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We know of no other medicine which has been so suc
cessful in relieving the suffering of women, or secured so
many genuine testimonials, as has Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
In almost every community you will find women who
have been restored to health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound. Almost every woman you meet has
either been benefited by it, or knows some one who has.
In the Pinkham Laboratory at Lynn, Mass., are files con
taining over one million one hundred thousand letters from
women seeking health, in which many openly state over
their own signatures that they have regained their health by
taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has saved
many women from surgical operations.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is made ex-
The reason whv it is so successful is because it contains
ingredients which act directly upon the female organism,
restoring it to healthy and normal activity.
Thousands of unsolicited and genuine testimonials such
as the following prove the efficiency of this simple remedy.
Minneapolis, Minn, t " I was a preat sufferer from female
troubles which caused a weakness ami broken down condition,
of the system. 1 read so miit-li of what Lydia 13, IMiikham's
Vegetable Compound had done for other suffering women, 1 felt
sure it would help me, and 1 must say it did help me wonder
fully. Within three months I was a perfectly well womau.
MI want this letter made public to show the benefits to be
derived from Lydia 13. IMiikham's Vegetable Compound."
Mrs.JohnO.Moldan,21 15 Second St. North, Minueapolis,Miun.
Women who are suffering from those distressing ills
peculiar to their sex should not lose sight of these facts
or doubt the ability of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound to restore their health.
Mingo and North East Bates.
Received too late for last werk,
Hello! We'll make our bow again,
What do you know abont the
Ray Stayton's sale was well at
tended last week. Some who were
there seemed to be Interested In poll-
School has closed at Bryan.
Mr. Ruseel took dinner at R. S.
Snows last Sunday.
Freezout school gave a box sup
per last Saturday night Feb. 20th.
Anna Twombly, Clyde Smith, Roy
and Claude Staley have been chosen
to represent McKlnley school at the
TTi-ich unfillinff contest Feb. 20. 1009.
1 D '
A large crowd attended Ilibbs and
Fishers sale last Saturday. They will
depart for Kansas in the near future.
Ralph Crelghton and Miss Elsie
EClenney vlBlted in this vicinity
last Saturday and Sunday. We
think the former has some special
attraction in "these parts."
An "old-time spelling bee was
held at McKinley last Friday eight
John Crust and Joe Mills bought
some furniture and cooking vessels
at the sale. They have rented the
Jake Green place and will shortly
take possession. If you wish batch
elor cooking give them a call.
Aunt Jemima
How To i
Gain Flesh
Persons have been known to
gpinzpoundadayby taking an
ounce of Scoff '5 Emulsion. It
is strange, but it often happens.
Somehow the ounce produces
the pound; it seems to start
2he digestive machinery fiointf
properly, so that the patient is
able to digest and absorb his
ordinary food which he could
not do before, and, that is the
way the gain is made. .
A certain amount of flesh is
necessary for health; if you
have not got it you can get it
by taking
Sawd thh advertlwanent toaytber wtth bum
wl paper la which it appear your addreaa and
torn cant to cover pottaaa, wadjn will ami
yon a "Coopkta Haady Attn oAha World."
6COTT & BOWNE, i09 Pearl St, New York
Missouri Boys' Corn Growing
Contest 1909.
The Missouri Boys' Corn Growing
Contest promises to be larger than
ever this year. ' In 1008 more than
800 Missouri farmer boys were in
1 this contest and at least 1,000 are
expected to enroll in 1909. There
are two classes, one for boys between
the ages of ten and sixteen and one
for yonng men between the ages of
sixteen and twenty. Liberal prizes
are bring offered again this year at
the State Fair and the Missouri Corn
Show at Columbia for the best ex
hlblts in both classes. Besides the
cash prizes two. large silver trophy
are offered) one for the best samule
exhibited in the boys class aad the
other for that In the young mens
The amount of corn to be grown
in the boys class is one-fourth acre
and in the young mens class one
acre. There are no fees or require'
menta tor admission. Simply send
name, age and address to the Secre
tary of the Missouri Corn Growers
Association at Columbia asking to
be enrolled. Corn for planting will
be furnished those who have nogood
seed of their own. A circular giving
full particulars regarding the rules
and prizes in this contest as well as
directions for planting and cultivat
ing the corn will be mailed upon re
quest. S. M. Jordan,
Secretary Missouri Corn Growers As
Strength of the Local Paper.
