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Clark Men Seem to Be in Control of
Democratic National Committee
An Alliance Between Friends of
Other Candidates Expected.
Washington, June 11. Signs of im
pending storm blackened the Demo
cratic horizon, following an announce
ment from national Clark headquar
ters that Speaker Clark's friends ex
pect Ollie James, of Kentucky, United
States senator-elecfT an avowed Clark
man, to be elected temporary chair
man of the Baltimore convention. The
election of James has been made the
first step in the Clark program for
controlling the convention.
Among opponents of Clark the plan
to allow James to deliver the "key
note speech" is viewed as an attempt
to show Clark's controlling strength
at the very outset. A test on the
point seems certain to be forced in the
Democratic national committee, and
possibly in the convention itself, be
tween Clark's forces on the one hand
and the supporters of all the remain
ing presidential candidates on the
other hand.
To Combine Against James.
Hearing James had been put for
ward as the Clark candidate, the back
ers of Gov. Woodrow Wilson strongly
expressed a preference for Senator
James O'Gorman of New York. Thom
as M. Owen, manager of the Under
wood headquarters, and the support
ers of Representative Underwood
generally, refused to discuss the mat
ter, but there is every prospect that
the Wilson and Underwood people,
together with the Harmon, Marshall
and Baldwin elements, and the New
York influence, will unite for O'Gor
man against James.
Fred T. Dubois, manager of the na
tional Clark headquarters, sponsored
the statement that Clark favors
James, . and Dubois felt confident
enough to add the prediction that a
majority of the Democratic national
committee will propose James' name
to the convention.
Will Show Clark's Strength.
The committee has the function of
tentatively choosing the temporary
chairman, subject to the approval o
the delegates in the convention. If
the committee recommends James the
action will be considered as demon
strating Clark's control of that body.
Reperts are circulated that the New
York delegation Ja likely to back Wil
son, and it was -noted that Daniels,
McGraw and Saulsbury all are Wilson
men. The Clark people now believe
they are powerful enough to designate
the temporary chairman.
Agricultural Publications Want
Know All About Pettis County
Bureau of Agriculture.
Sedalia, Mo., June 11. S. M. Jor
dan, manager of the Pettis county
bureau of agriculture, left to spend
two days in Blackwater township and
one day at Longwood township con
ducting neighborhood farmers' in
stitutes. Mr. Jordan has a letter from the
Omaha Bee asking for particlars as
to how the Pettis county bureau of
agriculture was organized, and about
the Fourth of July farmers' institute
to be held at the state fair grounds.
The Country Gentleman also writes
for details regarding the Pettis county
idea and numerous individuals cave
written Mr. Jordan commending him
for arranging a sane celebration of
the Fourth of July.
Suit Growing Out of Giving of $20,000
for Kansas Road Decided for
Hays City, Kan., June 11. In the
suit from Logan county, tried here all
of last week, of the Scott City &
Winona railroad against the Bilby
Brothers for $20,000 for notes given
as a bonus for building the road
through the county, the jury, after
24 hours, brought in a verdict for
the Bilbys, declaring the notes worth
less, as the railroad had not built the
line aa agreed.
Supposed Pauper Was Wealthy.
Memphis, Tenn., ' June 11. Mrs.
Carolina Cloth, an aged woman who
had lived In poverty for years, was
found dead by the police, and near
her body, concealed in a box, was
money and government bonds worth
almost a million dollars. The woman
had no relatives in Memphis. She
was born In Germany.
Good Rain In Northwest Kansas.
Topeka, June 11. It is raining in
northwestern Kansas; 1.98 Inches of
rain has fallen at Dresden and a driz
zling rain was falling throughout the
northwest part of the state! More
than three inches of rain has fallen
in northwest Kansas since Friday.
Degrees for Thirty-Three. .
Fayette. Mo., June 11. The com
trtncFment exercises of Howard
; 1 ol'ese were held here, thirty
ttit'f :r: receiving degrees. .
Balnbridge Colby of New York went
to Chicago to look after the legal
phases of the contests for delegations
in behalf of Colonel Roosevelt
While the Politicians Gamble Over
the Presidency Their Wives Seek
More Lucrative Returns The
Roof the Limit.
