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Peruna i .
Medicine f , W-'P-
Ever v' i
Entered F j& jJ z .
this i!Srv V W
; Home b.iJ
:f: - ill rff --x I
I Suffered with Kidney Trouble.
Mr. Robert H. Xorrla, 5tM East 11th St., East Oakland, Cal., writes:
"We have never had any other medicine but Peruna in our homo sii-i
we have been married.
'I suffered with kidney and bladder trouble, but two months' treatment
with Peruna made me a well and strong man.
'My wife felt weak and was easily tired and was also troubled w4th var
ious pains, but since she took Peruna she i well and strong.
"We are both very grateful to you and gladly do we give this unso
licited testimonial, feeling that It Is the least we can do In return for what
Peruna has done for us. "
Scientific Farming Pays.
Unroll XfWt
Doctor J. L. Snyder, president of
the Michigan Agricultural College, is
undoubtedly right in his declaration
that there is no danger of all the
money nor all the brains forsaking I 1
the land. There is profit and good
profit in farming, and men are not
likely to forsake permanently any oc
cupation returning them a profit.
But agriculture today is a science,
and the unscientific farmer cannot
accumulate riches. That condition
explains, in-a measure, this move
ment away from the farms. As men
fit themselves for the new sort of ag
riculture, the land will come under
general, under more intensive and
more fruitful tillage. Then the few
who are now making large profits on
scientific farming will find their pro
fit falling somewhat, but still enough
to make their occupation worth
Land is still subject to every law of
economics, ana no amount or anui-
cial means can either entice men to
an economically unalluring business
or draw them away from a produc
tive one. -Under, his application of
scientific methods, land which is to
day submarginal will rise into the
producing class, and as sure as it does
it will hold its farmer.
Old sofas, cloth-covered chain
and all cloth-covered furniture
can be made to look like new by
painting the cloth with a hot solu
tion of Putnam Fadeless Dye.
Catarrh' Entirely Relieved.
Mr. Ira Henney, Fairfield, Freestone
Co., Texas, writes:
'I am completely cured of all symp
toms of cntarrh.
"I can truly sny that Peruna is the
best mi'dicine I ever saw. I will always
recommend Peruna to all my friends, for
Catarrh of head.
Mr.C.IIallovk, Antwerp, Ohio.wrltcs:
"My daughter Allie, after taking
three bottles of your Peruna, isrntirely
cured of catarrh of the head of two
years standing. We recommend Pe
runa to anybody who has catarrh."
Peruna is manufactured by thn
Peruna Iru;; Mfg.0o.,Cduinlms.01iia
The young people of Butler are
now rehearsing daily under the direc
tion of Miss Fanny Catron for the big
Vaudeville Show to be given for the
benefit of the Cemetery Association
at Opera House Thursday, Oct 27th.
. . i . .
Besides many costumed songs ana curs tan De warmed, pressed out
dances there will be the original play,
"The Toy Shop," a drama in which
over forty children will take part.
The entertainment will close with the
two act comedy, "Wreck of Stebbins
Pride." The show promises to be
one of the best ever given in Butler.
Remember the date, Oct. 27.
Proverbs of Various Countries.
The Greeks, wishing to cast doubt
upon a man s probity, declared him to
I be "A sheep with a fox's tail," which
answers o our "Wolf in sheep's cloth
ing." "All's well that ends well"
bears a strong likeness to the Ger
man "Ende gut, alles gut." There is
a lengthy Oriental proverb, "Let a
straight and swathed with bandages;
if released after twelve years it will
nevertheless return to Its natural
shape," It Is easy to trace the simi
larity to our "You cannot make a silk
purse out of a sow's ear."
FOR SALE Muscova ducks and
blue ribbon Brama Cockerels. Bar
gains to buyer of 4 or more if taken
Mrs. Dora Harrison, Butler, Mo.
Rout 6. 50-3t-:-
Taking LydiaE. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Fabattus, Maine. "You told me to
take I.vdia K. Pinkham's Vegetable
luompounu anu
Liver pins peiore
child-birth, and we
are all surprised to
see how much good
it did. My physi
cian Bald ' Without
doubt it was the
Compound that
helped you. I
thank you for your
kindness in advising
me and give you full
nermission to use
my name in your testimonials." Mrs.
H. W. Mitchell, Box 8, Sabattus, Me.
Another Woman Helped. -
Graniteville, Vt "I was passing
through the Change of Life andsuffered
from nervousness and other annoying
symptoms. Eydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound restored my health and
strength, and proved worth mountains
of gold to me. For the take of other
suffering women I am willing yo
should publish my letter." Mrs.
