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Guaranteed -jiHer
jil Iure Food
Your Bakind
K C Baking: Powder will do it! Get
p can. Trv it for vour favorite cake.
it doesn't rais: better, more evenly, higher,
if it isnt drintier, more delicate in flavor, )
we return your money. Everybody
agrees K C has no equal.
Pure, Wholesome,
Jques Mfg. Co.
Sound Philosophy.
Kmiu th Hallrafl Eiuploji-f.
Of all method of nuklng another
person misery and disagreeable the
worst is to tell him that lie will
''hare to" do something. How of
ten do we hear "You will have to fro
lulu the oilier car," "You will have
to write tin general passenger agent
or superintendent," aud the like.
Primarily we are all free amenta and
don't "have to" do a darned thing.
We may find It expedient or Decen
nary to a certain end, but we don't
ven "hao to" eiit. It we don't want
How easy to jmt the direction in
another manner, such an "The other
window, please," or "Will you kindly
take the car ahead," or, "The rules
require;" a tthort, very short, expla
nation of why a certain thing in nec
essary will always work wonders In
avoiding trouble.
President Helps Orphans.
Hundreds of orphans have been
helped by the President of The In
dustrial and Orphan's Home at
Macon, (J a., who writes: "We have
used Electric Bitters In this Institu
tion for nine years. It has proved a
most excellent medicine for Stomach,
Liver and Kidney troubles. Were
gard It as one of the beet family
medicines on earth." It Invigorates
the vital organs, purifies the blood,
aids digestion, creates appetite. To
strengthen and build up thin, pale,
weak children or run-down people It
has no equal. Best for female com
plaints. Only 50c at F. T. Clay's.
Mules to Taft Inauguration.
F. M. Humbold, who will be ad
jutant general uuder Governor Had
i ley, hai a plan for advertising Alls
; sourt at the Inauguration of Tree!
' dent Taft. General Humbold pro
j pones to take light Hattery A to
I Washington to the presidential in
i auguratlou, get a good place for
I Missouri In the parade and have the
men mounted on Mlsoiul mules and
thecaunon drawn by Missouri mules.
Two dealers, one of Talloway county
aud one of Pike county have offered
to furnish seventy large mules, sugar
mules, ns they are classed by mule
dealers, to go to Washington for the
prade They will sell the mules In
the East.
Folk Good to Criminals.
The report of Governor Folk to
the general assembly on pardons
! and commutations issued by him
during the last two years of his ad
ministration shows that he Issued 3
paroles, 122 commutations, 13 sick
commutations, 1 transfer to the re-
j form school and 30 transfers from
the prison to the Insane hospitals.
For the entire tour years of the
Folk administration there were Is
sued 57 pardons, 328 commutations
8 transfers to the reform school and
57 transfers of convicts from the
prison to the Insane hospitals. This
makes a total of 450 cases of clem
ency for the four years, or an aver
age of 112 per year
By ftrn Williams
IV.I.lr. tlx ilrlpplnv well she mood,
Th hluxh of n"H In hrr fueo
Tin' Ii'Im of n mihhk' Kprlmt
Tli.it ft'iVf her suppleness ami Rraee!
A n.l us I pHim.-.l txHiile Hi brink
Tlir mnUI-n tpinkrvil mi' a drink 1
Ah, ilnnolnit wri her kindly eyes
A. nl ripe her lips lis elu-rry nil!
I 1 1 1 ; 1 !! i tin- ni'dnr that Bhe irnve
Ami hi'Wlni:, took the path ahead
Hut soon, (ihm! I iiiIsh.mI ny henrt
AM turiiliiK Bought the nilHxinn purt!
Alotiif thi' trull I nnrrh'1 with rnre
To win-re the nnilili'n kihi'imI the spring,
"I've Inst n'" limit." 1 Hmlly l Tied.
"Mift fen tin- pnlpltntins; thltiK?"
Sho I'IiikIhiI 11 k: a I ii and lunkhiK up,
Said: "Sir, you left It In th cup!"
And theiiuli I hunt: nrnnnd nil day
Slit would not islve It hnek! "You see,
"I'is quite the eiiMtniii, sir," he said,
"To hand a modest tip to me!
Ah, ii idly, I ,w-nt on my way,
A hriii'tleN niVi-r to this day!
Feeling Sick?
'Not wk enough to be in bt J and not
well eiHHih to put vim ir.to your work
or pleasure
Your Liver
is at the bottom of h. It is not dolnfj
its work thoroughly and you re hail
poisoned wsth waste matter.
is an easy, pleasant and never failing
remedy for Constipation and all trou
bles of the stomach or bowels. Bet
ter than pills for liver ills.
