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Low Prices not the Only
WE advertise for sale only such goods
as we can guarantee to comply with
all pure food laws, and we want to say
riant here that you'll find our groceries
good and fresh-and note the price:
4 cans of corn 25c
3 cans of tomatoes 25c
3 cans of pumpkin ;..25c
3 cans of boiled cabbage 25c
3 cans of lye hominy 25c
2 pound cans salmon.. 10c
. 2 pound cans oysters 15c
3 pounds dried peaches 25c
3 pounds dried apples 25c
5 pounds prunes 25c
3 pounds raisins 25c
2 pounds imported figs 25c
We are making a pre-inventory cut in
all our Queensware and Chinaware.
Come in and get our prices.
J. E. Williams.
ft Will Hslp a Man Ovtr the Hard
"Oumptton" Is an old-fashioned
Tazkee word and nidifies the ability
to shape one's own fortune, work up
wt ef difficulties, overcome discour
agements, to. Last week our New
Yark correspondent, H. H. Lyon, spoke
f the almost helpless state the milk
farrows of that state And themselves
ta kefore the "double twist" the milk
da)ri in New York city have put on
tlMHk. Why tHnnot the farmers at
very milk-shipping .station co-operate
wliii each ot licr to put up a creamery
and handle thlr mflk that way? asks
ttw, Hoard's Dairyman. We sometimes
think that the mllk-shlpping business
hu ttie worst effect on the enterprise
and ability of the farmer of anything
that could happen to him. Certain It
1 that it makes very much less of a
farmer of hi in.
He does no', raise young cattle and
to$ like the creamery farmer. He
.tafr.-R all ambition to be what lie should
h. wise breeder and developer of
tl.iiry i-attle. He drifts down to the
final landing place at the font of the
l:tMer. hiiylim' his cows and crowding
iintly f. ed Into them for a year nnd
'Vl selling them for beef.
There seems to be nothing about the
tu'itiKs as -at present organized and
ni.iluciei that will tend to the making
-. i larger-minded and better farmer
of niiii. And then, as if to cap the
iiiiiax. he is at the mercy of a lot of
dealers who know enotmh to
-orm.jne aiin-t him, if he doesn't
.i,ilnst them, and he helplessly ac
: uV Hie situation. His farm suffers
Tmrn the t-onstntil drain of milk ship
Tins io (he extent of at least five to
"-en dollars per cow of valuable fer
chillis material in the milk, most of
whiuh would he saved to the soil if
s-oosunied on- the farm.
Of course we know that milk must
iroduced for city use. but it does
t-.m as if the milk farmers as a class
were lacking In the ordinary ' gniup
Hub" of mankind to sulimit as they
lt io imposition, and make no com-r-Jned
effort to help themselves. '
For the Revision of the Statutes
former Work Unsatisfactory.
Jefferson City, Jan. 18. Senator
Tied Hudson has been looking Into
the revision of the statutes ten years
He finds that the commission left
toy the legislature at that time to
complete the codification, Indexing
wb8 annotating worked for thirteen
month after the adjournment audit
cost the state something like $ 30,000
to pay the salaries of the members of
the commission.
That the work was not satisfac
tory is Indicated by the fact that the
annotations of the statutes &re re
garded by the legal fraternity as
worthless, and that a licensed pilot
and engineer Is required to find any
thing through the Indices.
Senator Hudson will propose, when
the revision is taken up, that the
-tate employ ths best experts la the
law publishing business via the coun
ry tFdo the work. -
id'il -'f!9 up-
There was preaching at the church
lust Sunday nlpht by Uev. Sutor.
We hear that the Presbyterians
are expecting preaching next Sun
day. The pie supper last Saturday wag
well attended. The proceeds were
f 15.10." The entertainment was giv
en by the Lone Oak Band.
We hear there will be a pie supper
at Star Dext Saturday night.
Mies Myrtle Thomas, of the Double
Branch neighborhood, spent last
Saturday night and Sunday at the
j George Thomas home. Mlss .Loy
Balliinch and Laverne Lyle also
tepent Sunday there.
