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These prices are food for this week only. If sold before week is out, it will be ill. ts we can tfet no to more sell at these prices.
25c Hose for 15c
Full fashioned Hoae. knit on foreign machines, seam
less and fast black, double sole and high spliced heel. Reg
ular 25c hose. Special for this week only, per pair
One special lot of
Dress and Waist Silks
All new goods and extra good patterns,
special for this week only
One lot of Towels
Extra good quality huck. size 20x42, with deep blue
woven borders. Special for this week only, pair
15c 39c 25c
We will Give Away ABSOLUTELY FREE each week a beautiful 42-piece Dinner Set
worth $10. Ask about it at the store.
The Store for
The Women's
The weather man has been turning
the tables on us for the past few
Our schools opened last week with
a fair enrollment. Miss Chesier, the
primary teacher, took sick and Mrs.
Weiden is substituting for her. She
will probably be able to take charge
of her room by Thursday of this
week. A full year of high school
work has been put in the course this
Fred Witter is preparing to build a
silo of two hundred tons capacity.
He has some late corn which he ex
pects to save in this way.
Warren White is putting in some
street crossings for the town board.
Several new crossings have been
built the past few weeks which are
quite an improvement to our town.
F. Ludwick has been to Kansas
City the past week. He brought
some land buyers back with him the
first of this week.
Electric Flashes.
Elrctrle Ntwi Serrlo. ' '.
The Northern Electric Power Com-
Roll it-Vinrrcf Ytiva Kaon npuctiinn ' DanV has recently nnpntv. thpir nour
awaa ao. aaa. a. WVI. VI UgillllJ I J " - aay
rock and making concrete blocks for j water-power plant at Inskip, near
- . ...... rt.JJ! A I I I I A AAA
Will Patchin's new house. It will be
the finest country home in this part
of the county when finished, and will
be lighted by gas.
The Teachers' Reading Circle of
West Boone township will meet at
Merwin at the home of J. E. Bell
next Friday night, Sept. 16, at 7:3a
All teachers of the township should
be present as plans for following
meetings will be made then.
Miss Elsie Williams will teach the
Johnson school near Amoret She
began work this week.
The family ot Mr. Gillet, the sec
tion foreman, arrived Sunday after
noon. We welcome them to our
30 JL
Days Yk V-vl
Trial -'k
These are the remarkably liberal terms upon which '.ve sell that
new arvl improved sewing machine which was recently invented by
Wm. C. Free, which has been so widely advertised in Women's
Magazines, and which is revolutionizing the sewing machine business,
Because of the fct thai The FREE it mid to much lower than the bet known
tewing machine, we have agreed never to publish the price broadcast. Vou
would judge its quality by. its cost. You Would not believe that absolutely the
heat sewing machine in the world could be obtained at such a bargain.
So instead of talking price, we have decided to make it ersy for you to own
The FREE and find out its quality yourself. We will sell It to you at your own
terms, as low as $1 .00 a week, and to show you how we place our whole establish
ment back of thb wonderfully perfect machine without the least qualification, wc
offer it to you on 30 day Trial in your own home. Sew on it for 30 days. Give
it any hard test you can think of for 30 dayt. Com fart k foim by feint with
ny other machine. Then if you have not been convinced that it it the best
machine you ever heard of, the most convenient, the most improved, and if the
low price does not delight you return the machine to ut. Wt will refund
your deposit so that the trial will not cost you one cent.
' Out mm to aaklas Tat tkla odi b aa na unlet how aaca llgattt lalmM kali totrlMi
ask li raa.
nek famt lit RotoKflla MonsMit
akM H ww
r mwtk aaatar h la la at In Saattla f iartat
lata raw lata? atllt at acraw arhrat
fcw Hack taitat II la la km aarr Spool
ria taal kaaaa laraaS Im mains lias
ajaca Bart oraaaaaatal In Pmu4.1m 4a.
atf a aial taatlaaa jaaaaaiaf ara
lap aiarh Bam eevava.laral li la (b'..m u
Aanaitlc Taailoa Ralaaaa. AaMatit Lack,
las araaran. a laiaraaaa Hai Latta, a tail
Ikal aam taawa afl. aaa a S raan laaaraaca
alter afilax rrtrr klaa af actiaaai.
So Come and See The FREE
tomorrow and Uks it horn with you
A. H. Culver ggSSg?
' Headquarters for Good Furniture.
Redding, thereby adding 8,000 horse
power to their lines.
All the through lines of the Burl
ington, are now lighted by electrity.
Germany leads the world in the
number of electric furnaces used for
refining and casting purposes.
The General Electric Company dur
ing the year 1909 shipped 105,569 tons
of electrical apparatus from its vari
ous factories.
The electric telephone is the most
delicate of all the machines commonly
used by man.
