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eh, ' N,
NO. 10
Mingo and North East Bates.
happy Vw Yearto all. May
thfully keep all ol those good
Christinas tree and exercises
je Baptist Church were attended
i large crowd, Santa Claus being
on of the very Interesting features.
The program was well rendered, and
all present en )yed the evening.
Mies Zala Pelley came down from
Kansas City tact' week to spend a few
days with home folks
Mrs. Russell Is visiting In Kansas
City and Moberly.
Fayette says disappointment
e a man ol a fallow.
Ihebox supper at MeKinley school
ise was a eucces. On account ol
teacher, 3. E. Smith, being sick
d unable to attend, Mr Coonrod,
be former teacher, took charge and
managed the program with his usual
TfncceM- Col". Ben Harrison
je boxes, which together with
!Jtke brought the sum of f 51.70.
ou have a Bale, give Harrison a
rial. He always gets results.
Prof. P. M. Allison was in Mhgo
the first of the week meeting Demo
crats. He seems to be a very agree
able gentleman and well qualified for
the Doeltlon to which he aspires. He
will, no doubt, have a large follow
lngio the race for County Superin
tendent of Schools.
E vln Kanady is visiting at It. S
Snow's this week.
Charley Robinson will soon have
his barn finished.
Prof. Coonrod, who has been visit-
Inir friends la this vicinity, went
home last Monday.
Mrs. T. K. Staley and two sons
went to Cass county last Sunday for
a few days' visit.
8. E Smith is reported as improv
lng slowly at tfos writing.
I ... V
a The Original Selling Price I
In order to close out all garments left in our READY-TO-WEAR
department, we will offer choice of any Cloak at HALF PRICE. Some
choice offerings are here, and those who come now are sure of some
GREAT BARGAINS.. If you are in need of a coat, come and see the
All $8.50 Kersey Coats in black, tan and castor, choice at $4.25
All '8.50 Broadcloth Coats in satin lined, black only, choice at. . . 4.25
All 12.50 black, tan; brown or castor coats, choice at '. 6.25
All 15.00 coats, choice at 7.50
All 20.00 coats, choice at. . . 10.00
. . .
All $6.50 Children's Cloaks, choice at . . .$3.25
All 5.00 Children's Cloaks, choice at ; 2.50
1 lot of special taffeta Silk waists worth $4.50, choice at. .... . . .$2.50
1 lot of Dress Skirts worth $4.00, choice at ; .$2.50
1 lot of Dress Skirts worth $8.50, choice at. . .. . .v. :$5.00
i -
Come early and get the Choice of these Bargains.
' b. '.
R. S. Snow and son hauled wood
last, Monday.
What has become of the'spelling
contest In Mingo? Have all the
teachers forgotten about It?
Did It ever occur to you that the
person who "gathers news", and then
goes and v-lls It to your neighbor or
friend for the purpose of creating an
Ill-feeling between you, is about th
worst emissary of the Devil that in
running loose?
Judge Smith is attending court
this week. This finishes his service
as County Judge, as his successor
takes charge of the ollliv Jan. 1,
Sheriff Bullock was In this vlclnit)
the first of the week.
Richard Sheppard and hi mother,
Mrs. Covey, have been visiting rela
tlves in this vicinity.
Did you see Joe Mills present the
cake? He possessed the chivalry of
a Knight of the Middle Ages.
It Is getting about time tor the
weather man to "turn things loose."
If you have a good horse to sell,
see John Crust
Did Santa Claus come to visit you?
He left a large hole in "Your Aunt's"
The MlsseB Dale, Asbury and Mc-
Clennev are taking vacation this
week. Aunt Jemima.
Ballard Notes.
The Christmas entertainment and
tree at Oak Hill drew a large crowd,
and every one had a good time.
Prof. J. W. Harrison left Sunday
for Wester! Kansas. His pupils at
Fairview will have a week's vacation
during his absence.
Mrs. B. W. Davidson and children
are visiting at her old home In Ralls
Earl Anderson, who is attending
school at Fulton, is spending the
holidays with his parents, Mr. and
Levi Mercantile iompany
Mrs. M. W . Anderson.