Chicago, June 11. Several of the
wives of the national committeemen
and widely known politicians attend
ing the Republican convention orga
nized a little whist game early Inst
week in a quiet room in the Congress
hotel and gradually it grew into an
auction whist game with stiff stakes.
Lately they turned it into old-fashioned
poker, taking the limit off and
tossing it out into Lake Michigan.
Rumors of a "big game" have run
about the lobby of the Congress for
several days and Frank Repetto,
house detective, has been """Jumping
about watching every suspicious gath
ering of wonivin when they were per
fectly quiet and ordered nothing but
ice water.
Took Off the Limit.
The absence of the limit means that
a woman can play her hand for ten
cents or $1,000 without violating any
of the rules of the game.
One woman, a charming society
leader in an eastern metropolis and
the wife of one of the convention of
ficials, let the whole story out when
she handed a bellboy a poker chip in
stead of a quarter as a tip, and, in
asmuch as she played fair and told
the whole story, it wouldn't be fair
to mention her name.
In attendance at the game were the
wives of two western senators, the
wife of one of the officials of the na
tional committee, the wives of three
western politicians of note all three
of them members of the steam roller
crew and one charming little Chicago
woman who has done much toward
making the stay of the visitors in
Chicago pleasant.
Just a Friendly Game, You Know.
"It is just a friendly game, you
know," said the woman who told. "Of
course there is no limit. If there is
a low limit, you know, they always
call and one can't bluff. Only one
woman lost very much and she can
afford it. She had lots of fun."
The Drys Carry the Town by a Ma
jority of 143 Saline County
' Dry. '
Slater, Mo., June 11. The result of
the local optipn election held here
gave a victory to the "drys-' by a
majority of 143. The total vote cast
was 767, which is 128 more than that
of four years ago, when the town
went "dry" by a majority of 146.
Slater is the last city in Saline
county to vote on local option this j
year, the county voting "dry ' June 3
by a majority of 504. Marshall went
"dry" by a majority of 85 June 6.
Killed New Father-in-Law.
Durant, Ok., June 11. J. L. Robin
son, proprietor of the Brick hotel at
Caddo, Ok., waB shot and killed in a
drug store in that city by Ray McGee,
a young farmer who married Robin
son's daughter Saturday night. The
father had bitterly opposed the match.
McGee surrendered. He is in jail
Ex-Mayor In Soldiers' Home.
Leavenworth, Kan., June 11. Hiram
9. Broiles, a former mayor of Fort
Worth, Tex., was admitted to the
Soldiers' borne here. Broiles has been
a resident of Fort Worth for 30 years
and was elected mayor in 1S86 and
re-elected in 1SS7. He is partly par
alyzed. Haldane is Lord Chancellor.
London, -June 11. Earl. Loreburn,
lord high chancellor since December,
1905 resigned. Viscount Haldane,
secretary of state for war, was ap
pointed to succeed the earl.
Reed Will Nominate Clark.
Washington. June 11. Senator
James A. Reed of Missouri has been
definitely chosen to nominate the
speaker for president at the Baltimore
Vote Stood 38 to 11 Night Session
to Help Committee Finish Work
by Time Convention Opens Taft to
Gain More.
Chicago, June 11. The contest for
two places on the delegation at large
from Kentucky has been decided for
the Taft men by the Republican na
tional committee. The vote was 38
to 11.
The First District contest was de
cided unanimously for the Taft dele
gates. The Taft delegates-at-large seated
by the committee are: Senator W. 0.
Bradley, James Breathitt, W. D. Coch
ran and J. E. Wood. Only two of the
seats at large were contested, the
unseated Roosevelt delegates bing Ed.
C O'Rear and Leslie Coornbs.
Following the precedent already es
tablished the Taft members of the
committee permitted the Roosevelt
contestants to submit affidavits, but
they were not read before the vote
was taken.
The result in the First Kentucky
district foreshadowed ihe seating of
the Taft delegates in the Second and
Fourth districts, where the Roosevelt
men said similar arguments would be
May Hold Night.Sesslons.