CnABLEs Babclat, B.F.D., Granite
Tille, Vt . , ' .
Women who are passing through
this critical period or who aw iuffer.
ing from any of those distressing 111b
peculiar to their sex should not lose
iight of the fact that for thirty jean
Lydla E- Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, which is made from rootsand
herbs, has been the standard remedy
for female ilia. In almost every com
munity you will find women who
hare been restored to health by Lydl
X. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
To Keep Out Moths. .
People who dislike the odor of moth
balls should know that bags of dried
tansy placed among the woolen gar
ments will answer every purpose of
keeping out moths, and with none of
the disagreeable odor which is sure to
tell the story of moth balls. Make
small bags of thin white muslin and
fill them with the dried crushed leaves
and sew up. Place half a dozen of
! these in the packing box and the
i moths will vanish.
Windmill Country.
The great windmill country is Ar
gentina. Plenty of water from 15 to
300 feet underground throughout the
vast, level, unbroken plain, as ex
tensive in area as one-third of this the
wheje United States, but all like our
prairie lands; and wind blowing
across the eveu stretches all the year
around. The grazing lands are dotted
with windmills, and Argentina keeps
on importing them, chiefly from Yah
keeland, at the rate of more than a
thousand a month.
Public Sale.
I will sell at public auction at fny
residence 5 miles southwest of Butler,
The following described property:
16 Head Horses and Mules Delia
Grattan, a brood mare sired by Grat
ten, 2:13, dam Monafore by Monitor
1327, second dam Pinafore by Abdal-
lah, Jr. 5720, son of Alexander's Ab
dullah, the son of Goldsmiths Maid,
third dam Clara by Mambrino Temple
586, son of Pilot Temple 224 by Pilot,
Jr. Spitfire, a young brood mare by
Dr. Cox, 1st dam Delia Grattan; 1
weanling filley by Scythian, dam,
Delia Grattan; 1 gray gelding 5 years
old, 1200 pounds; 2 bay geldings
4 years old, 2300 pounds; 1 gray
gelding 3 years old, 1400 pounds;
1 brown gelding 3 years old, 1100
pounds; 1 small 3 year old filley,
broke and gentle for children; 5
good yearling mules, 1 mule 2 years
old, 1 fine pit mule 3 years, old.
Three number one good milch cows,
two are fresh, the other will be fresh
Farm Implements Three good
wagons; 1 Sayers & Scovill buggy,
good as new; 4 cultivators, consisting
of 1 Janesville disc, 1 Avery, 1 Busy
Bee and 1 tongueless; 2 walking plows,
2 Diamond plows, 1 potato plow, 1
two section harrow, 1 McCormick
binder, 1 McCormick mower, 1 sulkey
rake, 1 buck rake, 1 hay baler, 1 corn
sheller, a lot of native lumber and barn
framing timber and other things too
numerous to mention.
Lunch on ground.
Sale begins at 10 o'clock a. m.
Terms: Sums of $10 and under,
cash; over $10, a credit of 9 months
will be given on notes with approved
security drawing6 per cent from date.
2 per cent discount for cash. No
property to be removed until terms
of sale are complied with.
Frank Tyler.
Col. C. F. Beard, Auctioneer.
Jesse Smith, Clerk. 1-t. ::
Preacher's Neat Rebuke.
Not long ago a London preacher In
dulged in a little bit of sarcasm over
a small collection. And he did it very
neatly in a preface to his sermon on
the following Sunday. "Brethren." he
said, "our. collection last Sunday was
a very small one. When I looked at
the congregation I said to myself,
where are the poor? But as I looked
at the collection when we counted it, I
exclaimed. Where are the rich?"
Edible Seaweed.
Many kinds of seaweeds have long
been eaten. "Dulse and tangle" was
once a common cry in the streets of
Edinburgh, both being seaweeds, and
in Chili, yet a third variety Is used as
food. In the Swan river settlement In
Australia and other places seaweed
Jelly frequently appears on the bill of
fare, while the edible birds' nests of
China are edible because the birds
use seaweed as a building material
Folly of Anticipating Evil. ,
' Never anticipate an evlL The dog
does not suffer so much as the man,
because he does not feel any pain un
til the blow that hurts him has been
struck, while the man fears that he
wilt be struck, and o suffers twice In
stead of once. An eastern proverb
ays: ."He Is miserable once who
meets with ill-fortune, but twice who
fears It before it comei."
Meat '...300 Its
Milk 21C q.
Butter IOC li s.