Jack Carpenter and family have re
turned from a visit in Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Graham spent
Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Walker.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hall and Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Lyle spent Sunday with
E. E. Eckles.
Quite a number from this vicinity
delivered hogs in Butler last Mon
day. There were sleds and sleighs of all
descriptions to be seen In and around
Peru last week, all the way from the
tongueless water sleds to Dell Requa's
cutter. Dell will have to stay at
home now, but when It snows again
look out girls.
Frank Blankenbaker returned last
Saturday from a visit with his broth
er in Kansas. Pussy. Willow.
Mt. Vernon News.
Married: At the home of the
bride's parents, P. E. Winfrey, of
Kansas City, and Miss Emma E
IUybouru, of Amsterdam, Mo., S. S.
Fox, Esq., officiating.
There was quite a blizzard passed
over this community the first of the
Rabbit hunting seems to be the
order of the day.
John Ford has just returned from
a week's visit near Appleton City.
Mt. Vernon Is enjoying one of the
best llterarles, It has had for several
years. The debate last Wednesday
night on the tariff question was
good. The affirmative side was rep
resented by Geo. Christopher, Geo.
Thompson, Leroy Park, Col. J. N.
Sharp and J. F. Eye; the negative by
W. J. Park, Wick Ray, Isaac Lock-
ridge, Geo. Pahlmann and Lee
Browning. Judges decided in favor
ot the negative.
John Dugan has sold his farm.
Don't know just where he will locate
During the debate at Mt. Ternon
last Wednesday night, W. H. Hart,
acting as chairman, had to use the
big stick to prevent a riot. - X
Ballard Notes.
Ths recent eold weather and snow
has made skating and sleighing pop
ular sports. 1 '
Mrs. M. S. Kelrsey have' returned
from a visit with relatives In Polk
Wm. Hawthorn o! Hastings, Ne
braska, visited at the hose of his
aunt Mrs. Robinson.
Mrs. Amanda Mosherwho has been
visiting her daughter In Kansas City
for some time, Is borne again.
C. A. Teeter made a business trip
to Butler the last of last week.
Dear Bunch: I'm beaded for home,
but the hurdles are holding me back.
I met a whole flock of "the boys" in
Rochester yesterday morning, and
since most of 'em were making a
flying leap for New Tork, you can be
lieve me It was a swift squad of sports
that climbed Into one of Mr. Pullman'!
sleep-wagons and permitted them
selves to be yanked over the rails.
A bunch of brisk ones believe me!
There was Charlie Hammond, lead
ing mart with the "Kitty, the Kash
Girl" Company; David Torrance, first
heavy with the melodrama entitled
"The Haunted Automobile; or, Who
Stole the Muffler?" Frank Westerton.
first low sad with the "Crazy-Quilt
Burlesque ;" Emmett Corrlgan, who
Is lecturing through the provinces on
"How to Play Drldge Without Impair
ing the Tonsils;" Malcolm William,
the handsomest leading man In the
show-business when completely
shaved; William Burress, the Bath
Robe King; Charlie Abbott, who sells
that fine Montlcello honey-dew, and
Arthur Shaw.
Shaw travels for a clothing house
In Clnclunatl, and they call him Slim j
They Call Him Slim.
because he's getting so fat that every
time he turns around he meets him
self coming back.
He's all to the good that boy Is!
And such a cut-up!
Slim knows more "look-out!
there's-a-lady-over-tbere!" stories than
any other drummer In the business,
Then there was Nick Dalrymple and
Tod Gilpin two live ones with a full
set of sparks flying.
Nick goes after the orders for a
hardware house In Columbus, and he
knows everybody In the world bar
one family living In Yonkera.
Nick has only one trouble, he will
paddle after the ponies.
Whenever he makes a town where
there's a poolroom his expense account
gets fat and beefy, and Nick begins to
worry for fear he may win something.
He won $12 In Cleveland once, and
he spent $218 at a boozeologlst's that
nifeht getting statistics on how it hap
pened. Tod Gilpin cuts Ice for a match-factory
In Newark, and he's the life of a
small party.
Tod's main hold Is to creep into the
"reading-room" of a Rube hotel after
the chores are done of an evening and
throw salve at the come-ons. '
Tod tells them that their town Is
the brightest spot on the map, and
they warm up io him and want to buy
him sarsaparilla and root beer.
Then when he gets them stuck on
themselves he Bells them matches.
"Pipe the gang to quarters and alii
rubber!" said Slim, about half an hour
after the train pulled out.
