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Tallin? Hair
Avert Hair Vlaor proourthr destroys ih
that cause falling hair. H anartshc the
bull restores than to health. The ku
Ayers Hair Vigor Just u promptly destroys the
om that cause dandruff, it umim every
b Ace of dandruff itself, and keeps UkC scair
acaa ana u a Deauo eoodiuoa.
Does not Color the Hair
We wish you to positively and distinctly understand that Ayer's Hair
Vigor does not affect the color of the hair, even to the slightest
degree. Persons with the whitest or the lightest and most delicate
blond hair may use it freely without having the hair made a shade darfcer.
InCTpdipntS : Sulphur. Glycerin. Qutoa. Sodium Chlerid.
5 ' CaoMuam. Sac. Akokoi. Water. Perfume
Show this formula to your doctor. Ask him what he thinks of It
J C ATT (YwWY T,ewM. Mftas.
last year, will be sure to have the
j rsrmer and Stockman I cutxi.
j Threshing is about finished for this ! Jack Frost nt considered a wel
j fall. Dry weather and good roads j come visitor, but remember he is on
j are great helps in hurrying this work our side in the final ttle with the
alone. Shreddinor porn is th ni I lues.
Bates County Poultry Show.
The Bates County Poultry Associa
tion will hold its first annual show
January 20, 27, 28, 1911. E. C.
Branch, one of the best judges of
poultry in the country, has been se
cured by the association to act as
judge, and his presence insures cor
rect scoring for all entries. If you
have any chickens or other poultry
that you wish scored bring them in
and remember that if they score well
up, you have increased their price'
very much and created a demand for
their eggs at good prices; so look
over your stock and select some for
this show, for your own benefit as
for the credit of Bates county. The,
charge for entries is small, only ten
cents per fowl, and admission to the
show is free. The association is of-'
fering good premiums, so be sure
and get in the list and don't fail to
become a member of the association;
it only costs you a dollar a year. You
can pay to or get information from
! any of the following members of the
J. R. Mooney, A. S. Milhorn, S. W.
;Dooley, V. D. McCollough, Mrs.
Frank Allen, Miss Austin Rosser, A.
! Sleeth, M. R. Lyle, C. A. Burgess,
J. J. McKee, Carpenter, Shafer Mfg.
Co., S. Levy Merc. Co., W. Hupp
Son, Henry White, T. J. Day, Farm
ers Bank, Mrs. M. A. Allison, Mrs.
II. M. Mahaffcy, A. E. Ellis, Rich
Hill; Frank Allen, A. 0. Yeomans,
A. E. Glass, Harrisonville; Elva
Church, F. A. Clayton, Hume; Mrs.
B. F." Richards, Bert Allen, T. E.
Quisen berry.
Mrs. A. R. Guyton, Sec'y.
steam rig job and in this work dry
weather is evep more necessary.
We quite often hear farmers say
that cattle will eat shredded corn fod
der even if it is mouldy. This may
be true. Cattle will eat almost any
thing if driven to it by hunger, but
making beef and butter fat for the
owner is out of the question if they
do not receive proper food and plenty
of it
It Saved His Leg.
"All thought I'd lose my leg,"
writes J. A. Swcnsen, of Watcrtown,
Wis. "Ten years of eczema, that 15
doctors could not cure, had at last
laid me up. Then Bucklen's Arnica
Salve cured it, sound and well." In
fallible for skin eruptions, eczema,
salt rheum, boils, fever sores, burns,
scalds, cuts and piles. 25c at F. T.
0- ,
(I,! . if -WK; ti. ... -'. s
Having a wide acquaintance
with farmers and stockmen and
being thoroughly familiar with
the quality and breeding of stock
and prices of the same, and hav
ing made a majority of the larg
est and best sales in this section,
as also having been connected
with some of the largest sales in
the state, gives me a thorough knowledge and experience of the
sales business. If you are thinking of making a public sale, it
will pay you to employ an auctioneer who has been tested, one
who has had many years of solid experience and has given the
different methods of the sales business a very careful study.
Send for me or ask for my free booklet of complete instruc
tions as to how a public sale should be arranged for and adver
tised. Terms reasonable. See or write me for dates.
Percheron Stallions, Mares, & Fillies
FflT Colo A'1 registered stock
IUI OdlG i invite inspection
of this stock, as it will com
pare with any of the kind in
the United States. All of my
horses are bred from import
ed stock and are top notchers.
If you buy from home parties
you always have a recourse if
it is not as represented.
