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E WILL GIVE $10 to anyone living in Bates
county who raises the best ten ears of yellow
corn; also $10 to the one raising the best ten
ears of white corn; $5 second best ten ears yellow
corn; $5 second best ten ears of white corn; $2.50
third best ten ears of yellow corn; $2.50 third best
ten ears of white corn. All corn entered in the con
test shall be grown during the season of 1911 and be
delivered at the bank not later than November 1,
next. It will be placed on. exhibition and become
the property of the bank.
The premiums will be awarded by a qualified
judge at a time to be selected later.
Butler, Missouri
Essentials to Success With Al
falfa in Missouri.
The Missouri Experiment Station
has been conducting experiments
with alfalfa on the various soils of the
State for a number of years and as a
result of these experiments, the fol
lowing brief summary of the essen-
tials to success are given.
1. It takes good land to grow al
falfa without considerable care. Well
drained creek and river bottoms as
well as all well drained deep rich up
lands will grow it readily where it is
properly handled but for average to
thin lands considerable care is neces
sary to success.
2. On rich lands alfalfa may be
spring sown, but on average to thin
lands fall or late summer sowing is
much more certain of a permanent
stand. From the middle of August
to the middle of September is best
for central and north Missouri but in
the south third of the State it is best
to sow from the middle of September
to the middle of October.
3. The seed bed must be well pre
pared. For spring sowing it should
be plowed deep and thoroughly
worked down. For fall sowing the
land should be plowed early and well
settled below with a fine seed bed
prepared on the surface.
4. Inoculation of uplands which
have never grown alfalfa before is
beneficial and usually necessary to
success.- This is especially true in
regions where sweet clover does not
grow. Inoculation is best accom
plished by scattering on 200 to 300
lbs. per acre of soil from an old al
falfa field and harrowing in immedi
ately. 5. Lime is beneficial on many
south Missouri soils and it is often
necessary to success. It should be
applied at the rate of from 3000 to
4000 lbs. per acre in any convenient
6. On land of medium and poor
fertility cultivation with a disk or
spring tooth harrow followed by a
drag harrow is necessary for best re
sults after the second and third
7. On lands of medium to poor
fertility the application of 10 to 15
tons of manure before plowing is
necessary tor best results, lop
dressing with manure each fall, 4 to
6 loads per acre, is very beneficial
unless the manure contains much
grass seed. Foxtail, crab grass, and
bluegrass are the worst enemies to
8. The application of 200 lbs. per
acre of bone meal on all lands of
medium to poor fertility is very help
ful in securing a permanent stand.
9. On all lands of medium to poor
fertility a man must be willing to give
considerable time and care to the
preparation of the lands, seeding and
cvltivation if he is to achieve success.
10. The use of clean strong germ
inating seed, free of dodder is essen
tial to the greatest success.
M. F. Miller,
'Agricultural Experiment Station Uni
versity of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
A Charming Woman.
is one who is lovely in face, form,
mind and temper. But it is hard for
a woman to oc cnarmnig witnout
health. A weak, sickly woman will
be nervous irritable. Constipation
and kidney poisons show in pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretch
ed complexion. But Electric Bitters
always prove a godsend to women
who want health, beauty and friends.
They regulate Stomach, Liver and
Kidneys, purify the blood; give strong
nerves, bright eyes, pure breath,
smooth, velvety skin, lovely complex
ion and perfect health. Try them.
50c at F. T. Clay's.
From a Butler Citizen
Is your back lame and painful.
Does it ache especially after exer
tion? Is there a soreness in the kidney
These symptons indicate weak kid
There is danger in delay.
Weak kidneys fast get weaker.
Give your trouble prompt attention.
Doan's Kidney Pills act quickly.
They stregthen weak kidneys.
Read this Butler testimony.
Mrs. B. F. Johnson, 200 South Main
St., Butler, Mo., says:
Doan s Kidney Pills, procured at
Frank Clay's drug store have Been
used in our family with good results.