The local newspaper should be
found in every home. No child, says
theCentervllle Observer, will grow up
Ignorant who can be taught to ap
predate the home paper. It is the
stepping stone to Intelligence In all
those matters not to be learned In
Give your children a foreign paper
which contains not one word abont
any person, place or thing which
they ever saw, or perhaps never
heard of, and bow can yoa expect
them to be Interested?
Bat let them have the home paper
and read of persons whom they meet,
and places with which they an fam
iliar, and soon an Interest Is awak
ened which Increases with the dally
arrival ot the local paper.
Thus a habit of reading Is formed
and those- children' will read the pa
pers all their lives and become Intel-'
llgentmen and women, a credit to'
their ancestors, strong In their
knowledge of the world as It is to-'
He Always Sees the Brioht
Side and Makes Pertinent
Some ten or twelve of us boarded
at Judge Col', nod w wre never
In a crowd we enjoyed better; every
one seemed to try to mike it pleas
ant tor everyone At r.icht yoa
know some of them would, in spite
of everything, goto the show (you
know we don't go. but they always
got back, before- they went to bed.
You let such men as Tat Shea,
Staley, Green, TuWy, Wolfe, Allison,
Zwahlln, Church, eij, luqua, Stll
well, and a lew other we cau't just
now think of, eat at the same table
(or a week or two, and if there ain't
some tan going ou, and the landlord
ain't poorer, we will "give it up."
We have as competent and Accomo
dating set ot othvers about the court
house as any county in the state.
Our fcherlu Is the only new man
about the conrt house, and he moves
things along just ltko an old hand at
the business, and his deputies, Mo
Cann and Wallace, seem to know
just how to "do things." We have
said something More about our
other officials. Somehow, the law
yers were not much "stuck" on our
appearance, for they only kept us on
one case. But tuai be e are always
"prying" around, and know too
much about thing. We have to
iult that "prying business till we
get away from the Immediate juris
diction of Judge IVnton. for he has
not discharged us yet. There are
some Improvements, In our estlma
tlon, needed about the court house
One Is to kaleoiutn, or something
the court room, that Is it the leak is
stopped; otherwise it would be use
less, you know the celling looks
pretty tough. And the Circuit Clerk's
office ought to be "kk kd over" a
little. But don't forget to do some
thing to the walls, so they won't rub
off about as bad as whitewash. You
know when us country folks come to
Butler to "set ou the jury" we wear
our best clothes, and to have the
bicks of our Sunday coat all cover
ed with lime, or whatever It Is,
makes us "hot," and our wives "hot
ter," when we get home. That's all.
We learned two big words while at
Butler, and shall use them on all oc
casions when to company of school
teachers, or lawyers. One Is "Imma
terial" and the other "Irrelevant,"
(not so sure we have spelled either 0
them right.) There Is lots more we
would like to say about "Court
House" uffalrs, but we ain't got
time, and can't think ot it. Uaiie
Hawaii Likes the Japanese.
Honolulu, Feb. The lower house
of the Hawaiian legislature adopted
Representative Oouthltt's concurrent
resolution luorslng Presldeut Roose
velt's recent efforts to prevent legis
lation prejudicial to the rights ot the
Japanese. It also congratulates the
legislatures ot California, Nevada,
Oregon and other states upon the
defeat of this undesirable legislation
and says that the Japanese form a
valuable element in the industrial
prosperity ot the liawallan Islands,
where they live in friendly associa
tion with all cttiiens.
The resolution will be sent to the
senate and after adoption in the up
per house, copies ot It will be sent to
President Roosevelt and to the em
peror ot Japan.
Our Burdock Tonic
is a blood purifier and ton
ic combined.
Taken this season of the
year it gives the most grat
ifying results in toning up
the system and acting also
as a safe-guard against
colds and other maladies
so prevalent in winter and
early spring.
Ask us About It
Prescription Druggist.
MWkat iww toy w stwu y.
FWoaa Ha. i,
The Negro Question.
Whenever the negro question is
discussed the politicians raise a great 1
yell. The Republicans as well as the
Democrats attempt to make polit
ieal capital out of every effort to solve
a problem which 6hould not be a polit
ical problem. The question Is one of
Importance and one which must be
met fairly and with common sense,
and not one for the rabid politician
to use as a vehicle in which to ride to
office. Legislation which has for its
basis a difference in color and race Is
not the rifiht kind of legislation.