Municipalities have found that a
well-lighted city appeals to the pros
pective resident
A government official at Washing
ton cooled his office by allowing an
electric fan to play upon a cake of ice
deposited in a wash tub. The air,
chilled by blowing over the ice, rap
idly lowered the temperature of the
Barber shops are now using wash
posal plant to generate electricity,
utilizing the waste water power from
the sewage tanks.
$300 Each for 3 Small Battles.
Nine hundred dollars for giving
three of your friends each a small
bottle, upon a very hot day. Talk
about this old town being dry, what
do you call this? Three weeks ago
at his sale one sweltering Saturday
afternoon, F. P. Smith handed his
friends Tom Carlton, W. P. Finks
and J. M. Earn, each a small, cold
bottle. If he paid the fine assessed
against him Tuesday, this beer would
cost him a dollar a drop. City Attor
ney Wilson, upon hearing of the in
cident, declared it was in violation of
the local option law, so he filed an in
formation against Mr. Smith, making
away of each bottle a separate of
fense. Mr. Smith was defended by
Messrs. E. L. Moore and H. W. Tim
irionds. These gentlemen didn't
sweat their collars down arguing the
matter. They had their appeal bond
all filled out and signed, when they
went into court, and , they didn't ask
for any jury. The facts were agreed
upon in advance, so there was no
wrangling upon that score. The two
i tng-macnines ana electric fat-irons to gentlemen argued briefly that the
launder their own towels. One bar-' courts had held that no legislature
Dersnopat rort Wayne, Ind., saved ever had the power to Dass a law.
$25 a month in this way,
The English royal train is well
; equipped with electricity. Beside
J the electric lights and fans, electricity
j is used for cooking, heating, cigar
j lighters, foot-warmers; and for ven
; tilating purposes. The electricity is
secured from generators belted to the
axles of the coaches.
I Few people realize that the gaso
i line engine would be impossible with-
out electricity. It is the tiny electric
spark which at the proper moment
releases the hidden powers of the
. . . j '.. ... Lemon Pie with Frosting One cup
j "A hundred million pounds of rub- ofsugar; one heaping tablespoonful
,ber were imported for the year end- of ,,orT1 starch. yolk of
"VU'y u krge portion of this Mix welL Then add the
juice of one
ruuuer win ue useu in me eiecincai . umr. j u .- i
huw uiv vi onafv in auuui
taking from a man the right to give
his friend a drink. Mr. Wilson main
tained that Mr. Smith's acts were a
clear violation of the local option law.
Judge Ward found with the city at
torney, and assessed Mr. Smith with
the minimum fine, under the local
option law, which is $300 for each of
fense. Mr. Smith's lawyers say the
case will go out in one, two, three
order when it reaches the higher
court" Lamar Democrat
The Commoner.
r.r,T'. One cf ths ciove rrircJ'.Jncs v;;':,' t;
Cq!l ti our ttore r.4 cit ticket NO OBLIGATIONS.
industry for insulating purposes.
I The high-power electric search
' lights with which vessels are equipped
! on the Great Lakes prove most use
' ful in the early spring nights when
i the water is covered with a partially
! broken ice field. By means of the
light, openings are located, thus often
saving many hours of delay.
In the United States there are
5,500,000 telephones in use, repre
senting about $550,000,000 capital, or
about $100 for every telepone. There
are In this country 40,247 miles of
electric railways, using 89,216 cars,
and capitalized at t4.557.000.00G.
There are 6,000 central stations, cost
ing $1,250,000,000, earning $250,000.-
000, and developing 2,500,000 horse
power. In all, about $8,000,000,000
is invested in the electrical business
in the United States. ' r ,
Chicago's new city hall will be one
of the finest in the world when com
pleted, at least electrically ipeaking,
as it is to contain 22,000 incandescent
l'"hts: 1.800 horse power in motors;
(J) telephone outlets; $00 floor boxes;
14 electric elevators; a complete elec
tric vacuum cleanicj .system with
tbout 23 outlet! on each floor; 100
(lactric clocks and 13 private branch
CL telephones. : - J ,
.Ttatey wasis more " electric ts2-
aLaore wa tc R 'tsz)-Ci-
half the yellow peel and one cup of
water. Boiling water hastens the
cooking, but cold is just as good if
there is time. Cook it well, and put
in a previously baked crust Whip
the whites of two eggs stiff, add five
or six tablespoonfuls of sugar, beat
ing in gradually, and heap on the pie;
set in oven and slightly brown.
Two-Crust Lemon Pie One cup of
sugar, juice of one lemon and grated
rind of half; small piece of butter,
size of a walnut; one and a half table
spoonfuls of flour, one cup of warm
water; thoroughly mix and pour be
tween two crusts and bake.
Cranberry Pie, two crusts The
cups of whole cranberries, one-half
cup of raisins, one cup boiling water,
one cup of sugar, one teaspoonful of
vanilla. ' Boil together before putting
between the crusts. .
