the Review, that be
tween tour and Ave miles of tile had
been laid on the Mar fnrm east Rlnh
Hill, known as the Loeb ranch and
six to eight miles had been laid on
Mr. Warnsintr's other farm
Nyhart, which embraces 1,227 acres.
rr .ii. i
ne siatea mere were several miles of
this Work to do vet on hnth nlaAaa
after which Mr: Warnln- win ha.tr
levees built where needed on both 1
farms, to hold off any overflow which i
might result at a hl-h
river or drainage ditches at any time
uereaicer. ,
In this Wav It is ex nor ten tn hntM
up two of the rlcheHt farmn In Mis
souri and to thoroughly guard
against all chance of flood damage.
Merchants' Notice.
We. the nndersio-nni.
agree to close our places of business
on Christmas Dav at 1 '-i-..
T - .t--v -jr W-Wtt
ana remain closed for the day:
-uacE a, Arnold tlo. to. ,
American Clothing House. '
Joe Meyer.
Sam Levy Merc Co.
Po ff en barge r i. Douglass.
Hiram Nichols Shoe Co.
Walker-McKibben Morn. f!n
J. B. Adair Dry Goods On.
T. W. Flek.
206 N. MAIN ST.
AH new furniture. Stylish and conservative. Prices reason
able. Satisfaction guaranteed. We invite the public to investi
gate our prices and examine our goods before buying. .-.
We are fully equipped to do Undertaking, having a full line of
goods. If embalming is desired a first class embalmer will be
furnished. COME AND SEE US. .-.
Jas. S. Combs.

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