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The Butler weekly times. (Butler, Mo.) 1881-1918, December 24, 1908, Image 8

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Felt Footwear
Just the thing for these coM winter iiisrhts and rcorninps.
We show you the latest novelties as
well as the staple numbers in felt
footwear for tccu and women in
Black - Tan and - Colors
The Host Quality, The I5est Assortment,
The Most Christmas Present,
Regal Shoes
For Men and Women
Shoe Company
In 3 Spots
C. W. Hess,
Butler, Missouri.
Christmas Present
Poffenbarger & Douglass'
j Our esteemed old friend J. R
; Marshall observed his annual custom
for many years on Friday, by calling
j and having his da lea set h-au.
Mrs. Tom Keller and little son lefk
the flr.t of the we k for Terre Haute,
ina., to spena tbe holidays with rela
tlver and friends. i!r. Keller accom
panied them as far as Kansas City.
I ur. j. uaynee, afrea ou year,
I an old settler of this county, died at
I his heme in Nevada, Wednesday,
! Dec. 16th, 1908 He Is survived by
a widow and fire children. He prac
;t!sed medicine in Foster Mhs.uri.
, for to score years, movii g to Ns-
vada In 1901. Ue was a member ot
the I. 0. 0. F. and a good man in
! every respect,
I Tub Times covers the territory
! adjacent to Butler and the whole ot
; Bates county, better than any other
' advertising medium. The live, wide
awake merchants of our city have
luiitf recognized that tact and the
j liberal patronage they have given,
inot only during the holiday rush,
uu kiiruuauut ne year, ana tie
I t jilt . i i .
rpienaiu Dusmees tney nave epjoyea,
has proved mutually satisfactory.
A Mr. Hahn, of Independence, Mo.,
wno was a irueet oi w m. tiorumlay,
of Uurth ot ltlch Hill, was Rnvnrwlr In
jured. lust Friday evening, by the
premature aiscnarge oi one ot the
barrels of his gun. The explosion
discharged the other barrel, the force
of which caused the breach of the
srun to strike him In the tare, making
! a severe i1i8h wound.
E 0. Groves and Miss Inez Weyer
were united In marriage At the home
of the brld's parents, Mr. aud Mrs.
A. J. Weyer, in Butler, on Sunday
evening, IVe. 20th, Rev. J. B. Mny
field officiating. The groom is a
worthy youug man, son of Robt
Groves, a prominent business man
of Adrian The bride Is a popular
young girl ot Butler, where she was
born aud raised. They will make
their home In Adrian,
Mrs. Hannah Tucker recently re
turned from Salem, Ills., whereon
D:c. 7th she attended the GOth wed
ding anniversary of Mr and Mrs
Xouh Brubaker. Mrs. Tucker is a
younger sister ot Mrs. Brubaker.
The Marlon County Democrat, pub
llshed at Sahm, Ills., gave a column
and half write-up ot the occasion and
brief biographies of these excellent
old people, together with half tone
cuts ot the principals.
Mr. and Mrs. E P. Mosler nf P.
sale, will celebrate their golden Wed-
aing tne coin anniversary of their
marrlaure. on next Tuesday. IW..m.
ber 2'Jth. This will be an occasion
tor a home gathering for all the chil
dren and other relatives. There are
five children viz: Tom and Walter, of
Kansas, and Mrs. Alice Crow, at
Mlnot, North Dak , Mrs. Mury
Flnlev. Elk Cltv. Idaho and 1) A
ZwahlfU, (! Mound township Mrs.
riniey ana lire. l;row are here now
and will remain until after Tuesday.
Frank 0. Harris. Proseentlnir At.
torney of Boone county, si'es no way
of convlctinir a doctor of writing iiir.
gal whisky prescriptions, unless the
patient can testify tnat he asked f .r
whisky and was riven a nreFcrlntlnn
without an examination being made
or any questions being asked, and
further, that the patient did not go
to tho doctor's office with the Inten
tion of getting the doctor to wrile
au Illegal prescription to be ueed in
prosecution. Moberly Monitor. ""
Trouble of long standing betweeu
J. U. Potter and Sylvester Scott,
both of Vernon county.culmnated In
the shooting of Scott by Potter at a
public eale near Hhiuehart last week.
It is reported that when the men
met at the sale Potter
Scott with his fists, but tretting the
worst ot it he nulled his mm nn.l
fired twice, one shot grazing Scott's
right shoulder and the other, strik
ing hlio In the mouth, lodged in his
neck. It is said that Potior h nil no-
parted for parts unknown.
Mrs. Mae Vandtke fWr nf Rntlt-r.
a former Rich Hlil girl, who sang at
the recital last night, is gifted by na
ture with a sweet and musical voice,
but her sirtriuir has been much en
hanced by recent culture. Her tonee
are clear, her enunciation distinct
and her manner easv and pracefnl.
The Review is alwas croud of our
Rich Hill fflrls whet.hnr murrioH n-
single but merely cites Mrs. B's ex
hibition last evening as an example
worthy of emulation by some ot our
present population. Rich Hill Re-
Church Work has nrrantorl a. nnal.
- f h grwua
tion to take charore of the harness
debartment of a a-eneral memAntilit
store, at Browdy ville, Iowa, and will
1.1. . .I . .. . .
move uib iamuy to tnat place auout
the first of the vear. Mr. Wort, hnn
been with McFarland & Sons for the
Dast seven Tears, has ever been faith
ful, Industrious and a skilled work
man. He and hla estimable wife
have many friends here who wish
them health and prosperity in their
new home. They will visit relatives
and friends in Foster for a short
time before their departure.