Mock Mince Pie One large slice
of bakers' .bread, cut one inch thick,
or its equivalent; one cup of hot wa
water poured over bread. One cup
of t-itar and half a cup each of vine
gar, srr, raisins, one tablcrpoocf ul
of all kinds of spices mixed. Lz'J up
well, btke betweca two cnutj.
,Ax;;r One ctp tzzh tic:,
brer 1 -nts tad :r, t J a cr i
ft. czt c-xt!
rt : uj and Uke
Ci. J. : - -
Taft'a Friends Want to Know Whether
He's After Presidency
Washington, Sept. 11. When the
cabinet meets here September 20, in
response to the summons that has
been sent out by President Taft, ' the
friends and political supporters of
the president will take occasion to
confer regarding what is considered
a critical phase of the political situa
tion. They will take steps to brings
about a declaration of purpose from
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, lust re
turned from preaching the progres
sive doctrine in the West, receiving
the plaudits of the multitude, and
permitting references to himself as a
presidential candidate to go unre
buked. Is Roosevelt a candidate for the
presidential nomination in 1912?
That is a question that is being dis
cussed in every political gatherim?
throughout the country. Taft's
friends will demand a showdown at
the earliest possible moment. They
will insist upon knowing what are
Roosevelt's intentions and whether
he proposes to permit the use of
nis name in tnis respect by the in
surgent element of the Republican
This new nationalism regards the
executive power as the steward of
the public welfare. " It demands of
the judiciary that it shall be interested
primarily in human welfare rather
than in property, just as it demands
that the representative body shall
represent all the people rather than
any one class or section of the people.
An analysis of statements uttered
show that the Colonel went further
in his declaration of principles than
he has ever gone before; that he is a
radical of the radicals and has taken
a position which President Taft
would not care to occupy. It is
pointed out that no man with the
legal and judicial training of Pres.-
aent ian would be willing to so
flouut the rights of the states as
guaranteed by the constitution. None
would be willing to advocate that the
judiciary concern itself with anything
other than a just and right interpreta
tion of the law. Hence politicians
are asking what Roosovelt's ultra
progressive declarations mean.
It is remarked that upon several
occasions, according to the telegraph
reports, Colonel Roosevelt has been
introduced to his audiences by an en
thusiastic chairman who has pre
sented him as "our next president,"
or as "the man whom we must have
in the White House again," and yet
the press dispatches tell us of no in
stance in which the Colonel has pub
licly evidenced his displeasure at
these allusions. , Upon either of the
occasions, ten words from him would
have settled doubts ih millions of
minds, but these doubts have been
permitted to continue. ' ;"
Whatever may be Colonel Roose
veHis intentions or aaxjiraboni. it u
known that an organized movement
is now on foot looking to kis nomina
tion for a third term.. He h!mi-!f
tu publicly construed the more than
t-rss yean durinj which he served
fixing the assassination of He-
is his first term and his elec
tive term as his second. Conse
quently, upon his own construction, it
is pointed out, another term would
break the rule that has been re
spected from the foundation of the
government prohibiting any man
from serving more than two terms
as president.
From ths Pott .
H. H. Benjamin, sr., left Tuesday
morning on a trip throusrh Kansas
and Oklahoma. -
R. L Scaggs and wife, of Osawato
mie, visited with the former's par
ent's, east of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glassmire
left Saturday for Grand Junction,
Col., where they will make their fut
ure home.
Miss Susie McGraw. of Alton. Okla..
arrived here Sunday for an indefinite
stay with relatives in the Nyhart
neighborhood." " ' - -
Mrs. James Tilsley went to Eve.
Mo., to visit at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. H. M. Strecker, and
to see the new baby boy.
G. H. Simons and family, of St
Louis, are visiting here at the Hassi?
and Tarpley homes. Mrs. Simons is
a neice of Mesdames Hassig and
The village board has ordered a
concrete crossing, with tile drain, to
be built between Payton's shop and
the Brown scale office.
Butler Christian Church.
Sunday, September 18: Bible school
at 9:30. There will be some special
features, among them, Mrs. Walton's
talk on "The Passion Play at Ober
ammergau," which she witnessed re
cently. Communion and preaching
at 10:45. Christian Endeavor, 6.3a
Evening preaching services, 7:3a
Special attention is called to the re
vival, which begins September 21
William M. MayfiekL Minister.
In order that Bates Coun
ty Fair visitors may have
an opportunity to inspect
pur New Banking Room.'
we will remain open from
8 A. M. to 12 M. each day
during the fair. A cordial
invitation is extended to all.
and we will tke pleasure
in showing you through the
best equipped b a nkiiig
room in Bates county.
a:::ia state cisi
m...r is,.;

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