I do not hesitate to recommend this
remedy to anyone suffering from any
trouble, caused by disordered kid
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. 35 2t
Real Estate Transfers.
Uriah Ayer Jr. to Uriah Ayer 1-2
int 85 a sec 12 and 13 New Home,
Merchants Sav & Trust Co to J. H.
Hengen 776 a sec 6 Walnut, $10.
J. F. Driskell to Edna Douglass lots
l&2blk 81 Rich Hill, $700.
Missourians Were Delegates.
Jefferson City, Mo., June 19.
John E. Swanger and A. L. Reeves,
who were injured in a trolley wreck
near Buffalo, N. Y., tonight, are resi
dents of this city. Mr. Swanger was
for four years, prior to January 1,
iau, secretary ot state, ana since
January 10, 1909, has been State
Bank Examiner. He is married.
Mr. Reeves is actuary in the State
Insurance Department. He formerly
resided in Crawford county, and has
been an attache of the State Insurance
Department since March, 1909.
Both Swanger and Reeves were
state delegates to the National En
campment of the Modern Woodmen
of America.
Parmer and Stock man,
Don't stay in the fields till it is so
late you are all tuckered out when
you start in to do the milking. If
you do you are sure to slight the job,
which will mean not only less dairy
products at present, but will wield a
most deteriorating influence on the
herd by causing a gradual falling off
in milk production.
To guard against typhoid germs be
sure to give the well or cistern a
good cleaning out, which may not only
save your paying a big doctor bill, but
even prevent the loss of some mem
ber of the family.
Year after year you will notice that
most of your neighbor farmers leave
their stack-yard fences right in the
field, around the hay, till time to mow
the meadow again. And what a job
it is then to move the fences after
they once become settled in the tim
othy grass.
Look up the price of a horse, then
that of an automobile ten years ago.
By comparing their relative values to
day do you see much danger of our
faithful horse becoming extinct or un
profitable to the farmer?
Some of our scientists (?) say that
flies really are necessary and bene
ficial, but we are going to keep right
on scrapping with them (both the flies i
and the long-haired scientists) with !
good screen doors, fly traps, tangle- j
foot and cleanliness.
A Missouri friend wants Furrows to
tell him how to kill out Osage orange
hedge. I wish someone would tell
Furrows how to do it, for I have
straggling bushes growing alongside
a hedge that have sprouted from ex
posed roots, that I would very much
like to get rid of. Who can help us
As the young poultry get well feath
ered teach them to leave the crowded,
filthy coops, and fly up to roosts in
the hen house. They will be less
susceptible to lice and mites, enjoy
better health in general, and develop
more rapidly than by remaining in
the coops.
One of the surest plans for keeping
rid of the troublesome mites is to give
tha poultry buildings a thorough
spraying about every ten days, keep
the roosts clean and the droppings
well cleaned out.
Calves that are fit only for veal
should be marketed early, as the price
is then higher than it is a few weeks
later, and this, with the feed saved
by early marketing, insures consider
ably more profits than to hold the
calves till they are larger.
While the potatoes are in full
bloom, showing which vines . are
strong, vigorous, and most likely to
propagate a sturdy plant next season,
stick small boards beside these choic
a. L Ml- 1 i; ii . i i .
30 Bays Trial
In Your Home
This Offer Is Evidence of the Confidence
We Have in Tft FREE Sewing
We want all our customers and
Uvlies of this city to know that we are
the exclusive agents of that phenom
enal master piece of sewing machines.
The FREE recently invented by
Wm. C. Free of Chicago. We know
it is the best machine, bar none, and
it is your fortune to buy it on terms,
as low as $1.00 a week. After a tho
rough investigation of all makes, we
aie willing to back The FREE with
our unqualified endorsement. We
believe that when you know what we
know about sewing machines,
Sewing Machine
will be your choice as it is ours.