Take an NR tablet to-nipht and
you'll feel better iu the morning
Get a 25c. Box
C. W. HESS, The Druggist,
Butler, Mo.
nssoMirii State
IB a mi Ik
To its Hundreds of Customers
and Friends
At the close ol our Twenty-Eighth Year of
continuous and successful business we are
glad to say that, notwithstanding Butler had
but two banks during the year 1907 and
now has three banks, the gross earnings of
the Missouri State Bank for the year 1908
Were $2,173.09 Greater
and the net earnings
Were $1,220.92 Larger
than they were for the year 1907.
In fact the year 1908 was the BEST
PROFITS we had during the twenty-eight
We assure you that we appreciate your
friendship and liberal patronage, and hope
by strict attention to your wants to merit its
We will in the FUTURE, as we have in
the PAST, furnish you with an ABSOLUTE
MONEY IN, and always be ready to furnish
the cash for SAFE LOANS.
The Grist
By Ityroti Williams
Oh, what of the grist that you tak
From the grinding whoeli of the mill to
day? And what of the mouths that your grain
should feed
In the hungry hours, In the hours of
Oh, what of the grist, I say?
Ah, bow did you harrow your clodded
On the sunny slops, for the harvest
And what did you bow In the fragrant
When the air was filled with the plant
er's ring!
Oh, what of the weeds concealed?
Oh, what of the hopes that are dead, to
day As you stagger on by the stubbUd way?
And what has the hopper turned out, I
For the sunset days when the hair Is
gray? (
Oh, what is the grist that you come to
An lmpovered crop or an honored name?
To blast or to buoy, alway?
The Last
By Byron Williams
When th' frost Is on th' punkln and the
tang la In th' air,
When th' sumac turns to yaller and th'
woods Is red and rare.
When th' squirrel's shrill staccato sasseg
lovers In th' grove,
It is time fer married fellers, t' be pvttin'
up th' stove!
In th' morning bright and golden whM
th' haie la over all,
Down upon his knees, repentant, every
married man should crawl
When th' grapes Is hanging purple and
th' hickory nuts Is ripe.
Is th' time f bump his noddle In th' at
tic, hunting ptpel
When th' wind Is sorter soughln' through
th' bare an' naked trees.
Is th' time fer married fellers to be
thwartln of a sneese
When the ash Is klnda slfty and th'
, sooty lephyr blows,
Tnat't th' time fer married cusses to be
wlpln' of their nose!
When th' atmosphere Is warmin', not
with sun, but well, you know
That's th' psychologic moment when th'
cussed pipes won't go!
When tk' sunbeams danoe and datilo
through th' winders soft and rife,
That's th' time f cuss creation with th'
comin' of yer wife!
he kin tell ye how f do It In th' goldea
tinted Pall
When th' frost la on th' punkla and th'
glint Is over all
It's enough t' make a feller want t' quit
his homo and rove
To be laughed at by a womaa when he's,
puttln' up a store I
Bibles For Hotels.
The Gldeoui, an organization of
Christian traveling men, hare for
mulated a plan to place a lllble in
the rooms of every hotel In the Uni
ted States. Of the elx hundred
thousand traveling men In this
country only about three thousand
are Gldeonn, but the organization is
eteadlly Increasing. It la the largest
mission society ever organized that
does Its work at Its own expense,
asking no help from the chnrches.
The effort to place lllbles In the
hotels throughout the country Is a
great work. Many a young man
aud young woman, far from home
tempted almost beyond their
strength, might be saved at a cru
cial moment if piven an opportunity
to read the living words of truth.
The public In general too often un
derates the morals of the traveling
man. The 01deon, aside from their
mission work, are doing much for
traveling salesmen the world over
Russians Imprison Chicagoan
For Year.
New York, Jan. After having
passed a year In a Russian prison un
der suspicion In connection with a
Russian murder, Adolph Fischer, of
No. 170 Jefferson avenue, Chicago, is
now on his way home. Fischer went
to St. Petersburg about a year ago
on business. Be wad arrested and
Imprisoned In one of the smaller Rus
sian cities and was not allowed to
write letters. Finally information
of his plight reached the American
ambassador, who secured his re-
Fischer was ordered to leave the
country, but before complying began
a suit for f i o.OOO for false Imprison
Emma Goldman in Jail When
Father Dies.
San Francisco, Jan. Miss Emma
Goldman and Dr. Ben Reltman, who
calls himself "King of the Hoboes,"
who wore arrested and charged
with conspiracy to incite a riot, were
arraigned before Police Judge Deasy
and their hearing continued. Both
were unable to furnish f 1,000 ball
and are still In prison.
William Buwalde, an ex-soldler, re
cently pardoned from a military
prison by the president, and who was
arrested with Miss Goldman and
Reltman last night, appeared before
Jndge Weller today and his case was
continued until Monday.
In her cell today Emma Goldman
received the news of the death of her
father la Rochester, N. Y. .
YT c iiuyc a 7
Suitable Gift
For everyone, young or
old, ladies or gentlemen.
Perfumes in fancy pack
ages, candies in fancy
boxes, fountain pens, plain
or decorated, cigars in hol
iday packages, Christmas
cards, razors.