Misses Ytrgie Christie and Maud
Green spent Christmas Day with
friends at Archie. Mo.
George Stevens Is moving to the
old Dr. Watford place, which he re
cently purchased from Brush Poin
Grunt llolllman and family have
moved to Tlaiuk urg, Iowa, where he
will tuk charge of a feed yard. Mr.
Gloyd, who purchased the place,
moved in last wk.
J. (. MaJerlus has sold his farm to
Marion Ctrou. uf Elk Fork. Mr. M.
has gon to Kansas to look out a
icuti u
Dr. Miller was called to see Geo.
Johnson, who was julte sick the last
i if the week.
Misses Eva and Nannie Asbury
spent Christmas at home. Miss Eva
is teaching near Warrensburg and
Mies Nannie in Cass Co.
T. D. Embree, wife and baby spent
a few days with her father, D. Teeter,
last week.
Mrs. M. S. Kelrsey and children,
Mrs M. A. Richardson and chlldreu,
of Butler, and Carl Decker and wife,
of Shawnee, visited at the home of
W. D. Kelrsey Sunday.
Ora Evans and wife, of St. Louis
spent Christmas with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George Evans.
Mrs. Elrlngton, of Butler, is visit
ing relatives northeast of town.
J. E. Owen, of Altona, purchased
two teams of young mules from J.
B. Hays.
The proceeds from the box supper
at Edwards was about thirty-two
dollars. The cake went to MIhb Mln
nle Christie as the most popular
A watch service will be held at
Walnut Grove church Thursday
night. Everybody invited to attend.
James Park, W. J. Smith, Charley,
Wert Clark Draper aud Elmer Noris
were turning the ground over Christ
mas day gettlug ready to grow a big
crop of corn lu 1U09.
Geo. Zlnn had a big crowd of hie
frtends to help him eat Christmas
Thorns Iiockett' new blacksmith
shop Is a beauty and nearly complet
ed. Mr. Iiockett will soon be ready
to do all kinds of blacksmith work.
John Uedger and wife PpentChriet.
mas at Merwlu with John Hussey.
Cyrus Nestlerode and family, of
Elkhart, ate diuuer with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Nestlerode,
Will Durst and family spentChrist-
mas wltn Mrs. Durst' parents, C. A.
Wallace at Amoret.
Do not forget the ladles aid of the
M E. church gathering at Mrs. Will
Mchllbbens Thursday afternoon, Dae.
31. A good time is expected. Bring
your money tor a luuch and see
Aaron it he should happen to be
there, and hear the past events of
1008 talked over and the promises
to do better the coming year, all of
which will be Interesting toeveryone,
Do not forget the grand supper of
the ladies of the Christian church
the night of December 31. The last
supper was stormed - out. A good
time is expected for all. Perhaps
the newly married couple will bepres
ent, If you want to Bee them come to
the supper. Itmuy be the last chance
you will get to see. them for a while
Dow Wolfe, of Kansas City, IJred
Dryadale, of Bratner, Mo., and Volny
Mc Fad den arrived in Park Town
Thursday afternoon to spend their
Christmas. Dow with his parents
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Wllfd aud Fred
with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs
W. 0. Park, and other relatives and
friends. Dow returned to the city
Monday where he is in the real estate
business with Blanchert & Klpp.
The Christmas exercises at both
the churches thrlstmas eve were
good. The little folks did their best
aud were well pnl in nice presents
and they were hs happy as could be,
Willie and Albert Hensley, of Kau
jsns City, were at the Christian do
lings In Virginia Chrlstmuseve.
Weo. Harper, of Ohio, pent Christ
mas with, his brother, Judge R. F.
A lii.e vein of coal has been found
near Virginia.
The would like-to-Le candidates for :
ollice Charlutte township nextspring J
are already plentiful.
Isaac Loekridge is the champion
debator in Elkhart township.
Ed. Smith, the mall carrier on
route fi, sent through the m ill to ail
of his patrons on his route a ulce
post card Christum with the picture
of his mull wagon, horse, house and
himself. It was a natural picture
and a nice Christmas present and
was gladly received. Ed. has been a
faithful carrier, a clever gentleman
and well liked by all his patrons.