And after talking it over we de
cided that the best way to enable you
to rind out its wonderful superiority
would be not to advertise its low price;
(if we did, you would be unable to
believe that it is absolutely the best
sewing machine in the" market.)
Instead we will offer you The FREE
on 30 days Trial we want you to
put it in your home side by side with
any other machine. We want you to
test it out, try it on all sorts of material.
Then, if you are not absolutely satis
fied after 30 days that it is the best
sewing machine you ever sewed on,
and the biggest bargain you ever
heard of at its very low price we
want you to return it and we will
refund every cent you have deposited.
You will not be out a penny
We want you to give The FREE this tria'
became we know- that is the best wr fol you to
j-that while other machine with thf ir square top
heai y furniture are too Utfly for the k.telien
The FREE is beautiful enough for tin parlor
with in attractive French leg design and
dint lew japanning.
that while other machines rim hard with 110
ball bearings ur only 2 sets The FRI-.K rum
as tightly as the wheel of a suspend?! bii-ycte
with in 8 trtt of Ball Hearing-..
that white other machines run sit. wv with noise
and rukinii on account of tlu-.r loiisliuUlc.
1 r rise are always HPltini; i-ifl of irittr cm
account of their mtarv hitttf . The i'K I- K has
a " Rctnuilh" me:tmnt which m tkes it faster
than a round bl)b:ti and simpler than a
that while other machines when lr kpu bv ac
ciJetit are ready i-t the scrap heap- The
KRFK is imureU for 5 year attains! any kind
ot accident.
In short, thai while other machine, are fnll of
annoyances, imperfections and worries Titc
KRKi; Is. pt rfect, aksmutrly pttttit.
Come and see The KRKK ilc
monstrateil tomorrow and let us semi
it home with vou for a month's tria'.
The Bates County Normal Club. 12,000 Copies of New Laws.
Following their custom of the past Jefferson City, Mo., June 19.-For
three years, the Bates county students j the first time under the present State
at the Warrensburg Normal have or-1 Constitution, the Secretary of State
ganized their club. The preliminary ! todai' was ab,e to ship out all the new
meetings were held to make arrange- j ,aws 0,1 the date of their going into
ments for attending the Annual Re-1 effect.
ception which is given by the Normal Twelve thousand copies were sent
G,o..if a ha Rnn,H nf Rpo-pnts to the Circuit Court clerks, the full
A. tlUUUJ' H1IU 111 -H J I 1
each summer.
-a " liGRGY ist
Peoples Elevator
Holloway's Glean Grocery
est hills, and dig them separately
seed this fall.
It isn't too late yet to fertilize the
grape vines, but you will need a sort
of balanced fertilizer. Stable manure
alone produces too rank a growth.
Common wood ashes will furnish the
required potash, and with a light
sprinkling of poultry droppings, pro
duces the highest quality and greatest
quantity of fruit possible.
Already we are beginning to slip
about a pint of shorts and about one
half that amount of corn-chop into the
trough of the skim-milk calf. A pint
of oats added to this makes a ration
that cannot be beaten.
If anyone is anxious to do some fly
swatting he does not need to do much
hunting to find the flies;" they are
here, there and everywhere and al
ways busy.
We have been having some "bully
for the corn" weather, but a fat man
walking on the sunny side of a city
street when the thermometer is trying
to make a new record is liable to call
it something else.
Unless a "crop scare" develops
later on in the season, the man who
has been holding his corn for a high
er price will keep right on holding it,
at least until another summer, if he
gets it With a normal yield over the
present acreage, we'll see' no higher- J
priced corn than we have right now
ISo one snoula laugh at what is
called scientific farming before he
knows what he is laughing at As a
usual thing the scientific farming of
today will be the practical farming of
tomorrow and it will take some hus
tling to keep up.
A Dreadful Wound.
from a knife, gun, tin can, rusty nail,
fireworks, or of any other nature, de
mands prompt treatment with Buck
len's Arnica Salve to prevent blood
poison or gangrene. Its the quickest
surest healer for all such wounds as
also for Burns, Boils, Sores, Skin
EniDtiods. Eczema, Chapped Hands.