In the scat ahead of us a somewhat
demure-looking Proposition In rain
bow rags had been sampling the scen
ery ever Bince we started.
We had all given er the glad
glance, but she was very much Cold
Storage, so we passed It up.
As Slim spoke, the Proposition was
Joined by a young chap with a loose
face, who had been out in the smoking-room
working faithfully on one of
those pajama panatella cigars that
bite you on the finger if you show the
least sign of fear.
Just then the train stopped for a
few minutes, and we were put wise
to the fact that It was an Incurable
case of bride and groom.
"Oh! Boozey is back to his Birdie!"
said the brand-new wife. "Did Boozey
like his smoky woky?"
Boozey opened a bunch of grins and
sat down, while wlfey patted his
cheek and cooed:
"Is urns glad to get back to urns
lttle wlfey-plfey!"
' Dave Torrence and Charlie Ham
mond began to scream Inwardly, with
Slim chuckling like a pet porpoise.
"Sweetie mustn't be angry with
Petle, but Sweetie Is sitting on Petle's
'lttle hand!" said the bride, where
upon Malcolm Williams exploded, and
Slim began to grab for his breath.
A Dutch brewer and his wife sat
right ahead of Boozey and Birdie, and
every once In awhile the old hop
puncher would turn around and beam
benignly over the gold rims at the
"Boozey must snuggy-wuggy up closer
to his Coozle and skeeze her 'ltty arm
no, no, not her waist! you naughty!
. The brewer was back at the bride
with another gold-rlmmed . goo-goo,
when his wife got nervous and cut in:
'Is Id yon turn your face to see
somedlng yesr the snapped, and ths
foam-builder docked to the window
and began to Mt scenery.
Westerton was almost ont; Burress
was under the sent starring for wind;
Slim was giving an Imitation ot a coal
barge In a heavy sea. and the rest of
(he passengers were in various stages
from hiccoughs to convulsions.
"Is Booiey comfy wlf his 'ltty weeny
teeny Birdie?" chirped the bride.
"Boozey Is so happy wlf his Izzy
winy!" gurgled the husband; "how's
my 'lttle glrley wlrly?"
"Oh! she's such a happy-wappy 'lttle
flng!" giggled the dotty dame, pinch
ing her plggle's ear, whereupon the
brewer tried to hand the bride another
gasoline gaze, but the old lady caught
blm with the goods.
"Is Id to my face you go behind my
back to make googlcy-googlcy eyes
ad somevun yes?" she growled, and
In a minute the brewer's brow was
busy with the window pane.
"Sweetie looks at Fetle and Sweetie
sees that Petle's p'etty face Is getting
sunburned, so It Is!" cuckooed Mrs.
Daffy; "and Sweetie has a dood mind
to tlss him, too!"
They opened a newspaper, crawled
under cover, and began to bite each
other on the chin.
"Go as far as you like!" said Slim,
then be went down and out. "
The man who helped to make Wee
hawken famous bad his bead out the
window watching for an Ice-wagon,
and Mrs. Brew was Industriously
muttering "Du blst eln Nnrr! Du blst
eln Nan-!"
Just then the (rain pulled out and
saved our live..
Dave, Frank. Bill. Slim, Charlie,
Malcolm, and I rushed feverishly up
to the other end of the car to cool off,
and there we landed 'on the outskirts
of a bunch of drummers, who were
fanning each other with fairy-talcs
about the good they sold.
"I'll back throe of the lads In that
collection to dream longer than any
other drummers on the track.
It's a ptpe that they can sell bills
to each other all day and never wake
A guy named Mutt Dawson was
holding forth,
He's a most reckless spendthrift
with his words, and the meanest man
to . the English language I ever
listened to.
Mutt was telling them about hypno
tizing a John Wanamaker merchant
prince in Pikesvllle,' lnd., to the ex
tent of $200 for open-work socks, farm
er's size, and then a chap named Jack
Dean sent his balloon up by tailing us
bow he sold the Slegel-Coopers, ot
Bugsport la., $300 worth of Panama
hats for horses.
The Hot Air association was In full
session when Buck Jones caromed
"How's My ittle Glrly WlrlyT"
over from the other end of the cat
and weighed In with us.
Buck Is a sweller.