There Is much cause for the demand
to disfranchise the negro, and there
Is just ax much cause for the demand
that tho vicious and Ignorant voter
ot whatever color be removed as a
balance ot p iwer. The vicious and
criminal wlilw is just as great amen-
ureas the vicious and criminal black.
We believe that the qualifications of
voters In Missouri should be more
closely prescribed by statute aimed
at white and black alike.
The men who pat the negro on the
black and toll him that he Is a great
man and statesman and just as much
entitled to political and Bocial equal
ity as the white man, are the worse
criminals ot the two. Missouri won't
stand tor the negro in office and in
white schools and the negro does not
expect It. The Republicans at Jeffer
son City responsible tor the negroes
who stand around in the corridors
of the state house and who draw
pay from the state are the ones who
ought to be punished Independence
He Didn't Know Hadley.
Jefferson City, Feb. One of the
best stories going the rounds of the
present assembly Is one on Repre
sentative Johnson, of Vernon coun ! ered in a stentorian t.-W that could
ty, and he Is telling It himself. 1 1' ,,,'nrl, u llKvU- K-vontly he
In speaking of the Lincoln memo j P1"0111 hl benediction on a phono
rial exercises the other day Johnson I Krph record and r.q nested that it
said to Representative White: "That
young fellow who had charge of the
meeting was a nice talker. I'll wager
he could make somewhat of a speech
it he had to do bo. Who was he?"
White looked at Johnson for fully
a minute before replying:
"The young fellow was Governor
"I never saw Governor Uadley un
til the day he was Inaugurated," Mr.
Johnson says In explaining the
story. "That day he had on a long
black coat and a high standing col
li r, and was of a rather ministerial
appearance, i listened closely to nis
speech, but did not pay particular
attention to his appearance. I must
confess that I did not know him the
other day at the Lincoln exercises."
The Missouri Pacific have through
package car service which delivers
merchandise from New York in But
ler on the fifth morning out, fourth j
morning delivery from Cincinnati J
and Cleveland, third morning from
Indianapolis and l hlcago, second
mornim" from St. Louis. Will be ;
glad to furnish you routelng orders
which will Insure quick time.
K. C. Vaxdeuvooht, Agent,
Representative Cross has intro
duced a bill in the House for a new
Court ot Appeals in Missouri and
established another court. It pro
vides that the St. Louis Court of
Appeals shall hereafter be known as
the Missouri Court of Appeals East
ern District, and that the court at
Kansas City shall be known as the
Missouri Court of Appeals for the
Western District. Then it provides
for the establishment ot the Mis
souri Court ot Appeals for the
Southern District, which is to be lo
cated at Springfield. The jurisdiction
ot this court is to be coextensive
with the counties of Barry, Barton,
Bates, Camden, Carter, Cass, Cedar,
Crawford, Christian, Dade, Dallas,
Douglas, Dent, Greene, Henry, Hick
ory, Howell, Jasper, Laclede, Law
rence, McDonald, Newton, Ozark,
Oregon, Phelps, Polk, Pulaski, St.
Clair, Shannon, Stone, Texas, Taney,
Vernon, Webster and Wright.
Clark Would Be a Senator.
Washington, Feb. Champ Clark
i admitted In the House that he would
like to be In the United States Sen
ate. In course of the debate on the
Knox salary bill he criticised Con
gress for wasting time. When the
House acted promptly on a bill the
Senate delayed, he asserted.
j "Well, If yon were In the Senate,"
said Mr. Mann, of Illinois.
"I would like to be," interrupted
I "Yon would be a valuable addition
; to that body," said Mann.
! "I think so myself, and have
thought so tor some time," Clark ad
mitted. The House applauded the Missouri
representative's frankness.
I j For -
(s Highest Quality V
use j
(7-M-(P -BAKI.W.G-lv
Wf 25 Ounces for 23 Cents ( (
hsows Made from pure, carefully tested J J
rVSTTX materials. Get a can on trial f
jftjjjjg You never saw such cakes I I
nmjj?j!l and biscuit They'll open J J
llx your eyes.
I.WEJ MA"" 1 w y i
Phonograph Reproduces His
Famous Benediction At !