Farm three miles notheast
of Butter. Telephone 4 on
The Walton Trust
Butler, nissouri
Capital .. $55,000.00
Surplus Fund and Und. Profits... $87,500. 00
Always has money to loan at lowest interest
We own and keep up with the records a com
plete Abstract ol Title to all the land and town
lots in Bates county. Will furnish reliable ab
stracts on short notice.
Issues Time Deposit Certificates payable in
six or twelve months, bearing five per cent
interest. NOTHING SAFER.
The Walton Trust Company has the largest
surplus Jund and undivided profit account,
Frank Allen. Secy.
C. A. Allen. Asst Secy,
Wm. E. Walton. Pres.
Frank. M. Voris. Vice-Pres.
Many of the best dairymen never
milk their cows entirely dry the first
few times after they come in fresh in
order to prevent milk fever. I have
never seen an explanation of why
this will prevent milk fever, but the
practice is so general among good
dairymen that it is a pretty good rule
to follow.
Ground can be plowed when it is
dry and hard and the majority seem
to think that this is better for the
crops, but there are very few plow
men who feel sorry when a good rain
has soaked the soil so that one team
can do as much as two did before.
The man who believes foxtail
makes good hay should be a cow for
30 days and have foxtail for break
fast, dinner and supper. A little
chinch bug fodder would taste mighty
good at the end of that time.
I am going to keen more vounc
: sows and fewer old ones this year, '
i contrary to the advice given in many
, farm papers I take. For three years
it has been my experience that young
sows did the best. Last year three
old sows not old either in number
of years flunked completely for me,
iand gave scarcely enough milk for
the ordinary sized litters they far
rowed. Hogologists might say it was
the way the sows were fed, but the
young sows were fed in the same
i way and raised their litters in fine
j shape.
I If every farmer would spend a
i little more money for oil and a little
more time in putting it where it is
needed, I am satisfied the machinery
: bill would not be so great as it is on
jmany a farm. It is one thing to
; squirt oil into an oil cup and quite an
', other thing to see that the bearing is
getting the oil.
A friend of mine writes that he has
lived 60 years, but has just found out
11 1a nui me wuik in uie ueius mat
scares young people away from the
-farms and makes old peopl
retire as much as it is the everyday
chores and right here is where a
little head work and cash will right
things. Plan to make the buildings
and yards as convenient as possible
and quite often the drudgery of the
farm will be done away with.
There is still time to cut the weeds
and brush along the roadsides where
there is any danger of their blocking
the roads with snow next winter.
While tile drainage has reclaimed
thousands of acres of marsh lands
and has been of great value in drain
ing out low spots in the fields it
should be remembered that it is waste
of time and money to try to tile drain
any place where a permanent outlet
is not assured.
The King drag bubble seems to be
more or less busted. We hardly
ever see one now unless it is where
the owner is getting so much per day
for doing the dragging.
There are many different ways of
drying seed corn that has been picked
early, all of which are good if they
are put into actual use.
Aids Nature
The great success ol Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery in curing weak stomachs, wasted bodies, weak
lungs, and obstinate and lingering coughs, it based oa
the recognition of the fundamental truth that "Golden
Medical Discovery" supplies Nature with body-building,
tissue-repairing, muscle-making materials, in coo
dented and concentrated form. With this help Nature
food, build up the body and thereby throw off lingering
obstinate coughs. 1 no "Discovery" rt-estaoiunes tn
digestive and nutritive organs in sound health, purines
and enriches the blood, and nourishes tha nerves in
. short establishes sound vigorous health.
' roar dernier often aometblnt "oaf id,"
tt to probably better FOR HIM It paya bettor.
Bmt yarn are thlnklui ot tha core mot tha profit,
theft mothlni "lust ma good" tor you. Say mo.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, In Plain English; or, Med
loin Simplified, 1008 pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up-to-date
Edition, paper-bound, sent for 21 one-cent stamps, to cover cost of mailing
jr. Cloth-bound, 31 stamps. Address Dr. R. V. Pieroe, Buffalo, N. Y.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. F. J. CHENEY.
Toledo, 0.
We, the undcrsitrned. have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 vears.
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions and finan
cially able to carry out any obligations
made by his firm.
aiding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Whole Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75c
per bottle.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
The following clipped from the La
mar Republican Sentinel, will be of
interest to the people in this vicinity.
Rev. C. V. Criss, pastor of the
Methodist church at Lamar, thinks it
is likely that he has the youngest cow
giving milk in the state of Missouri.
Last October Mr. Criss bought of Mr.