The time consumed ni the presenta-
tion of the Indiana contests before
the national committee made it a
question whether more than Kentucky
contests could be finished at once.
I'nless the Kentucky and Louisiana
cases can be cleared up, it is prob
able the committee will be forced into
night sessions to dispose of the many
contests before the convention meets
in a week.
The sixteen contested delegates
fiom Kentucky held the right of way
when the committee began work.
Two -delegates-at-large and two each
from the First, Second, Fourth, Sev
enth, Eighth, Tenth and Eleventh
districts were concerned in the con
tests which were to be heard during
the day's session , The Taft delega-tion-at-Iarge
was headed by Senator
W. O. Bradley.
Sailors Testimony in Titanic Case
Upheld Company Searchlights and
Binoculars Not Needed.
London, June 11. The lookout in
the crow's nest, in the Titanic when
it struck an iceberg and went down
with 1,500 persons, was not provided
with binoculars because Whit- Star
line officials did not believe them
necessary. That was thp testimony
given at the board of trade inquiry
by Captain Uartlett, the line's superin
tendent. Bartlett said that, he considered
glasses for lookouts unnecessary;
that he believed searchlights at sea
would be useless and that too many
lifeboats on a liner's decks would
hamper and confuse rescue work.
Captain Bertram, a White Star com
mander, said he never reduced speed
because of wireless ice warnings un
less the weather was not clear.
Are Gathered From Eleven Counties
Will Camp Out for Ten Days
Near Salina.
Salina, Kan., June 11. The central
Kansas boy scout camp was pitched
six miles east of Salina on the Smoky
Hill river, and there are 200 boys
from Saline, Ellsworth, Russell, Lin
coln, Ottawa, Osborn, Mitchell, Dickin
son, McPherson, Marion and Rice
counties in attendance. Their .tents
are equipped for ten days' camp life,
the time to be devoted to rowing,
swimming, fishing, other outdoor
sports and Bible study. Captains from
the Salina Y. M. C. A. are in charge.
Hadley Goes to Chicago.
Jefferson City, June 11. Gov. Had
ley was indignant when he learned
by telegraph of the substance of the
grounds upon which the contest over
delegates-at-large from this state to
the Republican national, convention
are based. He left immediately for
Chicago, where he will appear before
the national committee in support of
the Roosevelt delegates.
Louisiana Representative Killed.
Washington, June 11. Robert C.
Wickliffe, representative of Louisiana,
was run down and killed on the
tracks of the Southern railway in Po
tomac park. He had left the capital
to he away on a fishing trip, and
evidently was walking back. The en
gineer said he saw the congressman
too late to avoid the accident.
I. W. W. Leader in Trouble.
Fostoria, O., June 11. An attempt
was made to lynch Organizer O'Con
nor of the Industrial Workers of the
World. The timely arrival of officers
saved him while delivering a speech
on the street. When be charged that
Christ was simply a hobo carpenter
and denounced ail ministers and
priests, there were cries of "String
him up!" "Hang him!"
No. IIUS Madisou Local Freight
No 87 Madison Accoruruoitutioti .
No. 638 Bntler Accommodation.....
No. 6H4 Bntler Local Freight
Frelarbt truins Nos. B3 and li4
gers on Interstate Division. No
trains carry passengers.
National League.
St. Louis, a--a; Huston,
At Hoston-
At New York
-Chieaeo, 9-17-3; New York
At l'liilatlelphia Cincinnati, l-S-2; Phila
delphia, 10-10-0.
At Hi ooklyn -Pittsburg, O-C-l; Brooklyn,
American League.
At St. I-ouis Huston, a-Hi-l; St. Louis,
At t'hicaHO
New York, 5-7-4; Chicago,
At Cli'vclnnd
Until. 3-1. i-u.
Philadelphia, C-13-0; Cleve-
At Detroit Washington, 7-12-1; Detroit,
American Association.
At Coin in In is M iiDH'ii pol is, b-il'-R; Co
lumbus, 3-S-2.
At Toledu- St. I'linl, 2-1-2; Toledo. 1-11-2.
At IruliaiiiipuliH .Milwaukee, 0-2-5; In
dianapolis, 4-:i-l.