Corns or Piles. 25c at r. T. Clay's.
The reception was an event which
will long be remembered by all who
were present. The large gymna
sium was tastefully decorated in the
Normal colors, and headquarters
for each county organization were
designated by pennants also in the
Normal colors. On reaching the
Gym the guests proceeded to the
second floor where they were met by
a delegation of the faculty who pre
sented them souvenir cards upon
which to write their names. These
cards made it easy for the students to
know each other's name's. From
here all proceeded to the third floor. ,
Upon passing through the receiving
line composed of President and Mrs.
Hawkins, Mrs. Neet, Dr. Schofield
and Mr. C. A. Phillips, the student
was left to his own pleasure for a
short time. This time was spent in
getting acquainted and in listening to ,
the excellent music furnished by the
orchestra. When the call was made
for demonstrations from the county :
organizations under their respective :
pennants, the Bates .county people '
marched across the floor and looked j
upon the track where, amid great en-,
thusiasm a huge banner thirty feet
long, bearing the words "Bates Co.
Leads Them AH" was hoisted. After
a short time spent in the county yells
and songs, light refreshments were
served and the guests began to take
their leave.
The Bates County Club - affected a
permanent organization by electing
P. G. Buckles, president; Maxwell
Park, vice-president; and Miss Loy
Ballfinch, secretary.
The first program was rendered h
Friday, June 16. Miss Minnie Christie
gave a reading which was much en
joyed. President Hawkins made a
very interesting talk in which he
commended the members of the club
for their part in the reception and
their earnestness in continuing their
organization from year to year. He
also mentioned the value of the social
side in the club meetings. Mr. W.
L. Coonrod rendered a "Bear Story"
in his usual interesting style.
The attendance was forty-two. Sev
eral have not yet given their names
to the secretary. The complete en
rollment will be given later.
S. E. S.
number required bv law. Parties
' who desire copies must call upon
their circuit clerks, as the Secretary
of State does not fill orders for the
session acts, as is the case with the
Revised Statutes.
State and county official's and mem
bers of the General Assembly receive
copies free, but others must pay 50
cents, that price representing the cost
of produtcion.
The shipment to the Circuit Clerk
of St. Louis contained 1,000 copies.
Five hundred were sent to Kansas
City and 250 to St. Joseph.
$2.00 Made in a Few Minutes.
Any lady reader of this paper can
learn how to make $2.00 in a few
minutes by writing to The Dandy
Manufacturing Company, I'leasanton,
$3.50 Recipe Free
Weak Kidneys
Relieves Urinary, and Kidney
Troubles, Backache Strain
ing, Swelling, Etc.
Stops Pain
in the Bladder,
and Hark.
Wouldn't it lie nice within u week or ao to be
gin to ey nonftbyv forever to the Fcaldtng,
drtbbing. straining, or too frequent paseageof
tbe urine;, the forehead and the back-of-the-bead
achea; the stitches ami pains In the back;
the growing ni ancle weakness; apota before the
ee: yellow akin: elugglsb bowels; ewollea
eyelids or ankles; leg cramps; unnatural short
urratn; sleeplessness ana me iiesponaencyV
I have a recipe tor tfeeaa troubles that yon
e depend on, and if yon want to maka a quick
recovery, on ought to write and get eooy of
It. Many a doctor wonld charge yon 11. M" just
for writing this prescription but 1 bar- It and
will be glad la send it to yon entirely free.
Just drop me n Une like this: Or A K. Robin
son K 1128 Luck Building, Detroit, Mich, and
1 will send it by return mail la aplsla envelop
As you will see when you get it thleredpeoon
talna only pure, harwleaa remedies, but It has
(teat healing and pain-ooaquerlng power.
It wlllqulcaly show Its power once you we
It. an I think on had better ew what It la
without de ay. I will eee.l you a copy free
oa oaa use it and care yourself at heat.

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