S. H. Cotton of Annlcton Citv. Mo., a
1 how to make a land roller that actual- j registered Jersey heifer, Christine
ly does the business. He gets a sec-! Cafe, No. 233913 for .which he paid a
tion of round galvanized iron culvert fancy price, expecting to breed in
material. He prefers to have it at October next in order to develop a
least two feet in diameter, and corru- cow when 26 months of age, but to
gated. The section is as long as you his surprise the heifer dropped a calf
wish to make the roller. It is turned August 27, then one year and twenty
on end, an iron axle or rod of axle two days old. The little cow is doing
size is placed exactly in the center, splendidly, giving about one gallon
The inside is then ready to be filled of fine rich milk daily. The calf is
with cement mortar. Let it cure for astonishingly large for its age and
two weeks before using, wetting oc- size of the mother. It is a male,
casionally during that time. A frame sired by a very large two-year-old
is bolted to the axle, of course. This 1 registered Jersey from one of the
can be constructed according to fancy. : best herds in the state of New York,
The whole idea looks good to me. ; his size, weighing 1800 pounds, prob
The public sale season is starting ab,v the largest registered Jersey
off brisk again. A few weeks ago bul1 in the world- The calf is a solid
the banks gave apprehension about color witn black tongue and switch.
i cashing all the sale notes, but I no
ticed in a local paper that came ves
terday that a bank is advertising for Indomitable will and tremendous
sale note business. A bank doesn't e.ner. are n e.v. f r found where
, wan, , dec , notes when , rS('S,ktK
; advertises for that sort of business, qualities and the success they bring
i Ce down ,0 Sxj. a, the,- SJSaS
I are, there is no safer paper for a bank and strong body. 25c at F. T. Clay's.
iu nuiu, asiue irom ine iarm loan ;
which pays a low rate of interest,than ! F0R RENT-r8 room house, reas
the average sale note. And while onable terms, 4 blocks from school,
"clerking" the sale, the bank's cash- For further information call on or
ier is usually able to corral several address Mrs. N. J. Walls, 413 W.
new customers for the bank. The Adams St., Butler, Mo. 50-3t.
bank that gets out after the sale busi
ness gets next to the people.
Although no man is supposed to be
responsible for his neighbor's stray Son,
stock, every farm should be enclosed
with some sort of a fence, ft need
be nothing elaborate to keep out the
Order of Publication.
iouaiy oi uaiea. i
la tha Clrrnlt Conrt. October term. liUO.
In vaeaUoa September 21 , Ittlu.
si. L. Leubbea, Plaintiff,
Frank Elvln and Uartarxt Klvla. Defendants.
The State of Nlssoarl to the above aimed da-
readaal Ureetlna::
Now at this dav eomra the nlalatllT herein bv
his attorney and Hies his petition and affidavit
alleging-, among othr things that defendants
are non-realdeuta of tha gtaia of atlssonrl.
Whereupon it is ordered hi the clerk In vaea
tloa that said defendants be notified bv nobllca
tloa that plaintiff has eommmoed a salt against
there In this ooorl, tba object and general nat
nre of which la to recover a Judgment sgslnst
the defendants oa two notes eieented by tha
defendants to Dnvall-Perslval Trust Company
and aealnned to Dlalntlff aald nolea bearlae
dateOolooerSI, l!07, one parable December 1,
ie, ana uo oiner iieoemner I, iww, eaco
bearing Interest at the rate of eliht oer asnl
per annum from Deoember 1. 1907. aald Inter.
ert being payable seml-annnally, sad that tha
property or the defendant baa been attached for
tne payment or said debts and that unless the
aid dfendanl be and appear at this court, at
the next term ther of, to be begun and holden
at the curl houte In the olty of Hntler, In eald
county, on tha first Moudsy In Februsry, lull,
and on or before the first day of said term, an
swer or plead to the petition In the said canse.
same will be taken as confessed and Judgment
will be rendered aocordina-ly.
And It Is furthtr ordered thataeopy hereof
be pnbllshed, at cording to law, In 1 na Rvtlir
Weekly Tikis, a newspaper published la aald
eoun y of Bates, for lour weeks -uoresslvely,
pnbllshed at least once a week, tha last Inser
tion tn be at least thirty dava before the first
day or said next februsry term ! this court.
T. D KM BKKK, Circuit Clerk.
A true copy of the record
Witness my hand and sal of theTlr-1
ssal cult court of Kates county, this 21st I
day of September. 1810. I
- v nub. viibuit vcr. ( u-o ouiier Accommona ion.. ... l j : nj p. m
. nv. one nuuer Local rrelglit o:(K) p. m.
reigni trims Nos. im and m carry passen
gers on Interstate Division. No other freight
Notice Is hereby given ti all creditors and 1 r,,M c"n P""ns.
others Interested In the estate of Hemltrson All freight for rorwsrdlng must be at denot
Miller, deceased, thit 1 J. W. Darby ad- t ar than el-v n o'oiock a m or be held
mlnlstratorof aald estate, Intend to make final for ,ollo"ln davs lorwarding. freight for
settlement thereof, at tba neit term of the ' Interstate Division must be delivered before
Bates County Probate Court. In Bates county, I fiv o'clock p. ro, No freight billed for this
State or Missouri, to be held at Butler, Mis- train in Homing. E.v;. Vsndsbvoobt.