At Louisville Kansns Citv, 7-13-1; Louis
ville, 7-11-1.
Western League.
At W'khita -St. Joseph, 1-4-0; Wiohita,
1 At
I 1
l.imoln Oninha, 2-11-4; Llneoln, 1-
r.i,h. o.m t i- ,.....
cipal Leagues in Annual Race
for Pennants.
Nation.! League.
! W.L.l'vt.i W.L.i'et.
Xew York 31 s .Mn I'liihi'pliia. IS Ti . l.'iO
I'lil.iiKii. . . 25 IX .f.M St. I.ouls.. 27 .Hi)
t'iin'innati '1 .n'. Urooklyn. . II 27 .iWl
Pittsljiiwli 22 2(1 .524 Hoston 14 32 .3ul
American Leagus.
W.L.l'ct.i V.l,.vt
Huston 30 is .i;2.", ;'li'Vi'liiml. 23 2:1 ."piio
:'hii'SiK. . . :'l l'-1 .I'i2ii lli'tmh . .. 2" 2." . r. i
Wasirtmi. 2s 21 . r. 7 1 New York, ir, 2:1 .::u
Phila'pliia 2:; 2u .r,:!.". St. I.iuiis.. 14 :',! .2D2
American Association.
! i
W.L .IVt.l W ,.1'Pt
Toloilo. ... .'17 17 .'Ss.V'nillan 2" ."07
OoltimlitiM .1 2" ."5 St. I'ftiil.. 2:1 :!it
Minni'iilix 3."i 2i .li.'Mi .Milwaukee. 21 :! I ,:is2
K.-111. City. 2i 2s ..H':i l.nuisvilir.. is :::; .. ;.-,.!
Western League.
W.L.Fct.l W.L. Pet.
St. JuM-pli .i:i is HIT Denver 2il 25 .510
D. Moines 21! 22 .512 Wlrliit.i. . . 21 27 .171
Sioux City 25 2:1 .521 Mneoln... IS 2S .:i(H
Oninha... 28 21 .52n; I'opeka . . . IS 25 .3S:i
Live Stock.
Kansas City. June in. Cattle Steers,
$6.25i!t.2.r,; heifers, $:1.50(itS.15; stoi-kera
and feeders, $5.25iii 7.4U. Hons Hulk of
sales, 7.45u 7.60. Slieep I.amlis, $7,508
9.00; fair to eliolee wethers, f 4.5ai 4.75;
ewes, .onfu 4.05.
Chicago. June in. Reef Steers. .fO.OOSji
9.40; rows and helleis. 2.S(ir(i S.10; stoek
ers and feeders. $4.20ift ti.lKI. lions Hulk
of sales, $7.3uft 7.C5. Sheep Lambs, $4.75
St. I.ouls, June PL Reef Steers, $7.65
f& 9.25; stoekers and feeders, $4.75di S.0O;
tows and heifers, $ 1.75'ii 6.75. Texas
steers, $5.501 7.75. lions l'ins and liflhts,
$5.501 7.65. Sheep -Natives, J3.0Ufiifi.25;
lambs, $7.00 10.00.
Kansas City. June in. -Close: Wheat
July, Jl.til-V; Sept., !Hi:,K; Dee., !)tl. Coin
77Vte; Sept., 05V; Dee., 5!i:'Be
July, 4V4c; Sept., 41c.
Chicago, June 10. Close: Wheat
JCo;y-!j,v ,7: I
u.?42'a "J"'y' MV'; "'- t
st. i.ouls. .inn.' in. fuii: vhe:it 1
Steady; track No. 2 red, $l.l.Ti ' 1.1 I'i;
No. 2 hard, Jl.l'.( 1.14U. Coin Finn
traek No. 2,7''77e; No. 2 white, si'tp
S5e. Outs llinher; tinek No. 2, 5.1'ic; No.
2 white. 55 ri 5H 1 .., . Kye rnehiingrri. 91 c.
Futures: Wlient - Higher; July. I .s :
Sept., ?l.5',i. Corn I Holier; July, 75c;
Sept., 72"e. Oats Higher; July, 51c;
Sept.. 111,1'.