He thinks he strikes 12 on all occa
sions, but his clock Is all to the pazaz.
Buck Isn't a drummer nay! nay!
take back your gold!
He'll look you straight In the eye
and tell you he's a traveling salesman
nix on the drummer!
I think Buck sells canned shirt
waists for the Shine Brothers.
And now. Bunch, here Is where I
affix one of Uncle Sam's promlses-to-carry
to this document and drop It la
ths little green box.
The Same Ever,
J. H.
(Copyright. 1908, by O. W. DUUnfham Co.)
Hair nd Heredity.
Gertrude and Charles Davenport,
connected with the Carnegie institu
tion's station at Cold 8prlng Harbor,
N. writing in ths American Nat
uralist of the results of their observa
tions on the "Heredity of Hair Form
in Man," say It Is now possible to pre
dict from the hair of parents the form
of their children's hair, whether
straight, wavy, curly or frlziy.-They
find that the following rules are si
most Invariable: "Two blue-eyed,
straight-haired parents will have only
blue-eyed, straight-haired children.
Two wavy-haired parents may have
straight, wavy or curly-haired chil
dren, but the chances of curly hair are
slight Two curly-haired parents, may
have children with either straight,
wavy or curly hair, and the proper
tion or curly-haired offspring will prob
ably be large." ,
Will Require Much Wheat,
It has been figured that by I960. 43
harvests hence, the United States 1U
have a population which, at the aver
age rate of H bushels of wheat a
person, will require a toll billion ot
bushels ot wheat tor breat tad
Wall Street Journal.
See our display of
The highest grade
market to-day.
Raisins new good
quality, 4 lbs: 25c
Dry peaches, fine qual-
ity, 3 lbs for 25c
Flake hominy, 7 lbs 25c
Pearl hominy, 7 tb's 25c
Good rice at, fb , 5c
Best navy beans at, fb , . . . 5c
Red kidney beans, lb 5c
Pink or chille beans at, tb. 5c
Chille peppers at, lb. ...... 25c
Best dry apples, 3 lbs. ...'.25c
Meet fifkam
Independent Grocers,
Phone 144,
Deed Filed at Greenville Trans
fers a Hundred Thousand
Acres of Timber and Mineral.
Greenville, Ma, Jan. 18. The deed
of what Is probably the largest trans
fer of land ever recorded in South
east Missouri has been filed in the
County Recorder's office here.
The deed was made by the Holla
day Klotz Land and Lumber Com
pany to the Wayne Iron and Lum
ber Company and calls for 100,000
acres of land in Wayne county at a
consideration of f 400,000.
This marks the passing of the old
Rugs, Carpels, lace Curtains
and Porliers
We are going to quit handling ALL the
above mentioned articles, and are selling
them at cost. It is a golden opportunity to
purchase your spring stock at the lowest
price similar goods were ever offered by any
store in Butler. We have sold in the past
quite a good many.
Come Early and Get
First Choice
All These Coodsill be Sold for Cash Onfy.
i i mm
Headquarters for
Monarch can goods.
of can goods on the
: : :
3-lb hand packed toma
toes at. 3 for 25c
Bear brand syrup, gal 50c
3 bbls tine country sor
ghum at, gal 50c
Ginger snaps, 2 !bs for,... 15c
2 lbs oysters at 15c
Lard cans, O gal.-new....30c
" " 8 gal. " ,...40c
" 10 gal ....50c
No. 1 galvanized tubs 50c
No. 2 " " 60c
No. 3 " " 70c
Holladay Eloti Land and Lumber
Company at one time ths largest,
lumber company operating in Mis-.
90BrI- ... r
The company was organized In
1895 by Hiram M. Holladay, an
illiterate who only a few years prev
ious to the organisation of bis com
pany drove mules for a living. He
organized the lumber company with
a paid-up capital of fGOO.OOO and
built the Willlamsvllle, Greenville
St. Louis Railway, twenty miles long,
also capitalized at fGOO.000.
The Wayne Iron and Lumber Com
pany got a charter In this state
last week with a capital of $2,500,
000, fully paid up. The new compa
ny will develop the mineral resources
of Wayne and adjoining counties,
and will begin work on the extension
of the Williamsvllle, Greenville & 8t.
Louis Rallwav
warn i.
Good Furniture.
v :

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