The German people northwest of
Virginia had a tine entertainment at
their church Christmas night. There
is bat two nights In the year when
they have night gatherings and they
appear to enjoy good health- and
have money to carry on their church
work. They sleep and give rest to
their body and mind and thus pre
pare both for labor.
It seems strAnge to Aaron that
when the boys comeback to their old
home all that seems to Interest them
is to talk to the girls.
Miss Nora Jundy and Mr. C. S.
Lay on, of Cartervllle, Mo., were mar
rled Christmas day by Rev. Shelton
at his home in Butler. Aaron wishes
them a long and happy life. Miss
Nora was a good girl and an ac
complished young lady. She has
many warm friends around Virginia
who extend congratulations. They
left for their new home Monday
Dr. Smith reports old Mr. Dicker
son very eick. He Is past 80 years
of age.
Henry Wemas who has been on t he
sick list Is slowly Improving.
The school teachers In Charlotte
township will meet at Grandvlew
school house'next Satueday, Jan. 2,
at 2 p. m. to disease the Reading
Circle work and other school mat
ter. -Aii tea.!.. and persons in -
terested In school work are cordially
Invited to attenl.
Uk.ut. 1akh. Pres.
Boxx.E Worn:. Seo.
Endeavor at the Virginia Christian
chlirrh run Sim.Iat .vr,1mr t i'. M -
Tonic-! Th l'niv of UL1nu- RmmoIii. I
tlons. (Acts 11:11 23 i (Josh. 24:1 1-
) leader, Lee llardlnger.
choice Duroe Jersey gilts and a ,,w
U. . t'ark and on nave some
extra young males i-ir sale.
Mrs. Lou Generis Improving aud
doinir firm
Thomas llovkvtt and wife visiti'd
at Beltou thre days .last week with
his wife's daughter. Mrs. Burris, who
lives there. Aaron is acquainted
with them. Mr Burris bought hogs
from Aaron years ago. Mr. Iiockett
says be had a pleasant visit while
there. Of course, Mr. Hocked s ol
that kind, always etooys himself
where ever his lot Is cat. He will be
ready to work tn his blacksmith
shop soon.
Miss Maddy teacher of Plain view
school tisks us to say that they will
have a'box supper Thursday night
Jan. 7, lyoO. All are invited to come
with your gals aud buy a box aud
have a good time. If Aarou should
happen to go he will get a box for
writing this uotlce and it will be got
ten up by the b-.st looking womau
that will be there.
Dr. Smith's father ami sister from
near Lebauou, Mo., are vlt-litn him
for a few days.
William WUr'ge of Kit Carsou,
Colorado is visiting Charley Wolf for
a few days. Mr. Wolf Is hanling him
round In his hue carriage amongst
his old neighbors. Mr Wltilge left
this vicinity about 2o years ago tor
the west. We learn he has done well,
one corner of his farm j tins thi'
Union Pacific R. R.
This closes the year H0Jv Aaron
has done his best to give tte people
far away the news of Virginia and
its surrouudtugs politically and the
religion of the neighborhood and
how it works with the people, how
they love each other aud how they
help build up each other In the caun '
of the Master. We have told then;
how they treated the little Local
Option girl until she passed over to
the better land wj ere the good pen
pie are free from the liquor effect
and where Christian people do not
light the oiiff t!..i are voting
against the saloon. Aakox.
East Lone Oak.
Mr. aud Mrs. Hush Car.lield, of Ft.
Seott, visited his sifter Mrs. him
Thomas a few davs last week.
Marlon'Thoiuas sp-nt Christmas
over In th.- Double Branch neighbor
hood nnd engaged In the hunting
There was quite a crowd at churc'i
Sunday night It was lv-v. Duncans
last appointment, he hnviiig resign
ed Sunday morning.
Will Baker and family and Cha.
Done and ft.unly spent Sjndny at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
T. J Booth and f.-tmlly spent Sun
day at the George Thomas home.
Joe Sutor spent several days last
week with John Tnomis.
Joe Rogers, of Rich Hill, Is spend,
ing a few days with relatives in this
James Thomas is having his huUtv
Next Sunday morning Is liav Su
tor's regular appointment.