Missouri Pacific Tims Table
Following is corrected time card to
No. ft Kansas City Accommodation. :M a. m.
No. St. Louis ft K. C. Mall Ki.l:.V p m.
No 210 Southwest Limited
ivansas niy atoca
Local Freight .'"."
No. SOW Southwest Limited
No. i7 K C ft Joplln Mall A JCx .
No. SNI8 Nevada Accommodation ....
No. ll (Local Freight)
' . WEST.
No. INS Msillsoo Local Freight.
Mo 37 Madison Accommodation. !
No. (IMS Butler AceommodaMon.
8:o p. m.
9:00 p. iu.
5:Na. at.
1-2:10 p m.
11:44 p. m,
l.':Sdp. m.
7:m m.
1:1 p m.
Notice of Final Settlement.
sourl, on tbe Nth dsy of November, lt)io.
J. w. DAUBY,
ol-'t Administrator.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notlw. Is hereby given to all creditors and
others Interested in the 'state of Clement
Uoodln. deceased, that I, Henry Goodln, ad
ministrator of said estate, intend to make
final settlement thereof at the next term or the
Bates Connty Probate Court, In Bates county,
Htate of Missouri, to be held at Butler, Mis
souri, on the 14th day ot November, 1910
' Administrator.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice Is hreby given to all creditors and
othrs interested In the estate of Samurl Y.
Forbes, deceased, that I, Josephine Forbes, ad
niloitaratrlxoreaid ata e, Intend to make final
sett lment thereof at the next termor tile Bates
County Probste Court, in Batea county, .state
or Missouri, to he held at Butltr. Missouri, on
tbe 14th day of November 1UI0
6''t Adminlstrstilx.
Eye, Ear and Throat Specialist
Eyes Tested Free and Glasses Prop
erly Fitted. Office on south side
49-tf over Star Bakery.
Diseases ot Women and Children a Specialty
Office over A. H. Culver Furn. CO.
Office Phone 20 House Phone 10
A Man of Iron Nerve.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given to sll creditors and
others Interested In the estate of Marv O. Sad.
dler deceased, that I, J. A.saddler. 'dulnistra-
wr 01 saiu esisi, intend to make final settle
ment thereof, at the next term ol tbe Bates
County Probate Court, in Batea connty Mis
souri, to be held at Butler, at aeonri, on tbe
B1" Administrator.
Entrance same that leads to Stew
I ard's Studio,
i North side square Butler, Missouri
"Good Painters use Mound City
Co.'s "Horse Shoe" Brand House
faint exclusively. W. II. Hupp &
Notice of Final Settlement.
ty. Slate of atlssonrl, tn be held at Butler
Mleeourt, an the 14th day of November, laia.
61 4t
I. U. BOTK1N8.
Notice fa herebv fives tn n j.wi;A..
strays and it seems to me every man 0,,l",r interested in the estate of Lucretia
..'.. ... . . .. . '"""Jones, deoeawd, that I I. H. botkina.
bliouia De Willing TO ao tnat much to ; ntor of said estate, Intend to make
Iroon n..t f te,W. T I L" r1"" "!"". ' ol
uut v. uuuuib auiuc tues uniy rrooaie court, in Batea conn
all that is necessary to do is to stretch
up the wires that lay in the grass
and weeds along the old fence row,
and put in an occasional new post It
doesn't cost much to do that, and it
may keep a herd of cattle in the high
way through the night
If the price of flaxseed Is an indi
cator of what the price of linseed oil
will be the cost of "slicking up" the
buildings with a coat of paint will be
quite an item in the near future. -
Seed corn will dry perfectly on the
stalk in the field, tut the fall rains
are of no benefit to it and a rain fol
lowed by a freeze even if It is not as
Notice of Final Settlement.
Jotlcels hereby given tn all i red I tors and
others Interested In the estate o Dsvld H
ord. deceased, that I, 8. S Fox, ad
ministrator of raid estate intend to mske llnsl
settlement thereof, at the next term of the
Batea County Probate Court, In Bates county.
Slate of Missouri, t be held at Bmler, Mis
souri, on the 11 tb day of November, iiilti
.... 8. o. FOX.