Kansas Citv. June le. - K:vs. I ;:.e .loss.
seconds. I.:,-. I'miit , y. it, ni'. , s. ;i,.:
hens, lie, turkeys. 10(&12c. Butter,
24c; pnrkthK stock.
Northern, $I.:i0ftl.40;
Marriage Licenses.
T. H. Crum
Ida Scribner
Claude McBride Amsterdam
Pearl Reynolds Amsterdam
Elmer Hoover Austin
Elsie Irwin Austin
H W Asbury Butler
Lydia Claunch Butler
is, above all other thing, the
remedy for sickly, watted chil
dren. "It nourishes and bmilds
them ap whea ordinary food
absolutely fails. Be ur to
get SCOTT'S.- AIIDramtok.
Scot! a Bowtie. BloomiSeM. M. J 11J
Missouri Pacific
All freight for forwarding must be at depot
not later than eleven o'clock a m or be held
tor following riav'e lorwardiog. Freight for
Interstate Division must be delivered before
five o'clock p. ni. No freight Wiled for this
train in morning. E. u. Vhndkhvoomt,
. Ir.SUn III
1 .: 0 p til .
12:01 p. m.
i.MI p. in
carrv Hasten.
other Ireigbt
Disease Is Increasing 2,000 Cases in
South Carolina Last Year Spe
cial Commission Is Acting
$15,000 Appropriated.
New York, .lime ll. Equipped with
a full field laboratory the Thompson
McFadden Pellagra commission will
spend six mouths at Spartanburg, S.
C, to study the puzzling disease than the utterances of strangers resid
which is increasing alarmingly in the ; ; . far.away pIaces. Keatl the fo,.
Southern states. . .
An arrangement has also been made i lowml
whereby patients will be brought to J Nathan Bailey, 813 V. Pine St.,
a hospital here throughout the sum- j Butler, Mo., says: "About three
mer for curative purposes ami incl- i vears aL,0 J suffered from a dull.
dentally research work as to the
course of treatment to which the dis
ease best responds.
i The personnel of the commission
; makes medical men await its report
I ";U1, the higlUJSt xi'ec,'ath,"- 11
eludes Llr. Joseph F. Slier, captain
I medical corps, mi ted Slates army,
sis; ant. surgeon,
I'niteil States navy.
The expedition is made under the
direction of the division of tropical
medicines of the post-graduate labora
tories. The $15,000 necessary for expenses
has bpen furnished by Col. Hubert M.
Thompson of this city, and John H,
MacFad.len of Philadelphia.
In South Carolina, last year, there
were 2,(100 cases of the disease rc-!
ported, and there is every reason tu 1
believe that this number includes but :
a small pem'ntae.i of the actual cases,
due to the fact that reporting of cases
is not. compulsory upon physicians, i
Hirth Wins Vienna Air Race.
Vienna, June II. The aeroplane
race from Her'in to tiiis city, under
the auspices of the Imperial Aviation
society and the Austrian Aero club
was won by Holmutli Hirth, German,
carrying, as passenger, Lieut. Schoel
ler of the German army. Hirth, with
his companion covered the distance
CJ.'IO miles in a direct line) in :it)5
minutes (6 hours, ::.") minutes) actual
Hying time.
Why the Farmers are for Major.
Because he is a Democrat.
Because he does things.
Because he c;m win next Novem
ber. Because he is against the single
tax. ' (
Because he did win in 1908 by
odds. j
Because he is unincumbered, unat- j
tached and has no alliances.
Because his official record is
open book and reads right. j
Because he prevented the trebling!
of the tax on every farm and city I
, . , , . 'I
Because he has clone more for the j
people than any other Attorney-Gen-'
eral Missouri has bad.
Because he enforced the Stamp Act
; and sustained it in the Supreme Court
TI .. , , , ,
jot the United States, and placed $100,-
! 000. (TO in the Stntei Treusiirv tr fho
I credit of the good road fund.
Because saved the producers of
! grain $500,000.00 annually by enforc- j
ing and sustaining the Full Weight
Statute in the Supreme Court of the
United States.