Last Wednesday night while a few
of the people of this neighborhood
were trimming the Christmas tree,
some one started to light a lamp
and when they struck the match, nj
piece tie over aud set the trimmings
on fire. Fortunately nothing but
the trimmings were burned.
. Well,01d Santa has come and gone
once more and more than one hetirt
has he made glad.
We wish you all a Happy New
Year. TrssT Willow.
. Yelling Loud.
We are making a joyful noise at
our appreciation of your liberal
patronage since our opening day
and ask yon to keep a "comln" as
we are putting money In the packets
of some of onr salts this season.
1 He Paid the Forfeiture.
. , . .
. 11 ,s ao lhttt T.P' I
'fur.e wf n J "-n Jtlttdlj' HnV
' lh ,s wh,U U eley VoaUn' cnM"
I"' he 11Vol'k8 h
P""'" ' ."rat-,.,
i v. i r t..i.i.. i....,
nut? fit u lur u. i. ui-ufciiis. t irpiurui,
and C. A. Lane, Vice President of
that institution,
this wise. A fei
It came about in
r months ago Mr.
inklns, elated with the phenomenal
success of tlds new institution, pre-
u" "1 In l "r x "Ti""n ,"w
jUHpoNitu 01 nn i copies imn wnuiu
reach one hundred thousand dollars.
Wesley combatted this prediction
nnd further sai 1 that if It came true,
he would mnk'! Mr. Jenkins aud Mr.
Lane, each a present of the finest
turkey the market nfforded. Well,
Wesley bought the turkeys, and he
says he never paid anobligutl n more
cheerfully In his life. At the dose of
business on Thursday, Dec. 21th, It
was discovered that the deposits lack
ed only a f-w dollars of reaching
103,000. Mr. Lane had his turkey
on Christinas day aud Mr Jenkins en
joyed his on Monday, and as Wesley
wantheguest of honor atbothfeasts,
it was not such a bad deal for htm
after all. The Peoples Kaiik Is to be
congratulated upon the magnificent
showing it has tuaU In the short
period of five month- it has been
established The otlieere In charge
are recognized among our beet busi
ness men and conservative financiers.
Col C. E Bobbins went to Inde
pendence, .Mo , ou eihieffiiuy to at
tend the Missouri Auctioneers Asso-'
elation, being held at that place the
last of this week. Col. IE hblns al
ways attends thes meetings, nnd
never misses an opportunity to
secure pointers that will be of benefit
to his piitrons. He takes great
pride In his profession aud keeps fully
abreast of the times, and realizes the
Importanee of an exchange of Ideas
with live and successful auctioneers
from oil er sections.
Christian Church, Butler, Mo , will
begin n series of meetings Sunday,
Jan. 3, to continue as long as the
Interest demands. A. N. Llndsey, of
Clinton one of the strong pr-nchers
of the state, Is to b-) here on Mon
day, Jan. 4, to occupy the pulpit
while the in-t,ing contlnuex. Mr.
Lltnisey has been very successful
both as pastor mid Evangelist, lie
Is especially eiitvcseful with lien.
You and your Mends are cordially
Invited to attend these :n etlnus.
.1. H. Mavuki.I', Minister.
Real Estate Transfers.
O T Tlmmons to F II Holtni-ui 40
a see 22 Deer Creek $2000.
J F Bel.-ingy to ' LnV cl.t Argen
bright lot (' hU " SUri.'isVs add to
Hum" ?."oii.
(!,. VY-B1 lr v 'Vni ' M tlinnli-
4 I1.; a s.'d4 L .ne o.k I.Sj.
Etta L MouUou to K L M.torc 320
a sec 28 Grand River 2i,."00.
S L Standish to 11 U Spencer lots
5 II 10-11 n,k .") Standlsh's add to
Hume J? 140
II K Siinneer to A Miller an 1 wife
lots H 10 11 blk Standlsh's add
to Hume 22."i
Start the New Year
By opening up a new set of Books.
We have all kinds:
and everything in books and sta-.
tlonerv that the hustnesa ' man
ineed3 to make his business a pleas-
ure and success.
I Smith's Book & Stationery Store
' Hew Hotet BHf . "Jnt ronnl the conir.M
' 4 :i, -
v v. -s

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