04, Adminlatra or.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice Is hereby given t0 all creditors snd
others Int rested in tbe estate of W. B. Davis.
llff!ed,1,U",A MI D,,vl, "eculrli
will or said estate, intend to make final settle
ment thereof, at the next tern, of tn- Bstes
County Probate Conrt, In Rates connty, -tate
ot Missouri, to be held at Rutler, Missouri, oa
the 14th day of November, MM.
51 4t Executrix.
Butler, Missouri
East Side of the Square
Phone No. 312
Physician 4 Surgeon
Office North Side Square, Butler,
Mo. Diseases of women and chil
dren a specialty.
Attorney at Law Notary Public
East Side Square Phone 186
N -tit ot Final S-ttlement.
Notioa la hereby given to all creditors snd
others Interested In the aetata of Marv J
WilUame deceased, that 7 Bent aleLn
rtnUalstrato, of said site,' Inw.'d Z'&il
fal settlement thereof, at tha next Una of
Bj: V""'; la B.usrun-
ty, BUte of Missouri, to be held at nntler.
Mlseoarl, oa the 14ta day of November law. '
. Notice of Final Settlement ,
"'?. tT all aredltora and
oiheralat- rested In tha estate ot Thomas J.
Fry, deceaaeol, that I, T J. Smith, admlalsira
yrmiV:' 'P mas. fiaal settled
meat thereof, St tha next term of Ue Bstes
Bounty Probate Coart, la Bate eoaaty. tttata
of Mleaourl, ea the It to day of November, tat?
... ! Adalaistraior.
"A Rat is a Bad
Rid yoursell ot them now,
quickly and surely, by getting'
a 25c box of our
American Rat -Paste
It does' the work. Will not
harm dogs, cats or chickens, v
,;,v.'. .
Prpxcripl'ra Crtj Ct:ra -
"The rl-jt placed
Notice of Trustee's Sale.
Whereas. WUIIsra R. Dunham and florence
Dunham, Wa wife by their certain deed of
!r5!il i1' d,T of July, im, andrac
Jb?rkrh PHT S. IntheofflcVof
Recorder u" Deeds In and for Bates eountv.
Mlssoort,Ibnvey.d to J. aeph Blocher as trnatii
rltS,,.trfn Pr0,!!",!I ote thsrcln d"!
wit- ' ,oUliW", described teal estate to-
The northwest qua terof tbessuthwestouOr
ZmI'XTJ ,,'lp ?J "'I'"" hundred feet
riiSfL?lii'MM' ,,U t and IhenorTh
!?i1"r',.0, ,ne w hreo-fonrths of the
southwest quarter oi the southwest qusrter all
In section nine (It, In tottnshlp forty -one iaO of
range thlrty-to Si) in Bates eountv ilS.
a.1iHe0',U"".',."la, acre, more or l.
And whereas, It i provided In mia J
need oi trust that .hM ClSJ i'!
SS?Sr?..' 'hr 7ln "rea,
tl V J"ur.,.0",of ,n ama, or any part
S?ta,'lJr?m' ? "dpaj'.blsacrd
i '" Oate and affect of aald
aoia. then he whole debt shsll beeomedueand
payable, and tha party or tha .eeend part""
ibereque .t os the legal holder of aald note may
Sr.JeiLTifJ,r0D,'' tberel. described
Si.hZt Xh't' ftl PaDB "daatathe
S?. n-.d.dw Si.,b Ooun da-rlathe
olty of Butler. Batea coonty, Mlseoarl. for aaaa
toaatUf, ..id debt and in'teraal Usreoad
And whsreas, default ha been mads la the
('" f ths Interest da oa said aote oa '
m'J?iv- M4 " WltUam B. Daai
?L?!il01.!i Oaahaos fcava failed aeg
leeudanl re rated te pay tha aame, and Ska
aanwla now past daa and napeJd. aad u hold
ay aad ewaer of said nose have elected sad de
rj f whota debt both principal aadlater.
How taarafBTa, at tha reqneet ot tha Wat
ayajei bad holder ot said aoia aad paraaaatta '
torma af aald deed or trust aad W vtrtae ef
ha aatkarlty vested In fas by sJd deed of
tnu. 1 hereby p noUos that I wUl oa , "
tatrdsyf Oatotkst , 1U), . '
aww na aoars of e'elock la tha
in se anenora or that if t
set. ail taaahrvadaasrtbed real aetata at p e. "
. - H. ft- aask la ban ta k..i 4 "
l . a -
j severe as the one we had in October
K -t
e ?a tUXttti. Tiaatea.'

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