Egt 27
Vegetable 500 lbi.
This represents a fair ra
tion for a man for a year.
But some people eat and
eat and grow thinner. This
means a defective digestion
and unsuitable food. A large
size bottle of
Scott's Emulsion
equals in nourishing proper
ties ten pounds of meat
Your physician can tell you
how it does it
at M9r tn4 thli tl tor f
baaatttal Strlnjs Bask u4 CtlW. Sketoh-Batk
itslaa Ooo4 Lack rur.
SCOTT A BOWNB. 40 Purl St. Kcw York
rlL HrTi.mt, M. J
Deposit $1 in the Farmers Bankjfy get
one of these Steel Savings Banks
It will help you save your money and the bank will
will pay interest on what you have.
Try saving money, you will enjoy seeing your account
grow. The bank always favors its customers.
Start Today by Opening an Account with the Farmers Bank
Joint Sale!
We will sell at public auction on the
Allman Daniel farm, 4 miles due
south of Butler on the east Butler
and Rich Hill road, 1 mile north of
Star school house, on
7 Head of Horses: Bay mare, 7
years old, sired by Road Chief, weigh
ing 1100 lbs; brood mare in foal by
jack, 1 150 pounds; bay mare, 7 years
old, weight 1500; coming 2-year-old
saddle colt; 2-year-old colt, sired by
Dr. Cox; two coming 2-year-old colts.
1 1 Head of Cattle: Two milk cows,
7 years old, giving nearly 4 gallons of
milk per day; 5-year-old cow, fresh
soon; seven coming two-year-oui ,
heifers, breU to red poll bull; coming
2-year-old red poll bull.
19 Head of Hogs: Brood sow with
9 pigs; four brood sows; fourteen :
Implements: Peter Schutler wagon;
road wagon; Deering binder; Stand
ard mower; hay rake; corn planter; :
cultivator; sulky breaking plow; spad
ing disc; two-section
Oflliv l'honi-3. Hi'l.li'nr. l'hone'Jiw.
Registered Veterinary
ituTi.KK, Mi'sorm
Office at llarlcy Smith's I.lvery Hani
sets work harness; road scraper; ilou
ble shovel; blacksmith's vice.
Ten hives of bees.
Twelve tons timothy hay in shed.
Nine or ten dozen chickens.
Terms: On sums of $10 and un
der, cash. On sums over $10 a credit
I'ountrv there
harrow; two telegraphers.
In order that Bates Coun
ty Fair visitors may have
an opportunity to inspect
our New Banking Room,
we win remain open irom
A Good Position 8 A. M, to 12 M. each day
Can be had by ambitious young during the fair. A Cordial
men and ladies in the field of "Wire- invitation is extended to all,
less" or Railway telegraphy. Since . flnd wg wiH taRe pleasure
the 8-hour law became etiective, and
since the wireless companies are in Showing you through the
establishing stations throughout the best equipped banking
room in Bates county.
is a great shortage oi
Positions pay begin
ners from $70 to $tX) per month, with
' good chance of advancement. The
National Telegraph Institute operates
i six official institutes in America, un
der supervision of R. R. and Wire-,
less Officials and places all graduates '
into positions. It will pay you to
write them for full details at Daven-
t rr I'l 1 ttii'liiti iti II Pi il'thlllM
of 12 months time will be given, pur-; 0re or"Mcrn,,his, Twin. " 48-tf '
chaser to give bankable note to draw '
6 per cent interest. 2 per cent dis-,
count for cash.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. '
Lunch on ground.
Col. C. F. Beard, Auctioneer.
Wesley Denton, Clerk. 52-It
Apples Bring 25 Cents Each.
Cashmere, Wash., Oct. 16.-E. P.
Groves, an orchardist at Cashmere,
has several trees growing apples so
large thaK but twenty-s.even can be
packed lfrtne box. The apples are
known as the black Ben Davis and
are fully five inches in diameter. He
has contracted every one of the ap
plesoat a figure approximately 25
cents each.
Out of his orchard he picked five
red apples that fill a half bushel basket
and ten of them fill a common apple
box. These apples are growing on
3-year-old trees, about fifty apples to
a tree. These are believed to be the
largest apples grown in the north
west this year.
A Hard Mixture.
Cement gravel, sand,
wanting same inquire of
Moore Lbr. Co., Butler Mo.
June 30, 1910 Total deposits $183,724.51
June 23, 1909 Total deposits. 120,697.94
GAIN $ 63,026.57
The above figures are taken
from Official Statements render
State Bank Commissioner.
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