Prescription Druggist.
Wkatyeakay WeStaadby.
fhoae No. 4,.
A Raven to Perch in Poe's
From the rhilaJrlphia Bulletin.
A raveu will soon perch above the
door of tne chamber lu which Edgar
Allan Poe penned his immortal poem.
The chamber is In the houteatu-'JO
North Seventh street, corner of
Brandywlne. now occupied by Ste
phen Ilibta, an aged widower. Poe
lived there two years. -
"Only this, and nothing more." de
clares the venerable admirer of the
unfortunate young gerlus, should
I mark the small apartment la which
j the poet courted the muses to aid
j htm In his struggle forthe existence
! of himself, his delicate ulrl wife and
. her mother during the religious riots
j of 1843 and 1844.
' I'll stuff a bird of the raven spe
cies and put It above that chamber
door," asserts Mr. Hibbs, whocele
! brated his 74th birthday anniver
sary a few days ago. "'And the
lamplight o'er him streaming will
throw 'his shadow on the floor.'
'Twill be my tablet o the memory
of Poe f
Capital, Surplus and Profits - $70,500.00
After twenty-eight years of faithful service as a
bank we ask a continuance of the patronage
heretofore enjoyed, promising absolute safety
for your deposits and accommodation that any
good bank could offer. Always has money to
Wm. M. lUrillngt-r,
C. U. Dntcher,
A. B. Owen,
Wm. B. Trier,
Frank M. Vorls,
J. B. Walton.
Dr. T. C. Bonlware.
K. B. CtmplMll,
John Ueerwesuir,
w m. B.. Wilton. ,
Dom a eonsprvative and itfe banking linilnecs. Don't kerp money aboat Tonr
house, inviting robbers anil ninnler, but deposit It la the ktteeonri State Bank and pay
your bills by checks, whloh are always unquestioned receipts for payment, Wefur
aleh nice chick books free and will appreciate your patronage.
Our caeh In bank vault le gusiiled ig-alnat burglari by electricity, and with time
, lock and burglar-proof eafe InelJe a are-proof vault. W e tlao carry Insurance for every
dollar of catb In our safe.
Under State Supervision and often Examined by State
Bank Examiner.
The Missouri State Banlc
00000000 00fl0
lit ' ' :
"r ta,V
Capital u.ooo M
Surplus U.ooo.oo
We are protected against robbery by insurance and our LARGE
CORLISS SAFE, guaranteed by the manufacturer to be Burglar
E. A. Bennett,
Homer Duvall,
F. N. Dbennan,
Clark Wix, J. J. McKee,
Frank Holland, J. W. Choate,
O. A. Heinlein, . W. F. Dutall.
E. A. BENNETT, Pres.
W. F. DUVALL, Cashier,
J. J. McKEE, Ylce-Pres.
HOMER DDVALL, Asst. Cashier.
1 rvvYvvvvrM-irw-nivLaja,
mill i i nrnAiim tiiiiav
CASH CAPITAL, $50,000.
Farmers Bank Building, Butler, Missouri.
FARM LOANS. We have money to loan on real
estate at a low rate of interest with privilege to pay at any time.
ABSTRACTS. We have a complete set of abs
tract bookr and will furnish abstracts to any Real Estate in
Bates County and examine and perfect titles to same.
INVESTMENTS. We will loan your Idle
money for you, securing you reasonable interest on good secur
ity. We pay Interest on time deposits.
W. F. DDVALL, President. J. B. DUVALL, Vlce-Pres.
ARTHUR DUVALL, Treasurer. W. D. YATES, Title Examiner.
i 'Vmjn-rLruir.annL
C F- Bea,rdL J
TWELVE YEARS of successful selling, also member of the State i
Auctioneers' Association. Han
farmers and stockmen, and thoroughly familiar with the price of i
your stock. Will get for yon the highest possible price forjoor
property. My record: the High Dollar and a Square Deal for both i
seller and the buyer. Having made a majority of the largest and "
beat sales In the county, gives me a thorough knowledge of cond act- (
lng large sales. It pays to emoloT the best.
. . - 1 V HUD M UUdDU V '
thhti in nun HTiurianpa wnistn aaetaiM k i
- . r rf ,HW ivij wcdi Vfi OtUUUl'
log. Send or at fop foe booklet ol complete loetractlone 00 .r
rsoglig sod Isdrailetnii bp sPnblle Sale. Terms raaonble. See
OPWPllem.lope.rl7 date, al Butler, MiSttlirl, PtlOIIS 53.
O. F. Beard.
I s
1 Hints
IP 1 1 1 LV
I am out to buy every inch of
FUR and all kinds of Junk
that conies to Butler. Get pric
es anywhere, everywhere.
Then see me. That's all. It
will be my .fault if I don't get
the coods.
Ohio Street. Butler, Mo. 'Phone 130.

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