Because he sustained, in the Su
preme Court of the United States, the
validitv of thp Initi.-itivo nnrl Rpforon. !
dum, or the right of the people to leg- j TcSTltX
islate. j jjog mv garo;en and milk a cow. I can
Because he prosecuted and con- j entertain company and enjoy them. I
victed the Harvester Trust securing a ! can visit ?:hen 1 choose' and alk .as ,"r
f . Mc m , j.j88 any ordinary woman, any day in the
line oi zo,uuu.uu ana an order to dis-1 month. I wish I could talk to every
solve. suffering woman and girl. " Mrs. Deha
Because he is successfully prose- i Betiil'ne. Sikeston, Mo.
cuting the Lumber Trust and Beef j ..M2,rr5T?lIe I,:L"1 haYe taken Ly"
Truer 1 "a E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
. ! for a very bad case of female trouble
Because he is one of the best known and it made me a well woman. My
men in Missouri and is fully conver-! hea' was a11 brke, down, the doctors
sant with the State's fiscal affairs I sald 1 must have m operation, and I was
sant witn me state s nscai anairs. ready to go to the hospital, but dreaded it
Because on account of his record so that I began taking your Compound.
he is without question the most avail- 1 ot a,onK 80 wel1 tiiat I gave up the
able Democrat to lead the party to
Time Table
No. 2f6 Kansas City Accommodation, tt 'in a. m.
No. a St Louis ft K. C. Mail ft Kxls.Vi p m.
No 210 snntbweet Limited 1H.-4' p ill.
Kansas City Stock 9.45 p. m.
Local Freight lm.'.o a. m.
No. 209 Sonthwest Limited 4:M a. rc
No. K07 K. C ft Joplin Mall ft Ex... 1:17 u m.
No. 1108 .Nevada Accommodation :).', p. ni.
No. 2U1 (Loral Freight' IJilAp. Ill
Hundreds of Butler Citizens Can Tell
You All About It.
Home endorsement, the public ex-
' pression of Butler people, should be
; evidence beyond dispute for every
Butler reader, of the merit of Doan's
. Kidney Pills. Surely the experience
of friends and neighbors, cheerfully
given by them, will carry more weight
heavy pain in my back and the pas
sages of the kidney secretions were
too frequent. Being advised to try
Doan's Kidney Pills, I did so anil they
cured me of the attack in a short
time. Since then whenever I have
felt in need of a kidney medicine I
have taken Doan's Kidnev Pills and
they have benefited me.
For sale by ail dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburrt Co, Buffalo
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. 3U-2t
1'rotect your life anil property from
lightning with copper cable conduc
tor. Hayden Kay, theTinner. 30
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
AiiTftno spndlntf n pketrh inul description nmy
quickly asi-ertiiin our opiiihiii tree whether Hit
invention is prnhnhlv piilctitutilc. Communim.
iionnBineilyciiiiiiilniiiliil. HANDC00K I'mentj
benl free. Oklest hlmmicv tor (.ei-unuir patent,,.
I'atentH taken throiik-li Mium & Co. receive
tpcriiil imfUY, without ctiiirue. in the
Scientific American.
A hanflponioly II!n?trtw1 wppkiv. T nruwt otr
culuMoii f itnv M'leni iUo .Imiruu). Term. $.i a
veur: l"iir nn"i lis, il. bold byall rpwMiMlern.
MUNN&Co.36'3' New York.
branch oftke. i"J5 t.. WimhintUon, I. C.
Against So Many Surgical Op
erations. How Mrs. Bethune
and Mrs. Moore Escaped.
Sikeston, Mo. "For seven years Isuf-
f erod everything. I was in bed for four
f or five days at a time
every month, and so
weak I could hardly
walk. 1 cramped and
had backache and
headache, and was
so nervous and weak
that I dreaded to see
anyone or have any
one move in the room.
The doctors gave mo
medicine to ease me
lose times, and said that I ought to
have an operation. I would not listen to
that, and when a friend of my husband
told him about Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound and what it had done
for his wife, I was willing to take it.
No. 3, Murrayville, 111.
I am
-' . 3'!
. .. .... J''.
- -- - ''- vu

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