Close of the Service. ,
Fairfield, 111. Keb.The pronounc-j
ing ot a fuueral cervu-e benediction j
by the diseased himself was the
unique and impressive feature of ,
the obseputes ot the IWerend Daniel
Bassett Leach at Borne Gap, III. J
For nearly seventy year of hU life ;
as 11 Methodist minister the Reverend
Mr. Lac'h ha !een wont tmsea
favorite benediction wl.loh he dellv ,
be reproduced at tl;e close of his own To points In Ariz uia, Hrlvlsh Colum
funeral service win never the time , bla, Colorado, Maho, Mexico, Mon
should come. irta, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon,
The benediction Is composed of Texas, 1' tali and Washington, fare
passages of scripture and concludes
with the last two verses of the Book
of Jude. He also had written his i
own obituary which was read.
As the concluding feature of the'
funeral the phonograph reproduced
the familiar words the oldest mem
bers of the old Salem church had ,
heard since childhood.
Eight stalwart grandsons of an i
average weight of over :MO pounds
were the pall bearer. The Reverend !
Mr. Lach Is survived by a w idow 87 1
years old, nine children, eighty grand j
children and twenty.flve greak grand '
children. i
Durlnn the war h was a drummer j
In Company H. Twenty Sixth Illinois ;
Volunteers and afterward w as made i
Colonel of the Flftv seventh Fnited
States Negro Infantry.
He was one
of the best known supcranuated min
isters In southern Illinois.
Copyrights Ac
Anrnne nemllng a akftrtt and .leoonr-n.Mi mar
qutckly Mcertam mir .-rniv.vn fr wh!hT au
Invention l prbM vaiwmk,a tVmnimi(-.
MonatreilTcniiUditiL HWEOO n Cu'enla
tout free. UMedt Hjinof fvT siri;;tf patent.
Patent takea thrvu-h Mur.it A t recelT
tprriai not, without et-aicft. In Ih
Scientific American.
A handsome! lllntrtrated wk'T. I aret rtr.
pulallon f anv -inuttc kturv.al. Term. 13 a
ear: tiur niotittM.il. svMfcfail ?ww1aler
MUNN&Co.38' "New York
Branch Offlc. f I" SU Wanhtucton, IX U
TADLEtrS ilT , V
' known lor lit yar ft, tha ,
tricar! ej U3LirS2t
St. Mini
If you want a good Percherort
Stallion, call and see my stock.
I will sell vou a horse for one'
half what these smooth-tongued salesmen will ask. My horses are
all bred from best imported stock, and are warranted as recommded.
If you buy from responsible parties at home you always have re
course if anything is not as recommended.
Farm three miles northeast of Butler, Mo.
nodcr all
Pur Food Laws
Missouri Pacific Time Table
bi;tli:u station
TlMi: CAM) I'l'l Kt TlVK NOV. 8, l'.MIS.
Train! North i So. SHI
a tw m.
11:0 i m.
8 i p ru.
U:i l p m.
5 ii4 .m.
1.' dlp.n.
ii m.
W m p.m.
. 8 M m.
. S;15i.m.
" i'H'..
K. C. Stock I
Local KivlKhl I.
Trains South i No. Jot".
Local Kn l(iht (.
rriY-n ..
Low One Way Colonist Rates.
; greatly reduced through services op
erated over the Missouri Pacific via
Pueblo and the Scenic Itoute, The
Denver & Rio Grande. If you are
contemplating a trip West let me
figure with you to day. I can save
you time, trouble and money. Call
at otttce or write me 1 will be glad to
assist you. K. C. Vamikkvoout.
Ofllce over Ilennett-Whi-t'li't Mer. Co.
Uc-aidence High Street.
Office Phone 219. Residence Phone 1.
Dlieaaea of women and Chlltlren a Specialty
Ottice over A. II. Culver Furniture
Company, Butler, Mo.
OIBee Telephone in. Home TelephoaelQ.
Attorney at Law and Justice.
Office over H. II . Nleholi.
East side square, Butler, Mo.
trtrance, tame that lead to R. 1.. Lld'lil'l
tiailto. north aide iqoare. Hntler. Mo
Physician and Surgeon. Ottice
North Side Square, Butler, Mo.
Diseases of women and children
a specialty.
$athtv)aataa)at $9t)0awtt4S)t)4490449t)494f
Drs. Cannon & Sparr
East Slda of Sqnara Telephone No. lit

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