Smoke was observed cnmlnor from
near the root In the rear of the Mis
souri State Bank building Friday
morntnir and a fire alarm was tnrnnil
In and the fire company responded
win us usual promptness, it was
discovered that the smoke was com
Inff from the irotfarlnir anil nn Invoa.
tlgation revealed that Janitor Jack
namer naa ournea ms waste paper
too near the end of the down sDont.
which extends out under the side
walk, and the pipe had acted as a
To Our Friends and
As we are drawing near the close of
the year, we feel that we would like to
express to you our appreciation of your
friendship and support.
We Thank You
And hope to make our store during the
coming year more your store than
May you spend a pleasant Christ
mas and enjoy a full measure of hap
piness and prosperity during the year
to come is the wish of
Hill's Cash Store.
Jack McClure, the efficient head
miller for Power Bros , went to
Leavenworth, Kan., the tirsi of the
week to Inspect some new machinery
the company contemplates buying.
He will Visit Lock Snrtni'fl to anorwl
Christmas with home folks before re
turning to Butler.
A big American eairle is on exhlbl
tlon at theAmerlcanClothlngllouse.
It was captured by R X Mont
gomery north of Paplnvllle lam
week. One of Its wlnirs was lninred
by a load of duck shot. It Is a fl-u-specimen
and attracts considerable
Invitations are out for the mar
rlage of Thos. E Harper and Miss
Leona Billow this evening, Pec. 24th,
at the bride's home in Kant-as City
The groom Is the son of James Har
per, the former well known tinner of
this city.
Geo Myers and wife of Greentown,
Iod., are here on a vllt to A. T.
Myers of this city. The brothers had
not met In 40 Years, and the vlult nf
the people from th Hoosler state is
a very joyous one. Mr. Myers and
lfo will nrobablv he hora for u
couple of weeks or so Rich Hill IK
The case ot the State vs. Mrs Lena
D. Jaccard and Theresa M. Hay
wood, Christian Scientists, churged
with treating the sick without llceni-e,
was dismissed by Judge Thurman,
at Warrensburg, last week on a
demurrer, that the statutes covered
only the practice of medicine and
surgery This case .meant much to
Christian Scientists and that order
employed eminent counsel to con
duct the defense?
On last Saturday afternoon Mrs.
Xora Hadly oranlzd a chapter of
the American Womrns League in
this city. The meeting was held at
the Fraternal Inn. The officers elect
ed were: Mrs. A. K. Thompson,
President; Mine Una Franklin, Secre
tary; Miss A. II. Frey, Treasurer
The Women's League Is promoted'
by th Lewis Publishing Company.
A larg number of chapters have
bten or:anizd all over the country
For Sale.
I have 645 acres of land In north.
ern Colorado to sell at bargain price.
Would trartd for dttnrahln renting
property in butler or good farm land
In Bates county.
8 2t Jesse E. Smith
Sam Walls, Henry and Joe Reeder
were down from Adrian to attend
the Elks meeting Thursday evening.
Three candidates had the horns
properly fitted, viz Sheriff W. J. Bnl
lock, J. Brown Walton and R. D.
Allen. A lunch an l smoker followed.
Invitations are Issued to the mar
riage ot Miss Inez Pearl Dlcklson to
C. W. Stephenson, at the home of the
iride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T H.
Dlcklson, near Spruce, Mo., on Wed
nesday evening, December 30tb,
The approach to the bridge over
the Miami, southwest ot Butler, has
been repaired and put in good con
dition, as per recent order of the
county coflrt This bridge is on the
direct road ti Nvhart. Bnd accom
modates a large scope of country.
Saturday night a hardware store
was robbed In Clinton. Sundev
morning a vounur man named Willie
Jacobs was arrested in Nevada and
on being searched two revolvers, a
handful of cartridges nnd a big
spring-back knife was found on him,
all nronprtv' taken froic t.hn rnbhnrf
store Clinton officers returned hltn
to that town Sunday afternoon.
And Here's the Evidence in
the Case:
' OFflCE Of .
Retail Grocers9, Butchers' and Bakers' Association
St. Joseph, Mo.,.
11 I 22
We, the committee, decide that No. 1 1 is the best loaf of bread, and
should have the first prize.
No. 1 1, Mrs. Mary McCullough, do Ready Bros., Grocers, and made
out of "Empress" Flour.
. f Mrs. W. E. Warrick,
Committee: I Mrs. Geo. M. Brown,
1 14-1 16 So. 2nd St., City, Exclusive Agents.
First Prize for the Best Bread Shown at Pure Food Show in St. Joseph Baked From
Empress Flour
The Grocers' and Butchers Association contest showed conclusively the unrivaled superiority
of this great Hard Wheat Flour. Ponder over this a moment. The best flour of the best mills could not
show the qualities in actual baking shown by EMPRESS FLOUR. Stop and think! The best bread
makers use it. If you haven't been using EMPRESS FLOUR, make up your mind now to ask von om
cer for it. NAME OF FIRST PRIZE WINNER-No. 11. baked by Mrs. Mary McCullough out of Ci v
Knowing from experience the excellent qualities of Empress Flour, she was glad 'of the onnor!
tunlty ot entering her bread baked with it. m we oppor
Peoples Elevator Co.

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